Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weds., July 31

Happy Birthday to the Paddy's. Happy Birthday to the Paddy's. Happy Birthday to our boys, Happy Birthday to you! We love our Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr. They are 3 years old today and have been with us every day of their life! They arrived here along with their mama Rosabella on the day she delivered them. Mama was in trouble, trying to deliver her kittens. She was signed over to us. Rosabella went to a wonderful home, but the boys call their home, right here at FFRC! They've already had a special feast for their breakfast and been shown to the cam. We've got more yummy food for them and birthday boxes for them tonight!

The 12 kittens in the extended Thumper's Room are doing great. Their little tiny tummies are bulging and round, just how we like them! We are no longer syringe feeding them as they all are eating great. Little Dapper insists on standing in the middle of the plate--all 4 feet in! He still has an odd gait, but certainly keeps up with everyone. If you hear someone crying in the group, it's probably Ivo, wanting more holding, which we accommodate!  Such a really nice bunch of babies.

We had BOXES last night. We're very grateful for your kindness.
The Moderators--for Kelly and Molly--a special gift from ThinkGeek
Maddysnana--case of KMR and a neat flashing firefly mat
Aunty Sonjamac--a gift for Molly and Kelly
Kikimycat--7 sets of 8, all occasion cards with FFRC kitties and logoon the back. 1/2 have sentiments 1/2 don't. Really nice cards--will have at Day Sale
Autumnkitty--2 cases of Chicken Soup for the Kitty Lovers Soul 
Miss Octavias School of Fine Arts Heist Academy--heist training materials and extra to be shared with Raza: 2 cases WHiskas Purrfectly chicken pouches and 5 cases of Fancy Feast Delight with cheese. (Octavia is very fond of pouches and she loves cheese!)
Buckeye/Pam--our day visitor, 2 bags of Purina One, one for the Covies and one for kittens
Arden & CHarmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten and 6 cans of KMR
Caren F--2 Kong toys, duck and bear with catnip, 2 cases of Chicken Soup for the Kitty Lovers Soul
G'Aunt Julie P/tigercat54--clip board with memo pad/pencil, gift for Molly and Kelly, Lighted toy for Walter, milk rings, 2 catnip balls, 2 mega kitty snackers, 12 cans of Sheba (Magenta thanks you too!), doggie snackers (2 kiinds)
Diana D from FL--donation in honor of Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purr for their 3rd birthday

We have a new kitten. He's about 4 months old. His name is Goose (another Catathon name). He arrived yesterday after a volunteer found him hanging around her porch. He's rather thin, but ever so sweet. Goose will get his bath today. He's already been tested and is negative. Goose looks alot like Zavatar.

Pumpkin, Ginger, Bixley and Kenco are playing with the tunnel here in the office. Zip, they go in, right out the other side and then head back in again. The games they play--so fun to watch!

Wow--we've made some slight progress with Merri and Jersey. This morning I opened their door to their room. About 5 minutes later, Merri comes out and heads back to Kitty Kampus room. She likes it there by the window. Sarah carried Jersey out after a while and he's now in Kitty Kabana, on his favorite bed. He's not hiding, so that's a big improvement. Poor fella--makes me sad to see the fright that shows in him so often. But, I do believe we're gaining some trust from him. He loves his head to be rubbed. 

This evening, our 5 college cats will be returned. I'll be anxious to hear their reports, which I'll share with you all. Our next surgery date is August 17, a Saturday. Titoes is doing wonderful--gaining weight every day and is very active! 

We have the date for our next Day Sale! It will be Saturday, August 10 at 11:00. This is our first one since way before the Catathon. We're ready! For any newbies, this will be on the kittycam/ustream. Looking forward to it. 

Joyful is doing good. I did learn yesterday that she is very much afraid of a fly swatter. Broke my heart when I saw that. She actually seems to be enjoying the visitors' petting, if not overly done! Joline has been enjoying going out into the Welcome Room office to visit Joyful. Maybe cousins?!

I've heard from Ruthie Ann's new family. She is doing good and the family is very patient with her. She's not a lap sitter, but a watcher! They are enjoying her so much I believe they are interested in getting Ruthie Ann a friend (another adult!). We will see soon. 

Tatiana--a real sweetie that needs a home. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 29

Today is another college day for FFRC! We will be sending 5 cats to BMC. If all goes well, we will send Anna Marie (check eyes, x-rays for more BB's, lab work), Temba, Ratchet, Pumpkin and Arden. All will have full lab work, microchip placement, full physical and lots of love. In return the students will have wonderful cats to learn their cat-handling technique. They will return Weds. evening.

A shelter received 75 pounds of can food in the name of FFRC, thru our moderator Dawnstar! His vet's office was collecting pet food to give to a local shelter. When Dawnstar went there, he delivered this food, representing FFRC!  So nice of you and I sincerely appreciate that. Happy eating, kitties!

Thanks to Amanda P who donated to FFRC thru PayPal.
Phyllis B from MI donated a bunch of coupons and good wishes.
Tabbycatkid and daughter Lauren donated a big stack of the 6 inch paper plates and helped get our Bleach supply back to a good level! They left yesterday and arrived home safely.

Check out our Zazzle account! There's new designs right now ready to be viewed and very soon will be even more new designs thanks to Goss. The site is:

You also might want to check out our Twitter site. It's

Did you know that by volunteering your time to an organization, you may be saving your life? Yes, it's true! Volunteering is a simple way to help others, but it's also a powerful way to help yourself. Research shows that those who volunteer at least 200 hours a year were 40% less likely to develop high blood pressure . The type of volunteer work appeared to be irrelevant. It was the amount of time spent doing it that mattered. So......find that special place you'd like to volunteer at and add joy to that organization and for your health! 

The 12 kittens now all have names. The four kittens of Mechelle's Litter are:
Kwee--calico female with the big gold crown
Kway--calico female with the gold tip tail
Meowzer--black/white male with the all black head
Purrzer--black/white male with a rt. ear that is 1/2 and 1/2 white/black
These are names from 2013 Catathon Name a Cat.  These 12 kittens are all doing great and eating about 95% on their own! Are they messy? You bet they are! Are they cute? Doubly cute! This is so sweet--Bella is their foster mama. Every day she goes to the door that goes to the Welcome Room Office. She meows--loudly! We open the door. She scoots very quickly to the extended Thumper's Room door, sits and meows--even more loudly! We open the door. In she goes to spend hours in there with her kittens. She bathes them, sleeps with them and watches over them. We sure do love this Bella girl!

I am thrilled beyond words and so very thankful. Today, Sarah went to put Merri and Jersey in the Kitty Kabana Room for part of their morning routine. Before she could shut the door, Merri just comes wiggling walking right out the door and into the main area as if she's done it a hundred times! It was pure joy to see this! We picked her up a couple times and put her back down and yet, she did it again. Instead of hiding, she walked! When Sarah brought Jersey out to put in the Kabana Room, she also put him on the floor by Merri but he's not yet ready for this as it was pretty scary. But, wow! What a breakthru for Merri. At this moment, also for the first time, Merri is on the cat window shelf looking outside. She's supporting herself (as she is pretty wiggly) with the window framework! Jersey isn't hiding either. In fact, he got himself on the second level of the Kuranda Tower. We're progressing!

Handsome Rufus--watching a feather toy!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 28

What a doozy of a storm we had late afternoon yesterday. We were by a window when it suddenly became dark outside and within a few minutes, the rain and wind unleashed itself. The kitties were fine, the horses were put in their stalls rather quickly, the ducks and geese squatted down facing the storm and the Porchies went to their sunporch. We had one large tree branch come down and lots of sticks on the property today. About 3 miles up the road is where the damage really started and went  a few miles of knocking down trees. We went driving around last night to see--was quite amazed at the large number of huge trees that went down. I'm thankful we only minimal damage.

We had BOXES last night! Always a fun, thankful time for me.
Miss Octavia's Fine Arts School of Heist Academy--case of Fancy Feast Classics, 2 boxes of Gravy Sensations, a case of Fussie Cat tuna, give extra to Raza, 4 dozen Meow Mix cups. Thanks to the person that assisted Octavia with this. Notice that all things that arrived are the kinds that Octavia particularly likes to heist!
Tabbycatkid/Alex and Princessfluffypants/Lauren--(our weekend visitors)--lots of various K-kups. Lauren donated $295 from monies earned by selling her tie dye clothing in her moms story "Tabby Cat Kids".  What a wonderful thing Lauren did for FFRC! Thank you. She also gave us a onesie and a burp cloth, both tie dyed to show us. We will give these to Molly and Kelly.

We had an adoption yesterday! Our shy, sweet Ruthie Ann is now in a home! She went with a "quiet couple" who has lots of time for her. I was pleased with how Ruthie Ann reacted, as she seemed to welcome their attention. I called last night to double check and things were fine. Not in a lap yet or on a couch, but close by them, laying on a rug. So, that's a start for Ruthie Ann!

Ming is out and about again this morning. We have now started him on laxatone, but will add something different to his diet starting tomorrow, per Dr. Darcy. We don't want that intestinal track to become sluggish again. Another thing to watch long term on him.

A cat crate is on the floor and has become the kittens new toy. Currently, there are 5 kittens squished inside. All I can see is five furry heads looking about from their cave! Snappy and Doce are sitting on top of it.

Yesterday the 12 baby kittens that are in the extended Thumper's Room had a bath. Not that you can tell that today, but yesterday they were once again fluffy and poofed up! They are all doing very good. They love their duckie stuffed toy. Sometimes it's even used as a sucking friend!

