Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 13

We had a cat returned yesterday. Her name is Queenie. She had been the mama to Subra, Deek and Leotie. She's still chilling in Dodger's Pen. Queenie's mama could no longer care for her to her own personal health. The 5 new kittens, known as the Fab Five kitties are doing very well. All are eating and pottying just fine! Their little legs are getting stronger and they are able to walk a little with their tummies up! Dapa is more relaxed and cruising a bit more. Mimi came to me today for a big head rub. Cutie's fur is still growing back in. Putter has been feeling his spring oats--has been actually trotting a little bit! Fifi's eye surgery is healing nicely--no more cone for her to wear! Her sutures will be coming out towards the end of the week.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
German Siggi--a large container of Scrubs cleaning wipes
Jim & Kathy T--3 Snuggle mama's These are the stuffed cats that come with a heater and heartbeat in them.
Cathi B--2 cases of canned KMR and a note
Mama3cat/Akiko--lots of mousie toys with fur & feathers, a toy that can be hung from a door, a beautiful journal book as a BD gift along with a lovely BD card
RosaF & her daughter--4 big towels, lysol wipes, magic erasers, glass cleaners, Dawn soap, q-tips, cat toys, baby cereal, volunteer treats, cat treats, can food, paper plates, doggie treats, diabetic candy & regular candy for the volunteers, pistachios for Gregg, baby food and a card with a donation
Sharon T in CA--a check for Fiver Friday, a separate check for Octavia (to make sure she has treats to "thieve", and a diploma for Octavia--she received a Masters Degree in Cat Burglary!
cjcat in PA--2 HB cards (1 was musical) and a donation & a brochure from Happy Cat/Happy You
Mary B in CA--a bunch of coupons and a donation for Fiver Friday
Linell37 and Mark S in MN--a card with coupons plus a postage paid envelope for a FFRC business card to be sent to her
Mitty208--a pack of yeowww catnip balls, mylar balls and a case of Kitten Fancy Feast

We have also received PAYPAL donations this month!
Leonore L / Rosemarie G / Nuki-mom / Recellular In. / Sandra D / Diane B / GraceilaP / Deb B / David M / Cynthia H

Someone told me this one time and I've always remembered it: What the giver gives away is never gone--it is kept in the hearts of the receiver. Author unknown. Thank you all for your donations and support, your votes and your ways of caring for the Rescue Center.

Putter has received a major back rub this morning by Clemm--he utterly enjoys this! Twinkle has been spending time inside the house which she loves. She comes out and eats and pottys, then sometimes goes right back to the door and taps it with her paw to go back inside. Now, who could resist that?!

Cessna and Chia
Cessna & Chia--both are adopted!