Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday, March 3

WOW! What an awesome, fantastic, wonderful day yesterday was--our Fiver Friday! Never in my wildest dreams would I have been able to predict the outcome.I am so very deeply grateful for the support shown to the Rescue Center. This is a tremendous help to us.

These are the results for the time indicated:
5:00 am -- $3,288
7:00 am -- $3,913
9:00 am -- $5,245
11:00 am -- $6,156
1:00 pm -- $7,778
3:00 pm -- $8,951
5:00 pm -- $10,162
7:00 pm -- $11,699
9:00 pm -- $13,023
3/3 5 am -- $13,607

It will take me a while to get thru all the e-mails/paypals, so please be patient! I'm trying to get to each one. Also, the drawing for the pawograph/pictures is back on (per the state of Ohio!). When all the name cards are done, we'll draw names winners of the pictures of the resident cats. We'll get to it asap!

GermanSiggi sent me this: Do you know what F.I.V.E.R. stands for?
Friends Inner-resources Volunteered Extra Revenues
I love that! Also a very special thanks to Joanne H for the suggestion of doing this Fiver Friday--what a great idea it turned out to be! Thanks too to Cantoncat for the name card cat design. And thanks to YOU for watching yesterday and contributing. YOU have certainly made a difference for FFRC!

We had BOXES the evening before, on Thursday.

Aunty Fi--a hello kitty doll for FiFi and a blanket will follow. So cute!
Anonymous--2 purr pads These are wonderful, the cats love them.
Bucky007 from CA--picctures of her kitties and a note
Unclekat & Beachkatz--birthday card for Asha
Leggygal--many wonderful, warm, fuzzy cat blankies that she made
Cgcry--material, yarn, thread, batting Pat S took the yarn to make blankies and Judy M will take material for pillowcases for the rescue center. Also there were pull tabs for Kellen. Jane W of Lima delivered this for us.

Thursday was Asha's second birthday. I am so glad she resides here. Such a wonderful, warm personality she has. She received lots of back scratches that day!

Dunakin is back to the Rescue Center. He just wasn't a happy cat at this home. Georgia who is still there is doing very well--she's happy and so playful. Judy S went with me to get Dunakin. Now that he's back, he's zipping all over, chirping, playing and running the wheel. In his place, we took Telo. When it was time for us to leave, both Georgia and Telo were playing and checking out the house and watching the bird feeders from a shelf. We'll get Telo's plastic rings to him today.