Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday, May 31

Solee is a graceful gazelle--at least that's what I tell her! She can walk and run by leaps and bounds. I've never seen a cat that has such springy legs. Love to watch her. I truly think that she enjoys this activity!

The seven kittens in Dodger's Pen have become fast friends. These are the 2 kittens and 5 kittens. Talk about a pen that can rock and roll and that would be Dodger's Pen. They had about an hour to play in Kitty Kabana Room yesterday and they loved it. They will all be named soon!

I am becoming very good at being a one-handed typer, as AP demands much attention in the morning. She can't sit still, but has to rub and rub and rub, in constant motion. What a love she is.

We had a very heavy rain yesterday along with some wind that also caused our electric to go out for a little bit. You all were very patient about the cam! It's predicted for some heavy storms again today and tomorrow, so if the cam goes down, that's why. Remember too, on Monday the entire house will be down for 1 1/2 to 2 hours due to electrical work for the new rooms. 

The 7 kittens in the lower two pens in Thumper's Room are also doing very well. So so sweet. They are also spinning their wheels in big play mode. Today, we will probably move these kittens into the Kabana Room also for some playtime. Names will be happening soon!

We had BOXES last night. I'm ever so grateful to you. 
Annette B--bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry, Bag of Hills Ideal Balance for Kittens and a Kong Denim toy
Anonymous Friend--a memory stone engraved with: Little blackJack.  Fly with the Angels Little One... This will go into Albert's Memorial Garden today. Thank you.
Arden & Charmaine--4 cans of KMR liquid
Mayumi from Japan--packages ofsuper soft tissues in cute animal packs, 10 packages of Tulle and 2 packages of Chicken Bondi Licks
Lannmn--2 cases of liquid KMR
Leggygal--12 cans of liquid KMR and SIX (yes, SIX) boxes of Leggydew blankies!! We're all smiling about this!
Ladydoc/Irene--2 teddybear quilts/wall hangings--very pretty  One pink/purple tones and one blue/purple tones
Furkitty/Ellen from FL--24 jars of baby food meat
Tom & Gillian from UK--beautiful hand made baby cap and a white baby sweater for Catathon's baby basket
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--8 cans of KMR, bag of Royal Canin Baby cat and a case of Royal Canine baby cans
Sandra D from WV--donation for FFRC and paw points from Fresh Step Litter
Janice & Don H, day visitors--litter, Friskies, Paper plates, sponges, bleach, vinegar, snackers, clorox wipes, paper towels 
MisFitTiger & Bob from Anderson, IN, day visitors--blankies!
Judy T from British Columbia--Kitty/dog card with donation, Peace rock in memory of BlackJack. Books: Unlikely Friendships, Dewey's Nine Lives, Cat Talk, Hoping for a Home and two other books for the baby Catathon baskets. Kitty toys--wands, pom poms, spring toys, lasers with batteries, mousies, 2 pet houses. 2 sheets of stickers, lots of doggie toys for Dog Catathon basket, 2 book marks, mini book light, 500 piece puzzle Cobble Hill, 4 butterfly led lights that flicker, 2 Dream Catchers with wolf pictures

We always also appreciate our PayPal friends.
Adrienne N from UK--donation for FFRC
Arden and Charmaine--donation for new calico kitten (Pixel)
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with Gallants treatments, with love
Faith M--in memory of Spike, a good friends' 18 year old cat who passed away. 

The last coat on the floor in the Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room continues to dry. I'm wanting so badly to get us moving in, but patience is a key here! We shall wait. 

Depending on the weather, the Covies may get another day out on the farm. They've been asking! Big Al has reverted back (for the most part) of being a Porchie again! We thought he may do this once the weather improved. His ear still looks wonderful. 

Joline's fur is growing in! Cuties fur is also growing back. A comment was made today that it sure looks like Joyful has become the queen of the Welcome Room office--she's quite comfortable there and seems to be giving in to a few pets here and there from visitors!  June 15 is our next surgery date.

The best toy ever--crinkle UPS paper!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday, May 30

Grrrr here and Grrrr there. AP is a hoot. She loves my desk and has claimed it, although she does allow Farrah and Zelda rights to it too! Actually, the cats are starting to figure her out--her grrrrrs don't mean a thing! She's a really nice adult cat that loves to be petted and loved on. 

We are truly kitty over-runneth here. There's so so many that needs homes, but the sad fact is there are not enough homes for them. We had said no more kittens can come--we are full. But that didn't last too long. Yesterday, we took in 5 more kittens that would've been euthanized had we not taken them. They are not named yet, but are about 6 weeks old, tested (all negative!), bathed, wormed, capstarred and they happen to be cute. Have you ever seen a kitten that is not cute? Me either! So............truly we are full to overflowing and are praying for homes. This 6 group has medium to long hair--some are black/white and some are Abbott look alikes but with white feet. 

The floor guys were here already today and are done. And I mean DONE! The last coat went on which is the urethane. This coat makes the floor a tiny bit "soft" so it doesn't take scratches as well. We sure do love these epoxy floors--so very tough and looks very nice. We will be able to walk on it on Sunday! Dion will be here on Monday to put on the mop boards. Monday late afternoon, the newly donated refrigerator will arrive and we'll be moving the storage shelves, surgery table, etc. in! 

We had BOXES last night. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Connie S & Tookie--5 kitten design hair barrettes (very pretty!)
Lucy P/LuLittle from the UK and kitty Benny--a book called "Oscar the Bionic Cat" by Kate Allan. A wonderful story that I've already started!
Chris H--3 blankies--2 Hello Kitty and one pink one. Very nice!
Mayumi from Japan--for the Humans--5 packages of Japanese style chicken soup. For the rescue center--mobile drinker water bottle, 6 packets of extra soft tissues and 9 packages of "Tullie" (cream of chicken kitty food)
Tom/TomA68 and Gillian from UK--card. For the Catathon: cross stitch kitties, cross stitch webbing with printed pattern, material squares for quilting or other projects, Pattern books.  Jewelry: 2 bracelets with blue white and lavender stones, silver necklace with tree medallion, lots of cross stitch kits
Beth A/Eaglewatcher86--JW cat action magnetic motion toy (it's here in the office right now with 3 kittens playing with it!), bunches of Purr Bites dried chicken and shrimp snackers
Arden & Chairmaine--case of Fancy Feast can, case of Friskies can and 8 cans of liquid KMR
Rebecca and Willow from UK--birthday card for Derecho, wash cloths for kitty faces. For Catathon--3 fun sponges, rubberduckies, toy bags, bathtime cars, alphabets, drawstring bag for wet toys. For Kitty Catathon basket--2 crinkle tunnels, 2 teaser cat toys. For Hello Kitty basket--stuffed toy, blanket, "dehydrated" wash cloths, party accessories. For kids basket--bucket of craft goodies, pink "upside down" black kitty tote, wallet, headbands & ponytail holders
Cheri B--box from "Spoiled Rotten" (, amazing cat toys "Bling mice", 3 snackers, Kitty Kahuna Fat cat toy with catnip, natural chemistry flea spray
Kikimycat--Happy Birthday card for Tabith with poem
JBR from FL--8 cans of KMR
Aunty Fi from UK--5 cans of KMR & a bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry 
Lawrence G--PayPal donation for FFRC

The 7 kittens that consist of the two litters are now in Dodger's Pen. So so sweet. They will get some stretch out time in Kitty Kabana today where they can run and play while their pen is being cleaned. They have four levels in their pen, to give them more space to be kitties! 

Gallant is getting heavy duty work on his last remaining area of his burn. He's getting laser treatments daily and two saline soaks a day--each lasting about an hour. We so want to finish this treatment for him and get him ready to find his own home. He's a wonderful, loving cat.

A cam friend gave me the perfect word for our CH cats, one eye cats, 3 legged cats or any cat that may have a disability--it's "exceptionalities". I love that! We do indeed have exceptionalities here! 

Don't let this cuteness fool you! Judson and Tatiana can be very ornery! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29

Epoxy today, urethane tomorrow--that's the order of business for the new floor being put in. It's always a week long process, but it's a forever floor, so patience is in order! The floor guys are here right now. One of their "battles" today is to keep the cottonwood puffs from going inside the new rooms while the epoxy is being put down. We have a very large grove of cottonwood trees here on the farm property and they are in full puff stage! Pretty, but annoying if they get inside the new rooms.

As many of you might know, Abbott was sick for a few days. He truly seems to be better this morning. He ate a little by himself and then was topped off with a syringe. But this morning, he was walking around with his tail up, his eyes bright and meowing--a sure of feeling better! What a relief. When one is sick, there is always cause for concern--for the sickee one and with the thought of--is anyone else going to get sick. But, all seems to be well here and I'm always grateful for healthy kittens.
But, on the other hand, that's what we do here--help those that are sick. So come what may, we will tackle it.

Many thanks to JBR for your PayPal donation for a new stethoscope of the extended Thumper's Room. Sure do appreciate this! Also thanks to DebbiDear for your donation, in honor of your 60th birthday! So very kind of you and Happy Birthday to you!

Asyou might know, we've been having a bit of trouble on Zazzle with Derecho being Superman D on items such as shirts, mugs, etc. Apparently the design is a direct knock off of a superman promotional shot, so we are trying to rework the artwork a little to change it up so it will be acceptable to Zazzle. We're working on the problem because many of you are wanting to place a Super-D order!

We took in 7 new kittens yesterday. They have now been tested, bathed, vaccinated, wormed and loved on. Two of them came from a past volunteer's mom. They are both miniature Abbotts, so they are cute, cute, cute! They are two girls, long hair black tigers. Their names are Melia (meal ee a) and Malia (may lee a). Their names are in honor of the lady who brought them in. She found them on her property. First, one kitten at night, the other in the early morning hours. No mama, no other siblings.

The other five kittens are just a tad bit older. They are very sweet. One is a deep red/orange male, another one is a beige/white male, 2 are slate grey males and the fifth is a girl--a dilute calico. So one looks alot like Ginger, two looks alot like Cariboo and one looks like Danika. All 7 of these kittens are now in Dodger's Pen, so they can see humans.  They're sweet, but need a little humanizing. So much play time and fun to watch them. We've made three levels of fun for them in Dodger's Pen.

