Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, Feb. 28

Today is my mom's birthday, and the cards will be delivered! I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for this support. Mom will be so surprised and will be happy. We counted the cards last night and have 206 cards sent to her. Can you believe that?! Amazing! Here's the other neat thing--we've had four people donate $ for each card. Thanks to Ann O, Ellen E and Susan G for matching $1.00 per card and to Kathy J for matching 50 cents per card. Simply amazing! Mom won't hardly believe this! She will also be thrilled from where all the cards have come from. Thanks for caring! The donations came to $739!!!

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks to you are given.
Monkeyfeet82--a colorful non-skid plate for feeding the CH cats
Jennifer T/jt2101--a case of fancy feast--the kind Magenta likes
Brookebosse--sent kitty beds for Cozarelii and Solee
Jodieanne--pop tabs for Kellens, kitty snackers, Reeses' candy, Mr. Clean, White out, Coil toys, 5 cans of Blue salmon for Magenta, BIG bottle of Dawn liquid soap, Fancy Feast can food and a box of mixed Appetizers
Sevren--dress ties for cats pictures for PetFinders and bling-bracelets for the girl kitties. Thanks!
Austin--check for FFRC
Sophie & Lucy's dad--coupons
Faithy--a birthday card for Raza (3/10)
Tom & Ashley and Buddy--Easter card
Lawrence G--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Remember this Friday at 6 pm starts the 5-part Auction. The gift certificate for the French Quarters Resort in New Orleans and 4 beautiful hat/scarf sets. When you bid, put your Bid Letter, then the amount of bid, followed by your chat name. This will be fun! Bids can be $1 to $20 increments. 

We had our big vet day yesterday and all went wonderful. Sherry's eye was removed--she will feel so much better. She's already playing and wants petted alot. No more eye pain. Maui was spayed--uneventful, physical normal, ate good this morning. Tolo and Cooper were neutered (they tried to hide "their parts", but wasn't successful--the job was accomplished!). They also had x-rays of all 4 legs. They are NORMAL!! I'm thrilled. Even that little bone sticking up on the rear foot of Tolo, is fine. Shouldn't cause any trouble. They're eating and playing already. Gallant also stayed for the afternoon. While his wounds look good, we have reached a plateau and need to change up his treatment. They have suggested we add insulin to his ointment (has been shown to improve healing) and to add an e-collar (the little rascal has been licking his wound). So, we've started these two things. He has an air collar on and doesn't seem to mind it too much. All in all--a very good day.

Our floor is progressing, even though we ran into a bit of trouble yesterday. Tell there ever such a thing as a "normal day" here? I think not. It was discovered that we had a leak under a window in Kitty Kabana Room. Not a good thing. It has slowed up the progress of the floor, but that's ok. They think they can still be done by Friday PM. Dion, our construction guy, came and took off the outside soffet and siding, trying to track down where the tiny leak came from. He put up some super-protective edges on the windows. So far, no further leaking and the floor guys are back again today, putting on the first top layer of epoxy. Later today they will do a second layer of epoxy. Lots of steps to this floor.

All is well here. I am a bit concerned about our voting. Please vote!!!  We have slipped another .01%. If we all ask one more person to vote for FFRC, we can hold our lead. We are half way thru this long voting event and have held our first place lead the entire way. But, please, we need to continue. Vote, vote, vote! Jot down the website for voting and our FFRC website. Hand it to a friend, and ask them to view us for their approval, then vote! Thanks! 

Here is our Cozarelii!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weds., Feb. 27

The floor guys were here yesterday--the first layer of color is now on the floor and we love it! It's bright and cheery. A blend of orange and yellow flakes! They will be back this morning to do the second process, then back this afternoon to do the third layer. 

Wow--what crazy weather. We didn't get the snow that was predicted, but we did get ice and lots and lots of rain. The rain caused a major problem in the front office. It poured, literally poured into the office and had a floor flood. Eric M and Jimmy and I worked, it seemed for 2 hours on it, mopping the water up and sucking it up with a shopvac. I finally called Dion, our construction guy, and told him we couldn't keep up with it. He came out and put in a 16 foot drainage line to pull the water away from the foundation. The problem? The ground was frozen, so no absorbing the water, we had tons of rain and because of the construction, the ground hasn't been sloped properly, so all the water flowed towards the office. What a mess. I'm so thankful for Eric and Jimmy and Dion's help. All is dry now, we'll leave the drainage line in place and in the spring get the ground properly sloped. One good thing--it didn't hurt the Kitty Kabana floor at all.

Many thanks to Mechele C from Toledo for her donation to FFRC, in honor of her birthday, from her workplace. Also big thanks to Cathy S from PA for her donation to FFRC thru PayPal for the general fund. I'd also like to thank Gusti for helping with the medical bills for Charmaine. Charmaine is doing fantastic. She acts like she's always been here--very comfortable and at ease. Such a nice cat and so graceful on 3 legs.

I've heard from the mom of our Audrey and Coca-Cola--all is fine. Coca-Cola has a bit of a cold, but they are doing great and well loved. 

We have our new cat, Polo (another Catathon name) here in Dodger's Pen. He's ever so sweet. He was found on Monday, on the road, a victim of a hit by car (HBC). His poor head got hit and he ended up with an abrasion under one eye, part of his upper lip is missing, a swollen chin and a punctured tongue with a hematoma under the tongue. All in all though, he's doing good. His front legs were very sore, but that's much better already. He's maybe 2-3 years old, long black fur, a bit thin, and has a big heat! He loves to be cuddled and petted. It's a bit difficult to eat for him, but he can lap up baby food and watery pate' food. 

Our two new CH cats, Cozarelii and Solee are doing wonderful. Solee is a player--loves all toys and gets around fairly good. She's a mild CH. Cozarelii has high startle reflex, but can get where he wants to go. He has the determination that Derecho has. Such a loverbug--both of them. Cozarelii is in my lap right now, snugged in with his eyes closed and purring! We're trying the vests on the two new cats, to see if it helps them, especially Cozarelii. If nothing else, it will help us spot them quicker, for when we use the shop vacs. 

Remember the auction starts Friday at 6 pm and ends Saturday 6 pm. You can bid thru FB chatters. If you are not "on" chatters, you can ask a friend to bid for you! All bids will be taken in $20 or less--no up bid higher than $20. Anything from $1 to $20 is allowable. When you place your bid, please do in the following order--Letter of item, Bid amount, then your Chat Name.  Thanks!

Please help! Our lead for the $10,000 win has slipped a bit. Please remember to vote. If you know of someone who could help us, please ask them to view our webcam so they know who we are, and then ask them to vote. You can vote at:

Tonight at BOXES, we will count the birthday cards that have come in for my mom. I am so grateful for this act of kindness. She will be thrilled and will enjoy reading all of them and checking out where they've come from! I thank you for doing this. Remember, we have a wonderful supporter who will donate $1 for each card that has come in! 

Today is vet day. Tolo and Cooper will be going to have their neuters done and their leg x-rays. Maui will be going for her spay. Gallant will be going to have his burn wound checked. It has healed so well, but we have now reached a plateau of healing. He may need some extra help? Also Sherry, a former FFRC cat that I adopted, needs an eye enucleation. She has always had eye problems since she was a tiny kitten and we have worked for years trying to keep her one eye healthy, but it's no longer doable. I'm sure they will all do great!

Shannon, a volunteer, and Paddy Cakes
Shannon & Paddy Cakes

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Charmaine is now in the main area. She was moved up to the front office, put in Dodger's Pen to let her view things, but almost immediately, she wanted out! So, out she came! She's lounging quite comfortably on the cat furniture, looking very relaxed. Her incision looks very good. She sure can eat--her tummy is quite round.

County is in her usual place--on the shelf in the front office, watching the bird feeders. Cozarelii just mosied into the office too. He is doing just great. Feeling very at home already. He's explored much of the rescue center already. We put both Cozarelii and Solee in June's Room for night time, but other than that, they're out and about. Solee has been playing all morning--she loves the toys!

Montana is also here in the office--his fur is starting to grow back in. He's a loverbug. Thoroughly enjoys those head rubs. Little Doce is sleeping on my desk--purring while he's napping! Weeja is on one of the cat furniture, on her back, playing with her tail. Graciela was told that her new mom/dad will be on their way this week to adopt her and take her back to Colorado!

We had BOXES last night. Wonderful items and big time thanks from us!
TippyNTraylor & Ashely too--purple name tag for Farrahs collar (will go with her when she's adopted), beautiful handmade framed sand art for Volunteers, Graciela and Kitty kabana
Sophie&Lucysdad/Mike from MI--lots of kitty snackers and 2 jars of baby food and a kitty card
Dollianna (and Deb11111)--letter and pictures of Dollianna, Taz, Vickie and Binky, paw points, reading material and 3 Pouncing Paw toys for adoptions
Bonnie & Mike--2 awesome rugs for Kitty kabana--yellow and orange
Rene C/jakesmeowmy--2 cases Purrfectly Chicken and 2 cases of Fancy Feast 
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Reeses Sardines
Phil&Cleo--a beautiful FFRC clock with the residents on it
DeWitty--card and picture of Binks & Amber on leggydew blankie, 2 towels, fsardines, 2 stacks of washcloths, 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 1 case of Purrfectly chicken, kitty snackers, bag of toyhs, kitty wipes, 2 bags of doggie meatball snacks, snackers for volunteers, box of jelly belly's and a box of hand dipped candy
Littlebits' human-donation/walmart gift card in honor of Little Bit and for Charmaine
CatsoftheWorld--Hoops and YoYo birdthday card and a book of stamps
Tom P, Ashley & Buddy--Kitty Quack Valentine Card
Dot from WA--donation for FFRC
Doug & Linda C/autumnchild from Iowa (part of FunFlyers--dofnation for FFRC
MaryAnn O/Merry_Marvin from CA--2 sheets of stamps, BD cards, coupons and a donation
Herta B from IN--donation thru PayPal for FFRC, to be used where needed most
Lucy P from UK--donation thru PayPal, in celebrationof life!