Emaline is doing pretty good. I just love how she is such a velcro girl. If I sit down, here she comes! If I try to stand up, she'll try and get into the lap again very quickly! Putter is also doing good. His morning favorite thing is to be on the couch while I eat my breakfast.

Sammie, Kenco and Fiona are playing with a peacock feather. Those kittens of Catsparella are awesome--so sweet. They all have that same wide look to their heads, by their eyes. Very striking.

Intrepid is doing good also. I believe his healing is complete. His leg wound is fine. His eye looks beautiful. He still turns in circles often, but he can run and walk straight much of the time. His purrmotor certainly works great!

All is well here and I'm thankful for this rescue center and our FFRC friends. Have a great day.

Melia, a beautiful kitten!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 27

12 kittens are now roaming about in the extended Thumper's Room! So sweet. They're pretty tiny and sure can purr. If you sit in there with them quietly, you can hear the purr motors going! All are now eating pretty good by themselves. The wonderful gruel concoction has won them over! There's a couple that we'll top off just to make sure their tummies are round. I love how they turn into a pile of kitties at nap time. Camvie thinks she's the big girl on the block since she's the oldest. A bunch of wonderful kittens!

Ming has been out and about quite a bit now. Yesterday was the first day that we saw him way up high on a cat walk. It's hard sometimes to watch them get into positions like this, but we have to take a deep breathe and let them be themselves. He did of course make it down safely by himself! 

The Covies were out and about yesterday. We've had cooler weather this week, so they were extra energized! They were in the big red barn, the grey barn, the chicken coop, the roosting coop--they were everywhere! So much fun makes for a good night sleep for them! 

Fiona, Whoebe, Tillytoes and Judson are all wrapped up together napping on the big red poof. Titoes is doing so much better. He's eating good now and gaining weight. His middle name should be Miracle. He is one tough kitten and fought his battle with being sick like a pro. FIVE weeks working on him. His will to live is great. I saw him yesterday tackle his brother Beartoe. Went in for the ambush, got him on his back and then took off! Little scamp! We just smiled!

We had BOXES last night. Sure do appreciate wht you folks do for us.
Conii--2 boxes from Harry & David--18 delicious, wonderful pears! 
Northpole--a cement cat paw with FFRC on the toes and 2013 across the pad. I love it and will put it in one of the rock gardens
Tigercat54/G'aunt Julie P from IA--12 cans of Tiki sardine cutlets and 2 trays to help carry out the 9 food plates to the Porchies! No more spilled plates.
Lana H--donation for FFRC. Lana just adopted a little rescue kitten!
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with baby food for Ivo and Rosi and for drinks for the guests and volunteers
Kate E from UK--donation for treats for Ming to welcome him back from college

Merri and Jersey spent some time again in the Kitty Kabana room yesterday morning. Jersey ate a fair amount of food yesterday by himself! I still syringed fed him this morning so he continues to know that good things come straight from a person. This will be a slow process with these two sweeties, but time is free here so we have plenty of that!

We have Ruthie Ann on hold! If this is a go she will be able to have her own quiet house! We have guests coming today for a couple days. Joline ate good yesterday with no trouble. This is a daily thing we keep track of. Cutie is doing great. She actually has a little tummy now! Putter was out a bit yesterday. Pania is so bold now--that girl has no fear of anything. She'll occasionally will still bump into things, but for the most part, she has things figured out. What a girl she is! 

Walter is wonderful. He is definitely boss over the dogs and they know it. Nothing gives him as much pleasure as escorting those dogs in and out. I just saw him in the extended Thumper's Room looking out longingly to my granddog, Rosie thru the window. He knows exactly what he's doing--he's even boss over this beagle! What a boy.

Derecho has been a bit wigglier this past week. He's trying to go fast, I believe, but he'll figure it out. He's a smart boy and will figure out what speed he can go at a safe pace. He sure loves his baby food little treat in the morning. 

Little sweet Pumpkin. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, July 26

Our college cats are back! They have been missed. Next week will be the last week until their topic changes again. We will send 5 cats on Monday, to be returned on Wednesday.

Here are the results of the four that went:
Kukster--very friendly, bright, alert. Was microchipped and had a second FIV/Leuk test which was negative. His lab work is good except his WBC count was a bit high, although no signs of infection was seen. X-rays shows a healing fracture of the right proximal femur where the pin is at. Will monitor for signs of bacterial infection of leg. Stool exam was negative.

Doce--very friendly, bright, alert young adult. Wood's lamp skin examination was negative. They discovered his slightly leaky bottom problem--I had neglected to mention that. He had a tiny itty bitty bit of fecal matter a couple times around the anal area. Also believed to have a bit of loosening around the anal sphincter muscle--possible nerve problem?  Was microchipped and FIV/leukemia tests were negative. Full stool exam was negative  Full lab work normal.

Joline--a shy adult female Persian cat. Fur has rough patches of alopecia (still healing from horrible matted condition upon arrival). Wood's lamp skin examination was negative. Has a 4/6 heart murmur but with no clinical signs. Poor teeth (which we knew, due to already-known about stomatitis). She was microchipped and her FIV/leukemia tests were negative. Her lab work was good! She did not want to eat there, but since being back home has been eating well. 

Then we have our sweet Ming! As Dr. Don put it--he's put together rather oddly. This we sure do know! His discharge instructions: a subdued, disoriented Siamese mix who is VERY thin but is eating aggressively reflecting his previous near-starvation status. Neurologic testing suggested Ming can probably hear, but his vision is poor. His x-rays showed he was extremely constipated (although he was pottying here) and his colon was very very full. He still showed a 6-7% dehydration level. He was given fluids, several enemas and finally manually the colon was emptied. We will keep a check on this and will give him cat-lax daily.We will also be watchful of his bowels, in case he has mega-colon.  His FIV/leukemia test was negative and he was microchipped. His full blood work is normal. His x-rays show a normal spine, but with a major healed fracture at the tail base, probably the result of an accident. Could it be a hit by car? If so, did this also result in a head trauma? We're not sure of his past, but Dr. Don feels strongly that there is some brain damage done. They liked Ming!

So, all in all, very interesting 4 cats.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to all!
Cheri B--our monthly Spoiled Rotten box of goodies--cat grass plus, Wellness pet greens, 2 cans of Ziwipeek, Pet Stages Double action Chime toy and a "Meow" necklace
From Octavia!--case of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, 3 cases of Appetizers, 4 cases/boxes of WHiskas Packets (note--everything she sent are easily opened items!!)  Thanks to Octavia's friend for helping her!
Tigercat/great auntie Julie P from IA--12 cans of Tiki food (save some for the Paddy's upcoming BD!) and a case of Felidae can food for Jersey--which he got some for breakfast
Kate C in TN--2 packages of single serve Starbucks instant coffee for the volunteers
Tara from OH--hologram magnet/bookmark, donation for the Porchies and Covies (will get something neat to play with!), 2 dz. large padded envelopes, padded electronics bag and acrylic containers for the Mail Room
Holly/williamsholly--gift for Molly and Kelly--a beautiful, soft frog blanket
Kikimycat--birthday card for Olaf with a poem
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes
Jo Ann C--a continued conversation between Merri and Jersey about their Kabana Room adventure (2). Thanks, Jo Ann!
Anna Marie--a donation for her name sake Anna Marie to help with vet bills
Kat T from UK--a donation for FFRC

We had our report from Petfinder! The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Zelda (gee, imagine that!), Weeja, Octavia (of course!), Beartoe, Tillytoe, Navi, Ginger, Preakness, Jemison, WHoebe, AP, Kiko and Arden.

The Covies are out and running already all over the farm yard today! Let the games begin! 

Archer--gotta love this boy. Full of orneriness and love! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weds., July 24

Today is a special day, with special kittens and cats. You know, when people take the time to spend with their cats, they begin to see a unique personality in each and every cat that comes their way. That is what we want to do here at FFRC, to really know these cats. That way we have an insight as to how to help them to be happy and to find the right home for them. I also love to just watch the cats--they truly do have a "atmosphere" about them. They communicate together in ways that is so interesting. I said today was a special day....but, truly, every day is!

What? Walter is where? He's in the house? Oh brother! That Walter--he goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants and for whatever reasons he wants! Yes, I found him in the house, in front of the opened door, just watching the birds at the feeders. He's so funny. He goes to the back door and meows. We open the door so he can go into Thumper's Room. He meows again and we let him back in. If a room is closed and he meows, we open the door. I do believe we don't even think about it anymore. We all recognize his unique meow-tone.  He meows, we respond! Gotta love him!

Merri and Jersey are right now in Kitty Kabana Room. The main door is shut as is the little cat's door. It's rather difficult for them, these new experiences. Mechelle from Toledo is here and she's been comforting them. Yesterday though, Jersey lapped off of a teaspoon--so he's progressing. Merri is showing signs of looking around, ready to adventure a bit more. I have a feeling each new adventure will require patience and time. 

I talked to Dr. Don yesterday. All 4 of our cats there at college are doing great. Ming was on deck yesterday. It'll be interesting to see what their visit reports are. We'll keep you informed.

