Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22

Tweeny and Peverley made it to their Colorado home! Pam called and said that she and Rich arrived safely with the cats. Good, now I can relax! It sounds like both Tweeny and Peverley were already settling in nicely. I'm so glad. Just love those wonderful homes for our kitties!

Purresa is now in Dodger's Pen. Hopefully, she'll be well acclimated to the rescue center before her kittens arrive. We let her out last night and she did pretty good. Seemed relaxed. We'll "practice" again today! I had a talk with her and asked if she could produce a few different looking kitties--maybe purple, green, red??? Easier to adopt. She said she'd think about it!

Flare is now in Patience's Pen. I don't believe he's been around too many other cats as he seemed uncomfortable with any cat close to his pen. But, today, that seems to be getting better already. We'll help him relax. He loves the Yeowwww catnip bananas!

Queenie is sure enjoying herself. She loves to play--a real kitten at heart. Cutie loves the big white tub to sleep in--she curls right up in it. Macallan and Cyrilla are here on my desk sleeping head to head. Zelda was here, but didn't want to share with them. Pansy Mae was in the outdoor enclosure yesterday a lot--she thoroughly enjoyed watching the bird feeders.

I want to thank everyone for the lovely birthday gifts, cards, e-mails, posts, etc. that made my birthday so extra special yesterday. I truly appreciate it. I hope when each and everyone of you have your birthdays, that you have an awesome day!

Good news--the construction guys are here. Mr. Barth is feeling better. They worked in Kitty Kastle yesterday and started preparing for the installation of the shower. They got a lot done and will be back today. We talked about the Storage Room and they are all set on that also!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
Rene H/ReneHart in NC--BD card, a really neat scallion cat figurine
Sandra B--letter, coupon holder, kitty in basket, key chain, kitty pin, neat t-shirt, a beautiful plaque, refrigerator magnet and a garden stone that says "No longer by my side...but Forever in my Heart
Pam H/cassie4321 in FL--BD card, donation for storage, The Sitting Cat statinery, notecards, stamps, FFRC return labels and personalized stationery and also wishes & pics from her kitties Pippin, Piper, Chloe, Sadie, Maggie, Annie & Joey
Gloria C in Atlanta--BD card, lapcat cartoon, notecards, Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat's Life
MrsSnappy & Maryt111--BD card, big box of Reese's candy, 4 packages of Chips Ahoy/Reese's cookies (very good!)
Jeannette/Furrhaven Kitties in TN--letter from her eight kitties with a gift box for Twinkle that ncluded all sorts of wonderful yummy food to coax her to eat. Since Twinkle has passed away, Jeannette has asked that we share it with the other oldsters.
Anonymous--6 Yeoww! catnip bananas for Putter and friends
Mary S/Littlechap34 in PA--BD card, Thinking Outside the Cage newsletters, wide variety of feather and fluffy kitty toys, playcute, 2 boxes of Gravy Sensations cat food
Laura H/Medic101 & mom Belinda in IN--Teese's peanut butter Easter egg, 2 bags Reese's pastel eggs, 4 cans of sardines (sounds good together as a treat to me!)
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--28 lbs. of Arm & Hammer Cat litter
Val S/Kismet & Lois S--1 box of Keurig hot apple cider, assorted kitty toys, treats and food, play cube, paper towels, 3 cans of sardines, a belated gift for my mom's BD (which I will take today), Fancy Feast cat food, candy for volunteers, M&M's for Gregg
Kim K/kimkost in MI--BD card, big roll of stamps and a donation for FFRC
Beverly G in TN--a pop up BD card and a "Friend" stone
Kya/Sporeo in Canada--BD card and handmade miniature "knick/knack" cake and can of sardines with 6 individual tiny sardines
Charlotte M in Canada--BD card, Alpine cider drink packets
Lynn S/Michlynn in MI--BD card
Steve & Debbie B in KY--BD card & 2 sheets of stamps
Whitney H/whitsterxo in OH--BD card
Wiscatmomof4 from WI--BD card from FFRC cats!
Gabe & Rosie B in NY--BD card, a very nice letter, along with their kitty Lucy
Cgrcry in Lima, OH--BD card, along with kitties Micah & Kizzy
Mike G/Sophieandlucysdad--BD card, with pictures of kitties Sophie & Lucy
Lee J/hummerfan in MA--BD card& 2 beautiful postcards
EdnaR/gemini (volunteer)--BD card
Edna's Mom--a Meowy BD card
Barbara C/laeo in GA--Easter card, Wal-Mart gift card
Donna S/napa 123 and SuzyCat in MA--BD card, heat stickers, Visa gift card
Carol & Larry F in MI--BD card, along with kitties Buster, Tippy and Boo Boo
Cathi B/CathiB112 in TX--BD card
Janet S in IA--BD card and donation, along with kitties Toby and Harley
Lucy O/LucyToons in UK--BD card
Susan G/susan345 in NH--Bd card, along with kitty Chester
Tom & Lori D in FL--BD card (Lori did the porcelin dolls for catathon 2011)
Kelly K/Skeetokins in WI--BD card and a BD donation, alng with kitties Lint, Gracie Lou, Ethel, Lucy and Howie
Andree B/sonnykat in Canada--BD card and donation
Cats of FFRC--BD card for Mama Jacci!
Hencass/Casandra in CA--paypal donation
PSW in CA--paypal donation
Joyce R in OH--paypal donation
Lisa K/lookupcme--paypal donation, along with The Fluffy & Albert No No
Deb11111--paypal donation, for birthday fun
Bonnie P--a dozen helium balloons, stuffed bear & a box of candy!
Westerncool--a Sphinx BD card
Badu--a BD card, with a little help from her sponsor family Dave, Bonnie & Michael
Angie & Bill (volunteers) and Mudgie--a really cool black/white clock with a moving tail and a BIG birthday cake to be shared by all!
Irene H/buddybo--an absolutely beautiful afghan that Irene made. She is donating this for the Catathon. Later, we will show all the items that will be for the Catathon so all can see!

Please know that if I make a mistake or don't include someone, I'm truly sorry. Feel free to e-mail me with a correction!

Emaline's eye and face is better for the time being. She's right now looking out the window at the peacocks. Raza is here in the office with me, rolling on as many catnip toys as she can find. All is well here at FFRC!