I heard from Frith's family yesterday. They love him. He and their other cat are now play-friends--just like brothers! His mom says its like Frith has been in their family forever! 

Remember, to check out Wanda's site at   For every portrait she does, she will donate $50 to FFRC.  Her work is beautiful. There's new designs at our Zazzle store too, especially for St. Patrick's Day. Check out:

Wow--we have now had over 6 MILLION total views for FFRC's webcam. I'm astounded! Simply amazing. We're like a family of friends who all love cats! Thanks!

This Friday is our next facebook auction. This one will be a bit different...again!  We have a very special certificate to auction off. Remember at the Catathon, we had a reservation in New Orleans? The person who won this, cannot use it, so has sent it back to FFRC, to be auctioned off! It's a three day-two night stay at Chateau Orleans French Quarter Resort in New Orleans. There is also a $15 gift certificate to go with this to a Central Grocery Company, that specializes in Italian food. The Resort certificate has to be used by May 31, 2013. So....think about it, decide to go on a vacation, and bid!! We are also having MORE on the auction plate! There will be 4 sets of beautiful scarves and matching hats, each to be bid on separately. So, we will actually have FIVE separate items for the auction. You can bid on all five, with seperate bids or just pick out one thing that fancies you. The scarf/hat sets will each have their own letter assigned to it. When you bid, you will post on FB chatters page, 3 things: your chat name, your amount of bid and the Item letter. It's simple, will be fun and starts Friday at 6 pm sharp to Saturday 6 pm sharp. 

The floor guys are here....again we're in a dust mess, but we'll get it all cleaned up! Can't wait to see what it'll look like! 

Willard--sleepy baby

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Feb.25

Steve and I had a wonderful Friday/Saturday. We enjoyed the OVMA. I enjoyed learning things and concentrated on subjects in regards to rescues/shelters. We also were able to visit 5 rescues and shelters in the area. This was very interesting, as each one was different from the others. We picked up some pointers that will be useful for our rescue center. We're already working on some of these things. 

We also "picked up" something else! Two cats! At one of the rescues we visited, there were two CH cats (just like Derecho). These 2 cerebellar hypoplasia cats caught my eye and my heart. I so wanted to adopt them and bring them here. So.....we did! The grey tiger/white is Cozarelii, a male, about 1 year 10 months old. He is about the same level as Derecho. The solid black is Solee, a girl, about 2 1/2 years old. She has a bit more mobile stability than the boys. 

Cozarelii had actually been in 3 homes before coming here. One home simply brought him back, apparently not wanting him anymore. The second home was with a wonderful young lady who was fostering him. She took great care of him, but the finished basement became too chilly for him, so he again went back to the rescue. The third home was not a very good home and he became neglected. He was returned again, very thin and dehydrated. The foster young lady was there when we were visiting and she truly loves Cozarelii. We enjoyed talking to her about him. I promised Cozarelii that this is his final home here with us and he will be greatly loved.

Solee had only known one other home, other than the rescue that she was at. I know she had been at that rescue for quite some time. They spoke highly of her! I wasn't aware of Solee until we went to pick Cozarelii up on Saturday morning. I knew as soon as I held her, that she had to come too! The rescue that they came from was both welcoming and helpful.

The first night, they spent in Thumper's Room, on the floor with rugs and cushies. They did great. Sunday morning, we moved them to the main area, to June's Room. Sunday afternoon, they had two times out of the room, for a walk-about. They both did great. I was so pleased with both. Solee is a little play machine--she loves the springs and balls and would bat at them, then go after them! Cozarelii spent a lot of his time just walking about, checking things out. He walks a lot like Derecho. Solee has a little spring in her step, as she can walk with a bit more coordination. They spent their second night in June's Room. This morning they are already in the front office. They seem calm and are both inquisitive of their surroundings.

You may ask, why did I do this? The answer is simply, because. I felt a great need to love on these two cats and to give them a permanent home, surrounded by many volunteers that will also love on them. That's why! 

I'd like to thank the volunteers for making it possible for Steve and me to get away for these two days. I learned alot and didn't worry about a thing! 

Many thanks given to the following for their support:
Norma D--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Aunty Fi--donation thru PayPal in honor of Cozarelii and Solee
Sheila H from Canada--a donation to FFRC, thru PayPal, to be used where needed
Jackie M from CA--a donation in memory of Booboo who passed away 2/22/13
Charmaine & Arden from IN--a donation in honor of Cozarelii and Solee
Patricia B from FL--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

The floor guys have a slight change of plans. Instead of starting today on the floor, it will be tomorrow, but they will come back for an extra application later in the day on one of the beginning days. That way, they stay on schedule--to have it done on Friday. Can't wait to see that orange/yellow floor! It will last the lifetime of FFRC, as will the main floor!

We had three adoptions yesterday! Melanie--one of our volunteers, adopted 2 cats. Her husband and little girl came and adopted Obadiah and Dennison! This will be a terrific home. Melanie has already called and sent pictures--all is well and happy, and both using the litterboxes! These are two great cats together. Another couple came, and ended up adopting Nance! She purred right away for them, which meant she was the one! Another loving home! 

This week will be a busy week. We have a few families that are interested in adopting and will be coming this week to look over the cats. We also have 3 surgeries scheduled for Weds.  Maui will be spayed. Tolo and Cooper are scheduled for their neuters and x-rays of their legs. The floor will be a daily event from Tuesday thru Friday. We're suppose to get a winter storm on Tuesday. Paul and his brother from AZ will be visiting, with us taking brother back to airport on Weds. Charmaine's sutures will be removed this week. We also have Kitty Kastle visitors!

Maui--awww--it's so nice to have food to fill my tummy now!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday, Feb. 22

It's snowy, sleety and windy outside. Steve and I are still planning to go to the conference, but with much caution. It sounds like the weather day will improve as the morning goes on. The volunteers are all ready to take care of all things (including Farrah's meds and Gallant's ointment!). 

Please remember to vote! This is a doozy of a contest. We have maintained our lead 100% of the way, but it is a close one. We are at 4.27 today and the second place is at 4.13.  Do you know of someone not voting yet for FFRC?  Please ask them to check us out on the webcam, so they know who we are, then ask them for their vote! I sure would appreciate it. Thanks ever so much. When we win this--we're gonna have a party and share that celebration with YOU--the webcam viewers! 

Because the floor guys will be here on Monday to start the 5-day process of putting in the floor for Kitty Kabana, we will hold off on putting up the cat shelves, etc. until that project is done. Is there any construction that can be done without making a mess?!!!  I don't think so. The new floor requires grinding down the top layer of the concrete--again, a big dust mess. But, when it's done--we're going full speed ahead to get it ready for the cats to enter! I can't hardly wait!

All is fine here. Gallant's wound is showing more improvement in healing again. Montana's incision is healed all the way and little tufts of fur is growing back. Lots of Dove's fur is now back. Yes, you are right--if it looks like Maui is in heat, she is. Her spay surgery is scheduled for next week. Charmaine's incisions look great. What a sweet friend she is to Joyful. I cleaned Joyful's eyes again this morning without a speck of a growl! It's wonderful! Both eyes are healing. 

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks for your generosity.
loulou81/lynn--In celebration of her new job, the kitties received cat toys and snackers!  Congrats to you, Lynn!
Kelly R--case of Fancy Feast medley
Brooke--For Derecho--feather wand. Bag of crinkle toys and spring toys
Peggy/leggygal from CA--a wonderful friendship card and letter
Lynn S--a wonderful fish rug for Kitty Kabana (it's orange and yellow) and a big yellow rug also for Kabana
Sandy L/northpolemn & Haley from MN--picture of her pretty tiger Haley and a big batch of AA & AAA batteries
Lizmo--safety catch for cabinet and coupons
Abigail B from Defiance--chief receipt tapes
Maureen F--PayPal donation for FFRC
Lana H--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We received our weekly PetFinder's report. The top 12 cats that were viewed were: Badu, Boing, Miler, Haylow, Buckeye, Octavia, Cypress, Willard, Obadiah, Zelda, Farrah and Dennison.

When you are viewing our ustream webcam, if an ad pops up and you are interested in it, please click on it! For every click, FFRC receives a little bit of $$. And it does add up! 

Right now, there are 13 sleepy cats snoozing here in the office--they are all played out. When the ground unfreezes, we want to put more bird feeders outside the 6 windows--the cats will love this! Telo still brings his plastic rings for me to toss to him. He's such a fun cat. Montana would love a home where someone would pet him many times a day. Dove too--she's not too keen on being picked up, but she sure loves to be petted. 

2 of the 7 babies--Bev & Weeja
Bev & Weeja

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, Feb. 21

A fairly short blog today--it's only early morning yet, but will be a packed day. All is fine. The seven kittens are doing great--they've now been moved to the Cat's Corner Room and love the extra space. Lots of things to climb and have fun on! 

The front office room, now the Purple Room is getting done. The walls are now complete, 80% of the shelves are up (all lavender), and most of the room put back together. I think we'll be cleaning dry wall dust forever! Hopefully will hear from the floor guy, for the Kitty Kabana room today and find out what day they have us down for to put the floor in.

Joyful is claiming her name! She is letting us pet her more and more without too much of a fuss. I'm loving this! She and Charmaine are still sharing the same sleep area! 

