Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, March16

Hello everyone! I have to tell you--it reached 84 degrees yesterday. Absolutely unheard of for Ohio. Usually March is still a bit snowy and ice storms. We love it!! Birds are singing, the adult cats are playing and kitties are here--sure signs of spring! Even Putter has been active.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!

Anonymous--3 bags of chicken liver treats, 4 cans of KMR & Cosequin for Putter. I actually had a note on who sent this gift, but Badu found it--all I could get was chewed up scraps of paper from her! Please, let me know if you sent this! I'm so sorry.
AMSprinkles--coupons, pawpoins, Siamese newsletter, cat treats, poptabs for Kellen, light up chick toys, L-Lysine, candy treats, 12 cans WERUVA can food (the cats love it), 4 packs of baby wipes
Sandra A--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten food
Kathleen E from UK--donation thru PayPal
David S from MI--donation thru PayPal
LoisAnn M.L./lannim--2 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry food
Mimi from FL--letter, large bed, kitty cube, crinkle tunnel, pop tabs, catnip toy, 2 wonderful stairways, paper towels
Angie G--kids artwork thank FFRC for their kitty
Ddawn--coupon organizer
Julie C--2 cards for Magentta--both containing stamps and Walmart gift cards
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Linda M from GA--card and donation
Sharon/Reverencelife from MI--card
Blue from Nova Scotia--card and donation for BD
Mamie--3 packs of Chux and 3 more big white towels

All 8 of the baby kitties are now together, sharing Dodger's Pen together. All are doing good. They've been getting a daily bath. They are a bit messy! Such round tummies!

MiMi has been very active today--playing and getting on the catwalks. Very nice to see her enjoying herself. Twinkle ate 2 breakfasts today. She spends quite a bit inside the house. Yesterday and today she shared my breakfast milk. She also curled up by Steve and took a nap last evening. She's ever so sweet and is enjoying being inside.

Angie was here yesterday, painting again! The second coat of the soft green is now up in Kitty Kastle. The foyer to this has a tan first coat. It will look so nice when done. We got a call from the contractor yesterday. They believe they will be here the beginning of the week to start the new Storage Room.

Won't be long until the cats are back in Cat's Cove until November!