Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

 What a gorgeous week of weather we have been having. And we've not been needing to use the air conditioners! The windows are open--the cats love this as they can hear all the outside sounds.  

We had BOXES yesterday! Many thanks to all those that sent these boxes and to our catetary, MKmouse. And to all of you on the chat who offer your thanks!  So nice to see this kindness.

Carrie & Eric M -- 24 Cans of 9Lives, 4 Gallons of Vinegar, 3 Kitty Shaped Pillows, 5 Cat Coffee Mugs, 12 Containers of Clorox Wipes , 2 Boxes Latex Gloves, Travel Packs Wet Wipes, Rice Baby Cereal, Boat Load of Temptations, Box of Sugar Packs, Box of Sugar Substitutes , 10 Packs of Lance Assorted Crackers, 4 Boxes of Ginger Snaps, Few Bags of Dog Snacks, 5 Bags of Apples, 6 Packs of Coffee Cups, 6 Boxes of Keurig Coffee, 2 Packs of Solo Cups  2 Bottles of Microban Cleaner, 4 Bottles of Mr. Clean, Large Box of Office Supplies markers,pencils, post it notes, index Cards. Folders, Binders,  12 Rolls of Paper Towels, 4 Packs of Styrofoam Plates, 24 Pl Toilet Paper   big big thanks!!!!!!

Karen & Gilbert -- 24 Rolls of Paper Towels 
Mighty Kat & Brothers -- Box(24) Friskies Gravy, Ripple Rug, 
Tears from a Dream -- For Glory Delectable Packs Senior (she loves them!)
Yvonne VDK -- Lg Bag Purina One

Brian C -- 2 Bottles of Mr. Clean , 20 Rolls of Paper Towels, 40 Cans of Tuna, 20 Cans of Chicken, Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags, Box of 13 Gallon Trash Bags 

Miss My Tuckie / Jessies Day Program -- 3 Large Bags of Pop Tabs 
Julie & David/UK -- For Spiker, Tunnel, Crinkle Toys, CatNip Sticks   He was so happy with his toys!
Mr. Meow -- Box Load of Snacks for Janie, Dental Sticks,  

Connie -- Iams Dry Food, Container of Temptations, Case of FF, 4 Boxes of Zip Lock Bags Gal/Quart Size, Baby Food 

Cindy M / Bryan -- Card, Donation 
Brian C/Mi -- Note, Donation And Donation if Memory of Rascal 
Marilyn & Terry B -- Card, $5 Chickie Dollars 
Sue -- Note and sponsorship for Marilyn 
Elaine & Allen -- Card, Book of Stamps,Catstock Donation , Donation in Memory of Lil Kat 

And then we have a few other thanks to give!
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Dora A--donation for the care given to the kitties
KM T and her kitties Emmy, Lark and Lilly--donation to FFRC

Tuesday morning was spent trimming all the toenails and checking ears. This takes some time and all the kitties  and cats behaved (mostly!). Last week we did weights.  We have all the cats nails trimmed but 3---those are 3 tricky ones!  They told me maybe next time they will be in the mood!

Monday was our HumaneOhio surgery day.  The weather was definitely cooler and our numbers were down a bit.  We still sent up 33 cats--23 females and 10 males. Check ins and check outs went smoothly. It won't be long until we have to change to our winter ways of check ins, still keeping covid safe.

Our family vacation starts tomorrow--we are taking a leisurely  drive to the OBX so Steve can stretch his knees often.  I know some folks were concerned with the weather there this past week.  Yes, it's been rough and lots of very very high tides.  The road to our second week's house has 4-6 feet of sand on it. It will  be open tomorrow. They are just at ease with sand as we are with snow! Plow it away!  We will be back Oct. 11 and I'll be ready to get back to "work" on the 12th. I will miss the cats and kitties terribly but I know they will be well taken care of.  We'll get caught up on BOXES and emails after I get back! 

Our 3 littlest brown tigers--Clive, Caden and Roosevelt are buddies!  They nap together, eat together and play crazily together!  Irene is doing good and so is Smokey.  They all remain together all day and all night. Very little tussling as to who is what baby. Although, if Smokey had her way, she would take ALL of the kitties! 

