Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24

I have some information to give to everyone about Derecho. As you all know, we made Derecho a resident of FFRC. I rarely, and actually have never, made a change on a resident. But, I feel a change is necessary. You all know Kate, who does the FFRC calendars. She has fallen in love with Derecho to the extent that she would like to adopt him. Kate has 12 other cats and takes wonderful, loving care of them all. They get all the medical care needed and all the love needed. So, I’ve decided to let this adoption happen. Some of you may disagree, but this is my decision that I’m sticking with. Please realize this is also very very hard on me as well. You, our volunteers and I love him ever so much. Let’s group together on this decision and be joyful that Derecho will have his very own home. Kate knows if for whatever reason, as with all of our adoptions, that if it doesn’t work out, Derecho will come back to his FFRC home.