Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6

Today is our big surgery/diagnostic day. Snuzzles will be going for her spay. FiFi will be going for her entropian eye surgery and hopefully a repair of the 3rd eyelids. Both Jaina and Jacen will be getting their chest x-rays to recheck their heart conditions. If Jaina cooperates, we would love to have an EKG on her. Her heart condition is more advanced than her brother's. As soon as I know updates, I will pass them on to you over the webcam. Steve will take them up this morning.

We measured Jacen's tail yesterday. With no exaggerations, it now measures 12.5 inches long. I was quite surprised. It just seems to keep growing! He's such a wonderful boy. Promise is playing more with the other cats which is nice to see. Dapa and MiMi are now out and about and doing pretty good. I put Missy and Tweedy back in Thumper's Room. They are waaaay too worried to be in the main area yet--it's too overwhelming. We're giving them lots of TLC. That Rory is so sweet. He has a bit of difficulty upon approach, but once you pet him, over he goes to have his tummy rubbed!

We had a BOX and many ENVELOPES last night! I love this quote by Dan Zadra: "We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." So...I am thanking each and every one of you. This wonderful viewer family that we have is awesome!

Dlee from WA--2 cases of canned food, Dr. Foster Smiths Oatmeal shampoo and Oatmeal condition, Glucosimine treat tablets for Putter, hair ball remedy for the whole group
Speedie's--we also had a visit from our Speedi friends. They hand delivered a bunch of cat food cans, dog food cans, dry cat food, litterboxes, treats and toys. It's always nice to have them visit!

We also received a few more Fiver Friday donations thru the mail: Steve & Debbie from KY and their cats Callie, Boo, Peaches & Gracie, Pam S (belltime) from IL, Theresa (tweet2742) and her cats KC & Moe, Mimi in FL and her cat Buddy, carso14, peppilapew from CA, Jan from CT, Gloria C from MI, Lewbeth and Betsy P (and their pets Binks and Cloe), Patricia M from IL in honor of her cats Cleo, Baby and Smiley, Debra B from FL. Thank you so much for the Fiver Friday support!

We also received a get well card from sonjamac and Connie S (franklincats) for Angel Kisses. Jwilli667 sent a St. Patty's day card for Dugster along with stickers and a donation.

Mike & Sharon B from Ohio sent a donation for the new storage room. They now will have 2 leafs on our Giving Tree, and will be placed beside each other.

Mamie sent a Happy Birthday card with a donation for ANYONE who happens to have a birthday in March! I know Magentta and Asha have March birthdays! Thanks, Mamie.

Dorothy Y from CA made a beautiful sketching of Badu, that is just breathtaking. The picture was taken by Nikkaross. I showed it on the cam and it also has been posted on fb.
Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cakes says thanks for the Fiver Friday!