Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday, March 29

Purresa is a wonderful mama. She has 5 healthy, beautiful babies. We did have another kitty, but it was already gone at birth. The other 5 are doing great. Yesterday, as the hours went by, it was interesting to see their tummies fill up with milk! Purresa is doing good and taking great care of her kitties. We have 2 brown tigers, 2 brown tiger with white and 1 black and white (with the cutest face markings!).

The Wee 3 litter and the Fab 4 litter are doing great. They are all self-feeders now and all bellies are full. Their energy level is increasing. It's so fun to watch them play. Sometimes they will be playing and all of a sudden, they fall right asleep! They've all been tested once, wormed twice and are scheduled for their vaccines soon.
They spend their nights in June's Room and most of the day time still. But, 3-4 times a day, we open their door and let them come out to investigate.

I want to thank all of our volunteers for what they do for FFRC. Without them, this rescue center would not be possible. Some people give time, some give money, some their skills and connections, some their sweat and tears. It's clear that these volunteers give with their hearts. I thank each and every one of them. Yesterday's volunteers were Gregg, Stacey, Judy S, Laurie/Felinetoyz (visitor from Seattle), Mary E, Pam, Jimmie & daughter and Sigrid. Sigrid has been coming in the evenings to help with BOX time. She zaps open the envelopes and box tops which helps me immensely time-wise! Then she stays and helps put things away.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
TippyNTraylor & oldster Ashely--3 Tuxie cats (to tuck in the SnuggleSafe Warmers), sardines, name tags, treats for the volunteers. For the catathon: nice kitty container, 2 welcome flags, 2 Meow picture frames
AnnetteB from NC--1 case BabyCat dry by Royal Canin
Sharon T from CA--For Octavia & friends: 1 case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous--For Cutie & Friends: 3 Yeowww! Heart shaped catnip toys, 3 Yeowww! sardine catnip toys, bonito flakes & Fancy Feast Tuna
Newfiedogmom--1 bag of Baby Cat Dry by Royal Canin, 3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, 1 case of Fancy Feast Kitten, 1 case of Friskies Gravy
Our "B" friends from Lakewood, OH--coupons
Anonymous--2 cases of T-plastic bags to help with litter scooping (yeah--no holey bags!) & baskets to help carry things to Kitty City, Cat's Cove!
Pucky & Tanner who came here to visit--q-tips, paper plates, volunteer treats/snacks, sponges, Post-Its, Dawn liquid soap, trash bags & toys
Hencass/CaSandra from IL--a donation thru PayPal

The construction guys have been here Tuesday & Wednesday to "mud" the walls in Kitty Kastle. That will be done soon, then we can start painting. The old linoleum in the bathroom will be removed today to get the bathroom floor ready for the new linoleum.

Shimma is doing good--she seems to be enjoying herself. We had a cat returned yesterday. Her name is Rizzo. She was here as a new tiny baby. Her mama is Ernestine, who we still have. Rizzo was returned due to the poor health of her human mama. She is doing great and certainly remembered the rescue center. She is already out and about. She's the kitty that looks like she has Abyssinian in her breeding--her has "ticking" marks. Very beautiful.

Badu loves to sniff the 7 kittens after their baths. She usually is on the yellow table at that time, and expects to sniff each one after they are towel dried. I love to see her do this! We are currently treating Emaline again for sores on her face. They don't seem to bother her, but we'd like to see it cleared up again. Hettie has an official hold on her and will be adopted about the 3rd week of April.

Jaina certainly knows all the comfortable positions!