Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday, August 5

We had a terrific storm go thru here last night--2 different fronts. They are calling it another derecho storm (like the one where we lost power for a week). Lots of little branches down, but no trees. The power went off for a short time several different times last night. But, we got rain!! Actually, it was so much in such a short time, that it backflowed into the front office. I've only seen it do that 3 other times before. So.....we had water on the floor which the cats found itneresting. They were "wading" thru it! Little wet pawprints all over!

We got a lot accomplished yesterday for our Catstock--concert/carnival event. It's 9/22. Carnival begins at 2:00 and the Concert begins at 5:30. We have the giant banners ordered now. They will be displayed at 2 locations in town and one in the front yard of the rescue center. Also ordered posters to be put in business windows.

Bravo was so cute this morning. He was "walking" around with a toy in his mouth, almost as long as long as his front leg. He was so proud! Teller is playing with Raymondo. But it's hard to play with a blanket covering you up. Teller pulled a blanket over his head....he must think it's just fine as he's not trying to get it off!

Avent, one of the Fiver siblings, is feeling much better. His cold is almost gone and his activity level is great. The door to Dodger's Pen is now open. Treesa didn't waste even a minute to come out! She's been running and playing all over the front office. Miau is still lounging in the pen, watching all the action. The other cats are going into the pen to visit her though, which she is fine with.

Wanted to give you an update on an FFRC friend, June who made a post on the facebook about needing help with her cats. She gave me permission to let you all know that things are going good. She "received a huge outpour of help from people in the area" and also has someone that has donated 2 months of food for her cats. Isn't this wonderful? It's also has given June the incentive to pass on this act of kindness when she is able to. She wanted to tell you all a thanks for caring.

We had BOXES last night. It was a rather shortened version as we knew the storm was quickly approaching. As it was, the power went off close to the end of boxes. I'm sorry if I didn't get 100% of names/items correct. We were indeed hurrying!
Connie/WarpedMC and Joe (visitors here)--2 reams of paper, 2 giant kitty litters, gallon trash bags, Tide laundry soap, 6inch plates, paper towels, bounce dryer sheets, 2 cases of Friskies, volunteer licorice and a beautiful flowered stool to sit on that Joe made and Connie painted.
Deb11111 (visitor here)--4 laundry soap jugs, 2 Dawn dish detergent, 2 4-packs Clorox wipes, q-tips, paper towels, and styrofoam plates
Rene C/jakesmeomy--1 case of Friskies and 1 case of Friskies shreds
AnnaMarie--2 bulk package handling devices to make it easier to move boxes!
Marlena M/mcm5501 from AZ and her kitties Chompy, Zelda, Marvin, Guinness, Wendy, Reba, Olive & Roxy (the dog)--a very nice card and letter and a wrap for Derecho when he's a bit bigger
Defiance friend--donation to FFRC
Sally H/eaglespirit--card and kitten pictures to share
Sevren--wind up frog toy for Mariska. We gave it to her again this morning and she whacked it!!
Marilyn S sent a pair of leggings for Bravo. These were made by Emily K from MI. We put them on and they fit pretty good, but they do slide off at times. These are to help protect his legs from sores to keep him in top form until his surgery. Thanks Marilyn and Emily!
Jonah of Cat's Cove. He was our very first Cat's Cove cat! He was also our very first cat that needed to have an amputation. Even then, there were Angels here on Earth that helped support the cost of his surgery. Jonah says a big thanks!