Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday, November 29, 2018

This is a blog of big thanks! We had our fun-raiser yesterday and it sure was wonderful! First though, we had Boxes:
JBond - Christmas scarf, hat and bowtie for kitties (picture time!), FunRaiser: Amfocus Air Fryer 3.7 quart.
KathyWV - Box tops, Fun Raiser: Red, White, Cream, Gray & Black crocheted Afghan 5X6 made by her neighbor, Wheeled suitcase with matching tote bag
Diamond bead Peacock for Jacci, A Stunning Diamond bead photo of Paddy Cakes.. we all needed a tissue--it's a perfect picture.
Jody626 - Aqua Yoga mat
Kris - XLarge fluffy soft kitty bed
Leanne & her kindergarten class from Canada with a note - Kids decorated the box , Potty Bags, Book: Kitty Secrets, Lots n Lots of Candy a variety.. Kitty drawings by the students
Mr. Whiskers - For Spiker and Friends: 24 - 30oz Tubs Temptation Snackers He said that he will share!
CherylAnn L - WA 30 handmade mouse kitty toys, catnip infused, 2 Kitty Balls & Feather Balls, Garden stake 'Peace' for Alberts Garden, 12 Wash Cloths, Potty bags Fun Raiser/Flash Sale: Meowy Socks, Garden Plaque Look for Angels, 24 made by Cheryl Quilted Christmas Ornaments $20 each--soooo beautiful, 55x78 Gorgeous Kitty Quilt made by Cheryl
Marie with her Magnificent 7 Card with photos of her 7 Jabberwocky 14, Singer 5, Yoga 5, Ziva 13, Phoenix 14, Robbie 4 & Walter Payton 10
And then......our Fun-Raiser!
A-----4K Action Camera 5x28 $140 LJ
by JBond
B-----GeekCam 5x36 $180 BillieK
by Annie & Debbie
C-----Christmas Afghan 5x31 $155 Gill Ha
by Andrea
D----- Copper Kitty 5x 64 $320 Twikitty
by Littleonemine
E-----Brown Eyed Susan Afghan 5x40 $200 BillieK
by Janet M
F-----Putter Quilt 5x94 $470 Jill R
By Bagobear and donated by Deb11111
G-----Kuranda 6 Tier 5x85 $425 PatCat
by FFRC Kitties
H----Insta Pot 5x113 $565 Justin La
by JBond
I-----Kitty Casa x2 5x68 $340 Ruth Dr & Twikitty
by Katie L
TTL 2795
Bump Ups--this came to a whopping $1235 which brought our GRAND TOTAL to $4,030. (Putter even called in with a bump up of $600!)
It takes a huge amount of people to make these Fun-Riasers all work and be successful. I am grateful for every link of these events.
And then, even some more thank yous!
Kim K--a Giving Tuesday donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation in memory of sweet Covie Muffin
Romeomom--donation to FFRC
Jody J--lots of very helpful "stuff"! She's visiting!
Upcoming Dates:
December 1, Saturday. I understand that something special is going on around 2:00 ish!!
December 3, Monday. Quickie flash sale--afghans & Christmas items
December 4, Tuesday. HumaneOhio
December 8, Saturday. FFRC surgery
December 10, Monday. Our last Quickie flash sale
See......basically a blog of thanks! We are a thankful bunch here!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

We've had snow, rain, ice, wind and cold temps ...........but have no worries.  The Barnies, Firecats, Porchies and Covies are snug and warm, as are the farm animals! 

We had another adoption yesterday.  This was for a white Persian cat that we adopted out quite some time ago--her name is Thia.  We were able to get her to her new home the very next day after arrival.  We had this pre-arranged so the changes would be minimal.  The new family will check in later this week with an update.

We also had another returnee.  Scotia.  He is a long hair orange cat that had originally arrived 2/89/18.  His birthday is 11/14/16.  He was brought in after a person kicked him off his porch. Scotia is super nice. He's in the Welcome Room right now, keeping track of the ins and outs.  He returned 11/23/18 -- the family's youngest child was having major health issues and the doctor thought it best not to subject him to a cat. So.....Scotia is back. And we're fine with that. We will find another home for this sweet boy. 

The S litter has a bit of a cold.  Between brushing/grooming the persian babies, keeping the P litter happy and brushed and fed plus taking extra care of the S litter, they've kept us hopping. Hence...the reason this blog is late. We'll get all things caught up!

Today, Dion from Barth Builder's was here. He will replace 3 of the big windows in Kitty City. This was much needed as the wood on the outside was rotten and caused the window panes to slip out of their groove, allowing lots of cold air into the building. Can't have that as this building is majorly used for many reasons, including storage. In the spring (when it's warmer), he will put vinyl on the one wall outside to preserve the wood. 

Many thanks to all who made our Quickie Flash Sale a success on Monday. We made $369 on this sale which was put towards the distemper and bordetella vaccines that we very much need. These vaccines are used so quickly because of all the kitties. 

We had BOXES on Sunday afternoon! Many heartfelt thanks for helping us with supplies.
Roberta/Oopsie PA - 2 cases 24ct Friskies Pouches

Sean G with Lena - Christmas Card: German Chocolates, Polish Chocolates, 3 Boxes Kitty BandAids (for humans!),  2 pkgs Chicken & Duck Sticks, 2 Kitty Toys,  Flash Sale Items or for PawMart: 2 Kitty writing tablets, figurine bag with a Lucky Charm guy inside, Irish Bell & Vase, 2 Kitty Face Coin Purses, 4-Kitty face Back Packs, 2 Cat Clutch Bags, Kitty Coloring Book, 2 Kitty Postcards

JBond = Chicken Jerky Dog Snackers, 2 Bottles Windex, 2 All purpose Surface Cleaners, 2 Gallons Laundry Soap, 2 Bottles Mr. Clean,  Sterling Silver Eagle Pendant, Sterling Silver Heart pendant

Renee B - PA  Coupons, Paw Points, Litter Points

Kris M - Kitty House with Tunnel, 2 Very Pretty Plush Kitty Bed, Donut Bed, couch Bed, Pillow Top Mattress Bed, Large & X-Large Plush Bed

Nona - 6 Boxes 24 cans KMR
Gem Our Wonderful Mod with Harley, Penelope, Cali & Peanut: Christmas Card & Reeses Christmas Pieces & Miniatures--thanks for doing their nail trim!