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks for these gifts.
PhilnCleo--a beautiful Kitty Kabana slate sign--it's wonderful. Says Esetablished 2013 and a matching floor mat--really really nice!
PSW--an extra wonderful canvas painting, called Hypno Kitty (looks like Octavia)
Miyumi from Japan--beautiful slippers for Judy S and bath salts and slipper socks and bath salts for Jacci, a postcard and stickers for Hannah
Kerswill--4 new bright yellow cat beds for Kitty Kabana
Jatcat--2 air filters for the ionizers
Jennifer T--case of Royal Canin baby cans, package of spring toys, inserts for the tracker toys and a case of Party Mix snackers for Derecho and friends
Theresa M,, Honey & Bea in PA-pictures of Honey & Bea, afghan made by her mother, it's gorgeous--kitties looking over a fence. It's stunning!
Julie P--2 packages of kitty toys, bag of Purina One kitten dry and hot cups and lids for the Keurig
Anonymous Friend--case of Royal Canin baby can, bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, 2 bags of Royal Canin baby dry
Michelle & Justen/kittycanada1--Bella kitty card. For Queen Bell: 4 bags Temptation snackers.  2 spiral books for kitty adoptions, lots of stickers, 8 kitty note cards, 4 kitty magnets, poster of ABC's cats, Patterned kitty wall art, Deck of kitty playing cards, Book: Letters to Jennifer
Deb11111--logitech web cam !!
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Adrian M from Ireland--2 DVD's for Peggy of the Kitty Super Fun Bowl
Annette20, Jean, Alexandria & Princess from CA--card with donation

Tomorrow, Steve and I will be heading to Columbus for a conference--a learning experience! We will also be making a stop at a cat rescue in that area, just to visit and get ideas. Should be fun, educational and relaxing! Because I won't be doing e-mails, please go easy on sending me any e-mails! The Rescue Center will be well covered by volunteers and they all know how to reach me if necessary. 

Just got word from the floor guys--they'll be here Monday, the 25th! Yeah!

Graciela--looking down from the top cat walks! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, Feb. 20

We have a problem. Someone forgot to tell Tolo and Cooper that we needed ALL of their parts for surgery today. They are each missing.....hmmm, shall we just say "a part". So, because of that, their neuter surgery will have to be delayed. That means we'll also delay their x-rays. I know that Tolo has had a sore front leg this week, but having x-rays done is not going to change anything. So, because it's far easier to have x-rays done on a sleeping kitty, we will hold also on the x-rays until they have their neuter done. 

Construction is coming along. Our construction guy got a lot of the wiring done yesterday--had to put in new sockets and also got more of the walls up in the front office. When he's done, we will have a big dusty mess to clean up--but that goes along with construction. Hopefully, soon will have it done! Today is the big day--having to move the big desk and the heavy file cabinets and autoclave. The kitties and cats have enjoyed romping in the front office, minus most of the furniture. Trim painting is almost done.

Obadiah is such an awesome cat. He and Telo have been playing with the stuffed catnip toys together--that's nice to see. Magenta insists on climbing up high for her naps. We try and keep an eye on her and cushion the floor, in case she falls. Gallant is still getting his special ointment applied twice daily. Montana is wonderful--he received several long back rubs yesterday. 

Charmaine is also doing super. Her incisions look good.  We'll remove her sutures next Thursday. She is out and about in Thumper's Room today. Maui has had a couple days now in the main area and is doing awesome. She's just fit right in and is ever so happy. 

I was greeted with the best thing this morning in Thumper's Room. Both of Joyful's eyes were open--that's a first! And we petted her quite a bit yesterday. She still needs her eyes cleaned daily, but definitely seeing an improvement. Bondi has been strutting about in the Welcome Room office--I do believe she considers herself the boss out there. The other office cats have to agree with that or she'll swat them! They have a good relationship! 

All is well here. A very busy morning to come. Please remember to vote! We are .15% ahead of the second place organization today. We will have BOXES tonight! Thanks for your support. 

Volunteer Brenda holding Graciela
Brenda & Graciela

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Oh happy day for Charmaine! She's feeling great. She had her surgery yesterday, where her terribly injured front leg was removed. They did a beautiful job on her. She also had her spay done at the same time. So, now on to recovery. According to Charmaine, her recovery requires lots and lots of petting! She just can't get enough.

Tomorrow is Tolo and Cooper's turn to go to the vet's office. They will be neutered and have x-rays of their legs. What a difference in them this past week. They've gone from being a little shy, to boldly asking for attention! The seven kittens all get along beautifully. They've had the run of the front office quite a bit and they love it. Can really spin their wheels. Derecho has become their #1 friend, along with Telo.

We had a BOX yesterday!
Wendy B from WI--4 hat/scarf sets and 2 afghans. The afghans are raspberry/rose colored and the second one is a baby afghan with yellow, white, green, pink and blue. Both are absolutely beautiful. The hat/scarf sets are really pretty and I love the hats that go with them!  She also sent a book called Menopaws, The Silent Meow! Sounds very interesting! Thanks!

Thanks too to:
Arden and Charmaine from IN--a donation thru PayPal to help with medical expenses
Mary K from PA--a donation thru PayPal to help with medical expenses or where needed

Please continue to vote. We are just .17% ahead of the second place organization, but we are still ahead! That means a lot to me and FFRC! Thank you so much for each and every vote! We have an awesome team out there helping us!

Linden and Nance are playing dare--if you touch that feather toy again, I'll bop you. I think they're even in their playing! Kiara is on the desk with me, doing her usual chirping. Telo is watching the birds out the window. He and I had a long game of toss the plastic ring and retrieve it yesterday. 

The construction is continuing. The new white walls are about 1/3 done now in the front office. Can't wait to finish this room--it will have purple/lavender accents. As soon as he's done cutting all the wall boards in Kitty Kabana Room, we will be able to give this room a big wash down and then decorate it. I can't hardlywait for the cats to enjoy this room. They'll love all the windows! I already love watching the river across the road!

Derecho just strolled by with his vest on that says his name. I never tire of watching his determination of  getting himself to where he wants to go. Asha is bouncing around a ping pong ball and chasing it! Tabitha's favorite thing right now is getting to the top of the palm tree! 

Dennison--just love how he plays! 
Dennison by FoFRCphoto

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18

This will be a different type of blog, as I want to discuss something. 

But, first, the wonderful news of another adoption! Koharu was adopted yesterday to a wonderful family that has previously adopted from us before. They adopted Katrina and showed me a beautiful picture o/f her--so well taken care o/f. Koharu was putty in their arms. A very good match and kids at home to hold her, which she will like. 

We also took in another new cat yesterday. Unfortunately, this too, is a victim of a trap injury. In the 13 years of doing cat rescue we have only had two trap cats come in until now. This now makes three trap wounds--Dove, Montana and our new one. All three from different counties. Such a sad sad thing to have happen to any animal.  Her name is Charmaine and she's a torti with gold in her fur. She's about a year old. She made her way to three young adults yesterday, still carrying the trap on her front arm. The young man removed the trap and the 3 of them brought her here. Such nice young people--they truly cared about her. This wound is about 3 days old. The lower half has already been removed, for convenience for Charmaine. I will call the vet at 8:00 to get a surgery appointment for her. This cat is awesome--a real sweetie and chirper. Just LOVES to be petted--truly cannot get enough. 

Our other new cat, Maui is doing absolutely wonderful. She's happy, another cat chirper and is already cruising about in the front Welcome Room office. She will come into the main area today.

The voting for The Animal Rescue Site is down right now--please be patient and as soon as they get it up and running again, please vote! So important for this Rescue Center--your votes! 

Now--something to discuss. First, I'd like to personally apologize for any awful, vulgar PM's that anyone might have received. 99.9% of the people involved with this Rescue Center are awesome--truly caring, compassionate people--like you! But, we do have that .01% who likes to create havoc. Last night, again, a certain person came on and created a bad scene. This person likes to PM our chatters, say horrible, vulgar things, then skip out. Our mods were right on it, but sometimes it's difficult. We also had ustream mods helping us. My first thought is, this person's mother would be ashamed of this person for saying such awful things. Please know that this is not in any way a reflection of FFRC--we do NOT condone this type of behavior. If you should by chance in the future get a PM, please do this:  copy it, send it/paste it to a moderator and then do NOT respond to it. That's what this person wants--is your response. Totally ignore, but do copy and paste to a mod. Let the moderator know what time it happened, in Ohio time. This will help us track it down. I'm truly sorry for this happening. That type o/f behavior is not what we stand by. Thanks for your support. 

On to a wonderful day!

Jimmy and Roland in Kitty City
Jimmy & Roland

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday, Feb. 17

We had 2 adoptions yesterday! Yeah--two wonderful, super loving homes. First, Haylow was adopted. Haylow likes her space, isn't too keen on other cats and likes to zero in on just a few people as her friend. The lady who adopted her is perfect! There's no other cats and Haylow will be able to be Haylow! She really liked her new mama from the beginning! Went right into the carrier too! Then JoeBob was adopted. The new mom/dad have already sent a picture of him sound asleep. JoeBob will get tons of love at his new home too! Two perfect homes! 

We have several cats on hold yet: Graciela, Raza, Obadiah, Frith, Tolo and Cooper. The 7 young kittens are all doing great. They are cruising all day today in the front office. Such a lot of space for these kitties to play in. And when it's time to nap, they sleep like a rock! This morning, Doce was on top of the palm tree, having so much fun! The new calico, Maui is now cruising about in Thumper's Room and the Welcome Room office. 

The 3 newest kittens have new names! The ticked tiger is Static. The gold troti is Bev. The beige torti is Weeja (pronounced just like it looks--we-ja (short a). Weeja means a sweet girl who has a lot of love to give. And yes, this is true. They are ever so friendly and love to be pampered. Static just fell on his head--truly. He was on the top of the 4-step, and plopped upside down onto the third step. Now, he landed buttom-first onto the second step. Little Doce's on/off button is stuck on "on". 