Gallant's sore is looking good--it's so so thin now, which is what we wanted. I just talked to the vet again yesterday. She's still of the thought to keep trying without surgery to close this up by itself. So, we've added saline packs to his treatment plan. Twice a day he'll get warm saline packs, then wrapped on to stay for a while. Laser treatments of course will continue. Remember, there's a group of vets that thought we would never ever get this far in his healing without surgery. We really want to finish up this last bit of healing without going the surgery route. He is such an awesome cat.

That little Weeja--what a love she is. Just so sweet and will make someone very happy when she's adopted. All are in their "assigned" places this morning--Zelda and Farrah stretched out on the desk, Asha sleeping right beside the desk, with Raza directly above her and AP on the right side of desk, on top of autoclave. All is right with the cat world!

Happy Birthday, Tabitha. She is one years old today and arrived here when she was just 5 weeks old. She needs a home where she can play and be loved on. Tabitha was found in that drainage pipe that was full of wate last June, along with the rest of the litter. The siblings have been adopted. She's a beauty--a black/white with 2 tone ears.

Just an FYI--on Monday, around 8:00 or 8:30am, the power will be turned off to the entire rescue center and house. This is so the electric guys can hook up the new lines to furnish electricity to the new two rooms. It may take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. There's also the possibility of it going off sometime yet this week. Don't worry--as soon as it's back on, we'll get the cam on!

On Sunday evening or Monday, Pushkins and Pushkiss will be heading to Maine to their new family. These are two awesome cats--both so sweet and lovable. Derecho has found the perfect spot to lay in Kitty Kabana Room--on the window shelf and in the window ledge! The shelf keeps him nice and snug so he can stay there without worrying about slipping off.

Sweet mama Ruthie Ann and her daughter, Sarah.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, May 27

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all those that served this country or are serving now. Your service is valuable and appreciated. 

Next week Pushkins and Pushkiss will be making their way to their new home in Maine. How exciting for them. They are two wonderful boys that we've known since they were teeny tiny. AP, the new returnee, was in my lap this morning. We've made progress! Makes me happy when I can see a newbie relax and start enjoying their life here. 

Yes, Doce is back. His little bum is causing problems again. He's already on top med doses, so we'll start his laser treatments again. A talk or visit to the vets will be in order too. We have to get this kitty better, all the way and stay that way. Kellen needs him. 

Yesterday afternoon was a different kind of day! We trimmed and bathed Sam and Dina's dog, Stella. Then we bathed Cami--my black dog. Janie was next--she was shaved and bathed. Next came the farm animals. Butter and Clyde (the donkeys) were brushed out. I trimmed both of their feet too. Dawn brushed out Millie the donkey and Mercy the Appaloosa. All four received their fly spray too. Topped off their day with an extra batch of hay and they were happy! 

We had BOXES night before last. Many thanks to you for your gifts.
SonJa--who is visiting for a week!!--dry erase markers, Lysol wipes, packing tape, scratch pads, face clothes, pop tabs for Kellen, sardines, volunteer snacks including ketchup chips, 2 laser toys, post it notes, binder clips, feather toys for Derecho, mylar balls, coil toys
Ellen/kikimycat--Birthday card for Big Al with picture and a poem
Dorothy P/NMcatlover from NM--Hello Kitty necklace, ring, earrings and watch, all for the Catathon
Wonderteach from OH--Cat Crossing sign for FFRC
Mayumi, our friend from Japan--12 packets of the Japanese kitty food creamy chicken and 3 packets of special kleenex tissue!
Janet S and Toby and Harley--a $40 donation made to FFRC, in honor of Steve and my's anniversary to go to the Feliz Navidad Fund!  Thanks, Janet.

There will be another big load of packages going out on Tuesday. We will then have about 90% of all the orders out. If you find there is an error, please don't hesitate to let me know.

The sweetest boy in the cat world, in the mornings, is Walter! He has stored all his affectionate cells for the morning greeting! I truly love greeting him in the morning. His head has to stay in contact with a hand or he WILL find the hand and stay right there, glued to it! I love it. And his very loud! 

The Covies were out again yesterday and all came back for their bedtime. I love it how they do that. Connie (volunteer) is an expert at coaxing them back in--food helps too! They sure do love having a couple days a week where they can run around like crazy cats! They love the new sidewalk that goes from the parking lot to the door of Cat's Cove. They think it was made for them to have cement-rolling-around-time! Love these Covies! They are doing great. 

Dahnay has spent a couple nights in Kitty Kastle with SonJa. They've both have enjoyed it. Asha and Pushkiss are curled up together sound asleep on the orange cushie in the Kabana room. Tabitha is doing her usual morning trick--as soon as the door to Dodger's Pen is open, in she goes to get her share of the baby dry kitten food--it's her favorite. Zsa Zsa is finally napping. That little tiny girl has a belly that's as big as Octavia's--she loves to eat! All is well here at FFRC!

Cozarelii says Hi and also that he LOVES those chicken snackers!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday, May 26

Water, water everywhere! We put down the water fountain yesterday. At first, all was fine--nice police licks. Then I had to move it--put it by the back of the yellow table. Came out and wow--water was all over. Now, I KNOW they are very sorry, as they said so, but it went everywhere! Oh well, that's part of the fun of having a fountain--lick, splash, lick, fish out the water, maybe lick, maybe even take the top off, etc.!  They always know how to have fun! I did end up taking it in overnight for Putter! He loved it. He sat there and licked and licked, never splashed a drop out--just like a polite cat! He said he would be happy to share it with those younguns.

The door to Dodger's Pen is now open. If AP wants to come out, she can. She's been thinking about it. We have also had Kitty Q out a lot yesterday and for the most part, she's doing great. It's tough when you're a mama cat, to allow other cats around your babies, but she is relaxing more and more about this. She's a chirper!

The morning birds are chirping out the Kitty Kabana windows--sure is calling the attention of the cats. There are 9 cats on the window shelves. They sure do love those low window shelves!

Thanks to the following for your support:
Vaunita S/vrs1cat--donation to FFRC, in memory of her Simon cat.
Arden & Charmaine B from IN--donation in honor of Steve's and my anniversary--extra thanks!
Beth A--donation to FFRC, in honor of Steve's and my anniversary--use wherever you choose--extra thanks!

We finished our 24 hour Afghan Sale last night! This was the last Auction until a while after the Catathon. We had four afghans up on the block and all 4 were bid on! Afghan A (pink, made by Lkohv) was won by Conii G who then donated it back to FFRC, to be used at the Catathon! Afghan B (multi colors, made by Cash Maine) was won by Pfkat. Afghan C (brown/tan, made by LKohv) was won by AbbyTabbysMama. Afghan D (wave multi color, made by Erin) was won by Madisonpepper. Many thanks to all who participated in this fun sale! We had 63 bids, placed by approximately 29 bidders. The amount of money raised by these four afghans was $542.  Wow!

In two weeks, is the Dance Recital here in Defiance. It's a wonderful event. FFRC has, for a few years, ran the concession stand before the recital, during it, for the intermission and afterwards. It's a busy event for us. We got all the supplies needed yesterday. Planning is very much underway.

Calidora was trying her best yesterday to drag a peacock feather around. It wasn't working so good. It's hard to pull a feather, with 3 kittens sitting on it. So...........she gave up and just started chewing on it. They can make their own fun! We've been having lots of kitty piles around. It amazes me--these kittens can be playing full steam ahead and then they crash into a furry pile of warmness that induces sleep.

Yeah--AP made it out of her Dodger's Pen, all by herself. As Bonnie says--she sure has alot to say! Yes, that's right. Grumble, grumble, but she's not striking out at all, just "talking". It may take her a few days, but I'm betting on AP! She's another one that chirps at people!

We'll be talking more about the upcoming Catathon and showing you the Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the items (with a set price) that are $28 and under, some as low as $6 and $8. We aim to please!

This was Pumpkin as a teeny weeny baby. You can already tell this little one has spunk! Her mama is awesome too! Ginger is behind Pumpkin, just barely showing.
Kitty Q, Ginger & Pumpkin

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 25

A very special day to me. Today is Steve's and my anniversary! 40 years. Wow--where does the time go. He is the most patient, wonderful person there could be! I love my family!

Cutie has a job that she is taking seriously. She's the bather of the babies. Yesterday, she must've bathed at least 9-10 different kitties! She closes her eyes and licks and licks and licks! What a wonderful girl she is. Needless to say, the babies love her!

Asha's fur is gorgeous--I tell her she looks like she has sable fur. It just shines and glows. She is right now snugged up to Abbott and Zsa Zsa here by my desk. Goodness is right above them looking at the three-some. Not sure if she wants to join them or not. 

Yesterday, the Covies had a run of the barnyard--full out running and stretching their legs. It must feel so good to them. They all come back for supper and Connie's sweet talking. They're all back safe and sound. Mayor Anony was up here in the back yard--sitting on top of the swingset, surveying his land.

Solee is playing by my desk--doing her usual thing. She takes a coil spring toy and plays with it. She'll carry it, drop it, bat it and chase it. Only to do it over and over again. 

Sonja is visiting FFRC, from Canada. We also had a overnight visit by Jobo who picked up Sonja at the airport. Catlady/Joni was here too for three days. We love visitors. Joni took over the care of topping off tummies during the day and then passed on this "job" to Sonja. She'll continue this until her time here is done. 

The floor guys were here for just a short while yesterday. They swept up the "seed" (what they call the chips they spread on the floor) and then put another layer of epoxy on the floor, followed by another layer of seed. They will be back on Tuesday, Weds., Thursday to finish the floor. It takes a while for this process, but it does become a forever floor!

