Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday, August 9

We won, we won, we won!! We received the most votes from the voting contest at The Animal Rescue Site for Quarter 3, Week 4. We will receive a check from PetFinders for $1,000. We are thrilled here to have won this! This is all in direct relationship to YOUR votes!! Thank you.

It's a cool day today--what a change! Putter has been sitting in my kitchen for about 2 hours just checking things out. When my cats go by him, he just stares. I love it when he looks at one of the Z's--he looks like he's quite mystified by them!

I've heard back from Caryn, my daughter, who now has 2 kitties in their home! Vollie (a kitten they found) and Ramondo are doing great! We've also gotten another report about Sizzle and Faleen--all is terrific there--happy kitties. All is well in adoption-land.

For those of you who don't get to watch breakfast, you'd get a kick out of Bravo. He's a sardine lover. Each morning at breakfast, before the plates are put on the floor, the kitties gather for their 2 tins of sardines. They LOVE this, especially Bravo. He gobbles up as much as he can, growling all the time. Yes, our sweet Bravo growls and says back off to all other cats!

We have 2 new kittens. One is a baby found by Angie and Bill's family. She's a little brown tiger, already knows to purr, a little shy but will be fine. Her name is Tansi.
The other is a tiny kitten, about Miau's size. She is a black kitten with 2 colored marks on her forehead--she already will put her head into your cupped hand for loving. Her name is Zorca (from the Name the Cat list). They are still in Thumper's Room and are becoming good friends together.

We had BOXES last night! Your donations are much appreciated.
Betty--in the past week, she has sent quite a few boxes of litter! We deeply appreciate this. Every piece will be used!
Priscilla G--4 cases of baby food
Laura H/Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Kerswill--note from Nutmeg, also Amber and Demon Domino, pocket folders, 2 boxes of Bandages, reinforcement circles, Appetizers, Clorox Wipes, Temptation Snackers, case of Friskies, and a great yellow hair dryer for the cat's baths!
Aunti Bantry--card, kitty snackers, fuzzy balls, binder clips, postie notes, mousies, book "Toto the Tornado Kitten", tshirts for Lisa, Caryn & Jacci. Extra thanks!
Carol S from CA--Royal Canin dry kitten food, bag of Purina One kitten food, freeze dried catnip cat treats
Shelley & Val H--litter, baby fod, cans of cat food
Maya H (used her own money!)--case of Friskies with cheese, 2 bags of kitty treats, Special Friskies cans and snacks for the Porchies
Kathy & Laura--day visitors--canned food, cuddle crinkle bag that Bravo loves, snacks, baby food, Appetizers and pouches of food
Kelly S & Apache E--day visitors--5 sheets and a cash donation in lieu of birthday gifs for the Rescue Center!
Gregg-volunteer--donation from a garage sale that he had

As you may know, during the night (or even during the day), if anything abnormal happens or the cam goes down, the moderators call me. Well, last night I got a call. I was told that Purrgeron had a plastic container on his head. So, I ran out, and right there in front of me was Purrgeron, just walking around, with a plastic jar stuck on his head--didn't seem to bother him at all! I had to laugh though. The jar had been in the trash and still smelled of yummy chicken treats. He's a little piggy! Gotta love him!

This week and next week we will continue to give you special stories about past and present cats and kittens that have required a bit more medical attention. This is part of our Be an Earth Angel to help reestablish the Felix Navidad fund to help with medical needs. If interested in helping, you can go to and look for the Earth Angel link. Thank you!

We have a new total! The evening of 8/7, our total was $3,669. The total for the evening of 8/8 was $5,457! Isn't this just wonderful--lots of support and lots of gratitude on our part!

The Story of Vijay--On Feb. 1st, 2003, a small cat with severe eye problems arrived at FFRC. She was named Vijay, after sweet Victory, who had become an angel earlier in the day. On 2/10, Vijay was taken to the vets--the iris of the left eye was perforated and the right eye had a large corneal ulcer. Vijay was spayed on 2/21 and left eye surgery was performed to seal the punctured area of the cornea. She arrested immediately following surgery, and required 27 minutes of resuscitation. She survived! On 3/7, the left eye was very swollen and 3 days later, the eye was enucleated. Vijay turned out to be a happy, healthy girl and was soon adopted!

Our Covies and Porchies and Barnies (the cats from the 2 barns) have asked to have a say (Putter was their spokesperson). Between these 3 categories of cats, there are 33 cats that we care for. An FFRC friend asked a very important question yesterday that the cats will like to talk about. FFRC also assumes medical care of these 33 cats. Some of the money received from the Catathon was used to help with this, but the Feliz Navidad fund will also benefit these cats as well. Each month these cats receive flea prevention. They also get wormed 3 times yearly and receive yearly vaccinations. Recently, Big Al had a growth removed from his ear and we had a Covie have a tooth removed. Big Al also has been treated for 2 bite wounds lately. Hank continues to have eye drops in his right eye. Many times, whenever we get one of these cats brought up to the Rescue Center, we'll do another leukemia/FIV test, just to BE SURE our cats are healthy. Eyes are treated, ears are cleaned, anything these guys need, they also get. I appreciate that we can continue to care for these 33 cats. They really are nice!
Porchie, Big Al says thanks for helping with his ear surgery.
Tiramisu, one of the spring kitties, says thanks for helping with the KMR formula that was needed for all the baby kitties.