Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday, August 11

We opened the door to June's Room yesterday for part of the time. Rosetta and Bennette decided they didn't want to venture out yet, but they were fine with kitties coming into their room to visit. That's a good thing. Zorca and Tansi are doing good in Dodger's Pen. Tansi especially needs more hands on--she's a little worried girl yet. But, we'll heap on the attention and hopefully, that will help.

Yesterday we caught the Treatment Board up to date. This is the board that we update about every 8-10 days. It helps us keep track of when and who needs vaccinations, wormings, second testings, flea prevention, ears checked, etc.

We have our visitors! Michelle is here (from Ohio) for the weekend and is staying at Kitty Kastle. Emily (8 years old) and her mom, Annie are here too. Annie's mom, Suzie2 was also to come from Florida. But, due to bad weather the plane couldn't fly. Hopefully they all 3 will be able to come another time. Medic and her mom, Belinda (from Indiana) will be here tomorrow for 2 days.

Badu, Zelda and Purrby are again on my desk. So cute--all look quite happy and I do believe I hear a little snoring from Badu! Penn and Teller are on the window shelf by the bird feeders--intense watching going on. Yesterday, Farrah went nuts over a batch of birds that was outside the enclosure. I've never seen her move so fast--she was "flying" along with them, keeping track of them!

We had BESS last night--Boxes, Envelope, Sack and Stories! It was fun.
Gecko--2 big bottles of L-Lysine (we use this in their breakfast mix every day)
FFRC kittens/cats--a surge protector for Kitty Kastle
Middlemom--a really neat cardboard cat lounger
Darkcat--birthday card and donation in honor of the Paddys birthdays
Michelle/diegocat and her cat Rusty--cat binder, homemade scotch/oatmeal cookies, sardines, whiskas packets, cat treats, post-its, 3 different pen packets
Caren F--a PayPal donation in memory of her past kitties Sarah, Mathilda and Malcolm and also for her present kitties Ralph and Molly

Starting next week, we are putting in ads weekly in our Crescent News--posting our website and petfinder site. We will be picking a different adult cat weekly to try and find a home for. This time of year is our slowest for adoptins--happens ever single year. As the months get cooler, adoptions go up.

We are continuing our Be an Earth Angel fundraiser this week and next week. Our total last night (including PayPal, checks and cash) was.....$8,995. Our volunteer, Connie kicked in $5, which then made it an even $9,000!! Wow--talk about being ecstatic and grateful!! We will continue story-telling thru this fundraiser event!

This is the story of Champ. Champ came to us on 4/25/03. He was a siamese blend and absolutely handsome. He had been found with a leg hold trap (horrible things) caught on his tail. The people that found him had removed the trap. He appeared to be so very thin and probably no owner. So....he made his way to FFRC. He immediately had a major scrub done of his tail as it was very neucrotic. Antibiotics were also started. Unfortunately, he had to have his tail amputated, but he was able to keep 4 inches of it! He could wiggle and wag that tail just like normal. Soon after the sutures came out, he was adopted by a family who dearly loved him.

This is the story of LoLa and her family. Lola arrived here with 4 little kittens in tow. The person that brought her had wanted LoLa, but not the kittens. This person was not willing to get LoLa spayed, so she relinquished her also. Shortly after their arrival, another litter was brought in. Mama had been killed by a car. So....LoLa was asked if she could take on a few more kittens. She agreed, with the promise that she would get extra Fancy Feast every day! So, she took on another litter (after they were tested, wormed). Such a big happy family. All were spayed/neutered and every one of them adopted!

Simone, a Covie, was one of the sorriest looking cats to ever arrive here. He not only had one eye, but was literally covered in bite wounds, so very emaciated and couldn't even hardly walk. But, when the top of his box was removed, up popped his head! He looked around and my thought was, "he wants to live", and so he did! He's still with us as a Covie resident.
Ada Jane
Ada Jane, a permanent resident. Ada Jane arrived in 2/11/05. She was on the euthanasia list at a shelter. She was 10 and the family didn't want her any longer due to her "getting on in years". What? How could that be? We took her without hesitation and so glad we did! She looked very sweet and was pronounced healthy by our vet. She has the cutest way of turning her head sideways and trying to say "meow", but nothing much comes out but a tiny squeak! This is what she does to us when she wants an extra treat. How could anyone resist that?! She is still with us as an Oldster. She is now 17 years old.