We had BOXES last night. I am grateful to you all.
Josie--Becky's granddaughter--2 appetizers, kitty toys, bag of snackers and 6 cans of Fancy Feast. This is one sweet little girl, who is so nice to the kittens
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--7 collars for the resident cats (one reserved for Zelda--you're a trickster, Widdle!) (I did have a discussion with Zelda--she says she loves me, but she's still hoping for that forever home!  She'll keep me posted!)
Jeff B from IA and Sylvester and Jack--letter with pictures of his kitties. For Jacci--a 2.5 x 2.5 paper artwork of Tuxedo Kitty with Daisy by Matthew Bass. For the Catathon a 5 x 7 paper artwork of Tuxedo Kitty by Matthew Bass.  He does beautiful work. Thanks, Jeff!
Tigercat/Julie--2 awesome recipe/cookbooks for the kitchen Catathon basket, a case of Fancy Feast Kitty and a case of Sheba for Magenta
Ellen/Furkitty and Pat/Cathouze from FL and Tori, Bobbie, Maggie, Tux, Rafa, MamaWy, Sadie, Dixie, GT, Scooter and Louie the doggie--4 bags of snackers, case of Fancy Feast appetizers, 8 cans of Fancy Feast, roll of large trash bags and three Quillows--Southwestern, blue floral and country hearts
Paula A/Miss Paula40--2 bags of kitty snackers, birthday card for Farrah with 2 bags of snackers and pull stringle wiggle toy. Birthday card for Derecho with 2 bags of snackers and a feather toy (he dived into the snackers!)
WarpedinMN/Connie G & Joe--for the Catathon from Connie--the wonderful Cat on the Fence afghan-tans, black--it's beautiful.  From Joe--a stained glass picture--it's gorgeous. Thanks to you both!
Littlefrank--stuffed lion for Joline. For the Catathon--lots of things for various baskets! 2 tiger blankies, Boys Pooh coloring booko with 24 pack crayons, muscle racer suv. Girls princess coloring book with 24 pack crayons, hair scrunchies, make up, hair bow, barbie doll.  Bag of kitty toys for cat basket and 2 neat light up white pillows! Also a doggie snacker for each dog--they say thanks too!
PSW--for the Catathon: limited edition print by Charles Wysocki called "Maggie the Mess Maker". It's simply beautiful. This will be a big ticket item.

Also big thanks for these PayPal donations:
Gusti from Germany--for drinks for volfunteers and visitors!
Furkitty & Cathouze--donatation in loving memory of Blackjack
Lana H--donation to use wherever needed
KimK from MI--donation in honor of sister Pam's birthday (peterpam).  Happy Birthday, Pam!

We had a cat returned to us this week. She is 4 1/2 years and arrived originally on 12/13/08. She was just 9 weeks old. Her name is AP, short for Animal Planet. She arrived at the time we found out we were awarded the Cat Hero of the Year Award by The Animal Planet--hence her name! She wasn't here long as she was adopted within a week. Both of her owners have passed away and unfortunately she was placed outside in April. But, all is well now, as we have her back! She's a brown tiger and will come into the main area very soon.

We've received our report from PetFinders. The top 12 cats that were looked at were: Zelda (!!), Octavia, Spruce, Goodness, Maui, Tabitha, Dove, Dahnay, Raza, Polo, Haylow and PReakness. 

A wise man once said....There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living. 
This was sent to me by a viewer and I absolutely love this saying. Means a lot to me. 

Maui--a beautiful calico

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday, May 23

No more contractors needed!  No more building people needed! The cats have been watching different types of construction this past year and they now have it down pat. They've decided any further building that needs to be done can be done by them! Octavia will head it up (she wants more kitchens), Gallant says he can sling a hammer better than humans, Preakness can now pour concrete as she watched all day yesterday and Paddy Purr says he can indeed put a roof on now! We have such talented cats. Magenta will be the quiet overseer. We've got quite a team here!

Yesterday, the two sidewalks were formed and poured. Today, we'll work on sprucing them up--adding the mulch, pebbles and tidying up the area. We'll also rake the dirt up, spread out grass seed and put straw on it all. Also today the floor guys will arrive! I'm so excited about this. A week from today, the floor will be done, but will need to "set" for a couple more days. Then the furnace will be put in, the countertops, cabinets and mop boards put in. Then...........we finally get to move in! I can hardly wait! 

Derecho has discovered the joy of licking out baby food jar lids--he likes it! Every scrap is licked off! Cozarelii spent time yesterday looking and looking at the kuranda tower beside my desk. He finally stepped on to it and climbed to the top, all without falling. A nap was then in order! Later I saw he had gotten down too, by himself. So so proud of that boy!

Little Pumpkin and Ginger are out and about a bit more. They are so tiny, yet so confident and brave. Their little legs can run--they are strong. Won't be long until Catsparella's kittens are also out--they know now what the door is and like to try to escape out of the room. Can you imagine those 7 too added to the mix of kittens running around?

We had BOXES last night! Fun, exciting and we're so grateful!
Mayumi from Japan--12 packets of Jap-anese kitty food.  Derecho loves it!
Wolfpatch/Dave--2 wonderful Hummingbird feeders for Catathon
Dave and Cindy from CA--Beautiful crocheted king size bed cover, made with over 1000 yoyo pieces and 180 hours of labor, for the Catathon  Extra thanks!
Mary K/mckane from PA--donation to use as needed (get something special for Pumpkin). For the catathon: Knitters Basket--big box full of gorgeous yarn, of all colors!, complete set of circular needles, box of stitch pattern cards "101 stitches to knit"
PhilnCleo from NJ--picture of beautiful Cleo, gold dipped teal flower in memory of Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda. For the catathon--collection of Android figures
Gina S/catlvr4 from OH--card, 2 cans sardines. For the Catathon--2 shawls (purple & blue), doggie ring. Girls basket--hair band/ties, glove puppet kit. Boys basket--bug collector, spiderman towel. Spa Basket--eye mask, lavender soap Kitty basket--3 can covers.
Wanda from WI--Portraits by Wanda--new flyers with some of our FFRC cats on them! For the Catathon--drawing of Zsa Zsa sleeping in the palm of mls's husband  (mls took pic)  Awesome!
Beth A/eaglewacher from IL--TY notes/envelopes with Derecho's picture, return labels and stamps with Derecho's pic! Love them!
Catherine/svcathy/Scott D from CA--card. For Rescue Center--little book for little bathroom, big red/white mug "It's my Cat's World". For the Catathon: spa and relaxation basket complete with lots of extra awesome lavender items--essential oils, soap, bubble bath, sachet, eye pillow, booties, blankie--a wonderful basket! All from their Sonoma town
Mary I/marysbabies3 from IL & Jim and Nina, Baby and Cody--Happy Birthday card and toys for Tabitha, 2 lavender hand towels and 1 bath towels, lotion, sponges, styrofoam plates, kitty wipes, Pounce and other snackers. For the Catathon--kitty tin, butterfly napkins/hotpads/napkin holder, kitty figurine, Christmas kitty candle holder, 4 kitty mugs, kitty monthly card holder and 3 colorful fish for decoration (for nautical basket)
M J from MA with Frankie & Meggie--bag of royal canin dry food, kitty snackers, gravy sensations, kitty card, 2 awesome catnip mice (they like it!) and LOTS of catnip pads, all tied with a cute ribbon and individually wrapped!

You might have noticed Cutie's fur is disappearing. We're on top of it, or so we hope. Our vet has had us switch to a different medicine for our Cutie girl. She has an obsessive licking compulsion that sometimes gets the best of her. I believe this different med will be of help to her. We'll have to ask her to lick the kittens instead! 

I saw Sara (the kitten) fall asleep yesterday.........on the top of the palm tree! She had herself intertwined and was safe and sound. Dovie loves the windows in the Kabana Room--she can be found there at any time (other than when she's on her favorite step), just watching the birds. What a really nice cat. Her other favorite thing is to have her back scratched. Maui has discovered that when the 6 kittens are out of Dodger's Pen that it's time to hop in there herself and feast on their baby dry kitten food--a real treat! 

Fabio dares you to rub his tummy!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weds., May 22

It happened! All five cats, Montana, Spruce, Haylow, Jannuka and Abner are now in Canada with their new mama and dad. I've heard from them already and they had a safe trip back home. Montana and Haylow were already cruising up and down the stairway investigating. Jannuka and Abner were playing on the track wheel. Spruce was taking it easy yet and had not left the crate yet. But, by now I'm sure he has! These 5 cats will be on the high end of a loving, caring home. I'm so glad for them and their new family. 

We were back in the dust mode yesterday. The window and door was cut into the existing Thumper's Room! Dusty progress made! Last night, we spackled all the nail holes in the window frames and started painting them. Our goal is to get the window frames and door frames all painted today. Just found out right now that the sidewalks will be formed and poured today! How exciting!

I'd like to say a special thought to our cyber friends in Oklahoma. Our hearts here are with you there. Prayers for you all and your family and friends.

I would like to tell you about our little BlackJack. Most of you don't realize, but he became very ill two days ago. He was whisked into Thumper's Room where meds were immediately given. His heart was not functioning properly and he passed away very shortly afterwards. This little fella has broken my heart. Such a little baby, didn't hardly have a chance. He was born into a world (an abandoned house) where there were no humans to give alot of support to his mama and siblings. I'm glad he was here, even though for not very long. 

I am at the point now of begging people to spay/neuter their pets. This is always the hardest time of year for me. There are not enough homes for all the births that are happening every day. These kittens are not asking to be born into a world where there is no one to love or hold them. Please, reach out to an outside cat, and take it to the vet's office and get the spay/neuter done. You will know in your heart that you have saved some lives. 

There are 6 cats with their paws on the glass pane of the door, watching Dion outside working. He's making noise that is very interesting to them. Whiskers forward, ears up, eyes big! Any more interest and we'll have to put a hammer in their little paws and tell them to get to work.

Yesterday, the 5 little ones from Thumper's Room were up here in Dodger's Pen to romp. Wow--the action they cause can shake a pen! So sweet. Becky has been coming in the evenings to top their tummies off. The 6 group, the 5 group are doing much better. The 3 smallest ones of Catsparella are chunking up a bit too. 

The Covies are doing great. We've been letting them out on the farmyard on Fridays and one other day of the week. They sure do love to cruise about. I believe we have the tick problem under control now by using Frontline. The Porchies are also doing good. They love all the summer chairs and tables that are out. I do believe they think they are out just for them! 

