Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weds., August 8

We had another adoption yesterday! Faleena went to her new home. Her new family has a lot of time to spend with her and give her lots of love. I believe she is going to be a super happy kitty in this new home! Today, Val and Shelley and Maia will be leaving. Val will be taking Pedra (for her) and Kooper (for Janak)!

Yesterday we had 2 cats that went to the veterinarian's office. Pedra went for her spay. All was fine, physical good and she's completely recovered already. Jaina also went along for her 3rd x-ray. Good news....finally for this girl! She has a 3 out of 6 grade heart murmur, but the engorged heart veins are no longer there! She is better! So, now Jaina can safely go up for adoption. We're all so happy for her.

Badu was kind enough to drop a whisker on my desk. It is FIVE inches long--isn't that incredible! She loves to lay on the desk when Zelda isn't on it. The problem is she's SO big, she literally covers up all my paperwork! Oh well, the things that we have to put up with!

As you probably know, we have started our Be an Earth Angel campaign to raise money for the Feliz Navidad fund. This week we are simply telling stories about different cats that have needed more than the general care. The Feliz Navidad fund is being reactivated to help us cover costs of special needs (surgeries, meds, etc). The website is open already to take any donation that you would care to give. The site is Just click on the Earth Angel link and it'll take you to the site.

I will tell you about a cat that I adopted from FFRC a long time ago. Her name is Sherry, named after the person who rescued her. Sherry had a mama and siblings. Unfortunately, all were very very ill. The mama died and all the litter did also, except for Sherry. Sherry was so sick. She had a severe upper respiratory infection. Her one eye is so terribly scarred by this virus, that she no longer has site in it. The other eye is weepy most of the time. She also has heavy duty sneezing fits, even to this day. This is her way of life, nothing more can be done. She's had her share of vet visits, antibiotics, but she is as she is. This is the thing--she's a happy girl. She was given a chance to live. She's one of the most sweetest cats ever. That's what we want to give to as many cats as we can, space permitting and money permitting--just a chance to be happy. This Feliz Navidad fund will help us with this.

We weren't going to reveal the amount of the incoming donations till Sunday night and then do it nightly till the 18th, but..... we have to change that plan. YOU have come thru already to help us with this fundraiser, so we have to keep you up to date on the totals. I should never ever doubt that which I am told every so often. You have our back here. It is such a comfort to know that we do indeed have Angels here on Earth for this Rescue Center. The total last night at 7:15 pm was............$3,669. I am ever so deeply grateful for this.

Please know that if you cannot donate, we certainly understand. We still love your support of the kittycam, your votes and your clicks and most importantly, your friendship.

Octavia came up to me at my desk this morning and stared at me. Then she went to the window that goes to the outdoor enclosure. Mind you, it was still very dark outside. But, I raised the window and out she went. She spent 8-9 minutes gobbling up those spiderwebs that she loves so much. When she was done, she meowed and wanted back in! I guess that was her breakfast!

Bravo has his wonderful leggings on his back legs again. We'll see if they stay on better this time. His surgery is a week from today. We're hoping to prevent any friction wear on his rear legs with these leggings. Want to keep him as healthy as possible for this big surgery.

McCallan is "playing" with 3 kittens--Goodness, Obadiah and Ginseng. He's taking them and rolling them over on their backs, then cleaning their eyes and ears. I guess he didn't think we're doing it properly!

All is well here. We have a happy bunch of volunteers, kitties and visitors.
Purresa Babies
Thought you'd enjoy this--the Purresa litter!