We had BOXES last night! We are appreciative of YOU!
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila H--Pet Stages Might mouse catnip toy, Cuddle buddy heater for Merri, Cuddle toy for Jersey, case of Fancy Feast with cheese, 300 count 6 inch paper plates, 2 cases of Appetizers
Mayumi from Japan--birthday card for the Paddys (to be opened on their birthday end of the month!), 2 cases of Tulle, 2 bonito fillet snacks, cat food in packages, 2 chicken snacks for the Paddys
Karen C from Kansas--2 blankies, 6 mega bags of Temptation treats, bag of dry Iams dry, case of Gravy Sensations, 2 cases of Friskies, bag of Friskies Variety dry and a big bag of doggie treats
Zsa Zsa--27 packages of 6 inch Dixie paper plates
Alan C from Utah--donation to FFRC
Francis T from TX and fur baby kitties--00card and donation for where needed, in honor of Merri and Jersey

We have a new kitten. He's a grey tiger/white, about 4 1/2 months old and is another polydactyl. This kitten is wonderful and he wants to play already! He keeps going to the door that separates the Welcome Room Office and the Main Area. He raises up, looks in and watches the kittens playing, then meooooowwwws very loudly. No doubt what he's saying--let me in there! Soon, we tell him. His name is Neko (a Catathon name). 

The Clemm kitten group now have names! The black male is Bear. The grey male is Mogo. The grey tiger male is Togo. The brown tiger female is Rosi. The littlest black male with the very crooked tail is Dapper. Dapper sometimes does a circle walk. He also sometimes spreads his back legs to steady himself. I've been asked several times--could he be a CH kitten? It's hard to tell at his tiny young age. He's barely the size of a minute! Much smaller than his sibs. Hopefully as he grows, he will become more stable. 

Ivo (pronounced ee-voo) is doing great. Joyful let some morning visitors yesterday pet her! There is no doubt that when Peggy S goes into Thumper's Room that Puzzone and Cavie recognize her. Afterall, she was their first mama. Intrepid will have that site of his sutures looked at very carefully today to make sure all stitches are gone. 

Dennis pulled a doozy this morning. While the mop bucket was being filled, he decided to jump from the washer to the counter. He misjudged and plop--right into the mop bucket. So....he had an early morning bath. He's all extra shiny clean now! Then Tabitha pulled a bigger doozy. This was totally my fault. I left a container of gruel on the counter, without the lid. We all know how Tabitha likes to jump into the cupboard to unroll the paper towels. Well, she jumped, hit the container of gruel and it went everywhere. And I mean everywhere. She didn't even stick around to help us clean up! 

Yesterday was Merri, today is Jersey. Some day those eyes will be relaxed!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday, July 23

Farrah is purring on my desk, the roosters are crowing, the donkey just brayed, Pania is making her chirping noise at the window and the sunrise was beautiful this morning. What a great day already!

We have college kitties again! Yesterday, Dr. Don came for 4 cats to take to Brown Mackie college. These are for the new vet tech students to start to learn how to position cats for various treatments. We sent Doce, Ming, Joline and Kukster. These are 4 greats cats to go on this mission! X-rays will be given on all, so that will be particularly beneficial for Ming and Kukster. It'll be interesting to see Ming's hips and rear leg joints. For Kukster, we'll be able to see the position of his pin. Complete lab work will also be done. This will be great for Joline, considering her age. And Doce went just for sheer pleasure! They will return on Thursday.

I imagine that Animal Planet will be starting up their next voting contest soon. Because of rule changes, we will not be participating. A shelter or rescue must be a 501c3 or have a Municipal Shelter EIN. While we of course have an EIN number, it is not a Municipal Shelter one. So........I'm extra very thankful that we won the $10,000 on the first 2013 go-around! We did it! 

We had BOXES last night. These are always gratefully received. I saw this today and thought it was neat:  "You're on my cool list...and it's in permanent ink!". 
Ladydoc/Irene--LOTS and LOTS of medical supplies--chuck pads, conforming bandages, syringes, blankies, iodine wipes, non adhering dressings, telephone records, etc.  An extra big thank you! We will use every bit of this!
Solitarydancer/Deb B from NJ--For Merri and Jersey: 2 big comfy beds, thick and soft, with low sides so they can get on them. I already saw Merri on one of them.
Jatcat--a huge stack of page plastic sleeve protectors
Joann C/joco--a wonderful conversation that she wrote, in the eyes of Merri and Jersey. So very special.
Faithy--a sweet poem called Derecho Finds His Niche. It's wonderful and enjoyed by everyone
Lynda S from MN--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Stephanie/steffer from IL--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Dorothy H from UK--a donation to go towards our spay/neuter fund
Arden and Charmaine--a donation to help with the new 5 kitties

This is very interesting! One of our moderators told me that the UK newspaper (which has the 6th highest sales around the world) has selected FFRC as a top ustream video. Check it out at:

Our new 5 group is doing great. We have two visitors here at FFRC for part of this week who has taken over their syringe feeding during the day. They are Mindy and Diana. This litter is pretty small yet and appear to be fairly healthy. The littlest one, with the kinky tail also appears to have some coordination problems at time, yet those little legs sure can go. We'll be able to tell more as he gets a bit bigger. Diana and Mindy are also syringe feeding little Ivo. He's a charmer and has taken Puzzone and Camvie on as his friends. I call them the Three Musketeers. They all follow each other, although Ivo is still pretty small and slower. 

We are all spending lots of time with Merri and Jersey. Merri is now eating a normal amount with no hesitation! I'm still syringe feeding or mouth feeding Jersey, but he very willingly takes it. Soon, I'm sure, he'll think about taking on this "job" for himself! In addition to people visiting them in their room, we are now carrying them about the rescue center. This morning, Clemm was carrying Jersey and he had his head up and looking around! Now, that may not seem like much, but it's major! He was relaxed enough to not hide his head and to take an interest in his surroundings. What a joy to see that. Last night Merri was playing with a peacock feather. Progress is being made, simply by giving something that doesn't cost a penny--love and hugs! 

Won't be long until we go into full swing of planning the next Catstock. The date for this is September 7, a Saturday. We've started talking about the plans and have a few things going already, but come August, it's full speed ahead. Hoping lots of you can come and join us in the fun! 

The windows are open in the Kitty Kabana room and right now there are 14 cats/kittens sitting on the window ledge looking out at the bird feeders and the front yard. They love it. 

Here is our sweet Merri. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 21

Meow! Meow! Meow! We all know what that means here---little Ivo is hungry....again! He's packing on the weight and sure loves his gruel! We're still syringe feeding him. We put him on the floor a little each day so he can interact with the other kittens. Yesterday he was gnawing away on Puzzone's ears. But Puzzone didn't mind, as he was gnawing away on Ivo's tail! 

We had BOXES last night! I am so appreciative. You folks "out there" truly make a difference to us!
Tigercat54/g8 Aunt Julie--3 kitty beds (orange, yellow and blue)
Karen C from Kansas--card, 2 blankies (purple/pink), feather toys, fishing pole toy, 5 big rolls of tape, 2 collars, 4 boxes of business size envelopes, stickers for our friend Hannah, box of Sharpies, postie notes, bright printer paper, Book "Sexy Cats", cat grooming tools, lots of kitty snackers and 2 bags of doggy snackers
Liz G/naturelover from TX--Whisker city cat bed, 3 bags of Jolly Ranchers, 2 daisy rugs, 3 dog toys, 2 "Got Fish" & "Cats Rule" rugs, 2 Nyla bone Kitty toys, Hello Kitty Mug/drinking cup, lots of misc kitty toys, BIG RAT toy, catnip spray, 2 metal magazine holders, 2 nail clippers, lots of kitty snackers, 2 grooming brushes, 2 pet pads/beds, Flip & Tote Shopping basket, pink fish bed, 3 baskets for mail room, crinkle bag, kickeroo toys, 4 small storag containers for mail room, hanging tight bungie cords, 6 slot unit for desk storage and a very nice card
Loricat--fleece for catnip pads or leggydews, box of 13 gal trash bags, 4 packages of "tushie cat wipes!"
Sandra S/allanimals from Iowa--nice card and a donation to help with Pania's eye treatments
HenryRPeeps and Ohmyguiness--birthday card for Jonah and a donation for Jonah
Rob & Sarah P/romeosmom from Missiouri--coupons, pop tabs for Kellen
Judith B from WA--newsletter from cat rescue and a donation
Shauna M from Utah--card
Sherry W and David from NY--thinking of you card (for loss of Catmandu)
Vagabond Village from Cecil, OH--donation
Kikimycat--birthday cards for Soyboy, Jonah and Olaf
Pat & Ellen--a donation to be added to the Help to Spay/Neuter Fund

Merri (the rescue lady from New York) will be having two adoption events at Pet Supplies Plus in Ronkonkoma in NY, on Long Island. These will be on July 27th and August 10th. She is hoping to find more homes from where our Jersey and Merri came from. If you live in that area, please stop in and see her. Spread the dates and this event to push for adoptions! 

We spent quite a bit of TLC time with Merri and Jersey yesterday. I do believe Merri is relaxing a bit. She can purr! Jersey is still unsure of himself and truly reaches out to Merri for comfort. So heart-warming to see this. He will literally reach out and put his paws on her. Slowly, slowly, we'll pull them into our circle. 

Rachet and Sarah are here laying snug together, side by side.Zelda is sleeping on the desk. Kukster is doing great--he climbs everywhere now and plays with all the toys in the center. Weeja is absolutely beautiful and is told this daily! Titoes still has slight congestion, but is feeling stronger each day. The 4 kittens that win the Loudest Purr contest for today is Melia, Malia, Bix and Bixley! 

We took in 5 new kittens very early this morning. Someone dumped a box at the very edge of the road by the driveway. It's truly a wonder that the box wasn't bashed by a car during the night. We tested them already and they are negative. So tiny though. Probably about 4 1/2 weeks old. It makes me sad to think about the mama--where is she and what is she thinking about her missing kittens. People sometimes don't think about this--she knows very well today that her babies are missing. Please, whoever dumped the kittens, get that mama spayed. They are grey (male), grey tiger (male), 2 blacks (males) and one brown tiger (female). All very friendly and will come toddling to the hand already. One of the little black boys has a very very crooked tail--similar to Ming's tail.  Names will come soon, from the Catathon Name a Future Cat List. 