Yep--a regular reptile visitor here at FFRC. They all get along together.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21

Wonderful day coming up! We have FIVE adoptions today to our awesome new cat mama/dad from Canada. These folks are wonderful, love the cats and spent much time deciding which cats were going to be their forever babies. They will be leaving today to go back to their home in Canada, which is just a 5 hour drive for them. They will be taking with them: Montana (who follows them around like he's known them forever), Jannuka (who was picked out before they even arrived), Haylow (who licked and licked them yesterday), Abner (will be a friend for Jannuka) and Spruce (who they fell in love with and couldn't leave. He's also a good friend of Montana's.). I'm so happy about these adoptions--they are going into a happy, solid home that has much love to offer these cats. Thanks to Brent and Jenny.

We had BOXES last night! Wow--wonderful items, we have lots of thanks to give!
Wanda--a hand sketched framed picture of Putter that is just stunning. It will be a big ticket item in the Catathon.
Phil&Cleo--case of 9 lives and a blue plush soft bed for Derecho's birthday. 
Karen/electickatz--For catathon: garden basket--weed barrier, 2 pair of garden gloves. For other catathon baskets: color & activity books, dry erase crayons/markers, red kitchen utensils, scissors, 2 hair bows, 2 containers of wide sidewalk chalk, 5 boxes of colored pencils
Mary M from LA--For the Catathon--2 awesome Disney watches (Cinderella & Pooh), for Jacck--kitty clock and gift for Connie.
Tom P from NJ and kitties Buddy and Ashley--pop tabs for Kellen and a nice card
Sandra A/Tazmon--laser ink cartridge (thanks--will use in Mail Room), potty bags, 2 plastic containers FULL of Fancy Feast cans
Anonymous Friend--6 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Wendi B/Wendilin--For the Catathon: cat on a Fence afghan (blue, gray, white & black), pink softy blanket. For Christmas basket: hot pads. Gift for Kelly's babies. 2 beds for Kitty Kabana, box of puffs kleenex, post it notes, 5 large magnetic clips
Linda S--case of baby food
Tigercat--case of Tiki cat, case of Fancy Feast and 2 boxes of Keurig tea
Oilsandgirl/Sheila H--2 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of Appetizers
Stitches72/Amy D from PA--For the Catathon: lots and lots of avon items for the Catathon, plus poster paint set, puzzles, stickers, flash cards, notebooks, rulers, folders, flash cards
Joyce R--beautiful handpainted framed picture of 5 kittens for the Catathon
Sylvia/gentlesong (week visitor)--2 bags of pop tabs for Kellen, kitty snackers, doggie snackers, case of friskies gravy sensations
Conii G from FL and kitties Madissyn & Elliott--Avonde card, 3 hooded cat beds, orange crate bed, big orange mat, 4 small kitty bed pads. For the Catathon: Laurel Burch items--lots of them that will make awesome Catathon baskets! Cat bed, kitty food/water bowls, place mats, t-shirt, crinkle tube, more toys, collars, cosmetic bag, night shirt, cat carrier. For Derecho--feather toys. For the rescue center--Yeooow bananas, toys, rainbows. For the volunteers: licorice, hersheys chocolates, 2 kitten scratchers and salmon snackers
DawnO from OR--card and 2 Disney Gift cards for the Catathon!

Many thanks too, for these PayPal donations--
Elskates/Eleanor--donation in memory of her precious Tiffany who passed away. Kisses given to Zsa Zsa who reminds her of Tiffany.
Gusti from Germany--donation in honor of Big Al's happy birthday! 

Construction is gearing up again and we have lots going on this week. Yesterday, the last of the lights were put up in Thumper's Room. The window trim boards and some of the door trims were put up. Today, the last of the window trim boards will be put on then we need to get busy painting so the painting job is done before the floor guys come on Thusday. Also today the archway going from the Thumper's Room to connect with the new part of Thumper's Room will be cut out. That means we will need to move the 5 kittens out of there at least for the day. When the guys start the new floor on Thursday, we will not be able to use Thumper's Room at all for days. What a lot of stuff!! 

Also on Thursday or Friday, the Amish crew will come in and we'll finally get our sidewalks in! I am so excited about this. They will form the sidewalk in the front going by the Kitty Kabana Room to the front house porch and the sidewalk going from the driveway to Cat's Cove. We've been waiting so long for this! The walks will be formed and poured all in one day. Or so the plan goes!

Caryn's 3 cats will be here yet until tomorrow. They are Ebbe, Volle and Doce. Their construction time  at their home has been extended, but Wednesday looks like their Go Home Date.

We are starting to intermingle the two mamas, Kitty Q and Catsparella into the rescue center again. It's time to start slowly but surely re-introducing them. Once their "mommy-ness mode" rubs off a bit, I do believe they will both be just fine. 

Gallant just strutted by, with his usual swagger. He has his collar back on part time as he decided it was fun to lick again. His wound is just about gone--just that last stretch left to heal. What a long journey this has been for him. Dovie loves to lay on the Kabana window sills just sleepily staring outside. She seems so contented. Cutie was on the big poof yesterday with 2 kittens, giving each a thorough bath! 

Timothy, a Covie cat. What an awesome cat--so sweet and friendly! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday, May 19

Can't let this day go without a blog of thanks! We had our Day Sale yesterday. This was the last Day Sale until after Catathon and it was a doozy! ALL the items that we show are things donated by YOU, the viewers and supporters. I am so appreciative of this. We already started last night to pack up orders so we can get them sent on their way. Everything we showed, was sold. I am so so thankful for this. I appreciate your support. It's fast, helps FFRC, makes us laugh and have a good time and I believe also to pull us together as a group! I also thank the moderators, and the volunteers here who helped: Angie, Amy, Dawn and Sylvia. Thanks too to Joyce for providing the pizza! Wow--what a great day it was. As the orders start going out, if you should find an error, please don't hesitate to let me know.

We also completed the weekend's 24 hour cat drawer/bed auction. We had some winners! Thank you!
Bed A          Twkitty/Terri W                    $65
Bed B           Wonderteach/Grace S-R        $55
Bed C           Maddysnana/Teri                  $103
Bed D          Loon2/Kelly PN                    $55
Bed E           Zab8/Isabelle L                     $60
Bed F           Missmic/Susan B                  $57
Bed G           a lurker/Lynn S                    $75
Janet/Janak topped off the amount with $30, to make an even $500. Gusti from Germany also added to the fund to cover the shipping for everyone--no one has to pay for mailing! Thanks Janet and Gusti!

We will have one more 24 hour auction--this time FOUR wonderful afghans, each donated by a viewer. This will be Friday 6 pm (FFRC time) to 6 pm on Saturday. This will then be the last auction until sometime after the Catathon! They are beautiful!

I've been asked alot about when the spring FFRC t-shirts will be arriving. Hang onto your shirts--they are coming!! Had to say that, you know! But, they are already ordered, will be here about 3 weeks before the Catathon and will go up for sale with all the other items that will be available for pre-order 2 weeks before the Catathon. There's two colors--a warm grey and a teal. Both nice colors.

Tomorrow we have special visitors arriving clear from Cannda. These are the folks I mentioned last week. They will be sorting out 4 cats to take home with them to be their forever cats! I'm very excited about this. Two on their list already is Jannuka and Montana. Who will the other two be? Excitement builds as we wait for the answer!

The little five kittens in Thumper's Room are doing wonderful. Busy, busy little ones. They love playing on the floor. The six kittens in Dodger's Pen are now out most of the day. Yes, they're tiny, but they're mighty! Here, there and everywhere. It's so sweet though, when it's nap time, how they find each other and cuddle up to make one big black, brown and grey ball of fur! The 13 that feeds in Kitty Campus Room are all doing great. Little BlackJack is getting braver and more confident. I think EB has helped with that! Such purrable kittens!

That little Pumpkin is so funny. She's one of Kitty Q's kittens. When we go into their room, out the door she zips. She's barely a one pounder, but she's got spunk! Ginger usually is looking at her with an expression of--stop all that ramming around and come take a nappy with me! Both these kittens purr just by looking at them!

Walter--that boy can sure melt my heart, especially in the early morning and late in the evening. He cannot get enough loving then. He'll rub, purr, rub every bit of you he can touch--just a doll. Then when he gets wound up, watch up--his energy level is super high! But, bit by bit I do believe he is getting better around the tiny kittens. We are keeping a sharp eye on him.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May18

What was that pitiful mewing sound? One of the little gold white kittens went rushing up to Linda and cried and cried. Seemed so distressed. What happened? She brought the kitten to me for identifying. It turns out it was Theo--one of the Thumper's Room kittens. When the door opened, he must've slipped into the main area. He was ever so glad to get back to his siblings and his room! Those 5 sure can romp and play!

Also this morning, we had the door open to June's Room for a little while. Kitty Q and her two kittens came out for a short little walk-about. Then they went back in and napped--must've been an exhausting adventure! All are doing great.

We had the cam in Catsparella's room for a while this morning. Little Meg and Fiona are a bit thin, so they were supplemented this morning. They may be thin, but they're active! They have all left their nest again and now call the lower level of the Kuranda Tower their new nest. All 7 of these kittens are so so friendly.

We had BOXES last night. Such wonderful gifts, of which we are thankful for.
TwoLoons in MA--For the Catathon--a picture made of FFRC dryer lint--including blue for eyes, etc. Has a Bubble Gum wrapper background.  For Jacci--a picture also made with FFRC dryer lint with a Reeses PB cup as the background. These are absolutely AWESOME pictures. So crafty and means a lot to me! Thank you! The one for the Catathon will be a Big Ticket Item. Thanks to Judy S and Janet for helping on this end to make these possible for TwoLoons to create these pictures!
Cathy/ordinarydiva and Squeaky from NY--a letter from Sqaueaky and a donation in memory of Donna Summer, post it notes, Sharpie pins, special snackers,freeze dried Shrimp snackers too
Nokittymomma--2 cases of baby food Turkey & Chicken
Oilsandgirl--case of Baby food turkey, 2 bags of Royal Canin baby dry and a case of Royal Canin baby cans
Anonymous Friend--NINE cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Mitty208 with Tinker and Sasha--pop tabs for Kellen, 5 bags of snackers, Appetizers, stickers, Paw Points. For the Day Sale--kitty plaques with place for kitty picture
Arden & Charmaine--10 cans of Reeses sardines! For the catathon: Amish popcorn, 2 homestyle noodles, fruit mix hard candies, 2 cans of Amish meat, Amish tiny Tender popcorn and a Sweet and Sour Dressing
Drew Strouble from FL--awesome! signed and numbered Cat prints "Double Trouble" and "Final Warning" and a framed print called "KiKi", thanks to Herta B.  These are beautiful drawings and will be in the Catathon
Ellen/Furkitty and Pat/Cathouze--card and a walmart gift card for Derecho and Farrah's Birthdays!

