Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday, December 21, 2020

 Four more days until Christmas. As hard and rough as 2020 has been, there are still so many blessings and things to be thankful for. Plus, the cats, while they know there's been changes to this Rescue Center, are happy cats. Their lives are still fun, filled with purrs and play. 

Today was an awesome morning! It was a HumaneOhio Day! We sent up 37 cats and kittens. This broke down to 24 females and 13 males (includes 3 of FFRC boys).  The boys are Nugget, Giblet and Stuffins.

This gives us 1116 surgeries for 2020--668 female cats, 446 male cats and 1 female dog and 1 male dog. 

2019 was 1202 spays/neuters

2018 was 1026 spays/neuters.

I know our goal for 2020 was 1300. I remind myself that HumaneOhio was closed for 6 weeks due to Covid shutdown. And money has been a big issue this year for the public. So..........I am still counting our 1116 a success!   On to 2021 for spays and neuters. We've just received our new schedule for this coming year. We have been switched from Mondays to Thursdays. 

Here are more reasons we are thankful!

Markus S from Germany--donation to FFRC

Uwe N from Germany--donation to use as needed, with a hug to Coralie

Frank & Charlotte from UK--donation to FFRC

Andy M--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Debra O'N--donation to FFRC

Eric B--donation to FFRC
Isabel R from NY--donation to FFRC

Margaret L W and Kitty and Murphy--donation to FFRC

And we had BOXES (still opened off cam  due to COvid quarantine)

Barbara E from NC--6 pretty homemade blankies & 6 awesome adoption bags

Santa Paws in Canada--ONSN's Pet Bed for Janie and all the fur babies at FFRC, because they have been well behaved!

Judy Judy--36 egg cartons

Claudia J from WV & Joey, Ellie and Merry--1 stack in box in box (cat design) for flash sale and 13 sets of beautiful stationery

Mr. Meow--gingerbread scratcher cat house, 2 cuddler cat beds and 3 piece dog toy set for Janie!

Anonymous Friend--Pinata Hut Tower Bed and Hide n' Play cat toy

MLS--long rug, coral in color

And then we had ENVELOPES!

Bill & Linda H from MI--card & donation

Phyllis B--card & chickie money

Jim & DiAnna & Friskey and Sparkey--card and donation

Wanda R from Paulding--donation to FFRC

Debbie & Greg and cats Laurie, Sophie, Sonny, Remy, Linius, Holly, Joey & Stormy--card and donation

 Steve and I are both so thankful and relieved--our Covid tests were both negative!  I'll tell you what--that was hard to stay put in the house even though it was only 3 days for our tests to come back. And the doctor said it was ok to do my morning breakfast routine. But not being out with the cats and kittens, like normal,  was difficult.  I always thought I was a very patient person but I learned that I have more to work on, in that department. 

We have a family coming Tuesday to visit Purlissa. And a family coming soon to visit Giblet too. I had Nugget in the house yesterday to visit and play with Hopie. Oh my goodness, I don't know who was rough housing more--both were crazy silly!  And then the Z's just look at them like they are impossible. 

Joy Joy so loves to have her head scratched. She is getting braver and braver and has love to give. Zasha too. She loves a tummy rub. Do you know the two cats that like to burrow under blankies?  That would be Kiara and Lucy! 

I'd like to send a big thanks to those that donated items to be given to the volunteers at this Christmas time. I love it because I so appreciate what they do for FFRC. And this makes them feel special and appreciated. A big thanks for the volunteer support! 

You all take good care. Stay healthy. Derecho says---wear your masks, wash your hands and stay distanced.  He and the other cats are anxious to have visitors again some day ! 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday, December 19, 2020

 Thank you all for understanding our opening of BOXES and Envelopes off cam until Steve and I get our negative tests back. We do not just want to let the boxes sit unopened or the envelopes not tended to.  I still ohhhh and awww on all of them........because I LOVE boxes and am so grateful. Shamballie helps me!

And so, we had BOXES yesterday! My big thanks of gratitude.......

Plee--475 pieces of peppermint for the horses! Wag dog treats and a Yeowww banana toy

BillieK--Janie snacks--Pupperoni, Cesar packs--84-her favorite! Jar of Milkbone snackers

Janet & Susan--UK--case of Fancy Feast Naturals, case of Purrfectly Chicken packets

Ju-In-Ji--6 cases Gerber baby food

Donna & Robert R, AZ--Beekman pampering items for Jacci, cute cat card, donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Sweet Audrianna. Christmas ornaments for each volunteer, with their names on them!