If you are looking for a low cost spay/neuter clinic in our area, here are two numbers: Fort Wayne, In on Maycrest Drive, 260-420,7729 and Perrysburg, Oh 419-266-5607.  These are great prices, well worth the gas money and they do a fine job. Please, please spay and neuter your cats. People tell me all the time....but it's just a stray, it's not mine. My next question answers it all--who is feeding it?  If you are feeding it, it's YOUR cat. Please spay or neuter your cat. There's still time this summer, as some of these females can still have 2 litters yet before winter. And remember, those kittens that were born in March can have litters themselves come fall time. Do this please, for the sake of saving lives. 

The sleepy kitty gang!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, July 20

Thunder and lightening! We're having quite a storm right now. Major lightening show, lots of rumbles and heavy rain. This coming week is suppose to be a bit cooler--hope so. The cats don't seem to be too worried about what's going on outside.

Ustream has been acting up still. Boxes were on last night, but we lost chat again. So....we'll try again tonight! I still have envelopes leftover from Thursday evening when Ustream went down.

All is fine here. Ming was out quite a bit yesterday. He has put on a whole whopping 6 ounces since his arrival. It's really not that very much, but it's better than nothing! He also seems stronger. His tail still veers to the right, his rear legs are still "sticking out" at times, but he's now eating all by himself! We're still reminding him of the litterbox--we put him back in his room so he has close access.He LOVES to be petted. Right now he got himself up on the window shelf in the Kitty Kabana Room. About 15 minutes ago, he wiggled thru the slightly opened door to the dog's room and plunked down on a cushie!

Little Ivo is still gobbling up formula--as long as he's syringe fed! We put him on the floor a couple times a day in Thumper's Room to play with Puzzone and Camvie, as he needs that interaction with other kitties. He has a plump little belly. Puzzone and Camvie are also doing good, both eating good, both will have one eye that will need to be checked sometime (there's no hurry). We're still treating their eyes.

Solee is up on my desk! She's figured out in the mornings, if she stares at us we will give her a few of the Royal Canin Babycat kibbles which she loves. Cozarelii loves them too. Derecho still gets his two baby food jar lids each morning with a blob of baby food on each--his special treat. I told Derecho just this morning that these other CH cats are all his fault (not Bill's!!) and he just smiled. I do believe he has a plan for this rescue center!

Many thanks to Anna Marie--for 2 cases of baby food to share with Anna Marie and her friends. Anna Marie (the cat!) is half the time in Thumper's Room (where she can easily find the litterboxes) and half the time in the main area (where she's making friends). She also figured out how to get to the 3rd level on the Kuranda Towers. She's a slow mover, ever so patient and is figuring out where things are.

We had our PetFinder report. The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Ruthie Ann, Octavia, Zelda, GInger, AP, Raza, Jemison, Arden, Kukster, Sara, Tabitha, Beartoe and Weeja.

Thanks to Wanda for what she is doing for FFRC. She's doing a BOGO PORTRAITS where if you buy one portrait at regular price, you get a second one free! Plus, she donates $50 to FFRC for each order paid! She's done many portraits of our FFRC cats and for our viewers. This special ends July 31. She has a special gift and her work is beautiful. Her site is:

We have now had two people donate money specifically for us to help others spay/neuter their cats. When I come across someone who is truly trying to help reduce the overpopulation problem but cannot afford to spay/neuter another cat, we now have a fund to help. This fund is particularly aimed at strays who normally don't have anyone to help them. Just this week we were able to help someone get a stray male cat neutered. This cat will go back into the neighborhood he came from (he will be fed) and we know he will no longer be a part of the pet overpopulation problem! The answer is so simple in regards to the cat overpopulation problem. It's not in adoption--it's by having the cats spayed/neutered. That is the long term answer.

We spent quite a bit of time yesterday catching up on treatments. We had wormings to do, vaccinations, repeat leukemia/FIV tests (all negative), ear cleanings and flea prevention applications. They're now done for another day!

Titoes is doing better and is eating much better too. He's now back in the main area. I saw him sleeping alongside his brother Beartoe on the pink cushie. Whoebe is also doing better. He was actually running and playing yesterday!

Enjoy your day!

Now, isn't this just the cutest--little Camvie?!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, July 19

Cutie has her new collar on and she sure looks great. I think she rather likes it! Today we want to go thru some of the residents and recheck collars. You may notice a few new ones put on.

Yes, ustream has been doing some changes in the last day, so sometimes the chat isn't working or is split or sometimes the video isn't even running. Just be patient--they'll have it fixed soon, I'm sure.

I've been asking everyone to go in and sit and visit with Merri and Jersey. This morning I went in and held them both. When I put Merri down, she came back to me to have more head rubs! I was thrilled. Jersey is much more timid and truly depends on Merri. It's quite interesting to watch their friendship. Hopefully both will grow in their confidence level. Jersey isn't eating yet, but he will swallow food when I put it in his mouth. So....we'll be happy for that for a while and hope his appetite kicks in. Both love to have their heads rubbed now.

Little Ivo, the polydactyl is doing great, That little kitten sure can purr. And he's taking his syringe feedings really good. Camvie and Puzzone like to come over when Ivo is being fed and get a little syringe feeding too! Such big babies!

We have Anna Marie in the main area right now cruising about. She has taken this adventure on like everything else--slow and easy. Nothing seems to frazzle her--she's always calm and ever so gentle. She's a wonderful cat.

We had BOXES last night! It was fun to open all the boxes and get caught up. We didn't get to finish with the envelopes as that is when ustream started having issues. But, we'll get those caught up next time! Thank you for the Thursday night boxes!
Tigercat54/great auntie Julie--case of fancy feast and an XXL super soft crate pad bed
Lovebugs--2 tuna flavored Lickey Sticks
Betz--new collar for Cutie's birthday
Lois L/lannml--Birthday card for Riley with 3 Yeoooow catnip bananas to share with his friends and also 3 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Holly E from TX--4 cases of baby food jars
Furkitty/Ellen & Cathouze/Pat from FL--5 cases of baby food
Anna Marie--for kitty Anna Marie: 2 cases of Appetizers (I'm sure she'll share with her friends!)
ChristyH447/Christine H--For the Covies multiple birthdays: 7 of the 6 oz. of Friskies Party Mix snackers, 3 cosmic catnip bananas, Yeooow stinkers (catnip sardines) in a can and a package of coil spring toys
Slickieboy--Peeka Prize Toy Box and a Senses Treat Tower Toy (they'll love these!)
Jobear from MN and her kitties Jade, Pippi, Shadow & Misty--card, Temptation snackers, 4 purple wash cloths and 4 pink handtowels
Debbie C/lostgirl--angel kitty card with a note and a beautiful concrete art (a kitty angel for alberts garden)  Artist is Mary Ferguson
Anonymous Friend--4 packages of Temptation treats
Jatcat--2 Kong active toys--a double figure 8 track ball--will provide lots of fun and a container of catnip
Caren F--batttery operated swimming frog!, 4 mouse toys, case of Chicken Soup of the cat lovers soul and a case of Friskies Salmon
Arden and Charmaine--3 cases of Friskies variety, 2 cases of Friskies Pate and a case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--2 cases baby food jars
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful memorial stone for our sweet Catmandu. 
Henry R Peeps and Ohmyguiness--sent birthday cards and a donation for each for SoyBoy, Timothy and Olaf. Will get the Covies something to share with their birthday $$!
Kikimycat--Happy Birthday card for Zelda with her picture and a lovely note
Gusti from Germany--a donation for little Ivo
Conii & Elliott--donation for the Feliz Navidad fund 
Holly W--donation for the NY trip for Merri and Jersey

I just saw a chatter say the kittens have their batteries recharged! And that is the truth--they are very hyper this morning. Lots of playing, running and being ornery. Walter was bathing Kiko this morning. Bixby is full of himself--jumping from one level to another like he has springs for feet. Zelda is sleeping on a box with Intrepid alongside of her. Octavia (I'm just SURE it was her) thieved 3 items during the night. Paddy Purr is looking more like a lion everyday with his big neck mane.

Ruthie Ann came out for a gentle petting this morning. She's so very shy but so wonderful with the young kittens. Putter is feeling great. He loves to sit on the couch. He can't get up there by himself, so I frequently put him up there. Looks like a king! Emaline is doing pretty good right now. Joyful is so good with the little kitties in Thumper's Room. She never swats them. She's even being more open to being petted by visitors--once or twice, then that's enough! But, she sure enjoys herself! 

A card that I received has a beautiful saying on it: "Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared." Now, isn't that the truth! 

Here is Melia.  She and her sister Malia are wonderful kittens--so friendly!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday, July 18

What an adventure! Almost 1,300 miles and many many hours of driving. But, we have our 2 precious cats here now at FFRC. There was fog, heavy rain, potholes, at least 5 million cars and 7 million semis, beautiful weather too, gorgeous scenery, Appalachian Mountains, nice people, very long long bridges and on top of it all, many good well-wishers for this trip (our viewers/cammers/supporters). We went thru Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York to Long Island, NY. It was wonderful, but I'm so glad to be home. 

Merri, the rescue person involved in finding all these cats and dogs a home is absolutely wonderful. She has a heart of gold and I so appreciate her effort. She is helping the person who has all these cats and dogs. We all know these two CH cats came from a hoarding situation. My heart also goes out to this person as well. She needs guidance and help in her life. Hopefully she can be rescued too. We shall call her Harriet.

