Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday, August 4th

Little Graciela is right smack dab in front of me on the desk--all cute and purring. Goodness is sitting right beside her. Two cuties. Zelda and Asha are curled up together in a basket beside the desk. Can't get much sweeter than that! Filbert is doing his "beached whale" look, right in the middle of the floor. It doesn't matter to him that humans and cats have to step over him. He's awake too--just watching us manuever around him. Cypress is the clear plastic jug. They sure like those clear jugs to play in! Farrah is here also. She has a new lime green collar. We have searched for days for her purple one, but cannot find it. I'll bet one of the kittens shoved it under the washer. She looks rather dashing in that color!

We have guests for the weekend who are staying in Kitty Kastle. It's Connie S (warpedinMN), her husband Joe and another webcam friend, Deb11111. Connie and Joe are here to adopt little Sizzle and to find a second kitten also. I wonder who it will be? They'll have fun deciding today and meeting and playing with all the kittens and cats. So nice to have have 3 of them visiting us.

I just can't get over Bondi. Yesterday, I brought her up to the cam to visit with the webcam viewers. She went back into her grumbling and complaining mode. So, we took her back to her "home"--the office. Instant purrs and rubs came from her then! She is truly the Welcome Room Office cat.

Dr. Darci called yesterday. It's official--the next surgery date is September 8, a Saturday. The new kittens Treesa and Miau had their baths yesterday--they're all fluffy clean. They've become friends and are making the Thumper's Room rock and roll! Such 2 sweeties.

Dawn S, a friend and volunteer, was here yesterday. She spent a lot of time playing and grooming the cats. They love that. She especially was able to spend time with County. Remember when he arrived? He arrived on 6/9/11, all thin and fractured. He had a fractured rear leg and tooth. His leg was pinned and the tooth removed. He still has his pin in, but as long as it causes no problems, he can keep it! Because of you supporters--our Angels here on Earth, he was able to have his surgeries. Thank you!

Last year I had found a pattern for 3-D type cut outs of cats. They're to be placed outdoors in gardens, yards, etc. I loved the design of them and so ordered the patterns. My sister, Judy, and her husband, Dave took the patterns then and had them blown up as big as what the printing shop could do. They spent weeks working on them. The wood is popular, they have 4 coats of black and white paint and several layers of an outdoor protective coating on them. They turned out awesome!! 2 GIANT black/white cats in the front, by the outdoor enclosure. The big "girl" (sitting down) is called Jenna. The big "boy" (standing up) is called Rator. These names were picked from the Name a Cat from the Catathon (in memory of our power-outage and the use of the generators!). Many thanks to Judy and Dave.

I'd also like to personally thank all our volunteers and moderators. This place could not exist without these wonderful people. The volunteers help with the day to day care of the cats and kittens here at the Rescue Center. The moderators help keep peace and happy times going on the cam chat and the ffrc facebook pages. Many thanks for this "job" as well. These people help me keep my sanity! I'd like to also thank the mods for letting me know day or night, when the cam goes down. Sometimes during the day, I'm so busy I don't notice it, so they call me. And at night, I've also asked them to call me. I'd rather the cam be up then off. So, when the cam goes down and they call me, it's because I have asked them to do so. They are respecting this wish of mine. Thanks to all you fine people!

This is so funny! Asha just realized Jenna and Rator are outside the window in view. Every part of her is in "high interest". She has a look on her face, like what the heck is that? Those are mighty BIG cats! We will have boxes and envelopes tonight! Mariska is now in the clear jug, 1 front leg and tail hanging out--she must be part pretzel. All is fine here and looking forward to a great Saturday.