I do have a bit of sad news to pass on.  Our dear sweet Mesa has passed.  Last Friday she started showing some signs of respiratory distress.  I kept her in the front Thumper's Room where there would be no commotion around her.  She deteriorated Saturday. Dr. Darcy and I talked and it was thought to be her heart. She was in no condition to travel as it would've probably caused a respiratory collapse.  On Sunday, it was decided that it was no longer fair to keep trying with her--she was very uncomfortable and it's never easy when respirations come very labored--so scary.  Mesa passed quietly and peacefully with no more stress.  What an awesome cat she was and is greatly missed.  Some may do these things happen and they become so bad so quickly.  My thought on this is that sometimes when a kitten is young and the heart is involved, the heart is able to keep up with bodily needs. But as the kitten grows, there's more demand on the heart and it then simply cannot keep up with the need for breathing.  She was super loved.
Today, we will have 2 adoptions.  I normally don't list them until the event has happened, but it'll be later this afternoon and this will be my last blog until my return.  I'm so happy about this--the brothers King and Donatello will be going into a great home together! We already know their new dad and he's a great guy! King and Donatello are awesome kitties--super sweet, super ornery and they can play until they are exhausted!  So happy for the 3 of them!

You all take good care. While I am gone, I will do very little on my phone but I'll catch up when I return.  The kitties and cats are fine!  I have complete trust in the volunteers! 


Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday, September 18, 2020

 Magic just took a flying leap off of my desk. He likes to do that--makes him feel like he has all 4 legs!  Coralie is in a high bed beside my desk.  She likes that too--makes her feel like she can go anywhere! Hensley is in my lap--this boy always needs lots of reassurance that he is loved.  Zelda is on my desk--making sure the kittens stay away from her open jar of snackers. Mesa just now leaped from up high, right onto the keyboard. I ask him all the time not to do that. But...he purrs at me and then he's off again to get into mischief!  Love that boy. Miko, King, Bamboo and Donatello are zipping around like wild things on the high catwalks. Sounds like a herd of elephants Cohen just came p for some head rubs.  Life is good.

We had BOXES on Weds, followed by our Fun-Rraiser and COnsolation drawing!  Many thanks to MKmouse for being catetary!

Dorothy D -- 5 Containers of Clorox Wipes
Flymom -- 2 Containers of Party Mix, Stropfwaffles, Milano Cookies  
Jaxx --2 large bag of assorted Zip Ties, 2 Boxes of Sheba Perfect Portions   
Yuki Hiro -- for Donna Shrimp Keychain
Carri M -- Large bag of Purina One Tender Select, 2 Boxes of Biscolatta Chocolate Bars 
Anonymous – Box of Nutter Butter Cookies   
NJ Lurker – 2 Containers of Delectable Squeeze Ups 
Davszy – 2 Boxes of Broths, 2 Boxes of Bisque 
Jane90125 – 16Lb Purina One Kitten Food 
Stripey D --  Card & Donation in Memory of Jessie, Photo Magnets. I so loved the magnets
Andrew S – For Janie Birthday Card, Bag of Stix Treats, Bag of True Chews 🐶 
Laura/Emmie – Beautiful Quilted Wall Hanging, 3 Pairs of Earrings, 
Lurker Friend -- 500 Sheet Protectors 
Mr. Meow -- From Jessie -- 2 Boxes of Soups, Box of Stews, Box of Friskies Lil Grillers, Paws Snacks, 2 Bags of Dry Cat Food, 9 Cans of Tuna, Box of Sheba & Iams Perfect Portions Meals, 5 Bags of Snacks, 3 Lg Cans of Cat Food, 9 Cans of 9Lives, 12 cans of Sardines, Box of Flavorful Flakes 

Karen B -- FF Creamy Delite, 4 Lg Bags of Horse Snacks 
Miss My Tuckie & Jessie's Day Program -- 7Lbs of Pop Tabs, 2 Pcks Wash Cloths, Lots of Toys, 2 Cans of Dog Food, Box of Lil Soups, 

Anonymous -- Purple Tee Shirt !!!
Elaine & Allen -- 3 Cases(24) Friskies Pate, 2(24) Cases of Friskies, Case(32) of Friskies, Case(24) FF,Box of Appetizers,  2 bags of litter!

