Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, August 6

We had 3 adoptions this weekend! So happy, such good homes! Joe and Connie who have been visiting from MN, officially adopted Sizzle and Faleen. They are enroute back to Minnesota right now and should be home later tonight. These are 2 nice kittens who thoroughly love to play together. I'm very happy for the kitties and their new family.

The 3rd kitten that was adopted is Raymondo. My daughter, Caryn arrived yesterday with an American Short Hair kitten (similar to a gold tiger) that was found. She was bringing him here to be an FFRC kitten. Once she got here, she decided that she would like to keep him AND adopt a friend for him. No vet reference or personal reference check required on this one!! The 3 girls (and a friend), Kendra, Kerstyn and Kellen were super excited!

We also have another kitten on hold--it's Purrgeron. He's an excellent kitten, so loving. He'll be going into a home where they will heap lots of love on him.

I just talked to a person who adopted a white kitten from us 5-6 years ago. All is fine! This kitten was one of those "extra extra" special ones. She'd been hit by a car, had the lip down to the chin and a fractured front leg. The leg was pinned, the lip was buttoned. This particular kitten went into a depression after it's arrival. It took weeks of super TLC to get her to respond to us. But, once that door opened, it opened widely! Purrs began, eating picked up and playing was fun again! I love happy endings like this and to hear from the family who adopted them that all is well!

Putter, Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purrs had their nails trimmed, their bottoms trimmed and the fur around their feet trimmed. Their mid summer grooming is done, but not without a fuss. As wonderful as Putter is to groom, Paddy Cakes is the opposite. He's a struggle, but it must be done. He easily forgives us though.

We will have an announcement to make tonight after BOXES about a "happening" here at FFRC. We're talking about Angels!

Our sweet Jaina. She will be going tomorrow for her 3rd x-ray--let's hope this one will show improvements over the first two.