Our new cat condo arrived yesterday safe and sound. These are big, heavy condos and I'm so grateful this time, that it arrived undamaged. This condo will go into the existing Thumper's Room and the giant one that's in there now, will go into the extended Thumper's Room.

We also received some PayPal donations. Thanks so much!
Sheila H from Canada--donation for FFRC
Melissa M--donation for FFRC
Connie & Tookie S from OH--donation for FFRC
Janet C from VA--donation for Feliz Navidad Medical Fund
Nancy G from MI--donation for Feliz Navidad Fun
Aunty Fi--donation for Feliz Navidad fund

I try to mention this every so often. If there's ever a time I have neglected to mention something, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Or if I have any information wrong, please let me know. I don't mind and I would always like to rectify these things! Thanks.

Yes, today is the big day. The Day Sale starts at 11 am (FFRC time). I thought this time it may help to post the prices on the items. That may save some confusion. 
Kitty Key Chains                    $4                 Bondies                     $5
"Peed on that" magnet            $6               Hand warmers           $6
Jewelry/zipper pulls               $6                 Scarf #64                  $6
Jewelry bracelets, many colors  $8             Hot cup/dish holder    $8
Warped Coasters                   $10               Ceramic coasters       $20
Key fobs                              $5/$10            Sir Emerson pin worthy Bear  $10
Hand warmers/scarf set        $12                Leggy Dews              $12  (sorry, increase)
Quilted blankets                    $15               Cat on fence blankies  $15
Jewelry necklace in pouch    $15                 Betty Tales Books       $15
Cat nip mats                        $15                  Mike's FFRC CD's     $15
Teacup sets (china)              $15                  Lola 9 Lives Bear       $15
Cat Doll                              $20                   Quillows                   $30
Cat Plastic Bag Holders        $30                  Tan afghan               $40
Warped Rugs                      $40                   Plaques with pic       $12

Thank you so much for your support of these Day Sales. This will be the last one until things are "done and dusted" after Catathon!  

Remember too, the 24 hour drawer/bed sale is going on right now and will end at 6 pm.  Check out the FB chatters page. After this one, we will have one more 24 hour sale (next week). After the Catathon, we will continue to have a few more of these. 

Pushkins and Pushkiss are inside the temporary empty Dodger's Pen (it'll be cleaned shortly). There's a ping pong ball in there that they are swatting around at 100 mph! Such fun. Yesterday, I went with Caryn to a garage sale. Before I left, the cats asked that I buy them something different for them to play with. So............I did! I found a four foot long thick snake with two heads! It's on the floor for them to play with. Have already seen one kitten take a nap on it, with the belly on the top of the snake. And I've seen two of the adults (Polo and Spruce) approach it very very slowly, like they weren't sure what that thing is on their floor! Polo swatted at the left head! Gotta love these cats! 

Now, is this cute, or what?!! Just love this boy Walter. He is at his cuddliest in the early morning! Can't get enough head rubs and pettings! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17

Joyful is becoming even more joyful! Yesterday she let me wipe her eyes without much of a fuss. And she's been playing! It's OUR joy to see her being happier! She's more relaxed. But, when something startles her, wham, she instantly gets "that look" in her eyes again. This morning she spent a little time in the Kabana Room and seemed to be very relaxed, then when a noise startled her, she panicked. But she has made great strides in the "relax mode" department. 

We knew it was going to happen soon and it did. Catsparella's kittens have spilled out of their nest! These tiny little babies are toddling about on the floor now. So very sweet to watch them. She's such a wonderful mama. She's also quite thin as she's producing a lot of milk. We are feeding her very often and she's a good eater. Little Meg was even was at the door crying. We told her no way was she coming out yet--way way too small.

Our sweet Joline has figured out something she really likes. Sarah had a big stack of cushies piled up this morning and Joline spied them. Up she went and plopped down in the middle of the top one! So comfortable and so cuddly for her. When she looks at you, it seems like she's all eyes--they're huge!

I talked to Wanda, the portrait maker yesterday. She is donating an original portrait of Putter and one of Zsa Zsa for the Catathon. They are both awesome. We're talking about the possibility of doing copies of Zsa Zsa for later! What a gift Wanda has. Her website is:

We had BOXES last night. I so much appreciate every box and envelope that arrives.
PhilnCleo from NY--For Birthday boy Derecho: Bonito flakes, motion activated light balls and a Yeoow Banana. Derecho ate some Bonito flakes right away
Butterflyclass from Belgium--sent all the way from Belguim for our birthday boy Derecho! The class sent 100 kisses to Derecho--evidenced by "smooch marks" on paper, then laminated and they also sent a handmade Hugs for Derecho sweater bed--soooo cute!
Jenny and Hannah (our special friend) from IN--2 love chains for Farrah and Derecho, covered in stickers!, card with stickers, Sardines to share for all, Temptation snackers for Derecho and Party Mix snackers for Farrah
Melissa & Paul R from VA--Farrah's Happy Birthday card, 2 packs of coil toys, cat nip squirrel and 2 cases of her favorite Friskies gravy sensations
Ruth S/Racecat3--For the Catathon: 3-1000 piece puzzles (dogs, kitty & birds), 2 pencil color by number sets, DVD with 12 animal movies and a Frisbie yard golf set
Connie/warpedinMN--38 cat nip pads (with zippers) and 24 blankies (12 blue/12 pink)--all for the Day Sale
Cheryl M from OH--coupons
Napa/Donna--card and a note
FaithyMD--Birthday card for Farrah and a birthday card for Derecho
Mary & Jim with Nina, Baby, Cody & Irwin--Birthday card for Derecho and a donation for Derecho
Phil & Maryann from OH--chief tapes, bunch of paw points and a donation
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Ellen/kikimycat--birthday card with Farrah picture on it with a poem and a birthday card with Derecho picture on it with a poem

We also received some PayPals of which I'm very grateful for.
Caren F from CA--in memory of Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda
Donna S from MA--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Margaret H from NC--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Helen M from UK--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Carmel D from France--donation to FFRC
Sheila H from Canada--in memory of Feliz Navidad and also in support of Walter
Ann F from Canada--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Faith M from MD--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Renee C--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Pat L from KS--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Arden and Charmaine from IN--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Charlene & James P from MS--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Cheryl G from TN--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Ingrid S from Netherlands--in honor of Derecho's first Birthday
Judith M--in honor of Farrah, Rory and Derecho's birthday and in memory of Feliz
Peggy & Bernie G from NY--in memory of Feliz Navidad

I would like to say a special thank you for your support of the Feliz Navidad Medical Fund. She is the reason for this special fund that we have set up. She triumphed over a major medical problem when she first arrived. Feliz's life wasn't that long (only 3 1/2 years) but she loved her life and enjoyed being loved on. Thank you for helping with this fund--it gives us financial resource to help cover some of our "over and above" medical costs on the rescue cats. 

Tonight! Yes, it's tonight--the next auction! We have 7 absolutely awesome drawer/beds to be bid on. I want to say something first though. We have not sent out the last batch of beds YET. But they will go out very soon. We had to order special legs for them and they just arrived. After their paint job is done, they'll be taken to be sent out right away. They are coming! Now, for this weeks auction--there are 7 drawer/beds and they are pretty fancy! We'll be showing them today, but you can go to the Chatters FB page and view them. Bids start promptly at 6:00 tonight and will end at 6:00 pm tomorrow night.  To place a bid, all you need to do is click on the picture or the comment icon below the picture. Keep it simple--enter the letter of your choice, the amount of the bid and then your chatter name--that's all! Joni R made the drawer/beds for this week's auction. 

Tomorrow! Yes, it's tomorrow--our next Day Sale! We have some really fun things to show you! It will start at 11:00 am (FFRC time). Come join the fun--right there on the cam! We also have lots of leggydews and catnip pads. 

The 6 Dodger's Pen kittens are running about. That little Remison, Jemison and Bix are so so small yet, but their energy level is strong. Ginger and Pumpkin are now playing all over in June's Room--they have a few kitty climbing toys and they love to show off their skills. Little Ernie/EB and BlackJack sure look alot alike. Both are so sweet. 

Joline--she's already beautiful, but can you imagine when she's all filled back out? Stunning!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday, May 16

What a wonderful cat Spruce is. He is again, on my desk. He loves to be petted and I think he'd give his heart to anyone that would spend alot of time petting him. Sometime, somewhere, that perfect home will come for him.

The progress on Thumper's Room and the Mail Room continues! Dion now has all the vinyl wall panels up and almost all of the electric outlet covers are now in and hooked up. Today the inside window frames will be put up then it'll be our job to get them painted. Possibly end of next week, the new floor can be started! So exciting. Cannot wait to start using these two much needed rooms!

The six kittens that belong to Dodger's Pen are all cuddled together taking a nice long nap. They are so so tiny, but play so so big! It's hard to believe the friendliness now of the 6 kittens in Thumper's Room. They will now come running to us when we go in. Won't be long until they join the rest of the gang here in the main area. I've seen quite a few of the little kittens on the cat-go-round wheel. It's amazing that they do that!

