Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 8

The spring baby season has officially started. We took in 5 babies yesterday that are just 2 weeks old. Their mama was killed 1 week ago by a car and a family had been feeding them. We have 2 blacks, 1 black/white, 1 dark tiger/white and 1 brown tiger. We were able to do a leukemia/fiv & heartworm test on them yesterday--all negative. They've been wormed, bathed and fed. At this moment, they were just fed (again), and heaters reheated and tucked into a clean crate. They have their stuffed cat with the beating heart with them. They all 5 climb right up on it and sleep! Angel Kisses has her first big day of exercise. She's here in the office with me (with the door shut) and cruising gently around. She likes the other cats. Hopefully sometime soon, we'll see her playing. She still knuckles under on the one foot which we will be discussing with our vet soon.

It's warm outside, windows are open and birds are singing in the morning! In a few weeks, we will be moving the cats from Kitty City to their spring/summer/fall home--the Cat's Cove. They of course love their Cove--so big and tons of room to run and play.

Twinkle had a bit of a rough day yesterday. She was vomiting and had diarrhea. After receiving fluids and medicine, we put her in Patience's Pen for a few hours to observe her. Last night, she was much better and this morning, is eating good and walking about. Such a dignified oldster!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night. I was taught to always remember to thank people who make a difference in our lives. Thanks to all of you who watch the cam, who vote, who send donations, who support us financially. We know what a group effort can do!

madisonpepper from NJ--sent another box of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous--7 cases of various foods--tuna feast, chicken filet, Party Mix treats, whiskas turkey Tempations treats, whiskas purrfectly chicken and Whiskas Mix packets. These are all things that our oldsters and residents love. Thank you to this special donor who sent these items.
Hannah--a package of treats for Einstein
Judy B from WA & her cats Punkin & PEaches--Burt's Bees tins for cuticle and nail cream--our hands here take a beating--thanks for this!
Janet S and her kitties Toby and Harley from IA--coupons, 2 WalMart gift cards and a donation for the storage room
Barry & Lori P & cats Water & Petey from IA--WalMart gift card & a storage room donation
Dawn S from OH (and a volunteer)--a card and a donation for ffrc
Connie S and her cat Tookie from OH--greeting card for FiFi
Jane B from PA--Fiver Friday donation
Jeannette B & her cats BW, Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Ben, Nels & Maddie--donation for FIver Friday and coupons
Karen B from OH--coupons and Chief register tapes
Rebecca F from OH--donation for FFRC
WisconsinListner--thanks for the special picture showing the FFRC Kitten Season is now here.

Today is Magentta's birthday! She is 15 years old. Magentta orginally arrived here in 2/03. She was adopted twice into wonderful homes, but both owners passed away. Now that she's an oldster, she has earned rank of being a resident! We had 2095 hits on PetFinders last week with the highest hits on Badu, Telo, Dunakin, Dugster, Emaline, Promise and Diffie. Three of those have already been adopted. I heard from Diffie and Turing's new family again--all is well. They have new names. Turing is now Mac and Diffie is now Tosh--Mac n Tosh! We have a change of dates for our concert that will feature Mike Chamberlain. Instead of 9/15, it is now 9/22, so please change your calendars! Webcammer melissa692 was here yesterday visiting the cats. She has been here a couple times getting to know which cat she would like to adopt. After her upcoming vacation, she'll be back!

Kitty City Inside 3
This wonderful piece of furniture in Kitty City was donated by webcammer QueenofKings. Her husband made it and they delivered it! The cats love it.