Janice -- Blanket, Pillowcases 
Chris W -- 5 Containers of Lysol Wipes, Case of Water, Laundry Soap, 10 Jars of Baby Food, 12 Meow Mix Cups, Pack of Small Styrofoam Plates

Dorothy D -- Card, 2 $5 Chickie Dollars
Julie & David Uk -- Birthday Card for Hensley, $5 Chickie Money 
Casey & Jill, Butomie & Whiskers/OH , -- Card, Donation in Memory of Spary
Melissa L/NY -- Donation 
Sue P&Cats /NC -- Card, Donation in Honor of Jessie 
Stella's Granddaughter /AZ -- 2 Crisp $5 in Memory of Grand Mother Stella 
Linda & Bill H/ MI -- Card, Donation in Honor of Jewel 

We then had out FUN-RAISER!   Here's our winners and the amount that those items brought in!
A - RomeoMom --       $260
B - Kathy Ble --            $425
C - Mary(Fri. Night)    $125
D - Lynnette                   $360
E -  TWKITTY            $150
F -  Billy K                  $320
G - Mary L                    $220
H - Mary(Friday Night)   $205

Total $2,065


And then..........lo and behold, we had bump ups from KathyWV, Bellabell, Donnajb, Jaxx, Nuthatches, StephanieUK, Pawlapurr, Eaglewatcher.  These bump ups came to $335.  
This now makes our total at...................a whopping $2,400!
And then Consolation Prizes were drawn.  Congrats to all those folks. Everything went out in yesterday's mail!

My deepest thanks to everyone who made this fun-raiser possible. To those that donated the items, to all the ticket people, to the mods, to Marcia and Lynnette for working on writing out the tickets, to the admins----so many wonderful people. And to all those that pass on their Congrats to the winners. It's all very wonderful and much appreciated.

And let's do these thanks too for donations:
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Mindy R--donation to FFRC in honor of Schinn, who is a wonderful auntie that takes care of their kitty babies when they go away.
James R--donation to FFRC
Deborah S--donation to FFRC
Kittyflynn--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Mary LF--donation to FFRC, in honor of her extraordinary daughter, Michelle for her birthday (Tuesday)

I've been asked this..yes, we have black masks with a white pawprint and FFRC on it.  If interested, just send a paypal or if paying by check, just an email.  It's a free will donation. Let me know how many you want. Big thanks to Megan and Goin' Postal for making these possible. They are comfortable, black only! 

Yesterday was our HumaneOhio surgery day. We sent up 41 cats and kittens.  That came to 21 females and 20 males. FFRC sent up 4--Irene, Frankie, Jersey and Dyambu. 

Irene is doing wonderful as are her babies.  Their sliding patio door is now open many hours each day. It's peaceful and no fussing. The kittens are coming out more and more. Especially, Paulie--he is a super wanderer, even climbing steps!  And every morning we open up all the doors, clear to the back Thumper's Room.  THose that want to go back there, can. And those that want to wander up front, can!  Getting everyone use to each other and different rooms.  Won't be long until we close down the back Thumper's Room (again!) and have everyone up front. 

We had 4 adoptions!
McSplash--was adopted on 9/15. He is King of his house and is much loved. His new family has big lounge chairs and he enjoys watching TV with them. We weighed him before he left and he had already lost a bit over 1 pound--that is good and hopefully will continue for a few more pounds!

Musco---adopted 9/17. This family came in with the idea that they wanted Musco and it was indeed the kitten for them. He will have lots of toys and love.

Traverse--adopted 9/17.  At first, a different kitten was picked and then....Traverse climbed up into the lap and made his plea that it should be him that would be adopted.  In all honesty, I think these folks would've adopted 6 of them, if they could!

Tippy Toe--adopted 9/17. Tippy Toe pretty much claimed these folks from the moment they walked in the door. Was a real charmer! Another awesome home.

OBX in North Carolina is calling my family again for our annual vacation again.  Steve and I will be leaving on Thursday, the 24th sometime in the morning. The house we will be staying in, is in Corolla. We will be there on the 26th to the 3rd.  We then will spend a second week at another house in Rodanthe.  Both are along the ocean, which as a family, we all love.  The volunteers will take excellent care of all the kittens and cats. They and the mods know they can reach me anytime for questions, etc.  During these two weeks, I'd like to ask that, if possible, to hold off on sending boxes.  If they come, it's ok, but will wait until my return. I will also not be doing emails during this time.  It's a time for family, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. And I am very excited! 

Clive and Caden are doing wonderful. They are so little but sure scurry around.  Dyambu is doing better each day. He seems to have needed extra rest--was sleeping a lot but each day is better.  Poor guy had a rough time. He's a good purrer. 

For those anticipating Boom Boom's adoption this Saturday--it is on hold for a bit. His mama had a change of plans but the adoption is still on. Just a different day--after vacation time now.

We also have Cohen and Djinn on hold! That will also happen in October.  Hard to believe we are talking October already.

Our next HumaneOhio is this Monday. Hoping for a full load!

