Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 20

Happy first day of Spring! Spring has definitely sprung already here. Yesterday we had a computer tech come in and give a "physical" to the FFRC webcam computer, the laptop and the desktop. All 3 are used a lot to keep FFRC running smoothly. Each were cleaned, checked for viruses, installed current virus detectors, updated a few programs, and had the "innards" cleaned. He also showed me some neat things to do. I now know how to use the laptop to put on the webcam! And he also showed me how to put the cam video or the chat box on the tv screen. I love learning these things! It was a good 3 1/2 hours for me to watch, do and learn.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words, thoughts, candles that were lit, and prayers in regards to the passing of Twinkle. I've had a chance to read some of the fb posts also. I will continue, in my quiet time, to read all of them. It means a lot to me. It was indeed a privilege to care for our Twinkle.

We had a lot of visitors yesterday. Cheri (Sunday night volunteer), Nikkaross, Pam & Rich (from Colorado, for their adoptions), volunteers dropped in to meet everyone, etc. It was just fun to have visitors here! Today, Pam and Rich will return to officially adopt Tweenie and Peverley. They will immediately head back to Colorado and return to their home Weds. evening.

Dapa and MiMi went to join their "kids" Missy and Tweedy yesterday morning. I already received a phone call that all is well and that she is glad that she made the decision to keep the entire family together. Lots of nose touching going on, in a way of greeting! What a sweet thought, knowing they got to remain together. Will keep you posted.

We had BOXES last night and lots of ENVELOPES!
Anonymous--3 cases of Fancy Feast & 1 case of Charmin TP
Anonymous--1 case of canned tuna, 1 case of Friskies w/Tuna and Cheese and a favorite toy--the Yeowww catnip banana
Anonymous--2 snuggle safe warmers for the baby kitties (after many repeated microwave heatings, these get crackly and leak)
D'-Lee--6 canisters of Gerber baby rice cereal and cans of Sardines
IreneH/buddybo from NC--BD card, pink basket with stuffed Webkinz/Russ, and a bunch of cat knick knacks and jewelry to use for the Catathon.
Jeanett/muff3 from Wassenaar, The Netherlands--3 sets of hand-crafted beautiful pillowcases, 4 extra soft kitty quilts, 2 boxes of chocolate and a birthday calendar

Traveling Paddy checked in from Arkansas to share some big news--he has a girlfriend! Her name is TC (for Traveling Companion). He sent in a photo of them together. Paddy says he will be leaving today to head to his next destination! Won't be much longer until he (and his friend) returns to FFRC.
AMSprinkle & Little Egypt & Precious (her 2 cats)--each sent a musical BD card
Nancy L from WI--coupons and a newsletter from Second Hand Purrs rescue group
Linda M from GA--BD card & 2 packages of Forever stamps
Connie S from OH--BD card from family & Tookie
Hannah (our special Indiana friend)--BD card with her wondeful signature stickers that we love!
RobertaS from AZ--BD card and news article from Roberta & her kitties Chance & Bridget
The Newton Family & kitty Fugi from Canada--BD card
BlancheM from MA--BD card
Ruth S/racecat3 from IA and her kitties Miss Ema and Cuddlebug Clyde--BD card with a donation for movie tickets, plus coupons
Jane W/calico17 from MA--BD card and coupons
PatriciaM from IL--photos of her kitties Cleo, Baby & Smiley, plus a wonderful story of how Smiley came to their home. Patricia also helped her kitties send a BD card!
BeckyL from MA--BD card with donation
Sonja/sonjamac from Canada--BD card with donation, plus a set of refrigerator magnets with pictures of many FFRC kitties, including our beloved Twinkle
PatricaK from NY--BD card with donation
Michelle/catcruiser--BD card with donation
JoannP from FL--Musical BD card
NancyL/luv4cats & her cats Barnaby, Chance, Mickey & Isabella--BD card
JanetB from FL & her cat Allie Cat--BD card
AudreyG & BIll from NC--BD card
Thunder & Maxine, cats of a 4th grade teacher--BD letter. (She uses FFRC webcam as an incentive for her classroom for good behavior.)
Jane W/calico17--BD card with coupons and stickers
CarmelaH/carmella336 from TX--BD card with restaurant gift card
Mary/Mudgie from TX--BD card with donation for date night with Steve!
Ben H stopped by FFRC with a donation of cat food in memory of his grandma Alma D of Defiance who passed away on 3/17.
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
WisconsinListner--paypal donation for the new storage room
Sandra/StrayCatLady--paypal donation in memory of Twinkle
Paula from IL--paypal donation in memory of Twinkle
Cheryl L--in honor of Lyla Jane for the storage room

The big news of the day-the baby kitties are starting to use the litter box! They are all growing. We will try the Kitten Fancy Feast canned food on them today!

Kitty City Cat Jonah
Jonah of Kitty City