We had BOXES last night. We are grateful for YOU!
Robin H/MsChiSan--she arranged to get 3 autographed copies of the book: The Chronicles of Zee and Zoe by Deb Barnes. These are awesome story books and will be a big ticket item for the Catathon.
Betz from PA--donation for Cutie and friends plates and food, gift for Martha L
Annette B/furhavenkitties and Jeanette and Flynn, Elsie and Lucky--kitty snackers, appetizers, Purrfectly Chicken, 15 Fancy Feast size cans of food. For the Catathon: Hello Kitty Candy Jar and jelly jeans. For the sewing basket: kitty buttons, paw print ribbon & 2 remnants kitty flannel For Rory's birthday: happy birthday card and from Elsie (who shares his birthday) snackers and an appetizer
Debra T--for the Catathon: a wonderful vanilla spa bath and body care basket
Rebecca and Willow from UK--20 boxes of Bondi licks and 7 washcloths for kitty faces
Lynn/Michlynn from MI--6 beautiful scarves for our Day Sale--beautiful colors
Nancy M/luv4cats from WI--lots of assorted toys and balls. For the Catathon:  recycled tote bag with pockets and shoulder strap, kitchen bread basket, dish washing gloves with paw prints, Animal Rescue site Dish towels with paw prints
Justme--4 cases of baby food, sample Huggies wipes
Stinkypeep/Mimi with Cricket, Sqaueaky & Tuffy--hand made kitty card. For the Catathon: Grand Canyon wind chimes, baby afghan green & white, baby afghan pastel multi color and a beautiful, colorful granny square afghan (Stinkypeep made these!)
JBR109 from FL--2 cases Royal Canin baby can, bag of Royal Canin baby, bag of Royal Canin kitten
Jennifer L--6 gallons of bleach
Pat L/Plee9 from KA and Sandy--7 knitted kitty blankies for FFRC, lots of kitty snackers and Sheba can for Magenta. For the Catathon: Nap Quilt with kitty prints (really nice!)
Caren F--DaBird toy, squeaking bird toy, coils, mylar balls and a Frolic Cat laser toy
Amy/Avonde (volunteer) For the catathon: 5 sets of ceramic kitty coasters
Sherry and David from NY--a Mothers Day card with letter, kitty snackers, 2 bags of Kitten Purina One and pictures of Daves new baby chicks and his kitties Dancer and Dreamer and a great picture of Dave making his birdy treats and windchimes for Jacci (which I love!)
Brookbosse/Brook B from OH--6 Yeoooow catnip bananas
Christine B from VA--donation in honor of her pet that she lost after 17 1/2 years
Neil and Jean S from OH--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Solee just ran thru the office batting a spring coil in front of her. I do believe she also has springs on her legs. Have never seen a cat jump like her! Weeja is here in the office playing with the DaBird toy--that girl too can jump! Zelda is sleeping on my desk...........again. I think she needs an award for being able to sleep the most of all the cats.

I just wanted to share with you about my cat Feliz. Her whole name is Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda. Feliz passed away late last night. She arrived here when she was just 11 weeks old. She had been found frozen to the road in an ice storm. From that incident, she has always showed some  neurological problems. At the beginning of her time here, during her recovery, she had a few seizures but none since then until the last few days. She was just 3 1/2 years old. Way too young. But in the last few days, her seizures became intense. She was loved so much. We also had set up (and will continue) a special medical fund in her name, the Feliz Navidad Fund, that helps us pay for extra above normal medical problems of other cats. Thank you for caring about Feliz. Please always remember to hug and love on your pets every day.

Today is a wonderful day. It's Farrah and Derecho's birthday! Farrah arrived when she was just 7 weeks old. She was found in a woods by a friend, who actually gave Farrah her name. She is now 4 years old. Derecho turns one today! He also arrived when he was 7 weeks old. He was found in a woodpile, where his mama and siblings had left him as he couldn't keep up with them due to his CH. We are honored to have both of these wonderful cats here as permanent residents. Happy Birthday to our dear Farrah and Derecho. They both received some chicken baby food this morning and later today will share Sardines and a can of real chicken with all their friends. Yesterday was Rory's birthday. He's a Covie and such a handsome guy. Today, he is sharing a gift he received--some extra yummy snackers, with all his friends! Rory arrived when he was 9 months old and he is now 2 years old.

Happy Birthday, Derecho! We love you!

Happy Birthday, Farrah! We love you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ    It must be nap time. As I look around me, I see 11 cats and kittens snoozing away around my desk, with Zelda rounded up on a stack of papers sleeping! Must be nice--eat, sleep and play! Oh wait....I better add their "job" and that is to let themselves be petted all day and be cute!

A busy place yesterday. Dion was here. The fiber panels are all up in the Mail Room now. The extended Thumper's Room has about 1/4 of the panels up. The back door of Thumper's Room now has 2 coats of paint--one more to go. We've also been preparing for the Day Sale. Lots of kittens to make sure their tummies are full. Extra work done in farm yard. Starting to get more done for the Catathon. 

We also have another visitor here for a week--Gentlesong is here. She says she's ready to be put to work today! Next week is also another busy visitor week, especially on the weekend. We sincerely enjoy our visitors. The cats do too--Mayor Anony told me so! 

On May 20th, we will have two visitors come from Cananda. They will be visiting with the purpose of adopting FOUR cats! We've been planning on this for quite some time, but had to wait for one of them to be spayed. The four they're looking at?  That would be Montana and Jannuka. The other two are unsure until they get time to meet and greet the others. These 4 cats will go into a home where they will have much love and lots of space to play and a wonderful home, just for them!!

Many thanks to the following for their support:
Gusti from Germany--a Happy Birthday to Rory gift. We will dish out lots of yummy snackers for the whole Covie family in honor of Rory's birthday.
Maria L from NY--donation in honor of sweet Walter
Darlene M from Canada--donation towards the general fun

We have names for the 5 kittens in Thumper's Room. You'll have to look close at them when they come into the main area--they are very similar.
Judson       male        brown tiger/white
Tatiana      female      orange/white tiger  all white toes
Vincent      male        orange/white tiger  all white feet
Theo          male        orange/white tiger  all white feet
Danika       female      orange tiger, no white
These 5 are just starting to eat good by themselves. They sure like to play. Such cuddlebums too--they purr as soon as you touch them!

Here are some FFRC sites--
Welcome for new chatters:
Recent arrivals at FFRC:
Cat Birthdays:          
To order 2013 Cookbook:

Pania is doing awesome. I watched her yesterday climb down from a cat tower. Ever so carefully, so purposeful though, paw by paw she patted her way down. We're holding and loving on BlackJack a lot. He's a tad shy. Sweet Joline is doing wonderful. She loves to be held. Her fur will grow in again and we'll keep it so she'll never mat again. We promised her that. Maui is chattering away at the window. She's watching the bird feeders. Temba and Abner think their big cats, the way they climb up and down the flower furniture! All is fine here!

One of the peacocks on the farmyard--strutting his feathers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, May 14

Doce is doing wonderful! His little bum is doing so much better. We think we have it figured out and as long as we continue a 3-time a week treatment, he should be fine. He's running around playing, but is terribly missing his 4 girls (this includes Caryn of course!). Actually, Caryn's other 2 cats will be spending the upcoming weekend with us. When they come on Sunday to take them home, they'll also be taking Doce back too. When one of the girls holds him, I swear that all the bones in Doce's body becomes liquefied--he simply goes limp when they hold him! 

Dion, our construction guy was here all day yesterday. He put up about 13 more fiber wall panels! So exciting! We are getting things ready so that when it's all done, we can move in and start using it immediately! As soon as he can get time to form in the front sidewalk, he'll be calling the concrete guys in!

We had the Bubble Machine on today. Do you know who loved it the best? It was Walter! He zeroed in on those bubbles and popped them! It was so fun to watch him! So many of the kitties enjoy the bubble chasing!

Snappy and Whisk and Weeja are playing like crazy kittens here in the office. They actually bounced off the door to get momentum to run to the other end. What fun they have. Not sure who is winning, but I'm sure there will be a nap in their near future! Walter is joining in their fun--that's his speed of playing--fast and furious! The four are doing good together.

I hope for Walter that everyone will be patient with him. I know he's a rough player. But he's young, he's deaf and he's learning how to play with others. We all are so very patient and understanding when there's a physical problem with a cat. We need to also remember, even though we can't "see" Walter's problem, we need to be patient and understanding of him also. He's trying so hard to fit in. Thanks for loving him!

We had BOXES last night! I am grateful for your support.
Nancy S from NV--card with stickers, Reeses PB cups, KitKat minis, caramel corn, kitty snackers and a kitty storage drawer with more treats!
Patricia M from IL--12 very cool purple pens with purple ink (love them)
Linda S--Education Box tops
Angela M from TX--7 rolls of kitty fabric--all very cute!
June K/Painteddaisy--To be used however we want: 8 jewelry ouches, a variety of glass beaded necklaces in many colors, zipper pulls with kitties, bracelets made with leather and glas beads, key chains. Thanks June--they're beautiful!
Donna/Cattoys1 from TX--For the Catathon: jewelry made by Donna: earrings, necklaces, rings, kitty earrings, Christmas tree earrings, Christmas stockings with Kitty and Doggie and Princess design, Octavia bobblehead, kitty & flower yard stake, paw print blankie, heart wire basket with red beads and a kitty box for storage
Patmack01--rice cereal, salmon cans, Friskies, appetizers, laser light, coil toys, q-tips, jar of lotion, Crystal light for volunteers, Snuggle safe warmer
Sean & Anne P/kikocat with Penn & Teller--raza and Dovie card, letter with pictures of Penn & Teller, bag of Iams, kitty snackers, Friskies, baby food jars, spring coil toys, kitty toys, volunteer snackers and 4 packs of stickers
Runbeccarun--bag of Royal Canine Kitten food, 6 bags of Purina One smart blend dry food
Jane W/calico17--mothers day card, donation to be used wherever needed
Shirley W from TX with Kat, Rosie & Penny the doggie--donation for FFRC
Likrishlover/lindaK from MN--kitty card--congrats on the  10K with picture of her Likrish, donation for the sardien challenge
Abigail B from OH--Chief tapes
SuEllen from OH--donation for FFRC
Cheryl L from WA--letter, lots of thank you cards and note cards, stickers, 5 beautiful pillow cases for the baby room, 2 pillowcases for the Butterfly room, 2 rolls of butterfly boarders, 2 cat plaques, Book of Blessings from Helen Steiner RIce, baby wash cloths, big bag of PB cups!, Reeses PB treats, Rock for Alberts Garden "Never Forgotten Forever Remembered", bunches of kitty toys, feather toy for Derecho, lots of kitty snackers, baby food, Sheba can food for Magenta, batteries for the heartbeat, A really neat Mug, 2 mats--pink & blue for the baby room.  For the Catathon: kitty frame, sewing accessories, Mickey keychain
Pam R/buckeye cat (day visitor)--bottle of Odor B Gone cleaner, 2 bags Royal Canin food, 1 bag Natural dry food, yogurt raisin treats, crackers, truffles for volunteers and a bag of Purina One
Liz from TX--evening visitor--a donation for FFRC (she came to Ohio to do birding and stopped by the rescue center!)
Todd & Tonya (day visitors)--1 1/2 dozen cans of food

We have quite a few adoptions pending. Will fill you in as things get firmed up! Daynay is back in the Rescue Center. She spent the 2 weeks in Kitty Kastle with Janet. She's doing fine, but I'm sure she misses Janet. She ate a good breakfast today. Janet made it back home to New Zealand. She had a couple bumps in the road of return, but she's safely back now. 