Take good care and have a wonderful weekend. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday, September 14, 2020

Catstock Stay In Place 2020 was fun.  Different...yes, but lots of fun!  And it was all in honor of our supporters, to have a fun day and to enjoy their day with us! 

We had our 8 planned events--at the top of each hour. We also had some fun surprises!  Patrick and Vicki came and brought a big roasted turkey.......fresh out of the oven!  People and cats enjoyed it!  We also had a beautiful cake from Debbie..........sure tasted good!  Three giant cats were here to teach us about cat things! Larry and Martha brought in fresh delicious brownies for everyone. And Agnes graced us with a visit! We never ever know what Agnes will be up to! And as usual, she was a fun visitor.  Oh! And Connie D brought in a special cat--Octavia that was adopted from here. She was the best food thieve ever (and still is!).  

I thank those that donated to Catstock!  Each will receive a copy of the Catstock Stay In Place story that Cindy wrote. It was a great story about how the cats celebrated Catstock during a rough period of time--the covid. We have the best cats! 

We have others to thank too!

Janet K--donation to FFRC

Karen L--donation to FFRC

Faithy--donation for a spay/neuter 

Lana H--donation to FFRC

Cheryl B--donation for FFRC

We've heard from the family that adopted Dominick and Danny.  Both are doing good and are relaxed and have become good friends! Sounds like there's lots of racing around and playing with their toys. They are also enjoying window watching.

Two of Smokey's foster kittens are up in the Main Area now all day long--Jersey and Frankie. They are doing great. They spend their night time back with Smokey and she greets them so happily!

Yesterday was a great day for Irene and her 4 kittens. The door to their room, Paddy's Place, was open the whole day. She came out a couple times for a quick look around but the kittens are coming out more and more and are playing. It's going pretty smooth.  It's always a big transition--letting other cats and kittens be with a mama and her babies. Irene is a sweetie and is coming right along!

We took in three more kittens--we now have even more brown tigers!! 

Clive (female) and Caden (male) are sister/brother. Their birthdays are 8/9/20. They arrived 9/13 from friends of FFRC who live in Michigan.   When they were found, they were hungry and cold and sluggish. But with their help, they survived. They are now here and are as cute as can be. Both are eating good and taking long naps, as kittens do. They are both on antibiotics. Very sweet babies.

Dyambu--male, orange tiger, 9 weeks old. His birthday is 7/10/20. He was found very limp, weak and hungry.  He also had earmites and fleas and an abrasion to his front left paw. He's now activie, eating good and is playing with the other kittens. He arrived 9/11/20. His name means "sun". A very nice kitten.

Yesterday started our fun-raiser--8 awesome items! Check out our facebook pages for info!  On Weds., we will have BOXES at 1:00, followed by the fun-raiser and then consolation prizes! 

We have two HumaneOhio dates coming up--the 17th and 21st.  Trying to get in as many cats as we can. 

Short blog but lots of good thoughts and thanks to you all! 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020

 9/11   A date we will never forget. I've always liked this quote:

"Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a

way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11."

President Obama

We have had 2 more adoptions--Dominick and Danny.  Two boys that love attention and will get it fully.  They went together to the same home. Their adoptions were 9/7.  I've heard from their family and all is good.  They are relaxed, enjoying their time with their new people and are receiving lots of TLC.  They love the back of the couch where they catch the afternoon sun.

Irene and her 4 kittens have their sliding glass door opened for a bit every morning.  This is the hardest thing--to help a mama cat be comfortable with sharing space.  Today for the first time, a kitten emerged from the room---little Sodo! He actually wandered around quite a bit.  Irene is slowly acclimating to the others coming in but we do keep a sharp watch on the situation.

We had BOXES on Thursday--we surely do love opening boxes!  Many thanks.Gail, Fred & BooBoo --  4 Containers  of Temptations Party Mix, 2 Boxes of Senior Bisque/Soups,  3 cases of baby food

Beth/Eaglewatcher – bag of Pro Plan food for Shamballi 
Karen B – 4 Bags of (Pania Flakes 
Joey3100 – Container of Party Mix, Large Bag of Assorted Rubber Bands
Mr. Meow – Box of Lil Soup, Bag of Mouse Toys, 5 Containers of Temptations, Towel Set, Box (12) single serve Meow Mix, 2 Towel sets, Box of Squeeze Ups, 2 Packs of Snacks
Anonymous – Box of Knott berry Farm Strawberry Short Bread Cookies Very delicious! 
Mr & Mrs & Baby Medic – 2 cases of FF Gravy Lovers   
Bill M – 2 Boxes of Bourbon Fudge, Ceramic Cat Figurines  by Roseina Wachmeister
Plee – 3 Boxes of Broths 
April catlover – Box of Delectables , 2 Boxes of Appetizers, case of Baby Food 
Kim R – Case of Sardines, Case(12) of Mackerel Cans 
Tammy Q & Napping Kitty’s – Box of Friskies Treasures, Assorted Toys, Elephant for Donna 
Ju in ji  - 4 Cases of Baby Food 

