Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, March 26

We've made it--over 48 hours of not handfeeding the baby kittens! What a great thing. All 7 of them are doing good, have round tummies and are getting stronger. They require a daily bath (could really use 2!) and still are messy eaters, but that too will pass. It's so cute to see them playing. Boku went up to Putter and sniffed him. Putters response was a quick turn around and left the scene! They also love to play with Bella's tail. Bella doesn't leave but keeps flashing it which creates an even more fun toy. Oh, the fun of having kittens.

The phone calls are already increasing with many calls of pregnant feral cats. At this time of year and for the next 8 months, I BEG people, please trap, neuter and release. If everyone could take 1 cat in to get spayed/neutered, it would drastically reduce the cat overpopulation problem. The kitties that are being born in March and April have the possibility of having babies themselves yet this year.

On March 30th, the 2012 Reader's Choice Award Winners will be announced. Hopefully, we have won the distinction of being chosen for the Best Non-Profit Cats-Only Organization. The site is: There is no "prize" award, but being selected for this honor would be awesome!

We have a few PayPal acknowledgements to make:
Marie F from KY--Paypal donation
Lisa H from MA--Paypal donation--a birthday gift for their Dad, Max H. He lives in Maine, loves cats and watches the webcam every day!
Gitte from Denmark--paypal donation in memory of sweet & gentle Twinkle
Thank you for your support to FFRC. Every donation is used wisely. Many donations are earmarked for a specific purpose, which is always honored.

Rory has turned out to be such a love. He will come to us now for his many belly rubs. Purresa is still hanging in with us--no babies yet. Macallan was all curled up in the donut bed this morning, looking so cute.

Flare is tolerating the other cats so much better. He hasn't returned to "his pen" for security for 2 days. He loves laying on a cushy under Patience's Pen. Pansy Mae absolutely loves watching the birds outside. She's very good at making chirping sounds. Did you know that Badu loves to nurse on blankies? Everyday, as the laundry starts coming out of the dryer, she loves to be on top of the heap of warm laundry. There's a particular brown fuzzy blankie that she "slurps" on, complete with eyes closed in enjoyment! Love to see this.

The construction guys will be back today to continue the work on the shower in Kitty Kastle. When that is complete, they will start the Storage Room. We are all already anticipating the fun of organizing everything!

Jaina is doing great. She plays hard, runs and thoroughly enjoys her life. We have someone possibly interested in adopting her, but I prefer we wait a little longer for one more x-ray before we adopt her out. This potential adoptor is aware of Jaina's heart problem. Wouldn't that be wonderful if Jaina could get her own home?!

We also have a person that will be visiting soon; very interested in a short hair female, and loves black & white cats. That could possibly be Zelda or Izzy. Either cat would be lucky to go into this particular home.

Important date coming up: April 9. This will be the start of the second round of voting for The Animal Rescue Site. We will not be eligible to win the Ohio top place, since we won that last quarter, but we CAN win the all-around top #1 place, which would be a $5,000 award! We want to be able to start STRONG in this second quarter of voting. Please mark your calendars and let your e-mail friends know too. Thank you!