Montana continues to be a loving cat. He will actually lean into you to be petted. His fur is growing back. Dove's fur is also growing back, slowly but surely. She's a quiet girl, but so loves to have her head rubbed. Tizzie, our only black youngster, is a doll. I hope she finds a home soon. She so loves to be loved on. 

Many thanks to our mods and admins for the work that they do. You are all wonderful and a big part of this Rescue Center. Please rely on these wonderful people! If you notice something amiss and have a genuine concern, please PM a mod or an admin about your worry. They can then call me.  

We had BOXES last night--we are so grateful for this support.
Simon S from UK--box of temptation treats
Mason S & Ryan W (visitors on Saturday)--2 bottles of soft soap, kitty snackers, 2 kitty wipes, doggie snackers and Sheba can food for inside cats, Porchies, Covies and Barnies
Charlotte M/Brutus4 from Canada--card with kittens, kitty snackers, Miss Octavia--her own packets, Micah--his own turkey packets, Anony & friends--their own yummy packets and 3 cases of packet foods for everyone!
Anonymous Friend--Giant crinkle mouse, bag of mice, more toys, salmon, 12 cans of Blue Wilderness, case of Purrfectly Fish, case of Appetizers and mega kitty snackers
Sue B/catloverhere--2 kitty brushes, grooming comb, 6 soft kitty beds (pink, blue & brown), snackers for hairballs, and liquid KMR
KellyS/Kellyson--Greenies salmon smart bites, 3 flat critter toys, 2 soft leopard beds
Gramma June for Derecho--2 beds for Kabana (bright yellow & bright orange)
Auntie Julie for Magenta--special card and a gift card (just for Magenta)
Joyce from OH--Valetine Hoops & YoYo and a donation
Suzanne B from CA--kitty valentine and a donation
Roger, Trudy and Muldoon & Willa Ella--a picture of Muldoon & Willa, a kitty card and a donation
Brooke B from OH--a donation to FFRC, thru PayPal

Thank you all for your awesome support. I sincerely and truly appreciate each one of you. Your votes, your donations, your moral support, prayers and good thoughts are extremely important to me. 

Weber gives you all a thumbs up for your support!
Weber by FoFRCphoto

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday, Feb. 16

Our 4 kittens have now expanded to 7. Oh my, these are some real cuties! The 3 new ones are 2 girls and 1 boy. They are about 6 weeks old, look bright and alert and already playing. The boy is a "ticked" tiger and the girls are both tortis--one is creamy and the other is more gold. Names will be given soon. Last night we put all 7 of them in the front office, by themselves, to run and play and get to know each other. A very fun and happy bunch of kitties. 

On  Monday, the construction guy will return and get the walls up in the front office. This will probably take about 2 days. The walls never had the "finished" walls that the rest of the Rescue Center has, so when this is complete, it'll mean all the walls in the Rescue Center are done! We've been repainting the shelves to make them look new again (had lots and lots of scratches in them). The color is lavendor! Even the front office door was painted, thanks to Lorraine! Yesterday completed the last coats of paint to the windows in Kitty Kabana room. It's all falling into place!

Remember to put your bid in, on the present afghan! It's on the FFRC's facebook chatters page. This 24 hour auction ends promptly at 6 pm tonight! We have had lots of wonderful comments about these 3 afghans that we've done and so we may continue to have some auctions on Fridays/Saturdays. The winner of this 3rd afghan will be announced as soon as all is sorted! Thank you for this support.

Shhhh--Derecho is finally sleeping and he's on my lap! This boy has been very high-speed this morning. He gets so excited when he plays and gets very hyped up. Now, it's nap time. Telo and Willard are on the palm tree shelf with Tabitha on the top of the palms...again. That seems to be her favorite place! 

We took in a new cat yesterday. She's a sweetie--a real chirper girl. Just looking at her produces a chirp and trill from her! She's a calico and her name is Maui--a name from the Catathon names. It's pronounced mow-ee  (short O and long E).  She's tested negative, will get her bath  and  begin her vaccinations today also. Maui was "just there" on a porch. The people that brought her in have no idea where she came from. Maui is  a very sweet girl.

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you all. 
Mary H--2 feather wands for the Undercover Mouse toy
Wolfpatch--card with Wolfpatch and his foster kitty Prince, magnetic cabinet locks (Octavia is worried!), and the best snickerdoodle cookies in the world, made by Wolfpatch
Faithy--2 yeooow bananas,  yeoooow sardines, Tail Spinner toy (big hit), Bada Beam laser toy and a Senses Speed circuit toy--thanks for adding fun to FFRC!
Betz--a huge, wonderful, red Valentine card, good for year-round good thoughts!
Elizabeth H--an umbrella beach chair for the Kabana Room--it's purple!
KatzrKewl--a very pretty pillow, Peaches n Cream candle for KK, cats ruyle rug, kitty hat for Jacci, kitty picture, bunches of various cat toys, Hello Kitty tape, Fancy Feast, Caddy Shack catnip flavor snacks, microfiber pillowcase, 3 towels, postie notes and 2" tape
Wiskcatmomof4/Rita S--Keurig coffee cups, Keurig tea cups, box of coffe cups/lids, 2 boxes of creamer and Lipton Tea decaf and individual Maxwell House coffee sticks
Holly W/williamsholly from MI--kitty card with a donation, 5 beautiful neck scarves (blues and one brown), an awesome afghan for Derecho that has a big red heart and D-Man on it, 2 afghan to be used for auctions (a white green and burgundy with Greek key border and a multi-color granny square)
Painteddaisy/June--pillow Pets (elephant and Bee), doggie snackers, 3 binders and TONS of always need plates--6', 7' and 9' !
Kelly R--Fancy Feast appetizer 
Anonymous friend--coupons, already sorted! 
Arden B from IN--a donation for the new 3 kitties thru PayPal

I've gotten an e-mail in regards to Canton and Treesa who were FFRC cats, recently adopted. Both are doing great. "they brighten our everyday with their lovely playful personalities". Canton is their night watcher, keeps an eye on things and lets the owners know what is going on and Treesa is always carrying on conversations with them! The picture they sent is lovely.

Joyful is improving! This thrills me! Her left eye is almost normal and her right eye is improving! And she is letting us work with her with less stress! She even walked into the Welcome Room Office and took a nap in one of the desk chairs--what a girl! 

I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your votes. It's a tight race, we're still ahead and keeping our lead. Please continue to vote. I so much appreciate it. YOU are what is making this possible for FFRC!! 

Telo--Raza's son, sure would be wonderful in a home!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, Feb. 15

Run, tumble, jump, meow, run faster, ambush--these are the favorite things for the four kittens to do. Then add Joe Bob and Willard into the mix and you have a lot of fun! The shyness is going away and more self-confident kittens are emerging. So sweet. Mary and Ron were here again last night to visit their new kittens, Tolo and Cooper. 

We had an update from PetFinders. The 12 cats most looked at were: Boing, Raza, Badu, Farrah, Octavia, Tizzie, Buckeye, Haylow, Weber, County, Willard and Preakness. We have a couple families coming tomorrow, Saturday morning to look at kittens. Possibly JoeBob will be leaving for his new home!

Tonight at 6 pm sharp, the 3rd afghan auction will start. This one is the beautiful white/light blue/aqua afghan made by Linda T/Clemm. It's beautiful. Open bids will be taken for 24 hours and will end promptly at 6 pm on Saturday. This auction is a little different--bids will be accepted in any amount from $1 to $20, but not over $20. So, you may want to keep a sharp eye on how the bid is going. Look for all this excitement on the FFRC facebook chatters page. The reason we do this on the chatters page, is we need to "pin" this auction, so it stays at the top of the page and we cannot do that on the other FFRC's facebook page. Thanks for understanding! Let's have some fun with this.

Please keep voting. My--what a very close voting race. Yesterday we were at 4.15 and today we are at 4.16. But, the second place was 3.99 yesterday and today is at 4.02. Please remind your friends to vote.Our goal for this $10,000 prize: to finally get the siding on Kitty City, (most of it is just plywood at this time) and to put on a real Catio--instead of the shed that's on the side for extra room. This has been a goal for a long time and we sure hope to be able to accomplish this. Kitty City houses the Cat's Cove for the winter and is used for many different purposes the rest of the year. It's a very well used building! 

I've heard from the family that adopted Boing and Miler already. Sounds like this is a very happy household. Here is the report: Boing is either in stop or go motion--he's either napping or playing hard. He has already become the "greeter of the door" to their friends and family. The only problem with Miler is....he purrs too loud!! Miler also likes to sleep under the covers! Sounds like all is well. I'd like to clarify something. 