Here's a little information about our two new cats. The brown tiger female is now named Merri, in honor of her rescurer. The black/white male is now named Jersey, for the state of New Jersey that I drove thru. Both are CH cats. Merri is 6 years old  (bd 4/4/07 )and Jersey is 5 years old (bd 7/4/08).  I have just found out today that both of these cats were taken to a vet's office and given over to Harriet. Merri was a young stray kitten, has no history other than that and has been with Harriet ever since. Jersey was also a young kitten and so has spent most of his life also there.

Here's the thing--both were kept in an outside screen porch--no a/c, no fan to cool them. They have always been together. During this time here, I've been told, that little physical touch was given. Boxes not scooped often, but they were fed. No blankies. Sometimes I get "feelings" from cats, sometimes not. When I was first driving with these two cats, I felt a deep deep sadness from them from their eyes. Their first night with me, I set them up in the bathroom Jersey was so very scared. Merri went over to him, and put all 4 legs over him (standing up), then hunkered down over him. I have seen her do this three times now. It very much calms Jersey. I also have a feeling that these cats knew somewhere in their life what love was. That night I read the newspaper in the bathroom with them so I could start to know them.  I also took them on the bed with me for a while. Merri settled on a pillow and Jersey settled in my arm. That was so very nice for me to experience.

These two sweeties will be in Cat's Corner Room for a while. I will ask everyone to please go in, sit with them, pet them, hug them. I will also show them to the cammers at times. We want them to feel a part of this family here. This may take a while, but I think it's doable. So, with lots of patience, we're going to achieve this! My goal is to get them in the main area, happy and confident. 

Next, I want to thank you all for your good thoughts, kind words of encouragement, travel donations and prayers. I truly felt I had 4 angels on each corner of my truck and God's hand on top! Remember our song, Lean on Me? Well, this is ever so true. I leaned on you all and you leaned back! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to thank the volunteers for pitching in extra these last 3 days. Are there better volunteers in this world? Nope, nope, nope! I love each and every one of them. 

So, it'll take me a couple days to catch up on my work and sleep, but that's ok. It'll happen. I'm just so pleased to have these two new cats here at FFRC. Please send prayers for Merri (the rescuerer) for her to continue to find homes and for Harriet that she becomes at peace with herself. Thank you.

We had an adoption this morning! Yes, our dear sweet Bearta girl went to her new mama, Sherry. Sherry has visited her many times and Bearta already felt at home with her. What a wonderful home for this little kitten!

I also wanted to say thanks for our BOXES of many nights ago!
Rosemary B, from South Africa--gold and multi color ripple crocheted afghan and the gorgeous start crocheted afghan. Both of these are for an auction or a Day Sale. Beautiful work from a generous heart. 
Elisabeth A--a donation in honor of Zelda!!
Neil and Jean S. from OH--a donation for FFRC
Eric and Carrie--a dozen baby food jars
Sue and Sandy (day visitors)--paper towels, 4 cases Fancy Feast, Bounce, 4 tubs Clorox wipes, Laundry soap, granola bars, kitty pillow, volunteer snackers, sardines, cat nip, dog/cat snackers, cat toys
Michlynn (day visitor)--3 big bags of Purina One, 2 boxes dryer sheets, cat snackers and a big bag of volunteer snackers

When I got back from the New York trip, I started sorting my e-mails to catch up. I found so many donations made to help support this trip. Oh my goodness--this is just wonderful and I am so appreciative:
Mary E                  Ellen E                         Karen K
Aunty Fi                Gusti                           Faith M
Caren F                 Arden/Charmaine          Rebecca F
Susan A                Sheila H                       Hencass
Marilyn B              Kim K                          Susan M
Margaret H            Deb B                         Theresa E
Jacksmom            Nancy S                      Tami L
Carla  C                Sonnykat                     Theresa W
Beth A

Thank you too for the offers for an overnight bed, rest and a visit. As you know my trip was very fast planned and I went, got and came back so quickly it's hard to believe it's done! However, I did get to meet my friend David and his mom Sherry (and his teacher and his nurse). They live just minutes from Merri and drove over so we could meet. David is just as wonderful as I thought and it was an honor to meet him. He will always be a special friend to me and FFRC. 

We have LOTS of BOXES here that have accumulated since Saturday! So, BOXES tonight will start at 5:30 pm (ffrc time!).  I even had time to shake and rattle a few of them.

Was I in for a big surprise when I returned home. Zelda was sporting another red collar. I'm beginning to think she's putting them on all by herself. Such a smart cat! That collar too is now on my mug on my desk! She is sleeping beside me. 

Well, I feel like I've been super blessed--family, friends (cyber friends included!), an adoption, 2 new cats and a safe trip! The cats are playing, lots are looking out the windows at the bird feeders, Farrah's had her meds, Whobe is feeling better and the kittens are growing! 

We do have a new baby tiny kitten that arrived a few days ago. He's a little gold/white baby, just tested last night. He's a syringe-fed boy and is ever so sweet. And he's another  polydactyl (all 4 feet). His name is Ivo (a catathon name). 

Doce in his palm tree.

Monday, July 15, 2013


  1. Oh my goodness--I can't believe I'm doing this, but I am. I'm going to Long Island, New York to pick up 2 CH cats. I don't have much time. Want to leave at 3:00. A hoarder situation. The two cats are healthy, moderate CH cats and will probably be euthanized if we don't help. A rescue organization is involved there in NY, but cannot keep them. So, we're gonna do it. I know...aren't there places there that can take them? Well, no. Are we responsible for them?  well, no. Do we want to helpthem? You bet we do. So with lots  of help from the volunteers and moderators, I'm going. I will rather enjoy the peace and quiet and feel a great need for a little break. I'll keep in touch with the moderators and let them know where I'm at. It's a 12 hour drive one way. Plan on being back on Weds. Connie is doing breakfast. Becky M is doing late night tonight. We have a driver to take and pick up Bearta tomorrow and a volunteer to oversee her. Have all bases covered. Could I have someone else drive? Probably, but I would like to go. Moderators can call me--they know this. Steve and Martha M will do the pixel check at night. Some people may say--why do you have to go out of state to help a cat--isn't there enough here in Defiance? Well, yes. But, this is something I WANT to do. I've said for a long time, I love the special needs--we do a good job with them and enjoy tending to them. There is never ever enough help for all of them. But, we try to do the best we can for those that we can help. Take good care--I'll keep in touch. I'll be anxious to welcome these two cats to our family.   Jacci

Monday, July 15

Timothy, Soy Boy, Jonah, Olaf and Zelda all have birthdays today! A big Happy Birthday day!
Jonah--He arrived when he was just 6 weeks old. He came when Dawn and I were heavy into doing dog boarding. He became an office cat. He actually was the first Covie. He had a terrible leg injury which resulted in him losing a front leg. He arrived 8/23/99. He is 14 years old now.
Soy Boy--he got his name because he was found in a soybean field by a volunteer. He was just one year old. He arrived 2/27/08 and is now 6 years old. He is a Covie.
Timothy--he arrived on 7/14/08 as a one year old. Timothy is the cat that we "lost" for about 2 months, but a person down the road (4-5 miles) brought him here for me to see. I realized it was our wonderful Timothy! He's never left again! He is now 6 years old. He is a Covie.
Olaf--he arrived on 7/25/07 as a one year old. He is now 7 years old. He LOVES lap, to be petted and to greet our visitors. He was so very thin when he arrived, but not anymore! He is a Porchie.
Zelda--she arrived here also as a one year old. She had been stuck between a store wall and cement blocks. In trying to get herself out, she made tremendous sores on her hips and injured her elbows. This is why she limps on her front legs at times. She is now 3 years old. I do believe she is one of the prettiest cats ever to come to FFRC! She is in the Rescue Center, awaiting adoption. 

They will all get special yummy food today in celebration of their birthdays!

Updates: Camvie is eating all by herself now--she has a nice round belly. Kukster was limping on Saturday, so he's under half pen rest, which he doesn't mind. This morning he was walking normally again. The pinned leg should be very solid by now. What a wonder-cat! Intrepid is simply awesome. He's so wonderful. We still have 2 more eye sutures to remove (maybe today). The majority of the time, he walks straight. Puzzone--what a guzzler! This tiny baby can eat his weight in gruel daily by himself! She loves Camvie and Intrepid. Anna Marie--doing better every day. You can see her confidence growing. She spent a couple hours in the main area yesterday. 4-5 times we had to get her out of a predicament. She'll get into an area where she can't find her way our of. She willingly comes to us when we call her. She has a pretty hard head which is a good thing, as she bonks into things frequently. But, truly, yesterday she showed improvement. Moves nice and slow. Ming--I do believe I saw him smile yesterday! He's gained a bit of weight. His rear feet still will "wing out" often and his tail will forever go to the right. But, he's so happy and loves to be petted. We let him out some everyday to socialize with the other cats. He's really very good with them all.  Titoes--doing better every day. This kitten has a strong will to live. There has been several times that I thought he wouldn't make it. He's doing better, but still somewhat "fragile". We top him off with a syringe a couple times a day, but he's eating better now by himself. Especially iwhen he has Camvie and Puzzone to get him started! He's playing now for short periods and LOVES to be cuddled. 

Tomorrow Bearta will make her way to the vet's office for her spay. We'll do another spay/neuter day here for our FFRC cats, but probably not until August. We want Bearta to be in her home by then, so it's off to the vet's for her to get the job done. 

