Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weds., March 14

Queenie is out of her pen and checking the place out. She's having fun and is enjoying herself. Emaline is here on the desk with me all sprayed out--she's enjoying a little belly rubbing. Rory loves the windows and watching the birds. He always makes us laugh. As soon as you start petting him, over he goes for a major belly rub. FiFi is doing good. Dr. Amanda has asked about her. We have found out if she needs that third eye lid surgery, will have to take her to a specialist. More info coming on that. The weather is beautiful. The cats had their outdoor porch opened to them all day yesterday.

Angie will be here today to put the second coat of paint on Kitty Kastle. We have lots of wonderful ideas! When it gets done, we'll put some pictures in the website. The sunporch also got a major overhauling. The icky brown dilapidated cabinet is now gone. In it's place, is a clean, white 3 section cabinet and 3 section overhanging door unit. It looks so nice and didn't cost us a penny. These had been in the clinic and are still like new! The neat thing about this is, it completely opened up all the windows in the sunporch. We now have full view outside. The 6 sunporch cats love it and have been enjoying sleeping in the sunshine on their beds.

Sometime in April, we'll be moving the Kitty City gang to Cat's Cove. Before the big move, we'll blast the Cove clean and have it all set up for them. As they are being moved out, we'll do another check over on them, reworm, check vaccinations, check teeth, etc. Oliver and Fabio will soon receive a major grooming on their very long fur coats.

Steve & I went to a little later movie yesterday, so no box openings. We will have boxes tonight though. The Fab Five kitties are doing great. Eating regularly and looking strong. Cutie came over yesterday as did Emaline to investigate. Maybe they'll decide to be their mamas after the babies are out more. That would be nice.

Remember the concert date has been changed to September 22. The date for the Catathon is June 24 from 1:00 to 4:00. People have been telling me they would like to donate items to the Catathon. If you would like to help us with items, we would gladly accept them! This year, to save on last minute basket arrangement confusion, we are asking all donated items to be here by the first of June. That would help us a lot. Thank you!

Pansy Mae and Buttons are doing good. They are the 2 adult cats who lost their owners. They both love going out on the outdoor porch. Jaina seems to have recovered from her cold--no lasting problems in association with her heart. Izzy's birthday was yesterday. She received a very special plate of food and a major grooming which she enjoyed!
Our volunteer Kathy is our designer of great sayings! She has painted wonderful things on our cabinets, etc. Makes the place happy!