NHcatlady - 4 cases 24ct - 9-Lives
Kellie F - 2 Kuranda Cat Beds 21x15--the cats love these!
Sandy A - 2 Bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Mr Whiskers for Spiker & Friends - 24 - 30oz Tubs Temptation Snackers
Charlotte Lc - WI - Donation
Sherri/Neuromom & David - NY - Thanksgiving Card with 2 Chicken $5 Dollars
Sharon - HI - Christmas Card with Note - Donation for Kitty Christmas
Marilyn & Terry B - Kitty Card with Note & Chicken $5
June/Painteddaisy - Donation
Judy R - FL  Christmas Card with Note & Donation
Ju-in-ji--donation in honor of Pendy

We have become trees to the P litter!  Remember these were the kittens that were found up in a tree......well, they still love to climb.  When we walk into the front Thumper's Room, up they go--all 4 right up our legs. And then they cry and cry--help me down!  So sweet, so friendly.  One of these babies are already on a hold.

It's hard to lose our cats.  The fact is some of them are getting older.  Yesterday, we lost Muffin, a sweet, wonderful Covie. Muffin was such a gentle girl.  She's had some issues lately. Yesterday she was brought up to be inside to be looked at again.  We realized that she had a fairly large growth in her abdomen.

We have more thanks to give:
Osys--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Mottar524--donation in honor of Derecho
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Michael M--donation to Derecho and other kitties
Yarnlover--donation in honor of Giving Tuesday
Joni WW--donation to FFRC
Kristin G--donation in honor of Giving Tuesday
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Linda S--donation in honor of Giving Tuesday & a pat to Spiker
Amsprinkle--donation in honor of Giving Tuesday
Ronda B--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Janet K--donation for FFRC

And thanks to 2 visitors:
Vicki R--large plates, 3 kitten Bisque, 15 cans Friskies, dry food, toys
Kelly--2 bags of toys, 2 beds

The Persians have reached a milestone!  As of today, all 6 babies are 1 pound!  Wow--they are pokie growers. But, all are healthy, happy and so playful. When we walk into the room, many times, they come running to be picked up and held. They are receiving daily grooming and twice a day eye washes.

The babies can see--Monique's kittens have their eyes wide open! The world is their's now! These two babies--Cornelo and Rocky are so so round. Monique is a wonderful mama.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hambone---the kitties and cats received their Thanksgiving hambone.  It was quite "meaty" but within 18 hours, it was stripped to the bone.  They love to chew on these bones! Even the babies and Giovanna got into the fun of it! 

We have names for Monique's 2 babies.  Monique is doing great. She and her two babies have been moved to the top two pens in the back Thumper's Room.  She is a great mama. Both babies doubled their birth weight in 1 week.
Cornelio--silver/grey tiger & white/ASH, wh tip tail, male
Rocky--black tiger & white/ASH

The Persian babies are also doing good.  They are finally all eating from a plate--that helps Singita a lot.  Some of the babies have had their families visit them and so has Singita.  All are on hold. We are already getting them use to being groomed. They are so fun to watch--they run now and so loved to be held! They are "pokier" in gaining weight and so will be with us for a while yet.  They are down on the floor now full time. Bruno is there with them--he loves them and they love him.  He's their Grandpa!

We also took in another 4 kittens. These kittens were found up a tree, on a flat limb base, 10 feet above the ground.  Three kittens were there, the fourth had fallen all the way down before the family was able to retrieve them.  They had seen someone driving past slowly and then they saw the kittens in the tree immediately afterwards. Their names came from the Name a Cat list. They are 4 weeks old with a birthday of 10/26/18. All are sweet and very talkative.
Ponce de leon (Ponce for short!)--black tiger/white, ASH, male
Pendy--brown tiger, ASH, male
Piperjo--black/white, wide white nose crest, female
Pickles--black, female

The two kittens that Auntie Peggy is fostering are doing great. They came yesterday to get caught up on treatments.  Agnes, the grey tiger/ASH, is now 2.01 lbs.  And Jacob, the black/white, is 1.08 lbs.  Both are sweet, ornery and growing! Won't be long until they come back to stay. 

We do have BOXES here that are unopened.  With Thanksgiving, we have gotten behind. We are going to try for Monday but not sure of time as Monday is a busy day. I'm sooooooo excited to get these opened!!

We have thanks to give!
Ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Yvonnevdk--donation for a Happy Thanksgiving, use where needed
Marie H--donation in celebration of the furry feline friends & staff
Douglas C--donation for the care of the cats, especially the CH cats
Dottie C/angel--donation to FFRC

We've had adoptions! Let's get caught up!
11/17--Teg was adopted! He went to a great home. I've already seen pictures and he looks so very happy! 
11/17--Binx was adopted. We found an outside home for him where he will be very happy.  They have many barns and a warm room for all their cats.  They can come in and go as they please. I've checked already and he's staying close.
11/20--Lamani was adopted. This family has waited about 3 weeks to be able to adopt him since they were moving. He's going to be well loved.
11/21--Becky and Bronco were adopted together! They had picked out Becky and then couldn't resist Bronco. I'm thrilled they got to go together. 
11/24--Kerfuzzy was adopted this morning. She is going to Illinois. Her mama has lots of time to devote to her. Kerfuzzy will have a cat friend in her new home.
11/24--Peppi and Clara were adopted together.  I'm especially happy about this. Clara is our 3 legged tiger who is very very shy.  But that is ok with her new family--she gets to be the cat that she is. And Peppi, our CH dark orange female, also went! We took a while to place Peppi as I always want to make sure any CH cats that are adopted use the litterbox 100%. And she does! Peppi will blossom in this home--she's awesome but will do even better without all the kittens around her. 