We had BOXES last night!
Simon S/Dianelamar3 from UK--a big bag of Purina One chicken & rice
Jennifer T/jt2101--Da Bird toy and extra attachments
PhillipCleoNJ--Winterberry Tower of goodies (lots of good things!), Fannie Mae chocolate covered huge strawberries, and a case of Friskies can food
Middiemom/Patty V--case of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp
Jeanette B from TN with Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Ben, Nels and Maddie--Valentine card with story & pics of Little Man and her rescues, valentine cards for all the kitties, turkey snackers for Micah, Evo high protein food for Gallant, Snackers for Doce, Sequoia, Covies & Porchies, case of Friskies Rise n Shine can food
Scotty/Vallor & Cathy D with Max & Angel--kitty Valentine card, 2 bags of chocolate covered potato chips, individual bags of Simply almonds & cranberries, 2 bags of Reeses mini's, 2 boxes Strawberry truffles, Sees box of chocolates, bag of mousie toys, lots of snackers, sardines, 24 cans of Tiki cat food, Turkey food for Micah  Loved the pics of Max and Angel
Anonymouse Friend--case of Fancy Feast Florentine
Gramma June for Derecho--red bed for Valentines Day
Kelly R from CA--2 boxes of appetizers, case of Fancy Feast medley Tuscany, bag of Royal Canin Adult and bag of Royal Canin Kitten
Elaine B from PA (Lorraine's sister)--a donation for FFRC
Lorraine (our visitor!)--2 kitty play cubes, gorgeous hummingbird trinket box and a sleeping kitty in white bisque
WarpedinMN/Connie S--4 rectangular kitty beds, rings for Telo, 2 memory foam bath mats, soft green blankie, package of micro fiber towels and 3 gorgeous rugs that she made from her looms (will go up for auction)
Patricia M/Somors--yellow and orange microfiber rugs for Kitty kabana Room
Sherry W & son David from NY--pretty Valentine card
Ardencharmaine--case of Friskies prime filets, case of Friskies meaty bits, 3 more cases of Friskies and box of kitty litter
Doce & Catcruzer--Valentines card, 3 boxes of Whoopie Pies (banana, chocolate chip & peanut butter) These are delicious!
Kay B/kznco from CO and with a picture of kitty Rio--Valentine card with  beautiful message, donation in honor of Admins, Mods, chatters & lurkers, 3 packages deluxe snackers, 5 bags of sugar free candy, chocolate pb hearts, heated cat bed and a book: The Dali Lamas Cat
Miss Octavia of the Fine Arts of Heist Academy to share with Raza and Telo & friends--2 cases WHiskas packets and a case of Purrfectly chicken
Emmie05/Laura from AL--Valentine card & valentines for all the kitties and a Visa gift card
Kikimycat/Ellen E from FL--kitty Valentine card, bag of Reeses candies and a bag of variety candies
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for "the ailing and needy cats", thru PayPal
Anniecat/JoAnne H--kitty card  and donation for FFRC
Mary/Blueberry/missymjj & Temykitty12--a beautiful handmade valentine card
John & Suzie S--a donation and letter for FFRC
Anonymous Friend--a donation, in memory of Darby, thru PayPal
Gusti--a donation thru PayPal for x-rays and vet costs for Koharu and friends

The Kabana's palm tree is a big success--the cats love it. They very fascinated by the palm branches. They're a lot of fun to watch them play in it. Gallant's wound is looking better today again. We'll keep up with the antibiotics yet. Putter was out for a short bit twice yesterday. Basically, he comes out one door and goes to the other door to go back into the house! Kiara is inside the big red shoe toy that's for Doce--she's looking pretty happy with herself that she got inside it! 

Sleepy Haylow--what a sweetie! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Hope you have a special day. You are all so very special to this rescue center! The cats will get some bonita flakes today--even the Barnies, Covies and Porchies! The volunteers will get (thanks to viewers): a Valentine cookie, a pastry from Meek's Bakery, a Valentine bag with goodies in it and a Valentine Card. So very nice--I am also extremely grateful for the support shown the volunteers by the viewers. Means a lot to me and them. Thank you. 

At the moment, I have all 4 of the youngest kittens running around like mini-steam engines here in the office. So much energy. They sure do know how to have fun. Here's the good news: the two new ones (male, polydactyls) are now on hold. Yes--they are going together to a family that has already adopted from us in the past (Mary & Ron). They visited them yesterday and want to give them both a wonderful, loving home. They'll still be here for a while. Next week is their x-ray/neuter day and then on the 26th will be officially adopted. So very glad for these two baby kittens!

We also had two adoptions yesterday! These are the people that had adopted Darby. Because of super high vet bills (4 months working with Darby), they knew they could no longer keep up with the care, so they did the right thing and brought him back to FFRC. Little did we all know how short his time would be here. They still have Danny (also adopted 8 years ago from FFRC) and Danny and the owners are very lonesome for another cat. So, they came and Boing and Miler conquered the two owners--they thoroughly will be loved and given a wonderful home. I do believe each of them was sporting a big smile upon leaving--both the owners and our cats! 

We also had a cat that was spayed yesterday. Koharu made her way to the vets and had her physical (passed with flying colors) and her spay. She's still a bit tired today, but is recovering. Joyful is having her eyes cleaned 2-3 times a day and she is so much more cooperative. Much less stress, for her and for us! Gallant's burn wound is still healing. It turned a very bright red a couple days ago. It looks good, but we've restarted his antibiotics and now applying his burn cream 2-3 times a day. He'll be fine. He sure does wander around alot in the rescue center. He no longer stays in Kitty Campus Room, but he still loves his orange blanket to sleep on. Montana is also doing great--full recovery ahead. Sutures are out, incision area looks good. He is a pretty easy going boy. Doce is sleeping with Bella on the red poof at the moment! 

Oh my--we had BOXES galore! What a wonderful thing! Thank you so very much.
Cataman--a true big bunch of snackers, a TSC gift card and wine corks for Bonnie
Jennifer L from MN--(these are in memory of Asia Moon), feather ball toys, laser light, other kitty toys, 2 boxes of Purrfectly chicke/fish packets, a box of Arm and Hammer Litter
Medic/Laura H--case of Fancy Feast
Tom & Gillian from UK--6 boxes of Bondi Licks
Mary H/CatbyTE4--rechargable AA batteries and charger
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too from FL--stickers, 2 wonderful horse/cat books, peanut butter candy, box of Keurig hot chocolate, collar for Farrah, Fancy Feast and Appetizer and sardines (for the Covies and Barnies)
Phil--a wonderful gift was given--a real rose preserved and tipped in gold--absolutely beautiful
Elizabeth H, Abby, Becky Doodle, for her celebration of retirement! 2 santa hat beds for next Christmas, a lighted play pad, squeekie ball with mouse, large crazy circle toy and a nice microfiber towel
Pam W/psw--2 large bags of Bonito flakes (will share with the Covies, Porchies and Barnies)
Kelly R--3 cases of baby food
Penny V from OH--a letter, 3 kitty toys, kitty snackers, canw of shrimp, crab and salmons, case of Purrfectly Chicken, case of Fancy Feast and a really cute cat plaque!
Sandra E--2 cases of Kitten Turkey fancy feast
Betz from PA--kitty holder for hand sanitizers (thanks, Betz!), valentine cookies for the volunteers
Anonymous Friend for Gracielas Hope Chest--Revolution, snackers, canned food, toys, kitty mat, mats for food dishes, a neat yellow food dish and a doantion for Graciela
FaithyMD--ultimate Kitty Palm Tree for Kitty Kabana room
Conii, Madissyn & Elliott--card for Derecho, 3 Derecho vests with his name on them, 6 yeooow Valentine toys, cheese chase toy, lots of other toys, 3 soft blankies, Snoozie hide & seek bed, fleece rectangular fluff bed, 2 cuddle beds, a cat sign, doggie snackers, pill cutter, tablet cutter and pill crusher, various sizes of cat food can covers, a Derecho Bag from Zazzle
Debbie & Jim from GA--card for Volunteers and FFRC, 2 stuffed toys for the doggies and a squeaky duck toy, bunches of cat toys, collars, stickers, Valentine goodies, and a box of Valentine sacks for each of he volunteers
Jennifer T/jt2101--case of baby food chicken
Megsyss/Meagan--King Cake for Mardi Gras from Louisiana

WE also had a special ENVELOPE opening time around 1 pm yesterday, due to 3 days of mail back-piled! Many thanks to:
Mary Ann B from NY--a very nice letter and a beautiful cat pin
Stellan and Sylvia B from Netherlands--a letter with awesome pictures of their cat Sheila
Patricia M from IL--
Diana B/bopeeps3 from FL--a Valentine card
Cheryl L from WA--a Valentine card
Mary B from OH--a beautiful 
Andy, Jenny and our special friend, Hannah from IN--a Valentine card
Ron R from CT--a card for Ada Jane
Jackson & Sammie, Jack's mom and Jack's dad--a letter and a donation to FFRCand a really neat Valentine pop-out card
Lillian M from IL & Oreo, Max, Elvis, Baby, Xend, Juci, Sweetie, Boy--a card for FFRC and one for Gallant
Americat/JoAnne H from KS--a Valentine card
Susie/volspeach and John S--a Valentine card
Caren F--Hello Kitty Heart Shaped Chocolates in gift boxes
MaryAnn/thecatsmeow59 from NY--a very sweet letter amd a thank you card and a gift (thank you)
James H from Ohio--a donation for FFRC
Patch and two humans Adrian & Malcome--a special Valentine card to Derecho

I'm going to ask for forgiveness in advance. I know the envelope thank yous are not quite right. Please e-mail me with any corrections. My excuse?  Simple--they got messed up and I'm so sorry. Please let me know and I will gladly correct it. 

Thanks to all of you!  We will have BOXES again tonight! Please remember to vote! Please remind your friends to vote too. I sure do appreciate this! 

Telo is dreaming about how he can remind everyone to vote! 
Telo on a limb

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, Feb. 13

The cats are sporting heart signs, having meetings about being extra good for Valentine's Day, being very polite to one another! I do think they are anticipating bonito flakes and catnip for their Valentine's Day treat! 

The two kittens (long hair, polydactyl, boys), as yet unnamed, are doing wonderful. They are so sweet. They both need a little polishing up yet though--just a tad unsure of themselves around people. But, with all the holding and kisses they're getting, I think we can win them over. Next Weds, the 20th, both will be going for their neuter surgery and x-rays of their legs. Since they are polydactyl, they both seem to have a little odd-shaped legs. There's nothing wrong with that--we just want to be aware of what's going on!

Our sweet Koharu is at the vet's office right now, for her physical and spay surgery. Martha L took her and will bring her back. Martha just called--she is there safely and will come home around 4:45. 