MLS--long Derecho-type rug, sea glass green

Audrey & Gary--from the Popcorn Factory--a big tin, 3 flavors

Carla M--12 cans Blue Wilderness, case Friskies, cat snackers

Davena & Richard--UK--For Pania--her Pania Flakes, 4 nice collars, one is purple, for CDot, so I may hear him flying through the air to land on my shoulder!

Anonymous Friend--24 cans salmon

Mary S from CA--Aspen self warming pet bed & 25 egg cartons

Richard H--cat snackers and dog snackers

Mr. Meow--toys, toys, toys!  Cat snacks, Squeeze Ups, 6 lg. cans,11 tuna cans, 4 boxes Paws pouches, 1 box Delectables, Cat meat sticks (Covies especially love these!), Whole Hearted cans-4 pks/4 flavors

And then, we had Envelopes!  Love the cards and the kind words

Donna & Robert R & the Riley Rescues--Happy Birthday to Magic and chickie $$, card and puff balls for Magic

Jen & TR E, from CA--Christmas card

Ellis & Barb I from Defiance--card and donation

Dorothy D from TX--card & donation

Martin M--card with saying from the cats!

KathyInWV & Donnie & cats--Christmas card

Roger & Trudy S and Wilella--card and donation

Kathy & John S--Tickle cat card!

Peggy B from MD--card and donation

Matt & Darcia S and family--donation in honor of Dawn and Tom

Maria & Miranda in Sweden--Christmas card

Our new returnee Persian cat, Purlissa is now out and about in the Main Area. She just waltzed right out like she had never been gone! What a big sweetie she is. Loves attention. 

Yesterday was the vet day for Coralie and Sparrow. Here's a preliminary update:

Sparrow--x-rays of her knees and growth plates.  As you probably already know, she had been a hit by car and fractured both knees which involves her growth plates.  Not a good situation for a young cat. Her left knee is still very bad. Her kneecap is no where near where it should be. She has trouble trying to use this leg and is already showing some muscle atrophy from disuse. Her right knee is not good but most definitely better than her left.  The course of action--remove the left leg to alleviate the pain and hope the right knee is able to get stronger and support her hind end. There is a possible surgery that may help her right knee. This all has been gone over by our vets Dr. Darcy and Dr. P. 

Coralie--she had x-rays and an ultrasound. Her heart, esophagus and trachea are all very displaced due to the mass.  It is still there. The good thing....there's no real pain. There is possible discomfort from the displacement of her organs which relates to her respirations and eating.  Coralie is already a miracle cat--she survived severe frostbite and now she is dealing with this. Each day is a miracle for her. So, right now, we are maintaining, day to day. We are watching her weight, respirations, ability to eat, her color and mainly her happiness level. We will love her to the fullest! And remember...........she's a cat and cats are awesome in their ways. 

You all take good care. Enjoy this day--each day can hold wonders for all of us! 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Thursday, December 17, 2020

We have a bit of snow on the ground. All the farm animals are fine and are toasty warm. The Firecats, Porchies, Covies and Barnies all have lots of warm beds, red heat lights and plenty of nutritious food. All is good. They already know that turkey is on the menu for Christmas! 

We have thanks to give!

Lynda S--donation to FFRC

Laura N--donation to FFRC

Martha C & Mr. Whiskers--10 bags of litter!!

Dora A--donation to help with medical supplies

BillieK--donation for Sparrow & Coralie's vet appointments

James R--donation to FFRC

Gusti--donation to help with Sparrow & Coralie's vet care

We also had BOXES today--YOU are appreciated! 

Linda--11 gorgeous cat duffel bags from Greater Goods

JM41--Wash & Wear handbag, for a flash sale

Cindy G & Linda--202 Ink for Jacci's computer

Anonymous Friend--Fancy Feast 24 cans, gravy lovers

JustMe--an extra webcam, just in case it's needed!

Feline Friend Canada/SkippyDo--flopping kicker fish!

Kathy3103--Friskies Lil' Slurprises 16 pouches

MightyKat & Brothers--3 boxes Chura/Bondi licks, 9 Tiny TIger Snack Jars, assorted flavors

M & M--a cute tickle card!, donation, 7 Christmas bags, Christmas tags, monthly planner, queen cat sheet set, index cards & postie notes, 2 stuffed santas holding towels.

MLS--24" x 60" 2 new fluffy rugs!

Debbie & Joie--donation & card, energy bug light, note cards, 3 magnets (Frosty, Santa, Reindeer), 2 pet wipes, pop n fold laundry bag, shower curtain, a fun hinged orange cat jar, Google Home Mini Asst.

