Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday, March 11

Fiver Friday Final update: We had a late donation last night that pushed us to $15,1004. Can you believe this? I am still in awe of this, and Fiver Friday was a week ago. Please be assured that every single penny will be spent on medical needs and accounted for. We also had our drawing for the Pawograph pictures of the resident cats and Badu. Badu's card is not pawographed; she preferred not to participate in that part! We drew 43 names from the basket. This week we'll be sending out those pictures. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support.

We had a gift from Sigrid, our volunteer who was in Florida for a bit this winter. She brought a beautiful slate welcome sign with 3 cats on it. It will be used for Kitty Kastle. Thanks Sigrid!

We had a BOX and ENVELOPES last night!

Anonymous--12 heat pads for the stuffed mommy kitty & 8 batteries for the mommy's battery operated heart.
Gwen & Colie P from CA--cat card with a donation in memory of Lizzie
Susan/schinn81 from ME & her kitties Cleo & Ralph--coupons and a donation with a card that was picked out by Sheriff Putter for March birthdays!
Jeanette/Muff3 from the Netherlands--birthday card that is a cat fold out card--very sweet!

We had 3 wonderful adoptions yesterday. Our sweet Snuzzles went to her new home. Her family has been waiting to adopt her for over a week. She will be so happy there! Promie and Jacen also were adopted together. I was so glad to see them go together as they are good friends. Twinkles ate real good yesterday. The 5 kittens are all eating well (and pottying good--too good! I'm ready for them to use the litterbox!). They're actually starting to wobble a little on very unstable legs.

Here is the list of names that were drawn for the Fiver Friday. Some of the names have the first 3 letters of their last names (for privacy, I never want to give out last names).
Rosemary Gri
Norma Bea
Iona Ned
Ann D
Elizabeth S
Debra Brau
Mary Cor
Lynette Ran
Dee Sat
Gail Ebn
Cathi Blan
John A
Joann Hud
Donez Mil
Suzann And
Josephine F
Karen M in honor of Twinkle
Susan W/susiepat
Sharon T
Kathleen E
Dave L--UK
Pat L--Kansas
Deebird Lady
Agnes K--hosted Paddy
Faith M
Kate F
Peverley H
Sharon P in honor of Shadow
Jeanette D--NJ
Ann T --VA

Little Dhana all curled up for a sleep. She's now in Alaska with Weasley!