Tomorrow starts our November Fun-Raiser! We are very excited about this Fun-Raiser. It ends at 9 am on Wednesday. We will have BOXES at 3:00 with the Drawing immediately following. We also have consolation prizes! 

Have a super weekend! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Yesterday was a HumaneOhio surgery day--sure love these events!  Did the check in and check outs outside.  As the weather gets even colder yet, may have to do the check ins inside.  Brrrr.

All went well yesterday and we sent up 33 cats. This broke down to 19 females and 14 males.  A friend noted that my math was not correct back on 11/6.   I shorted our count by 20 surgeries.  

Here's our correct breakdown:
10/20--885 surgeries
11/6--925 surgeries
11/10--937 surgeries
11/19--970 surgeries    (548 females and 422 males)
We have also a few vouchers that we've assisted with that we will be able to add to our grand total at the end.  Plus, we have 2 more surgery dates for 2018--12/4 (HumaneOhio) and 12/8 (FFRC).  I am very hopeful to make and exceed our 1,000 goal! 

Yesterday we also had a Quickie Flash Sale (these are designed to meet a certain goal).  This sale produced $320!!!  This enabled us to purchase a box of Feline Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test kits! Each and every cat and kitten receives 2 tests--one upon arrival and 1 four weeks later.  Many thanks for making this be possible!

We also had BOXES yesterday!  Many thanks to those that provided these gifts!
Robert S - Christmas Card - Black Cat Figurine,3 TY Kitties, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Green Kitty Door Stop, 2 Kitty Wall Hangings

Nadine - Canvas Portraits: Derecho, Alma, McCain & Trucker  $25 each

Jodi626 - Large Donut Tunnel Blue with white stars, Large Pink Donut Tunnel

Michlynn & Vern - Card - T-Shirts:  Christmas Tree 2 M,  Santa Claws - M, 2-L, 2-XL, XXL

J Bond/JanaP - Many pretty .925 Sterling Silver charms & necklaces  $18 (Kitties, Dolphin, Birds, Puppy Paw, Elephant...)  3 Kitty Toys, laser lights, Kitty Groomer & Cat scratcher  For a Fun Raiser: The Instant Pot DU060 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker 6 qt.

Brenda K - WA  Post Cards for Victoria British Columbia, Canada, Kitty Christmas Magnet

LostGirl - Home Alone Tag for keychain and card for wallet for home alone pets

Mudjie & Daughter - Meowy Christmas Horseshoe  (beautiful!)

Littleonemine - CA  Butterfly Card - Robert Shields laser cut copper kitties One for the Butterfly room in gratitude for the friendship of the Butterfly Class & Teacher.  The other for a Fun Raiser

Dawn N - 10 Boxes of Friskies Gravy Sensation Packets
Diana D - 2 long rugs Cameo Blue & Sand

Plee with Sandy & Miss Tortie - Paw Points, Milk Rings, Litter Coupons, 11 Thanksgiving Pillowcases & 2 pretty quilts for Kitties

Mary with Molly/Marshmallow - Donation
Sue/Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation
Good Shop - $50.20  with thoughts of Betz
Anony - Donation
Barb/Pleb - Card and Sponsorship of Spiker
Gail - Day Visitor - 2 16 lb bags Purina
Caitlin Ot - Case of 24ct Sparkle Paper Towels

Phil & Judeannlee, Yarn & Fleece for FFRC projects, Baby Food
Daughter Heather - Baby Food, Kitty Wipes & 2 bottles hand soap

We sure love our Derecho Giggles!  Hard to believe he has made 31 of these!  Check this one out:   Derecho wishes you all a very special Thanksgiving and thanks for all your support and caring.  This song reflects Derecho's heartwarming thanks to you all.  Please click the like/thumbs up button! 

We also had an advisory board meeting yesterday--nothing like packing in a full day!  This is where we talk and go over ideas, keep current on all happenings and give me advice!  Many thanks to our board members!

And we have more thanks!
Kittiesmom--donation to be used where needed
Debra Th--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for Bruno and Jones
Christi S from MI--donation for Jabberwocky and his needs!
Davonne D from DE--donation to FFRC  

Kitties and cats received nail trims today.  We also have tests and vaccines, wormings and flea preventions all caught up. Such good attitudes--they were all good kitties and cats.  (they must know it's getting close to Christmas!)  

Mama Monique and her two babies are doing wonderful.  Monique finally had a "bombs away"!  So, no more worries about that!  Her tummy feels much better, I'm sure.  The two babies are growing and sure love their mama.  

And here's another thing to be thankful for!  Sweet Giovanna has gained more weight back! She's eating better and enjoys even her dry food.  

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday, November 17, 2018

You all give me much to be grateful for.  You make it possible to have this rescue center.  Your emotional support, your donations. your good thoughts and prayers, your interest in each of the cats and kittens, your support of our Fun-Raisers and Flash Sales, your "I've got your back" for myself and the volunteers--it all is important for us here at FFRC.  I am thankful for this. 

