Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday, August 26

I think we need cat-sitters in every room and hallway. These kittens and cats are in high gear and really playing hard with each other.....that is, except for Dahnay who continues to lick legs! Such a sweetheart. They've all been in super mode--I've seen them chasing around corners full speed ahead, Derecho is playing with many of the kittens also, kittens leaping in the air in full out wrestle mode, balls being flipped and tails a swishing! What a lot of action!

Yesterday, we had a first to happen at FFRC. We were having a Catstock meeting in the house when I get a call from one of the moderators. She said there's a cat carrying around a mouse. I thought she meant a fun toy mouse and wasn't sure what the problem was, until she said a LIVE mouse. Wow--did that get quick action! I ran out, grabbed a rug, saw where all the cats were huddled and there in the middle was Nemo, with a live chipmunk in her mouth!! I couldn't believe it. I tossed the rug over her, wiggled the chippie out of her mouth and took it across the road to the riverbank. It took off and never looked back! Nemo was SO proud. Apparently, the chippie went into the outdoor enclosure--that was NOT a good idea. I'm sure he will not be back again!

Please help Lisa with A Labor of Love Dog Rescue to win $$ by voting for her at: I know Lisa would appreciate this.

Update on the past Be an Earth Angels fundraiser:
Total number of web-cammers who donated: 551
Number of Countries who donated: 20
Just amazing and I thank you each and every one! What a tremendous group effort!

I have a special note for you from our friend Cindy/Bubbles. As many of you know, Cindy is one of our moderators and was quite ill recently and is still recovering. Many of you sent cards and she would like you to know how much it was appreciated! Continue to heal, Cindy!

Our little friend Hannah is also still in the hospital. Please refer to the previous blog about the latest update on her. Hannah's mom has asked for prayers during this difficult time. We love you, Hannah.

This is always difficult for me to address a problem so openly, but I feel I must. Please know that FFRC dearly loves the webcam and all the friends that we have made. The chatters and the lurkers are awesome and extremely supportive of this Rescue Center, of which I am so very grateful. We have a network of about 40 volunteers that mean the world to me. I am grateful also for each and everyone of them. I have recently seen on the camchat that remarks have been said about a volunteer. These remarks are rude, disrespectful and not necessary. I need and love all the volunteers that help FFRC and this disrespect will NOT be tolerated. The moderators are now fully aware of where I stand about this and also will NOT tolerate any rudeness or unkind remarks on the chat. If something happens that is not pleasing to you, please just remove yourself from the chat until later. Remember, we had this Rescue Center 10 years before the cam was even up. Many of the volunteers had to make adjustments to being in full view of hundreds of people during their volunteer time. The volunteers have also made many friends with the chatters and for the most part, thoroughly enjoys chatting during their time here. Some of our visitors that come also enjoy chatting, which is fine! Please be respectful of the volunteers and visitors. Thank you for understanding. Without these volunteers, this Rescue Center would not be possible.

FiFi is beautiful. She's sitting here beside me and her gold eyes just shine! Sometimes she has problems with her depth perception, but she sure knows how to work around it. Derecho has a new friend--that would be Avens! Avens loves to play and also groom Derecho. Graciela is still his good friend too. Treesa just zoomed thru here with a fuzzy ball in her mouth, growling all the way--must still be thinking about that chipmunk from yesterday! Densmore has turned out to be one of the most loving kittens. He's the one always climbing onto our backs and shoulders.

GraceAnn climbed all the way down the spiral ladder today to be petted. She is so beautiful. Preakness just jumped on the desk--I believe she wants to tell everyone to have a wonderful Sunday!
Raza--such a beauty.