Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday, March 25

What a busy day we had yesterday! Lots of visitors and volunteers here to meet the visitors! We had Sillysticks and her hubby Derrick, Felinetoyz/Laura, Joni/catlady & friend Mike, Edna/Gem & her friend John, Gem's mom, and volunteers that stopped in to meet them. We love having webcam viewers visit! This week Feline will be visiting on Tuesday, Weds. and Friday. On Tuesday, we will also have other visitors--Tanner & Pucky from Illinois.

We opened boxes and bags from our visitors in the afternoon.
Sillysticks & Derrick brought KMR, Canin Royal baby dry food, Fancy Feast kitten dry, tabs for Kellen, baby food and a beautiful tiara for Bella
Felinetoyz/Laurie brought a beautiful painting of Queen Bella on slate. This was made by the same artist that did Sheriff Putter. We will also have this slate framed. It's beautiful.
CatLady brought us yummies--a wonderful dip/crackers, peanut butter cheese cake and 2 pecan pies (1 for Gregg)--we all shared these wonderful desserts. She also brought can food, a Detroit blankie for Steve, 6 big thick towels, candle Sensory, and a banner that says Happy Is a Home that Shelters a Friend!

I've heard that Octavia made a grand heist last night. We accidently left the food cabinet in Kitty Campus room unlatched. Octavia went to town and took full advantage. She brought her goods right out in the middle of the floor, in full view of the cam. What a girl--she's perfecting her act.

The 7 kitties are doing great. It's been 36 hours since I last bottle fed them. They are doing real good eating on their own---messy but happy! Bella is in heaven at the moment. Her big red marshmallow bed was washed today. When it came out of the dryer, all warm, she climbed right into the middle of it and hasn't left it yet. Angel Kisses was held a lot yesterday, which she loves. Tomorrow the construction guys should be back to continue the work on the shower.

Angel Kisses
Angel Kisses doing what she does best--stretching all sprawled out! We love to rub her tummy.