We had BOXES on Thursday--it was fun and I sure appreciate each item given to FFRC.
Kathy D - CA  Kitty bed, Flannel Pillow Cases & a Blanket

JBond/JanaP  NY  2 Pr. Work Gloves, 4 pks of Washcloths, 4 pks of AA Batteries, Flash Light, 2-Bottles Hand Sanitizer   For a FunRaiser: 2 - 6-cup Coffee Makers, Pretty Blue Treasure Box
Bag for Mary Braid, Bag for Ramsay & Hatima with Donation for Chicken

Jeannette B & Furhaven Kitties - 10 Bag Snackers Party Mix and Temptaions Variety, 24 Cans of Thanksgiving Day Dinner for ALL the cats and kitties!

NadineGH - 4 Wonderful Clocks with FFRC Kitty Faces: Ramsay, Jonsie, Nyota & Eddie White

Art & Doris 6 Boxes 16ct Rice Krispie Treats
Beth/EagleWatcher - 2 cases Pure Bites for oldsters and needy cats
Sunnie J - Happy Birthday Lynnette Card with a Variety of M&M's
Anony - 4 Boxes of LiL soups, 2 Bags Treats for Horses, Donkey &  Goat, 3 boxes appetizers

Deb11111 - Case of Royal Canin Kitten, Bag of Royal Canin Persian
Caitlin Ot - Box of 1000 Potty Bags
Yvonne VDK - 5 Fish Toys, Bag of Iams, 35 Bags Single Chips Variety
Clark, Jessie & The Rest -  Card Happy 2nd Birthday Nyota 11/14, with Chicken $5
David H - PA  Sponsorship for Kiara, Coralie, Magic, Hensley & Vernon
Mich  Lots of Useful Stuff!
Tom & Nancy C - OH  Donation in memory of Aunt Mart and her kitties Skippy & Boots

Elaine & Alan - FL  in memory of Little Kat:  3 cases 24ct Friskies, 1 case 32ct Friskies, Case Fancy Feast, Case of Appetizers, 3 bags Dr. Elsies Litter

We took in a new cat yesterday morning. She had lived in a neighborhood for a couple years and unfortunately became pregnant. They simply couldn't get her in for a spay earlier.  She arrived very pregnant and shortly after arrival, went into labor.  She had 1 kitten at 2:04 and the second one at 6:00.  No more kittens produced over night.  Dr. Darcy has her started again on oxytocin but it's a real probability she will have to go up for a C-section this morning.  Hoping a birth happens before she would have to leave though.  She is a black short hair.  One baby is grey tiger and the other is a brown tiger ASH.  

We had an adoption yesterday.  Little Turbo went to his new family. They were in earlier this week and zeroed right in on him! He's that gorgeous brown tiger/white. Such a sweetie. He will have some kids to play with and be held by them.

There's a turkey in the refrigerator, thawing just for the cats!  It was a special request by Derecho and Coralie.  

We have more thanks to give:
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Katja S from Slovenia--donation for Vernon!
Judy & Phil--donation for FFRC
Rebecca Z--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Michael L from UK--donation for wherever is needed
Debra T--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation in memory of precious SoyBoy
Debbie & Annie--yummy Thanksgiving treats--buckeyes and cookies---so very yummy!

Sweet Eddie White--he's everywhere in the Rescue Center!  Remember when he wouldn't leave his one 5 foot shelf?  Not anymore! He's right now on my desk, curled up with his paw over his nose.  He welcomes pets now!

And Nyota--remember when she first came in with that scorched fur--so rough and brittle?  Not anymore! She's as sleek as can be--so soft and silky feeling. And happy--that's importnat.

And Cashew--remember when he arrived with that paw injury? so sore and painful.  Not anymore! He zooms all over the place. His 3 leggedness is as quick as a 4 legged cat!

And one more---remember Spiker?  When he first arrived, he screamed and screamed for days.  It was like......don't talk to me, don't look at me.  Not anymore!  He's happy, sweet, purrable and loves his couch! 

Monday is our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter day!  

Good thoughts and prayers for Monique.  She has to make that trip to the vet office for a C-section. She's on her way right now. Thanks to Angie L for transporting her.  I'll keep in touch with Dr. Darcy.  As soon as she is done, I'll head up and bring her home.  Her two kittens will stay here and be cared for until Monique is back.

UPDATE---just got good news from the vet's office.  Monique will only have TWO kittens.  No further kitties inside. But she is loaded to overflowing with stool and gas.  Good news for her--she can easily care for these two babies and she won't have to be cut!  Good news for us--the bill won't be so high!  Now......we better have an extra big litterbox ready for her! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

If you come for a visit, be prepared to do the kitten shuffle--they are everywhere!  No walking fast or picking feet up high!  There's always a cat or a kitten underfoot. And what a lot of fun they are having. The latest 11 kittens are now in the Main Area full time. They even stayed out last night and did just fine.  They are eating good and sure love to play and climb. The palm trees are getting a good workout! 

We had BOXES yesterday. YOU are appreciated--know that you make a difference to FFRC. 
Gwen - FL  Pop Tabs, Box Tops, Soup Labels, Purina One Receipts, 3-Laser Lights, Variety of Kitty food, Photo of Patches who went to the Rainbow Bridge last month, Whiskers from Patches & Angel

Karen B - 24 cans Salmon, 4-12ct boxes of Sardines, Bag of Alpo Bones for Janie (Janie is thankful!)