Mighty Kat & Brothers– Catnip Toys, Container of Tiny Tiger Snacks, 6 Packs of  Chura Squeeze ups, 6 Serving Trays
Linda ( Beths friend) – Handmade Crochet Blankets   
Terri, David & Evy the cat – Case (40) Cans of Friskies, Container of Party Mix, Box of Lil Soups 
Dim – 4 Cases of FF, Box of AA Batteries 
Carla – Box (12) Friskies Treasures, 2 Cases(24) Friskies Gravy Chunky, Box of Temptations
Carri  M -- Container of Tub o Towels, Case of Sparkling Ice, Bag of Fun Balls, Box of Assorted Cookies and Crackers
Diane – 2  Long Rug Runner from Bed Bath and Beyond 
Judy Ann & Phil – Case(40) Friskies Shreds, Cat Scratcher, Replacement Scratcher for Ball Trac, Pet Stages Snack Holder, Catnip Banana , Eggersizer, 4 Kong Active Treat Dispensers,
Myrna – Box of Shrouds---so beautiful and made with love
Don & Joy & Herd – Note, Donation 
Ann, James & Skippy/Canada -- Card, Donation 
Diane N/Tweeti – Card, Donation 
Connie K / Note, Donation 
Martha C / Tx -- Note, Box Tops, Weight Circles, $5 Chickie Dollars 
Cathy S – T-Shirt for Jacci  , Mask Inky

And more thanks to give!
M&M--donation for chicken, in honor of Donnajb
Patricia R--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
Danielle & Andrew--donation in memory of Jessie
Sandor M--donation to FFRC
Mary & Michelle LF--donation in memory of Jessie
Jean A--donation for the medical fund
BIllieK--donation in memory of sweet Jessie
Fran--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jessie
Insun S--donation in memory of Jessie
Lu-Little & Peggy--donation in memory of Jessie

Tomorrow is our Catstock Stay In Place event! It's truly for the enjoyment of anyone watching, to show our appreciation for what they do for FFRC.  There are 8 fun things happening, each at the top of the hours, starting at 9:00 am.  The last one is at 4 pm.  Come join the fun. There's surprises too happening!  

Sunday starts our Fun-Raiser. It ends on Weds. at 9:00 am. BOXES will be at 1:00 on Weds, followed by the fun-raiser drawing and consolation prizes. These 8 items for this fun-raiser are awesome and different! 

All is good here.  Cats are happy and playing a lot with the kittens.  McSplash loves the towel cabinets. McSplish is settling in nicely. Ramsay loves his car but will share it on occasion! Asha loves her daily head and ear rubs!  Cohen is doing super--he's walking with much coordination and is eating good. Boom Boom continues to make us smile. CDot has his leaps in the air and landings down to perfection. Derecho had some chicken this morning. Mesa and Miko--two wonderful fun kittens that so love to play. 

FFRC life is good and we all wish you a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020

 Yesterday was an FFRC surgery day. We did 2 males, 7 spays and 1 amputation. All of the surgery physicals were good!

Neuters:  Cohen and a public kitten

Spays: Terri, Traverse, Tippy Toe, Djinn, Boom Boom, Smokey and a public cat

We also did the left leg amputation on Cohen.  He did great. Dr. Darcy is superb.  This morning, Cohen is already moving about but is resting alot too which is what we want him to do. He is of course, on antibiotics and soreness meds.

Dr. Darcy also did some physicals: Dominic, McSplash, McSplish, Hensley, Coralie, Zelda, Coralie and Lucas.  All are good.  I'm glad to say Coralie's ears are clear and look great. We'll just keep up on maintenance now for her. 

