Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday, March 10

The last day to vote for the Readers' Choice Award is 3/21. Please remember to vote for FFRC at:

Tonight at BOX time (6:30 est), whether we have boxes or not, we will do the drawing for the people who will receive a picture of a resident cat with their very own pawograph on it! We use tempera paint, it's safe and we wash it off immediately. We also have a few pictures of Badu to use for the drawing, even though she's not a resident cat and we did not ask her to pawograph it! Badu's picture is from an etching that Dorothy Y in CA did. She used a picture that Nikkaross took. Thanks to Jenni C who took some of the other pictures and had them developed. We originally were going to draw out 5 names, but we've decided to do 43 of them! Fun.

Dapa and MiMi are doing good. They like to cruise and both love to be petted. Dapa is a big baby and loves his tummy rubbed while MiMi loves her head rubbed. Rory still loves his tummy rubbed--will lay flat on his back to have his tummy ruffled up.

Hopefully, the new storage room will be started next week. The company has had a hospitalization of the owner of the company, so they're a tad behind. We have a name for the new apartment--it's Kitty Kastle. The first coat of paint went on yesterday, thanks to volunteer Angie L--it's a beautiful and calming color.

We have another birthday today. Raza is 2 today. She arrived here on 3/15/11 and gave birth on 3/29/11. Her kitties were: Telo, Ketzie, Manon, Waki, Gibbs and Scribble.

We had BOXES last night! When I was little, I loved the Helen Keller book. She at one time said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." This also says alot about this rescue center.

Medic from IN--a case of Fancy Feast
Jillr27--3 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of canned chicken and 1 bag of Bonito flakes
Gitte from Denmark--2 cases of liquid KMR
Anonymous--a pack of yeowww catnip balls, mylar balls and a case of Kitten Fancy Feast
Joanne D from FL/cateyes--earrings for catathon (just awesome!) and a donation for Fiver Friday for Asha
Michelle M/kittycanada1--card for Angel Kisses,card for FFRC, letter, pics showing her cat and Justen, donation, baby blanket, 3 packets of sardine cat food, very large mylar balls, assorted other toys and a stuffed St. Padys kitty, all sent in a very pretty keepsake box.
Michelle L from CT--lots of coupons
Loverofhummingbirds--sticky kitty notes and bubblegum (we're bubblegum nuts here!)
Cameo D/CacheMain from ME--card and donation
Jan P from Maine--card and a Fiver Friday donation
Charlotte M from Canada--card and a Fiver Friday donation
Gail W from OH and her cats Holly and Gracie--card and donation for FIver Friday

Thanks for the yummy treats and food!