Jana/JBond - 5,000 sheets printer paper, 2 kitty/dog notebooks, 2 pr Scissors, 2 pks of Gold goodies, 2 zip Pouches, 5 Accordian Files, 6 boxes assorted Greeting Cards, 2 bags Rubber Bands, plastic spoons & forks, 2 bags Werthers, bag of mini 3 Musketeers, 2 clapping monkeys w/candy, chocolate covered Cherries, 6 bags Godiva chocolates, 3 bags Truffles, Pretty box of assorted gum, Bag full of candy bars, Pirouline Cookies, Hazelnut Kisses, 2 tins of Copenhagen Cookies and 
2 Kitty beds, Pet Heating Pad, 2 pkgs sponges, 3 bottles of lotion, 2 pr Pillow Cases, 2 Bath Towels, 4 drying mats, 14 Towels, 18 washcloths 
For FundRaising: Immersion Blender, 3 - Frothers, Farberware Cuttlery & Tool Set, 2 beautiful Kitty necklaces

Dee & Mark M with Katie & Kali - KY  2 Kitty Cards - 2 bags 250ct candy bars, 4 bags 18ct assorted Chips, 6 boxes 8ct assorted Crackers, Case of Friskies, Tub of Temptation Snackers

Ollie & Gene - 4 cases 12ct Baby Food
Sean G - Iams Purrfect Delights
Phleb/Barb - 6 boxes 12 ct Baby Food

Beth/Eaglewatcher - 3 boxes Little Soups, 4 trays Pure Bites, 4 Boxes Delectables -- specially for oldsters

Billie K - 4 30oz Temptation Snackers, 2 containers Milk Bone treats & 2 cases 12ct Alpo  for Janie  (Janie says thanks!)

And more thanks! 
Yvonne VDK--donation to be used where needed
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Brenda Q--donation to FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC

We had a family stop in with lots of donations--litter, dry food, can food, toys, soap, snacks! These gifts were made in honor of their kids birthdays for FFRC!  From: Jettie, Adelynn, Althea, Elli, Payton HA, Payton HO, Riley, Isabella, Vada, Whitney & Zayva and Granny, Grandma Sandi & Bingham too!  They also sent a very kind card.  This family had adopted from us in the past and unfortunately lost their kitten way too soon. I'm thinking there will be an adoption from them! Once you have that special love of a cat, it's hard to do without. 

We took on a new kitten. His name is Radar (a Name a Cat name). He arrived 11/10/19. One of our volunteers found him when she came out of a restaurant. He meowed loudly and marched right up to her! Slight nasal and eye discharge but that is already doing much better.  He was very hungry and dug right in.  A real sweetie that loves attention. He is black/white with one white eye patch and one black eye patch. His birthday is 10/6/18. 

I wanted to let you know that one of our beloved Covies has passed away. SoyBoy arrived here after being found by a  volunteer 7/27/08.  He was one year old. He passed at the age of 11 years old.  SoyBoy has had medical issues over the years but always stayed his sweet self. He's been with us a long time. We knew things weren't good on Saturday -- he was brought up to the Rescue Center. We kept him comfortable, warm and rehydrated.  He passed away yesterday.  He will be remembered as a friendly boy that loved us and all the visitors. Sure will miss him. 

I'm happy to say that Sinbad is doing wonderful. He's been all over the place and seems to be comfortable and has certainly adapted to that leg being removed.  That part was probably easier on him than most since he hadn't used that leg for weeks.  His incision area is healing nicely. 

Coming up dates:
November 19   HumaneOhio surgery day
November 25- 28   FunRaiser!  Boxes at 3:00, drawing to follow on 11/28
December 3   Quick flash sale---afghans and Christmas items
December 4    HumaneOhio surgery day
December 8    FFRC surgery date

Giovana is doing pretty good--she has been eating better! Jessie, our oldest oldster is doing great and has a good appetite. She always meows and lifts her chin up when she wants food! Clara has progressed out to the Main Area and seems comfortable with us. She's a bit shy but that's ok.

Have a great day! 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday,November 11,2018

Yesterday was FFRC's surgery day. All went fine. Busy day but very productive.  We did 13 surgeries total--broke down to 9 neuters, 3 spays and 1 amputation.  This brings our total spays/neuters to 917--509 spays and 408 neuters.  We did have a couple changes to our original schedule. 
Spays: Hatima, GIdget and Clara
Neuters: Sinbad (plus his amputation to front lt leg) , Smoochie, Griffin, TUrbo, Bronco, Aladdin, and 3 male public neuters.

We also did physicals (all surgery cats also get a physical):
Giovana--continue on!  She's gained back a couple more ounces! 
Kubu and Kandan--both good
Marilyn--heart remains steady and strong
Barin--it appears at the very tip of both of his short front legs that there's a bit of a "horn", probably from a toenail bed. If so, that would indicate this was something that he was born with.  Barin also has a heart murmur--4/6
Bruno--still a severe heart murmur--5/6

Sinbad is recovering from his amputation. He will probably need a couple days to regain his balance and then he goes!  I'm betting he will be back to his speedy self.

Many thanks to Gusti for providing drinks for us on surgery day--pop, water and juice.  And thanks to Joyce D for the yummy pizza and bread sticks!  A big thanks to Dr. Darcy, our vet and to Amber our vet tech.  Also to the following for helping with this day: Lynnette, Sue, Becky M, Mary Braid, Painteddaisy.

And of course, we have thanks to give!  YOU are appreciated.
Malessa A--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC

Kelly I--donation for FFRC
Belinda M--donation in honor of Fran D for her birthday (and in honor of Derecho)
Mary Ann and Paul B--donation from riding for FFRC, for Vern and friends! 

Next date coming up---November 13, Tuesday!  It's a Mich Flash Sale--lots of great items including some Christmas items!  Come join us--2:30 here at FFRC!

November 19 is our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter date.