Right now, Kenko is destroying my desk. Is it any wonder that I lose important notes? I explain to him every day which pile of papers he can play in and which he cannot. Of course, he doesn't listen! You may see 2 adults here this week. They are Ebbie and Vollie and they belong to Caryn and the girls. Kerstyn is spending the week here while Kellen is at Dragonfly Camp, a 22Q camp. Raza  is in the window, laying very low, chirping at the bird feeders! AP is behind me, sleeping so peacefully. Solee has already talked Sarah into several treats this morning. Danika and Theo just pounced on Patches. The race is on for them! I never tire of watching them. 

I just read this in a magazine: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  Oh so true. Let's be kind to one another and make someone feel good today! 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support.

Beautiful Joyful taking a nap. 
Oh Boy, more papparazzi, will it ever end.JPG

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday, July 13

There's no better way to start the day! Theo is purring like a diesel truck on my desk and rubbing my nose. Karena is sleeping with her head propped on the screen. Judson is on my shoulder. Walter has already done his thousand wipes on my face doing his good-morning-routine! Derecho is chirping on the window ledges while watching the guinea hens, the roosters are crowing on the farmyard. Titoe and Camvie are feeling better, Kukster is plain and simple a nut! He loves to play. Cutie has already cleaned top to bottom 3 kittens. I even saw Kukster cleaning a kitten and enjoying it! Little Intrepid just walked the length of the office with only doing one circle!  Doce is playing with 3 kittens by my desk. These are the good things about rescue work!

We had a birthday party for Cutie yesterday. It was so nice! We had a big cake--half chocolate and half white with a Cutie cat on the top and also frosted decorated Cutie cookies for the volunteers--all compliments of Betz. She is declared her official God-Mother. We also had a big mid morning breakfast for them, complete with extra yummy can food and 2 pounds of browned hamburger mixed in. They devoured every single little piece! Helium balloons also were added!

Hey--what happened? Who did that? Somehow (no one seems to really know) Zelda ended up with a beautiful red collar on. I was talking to the cammers, getting ready for Cutie's party and up jumped Zelda onto the orange table. Jingle-jingle. Was that a bell I heard? IS THAT A COLLAR ON ZELDA?? Oh my garsh--how did that happen? All I know is Elizabeth and Janet wouldn't look at me!! So...Zelda got to wear her collar during the birthday party. I now have it on my cat mug on my desk--as a reminder that Zelda once had a collar! Thanks for the thought, everyone! You really are all so tricky!

We did not have boxes last night, as Janet, Steve and I went out for supper for her last evening here. Today starts her next adventure. I am so grateful for what Janet has done for FFRC--a mighty big help. She's read stories to the cammers, cleaned up puke and pee, mixed up countless gallons of gruel, loved on all the cats, done a ton of computer work, helped with Catathon, fed the cats, syringe fed the kittens--lots and lots of things. Thanks, Janet.

I am grateful for these donations:
Judith M--a donation made in honor of Janet
Lucy O/lucytoons--a donation to FFRC
Hollie E--donation to FFRC
Sarah P--to help with medical expenses for Anna Marie
Kathleen M--donation to FFRC
Gusti--a donation in honor of Janet (Janet got to pick out a Leggydew for her cat, sponsored Dahnay for another month and the remainder went to Feliz Navidad Fun)
Caroline L/Cas from UK--donation for treats for the Covies and Barnies
Karen K--donation to FFRC

We have a new kitten. Her name is Puzzone, pronounced Poo-Zoone. She's a little bitty 3 1/2 week old now, a medium hair brown tiger/white baby.She arrived on Monday, very sick. Peggy S took her home for 4 nights since she was sick and needed help eating. Puzzone is now eating good, feeling much better and is a rascal! Her name means Little Stinker in Italian. She has a determination that has probably helped her survive. We finally were able to get her leukemia/FIV test done this morning and it's negative! She has already formed a friendship with Camvie. 

Our other new adult cat, Anna Marie is a gem. She's absolutely a gentle cat. It does indeed appear that she doesn't see. We had Anna Marie in the Mail Room yesterday. She stumbled bumbled around, but then got her bearings. She particularly liked the red poof and truly relaxed in it! So nice to see that. This morning, while petting her, I discovered a BB pellet--smack dab in the middle of her forehead, embedded in the skull. Poor baby. Could this be what happened to her left eye? Possibly. She is truly a wonder--so sweet, so loving and so forgiving. 

We had our PetFinder Report. Here are the top 12 cats that were viewed--Zelda, Octavia, Snappy, Dove, Arden, Ratchet, Keesha, Spruce, Polo, Ruthie Ann, Sara, Dahnay. (Take note of the top 2 cats!)

Here is our sweet Anna Marie. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12

If you have some extra time and want to come and kittysit--today is the day! Oh my garsh--these kittens are wound up. Running in every direction, even running into each other! One nips a little hard, then there's a yelp, now one is running to another group of kittens to dive in and play with the new crinkle bag. Right now, there's 3 racing up the sisal tower to the ceiling. Hankster just flipped over Archer, who just got done running over Sammie. Oh dear--they are crazy today.....just the way we like them!

Zelda is here by my desk--glaring at me. I just kisssed Kenco and told him that he and Archer are two more of my favorites. I think she heard me.

We had BOXES last night--wonderful boxes that we're grateful for!
MsNiceinVA/Lillian D--note from Kacky and a donation! Purple shawl for Jacci, bunches of magnetic ntoe pads, note cards with envelopes, stickers, patriotic bandaids, crinkle bag, Kitty tin with faith postie note, Hello Kitty tooth brush, kitty tin with 2 note pads, kick cat toy, 3 engraving art kits and a peacock puzzle
Laurie/felinetoyz from WA--for the olders: a case of Royal Canine oldster can food
Leann T from CA--a donation in honor of Kelly R's retirement and love for the kitties. Happy Retirement, Kelly!
Penny for Timothy Covie--birthday card, 2 packets of snackers and 10 appetizers to share with the Covies
Mommymyra/Myrna--lots of beautiful kittie blankies for our store/day sale and one for Jacci's kittens. Extra thanks!
Anonymous Friend--KKups for Kitty Kastle, LOTS of great bandaids (we always can use!) and lots of medical items--antibiotic spray and ointment, alcohol wipes, antiseptic wash, itch reliever, liquid bandages! Also cat toys, blank cards, 24 wash cloths,squeeze cheese cans. Also bags for Jocelyn, Damian and Kathy R--really nice theme bags, hat for Jean S, 3 beautiful crocheted blankies, a great atomic clock for the back Thumper's Room and fabric for Leggydews for Angie!

Yesterday at one sitting, I saw 14 cats on the window ledges in Kitty Kabana Room. They surely do love to look out of these low windows. Lots of action always going on outside. Toby is right now on a high window that he climbed up to. There's two bird feeders about 3 feet away from him.

This is Janet's last full day here. I have so enjoyed having her here at the Rescue Center. The cats too have enjoyed Janet's visit.  Starting tomorrow she will begin a 3 week trip of Scotland!

Ming is doing better! His appetite is slowly picking up. He's also starting to connect with the litterbox better, in his room. He will knead when he's petted. A very different boy, but we're working on drawing him out and be a part of us. I think he'll "get it"!! He is so enjoying the TLC that he's receiving. And he sure loves his extra soft bed!

We took in a new cat yesterday. She is a long hair calico--a real beauty. This is one cat (as with many of them) that I so wish I knew what the history was. She is a young adult that appears to have been thru a rough time. She's very thin. She was so hungry when she arrived and has continued to eat all the can food we give her. You can actually feel the food in her tummy--she's that thin. The man that brought her had found her about a week ago. He's fed her, but cannot keep her. So, she is now here at FFRC. He said it appears to him that she may be blind. I am usually skeptical when people say that, but everything I've seen about her so far does indicate that she cannot see or has very limited sight. As we get to know her better, we'll "figure" her out. It looks as if both eyes have been damaged due to different reasons. We will have the vet take a look at her. She needs a beautiful name that will show she has much love within herself and a name that shows she can deal with the things she's been dealt with. I do believe her name is now Anna Marie.

Janet took this picture just last night in Kitty Kabana Room. The evening light was coming in thru the windows and the gang was enjoying the window shelves. Play action too going on! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11

Step away from the counter--step away from the counter! That's our favorite thing to say at meal times! The closer they get, the harder it is to prepare their food--oh, but they're so cute. And they sure can sing too--ask them a question and they'll meow, meow, meow right back at you! 

Allie/Althea and Courtney finally arrived at their Maine home last night. The trip to get Althea home took about 5 hours longer than anticipated due to late planes. But, they're home safe and sound now. Courtney will keep us updated.

Last night we had a group of kids come from the Zion church--they wanted to come and do their service hours here. Amy took care of them and had them clean Cat's Cove, groom the Covies and pick up sticks. Tonight, we'll have the other half of the groom coming.

Ming is now in June's Room. He's getting out regularly to walk about. We prefer to have a Ming-sitter watch him. Because of his "condition", he has some potty issues we're working on. He seems to be doing a bit better with it, but we need to really ingrain this as a good habit with him. He's also eating a bit better by himself. He especially likes that Tulle that Mayumi has sent from Japan. 

Little Merlyn is up in the main area now. He's a big time player and needed more stimulus to keep him busy! He's here, there and everywhere. So, if you see a little white blur go by, that would be Merlyn. 