A big thanks to Joyce D for our pizza and bread sticks lunch and to MLS for providing the drinks. Much appreciated

Dr. Darcy also took a look at Jessie. Things have changed for our sweet girl.  Her tumor has grown and yesterday it was painful upon palpation. She had also lost a bit more weight.  Because we love Jessie so much and respect her, the decision was made to let her pass over to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was the right decision.  Remember, my feelings are always---it's better to let go 10 days too early than to be one day too late.  Jessie was at that point of being tired and the tumor was a problem.  So....our dear sweet 21 1/2 year old girl is resting peacefully now.   She arrived here 5/26/14 after her long time mom could no longer care for her due to her own health. She was 15 then.  I remember her mom told me stories about Jessie. Before she came here, she was an inside/outside cat and would present "presents' to her mom at the door. Our sweet Jessie actually brought up a 4 foot snake to the door and wanted to bring it in!  The answer was--you're a good girl but no snakes in the house.  The snake went back into the woods unharmed.  That's our hunter Jessie.  We all loved her so much and would answer to her beck and call. Thank you all too for being a part of our Jessie's life. 

McSplish, McSplash and Dominic are doing better each day.  McSplash is rubbing on my legs right now--he's such a baby! I feel he will lose some weight just by being active here. 

We have thanks to give!

BillieK--donation to FFRC for Cohen's care

Donavon S--donation for all the kitties

Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC

Hallie G--donation to FFRC

Tracy L--donation to FFRC

Chuck & Bev--donation to help with Ohen's surgery and care

Remember our little Owen that was adopted! His mama sure dos love him. She says he is a lover, an angel and such a good boy. He enjoys being brushed and is an eating machine!

Another adoption! Mooi has went into her new home. She will also have 2 older kittens to play with. We know that  Mooi is a bit shy but her new mama has tons of patience to work with her!  Mooi was purring in the carrier so that was a good beginning!

Ramsay so loves his Ferrari car! It's perfect for him.  You've seen the headrests on it?  He can put his head right between that and it holds his head steady! It's also the perfect height for resting his head along the sides.  He loves it. 

Today we have the door open between the two Thumper's Room--hoping to get the 4 kittens of Smokey/Shadow to be adventurous.  Jersey, Frankie and now Buddy are eating from the plate. Roosevelt is thinking about it! Smokey is spayed now and will go back to her original family as soon as the kittens are all eating good.

Irene and her 4 kittens are also doing great. They aren't thinking of plate food yet but they sure are playing hard and are now all over their Paddy's Place room. So sweet! 

Take good care!  Stay healthy. And give your pets some extra huggings today. 



Friday, September 4, 2020

September 4, 2020

Eight more days until Catstock Stay In Play 2020.  Of course, it's very different than ever before. But, we are salvaging some of it! We're having our "different" Catstock still on the original date of September 12, Saturday.  It's a thank you and entertainment for anyone that would like to watch our cam that day. We have things planned every hour on the hour--some 15-20 minutes long, some may be longer! So.....let's have some fun that day, show that we appreciate the support given and feel like we're still having a bit of Catstock.  Should be a fun  day!

Here's the schedule:   
9:00 am---Catstock Knowledge
10:00--Who Do You Think We Are...and What We Have To Say
11:00--Catstock story--Catstock Stay In Place 2020
Noon--Kitty Parade
1:00--People/Cat Dessert
2:00--Thank You Drawings
3:00--Volunteer Knick Knack Info
4:00--Who Is This Piece of Cat?

We've had 1 more adoption!
Owen--left on 8/29. He went into a home where he will be spoiled rotten---just how we like it! I've already heard from his new mama and she is so happy to have this little boy.  Owen has settled right in.

We've taken in 5 new kittens/cats.

Djinn--arrived 8/30. She is black/white with white spritz of fur in her black fur.  She was 8 weeks old,  Her birthday is 7/5/20.   Her name is pronounced as Jin.

Cohen--arrived 8/31.  He is a black tiger and white, DLH.  Cohen is 14 weeks old with a birthday of 5/25/20.  A friend found him in the middle of a road. He appears to have been a "toss from the car" victim.  Many of these kittens end up with a scabbed up face due to landing on their face. And many times their front legs go back, so if they hit a shoulder hard, the radial nerve can be severed. This is exactly what happened to Cohen.  He has zero use now of his left front leg--it simply drags.  So sad as this did not have to happen. It certainly is a hindrance to him as it drags along the floor.  He will have that leg amputated on Saturday and then he can run just as fast as the other kittens!

Then we had 3 returns:
Dominic--arrived again on 8/31/20.  He was born on 4/1/16.  He went into a wonderful home and has been well loved and cared for. His mama can no longer care for him and will be going into assisted living.  Dominic is adjusting--he's actually wandering around in the main area a little now, feeling more comfortable. He had originally arrived when he was 3 weeks old and was adopted when he was 5 months old.  He's a handsome black/white cat and had a very loving home.