Cherokee found a piece of rope and is carrying it around with friends following--Kubu and Teg and  Hinsley!  Mama Singita continues to get more floor time along with her 6 babies. Those little legs go all over the room! Every once in a while one will try a nibble of food but none are liking that yet! The 6 babies are doing great--healthy and happy.  The other kittens on the floor in the back Thumper's Room will soon get to come into the Main Area. They're about ready!  

We had an adoption!  Sweet Banjo went to his new home. He had a bit of a trip but slept all the way home. I've already heard back and sounds like he's exploring his home already!

I'll be working this week on placing the baby Persian kittens with an application since they are now 5 weeks old. 

You all take good care and have a wonderful Sunday. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018

Kitties, kitties, kitties! We've taken on 5 new kittens.
Aladdin--ASH orange tiger/white. He arrived at 9 weeks of age on 11/5.  His birthday is 9/3/18.  He was found in a yard, hungry, very thin, with fleas and major ear mite infestation.  Super sweet boy--has a little weight to put on but he's working at it!  His ears have been cleaned daily. 

The S litter---arrived on 11/5.  We have had these kittens waiting to come in for weeks.  The owner agreed to get mama spayed here if we could take the kittens.  So...we took on 4 more kittens and mama is now spayed!  They are 8 weeks old with a birthday of 9/10/18. 
Sierra--brown tiger/torti, female
Saki--tiger/calico, 4 white feet, gold dot left ear, female
Skittles--grey tiger/torti, female
Sloopy--ASH black tiger, male

Our quarantine room/back Thumper's Room is full and overflowing plus mama Singita is now ready to be on the floor with her 6 kittens.  Yesterday, all kittens on the floor of back Thumper's Room went up for the day to the front Thumper's Room. They almost rocked the walls in--such great activity!  Then we put Singita and her 6 kittens on the floor. This time, unlike last time, she was calm and relaxed on the floor. She and the baby persians were out half of the morning and all afternoon.  For night time they went back in their pens to ensure full tummies for the babies.  Also dor night time, the door was opened from back to front Thumper's rooms so the floor kittens had lots of space to zoom about.  Probably by the beginning of the week, these 11 kittens will be in the Main Area, giving the back Thumper's Room completely to the Persians. 

Tomorrow is our FFRC surgery day.  We have our schedule ready now!
Boys--2 public cats, Sinbad (plus amputation of front leg), Smoochie, Griffin, Turbo, Bronco, Aladdin.
Girls--Clara, Pipppi and Sierra
Physicals--we have almost a dozen physicals to do! 

Kubu and Kandan are fully back feeling comfortable in the Main Area. Two awesome boys--super sweet, friendly and playful.  Hatima is finally growing--her legs are getting taller! Peppip and Hensley had a good game of laser light play today.

We have thanks to give--this Rescue Center is truly grateful for your help. I've gotten behind a bit so we will do 2 BOX times!
Caitlin Ot. - 36 pack of AA , 36 pack AAA batteries 
Conii & her kitties-- 6 cases of chicken baby food 
Sonja - 32 packs of Vern Lick-e-Licks

Debbi M & Annie G - GeeKam WiFi Sports Action Camera 4K 30fps Ultra HD Touch Screen 170° Wide Angle Lens Underwater Waterproof Camcorder with remote control 

Yvonne vdk - 1 lg bag Purina One tender select, Whiskars Perfectly  Chicken , 4 bottles of Mr. Clean 
Fran / Fl. - 1 lg bag of Purina One tender select
Vicky B - 4 Lg containers of Temptations Snacks 
Janette B / Furhaven Kittys - Box of Fresh CatNip!!   Cats are very happy!

Donna B / Ga - 2 cases Fancy Feast Classic, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 Boxes of PureBites (
Janna/J Bond - Volunteer Snacks, Pringles, 3 bags Orchard Valley Snacks, box Pretzel Crisps, 3 boxes of Sheba Perfect Portions, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers 

Janice & Randy P - 48 - 2 pocket folders 
Jeanne S / Fl - Donation for Feliz Navidad fund 
Christine M / Fl - American Express Card in honor of Fran's Birthday 
Donna F / British Columbia, Canada - Card & $5 Chickie money 
Ann, Kevin & Bailey B / UK - Card , Fridge Magnet , 3 - $5 chickie money 
Marylin & Terry B - 1 $5 chickie money
Cheryl L - Halloween card
Mr. Whiskers / Tx - Box Tops and Coupons, 2 $5 chickie money 
Tom & Linda C / Il - card and donation
Clarke, Jesse & the rest of the Gang - Birthday Card for Grace O'Malley (2)$5 chickie money 

And we also have Thursday---
GidgetheMidge - 4 trays 12ct Baby Food

Jana/JBond - 2 pkg Pure Bites Salmon, 2 Trays of Pure Bites for Ramsay, Case 12ct Baby Food, 6 cans of Lysol Spray, 4 Tubs Lysol Wipes  Grooming Glove, 9 pks-80ct Kitty Wipes, Box of 36 pks of Cheezits
Action Camera: 4G, WiFi, Waterproof lots of special features, for a Fun Raiser, Pair of Pretty Burgundy Slippers size 7-8 for Flash Sale

Rosiland /Ros - 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers, Case-24ct Fancy Feast, Pkg of 20 Kitty Toys, Tub of 22 single pks Milano Cookies for the volunteers

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 cases 24ct Fancy Feast

Great Aunt Julie - IA - 4 pkg Freeze Dried Snackers, Box of Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates.
NHFurry  & nhcatlady- 4 cases 24ct 9 Lives
Sean G - Case of Iams Purrfect Delight

Janet M - CA Kitty Card, Whiskers from Carbie from kitties, Bitsy, Smudge,Boo Boo & Bailey
2 Beautiful Afghans for Fun Raiser  Brown Eyed Susan & Grandmas Lace Ripple

Susan345 - Coffee, Tea & Chocolate with 156 Dixie hot/cold cups w/lids
June/Painteddaisy - Lots n Lots of Stuff

Mark & Dee - 2 16lb bags Purina One, 4 Tubs Party Mix Snackers, 4 cases 24ct Friskies, 2 bags Temptation snackers, 40oz box Milk Bone Snackers for Janie, 2 Cases of Friskies, 4 catnip toys

This morning early--4:00 am, there was snow coming down.  Very pretty and accumulated to a dusting of snow everywhere. I'm glad we've been working on getting ready for winter these last two weeks. Still more leaves to rake though! 

