Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weds., August 15

Today is Bravo's big surgery day. I wrote an e-mail to Dr. Darcy yesterday to tell her hundreds of webcam friends and volunteers are praying for Bravo, her, Dr. P and all people involved in Bravo's surgery. She wrote back and said "oh my goodness! There are so many webcammers and thank them for me for the prayers. Right before bed now I am going over the surgery and will review again in the morning as is my standard routine." I am always so grateful for the vets that we have--truly wonderful gifted people.

I will not be doing e-mails the rest of today. Kate and I will be going together to take Bravo to the vet's today. We will stay there at the vet's office. I will be texting the updates to our moderators who will let you all know the latest by posting on the cam and the facebook.

I received a wonderful letter from a webcam friend. She has been with us since the very first year. Her letter meant a lot to me and I would like to share part of it with you.

"Could you ever have imagined what this "cam" would grow into. I and many many others have been privileged to take part in the new floor, the storage area, the driveway, computers, fiver Friday and many other things including more than our share of tears. THe tears whether for happy or sad have become another part of our togetherness. Rita's stories only add to the wonder and specialness of FFRC.

We have all gotten to know the volunteers. We are a family, just a little different than the conventional kind. Amazing to hear, talk, and see people from other countries and other states. Even neater when they come to pick up their fur babies. We all rejoice!

From Lennie's love of Weasley and Dhana we got a cookbook. From Janet we got that marvelous accent and to see her on Skype with her new fostered baby. From others there have been wonderful arts and crafts. The condo for Kitty City is a work of art. The calendar from Kate is always wonderful. From Purrbody to Scampi to Magenta to Farrah to Putter to Squirt and now little Bravo and all those in between, we will be there for them and for you. We've got your back!"

This letter meant so very much to me. Thank you. We have indeed become a community of family and friends. I no longer see just the cam--I see lurkers, viewers, PEOPLE behind that lens! Thank you indeed, for being a very important part of FFRC.

We had BOXES last night!
UK webcammers--a package of Webbox Lickety Licks for the oldsters. (the cats love this so much, they opened the package before me and helped themselves to a couple sleeves!)
Anonymous Friend--Temptation treats, 3 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten can
Anonymous G--a wonderful bunch of items for when Graciela is adopted: toys, note pads, Putter magnet, catnip toys, health record, book of cats and kittens, cat frame, litter scoop, jars of baby food, canned food, cat bed and matching blankie, Revolution--some items are for the owner too! Treats for the Covies and Barnies, Donation of sponsorship support for Farrah and Graciela
Diane/volunteer--sent a card to Master Bravo" for his surgery
This is our dear Bravo. As you can see his one leg just juts out straight--from hip to toes, is fused into one "stick" of a leg. The other leg is shortened and held tight to his body from hip to knee. His knee and ankle are floppy--no control. He is going to be a happy, zooming boy after his surgery. No more useless legs to get in his way. I will give him many hugs and kisses, all from you--his friends.