Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday, March 24

Yesterday was grooming day for our 4 very long haired cats here at the rescue center. Putter, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr and Badu (yes, even Badu) received extra brushing, had their toenails trimmed, their bottoms, tummies and under the front arms shaved. This will help us, and more importantly, help the cats, as none of these 4 really enjoy belly grooming. Putter is the most tolerant. The Paddys amaze me though--they've been groomed daily since they were 6 weeks old, but they sure put up a howl. Badu of course wasn't happy with this event at all, but the job was done. She's forgiven us already too.

Angel Kisses is venturing out more. When we hold her now, we bring her out into the main area so she has to walk further. Her rear leg is still pretty wobbly, but she is weight bearing on it and is not "knuckling" as much. Time is on our side and we're very patient with the healing process.

Flare made it out of his pen and he likes it! He spent most of yesterday on a big marshmallow bed grooming himself! Today he is checking out Kitty Campus Room. The hisses are very minimal, much more relaxed. Purresa is still "with kitten". Her belly seems to grow daily. What a nice cat.

Bella is sunk down in the middle of one of the marshmallow beds--her very favorite place to sleep. Queenie continues to act like a kitten. She loves to play and is enjoying all the company. Putter is amazing--he has been climbing (yes, climbing) the tall pole with steps in Kitty Campus Room to reach the platform up there for a nap. It's amazing to me that he can do this, but he does! He always looks so smug with his accomplishment.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! We're forever grateful for this support. It truly does help keep us afloat.

Carol Ann/cn1919 and her kitties Tigger, Chester, Oreo, Smudge & doggies Dharma & Elwood, from PA--BD card, pics of her pets, coupons, 3 handmade, beautiful kitty blankies and chucks
GermanSiggi from FL--a neat Easter popcorn tin full of various goodies
Manny & Maria L and their cats Spike, Mama, Spot, Fluffy, Midnight, Garfield, & Gricecita--BD card/note, 4 sheets of Forever stamps, American Express gift card for movie night, cat keychain & a Hoops/Yoyo card
Sally H/WisconsinListner2011--BD letter, cat treats for FFRC and Kitty City, coupons, pawpoints, gift card for litter, post its, copy paper, stickers, Iams cat dry food, dog treats, Einie treats, 2 bottles of Dawn soap, a case of Fancy Feast, TP, Pepperidge Farms cookies & treats for the volunteers
Cheryl G/abbytabbymomma from CA--something to help our kitties! We received 2 blankies and a puff, with nipples embedded in them so the kitties can "nurse" on them. Used it last night--appeared 3 nipples had been nursed on!
LaRae from OK--a beautiful memorial card and note for Twinkle
Pam H/cassie4321--in memory of Twinkle, a tree was planted in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in CA
Dave, Mary, D from MI and Zander (a wonderful cat that was adopted from here) and Tiny--BD card
Joyce R/joyceoh from OH--BD card
Debra T/debra57 & Amanda (daughter) and cat Freedom from OH--BD card and from their sugar glider colony--Alvin, Bumblebee, Loki, Katie & Pepperoni Pizza
Amy/amy54 and Mike from DE--BD card, donation for FFRC and movie card! Their cats are Prina, DeSoto & Storm
Lillian M and cats from IL--BD card, guardian angel card, 2 tokens from Elvis & Bab7 and 2 tokens from Oreo, Max & Zena
Chris/Dewitty & kitties Amber & Binks from WI--card and a donation for the Storage Room
Anonymous-lots of coupons that are separated & labeled
Colleen P from CA--PayPal donation

Emaline has her face/eye washed twice daily and meds given, but again we're "fighting" with her allergy/immune problems. She's such a wonderful cat. Unfortunately, this will be a life-long problem with her. Ada Jane is wonderful. She knows if she cocks her head and silently opens her mouth to say meow, that we will be right there to pet her head. County comes out in the mornings now to get his morning greeting.

The kittens are doing so much better now. Using the litterbox half of the time! Starting last night, they have also begun to eat much better from their plate of "formula gruel". This morning, they ate a decent breakfast also by themselves. Big time progress. The kitty play time has also begun in earnest.

Unfortunately, I have sad news for you. Our sweet Rovilla passed away during the night last night. She was curled up amongst the litter, appearing to be sleeping--very peaceful. Since Rovilla has arrived, she had only gained 1.5 ounces, while the siblings gained 7 ounces. She just never grew. Why do these things happen? There's no answer I can give to make "it better". I am always at a loss of words. My heart breaks everytime we have a death. Unfortunately, when you are part of a rescue, it has to be realized that death does happen. That by no means makes it easy. For me, I tend to tuck these things away and deal with it in my private time. The other times, I have to continue, as there are many more kitties and cats to care for and keep track of. Each cat here has a place in my heart. If you are part of this rescue center, I'm sorry for this news. Please know that each and every life is cherished. Unfortunately, death is a part of life, so we will continue with our passion here.