The Porchies, Covies, Barnies and Firehouse cats are all ready for winter.  Their sheds are insulated.  Heat lamps are turned on.  There's plenty of warm blankies for them. And good nutritious food. Plus their electric water bowls are plugged in.  In addition this year, we have a section of the shelter house all snug for the Porchies and whoever else wants to come join in--protected from the rain, snow and wind and lots of bed areas. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Today is HumaneOhio surgery day! These surgery days are wonderful as it's the #1 thing we can do to control the overpopulation problem. As you know, my goal for 2018 is 1,000 and we're getting close!   Today we sent up 40 cats---29 females and 11 males.  Our grand total now is 905, which breaks down to 506 females and 399 males.
Many thanks to Lynnette, Donnajb, Mary Braid and Becky for pitching in and helping us with the check ins.  It's always super busy--we check in that many cats in 40 minutes!

Many thanks for the Quick Flash Sale we had yesterday--sold all 40 blankies, of various kinds!  This will help us with paying our electricity bill! Many thanks to all who provided the blankies and those that purchased them.  This sale provided $562.00 to FFRC!

We are bursting at the seams. We took on 5 more kittens.  1 single kitten and 4 littermates

Aladdin--the single one--arrived yesterday and was all alone and so needs to be with people--all he does is purr and knead.  He's an orange tiger/white boy, about 9 weeks old. His birthday is 9/3/18. He has a couple cuts on his face but is healing nicely. Aladdin also arrived with severe ear mite infestation. We are working hard on those!

Sierra(brown tiger/torti)
Skittles (grey tiger/torti)
Sloopy (ASH black tiger)
Sake (tiger/calico)  pronounced sock ee)
These four kittens arrived with a mama and one other kitten. We have been planning on their arrival for quite some time........but, mama had to be spayed.  Today is her spay-date with HumaneOhio.  The kitten and mama will go back to their home this evening at pick-up time.

We have thanks to give!
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
 Donavon & Shannon--donation for Victor, Jackson & their friends
Joseph V from ME--donation to FFRC
Pilvi--donation for Hatima to have a pickle!
Fran D--a donation to FFRC, in honor of her 60th birthday--from her to FFRC! And with lots of hugs and kisses to all of the cats!

We had another adoption!  Whitney went to her new home on 11/3.  She hadn't been back long when someone had visited here and fell for her.  They came back to adopt her (off cam).  She had come back with a diagnosis of feline hyperesthesia also known as "twitchy cat syndrome".  We have treated her initially for this and hopefully, that treatment will see her thru and she no longer has this problem. If it returns, she will go to Dr. Darcy, by the owner.  I've talked to them twice now and she is doing great and is calm.  She has an outside enclosed porch that she can visit anytime. Apparently a deer was seen close up by Whitney and she watched her for a long time!

We've heard from the family that adopted Rosie.  They say: "Rosie is doing great and is a wonderful addition to our family. She's cuddly and playful and is growing like a week. Everyone, people and animals, just love her to pieces!" 

We've also heard from Manfred and Lukas and have seen pictures.  Both seem totally relaxed and happy with their new home. They made that long trip very nicely--slept most of the way!

We've also heard from Cee-Cee's new family. All is good there. She especially likes hanging out on the back of the couch, looking out the window!

Like to giggle?  Derecho's done it again with a lot of help from a special FFRC friend!  Here it is--       Enjoy!  And remember to click the like/thumbs up button on youtube!

We have a tentative surgery schedule for this Saturday here at FFRC.
Girls--Clara, Pippi, Sierra and Skittles
Boys--2 public males, Sinbad, Smoochie, Griffin, Turbo, Bronco, Tyler.  A couple of these depends on their weight--will be weighed tomorrow.

Sinbad will also have his left front leg removed. He's walking wonderfully on his right front leg now! Just think how fast he will be without that leg to hinder his moves, just like March and Cashew.

We also, time permitting, will do a few physicals.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Let's get some updating done! 

Both Banjo and Bruno are now in the Main Area and feeling very comfortable.  Bruno is doing good in his dental recovery and is eating. We want to get some weight on him.  Banjo joins right in with the kittens for mealtimes. They both have checked every corner out and seem to be satisfied.  Banjo is now ready to be adopted. He's a full bred Persian with red/white fur and is 1 1/2 years old. Very sweet boy. His fur is in the process of growing out.

We took in two returnees. It's Kubu and Kandan. They were born 1/9/18 and originally arrived at 11 weeks of age. They are twins! They were adopted 4/6.  Due to allergies in the family, they needed to come back. And that's ok.........that's what we do here.  Both are gold tigers but there's a small difference! Kubu has an all gold muzzle and Kandan has a white muzzle.  Both boys are super sweet.  And today, they came up into the Main Area by themselves.  They may be a little nervous today but they seem to be adjusting.  These boys are super playful! 

Remember the black cat that we took in---he had been up in an Elm tree for 4 days? He now has a name.....Binx! He is 14 months old, born 8/25/17. He has a double condo and loves to play.  More info later.