McSplish and McSplash--arrived 9/2/20.  They were born 8/11/13 and arrived here at FFRC when they were 3 1/2 weeks old. They were adopted together when they were 2 months old.  They went to a couple who now have health issues and they too are going into assisted living.  McSplish is a female, black/white and arrived at 7.14 pounds.  McSplash is a male, grey/white and arrived at a whopping 21.07 pounds.  They are adjusting slowly but both are ever so sweet. These two siblings also have been very loved.  They are starting to peek around the corner to the Main Area!

We had BOXES  on Tuesday! We LOVE boxes and are always very appreciative!
Debbie M -- Case(30) of FF Seafood Pate, Box of Broths, 1,920 6" Foam Plates 
Mr. Meow -- Snacks, Box of  Paws Soup, Proplan, Special Kitty , 7 Hand Towels, Oven Mitts, Bathroom Towel Set, 3 Plush Throws, 3 Kitty Beds, Tunnel, 2021 calendars, 4 kitten size scratcher Pads, door cat scratchers , 12 small Food Bowls, 2 Door Hangers, Crinkle play sac, 2 non-slip Food Bowls , 2 magic Towels, Brillo Reusable Wipes, Cleaning Cloths, 2 Floor Mats, 
Nancy L/Wi -- Box of Fabric--will make some beautiful Christmas items!
Lynda D -- 2 Boxes of FF Appetizers, 40 Assorted K-Cups, Bag of RC Kitten, Case of RC Canned Food  

Tearsfrom a dream  -- for Glory (Covie)--4 Boxes of Delectable Bisque, Several Catnip Toys, Crinkle Toys.  Also a meta Purple Hummingbird --it's beautiful.
PiperJo99 -- 4 Boxes of Whiskas 

Yvonne VDK -- Case of 4 Boxes Whiskas Purfectly Chicken, 16lb Bag of Iams  
Dave & Stripey D -- 3 Halloween Magnets, Volunteer Magnet, Long Zip Ties, 2 Bags of Party Mix, Case(30) Lil Soups

Karen & Gilbert -- 5 Packs of Churu (bondi licks), container of Temptation Snacks, Box of Perfectly Chicken, 2 boxes of Broths, Box of lil Soup, 5 Boxes of Assorted Appetizers, 3000 6" Foam Plates

Janice B -- 2 Boxes of Bisque, 2 boxes of FF Appetizers, 4 Boxes of Starbucks K-Cups, box of Squeeze ups, 2 Boxes of Broths, Case(30) Soups, 4 Boxes of  Whiskas Perfectly Chicken, Box of Assorted Cookies, 640 6" Foam Plates

Patty Pk -- Batch of 6" Foam Plates
Jeff M & 12 cats -- Jackson Galaxy Tunnel 
Mike and Lorrie W -- 7lb of RC Momma and Baby Cat, Container of Snacks, Case(24) FF Seafood, 4 Boxes  of Whiskas Perfectly Chicken 

Judy & Phil -- 2 Boxes of Classic Broths, 10 Boxes of FF Appetizers 
Ruth D --  Original Oil Painting by Olga Wagner--so so pretty
Margaret F -- Card & Donation ,  Magnet Page Markers, 3 Garden Flags with Poles, 3 packs of Assorted Toys, 6 Packs of Trader Joe,s Tuna 

Deb P - 3 beds, Cat blanket for fund raiser
Rosemary Ob- Cat Litter, Food and Beds
KittyKatt Lady -- Box of Friskies 
Jaxx -- 3000 6" Foam Plates 
Fred, Gail & BooBoo -- Box of Coffee Lids 
Cindy G -- Race Car Bed for Ramsey  He's a full fledge race car driver now!

Marie/M&M -- Card & Donation 
Joanne O -- Note, Litter Box Tabs, Box Tops, Donation 
Jeanne S - 2 Donations for Felix Navidad Fund
Clark, Jessie and rest of the gang -- BD cards for Hensley & John with $5 chickie dollars 
Elaine & Allen -- Card, 2 donations , in memory of Little Kat  
Marilyn / Oregon cat lady Card, Donation, 10 $5 Chickie Dollars 
David -- Card, Sponsorship for Magic, Hensley , Kiara, Vernon,Coralie 

You all make a HUGE difference to FFRC--these supplies and donations are very appreciated. 

