Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday, August 7

Happy day! It's a great day here at the Rescue Center. I look out over the front office and count 13 cats sleeping peacefully. Then in the main area, Derecho & Butterbur are going to town playing on the cushion. A wadded up paper ball is his main toy today. What a joy to watch him play. Then on the far side of the rescue center, there are 5 kittens running up and down the same piece of furniture--must be tag time. In Kitty Campus Room, Cutie and 3 kittens are napping away in the top of the bunk beds--it's a tight fit, but cozy!

I just found out that the second big storm that we had a few days ago produced 1 3/4 inches of rain. It came down fast and hard. The good news is that Kitty City stayed dry.....no flooding! This is wonderful news to me as I was always in great fear that any rain would cause more flooding in the City. This would've ruined the insulation and the wall boards very quickly. This means the Parking Lot Project was a success!

Last night at boxes, we kicked off an event for FFRC. It's known as Be an Earth Angels for FFRC. It's a way of building up the Feliz Navidad fund, which in the past has been used for medical purposes. Our goal is to get our medical bills paid up again, pay for the immediate upcoming surgeries and to then possibly have a bit of extra to pad the Feliz Navidad fund.

YOU can become an Earth Angel! If you can spare $10, please go to our website fofrescue.org. There's a special link there to click on to guide you to a PayPal page. Or if you prefer to send a check or money order, please just send it to FFRC, designated for Earth Angel. This week is a prelimary time, before the real week which is August 12 thru August 18.

We want to recognize our Earth Angels...so all the names of the Earth Angels will be posted on a special webpage. Each night NEXT WEEK, I'll give you an update on how we're doing. If you'd like to jump on board, you're welcome to start the donations now! Very possibly this week, we'll do an update on the PayPal to let you know how we're doing. We'll have a big board ready each night when we give the PayPal and check updates so we can keep track. Even if you can only donate a dollar, it's a dollar more than we had before!

Your Earth Angels donations will go entirely to cover medical bills. In just the past 3 months alone, we've done 76 spays and neuters. Plus, we've had several "special" surgeries--McLovin', Mariska, Fiver (even though he passed away, we still have his bill). Coming up is Bravo's big surgery. It will also go towards Emaline's meds, Farrah's seizure meds, ear medicines, antibiotics. Today, we have a spay that will be done and Jaina's 3rd chest x-ray will be done. Every day here, someone is getting different meds. This will also help with the initial $300 cost that we have in each and every incoming cat and kitten. Flea prevention is also given every single month to every single cat. These medical bills add up quickly!

When we had the Fiver Friday, that was a terrific bonus to us. We were able to get all past medical bills paid up in regards to supplies and veterinarian bills. It was wonderful! We also had enough to cover medical things for a short time after that. But, that fund is now gone and so, we would love to replenish it again. I promise to never ever ask for help, unless it is truly needed.

I know our webcam friends do so much for FFRC and I deeply thank you for this. We could never do this without you. Since we started the webcam, our friends from around the world has helped us in so many ways. We now need for our Angel friends to help us again.

And, if you can't, we understand--truly we do. There's other ways to help--votes, moral support, clicking on the ads, etc. You are ALL angels to me. We run this rescue center, but YOU rescue the rescue center! So, we are calling on all Angels to help us again.

On March 3rd, 2002, Victoria was born at the rescue center. She was born with her eyes open. Even though her sight was limited, this did not curtail her activities! Her right eye deteriorated, and lashes were rubbing against her left eye, causing scarring. On 4/29/02, Victoria underwent surgery on her left eye--a portion of the upper lid was removed and a new one was reconstructed. What a victory! Her left eye was repaired (entropian) on 7/17. At this time, she was also spayed. Victoria found a wonderful home and family when she was adopted. Her picture is in Cat's Corner Room, on the ladder wall. Her surgery was covered by an anonymous donor--another Earth Angel friend!

We had ENVELOPES to open last night! Many many thanks.
Hannah & her mom--birthday card for the Paddys
Nancy D from OH--a donation to FFRC
Jim T and family--donation for Emaline with a note and pictures of their 2 handsome kitty boys
Eric/lovemypetz--visited on Sunday and brought Fancy Feast Appetizers, kitty treats, hammock house and an angry bird toy (which has already been all over the rescue center!)
Thomas P from UK--donation thru PayPal to sponsor Putter, Asha and Magenta
Carol N/cn1919--donation thru PayPal for any need that we have
Bella says thanks for helping with herZelda "emergency bum" surgery this year!
Remember Zelda when she arrived? So very thin and had those awful sores on her hips. She had been stuck between 2 walls and desperately tried to get out. She needed help. Once she arrived here, it took a couple weeks of antibiotics and daily cleaning of her wounds till she was better.