Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15

We have had such absolutely beautiful weather. It reached 70's yesterday! We had all the windows and doors open. The outdoor enclosed porch was open all day for the cats. They all head out there as soon as we open the cat flap door!

Queenie is so sweet. She is playing with lots of the toys. She's fun to watch. We had an adoption yesterday--Merci! Our volunteer Sigrid adopted her. She fell in love with Merci long ago, and decided it was time to bring her home. The picture on fb of her is so pretty, she looks happy. It's wonderful when we can get adults adopted into great homes.

Our 3 newest baby kitties arrived. These are the ones from Pam, a volunteer. The mama is feral (a true feral) and will be spayed today. The kitties are about 4 weeks old. The reason we decided to go ahead and take them from mama, is so these 3 kittens have that opportunity to grow as socialized kittens instead of wild or scared kitties. Pam is keeping the mama on her property and will be well taken care of. The mama cat knows Pam and should adjust just fine. The kitties are 1 boy and 2 girls. Their names are "sweet" names: Gelato (male) and Cannoli and Tiramisu (pronounced tear a mi sue). These 3 babies are absolutely cute--long hair, various designs of black/whites.

We had a major BOX load last night since I didn't do boxes the night before. What fun! And such a huge variety of items. I'm so thankful for all the donations that we receive.

Loverofhummingbirds--NutriGrain Cereal Bars for the volunteers
GermanSiggi from FL--Purina dry Kitty, Iams dry Kitty, Fancy Feast, a case of baby/kitty wipes, discount cards for office supplies, sardines, disposable exam gloves, treats and coupons for the volunteers, and 3 boxes of cat litter
Diane/volunteer--crochet afghan for the Catathon. She also made many woobies for FFRC, with yarn donated by Pat L
Heather R and her mom from FL--woobies and blankets, 2 cases of Gravy Sensations, case of Friskie can, 2 sets of Turbo Scratcher replacements
Neil, Anna Maria & Vickie/Shep--Happy BD card, sardines, pop tabs for Kellen and a beautiful cat with crystal eyes Trinket Box and Cameo Kitty Necklace for BD.
Annonymous--12 pack of paper towels
Mamie from VA--3 large white towels, 6 packs of Chux pads and lots of baby/kitty wipes
Kelly R/Littleonemine from CA--sardines, post it notes, pencils, tape, calculator, scissors, little kitty book, GS thin mints, Kitty treats, 3 blankies, Fancy Feast Appetizers, coupons & Fresh Step Points, treats for the volunteers, cat pillow. Also items for the Fab 5 & other kitties--bunny with a blanket, Royal Canin baby cat dry, kitty wipes & liquid KMR. We also received a St. Patricks day card, Easter Card & a Happy BD card from Tink, the cat!
Judy L/JudiNLee from OH--card with Forever stamps
Lorraine K from OH--memorial gifts for David H, who passed away
Patricia K from NY--coupons

That was a fun evening and so appreciated! It always amazes me the different items that come in. The cats and I say a big thanks to you all.

I saw a video that was posted of Promise and Jacen--they both look so happy. Promise was grooming Jacen and he sure was enjoying it! I've gotten another call about Cosimo--he's doing just fine! I also talked to the lady who took Missy and Tweedy and all is fine there. They are adjusting nicely into this quieter home. Both are more receptive to being petted and held. They are eating good and sleeping on a quilt that's on the couch. She has officially adopted them. She also asked about MiMi and Dapa--hmmmm. We'll see what happens!

no more room
We better get our rest in now, before the kitties start bothering us!