WE had BOXES last night....lots of BOXES! Thanks ever so much for your support.
Oilsandsgirl--40 lb litter, 2 cases Fancy Feast, box of salmon appetizers, big bag of Purina One Adult and a Cat It Senses turbo trac toy
Conii and cat Elliott--a kitty pad orthopedic for Kukster or whoever may need it. We actually put it in the room for Ming, for his hips. He was sleeping on it! Also a case of KMR!
TomA68/Tom & Gillian from UK--kitty card and Bondi Licks, both salmon & chicken flavor
Butterfly Class from Belgium--last gift from the class of 2013. We will miss you! 5 3-D cutout black kittys with googly eyes and 4 good luck charms (so very nice!) Take good care!
Mayumi--Tulle--creamy chicken (2 cases) and a gift for Hannah
Medic101/Laura--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Joco51Joann--400 shoe covers for us to wear on the farmyard--thanks bunches!
Widdletiger/Elizabeth--2 bowl bed/scratchers and a Moby Dick fish scratcher
Brookebosse/Brooke--12 peacock feathers--these are always a big hit!
Debra N--8 boxes of appetizers--variety
Maggie J from MA with Frankie & Mickey--2 cases Meow Mix packets and 2 cases Gravy Sensations packets, case of appetizers, case of Sheba, bag of Royal Canin dry kitten food, bag of Royal Canin Baby cat, Wellness packets, kitty snackers, warm/cool mat for the cats, lots ofkitty toys, roll of stamps and TWO big boxes of Catnip pads complete with extra catnip (these have a velcro opening)  These are in our website--check it out!
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze in FL--case of Friskies turkey and cheese, box of appetizers, big bag of Purina One adult
Joey3100--3 boxes that held 3,000 of the 6 inch paper plates
newfiedogmom--7 cases of baby food meat jars!
S. family of OH--Chief register tapes
Kikimykat--happy birthday card for Preakness with Preakness picture
Wanda from idoportraits for a portrait she did for one of our webcammers

The Barnies are doing great. They got a big cleaning of their barn recently--all spick and span for them, along with clean blankies and new stone being laid. The Covies will have another Running of the Covies on Friday--it promises to be a nice, sunny day so they will enjoy that.

Judson is such a clown--he comes right up to you and gives a big MEOW right in your face. Arden is also a talker. If we hear what sounds like a cat yeowling, it's probably Arden. Farrah is a chirper. We seem to have cats that like to talk!

We still have a few cats on hold: Abbott, Fiona & Sammie, Bearta.

Won't be long until we start working on the next event--the Catstock, which is Sept. 7, a Saturday. If you can come join the fun, we'd love it! We'll have carnival games, big tents, popcorn, big circus feel to the event and lots of prizes. 

Our little Camvie, getting all cozy for a nap.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weds., July 12

BOXES are at 5:30 pm tonight (FFRC time!) Because of our two meetings on Monday and movie night last night, we will have 3 days of box collections to open! What fun. Come join us on the cam!

This morning, our sweet Althea will be leaving with Courtney and flying to her new home in Maine. Courtney is our new mama to Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Courbet. Althea will join this calico group and have a wonderful home. 

We did a few weights yesterday. Gaining weight is a good indicator that kitties or ones that weren't feeling well, are now improving. Little Bearta is of a good healthy weight now. We'll be setting up her spay day very soon as she is on hold and her new mama is anxious to take her home! 

Many thanks to:
Glynette M from CA--donation, in memory of little Catmandu
Kate E from UK--donation in memory of brave Catmandu, treats for Ming and in honor of Vaun for helping Ming
Aunty Fi--donation to help with costs for Ming
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/catHouze--donation in memory of Catmandu
Brooke B from OH--donation for Derecho
Lucy--donation in memory of dear Catmandu.

If you have sponsored a cat from the Catathon and have not given us the name of your desired cat or if you haven't seen it in yet, please let me know! Also if you have designated a name for Name a Future Cat and haven't seen it in yet, please also let me know that. Just e-mail me so we can get everything correct! As people are getting their last payments for their Catathon items to us, we continue to mail things out. We are probably at 95% done now!

We are absolutely so fortunate to have our veterinarians. Each life is important to them. Yesterday the entire team of people that work at Dr. P's office had an hour meeting in regards to Catmandu. All aspects of his surgery was detailed, went over and picked apart. They came up with even better procedures for their surgery protocols . THIS is why I respect them so highly. While we cannot control those rare drug interactions, they were willing to scrutinize and evaluate themselves. My thanks to them.

Update on the oldsters: Magenta continues to eat her 20 meals a day! Well, maybe not quite that many, but she likes those frequent, small meals. Ada Jane is doing great. She is still developing her Meow sound which we all come arunning--as that means she would like either food or the faucet to drip. Putter is....well, Putter! He's doing good, eating just fine and loves to sit on the couch.

The kittens are hyped up this morning. Just lay out some UPS paper and it's crazy time playing here! If it gets flattened, simply bunch it up and they'll have a go at it again. Right now there are 6 kittens playing beside me, with a tiny bit of a feather. It's Ginger, Judson, Remison, Toby, Kenco and Bixley. 

Kukster has spent his first 24 hours out of his pen and is doing great. He's an ornery boy--loves to play with the kittens and any of the toys. He's healing very nicely. Joline's fur continues to grow in. Fuzzy and curly in some places. Raza is watching the birds outside the window. Little Intrepid--he's a brave boy. He's been thru so much, yet is a loverbug. 

Our Hank, a Porchie. He is such a happy boy and considers himself boss of the Barnies too!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday, July 9

We had two meetings yesterday. The first was our advisory board meeting. We went over many items, including the upcoming Catstock event.  This is a great group of people that help us with ideas for the rescue center. Following, we had our next meeting--a wrap up of Catathon. I've copied down lots of notes to help improve the next Catathon, even though we thought all went well for our 3rd event. 

You've probably already heard about our flooding in the front office. What a mess. So very disappointing too. Our contractor has dug trenches and laid big/wide drainage lines to keep the water away from the office. He's been called and will return to figure this problem out.Part of the problem is that the front office is at least 4 inches lower than the ground level.  We had two episodes during the night, where Steve and I mopped and cleaned up. Keep in mind, the rains have been torrential downpours but still, we cannot have this happening. We'll get to the bottom of it yet!

We had an adoption yesterday. Mary/Mrs. Braid (our volunteer) adopted Butch. Butch is such a wonderful cat and will be well loved. We've also heard from Zsa Zsa's new mama--sounds like she just fit right into their home, like she's always been there. I've also talked with Angie about Kohart and Pokie Dot--a perfect match with their other cats. Sounds like a good thing! 

Today, Courtney will be returning. She's the mama of our latest 4-Calico group of cats that she adopted. She's flying back for a pick up of Althea who she will call Allie. Courtney will be here early afternoon and will leave tomorrow morning. 

We had a very sad and devastating event yesterday. Our sweet Catmandu passed away. He went to our vet's to have his leg x-rayed to see what was causing such a discomfort. It turns out the pin was bumping a nerve which caused him to be uncomfortable. The pin had to be changed abit, so he was taken back to surgery. Unfortunately, it's assumed he had a reaction to the drugs. One second all was fine--heart/respirations normal, the next his heart simply stopped. All effort was given to revive him, but it didn't work. So very very sad to lose this little kitten. He was such a happy boy here. We all know that things happen, so we deal with our grief and then carry on. He will not be forgotten, but we learn to shift our thoughts to the other cats that need our care, and carry on. I truly will miss that little boy. 

Many thanks to the following for their support:
Judith M--in honor of Preakness' birthday from Shannon, thru PayPal
Gusti--in honor of Preakness' Happy Birthday
Kathleen E from UK--a donation to help with Ming
Joni W from IA (our visitor last week)--5 big bags of Kitty Litter, 4 cases of Friskies can food, 2 cases of meow Mix tubs, 4 count Clorox wipes, 4 count hand sanitizer, bottle of Dawn liquid soap
Elisabeth A from MD--in memory of sweet Catmandu
Beth A--to help with any expenses incurred for Catmandu or for anything else the Center needs. 
Lillian D from VA--in memory of little Pumpkin, 1996 to 2009
Anonymous Friend--to help with Catmandu's surgeries
Nuki (day visitor)--3 really fun Cat It sensory toys

This morning, we opened the door to the Welcome Room Office, so the group of kittens in there can come and play in the main area. What happened is, they came out and lots of the main area kittens went zooming into the office! But, it's ok. They're already all friends. Titoes continues to improve daily. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since we've been working with him, but the last 5 days have been showing an improvement. Schinn (our visitor/moderator) has been feeding Titoes about every 1 1/2 hours. Vaun (another visitor/moderator) has taken over the care of Ming. She's been feeding him also every 1 1/2 hours and watching over him. He's purring more and still kneading. He's gained a tiny bit of weight. 

Our Kukster is now 3 weeks post-op, so he's free to be out and about without a Kukster-sitter watching him. He's a really nice young cat--full of mischief and fun! He loves the ball tracker toys. +

Enjoy your day. Remember to reach out and spay/neuter a cat in need. Please also do an act of kindness for someone--it's a fun thing to do! I know many are sad about our Catmandu, as is normal. We already loved him so much. Doing something good, in memory of Catmandu, will bring a smile to you. 

Arden--such an awesome kitten! So sweet and very talkative. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, July 7

Surgery day is over and done with and all are recovered! Dr. Darcy did an awesome job, as always. 
The boys that were done are: Kenco, Patches, Archer, Little Hank, Toby, Beartoe, Dennis, Ming, Pokie Dot, Canto and Butch. The girls that were done are: Tillytoes, Althea, Melia, Malia, Sammie and Fiona. All did just fine! All are recovered and playing and eating. 

Dr. Darcy also looked at Camvie's right eye thas has been a problem since she arrived. It seemed like 4-5 days ago, she started to keep the eye open a bit more and that the eye wasn't so cloudy. We've been able to get ointment onto the eye easier. She thought that maybe this eye can continue to heal! Very good news idea for Camvie. 

