Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 27

We took in a new cat from a friend that became involved in her story. Jane is the rescuer. She's also the same person that brought in Angel Kisses. Jane does dog rescue and occasionally receives calls on cats that need help. This cat is a young adult, torti, about a year old. She apparently was bumped by a car last Tuesday. On Weds., Jane took her to a vet office. On Saturday, Jane called and asked if we would take her. They did the triple test (heartworm, FIV & leukemia) which was negative. This is a super sweet girl. Her hip injury seems very minimal and appears to be healing quite nicely. We had a webcam friend ask if we could name a torti Shimmer, but since we already used that name, we will name her Shimma. Because Shimma has been in quarantine already at the vet's office, we will be bringing her inside the main area today. We will probably put her in Patience's Pen so she can acclimate to all the hub-bub.

The baby kitties are officially eating all on their own now without a problem (other than swimming in the food dish!). Daily baths are still required. Self grooming and playtime is increasing. All is well with them.

Asha is such a love. She so enjoys the attention of all the visitors. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr both are super Cat-Go-Round wheel experts, although Cake is the best. They can make that wheel spin! Derby and Rory are such good play friends-they love to wrestle and run together.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
Tippy & Tralor--Card (also from Ashley, the oldster cat), a stained glass kitty night light and a decorative pillow--both for Kitty Kastle. The 2nd box had a huge assortment of office supplies, treats for the volunteers, doggie toys, plastic bags, baby bath tub, porcelain kitty, 9-Lives can food and 3 packages of Pet Nursers.
Jatcat from CA--2 Snuggle Safe Cat Warmers--we are discarding the ones we received in 2008 (they are becoming unsafe to use)
Judy M--sent from Walmart Photo--a beautiful sun catcher with Twinkle's picture etched in it, in memory of her. We will hang this in the rescue center
Sevren--a huge 40 pound box of Super Scoop kitty litter
Mrsmo33--she was commissioned by Badu, Zelda, Bella, Asha, Ada Jane, Cutie, Farrah & Magentta to send a beautiful bouquet of roses and calla lillies!
Mayumi from Japan--hair bands for kitty toys, 2 packs of Post Its, note for Jacci, letter cuter/opener, a wonderful card &
a really neat shoulder bag to carry needed supplies and a gift for Judy S.
Blue Wolf--pop tabs for Kellen and 3 paw points from Fresh Step Litter
Anonymous from CA--a beautiful card with a poem for Twinkle, a keepsake
A friend in TX--coupons for the volunteers and the rescue center
Hainesport & Pookie--a card to the kitties and a donation for FFRC, including pics of both Hainesport & Pookie
Tammy V/NYcatlover--BD card
Mimi & Buddy cat from FL--Hoops & Yoyo BD card
Colleen P from CA--BD card
DarkCat from CA--BD card
Sharon T from CA--a note and a donation for FFRC
Margreet/Cita47 from Netherlands--BD card from Putter and Cita!
Connie S & kitties Ebony, Bamboo & Willow from MN--a musical BD card and a donation
Cantoncat from MA--donation thru PayPal
Selkie--one of my Meezer friends from Nova Scotia--donation thru PayPal for the storage room, in honor of his 13th birthday today! (his sister is Blue, his mama is Lucinda H)

We had an adoption already this morning! Our sweet Baby Izzy was adopted to a 2-person family. They have another mild mannered cat that should readily accept Izzy. In the past they had a dog that had his teeth brushed, so they are familiar with brushing a pet's teeth, so that will be good for Izzy. They're vet references were wonderful. A good home for Izzy.

Karrdash is doing awesome. He's here in the office playing with a yeowww catnip banana. Macallan is acting like he'd like to join in the fun! Ernestine is now the desk top sprawler today! There's been a chipmunk out the window that Derby has spotted--he's SURE that he'll be able to catch him!

Our sweet Izzy that was adopted this morning!