Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weds., March 7

Yesterdays surgery day went very well. Snuzzles was spayed and had no problems. She will be going to her new home possibly tomorrow. Jacen had a lot of admiration for his very long tail! His x-rays of his heart showed his heart had actually decreased a tiny bit in size, which is good--it actually is looking fairly normal. Jacen will be going up for adoption but we will be cautious that the owners are fully aware of the family history. Jaina did not have her EKG as she was uncooperative (again)--she wanted nothing to do with it. The stress it was causing her was not worth doing the EKG. Her heart x-ray actually had some changes. The pulmonary vessels are now engorged. Her heart murmur is rated as a 3 out of 6. She is labeled as having moderate heart disease. We'll keep track of her here, her color, heart rate and respirations. If she begins to have trouble, there are medicines that can help her. For the time being, no meds. She will not be up for adoption at this time.

Fifi also had her eye surgery. When I pulled her out of her crate when she arrived back, the first thing I saw were her eyes!! It was the first time to actually see most of her eyes! The lower lid entropian surgery was done on both eyes. Her 3rd eyelids are still impairing her vision along with her very small eyes that are sunk back, giving her a "tunnel vision". But, at least now she can see better! I'm so happy for her. FiFi has a cone on for a few days, unless supervised. When it's time for her suture removal, we'll give her a light sedation to remove the sutures. When all is healed, FiFi will go up for adoption.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! Thanks ever so much!
loverofhummingbirds--28 lb. of Army & Hammer Kitty Litter
madisonpepper--8 cases of assorteed Fancy Feast Appetizers for the ffrc cats, kitty city and the outside cats
bantryhill--furryballs and loopy toys, red notebook (for catathon notes), a big case of Friskies can food, a large bag of dry Kitten food (Royal Canin) and kitty doser syringes (to bottle feed babies) We're getting ready for kitten season!
Janet L from Colorado--donation for anything that is needed
Keith C from Iowa--donation for Fiver Friday
Carole O from CA--coupons
Kelly R/littleonemine from CA--a Fiver Friday donation in memory of Glady, Aprilla and Sesame. She also enclosed a copy of her local cat rescue's newsletter where she volunteers and a calendar that they sell.

I heard from Telo and Georgia's mama--all is wonderful. They run to meet her at the door and also sleep on her bed. All 3 are happy! The resident cat pictures are still being processed for Fiver Friday. As soon as we have them, we'll announce the day and time for the Big Drawing! The people who have their names drawn will receive a pawographed photo of a resident cat.

Merci..waiting to be adopted. Such a wonderful cat.