Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! No green cats here, but we do have St. Patrick stickers today. Another beautiful day today. We're suppose to have some visitors also this morning, which of coures, we love.

Queenie is sitting at my chair, grooming herself. She's doing great. Putter has been very active--nice to see. Twinkle ate last night a bit, and she ate a good breakfast today. Gave her SQ fluids again yesterday. This morning after breakfast, she pottied, then went over to house door and tapped it--she wanted back inside. She spent the night on the couch. So...the little Twinks is now sleeping on the footstool!

The Wee3 litter and the Fab Five litter are doing great. Little Novilla is a tiny bit concerning--still very small. We make sure she has her tummy full. All are a little more active. Glady lays on her back and likes to swat at the kitties' tails. The Paddys seem to be very interested in them.

We had BOXES last night!

Bonnie, Dave & Michael--a case of Meow Mix in the plastic tubs (especially for Badu, which she loves) and a giant bag of Party Mix kitty treats
Mamie from VA--card, St. Pat body stickers, cat toys, pop tabs for Kellen, and assorted kitty nursing bottles with spare nipples, bulb syringes and 6 big white towels
Carol N/cn1919 from PA--coupons, card & a 24 pack of Friskies pate'
Muff3 from Netherlands--a t-shirt (very nice--I love it!)
Debbie W from GA--card for Bella and a Bella-type notepad
Carr Family--3 big cans of KMR and a box of kitty wipes
Connie S from MN--sent 5 beautiful baskets complete with bows for us to use for the Catathon. She also sent coaster sets, doll house rugs, 4 place mats and 2 beautiful people size blankets (1 with a cat theme/1 with a dog theme) that she all hand makes.
Connie also included 3 different sizes of handmade rugs--absolutely beautiful. Her work is fantastic.
Tamar B/TRB9718 from FL--sent a basket for Kitty Kastle, complete with things that our guests may use--tea, cookies, toothbrushes, clorox wipes, shampoo, snacks, etc. A wonderful thing to add to Kitty Kastle.
Mary W--a card and a memorial donation for Georgeanna H, who had adopted a cat from us
Tom P from NJ--BD for J
Selkie from Canada--BD card for J & Fiver Friday donation
Elanor F from CT--BD card for J

Angel Kisses was spotted out and about last night--what a great achievement for her. Pansy Mae loves to watch out the driveway at all the ins and outs. Such a sweet girl. Buttons is also relaxed and enjoys lounging about--loves her head to be rubbed. Right now, all 3 of the brown tigers are sleeping together--Hettie, Cyrilla and Derby--looks like a pile of brown stripes!

FiFi had her eye sutures removed yesterday. Her skin has healed beautifully. Her eyes are so golden. I know this surgery has opened up her tunnel of vision so she can see more of the world. We'll take her in soon for a check up.
Grominique, dreaming of her future home.