Cat of Debbie & Joie--Shira, Alexzandra, Misha--for Jacci beautiful purse & matching wallet, oblong blanket scarf, very fluffy snowflake socks

3 Double Jay's--assorted candy Christmas bag for Steve!

And then we had envelopes!

Stephanie K--card and donation

Marilyn & Terry--card and chickie money

Patricia H--card and donation

Craig M & family--card and donation

Martha C--card, pet food circles & donation

Ellen P--card and donation

Susie R--card and donation made in honor of Susan H's Christmas!

Mary D--donation in memory of Tiny TOe

Putnam Pet Pals & Mike, dog warden for Putnam COunty--donation and cat supplies

And now you are probably thinking.......hey, wait a minute, I didn't see BOXES or Envelopes. And you would be right.  We opened them in the PawMart, with a good reason.  Steve came down with a fever last night--first one in probably 15 years. Because we both have had secondary exposures to Covid, we went to the clinic where a Covid test was done on both of us. We both have had mild symptoms this past week. Results will be back in 2-6 days. So......he's staying inside and resting. I am staying out of the main area when volunteers are present. And as always, we all wear masks.  I can come out when no one is here to do what I need to do. Plus, the doctor said I could still do my morning breakfasts with the cats since Donna, Kim and I have been together every single day. 

We are hoping this is just a simple cold for both of us but we want to be cautious. Especially with our volunteers.  They mean the world to both Steve and myself (and the cats!). 

Myles, the newest baby kitten is doing good. He has a nice round FFRC belly! Auntie Peggy has taken him home for a bit to continue his care.

We have a returned cat. This is Purlissa, a calico persian that had been born here at FFRC on 9/17/17.  She has been with the same owner since adoption. Due to severe allergies, Purlissa has returned to FFRC.  She is so beautiful and sweet. Right now she is in Paddys Place. We already have a possible new home for her--another Persian home! 

Tomorrow is Coralie and Sparrow's big days at the vets office.  I will still be taking them as I have to stay in the truck anyway during their visits.  I will just take a book and wait for them! And still wear a mask when they are taken from the truck. I'll keep you all informed as to what goes on with them.

You all take good care. Be kind to one another. And please.....give extra thanks to our mods and admins. They do so very much for this rescue center. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

 Have you noticed?  It's very obvious.  The cats and kittens have been extra good!  They heard through the catnip vine that there MIGHT be another fresh cooked turkey for them on Christmas Day! They are so very excited. And they've promised they will share, as it's for ALL the outside cats too--the Porchies, Firecats, Covies and Barnies. Now, to be extra good kitties and cats!

And we have many thanks to give!

Deena M--donation to FFRC

Lynne J W--donation to FFRC

Dan J--donation to FFRC

Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Missy R--donation to FFRC, in honor of Fred, Gail & Boo Boo

Sharron P from Canada--donation to FFRC
Connie K--donation to FFRC

Kenneth M--donation to FFRC

Nicole D--donation to FFRC
Faithy M--donation to cover a public cat spay/neuter!

Douglas P--donation to FFRC

Lana H--donation to FFRC

Christopher S--donation to FFRC

Deborah S--donation to FFRC

Lana H--donation to FFRC

VinceJG from Canada--donation to FFRC

Monday is our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. Hoping for another full schedule.  We will also be sending 2 of our boys up--Stuffins and Giblet. They will travel in the same crate, for comfort.  

We have taken on a new baby kitten. Today he is 13 days old--a grey silver tiger, a little boy. He was found when he was less than 24 hours old. He's been taken care of by a friend and now he's here. His name is Myles, a Name a Cat Name. He is being syringe fed and is a cuddler. His birthday is 12/3/20. 

Friday is an important day! Dr. Darcy would like to see Sparrow and Coralie.  It's time for Sparrow's second x-rays of her knees. This will give us an indication of what treatment may need to be done. She is one extra sweet girl--so kind, so sweet. And she just keeps right on playing and joining in with the kittens. Yes, her back legs are still wobbly, especially the left leg. We are hoping to see some healing especially in the right leg, enough to support her body weight more since the left leg is the worse. Regardless, this is a happy kitten!

And then there is Coralie. What a miracle girl she is.  It has been a whole week since she has gagged up any food! This in itself is crazy. Looking at the x-rays, it's plain to see how that mass has so pushed and displaced her trachea and esophagus. Here's something else that is awesome---she is eating.  YES...actually eating fairly normally. And I've weighed her--she has now gained 6 ounces of her lost weight back! I've talked to Dr. Darcy and she is very happy too and very perplexed.  She would like to see Coralie on Friday too, for another x-ray and this time, an ultrasound. This will tell us what is going on.  Dr. Darcy is curious as I am too--what happened?  I also told her she has had hundreds of prayers said. Friday will tell us more of her story. 