There is, at this moment, 9 cats on the low cat walk in the Kabana Room looking out at the bird feeders. They sure do love this. Joyful is being silly this morning--she's even bouncing in the air and playing! I think we're reaching her joy spots! The little kittens in Thumper's Room ate a pretty good breakfast this morning by themselves. That's a first! Becky will be coming in tonight to top off their tummies and also the 6 kittens. Names will happen today for the 5 kittens in Thumper's Room!

Kitty Q's two kittens are playing now--so cute. They are also starting to eat a bit on their own. I keep thinking of Catsparella--when her kittens start playing. Will be nice to watch. Both are such good mamas. Such a lot of beauty kittens!

Our Hanker Panker boy! He loves to be sweet-talked to.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, May 13

Only 41 more days until our 3rd Catathon! That time will fly and we have an enormous amount of work to do before this event. Please remember if you would like to send a basket or items for an existing basket, have your donation reach us by May 20th. We know that's early, but we need toe establish the Baskets and the Big Ticket Items, then take pictures of them, get them into the Flickr page and then show them to you! The Catathon is June 23, from 1:00 to 4:30 ish. Lots of fun, lots of bidding, fun entertainment! This is our big fundraiser to our present building fund. 

We had BOXES on Saturday night. Many thanks to you!
Furkitty/Ellen & Cthouze/Pat from FL with Tori, Bobbie, Maggie, Tux, Rafa, MamaWy, Sadie, Dixie, GT, Scooter and Louie the doggie--Bag for Kelly with a Froggie Quillow, Frog bib and hats with gowns to match for Molly baby. Bag for Connie--chicken quillow. For FFRC--3 quillows (for day sale), feather toy and a stack of washcloths
Mudjie--6 kitty pads (beautiful!)
Heather H from MN with Elvis, Lucy, Autumn, Fire Cracker, Macaroni--2 BIG kitty balls, fleece blankies that Heather made and 6 mousie toys
Joanne H/jo91150--For the Catathon: a big basket for a pet bunny. It's really wonderful and filled with many things a bunny would LOVE. Raspberry twigs, jumbo willow ball, bunny scissors, alfalfa pillow, coconut mat, bunny apron, bun bon bon box, bunnie book, etc
Anonymouse Friend--For FFRC: 4 towels, magnetic clips, tiger scissors, bag of first aide items, Judy & Amy treats, volunteer snackers, doggie treatsChenille toys, laser mouse. For the Catathon: ladies robe, slippers, wine glasses, wine opener, white towel, bath mat, candle, pumice stone Gud products. For the Catathon too: a kitty basket stuffed with lots of things--bag of balls, large rat, laser mouse, grooming brush, toys, 2 black/pink food bowls. For the Catathon for Kids basket: 2 light up balls, Hello Kitty computer mouse.
Patricia Y/S--donation thru PayPal
Lawrence G--donation thru PayPal
James & Charlene P from MS--donation for FFRC
PSW--donation to celebrating Sprints adoption
Deb11111--donation thru PayPal to help with Joline's care
Jackie B--donation to help with the care of FFRC
Please, if I ever miss a donation or put something down incorrectly, don't hesitate to e-mail me about it. I would want to make it right.

We also closed another auction time for the second round of cat drawerbeds. Many thanks to Joni and Angie for your artwork and hard work on these drawerbeds. Thanks too for the 100 bids that were put in by 20 different viewers! The top bidders were:
Drawerbed A       $160        Hencass
                 B       $100        Phil&Cleo (given to FFRC, already occupied by Bella & kits!)
                 C       $ 68        Chitchatcat   
                 D       $105       Hencass
                 E       $ 83         Zab88
                 F       $140        jbr6109
This comes to a total of $656. Thanks too to MsNiceinVA who donated $200 to go towards the shipping of these drawerbeds. Wait until you see the next set of them! 

Our guests, Darlene and her son Jonathon from Canada will be leaving us today. Yesterday they fed the Thumper Room kittens for us twice! Also yesterday, Janet went back to New Zealand. Don't worry though--she'll be back in June! 

There's a beautiful calico cat here in the office eating and eating her's Joline! She is sure enjoying her meals now and it's such a joy to see.  Joyful has taken over Lynnette's chair in the front office. She is in charge of the desk! BlackJack is on my lap--he's settling in nicely and isn't nearly as worried about life as he was when he first came in.

Meals take a while to prepare here. Many of the small kittens need help. There's a lot of them that still need "topped off" with a syringe. The 5 in the Thumper's Room are still relying heavily on being syringe fed, but the 6 in Dodger's Pen are doing real well by themselves now. We've been letting them out on the floor to play--they cause quite a bit of action!

All the cats and kittens that had surgery on Saturday are doing just fine. Complete recovery. Would hardly know except for shaved areas that they even had surgery! I do believe Kitty Q feels better too. She was chirping and wanting to be petted again this morning. The kittens have another Pirate Ship to play with and have certainly been rocking the boat! 

This Saturday at 11:00 am (FFRC time) will be our next Day Sale. We have lots of things to show you. There will be Mike's CD's (exclusive FFRC songs!), more quillows, leggydew and Angie/Connie too blankies, catnip mats, special china teacups, lots more! Come join the fun!

Part of Albert's Memorial Garden
Albert's Garden

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday May 11

Surgeries are done and all are recovering! We didn't have any problems at all. We also did a physical on one of our volunteer's cat and 3 physicals/heartworm tests and vaccinations on another volunteer's 3 big dogs. The castrations we did were: Ratchet, Arden, Abbot, Abner and Walter. The spays we did were: Ruth Ann, Sara, Karena, Keesha, Januka and Kitty Q. Ruthie Ann had to have one of her upper canine teeth pulled. All the physicals for the surgery cats went great. Kitty Q had her second leukemia/FIV test which was negative. Thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch!

Then Dr. Darcy did some physicals.
Bella-- had her yearly physical--all is well.
Doce--had his poor bum looked at. We're going to add one more med to his treatment and see if we can get this diarrhea stopped again. Other than that, he looks awesome!
Gallant--very impressed with his healing of his wound. Will continue what we're doing.
Paddy Purr--good physical. Shows a 3/6 heart murmur
Pania--left eye is swelling again. Will put her back on a certain eye drop and do it twice a day.
Joline--what a wonderful girl. We both determined she is about 9 years old. She had a very loose tooth so that was pulled. We will continue her special antibiotics for her mouth problems. Other than that, her physical was good.

Many thanks to Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette and Sue for helping with the surgeries. Our next surgery date is 6/1.

Little BlackJack is doing good. His cold appears to be gone. Today he has been meeting a few little kitty friends. The 5 kitties that are in Thumper's Room are doing wonderful! They are still being syringe fed but today started eating a little by themselves from the plate! Doce has been playing with them in Thumper's Room. He purrs and they purr back at him--so sweet. And good news today--little Bix finally started eating by himself. Such good news! They are so so tiny yet, but they can climb out of their pen the second the door is opened!

We had BOXES last night. Thank you very much for helping the rescue center.
MsNiceinVA--$200 for postage on the second round of kitty drawer beds.
Tom & Nancy/Kerswill (day visitors)--an awesome rustic pine and spruce kitty bed for the Catathon, 7 kitty pads for FFRC, white handmade baby sweater and 3 beautiful baby afghans and a beautiful baby girl dress  THere's also fleec fabric to give to Angie, doggie treats, horse treats, round scratchers for turbo toy, pop tabs for Kellen, kitty toys
Brookeb--big kitty bed, which Joline took a nap in immediately and looked so comfortable
Medic101/Laura--case of Fancy Feast poultry & beef
Janet/Janak--2 bags of kitty snackers
Anonymous Friend--3 Friskies cases--poultry, meaty bits & seafood
Kathy J/KatandBuster--bag of Royal Canine baby cat dry, case of Royal Canin baby cat cans, 3 large bottles of Mr. Clean NZ meadow!
Cheryl G from TN--case of KMR liquid
Middy208--for the Catathon: PawPrint designs for a wine stopper, measuring spoons, muffin pan, candy tray and a hot pad. Also 2 freezer wine coolers bags
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/Cathouze and Tori (the seamstress) in FL--kitty balls, 4 bags of kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast chicken, case of Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of baby food, bag of Eukanuba kitten
Tracy T/coolbreeze from MD--case of Whiskas purrfectly chicken, package of Fancy Feast dry food, 3 bags of kitty snackers. For Jacks mom Ruth--picture of Jack in a pretty frame, necklace that will hold some of Jack's ashes
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--4 gallons bottles of Mr. Clean
Sly & Christine (weekend visitors)--case of babyfood and a walmart gift card
Anonymous Friend--Laurel Burch kitty basket FILLED with a huge assortment of Laurel Burch pet items (tunnel, bowls, toys, collar, pet mat, bed). Also a human Laurel Burch Baseket FILLED with items: pillow with cats, kitty socks, luggage tags, eyeglass holder, bookmark, magnets, a beautiful throw with kitties, a print "Fantastic Felines" print, tablet cover, umbrella, large blue tote, 3 books for various needs for the Catathon and notecards for FFRC
Kikimycat--birthday cards for Rory and Catsparella
FFRC gang with help from Abby, Boo and their momma--Mother's Day card and a donation for where ever its needed
Conii G--Derecho, Solee & Cozarelii- mothers day card
ColorEagle--donation for the sardine festival
Msowl--donation for the sardine fun (because Janet didn't gag!)
Maryann & Peanut Butter--mothers day card with coupons
Theresa H from IN--donation for FFRC
RoseSF6cat--article about a rescue
DeWitty--donation for FFRC

We received the $10,000 check from!!  Yahoooo--it's here and I love those zeroes! Thank you ten thousands times for all the votes given to FFRC! YOU made this possible!

