Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weds., August 22

The 5 little kittens (Oban, Galway, Callaway, Harlow and Harper)that are in Thumper's Room are doing great. They are so small, but very lively. We are treating them for a skin condition, so they'll stay in Thumper's Room for a bit yet. Such energy and purrs they have. We put one of the little stairways in front of their pen, so they can go up to their pen or down and play on the floor by themselves.

Our other 4 kittens that are in June's Room are just about ready to be sprung! They are rocking and rolling in this room. They are Zorka, Liberty, Drake and Roadinia. I do have some sad news to tell you about Tansi. She has not been feeling well these past few days: appetite diminished, no energy, big belly. A test was done and was determined to have the wet form of FIP. A happy & healthy quality of life was no longer there for her. FIP is untreatable, unpreventable and unpredictable. The one bit of assurance though is that it is spread by a mutation of a corona virus and cannot be spread to other kittnes/cats. We will miss her, but I'm thankful she was here instead of the probability of her dying a sad hard death where no one was with her. Thanks for caring about her.

Asha, Penn, Teller and Hannah are all on a window shelf, watching the bird feeders--what a beautiful combination of colors sitting there together. Derecho is doing awesome. He's growing a lot. He is able to maneuver around the Rescue Center pretty good by himself. He takes his spills, but is getting better about figuring out how to do what he wants to do. He's definitely a determined kitten! Treesa, Gib and Denniston are here on the desk, playing with a ball. They have no idea of what they are doing to my paper piles!

Yes, in case you heard, we have taken on a horse and a donkey! I've had both horses and donkeys here for many years until the last few years. I've terribly missed that "horsey life". Both came from the same horse rescue and arrived yesterday morning. Donkey is Millie (4 years old) and Georgia is the horse (8 years old). Some of my family came yesterday and we all had a lot of fun riding. Such a wonderful thing! 2 of the greatest things: kittens and horses!

All the Covies and Porchies are doing great. They've been getting a great deal of brushing as they are still shedding heavily. Bondi is doing awesome--she's just incredible. Her weight is good--it doesn't "hurt" anymore to pet her since she's filled out. She sure loves those Appetizers!

Just as an information tidbit: we have new people filling different positions here in the Rescue Center. Linda T/Clemm and Sarah will be doing the Early Morning work. The Main Area work will be done by Lynnette, Bonnie and Martha L. We have a real good crew here and I'm very grateful for this. Lisa has left now as she was offered a full time job doing security work. She'll be great at this. We will very much miss Lisa, but also happy for her to have this opportunity! We'll still see her here though as she will still help keep Kitty Kastle clean!

I continue to hear back from many of the cats and kittens recently adopted. All are doing great. Our 2 newbie adults, Grace Ann and Felton are doing good. They are more comfortable with their new surrounds and are cruising about. I saw Miau way way up high this morning, in one of the cat lofts. I was just getting ready to "rescue" her with the ladder, and down she ran to me, using the big yellow pole! She's pretty sweet!

We will have BOXES tonight!

Weber showing us how to be truly relaxed.