Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weds., March 21

Our 2 cats are now on their way to Colorado. Pam and Rich left about noon yesterday with both Peverley and Tweeny with them. We made their crates very comfortable and with a couple toys too. I heard from Pam after they reached the hotel last night. It sounds like all is fine. Today they will complete their trip to Colorado.

It appears that our Wee 3 kitties and Fab 5 kitties are getting taller! One of them was able to stretch waaaaay up and get out of Dodger's Pen. So they are now in June's Room, the next phase of their lives here. In June's Room, they'll have more space to play. A couple of them have tried eating a bit by themselves. What a wonderful day when they will be self-eaters!! All are so cute.

We took in 2 new cats yesterday. A handsome orange/white male cat, already neutered and declawed arrived. Due to his rich orange color, his name is Flare. He's about 1 year old and is very sweet. His family moved to Florida, put him outside, locked the door and left him. The neighbor that brought him here, said he had been an inside cat and saw what happened when the family drove away. Flare will have some fun here!

The second cat is a black cat, short hair and very very pregnant. She is a big purr machine, so her name is Purresa. Such a wonderful cat. We'll be moving her today to be in the Rescue Center (in Dodger's Pen). It's important that we get her acclimated to the main area before the babies arrive.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! I am always so grateful. These things make a big difference to the Rescue Center.
Aunty Fi--2 packs of lg. paper plates, BD gift of a beautiful cat pin and a large pack of toilet paper
Nikkaross--sheet of Forever stamps, BD card, donation, 6 bags of Blackjack Taffy!, cat toys, kitty treats, motion activated ball, Einstein treat & 6 cans of mackeral
Rebecca & Willowcat from England--a very neat big BD card
Renee C--24 pack of canned Friskies & a 24 pack of Friskies packets
Anonymous--24 pack of Friskies packets
GermanSiggi from FL--six 20 lb boxes of litter
Anonymous--a pack of the spring toys
Bonnie, Dave & Michael--a moppy catnip feathery toy
The Fab5 & Wee3 kitties sent a BD card!
Rosa F & Lisa--BD card
Peggy S--BD musicalcard
LaRae from OK--BD card with a donation for the storage room, in memory of Twinkle and my BD
Ellen/ABQCat from NM--BD card and pictures of Alexandra & Samantha
UncleKat and BeachKatz from OR--BD card and a BD donation
Carole O from CA--BD card and a second envelope with coupons
The Bubbas/Sharon & Bill--BD card
Jan S/Hazel626 from MN--BD card, a donation for the storage room
Pat L from KS--coupons
Stephanie J/Steffer from IL--BD card and a wonderful book
James L from WA--a donation thru PayPal
Carol N from PA--a donation thru PayPal
Karla B from CA--a donation thru PayPal
Laura H from MN--a donation thru Paypal

We also had a report from Sheriff "Bufford T" Putter. He was reporting on the crimes and misdemeanors that have been happening here at FFRC. Specifically he was naming Octavia and County. Due to the increase need to supervise, he will be deputizing the 2 Paddys, but at this time they are not quite ready to patrol on their own. He also feels part of the trouble is be blamed on the "kitty weed", so he wishes no more nip time after 9 pm. He wishes to keep the cam G-rated, so he will be ever watchful. (What a wonderful Sheriff we have!)
Badu says she'll stay out of Sheriff Putter's way, by staying way up high!