Kitty Kabana update: the inside of this room is about 95% done.....except for the floor. The floor guy though came and showed us a sample of what we picked out--it's wonderful! Three specks of colors are involved--a bright yellow, bright orange and a softer yellow. We're excited about this color! The construction guy is right now putting the siding on the outside of Kitty Kabana. We're getting closer to being done. But, we do have the front office project to do yet. The walls in the front office, has never been the same as the rest of the rescue center. We were never able to finish it. So...while it's winter and it's easy to work inside, we're going to have that done as well. Our construction guy can have it done in 2 days--probably Thursday and Monday. We will have to remove all the furniture, except the file cabinets and the big desk. We've been busy painting cat walk shelves so they look nice and new--bright orange, bright yellow and a lavendor. We do love colors here! Thanks too to Lorraine and Mary E, who are painting the trim around the windows today.

Many thanks to:
Lawrence G--PayPal donation to FFRC
Maria L--PayPal donation to FFRC
Glynette M from CA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Darby

We also had a special young visitor yesterday. Jayden recently had a birthday and he asked his parents, family and friends to give him $$ instead of gifts. He would then like to donate this to FFRC. What a wonderful gift this family gave him (and to us), to teach him about kindness and compassion. Thank you, Jayden.

We will have BOXES tonight! Because of our party Monday and movies on Tuesday, we will have LOTS of boxes tonight! I would like to give you a heads-up! Today, around 12 noon (or close to it), we will open the envelopes from the last two days. The reason? Because there's quite a few envelopes and quite a few boxes. Don't want to keep you all up too late tonight! Hope this works out for those that sent envelopes and is not an inconvenience.

Please vote! We stayed the same at 4.13 and are still in FIRST PLACE! But, the second place organization went from 3.96 to 3.99. A big gain. Please remind your friends, e-mail friends, facebook friends and family to vote. The general stats are also showing fewer number of voters! Please remind yourselves and others how important every vote is for us! Thank you--the cats and I are so grateful. When we win, we will have a party!!! Sardines are already in the mix. I understand that I mentioned I would do a hair color (did I really say this???). I know Janet has something planned too that will be fun! And of course, we have to have pizza and cake! Soooo excited. Please remember to vote. 

Zelda is full of fun today! Playing with lots of toys. Derecho couldn't be any cuter. He fell asleep in one of the cubles, all stretched out, with his nose pushed onto the floor. Asha is checking out the Kitty Kabana room thru the window. Dennison is snoozing away on the desk. 

Derecho playing inside the desk--he wiggled in and loves to be there!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, Feb. 12

Happy birthday to Lorraine! Lorraine is our guest this week, in Kitty Kastle, from Delaware. We've sure been enjoying her stay. Last night, we had 15 people meet to share a supper at a restaurant here in Defiance, for Lorraine's birthday! We even had a birthday cake and helium balloons! 

Bella is at the moment, laying on one of the purple poofs, stretched out, eating dry cat food. Now, is that being lazy or what?! Micah was out playing this morning--he really like the big stuffed rat to bat around. Kiara is sitting up high, looking at Doce and Sequoia playing--doing what she does best, which is chirping at them. Joyful seems to be a tiny bit more joyful--the eye cleaning continues without having to sedate her. This thrills me immensely. Dahney loves sitting on the yellow shelf, overlooking the Welcome Room office. Right now, there are 4 cats sleeping on the warm laundry.

JoeBob sure is feeling better--this is so nice to see. It seems like he's finally shaking that cold he had. He loves to play with Weber. Weber is tackling a tiny little mouse, while JoeBob is playing with another big stuffed rat. Darilyn has pulled no less than 10 pieces of hair out of my head already this morning--her favorite thing to do. Yesterday, while Lorraine and I was eating lunch, Emaline climbed on her shoulder and promptly gave her the "welcome" of rubbing all over her head and hair--Emaline's trademark! 

Magenta and Ada Jane have both eaten a good breakfast again today. We weighed quite a few of the cats yesterday, trimmed toenails and cleaned ears. That's always an adventure. We also got caught up on the treatments that needed to be done. 

I'm very very sorry to tell you that we lost Darby yesterday. As you know, our sweet Darby was returned to us on Thursday with a multiple list of medical conditions. Last Thursday, he was taken to the vet's in obvious distress and almost passed away due to heart disease and pulmonary edema. He came here on Saturday and has done very well. Yesterday he played, pottied by himself without any trouble and had the whole Thumper's Room to romp in, which he did. His color was good, his respirations good, his lungs were clear. Late afternoon, while a volunteer and I was in his room, he received a good petting, then I noticed he was "tilting". Sure enough, he collapsed and passed away while I was already on the phone with the vet. His heart simply stopped. What a shocker, after seeing him play all day. I'm glad he was here, where he was having lots of TLC and fun. He was a baby when he was first adopted by his owner. Darby was 7 1/2 years old. 

I would like to thank:
Melinda F from NC--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kevin H from UK--donation to FFRC, thru PayPal
Judeanlee/Judy L from OH--a donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Stuart D/stubie from UK--donation thru PayPal for Derecho--to be used for something specific for this special boy.

Kitty Kabana update: The construction guy was here yesterday again. He got the last of the dry wall up and lots of the caulking done. We have been leaving the floor heater on, in preparation of getting the new floor dried thoroughly for the floor covering. 

Haylow is taking over Badu's job of chewing up my papers. She has chewed up into tiny tiny pieces three items today already. It must be fun! Gallant's wound is looking good. We're in the final phase of healing, but still have an area yet to go. Montana's sutures are now removed. His incision looks wonderful. He's a very graceful 3-legged boy. 

Graciela--she was smiling big time today, knowing she has a home soon! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, Feb. 10

Happy Birthday to Ada Jane....and many more! We am so pleased to be able to give her lots of Happy Birthday hugs and kisses today. She is 18 years old and has been with us for 8 years. She was at a local shelter, due to be euthanized because of her age. How could we have refused that sweet, cock-eyed, silent meower girl? She is much loved. 

Our second afghan auction is over! Susan M/daydreamz2 won the afghan, having the highest bid. Thanks, Susan. Your beautiful afghan made by Dave/dlmenser, will be going out in the mail very soon! This next Friday, at 6 pm, our 3rd afghan auction will begin. This one will be another open bid, but with a bit of a twist, to be announced soon! It also will be for 24 hours in length. It's a teal colored afghan, made by volunteer Linda. 

We had BOXES last night--thanks ever so much for the support!
Cyndi N--Merrick gourmet entries, 24 cans of Wellness Kitten, 24 cans of Taste of the Wild Salmon cans, 5 bags of snackers and a bag of Wellness kitten dry
Conii and kitties Madissyn & Elliott--Valentine card and a Hoops and YoYo card, a screen fun-run tunnel and 2 wonderful big boxes of Fannie Mae valentine candy for the volunteers!
Kate E from UK--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday, from her oldie Romany Rye who will also be 18 this year!
Ann M--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Caren F from CA--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Andrea W from PA--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Selena & Scott H from IL--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Deb11111--a donation to cover the window shades for the new room Kitty Kabana

I believe Court will be a happy cat! On my way to the airport yesterday, I took him to his new home--to two boys that were waiting for him at the door! This is the family that almost adopted him before he was adopted by another family. They still wanted him. These two boys were waiting with feathery toys and a laser light to play with him. I was only there a short time, but he got a work out and seemed to be happy. When I left, he was watching a bird feeder thru the window! They will call with an update the beginning of the week.

Our Darby was officially returned to us yesterday. He is 7 1/2 years old and has multiple medical problems. This cat was completely normal, apparently had an injury to his "back end", which caused some neurological problems. Now, he has many medical problems to contend with--one thing has led to another. He's in Thumper's Room, using both of the top two pens, so he has plenty of room. A real sweetie, loves to play and is eating good. 

Please vote, vote, vote! We'll see what the updated stats are tomorrow morning! Thanks!

I do have a favor to ask--if you should have a question about anything regarding FFRC, in any way, please e-mail ME, not a volunteer. This is important, as they would rather questions are directed to me, instead of to them. Thank you. 

Bondi is feeling good, Big Al is still NOT sharing his bed with anyone and Zavatar still likes to turn the water on in the sink! Cliff loves to have his chin rubbed now (but he prefers not to tell his friends this!), Olaf loves his heated bed and Whiskers still likes to play with snowballs. Sevaun thoroughly enjoys the sun coming into the window of Kitty City, Rowland loves to have his tummy shop-vacced and Oliver is so very handsome!
The barn cats are also doing good--fairing the winter just fine. They love the heat lamps that they can sleep under. 

Sun Porchie Cliff
Sun Porch Cat Cliff

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, Feb. 9th

Oh my goodness--little Doce spent his first night, not in the house. I'm not sure who had the harder time about this.....I think it was me. Doce and Sequoia both snoozed away the night in Dodger's Pen. I understand all was quiet with them--they slept peacefully. But, Doce is in the house at the moment--running around with the big cats and tormenting them! Doce will be back out here soon enough to rejoin Sequoia. Both are doing great. 

Our 2nd afghan auction is in progress. This time it's a closed bid. If you'd like to bid, go to and place your sealed bid. The bidding closes at 6 pm sharp tonight. Shortly after that, when the bids are sorted, the winner of Dave's afghan will be announced. What fun! Then next Friday, will be another auction for the 3rd afghan. 

Please remember to vote. Things change all the time on the voting percents. Yesterday we were at 4.06 and today we are at 4.07, so we gained a bit more, BUT second place went from 3.86 to 3.90---a gain. This is a tough tough contest. Do you know of another person that could vote for us? If so, ask them to view our website or kittycam, then ask for their vote. We want to make sure they know who we are before asking for a vote. Thank you so much. Every single vote is important!

