Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, August 20

My first thought is--I sure love this Rescue Center! I'm thrilled to be doing something I have a passion for. I'm also so very thankful for my family, friends, volunteers and our kittycam viewers whether you are a chatter or a lurker. The cats love you too! I would like our viewers to realize that I sincerely KNOW you care about these kitties and cats. Even though you can't reach out and physically hug and pet these cats, you are still emotionally tied to these cats. Our hurt is your hurt. Our joys are your joys. We KNOW you care.

We have visitors this weekend. Vaunita and Toni are here for a 2 day stay. They are from Erie, Pennsylvania. We certainly welcome them. It's been wonderful to have so many visitors to FFRC. All are so friendly and fun to have here. Vaunita brought some goodies for the Rescue Center: KMR, Appetizers, Temptation Treats, baby food, a kennel water bowl, wash cloths, Royal Canin baby can food, 5 cases of various types of cat canfood. To top it off, she also brought 3 boxes of chocolates--yum! We thank you! And the cats thank you!

I've heard back from so many of the newly adopted cats and kittens--all are doing great. Isn't it wonderful to know they are in good homes, being loved on! September 8th is our next spay/neuter date here at the Rescue Center. We'll have a list of them to do again!

Our Catstock event is also getting closer. Mark your calendars! The evening of 9/21 is a mini-concert for the webcammers by Mike! The big event starts 9/22. Carnival is 2:30 to 5:30 and the concert is 5:30 to 6:30. The carnival will be filled with lots of fun activities: air bouncy houses, sack races, friendly clown doing balloon designs, face painting, pony rides, and LOTS of carnival games. We will also have BBQ chicken with a full meal. Mike will do 2 songs in the middle of the afternoon to entice people to stay for the concert!

We will also be selling Mike's CD's. I've listened to it and it's wonderful! If you are interested in having this CD, we will now start selling them. If purchased here at FFRC, they are $15. If you would like them mailed, it is $16 for inside USA and $18 for outside of USA. You can send a check by mail or pay by PayPal. Be sure to mark it for Mike's CD!

Mike lives in California. His local paper will be doing an article on him soon. The topic? Him driving all the way to Defiance, Ohio for a concert! When it's published, we'll give you the site. If you'd like to check out Mike's website, it is:

Haven't seen Putter or Emaline much lately? They have become glued into the house--I put them out for a little walk-about, but what they do is walk to the door and wait for it to open again to go back inside. I try to coax them out more so you all can see them. It's obvious they were both house-cats before. They know all the comforts of house-living. If I happen to fall asleep on the couch at night (which happens a lot!), when I wake up, not only are my cats on me, but so is Putter and Emaline! I couldn't find Putter yesterday. Finally located him--he had climbed the flight of steps and was stretched out a mile long on the bed, in the sunshine!

Tonight at 6:30 we will have BOXES! At the end of boxes, we will have a grand wrap up of the Earth Angel Fundraiser. So excited! The support has been tremendous. I haven't looked yet myself at the Grand Total, so will be anxiously awaiting box time too! Thanks to you all for making this possible. First thing we'll do is get our 2 major medical bills paid for--what a relief!

We have 2 cats on hold--Everett and Purrgeron will have their very own homes soon!
Everett and his gorgeous eyes!
Purrgeron--speaks volumes with his eyes!