Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, March 1

Happy Spring month! This is the month that Peverley and Tweeny will have their new mama come from Colorado and adopt them! They will make their journey to their new home by vehicle. We are expecting Jane to arrive today about 1:00. Jane is the person who rescued Angel Kisses. She's most anxious to visit with her. She is also delivering material goods that is donated by cgcry, our webcam friend. We also have a family coming on Saturday morning to possibly adopt. Rory is doing great--more exploring every day. Izzy is now out and about. She came to the door of the room she was in and wanted out. So, she's now out and exploring. Still a little tentative, but she's being brave! Angel Kisses spent the night time in June's Room, but she's back in Patience's Pen for the day time. I saw her put a tiny bit of weight on her left rear leg! Time will help.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!

Cynthia N/Bubbles from WA--sent a card with a floor donation
James & Kathy T--sent a letter, pics of their cats Blackie, Smokey, Cali, Sissy and Scooter (the parrot), and a donation for Angel Kisses
Merilyn/Bearlyn from Canada--sent a donation in memory of Sesame, a card and would like a business card to be sent to her(will go in today's mail!)
Charlotte & Stan M from Canada--sent pictures of their cats Tigger & Brutus, cat toys, catnip pellets and a book that Charlotte wrote. She wrote this book when she retired from nursing in 2008.
Dave/Bonnie & Michael--sent a wonderful letter for Badu (they sponsor Badu) from their Browni, 6 skeins of yarn, 2 boxes of Meow Mix, cat toys, kitty treats, doggie treats and treats for Einstein, candy for me(!) and a big box of candy for the volunteers. Also Badu received a kitty bed.
Gitte in Denmark--sent treats for Cutie--a fuzzy yellow duckie catnip Kong, a carton of Whiska Packets and a case of Friskies Chicken dinners in Gravy

Tomorrow is a special day for this Rescue Center. As many of you know, outside of our fundraisers, it's rare that I ask for financial help. We are having a FIVER FRIDAY. Simpy put, tomorrow, Friday, we are asking for help with $5 donations to help with our huge medical treatments (surgeries, x-rays, etc.) and medical supplies (a whole array of medicines). This will be a 24 hour event!


Sometimes Medical Bills can Frighten us all!!
No matter how much planning we do for our expenses, there are always “the unexpected”. We never have, and never will, put cost over getting the proper medical care for our cats. Our focus is first and foremost doing what is best for the cat, then we worry about the medical bills. As you know, recently we have had a few cats with very costly medical bills; our sweet Angel Kisses and Fifi just to name two. As a result, we are reaching out and asking for help to pay these bills, if you can.
Sometimes people think a donation needs to be a large dollar value to be effective. Not true. A donation as little as $5.00 can pay for bandages, for example. If five people donate $5.00 then that can cover the cost of an antibiotic for several days. So, we are asking, for those who can give $5.00 to do so during our first FIVER FRIDAY. Please know that this is NOT a raffle.

Kitty City Cat Jonah
Jonah,a 3-legged resident of Kitty City, says: "Please help us on Fiver Friday! Just in case you need our website, it's:".