Tomorrow we are having another mini-flash sale. It's at 11:00 and will be for leggydews, biggeydews and CJ crocheted blankies.  It'll be a short sale--hope you can join us. These items are great too for Christmas gifts! 

Tuesday is our next HumaneOhio surgery date. It's a full schedule so will keep us busy. This coming Saturday, 11/10 is our next FFRC surgery day. We're heading on towards our 1,000 spay/neuter goal! 

WE have thanks to give--we are grateful to you for your help:
Eartheyes--donation to celebrate the volunteers!
Anne L--donatio to help with the bills for Sinbad, Cashew and March
Pam M--donation for FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
DonnaB in GA--donation in honor of Elsie, Spiker and Coralie
Jeanie A--donation to FFRC, pet carrier and can food
Annie G & Debbie M--4 bags of #40lb litter!

We have names for the latest 7 new arrivals.  Six of these 7 arrived on 10/30.  The 7th one arrived 11/1. Here's their names:
Agnes--grey tiger/ASH, female Being fostered with Auntie Peggy to be friends for Jacob.
Becky--brown tiger, female
Bronco--brown tiger, male
Gidget--gray tiger/white, female
Griffin--gray tiger/white, male (dot on nose)
Tyler--brown tiger/white, male
Turbo--light brown tiger/white, male
It appears that 5 of them are littermates and Griffin and Turbo are from the same litter.  They all came from the same place--a farm.  The owner will be bringing 5 cats in on Tuesday for spays. He's working on getting all of his cats neutered/spayed!  These kittens are on the floor of back Thumper's Room.

The Persian babies are now 4 weeks old. They can stand up and toddle around without their tummies dragging! Their eyes are huge and all seem in good health.  We have people interested in some of these kittens but we won't put firm holds on them until they are 5 weeks old.  

We had an adoption on 11/2!  Cee Cee went to her new home. She will have a cat friend in the family. I've seen pictures already and Cee Cee is adjusting nicely.  More adoptions coming up!

Have you seen Sinbad lately? He's zooming around!  His pinned leg apparently is healing nicely as he is now so much more mobile! He's moving about smoothly and is playing! It's so nice to see this.  On our FFRC surgery date 11/10, his front leg that has complete nerve damage will be removed. He will no longer have to drag it about. I'm quite sure March and Cashew have told him how much easier it will be! He's a great cat and will be adoptable! 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Many heartfelt thanks for a phenomenal fun-raiser yesterday!  We had BOXES at 3:00, followed by the drawing.  It was wonderful!  Here's the scoop..............

BOXES:Great Aunt Julie/TigerCat54 - IA - 4 Bags Pania Flakes
Kathy831 - 6 Bags Freeze dried Duck, Rabbit, Turkey, Chicken & Fish,  M&M's for Lynnette
MadisonPepper/Catlady Box:  Cats in the Kitchen: Cat Spoon Rest, Cat Silicone 5pc Utensil set, Cat kitchen towel, Chef hat catnip toy, Catnip bread slice
Jody626 - 2 Tubs Party Mix, 3 bottles Mr. Clean, 2 bottles Tide, 8 rolls TP
Smuckerjoe/Ed & Judith B with 13 kitties - 2 beautiful afghans, case of variety Special needs food, case of Fancy Feast Variety
Pam S - Halloween Card & Donation
Plus:  Juliann B--donation in honor of Fran D's birthday!!

A - Pet Back Pack                      18x5         $ 90         Kittiesmom
B - Cat Clock                               26x5         130         Bellabelle
C - Harliquin Quilt by Plee         84x5          420        Littleonemine
D - Warped Blanket                   97x5          485         Piperjo
E - Nesco Roaster                      47x5          235        bbsmom2
F - Kitty Quilt                              47x5          235       Nuthatches
G - Peace Pole                           73x5           365       Kerswill
H - iPad                                     193x5          965       nyckitty
Total: $2925

Nuthatches,  Jody, DebbieDear, Anony, Contessa & family, Joe603, Farmgirl, Anony, plus 2 new ones: Yarnlover and Anony     
The new TOTAL for bump ups came to $1,075
Grand total now is at:  $4,000    Happy day for FFRC!  And a thousand thanks!

Jeanette Ra, Patty Pa, JZinFL, LadyDoc, MoonFlower, Deb Fry, Sunnie J, Dewitty, Christina Han and BillieK

Wow--lots of thanks to give! Six of the 8 items were donated by our FFRC friends. The other 2 items were donated by the FFRC cats! (Derecho and Coralie took Pania and a couple kitties--to teach them how to do it--went shopping! ) Thanks friends and cats! Many thanks to the mods for the video and for pumping this sale. And also to the admins. and Canton for doing PR on our pages.  Plus a bushel of thanks to those that bought tickets--585 tickets bought in all!  And to those that provided the consolation prizes.  Marcia and Lynnette counted tickets--big thanks. Wow--it sure takes a village of people to make these fun-raisers so successful! 

I've been asked about our Purina Points project.  This is like "free money" to FFRC. We no longer have to cut those Purina circles. Here's how to do it:
Mail your receipt to FFRC     OR
Take a photo of your receipt.  Be sure the entire receipt is in the frame. The picture must show: Retailer's name or log, date of transaction, time of transaction, total amount of transaction & all participating Purina products.
Mail your photo to

If you are submitting a Chewy receipt, you will need to log into your account, under the Your Account tab, you will click on Orders.  Find your order, click on Details and print this receipt.  You can then send this to:  If you need more info, please mail that same email address with your questions.  Many thanks!

Short blog but had to give my thanks. Now it's off to get those 6 newbie kittens down on the floor! It's time they got to rock and roll! Names will be given soon.