The Gold Christmas Castle that was here in the Rescue Center is now being shared with the Covies!  And they love it! 

Remember we've mentioned Merlin.....the newest Firecat?  He was dropped off here mid summer. At that time, we would see him but only at a distance. One good thing---he was already neutered! He has come so far...he loves to eat and we can now lightly pet him. He houses in the A-frame by the Firehouse. Merlin is a buff cat. He's even making friends with the firehouse cats! 

Take good care and have a great day.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday, December 12, 2020

It's just amazable!  Kitty Christmas was just a week ago, yet we had enough BOXES to open yesterday!  I'm deeply grateful for your support. 

Hope -- 2 boxes of Rachael Ray's Nutrish Perfect Broths

New Jersey Lurker -- 5 Purple Mamma's, Box of Delectable Senior 

Anonymous -- Case (24) FF Poultry and Beef 

Amanda H -- Container of Jumbo Stuff Temptations, Cesar Softies for Janie, 2 Cases (12 ) Friskies Pate  

Plee -- 6 Boxes of FF Appetizers Ocean Fish  
Joice & Ed & anda other  -- Case(24) Friskies Indoor
Mr. Meow -- Card, Stockings, Assorted Toys

Anne, James & Skippy -- Card, Assorted Bag of Chocolates, 4 lb Bag of Assorted Christmas Chocolates

Tammy W/Doriskat -- Food Bowl for Alma
Jane in UK -- Bag of Purina On Healthy Kitten 
Susan G -- Card, Donation in Honor of Bonnie & Kazz, Calendars, Decorative Bags, Assorted Cards, Wrapping Paper, Skip O Game, Stationary  

Patty Pk --8 Containers of Disinfecting Wipes, Maple Syrup, Lg Container of Temptations, Several Bags of Snacks, Box of Delectables
Bailey in Uk -- 2 large Bags of Pania Flakes, 3 Boxes of Lil Soups
April Catlover -- 2 Cases of Baby Food, 2 Boxes of Beyond Mixers Broths
Kathy3103 -- Case of BFF Canned Food Land & Sea with Gravy

Brian C -- 3 Containers of Temptations, 3 Boxes(12) of Delectable, 3 Boxes of Lil Soups
Annette 30 -- 4 Boxes of Delectable Bisque,3 Boxes of Lil Soups, Case(12) FF  
Elaine & Allen -- 2 Bags(40lb) of Litter, 1 Case(32) Friskies, 5 Cases(24) Friskies, 1 Case(24) FF,Box of Appetizers

Rosemary -- Case(24) Canned Food, 3 16lb Bags of Dry Food, 4 Containers of Litter  
Beth -- 4 Cases of Baby Food 
Clark, Jessie and rest of the Gang --Birthday Cards for Nyota, Magic, Walter-Walter-Walter, Mayor Anony , with Chickie Money for each 

Allen & Elaine/Fl - Christmas Card
Elaine & Allen/Fl -- Card, Stamps, Donation in memory of Little Kat
Steph & Trevor /UK - Card for Magic, 2 5$ Chickie Money 
Roslinda - Christmas Card
Julie & David - Card for Magic, 2 5$ Chickie Dollars
Jane H/Oh - Christmas Card & Donation
Tammy & Terry Q & Napping Kitties - Christmas Card 
Tom C -  Card,  Donation in memory of Aunt Mart & Boots
Jackie C & Sharon S -- Note & Donation 
Joyce & Chuck R/NH - Card & Donation 
Barry & Lori, Oscar, Calvin - Card & Donation 
Connie & Craig A/Oh -- Card & Donation
Susan P/Mn - Card & Donation in Memory of Kitty Flynn 
Joe L/Scotland - Card & Donation for Coralie in Memory Kazz (Grrrr) 
Annamarie T - Donation  
Trace, Phil & Bella -- Christmas Card
Anita W/Oh - Donation 
Chris & Tom W - Christmas Card 
Rita K/Il - Christmas Card & Donation 
Hailey G/Pa - Card & Donation in Honor of Coralie
Joyce A/Ca - Card & Donation  
Cheryl B--donation to FFRC
Sr. Mary and Sr. Sharon (FFRC adoptees!)--donation to FFRC

The 4 kittens--Nuggins, Giblet, Glory Bee and Stuffins are doing great. Their energy level is sky high. And then they crash and sleep the deep peaceful sleep of kitties. These babies are super sweet and love to be cuddled. Only Stuffins is on hold at the moment. 

