Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, March 9

Twinkle is still eating good today! I think she's doing great! FiFi is doing wonderful too. Such a sweet and loving kitten. The 5 babies are nursing from their doser syringes very nicely and have plump round tummies. The smallest black one is struggling just a bit, but seems to be gaining a little weight. We have the door open to June's Room now so Angel Kisses can go in and out as she pleases. So far, she pleases to stay in her room and let the other cats come visit her! The birds are feeding heavily at the birdfeeders which is giving the cats quite a show!

We had BOXES last night!
Medic from IN--a case of Fancy Feast Classic
Deb11111--2 cases of Friskies MEaty Bits
SC-Amy and her Misty kittie of SC--letter with a donation for Fiver Friday, 2 very cute blankets with kittens on them--12 cans of Meow Mix, a cardinal and caterpillar toys, cat treats, qtips and 2 packs of small plates
Anna Marie with Shep--a beautiful cat pewter design desk center group (letter opener, business card holder & frame)
Bonnie, Dave & Michael--ilovehummingbirds from MI--stickers, catnip toys and a donation for storage room in honor of their Aunt Eva
LaRae--birthday card for Magenta & coupons
Lillian M and cats Oreo, Max, Zenia, Baby & Elvis--birthday card for Magenta
Silvert8021--birthday card for Magentta
Pat K from Georgia--donation for Fiver Friday
Mike (Sophie & Liveys Dad)--coupons
Nancy D from OH--donation for FFRC
Danielle C from FL--donation for Fiver Friday
Charlie & Dorina A (Florida/family of Dawn S0--letter with a donation for Fiver Friday
Michelle L/critterCat from CT--letter with a donation for Fiver Friday
Colleen P from CA--coupons

We have names for the 5 little babies. The male big black kitty is Boku. The male brown tiger kitty is Boomer. The female black/white kitty is Glady. The female dark tiger/white is Tamara. The littlest female black needs a big name which is Rovilla.


Barbra has been adopted to our webcam friends, the Titans! What a pretty girl.