Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31

We are now hooked up to CAUSES--it's an exciting place for people to take action around an issue that you may care about. Check it out at:

Remember, something neat is being offered to us for the month of April! More info tomorrow! I'll keep you posted.

Starting the week of 4/16, the World's Best Cat Litter and their GiveLitter program, will launch another program. They tell us we were among the top nominees for the January promotion! In addition they will provide 25 adoption kits for new pet owners to us! More also on this later.

Wow--we have had lots of public visitors and camviewer visitors these last few days. There were 6 of us who went to lunch together Friday, which was very nice! As of today, all of these friends are either going back to their homes or have already made it home. What fun we've had and the cats have thoroughly enjoyed all the attention.
Our webcam viewers that were here for visiting also helped do some work for us (helped with kitty bathing time, paper punched and put reinforcers on holes of health records, put together 20 more adoption bags to name just a few things they helped with!). Webcam visitors were: Laurie/felinetoyz, Deb/deb11111, Michlynn and Ad861/Ann.

Purresa and kits are wonderful--she's a very contented mama and doesn't mind us showing her babies to the webcam now and then. The Wee3 and Fab4 are wonderful, silly and fun! They are out of their room several times a day--now they're playing more with each other. We have the big red shoe in their room and they LOVE it! Climbing all over it and sleeping inside it.

We took in a new cat yesterday. He apparently had been in a yard for 3 days. He's a handsome medium hair black/white, about 9-10 months old, already neutered. A real sweetie. He's in Thumper's Room for yet a couple more days. His name is Maximilian. He loves to be petted and have his ears rubbed.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for this help to the Rescue Center.
Michelle L/crittercat--7 various sizes of stainless steel bowls. For the catathon: scallion kitty look-a-like pin, chubby kitty pin and a dangly tail key chain
Javajoe96 & hellokittyconnie--Cadbury Flake bars for the volunteers
Terri E/maddysnana--a beautiful card and note
Mudjie in TX--an Easter card (looks just like Putter) & 5 PawPoint coupons
Jodie/aslanim12 & Yokie/hediye2 in Turkey--a BD card
CMP in CA--coupons
Karen/electicKatz in NY--coupons and information on GIving Works program
Michlynn--made 3 lovely fairy doors for the Catathon. She also brought treas for the volunteers, fancy Feast appetizers, towels, pillowcases, washcloths
Deb11111--cat can food, stamps, litter and Paw Points
Ann/AD861--a really cool Action figure that portrays a Crazy Cat Lady!
Virginia K from IL--a donation thru PayPal
Kevin from MI--a donation thru PayPal, in remembrance of Twinkle. He is giving up smoking and this represents his smoking money!

We also showed on cam, a picture of Puff, who is Betz's cat. Puff is 19 years old. Amazing and such a beauty!

Thanks to these volunteers yesterday: Judy S, Stacey, Sigrid, Connie D, Jean, Paul and Linda. You are all super! Angel Kisses is learning to climb, and she's doing a fine job of it! She's putting more weight on that rear foot and keeping the knuckles in place better. Her hip also isn't as wobbly as it was! She's making progress! Yesterday, Putter was again way at the top of the yellow tower, sleeping on the big bed up there. It's amazing that he can do this. He always seems so proud.
Sweet Boomer