Have you seen Ramsay taking a few strolls lately?  He is absolutely so very proud of himself when he does. You can tell by his face and smile! It's so hard not to pick him up and help him but we try not to. He WANTS to do this! And it's so good mentally and emotionally for him!

Zasha is doing so good. Three legged does not mean slow to her! She can climb those Kuranda Towers lickety split! We know she is a bit shy but she knows to come to the Kuranda Tower to have her tummy rubbed.  It's all on her terms. She has a purr that vibrates right off of her!

Joy Joy, another adult, is so beautiful. Yes, she too is a little shy. but she comes out when it's quiet and plays and plays! She loves the catnip toys and the brown rug with the holes in it! It just takes patience with her!

An update too on Maddie Mae Tru. She is doing wonderful and learning her way around so nicely. Her memory is good and she has a good roadmap in her head. She loves to be petted and have her ears and back rubbed. Her fur that had to be shaved is starting to come in fuzzy already! 

Take good care. It's the weekend--enjoy and pet those pets! 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Friday, December 11, 2020

Four more adoptions have happened! I'm thrilled with the loving, kind homes for our cats and kittens.

Alaina--adopted 12/7. She went into a home where she will be loved. Yes, she has a bit of sass, but she has  much bigger love parts in her! I've already heard from her new mama and they have hit it off well together! 

Kafuzzle--adopted 12/9--a much waited for kitten finally was able to go to her new home--she had to wait for her spay to be done.  I talked to the new family last night and Kafuzzle is settling in. 

Kazz & Bamboo--adopted 12/10. Another double adoption! And this one is extra sweet because these two love to play together! They now have a new mom and dad!

We also had an extra great day on this past Monday--it was our HumaneOhio surgery day. These are always good days. Due to Covid, we are trying to do check ins outside until the weather forces us inside. We sent up 45 cats and kittens. This broke down to 25 spays and 20 neuters and includes 5 FFRC cats.

This brings our 2020 totals to 1074, which breaks down to 644 spays and 433 neuters plus 2 dogs! We still have one more spay/neuter clinic for HumaneOhio on December 21.

The small kitten foursome are doing great and are all good friends. In the mornings, after a good night sleep, they are rather crazy! Flips, running full speed, jumping onto one another, skidding around corners--it's all in good fun! 

We have thanks to give! YOU are appreciated.

Jill D--a donation for Coralie to keep her in her good snacker supply

Tracy B--donation to FFRC

Katherine and 3 FFRC cats--Emmy, Lark, Lilly--Merry Christmas to FFRC

Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
Marco G--donation in honor of sweet Lucie

Deborah T from OH--donation to FFRC

Lou S from TX--donation to FFRC

Brenda B from OH--donation to FFRC

Neils E C--donation for Derecho, in memory of Kazz

Jaclyn G from OH--donation to FFRC

Saratoga Studio of FIne Art--donation in memory of Tiny Toe D

Robert M--donation to FFRC

Judy M from NE--games, cat towel sets, pillowcases, 18 crate pads, quilt, donation, 12 xcans KMR, cat springs.  She also sent us a few beautiful items from Larrisa's artwork collection!

Melinda G from NV--5 hand made, super soft, beautiful blankets for the kitties. 

On Weds., we had our Flash Sale, compliments of Warped items and Angie L's items. Warped donated her Warped-de-doos and many kinds of cat toys with her super potent catnip. Angie L donated many of her homemade awesome soaps.  Everything sold, bringing in $1,261. Wow--many thanks to Warped, Angie, to the flashie mods, the other mods and to all those that purchased these items. 

I've been asked about an update on Coralie. So far, she is maintaining. She spends much of her day time on my desk, just napping and keeping me company for when I am working. Magic hangs with her a lot. She is taking her meals by herself and is keeping enough in her tummy that she is not dehydrated. She actually seems quite comfortable and peaceful.  We are simply providing hospice care--offering food frequently, brushing her, keeping her comfortable and tons of TLC. Everyday is precious to still have her.

Two of our newer older girls are doing good.  Zasha (leg and ear amputation) loves to have her tummy and back rubbed. But, it must be done on a kuranda tower of her choice! She has a very deep and pounding purr! Maddie Mae Tru is happy. She does what she wants. We help her to the litterboxes and make sure she finds her food/water bowls. She loves to lounge and seems quite content. Her fur is starting to grow back from where she had to be shaved. 

The Porchies, Barnies, Firehouse cats and the Covies are all doing great. They all have extra warm bedding, heat lights, shelters provided and nutritious foods. Plus, snackers.........they love their snackers! A happy bunch of cats!

 You all take good care. Join us for BOXES today at 11:00.  We love to have your company.