Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday, March 18

The rescue center had quite a few visitors yesterday, which we always enjoy. Val was here with her sister, Shelley and her niece Mia. By the middle of the day, I believe every cat here was petted numerous times and was groomed too. Nice Saturday for them. We had a family also visit that will be back sometime in June to adopt.

Twinkle spent the night in the house again, and slept on the bed with me, in the crook of my arm. So very nice that she likes that cuddling. Twinkle is frail and I just want her last days here to be happy and knowing that she is so loved. Angel Kisses is a very determined girl. She figured out how to get to the top of a 4-level condo and was looking out the window. She sure was enjoying that. She has also figured out a way to sit on the window sill to look outside.

We received a phone call last night from the lady who adopted Missy and Tweedy. She had expressed in interest in Dapa and MiMi last week. The phone call was to tell me that she indeed would like to bring the mama/papa home to be with their family. What a wonderful thing for all 4 cats. These 4 have always been together and now will be reunited.

The 8 baby kittens continue to do good. They are now a family group--all 8 sleep together--no more splitting up into a 5 group and a 3 group. They've become friends! Their appetite is increasing. A couple of them will lick a little (but very little) formula from a plate. I'm sure this coming week they will improve on that. Asha likes to sit on the floor watching them in Dodger's Pen. Cathi B got the kitties a cat playpen that we have used twice already. It's great--can let them play in it and not lose them in the rescue center!

I had 2 cats come over to me here at my desk--Jaina and Grominique to visit me and they both certainly had sardine breath!

We had BOXES last night!
D-Lee--sent 3 cases of baby food: chicken, beef and turkey flavors
Anonymous--2 big sleeves of styrofoam plates
Lewbeth from MA--BD card from Lori, Bitsy, Chloe & Binx along with a pic of Binx & Cloe, cat toys with catnip, cat treats, candy for volunteers, 2 packs of tuna and 2 cans of sardines
Nancepants from MD--2 dozen shamrock cookies, a beautiful hand made cat scrub smock for Jacci, a toy for Peverley & a toy for Tweenie to take on their Colorado trip, bag of Reeses, doggy treats, 4 bags of kitty treats, cat toys, Friskies, sardines, Meow Mix Toppers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast & a case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Cathi B--a neat cat size playpen for the babies
Wisckars & Vikki from WI--a clever take of a internet design BD card & a bag of Reeses
Ingrid/Ju-in-ji from Netherlands--a BD card
Pam S from IL--BD card
Mary B from CA--BD card
Gusti from German--musicalguardian angel BD card & stickers
Janak from New Zealand, BD card with a donation for the Storage Room & a valentine card from Splash to Sari (I needed another copy!)
Neil & Jean S from Ohio--paypal donation
Elizabeth S from Australia--paypal donation

Please remember to continue voting for the Best Non-Profit Cat Organization and their volunteers. It ends 3/21. If we win, the prize is being noted by Readers' Choice Awards as their pick for Best Non-Profit organization. Thank you.
Sleeping on the catwalk
Dunakin looking pretty sleepy and happy!