Today, we have another guest coming to visit FFRC and will be staying at Kitty Kastle. Her name is Lorraine. This is a Christmas and birthday gift to her, from her family! 

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks to you all. 
Janet/Janak from NZ--case of Fancy Feast baby food, case of Fancy Feast Salmon, lots of kitty snackers, case of Appetizers, case of Friskie Prime fillets and 2 boxes of Friskies Plus & Treasures
Ann O--case of printer paper--bright colors of yellow, red, blue, orange & green
Kathy K/Justme0252--8 bags of cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast classic and 2 large buckets of TIdy Cat litter
Lewbeth & Betsy P and kitties Chloe & Binx--Valentine cardand Valentine Treats for Volunteers, doggie snackers, kitty snackers and a silver box with kitty note cards
Ordinarydiva from NY--2 buckets of "Safe for Pets" ice melt for sidewalk/parking lot
Faithymd--birthday card for Ada Jane
Joanne P from FL--coupons
Wanda from Wanda's Portraits--a $50 donation thru PayPal for a portrait that she will do for an FFRC viewer! 

Several of us spent a couple hours yesterday, packing up orders again to mail out. I'm trying very hard to keep these up to date. If you think your order has been overlooked, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Tomorrow is Ada Jane's birthday--a big 18 years old. Last week, she was feeling rather poorly, but this week, she's doing great. Even her appetite is good! Happy Birthday to our special oldster.

Catlady helped us with painting shelves for Kitty Kabana. We have bright yellow and bright orange shelves that are done now.The construction guy was here again yesterday and has the last panel up on the ceiling. Next week, he'll continue work on the walls. It's coming along. I believe next week also is when the door from the front office to the Kabana will be put in! 

Asha loves to be groomed--she'll even come to us to be groomed! We have a for sure hold on Raza, to an FFRC friend from Washington. Her new mama is Felinetoyz. Feline has loved Raza for a very long time! What a great happening! We also have a hold on JoeBob. He may be going to his new home next weekend. 

Raza--now has a hold on her and will be adopted! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday, Feb.8th

Today, many of our viewers will be covered in snow. Please be safe, stay warm and we'll be keeping you all in our thoughts! 

Montana is a leg leaner--he loves to be underfoot and lean his head on a leg. I just love him! And that Dove--when she comes up to be petted, my heart melts. Just love that girl too. Pania is absolutely everywhere now! She's sometimes in Kitty Campus Room going up the steps, sometimes by the dog's room door playing with a toy, sometimes behind the wheel napping on a cushie. If she can't find her toy, she'll sit and reach out in all directions until she finds it. She's got her self-confidence! That's what we've been working on! So happy for her. 

Little Sequoia and Doce spent quite a bit of time playing together yesterday. This was just perfect to have Sequoia come in when he did. Doce really needed a pint-size friend. They curl right up together to nap and when they play--they make their pen rattle! Sarah and I were honored this morning. Joyful actually came forward, toward us to have her head patted. Not for long, but enough to show that she is trying. That in itself, makes for a great day!

We had BOXES last night! So many wonderful items--the cats and I thank you.
Schnowzers--case of Senior Salmon Friskies, 3 pack Lysol wipes, big bag of Purina One adult
Caren F--2 cases of Friskies canned (Bits and Seafood)
Painteddaisy/June K--3 ring kitty binder, 600 cotton rounds for Jyful, peppermint pig with its own hammer to break it up!, Saratoga Blizzard peanut butter, 2 bottles of Dawn soap, Saratoga Gourmet Dips, Saratoga Potatoe chips, Fancy Feast Appetizer, baby food jars, milk rings, 2 fishy toys
Tom & Gillian from UK--10 boxes of Bondi Licks (Bondi says thanks too!)
Mary S from NC and kitty Elsie--4 hand crocheted kitty bed pads--beautiful!
Viola W from CA--Temptation snackers (catnip flavor too!)
Nancy D from Hamilton, OH--donation for FFRC
Colorado Eagle--Eagle card and a donation in honor of Justme's birthday
Michlynn--card and coupons
Joni/Catlady and her wonderful kitties (Joni is spending 2 days here, in Kitty Kastle)--letter from Tessa, orange kitty cave, kitty scratcher, case of Gravy Sensations, address label blanks, handmade chocolate & camamel toppings, Roy Canin dry kitty food, heated pet bowl, candle warmer & 4 scents, Oreo cookies, kitty snackers, 2 cases of Purrfectly chicken, homemade double picture frame and jewelry box (it's beautiful), paper towels, an extra delicious pie and Monkey pizza bites for lunch (Joni is an excellent cook!)
Gramma June--new condo furniture for Derecho and friends
Aunty Fi--donation to purchase a Caity Bag for Pat, to hold her yarn
Marcia S--a donation thru PayPal to use where most needed

We have our Petfinder's Weekly Report. Our top 12 cats that were viewed are: Boulder, Badu, Raza, Weber, Buckeye, Octavia, Engelina, Miau, County, Spruce, Darilyn and Zelda. 

Tonight at 6 pm sharp, the bids begin! Our second afghan goes up for sale, thru closed bids. The e-mail address is Please make sure you enter ONLY the word-Bid_in the subject of the email. In the body of the lette, put your chat name and bid amount. You will receive an automated response to say your bid has been received. Clues will be given at midnight, 6 am and noon as to the current bid, but no names will be divulged. At 6 pm sharp on Saturday, the bids are done. As soon as it's sorted, the winner will be announced! 

If you are interested in visiting FFRC and need to know the hotel names and numbers, here they are:
Comfort Inn                 419-784-4900
Hampton Inn                419-784-1515
Holiday Inn Express     419-784-0782
Super * Motel              419-782-8000
Bed & Breakfast          419-956-9981   

Court has been returned. Apparently, he's been super active. They think he's a very sweet cat, but a bit much in the activity department. Remember, at the same time that he was being adopted, there was another family that was interested in Court, with 2 very nice young boys. I contacted this family yesterday and they are still very much interested in adopting Court. Good possibility that this may happen yet today! 

Magenta has taken a few tumbles in the past few weeks. One of the things that we will do is to keep rugs in front on the counter area--this seems to be the most common area where her falls happen. At least it will cushion the fall a little bit. She's just a little mite of a cat, and her eyes are foggy (natural aging process), so we want to try and help her as much as we can. 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

A back up blog for 2/5/13

A back up blog??  Yes! I just realized I neglected to honor those that made a donation on 2/4, Monday. I clean missed putting these names in. I'm so sorry. So, this blog is just to pay my thanks!

Cita46 from Amstedam--For Jacci & Steve: a wonderful gift basket filled with cheese, wine, apple jam, cutting board, cashews and mixed nuts--extra thanks, City!
June K/painteddaisy from NY--shortbreak for volunteers, Skinny cow Crisps, Lindor candies, paper reinforcements, envelopes, kitty snackers, lots of people snackers, rolls of 2" scotch tape, pencils, sticky notes, note pads, Chex mix, cat toys, lots of office supplies and stamps
Julie P/tigercat54--case of Fancy Feast white fish
Friend of FFRC/Miss Octavia Head of the Fine Art of Heists Academy --6 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Middiemom04/Patti V--bunches of 3 ounce can ct food, Innova snackers, 2 bags of dry cat food, 24 cans of Merrick Gourmet Entries can food, 2 bags of Innova Dry kitten food, trash bags of Kitty Kastle & bathrooms
Susan B/Missmic from WV and Ebony & Misty--stories and pictures of her kitties, 2" scotch tape, cat snackers, 6" paper plates, Friskies Treasures snackers, 2 kitty beds, 2 laser lights, hand lotion, paper towels, Dial hand soap, clorox wipes, baby wipes,
Krystan/zeldaluna in MA--Bag o Innova dry adult, bag of Innovadry kitten, pill pockets, first aid kit for Kitties (for in truck), 2 kitten kong toys, 2 Kickeroos, play cube
Terri/sweetpea--For Derecho: Valentines day card, donation for FFRC, a poem she wrote "Ode to Derecho"
Phyllis B/kittiesmom and Emmie (cat) & Buddy (dog)--Valentines day card
Sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Rita/wiscatmomof4--donation in memory of Twinkle and her Frankie

And to think nobody even questioned me about this!! You all are terrific--have big hearts for giving! Thanks so much.

Thursday, Feb.7

Happy birthday to Gallant! Yes, our sweet boy is one years old today! What a wonderful cat he is. He arrived on 12/20, so he has had 7 weeks of healing so far, from his burns. He probably has another couple of weeks to go. His burned area is much much smaller, but still significant. Such a nice cat--he loves to be petted. 

We've done it--we're another .01% ahead in the voting! Our voting is paying off and giving us a little bit of a better margin. Here's the scoop for today--we are at 4.04%, yesterday we were 4.03 and 4.02 the day before. The difference between us and second place is .18%, yesterday was .17%. So we have a bit bigger lead. This is one of those super close races. But, we have such a wonderful volunteer/chatter/lurker/mod/admin/friends and supporters base, that we can do this! I am so appreciative of each and every vote!

Montana continues to cruise about, but still naps in his Dodger's Pen. When he no longer needs this pen, we will let Sequoia and Doce have it, so they have a bigger pen. We tried Cat's Corner Room for them, but the size of this room scared Sequoia. We continue to give him formula-syringes daily so he realizes that people bring him good things. County and Frith are sitting on the window ledge watching the bird activity. When Kitty Kabana is done, they'll have lots of windows to bird-watch! 

Progress is being made on the Kitty Kabana. The construction guy was here yesterday and he has a couple ceiling finished pieces up. He also has the trim for the windows cut. Almost all of the dry wall is now on too. We've been running a heater in this room, so the cement continues to dry, so it'll be ready for the floor guys.

