Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, Feb. 5

What a busy weekend we had. Quite a few visitors came to visit and play/pet the cats. We also had a few adoptions! Telo, as you know, went to his new home on Friday. He is doing very well. On Saturday, a couple came in (for her birthday), to adopt a cat. They fell in love with Turing and Diffie. Since they are brothers, they didn't want to split them up. So...they adopted both of them. The last I heard, they were snuggled on the couch sleeping! A family came in looking for a cat that would be a friend to the 2 kids and to their dog. Dugster was a huge hit with them--they fell in love with him instantly and the feeling was mutual. Dugster was mush in their arms. We also have 2 more cats on hold--Macallan and Snuzzles.

We are also busily working away in the apartment. Walls are being painted, a shower will be installed, preparing the kitchenette, etc. This will be offered to people who are visiting from out of town and need a place to stay overnight! It will have 2 full size beds in it, a TV/DVD, phone. There's even a small outer room where a view of the farmyard is wonderful! This apartment is a separate building from the rescue center. Visitors can even take a few of the cats from the rescue center and have them spend the night with them! We will of course, name this something special!

We have all the cards now made for the Fiver Friday for the drawing! We will have the drawing later this week and will post it as to the time and day. The "winners" will get a special picture of a resident cat, complete with a pawograph! I want to again thank everyone for your support of Fiver Friday. I received a card that says: By your side, caring, believing, praying...You can count on it. It also plays "Lean on Me'. I feel this is perfect for Fiver Friday. It's been a wonderful event, and has reinforced to me how extra wonderful the webcammers/viewers are. I deeply appreciate the support and you allowing me to Lean on You.

We had BOXES Saturday night!
Deb1111--4 boxes of Kitty Litter, 3 cases of 32 cans each of Friskies
Madisonppper from NJ--2 marshmallow beds (purple and pink), 4 cans of food (her cats didn't like them, but these cats here sure do!
AuntieFi--a pink Hello Kitty blankie for FiFi to go along with her stuffed toy
Rob--3 American Express Gift cards for the Catathon
Crittercat/Michelle--a picture of her kitty Critter and a gift card for Pets Supply Plus
Pat L from KA--coupons
Edna/Gem--newspaper article with a picture of a 10 foot cat made out of Friskies cat food cans (wouldn't THAT be fun to do?!!)
Lisa and the Meezers--card that sings Lean on Me, screen shots of ffrc cats, coupons and a donation for kitty treats and the storage room (from Coco and Noah)

Our new cat Izzy is doing better. She's a beautiful black/white female cat, almost 5 years old. Sigrig, our volunteer that has been in Florida, is coming home this week. Yeah--the cats are jumping for joy! She'll be here Saturday. Our other volunteer, Diane M, is also back from Florida--so glad she's home and already back in the groove here at FFRC. She passes out a lot of love to the cats.

Remember to get your recipes in to Leenie for the FFRC cookbook! It's going to be awesome. Her e-mail is: Please also remember to vote for us for the Best Non-Profit Cat Organization. This is an event put on by Readers' Choice Awards. That e-mail is: Thank you very much.

The cats say a BIG thanks for BOXES!!