Little Catmandu is having problems. As you probably know, Catmandu starting reacting as if in pain a couple days ago. Yesterday he seemed a bit better, but last night it has started again, with him being in great pain today. We  now have him on 2 pain meds and Dr. Darcy would like to take another x-ray very soon due to his discomfort. She feels that possibly the top wire is causing this great discomfort. Poor little fella--we're giving him much TLC and have him on a thick pad to help him. We'll get to the bottom of what is happening to him and will help him. 

Ming was also looked at. Here is his story:  Ming--a wonderful cat, but with many problems.
Who knows what happened to him before his arrival. My first thought when he arrived was that he was "put together incorrectly".  His eyes are very deep seated and very narrow on his face. He's a crypt cat--meaning one of his testicles was retained (this does happen, but another aspect of his physical build), his hips are not correctly placed which means his legs and feet (rear) are at 90 degree angles to his body. His tail has two severe malformations in it. It very much appears that he is "lost in his thoughts". This was again evidenced yesterday while Dr. Darcy and I was observing him. If a blind cat gets in a corner, they figure it out pretty quickly how to move out of the corner. A cat with brain trauma has more problems--there's a constant back and forth, simply moving within the corner and having a hard time exiting it. It took him 6-7 minutes several different times yesterday to get out of the corner. He also constantly paces--having a hard time settling down. Only once have we seen him bat at a toy, sometimes he lays down only to immediately get up again. It appears that he has trouble "settling". When he's awake, it's a constant pacing for him--another indicator of brain trauma. He seems to be "within himself, in his own world". Dr. Darcy believes these things are all related and to a cerebrum trauma (not a cerebellar problems like the CH cats--it's completely different).  This morning he purred and kneaded! He also is painfully thin with no appetite. He does try to eat now, but it takes him so very very long to eat just a little. It's like his desire for food is not there. This also, according to Dr. Darcy can be from brain trauma--the signal for hunger is not there. So.....what does this all mean? We're not sure, other than we love him and want him to be happy in his own world. Time will tell--it's not thought there will be much improvement, we just don't want any progression of this. We'll love him and help him. 

We had two adoptions yesterday! Neil and daughter Sarah arrived early to gather up Sarah's two new kitties--Kohart and Danika. Two wonderful kittens going to a wonderful home! This morning Kathy and Joni left to head back home too. Kathy adopted Zsa Zsa who is going into another wonderful home. So happy for these kittens. So, that's 3 adoptions this weekend! 

We've had a lot of visitors this weekend and we sure enjoy it. They provide lots of friendship to us and help us alot in the day to day action here. So very nice! We still have Vaun and Susan here--both moderators--who are visiting. Happy Birthday to Vaun today! Oops, was I suppose to say that?!!! 

We had BOXES last night! I am so very appreciative.
IgotafriendinME/Faith (Sammie and Fionas mama-to-be)--Flannel blankies for Fiona and Sammie, 5 receiving soft blankies, 3 Maine books for FFRC and 10 pillow cases
Justme/Kathy & Zsa Zsa--card, donation and Willow figure Affection-Angel holding a kitty and another Willow figure Kindness--sitting girl with a kitty! I love these and will treasure them
Joni--a donation and she also brought a donation from her sister--so very much appreciated by me! 
Funflyers--This is a group of people who have formed a friendship, thru another webcam (eagles) and help support FFRC too! They are Kathy, Bonnie in TX, Kim in CO, Vicki in FL, Sheryl in IA, Deb in MD, Linda in IA and Denise in VA. They sent with Kathy, 6 boxes of Whiskas, case of Friskies, kitty snackers, 5 boxes of Meow Mix tubs, Case of Classic Variety, bag of Max Cat dry, 2 cases of Appetizers and lots of toys!  
Also, of the Funflyers, ColoEagle/Kim sent 2 embroidered kitty towels and 2 embroidered kitty pillow cases, as she has done in the past. These have went over big at our Day Sales!
Neil & Anna Marie--wanted to say a thank you too for your donation to FFRC
Wanda--donation to FFRC for a portrait she did for a webcam viewer
Ruud O--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Charlene/littleBit/Lovemycats2--a cardboard cat bowl bed (for the kittens to tear up!) and a case of kitten Fancy Feast.

The Porchies are doing fine. They also love the visitors--it means more hands to pet them! The Covies are doing great too. They had visitors that groomed them! Today they will get out to do a barn-run-about--the Running of the Covies! 

Sweet Patches--loves his belly to be rubbed! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday, July 6th

We're all ready for a busy day! Lots of visitors, a couple adoptions and surgery today!

We have Neil and his daughter Sarah here. They will be leaving this morning with Sarah's two new adoption kittens--Danika and Kohart. Pixel and her new family arrived home safely to Penn and Teller! We also have Susan/Schinn and vrs1/Vaun visiting us. Both are moderators--I sure enjoy meeting face to face the moderators! Kathy/Justme and Joni are here also visiiting. Kathy will be adopting Zsa Zsa and will be leaving tomorrow.  Busy visiting weekend!

Today also is surgery day. We have a full surgery list--lots of boys to be neutered and a fair amount of girls to be spayed. We will also have Dr. Darcy check on Catmandu. He seems to be better. I'm wondering if one of his wires has been irritating the tissue in his leg? She will also do an eye enucleation on Zest, the calico Sphinx. This is a completely atrophied eye, has been like this for 2 years. We've only had her for maybe 5 weeks, but it's time to relieve her of this problem. It's a bothersome "eye" to her. Dr. Darcy will also give an evaluation of Ming. So, busy day. Pizza lunch will be provided by Joyce S/D. Thank you!

We just sent another truckload of packages/boxes out yesterday for the Catathon orders! Slowly but surely, we're getting to the end! If you haven't sent your payment yet, please help us out and send it in so we can ship your order to you! Thanks! We're anxious to get the Mail Room completely done in organizing it--we're almost there.

We had BOXES last night. Many many thanks for this support. Boxes was a bit different, as ustream was acting up. Most had no video, but had audio. I so wish these ustream problems would get worked out.
WarpedinMN--2 big bags of Iams Kitten dry food
Cathy R/grumpycathy--4 packages of cat toys, 2 Fancy Feast cases and a Fancy Feast Classic Blend.
Lynn S--6 multi colored, beautiful scarves for Day Sales or our Store (peacock, marble, twist, conga, tamzanita, mambo)
Colleen P--Commando hooks, coupons, post it notes, permanent felt pens--all for the Mail Room and some kitty toys!
Vaunita/vrs1cats and Susan C/schinn8 (visitors)--231 pound of kitty litter (extra thanks!), 9 cases of Friskies, 6 appetizers for Putter, Bonita flakes for Mayor Anony, a childsize Paddy shirt (for any child), pop tabs for Kellen, kitty toys and a copy of "I could Pee on This", which went into our little bathroom!
Kathy (visitor)--12" paper plates, 6" paper plates, 2 boxes Bondi Licks, treats for volunteers, 5 bags of dog snackers, wash cloths, coffee cups, plastic cups, 16 bags of kitty snackers, kitty toys, sardines, 12 tubs of Meow Mix, 9 cans of Sheba, 3 dz. Fancy Feast appetizers, 2 kitty play cubes, dozen kitten Fancy Feast cans, Laundry soap, 20# bag of bird seed and some dry Purina One cat food
Rose S--scarf and card for Janet, card for FFRC, 3 organizer totes for Mail Room, cat toys, sponges, Clorox wipes (3), Lysol wipes (3), 2 bottles Dawn soap, kitty snackers and Volunteer snackers
Conii--15 # Royal Canine kitty food, 6 cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Appetizers
Kelly R--card, 2 kitchen towels, 2 cat clipboards, ruler, 4 reels scotch tape and 16 packets Whiskas variety, scissor mouse, lots of 2 inch scotch tape, regular scotch tape, scissors, bubble mailers, cat writing tablets, voluneer snackers, 2 big bags of bubble gum, cookies, animals crackers, package for Kelly and Molly and 80 cans of Fancy Feast. So...some things for kitties, some for volunteers, some for FFRC and some for the Mail Room!
Brooke--2 cardboard bed bowls
Anonymous Friend--cardboard bed bowl and a case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Kerswill--nail trimmer, turbo ball toy and 2 extra scratcher pads and a Fun Run tunnel!
AlexandralovesJosh--for Ginger--temptation mix, laser light toy, catnip duck toy and piggy, toy with long ribbon
Karie B--Purina One Dry cat food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast
Anna Marie, Neil & Sarah--coupons, 2 giant totes which were filled with paper plates, white out, sticky notes, laser toy, napkins, batteries, Fancy Feast, sm & big trash bags, 2 big Tide HE, clorox wipes, dog snackers, Chia Cat Grass Planter and 12 paper towels
Cheryl L--wonderful card
Lucy P--donation thru PayPal to help CatMandu's vet/care costs
Domingo F from Italy--donation thru PayPal

It was like Christmas last night! Many thanks to you all! Box time was not "as usual". Please forgive me for any errors. As always, feel free to e-mail me with any corrections.

Please remember to check out   This is a great way to help FFRC!

The cats are all just fine! Ming is cruising about quite a bit. Right now Pumpkin and Ginger are plowing into each other. Then licking, licking each other followed by another cat attack! Not a care in the world! Preakness is fast asleep on my desk and Asha is also curled up right beside me. Dovie is busy at the water bowl, while watching Titana and Judson playing with a jingle toy. Yesterday was one of the craziest days for the kittens--constant playing and picking, but oh what fun!

Such peacefulness--Walter, Hankster, Fiona and Patches