We had a gift given to FFRC yesterday, from an anonymous source. It was for $2,000. A special project will be done with this donation. We will use it to put in a sidewalk from the back of the parking lot to the Cat's Cove. The Cove is used about 8 1/2 months of the year and is out on the farmyard. When it rains, it is very muddy. This will help the volunteers to be able to walk to the Cove without worrying about the mud. And when our guests tour the farmyard, will give them some sidewalk to minimize the mud also. I love this idea! Thanks to our anonymous friend.

WE had BOXES last night. We say a big big thanks to you!
Julie P/tigercat--For Doce and Sequoia--mouse toys and a Quiet Glo Moth toy! THere was also a flash play mat for the kitties, Royal Canin baby cat food and a case of Tuna Iams
Widdletigger--2 big bags of Precious Cat litter--great litter!
Kathy D & Joyce D from NC--Valentine's Day card, donation for anywhere it is needed, candy and treats for the Volunteers! Sheriff Putter, QUeen Bella and Mayor Anony and all the other kitties helped to send this card!
Sandra E--case of Friskies and a case of Fancy Feast
Bill/billypogo & Bonnie D from VA--2 big bags of KMR powder and a Fling Ama String cat toy
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--keurig hot chocolate/Apple cider, Valentine heart candy, lots of treats and candy for the volunteers, Double BUbble gum for Judy S, Diamond almonds, band aids, glitter stickers, 3 nail clippers, Angry Birds tape, feather ball toys & laser toy
Jennifer M/Jinkies from TX--a red kitty shoe playhouse!
From Octavia and her fans from WI--ping pong balls, lots of 9 inch paper plates and 6 inch plates, treats and candy for the volunteers, box of turtles candy, 25 cans of pink Salmon and lots of sardines--wow--Octavia will have lots of fun!
Nancy/luv4cats &GJordan L from WI and kitties Barnaby, Isabella, Chance & Mickey--Valentine's Day card
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--donation
Karen B from Sherwood OH--Chief tapes, coupons
Kimkost from MI--card and a note and a roll of stamps
Loverofhummingbirds//Bonnie--50 afghanettes to send home with adoptions
Anonymous Friend--bunches of bags of Precious litter--this helps us tremendously

We also received some PayPal donations--many thanks!
Patrick B--donation to FFRC
Dale P--donation to FFRC
Gusti--a donation for the Happy Birthday boy--Gallant
Elskates--A Happy Valentine's Day donation
Isabella H from FL--a donation in honor of Gallant's birthday

Kiara is sleeping on a stack of 4 cushie beds--piled high with a cat on top, curled up into a tiny ball. Georgia loves to watch the birds out the window--such an awesome cat--quiet but loves those head rubs. Tizzie is sleeping on the desk, flat on her back, thoroughly enjoying her nap. 

Micah--looking for his Turkey dinner! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weds., Feb. 6

We are still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge! What a great day--we gained .01%!! Yesterday we were at 4.01% and today we are 4.02%.  The organization in second place stayed the same at 3.87.  So, we gained a tiny bit. Wow--I've never seen such a close race. Please keep voting, as I know you are. The cats and I are extremely grateful for each and every vote!  Reach out and touch someone--pass on our information, ask them to visit our website and webcam so they know we are sincere in taking care of cats and then ask them to vote! Thanks!

Peggy/leggygal is still not back home in California. She has had trouble getting back home due to fog. Yesterday, her Fort Wayne, IN flight was delayed by many hours and then was rerouted to Atlanta. They put her up for the night. I just talked to her, she's had breakfast, and now this flight is delayed a little bit due to more fog. But, her 9:15 flight is expected to be on time. Wow--she's had a rough trip. When she gets back, and onto chat, welcome her back big time! Such a wonderful person with a positive attitude! 

Doce and Sequoia have been playing more and more together. Sequoia is younger, but much bigger. But, that attitude of Doce's is something else. He thinks he's King Kong Kat! I get such a kick out of him and his joy of life. Both are eating good and will share some playtime in Cat's Corner Room today.

Montana is doing wonderful. He's out and about now, but still goes back into Dodger's Pen for his naps--all by himself! He seems to be a gentle boy--enjoys the other cats and loves to be petted. Dove's fur is growing back in--she is so beautiful. I love to pet her! Gallant's wounds are still healing and getting a tiny tiny bit smaller each day. He's a bit of an ornery boy at times! Pania has expanded her horizon and is exploring more and more of the rescue center. She loves her toys. Joyful is in Thumper's Room where she has the entire bottom two pens together--makes for a nice big place to have as her own. She's eating good. Keeping her eyes medicated 2-3 times a day. The puncture to her eye appears to be having some healing started, so that is good. 

Friday at 6pm to Saturday at 6 pm is our Second Afghan Auction. It will be a closed bid. Approximately at midnight,  6 am, 12 noon we will give you an idea of where the bidding is, so you'll have an idea. As this is a sealed bid auction, the winner will not be known until emails have been sorted. You can place your bid at   Please make sure you enter ONLY the word "Bid" in the subject of the email. Then enter your chat name and bid amount in the body of the text. You'll receive an automated response to say your bid was received.  This 2nd afghan is wonderful and made by our friend Dave.

Keep an eye on the facebook pages in regards to promoting Raza and now County to be adopted. These are wonderful adult cats that need a loving home. Cantoncat tells their story.

What a wonderful thing that Wanda is doing for FFRC. She is a beautiful, talented artist. Her February Sweet Deal is: if you order and pay for your portrait on or before 2/15, the portrait will be 1/2 price. FFRC will receive $50 for each order. Check out her site: and see the wonderful work she does. Please state that you are from FFRC so we receive this donation.

Many thanks to:
Priscilla/PrissyPurdue--a donation to FFRC, in having fun watching the Cat Fun Bowl
Domingo F from Italy--a donation by PayPal for FFRC
Renee C--a donation by PayPal to be used wherever needed
Gusti--a donation for all the players of the Cat Fun Bowl

Have you ordered a copy of the first FFRC cookbook? If not, and you'd like to, we are having a clearance sale. You can purchase this Cookbook I at a low price of $15, including shipping. Just go thru PayPal, state it's for the Cookbook I and we'll get it sent to you. In it, are hundreds of great recipes from our volunteers, lurkers and chatters, mods and admins. It's a great book.  

Have a great day. I thank each and every one of you for your support, prayers and friendship. Life is great. Be kind to one another and appreciate your families and pets! 

Our beautiful Dove--such a joy to have. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Feb. 4

A late blog today! We've had the computers down for part of the morning. The construction of Kitty Kabana required for the electric to be off in the front office, which also affects all of the computers. But, we're back on now! 

Kitty Kabana update: The insulation is now all on, t he insulating plastic is now on half of the walls with a little of the dry wall on! The electric is now in place in the ceiling for 2 florescent lights. We're also keeping the room a tad warm, to help dry out the concrete floor. The floor guy says the floor needs heat to dry it enough to put the floor surface on the cement. So....progress is being made!

We had the Super Bowl Cat Fun Bowl yesterday! Oh my, we had so much fun with this. Mary H helped me with the whole production. We had a half hour segment at 11:30, 1:30 and again at 3:30. The football field was wonderful, along with 2 goalposts and cheering crowds in the stand. The cats had a laser show, circling bounding light show, battery operated mouse to chase, bonito flakes, catnip to enjoy, Mike C's FFRC CD to listen to. We also had a streaker dart across the field (Zap, the naked Z)--was hauled off by the Putter commissioner's group .Derecho also was declared a "wardrobe malfunction" as his vest was improperly put on! We had treats given, courtesy of the refreshment cats, lead by Octavia. Our head referee was Pania--figured a blind cat could do as good a job as any ref(!), the brother Paddys each were the coaches of the two teams. Anyway, we had fun! We did this to show our appreciation to you, the cammers! Hope you enjoyed!

Remember, we still have some of Leggy/Dew's flannel cat blankies for sale. They are $10, includes shipping. If interested, can send it thru PayPal. Designate for a boy cat, girl cat or doesn't matter. If there's a particular color you'd like, designate that and we'll do our best!

We also received some crocheted cat bowl beds that are available for sale. Each comes also with a pad for the inside. They are $18, includes shipping. For this, you can also pay thru PayPal, designate a cat bowl bed. These were made by magspa203.

We took in a new little kitten Saturday afternoon. His name is Sequoia, slate grey, about 6 weeks old and a boy. He was found on Route #24, a very busy highway, in the snow. Sweet little thing. He and Doce are becoming friends and spends a little of each day together. Will be good for both of them.  Sequoia was introduced to the cam at the Cat Fun Bowl.

Many thanks to the following for their PayPal donation:
beachkatz/Carla C--to help buy fluids for Ada Jane and any other kitty who needs it. 
Margaret H--to purchase a ticket for the 1st Cat Fun Bowl!!
Mary R/prisotis--to go towards the upcoming conference
Beth A--to use for food for the Super Bowl Cat Fun Bowl or for anything we wish (we had food for this event, so we're using this donation to provide pizza for the Advisory Board meeting today!)
Enrique B--donation for the Rescue Center
Janet/Janak--for the bubbles that Bella burst at the Cat Fun Bowl
PSW--for the fun of the Cat Fun Bowl
Linda/Goss--to pay for her seat at the Cat Fun Bowl
Jennifer M--a donation for FFRC
Betz--a donation to be given to Sarah, for her upcoming 18th birthday (this kind deed was done!)

We've also received Phil's payment for the afghan that was bid upon this past Friday and Saturday. Thanks, Phil--we'll get it out to you very quickly!

Montana is doing great! He's in Dodger's Pen now and has his door open. He's been going in and out as desired  Such a really nice adult brown tiger boy. He seems to get along with the rest of the gang.

Koharu--what a beautiful girl!