Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23

We have success! Flare is doing much better. He still hasn't ventured out of his pen YET, but the door is open and he's becoming curious. He is even permitting Octavia to come into his pen with him. Of course, Octavia is after his food, but it's a good start to being near other cats! Won't be long until he decides to mingle.

Purresa is now all over the rescue center. She's quite friendly. Several times a day, I check her 3 points!! Her eyes (for eye ointment), her belly (any milk yet? no) and her bottom (any drainage? no). I tell her each time that we need to do her 3-pointer check. She's quite willing.

Zelda is sprawled on my desk. She's the funniest cat. While she's "sleeping", if I talk to her, she mumbles, chirps, and gives tiny little meows, all with her eyes closed. Definitely need to find this special cat a home soon. Rory is just plain awesome. Never met a cat before that loves his tummy rubbed as much as he does. Pansy Mae and Cyrilla have become "chase me, chase you" friends. All over the office, including my desk while I'm working!

The Wee3 and Fab5 kittens are doing good. I'm concerned with Tiramisu and Cannoli--so very thin, but barely allows me to get any formula in them. I do believe they may be starting to eat a little on their own though. We longer have to "help" them to potty--they can do that by themselves now. Progress! This morning, a few of them started eating a little more kitten can food. More progress!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
Jody/aslanim12 & Yokie/hediye2--Magnet & postcard from Turkey, stickers, special treats for volunteers from Turkey, a candy bar that is called Octavia, a neat pair of cat slippers, turkish delights and teas
Sonya A/dizzyd47 & John & kitties Priscilla, Sneaky, Willi & Herbie the turtle--cat toy cut outs, BD card and a wonderful letter, Dove body wash samples for Kitty Kastle & a snuggle wrap for Kitty Kastle guests
Mary2u--4 yeoww catnip bananas, spring toys & 4 cases of Royal Canin baby kitten can food (this is the babies first can choice)
German Siggi from FL--BD card, birthday donation, 3 beautiful picture frames, coffee mug and a cat pin
Jatcat--2 microwavable Snuggles heat packs (they last for 8-10 hours)
Rose S/rosesf6cats & Lisa from IA--BD card, Dewey the Library cat book (after it's read, will go to Kitty Kastle for guests), 2 spa washclothes, 2 soap bags with J on them. Also from the cats Marble, Blacky, Fluffy, Brownie, Checkers & Pitstop.
Tom & Suzanne A/tilliecat from MI--BD card and donation for ffrc & pics of Tillie
Bonnie & Dave and Michael from MI and their pets Indy & Browni--musical card, 2 suncatchers, both of which will hang in Thumper's Room & a picture of Poe
Carol N/cn1919 from PA--BD card, treats for volunteers, 3 beautiful handmade blankets, turbo track cat treats, baby meat jars, bonito sprinkles, 2 bathing shammies, a Paddy Purr & Paddy Cake salt/pepper shakers, dog & a cat picture frames (for the catathon)
TippyNtraylor from FL and Ashley (an oldster)--For the catathon: 4 cat placemats, 4 sets of magnets for cars, cat planter, glass kitty figurine, retirement glass watch, cat scratcher. BD card & giant candy bar, treats/tea/kool aid freezer pops for volunteers, ear cleaning solution, 2 litter scoops, 2 yeoww catnip bananas, cat toys, rice cereal, wipes, Cod fish treats, sardines
Kelly F from TX--BD card & a donation
Cheryl & her cats Abby, Emma, Jackson--BD card, bookmark & gift card from WalMart
Amy B/jobolove from MI--BD card
Linell/linell337 MN--a "nutty" BD card
Mary B/missyMJJ,Temykitty12 & Daughter Kristie-Marie--2 BD cards. Kristie made a picture for Jacci
Michelle L/crittercat from CT--BD card
From the Meezerboys from TX (KoKo & Noah)--musical BD card
Helen M from UK--donation thru PayPal

The construction guys have worked 2 full days now on the new shower and bathroom in Kitty Kastle! So exciting. They are back today again. As soon as the shower is done, they will start the Storage Room. We can't hardly wait to be more organized.

Here's Birka with Zelda behind her! 2 beautiful black & white cats.