Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weds., March 28

We have newborn kitties and it's not over yet! Steve had checked on Purresa the last 2 nights until 2:00 am, every hour. This night, he came to bed at 2:00 and said no kitties. I got a call at 4:10, saying little squeaks could be heard. Sure enough, 3 had been born already.....but she delivered them in the litterbox. You can imagine--wet babies--litter box--what a mess. So, those three had a quick, but thorough bath to get them clean. They weren't very lively and the placentas were still attached, probably because it would've been hard to clean them with all the litter goo.But, all is fine now, they are actually nursing, and Purresa has had 1 additional baby--making 4 so far. Time will tell what our final count will be. She is a relaxed mama--even let me brush/comb all the wet litter off of her. Babies and mama are now all on fluffy clean towels.

We had a PayPal donation from Joseph W. of MO. Thank you Joseph. He says that instead of counting sheep, it's much better to count kitties before bedtime!

Please remember to spay/neuter your pet. OR take an unowned outside cat to the vet for the "FIX" job! It's so important and the best way to control pet overpopulation. If you figure an unspayed female, her mate and all of their offspring were to produce 2 litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter, in 5 years could total 11,801 cats. Now, consider if that initial female and male were neutered/spayed. What a HUGE difference that would make.

I got a phone call late evening yesterday and Izzy is doing well. She loves napping on the couch and the bed. Karrdash is again all stretched out on my desk. This is something he did when he was here before also. I truly believe that cats have good memories.

Be extra cautious with fleas this year. Don't give them a chance to invade your pets or home. Because of the very warm winter we had this year, it's predicted that the flea population will escalate. Please, don't let those nasty bugs get on your pet. Treat them monthly with Frontline or Advantage or another product that your vet may carry. For every 5 fleas you see on your pet, there is 95 IN YOUR HOME. Cats and dogs cannot get rid of the fleas by themselves. They need your help.
Queenie, watching the birdfeeders out the window.