On Weds., we had a Flash Sale! Many thanks to those that donated the items for it and to those that purchased them!  This Flash Sale brought in $576!!!!  This will go towards our utility bills.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is our FFRC surgery day.  Here's our tentative schedule:
Spays: Terri, Traverse, Tippy Toe, Djinn and Boom Boom
Neuter: Cohen and his leg amputation
I believe Dr. Darcy also has 1-2 spays, possibly.  And as usual, we have some physicals that need done--6 of them, time permitting. 

This past Monday was another HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. We sent up 37 cats. This broke down to 19 females and 18 males, bringing our total for this year at 759.  This then breaks down to 449 females and 310 males. We are already talking to HumaneOhio about our 2021 schedule. For September, our two dates are the 17th and the 21st. 

We have more thanks to give!
Bill M--donation to help with Cohen's medical expenses.
Judy & Phil--donation to FFRC
Patrick & SHannan W--donation to FFRC
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Madisonpepper--donation to help with Cohen's surgery & recovery
Auntie Beth--many thanks for your "stuff" to help FFRC

Thank you to everyone for your support. You truly do make a difference to FFRC. You help us be possible and to be the rescue center that we are.  Please take care and you all stay healthy! 

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Here's what is coming up this week!

Monday--HumaneOhio, have a full schedule

                The very first Breakfast Club Trivia @ 6:30 am

Tuesday--no trivia today

                BOXES at noon

Wednesday--Flash Sale at 11:00 am

                     Trivia following the Flash Sale

                     Storytime with Billy Pogo 8:00 pm

Thursday--Trivia at 1:00 pm

Saturday--FFRC surgery

Veronica and Freedom are doing good in their new home--lots of loving being given and received! Danny, the new boy is doing wonderful. He's really got a heart of gold--so loves to purr and play. King is 100% back to normal. He just had a slow down time after his neuter but is sailing around now! 

We got the fence of the Covies fixed.  Pinto, the long hair torti discovered a way out. She's one of our two feral cats that are in the Cove.  She would zip in and zip out like it was the most natural thing to do!  We waited till we had the fence supplies and made positive she was in, then the fence was repaired.  

The jungle gym inside the Covies had an overhaul.  Both the top floor and middle floor was certainly showing age--sagging and leaking when it rained. So, they now have two new floors and it's double thick--will last for many years. It was also reinforced underneath the floors to make it even sturdier. 

The A-frame little house that is near the firepit also needed a bit of attention.  Lots of screws appropriately put in will keep the outside protective panels in place.  This house is always enjoyed by many of the cats, especially for afternoon nap times.

We still have not caught Merlin, the buff cat that hangs out by the Firehouse. He comes every morning for breakfast and his roll in the catnip but cannot yet coax him into a crate. A work in progress!

Irene and her four kittens have "graduated".  They are now in the Paddy's Place room.  Irene was asking to be out of the condo.  Because she has such a sweet nature, she can be up front in this room.  Even if a kitten slips into that room or she slips out, she will be calm and not show that "mama bear" attitude!  Her four little babies are as round as can be! 

We have also been leaving the doors between the front Thumper's Room and Welcome Room to the main area, open.  This gives the 3 tigers--Tippy Toe, Terri and Traverse, an opportunity to come up, if they wish. They are so very much braver and have been starting to play with the other kittens. 

We have thanks to give!

Steph M--donation to FFRC

Janet M--donation to FFRC

Colleen P--donation to FFRC

Leanne and Mike--donation to FFRC

William M--donation to FFRC

Fran D--donation in honor of Mandy's 16th birthday & in honor of Hensley's birthday

Richard & Davena H--donation for a happy birthday to Hensley

Jabberwockysmom--donation in honor of Jessie

Ann P--a friend from UK--donation to FFRC

Remember September 12, Saturday was to be our big annual Catstock event.  Because of the coronavirus, that has been canceled. But.........we still want to have some fun, all in honor of our cam friends!  A more scheduled description of "things" will be coming up soon. But, keep the date on your calendar. We will have some fun things off and on all day long--all for our viewers!

Mesa, Owen, Danny and Bamboo are full out running, chasing each other.  And then GG was on the Kuranda Tower as they ran by--he added to the fun by jumping onto Danny!  CDot has turned into one of the biggest loverbugs of all times. Marilyn has been letting Shaz snuggle up to her and treats him as a baby kitten. He loves it! Musco is one of the most talkative kittens ever--he has something to say about everything!

Take care and enjoy this wonderful weekend.