I also have some thanks to give to those that donated thru PayPal:
Judith M--donation to FFRC, in honor of Janak
Denise C from FL--donation for Octavia and Raza
Lillian D from VA--postage to cover shipping of the drawer beds
Deb B/solitaryDancer--doation for anything needed to help raise the little kittens, to be comfy and learn to love and trust
Shari/sillysticks--donation for the sardine feast
Isabelle H from FL--donation to help with Gallant's medications
Anne B from VA--donation in honor of her mom Linda B
Anna B from France--donation for the sardine fun
Faith M from MD--for Janet and Amy for the sardine festival

We also had an adoption today! Our sweet little Sprint went home with Kelly (who helps here) and her husband Chris. Sprint is going to be big-time loved and spoiled, which is exactly what we want!

Putter asked to come out of the house yesterday. The door was opened, he came out, sat on the middle of the floor, walked to the other door and went back in! Made me laugh! The construction guy was here yesterday. Dion put up two panels of the fiber wall boards and also hung four of the lights in the Mail Room. More progress!

All is fine here. Kitties are happy and playing, as are the cats too. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Haylow--what a really nice young cat. She's still looking for a home.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday, April 10

Kitty Shuffle Walk is definitely a must here. There's kittens everywhere, so we must be careful where we walk. It's wonderful to just stop, look and watch these kittens play--they sure know how to enjoy life. They enjoy each other and have so much fun. It's nice to see how they can be friends with all.

We had BOXES last night. I am ever so grateful for your help.
Laura/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast can
PhilnCleoNJ--case of Adventure kitty snackers
Annette20 and Alexandria & Princess--Happy Mothers Day card, Boudins of San Francisco: 2 loaves of sourdough bread, Ghiradelli chocolates, Italian dry salami, Boudins tote bag and 2 chunks of cheese. We've already been sampling--delicious!
Joyce R from OH--bubble gum for Judy S, assorted candy for volunteers, Reeses for Jacci, feather toy for Derecho, 7 bags kitty snackers, 2 doggie snacker bags, case of Fancy Feast chicken and 3 bags of poptabs for Kellen
ColoEagle61/Kim C from CO--Decorah Eagle card, box of Sheba for Magenta, 12 containers Meow Toppers, 18 bags kitty snackers, 4 beautiful cross stitched pillow pads for the Kuranda towers
Conii G for the Catathon--Laurel Burch items! a Feline Friends Tablet Cover, silk art sun & sand, umbrella, purse with hearts and a purse with kitties.  Beautiful! (Rainbow cats design & Crimson Cats design)
Barbara B from OR for the Catathon--card, necklace with Putter pendant, necklace with FFRC logo pendant and a beautiful blue simple necklace
Karen B from OH--Chief tapes
Deb B from GA--donation for Tree of Giving for Darby
Ellen/kikimycat--happy birthday card for Azar with a poem
Doria S/wickedwings from PA and Shadow & Thunder--Mothers Day card
Kitties of FFRC sent a kitty Mothers Day card
FFRC residents, porchies, coves and barnies sent a kitty Mothers Day card
Melissa W/nalamina--Mothers Day card

Yesterday, Dion was here to work in the two new rooms. He was able to get two coats on the entire ceiling and the walls of the furnace room! Today he is here and has already unloaded 40 panels of the vinyl wall panels. So exciting--progress is being made.

Doce is coming back today. His little bum is having trouble again. He's went 2 weeks with no trouble at all, but 2-3 days ago started up with his bottom/potty woes. We'll get him back on the laser treatment and have him checked tomorrow by Dr. Darcy. 

Our 6 little kittens are out more and more. They are so small though, but they're strong and sturdy and absolutely loves to play! Both of Kitty Q's kittens--Ginger and Pumpkin--are starting to toddle about more. Today they actually ate a little from the plate! Catsparella still keeps her kittens in their nest. 

EB is a toughie--he can keep up with the older kittens and he loves to play with them. I saw him yesterday looking and looking at Jemison's tail. He rushed out, batted her tail, then dodged back under the flower! Not so brave, but oh so cute. 

Uncle Eric to the rescue....again! We had quite a day with the mama torti cat. She decided that all cats were out to get her babies and turned into a very upset mama. Now, I know this is natural and a wonderful protective thing for the kittens. But, she is a danger to the other cats and in a way, to humans. She zipped out of her pen and the room several times yesterday and tore into any cat that was in the office. A person got in the middle of it and got scratched. Human and cat safety is big to me, so after much thought, I called Uncle Eric and he said he could help again. He's our "go to guy" when we have these difficult cases. He lives not far from here and can devote many hours to the care of whatever we send to him. He has an awesome set up (and a fabulous wrap around enclosed porch) that he can use for our cats. I would like to have had her stay one more week with the kittens but the chance of someone or a cat getting hurt was very high. So, she is safe and doing fine and her kittens will be taken care of here. We have been asked, why not send her kittens with her. The answer is simple--her hissing, restless ways were starting to be passed to the kittens. We don't want that. Now they will be able to grow up to be cuddle-cats. 

Gallants burn is almost done healing! He is still getting his laser treatments. Zelda had a course of laser treatments and I have not seen her limp for about a week! Asha is so funny when Judy S comes--she runs to her and asks to be groomed. Dovie girl has been sharing her cushie bed with the kittens. Cozarelli is sound asleep on top of a stack of pillows--about 2 feet high. He got up there by himself! 

Tomorrow is surgery day. It will be a very busy morning and early afternoon. We'll keep you posted as the day goes on.

Happy Catsparella mama and happy kittens. 
Kitty Q & Babies

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday, May 9

Surgery Day is coming up. Dr. Darcy will be here on Saturday. We can quickly turn the front office into a surgery room in a very short amount of time. This will probably be the last time doing surgeries in this room. Once the new extended Thumper's Room is done, surgeries will be done in this bigger room! The ones down for surgery now are: Ruthie Ann, Sara, Karena, Keesha, Jannuka and Kitty Q are the girls. For the boys, we have: Ratchet, Arden, Abner, Abbott, Walter.  We  have a few scheduled for physicals. We will also want to have Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purrs heart murmurs checked out again. And of course, have Dr. Darcy look at Pania's eye again. It'll be a busy morning. 

Our new mama, the torti and her 5 little kittens are all doing great. The kittens are still nursing and have nice round tummies. They are beginning to play. Our other new kitten, the black/white boy is doing great. His name is BlackJack. He's feeling better and is now playing in his pen. A few more days for his antibiotics and he'll be able to join the crew of kitties!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you, for the enormous help given to us.
Aleda A/S--a wonderful Honeywell Air Purifier
Jatcat--for the Mailroom: 2 scales to weigh our packages. One goes to 50 pounds, one goes to 100 pounds
Lauren--a student of volunteer Amy. She had written a story called Diary of a Cat. We read the story. Amy had given her an A for her report!
Arden & Charmaine--case of Reese's Sardines, 5 cases of Fancy Feast, 5 cases of Friskies, bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry, 3 mega bags of kitty snackers. Thanks for helping us restock the food shelves!
Lucy P--a wonderful pet water fountain. This was for Jack, but Lucy has asked that all the cats have some fun with it!
Susan345--a Pirate Ship, one of the cats favorite toys
Aunty Fi--for the Catathon--a Smurf Pop n Race game
Dewitty/Chris--4 handmade microwave hot pads--these are really neat! One was for Amy
Deb11111--another Pirate Ship--now we have a backup of their favorite toy!
Debra B/solitarydancer--letter, (food is in memory of her Darby), Royal Canin active dry food and 4 cases mix of Wellness, Blue and Merrick
Roger & Kate C--4 HUGE containers of Clorox wipes
Cheryl G from TN--2 cat dancers, Amazon gift card and a case of Royal Canin kitten dry
Careworks Daycare Center in OH--a donation for FFRC
Janet/Janak--3 cases of Friskies, 8 bags of kitty snackers and 2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten can

We have also received some PayPal donations, which we truly appreciate:
Scooter sent a donation to cover a new refrigerator for the extended Thumper's Room. This will hold the antibiotics, vaccinations, test kits, etc. This way we don't have to go back and forth and back and forth nearly as much! 
Debbie C--donation to the Rescue Center
Lucy O--donation to the Rescue Center
Brenda C from LA--donation to the Rescue Center

I would also like to say a special thanks to the following for sponsoring the ads for our local  newspaper to push for votes for the contest. They are Cathi B, Conii G, Philip P, Linda S, Jennifer S.

The mud on the ceiling in the new Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room is now dry. I believe Dion will be here to paint the ceiling today! The rough dig-out of the front sidewalk is also done. Hopefully this front sidewalk will be done soon. 

We also took in a new cat on Tuesday. This man brought in a carrier and all I could see was a blob of stuck fur. This cat had come to his property last week, he placed her in his garage and then realized that she needed some extra help. So, she arrived. This poor sweetie is an older female, calico Persian. Her fur was so completely matted, that upon shaving her down, the majority of the fur pelt came off in one piece. Such a sad thing. I can't imagine how hard it must've been to even walk with this cement like coat on her. But, it's off now. We were able to save a bit of fur on her tail and on her forehead and whisker muzzle. She is a doll and her name is Jolina. She appears to be spayed already and is declawed all 4. Why this cat was outside in the first place, is beyond any understanding on my part. She is already walking around a bit in the main area and seems to love to be held and fussed over, which we are doing! 

For the first time, the 6 kittens are eating a second breakfast with the 12 kittens. So, we have 18 babies in Cat's Corner Room. What a sight! Just love it! Yesterday afternoon, I counted 11 cats on the cat window shelf in Kitty Kabana Room--they sure love watching outside. The Covies and Porchies and Barnies are doing great. Tomorrow, the Covies will get to get out for a barnyard run. Sprint, Snappy and Whisk are playing "tackle the cat" around my desk. Not a care in the world!

"The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us." Author unknown. I love this quote!

We love these new Kuranda towers!