Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday, December 31, 2018 Happy New Year!

Happy 2019 New Year!  New Year's most glorious light is.....hope. It's a wonderful thing. I have always liked this quote from Helen Keller:  "Your success and happiness lies in you.  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." 

We had BOXES on the 28th.
Anony - 40lb Bag Dr. Elsies Litter
Anony 2 Bags Purina One

Sara H/Eaglefan4ever - 2-24ct Boxes of Friskies Gravy Pouches
Linda S  16-12ct boxes Friskies Gravy Pouches

Sean G - bags of Ireland Crisps variety of flavors
Mr. G - OH  2 Cozy Kitty blankets, Scratching Post

JBond - 23-24ct boxes and 1 12ct box of Friskies Gravy Pouches, collar & Tie for Kitty pictures
Deb11111 MN  12 Tubs of Temptation Snackers

Pat Lee/Plee - 3 boxes Fancy Feast Broths
James with Elektra, Mermaid & BlueJay - Hatima clock to re-sell or use as you see fit.

Anony - Elastic beaded kitty Very cute
Sharon R - WA Lots of Box Tops

JJ - PA  with Blossom, Oatmeal, Patsy, Rebar & Wilson the dogKitty Christmas Card with Note and Chicken $5 & 2 Big Cats 2019 Calendars 
Pleblady - 20 Cans of Salmon

Jeannette B & The Fur Haven Kitties Ricky, Gracy, Arnie, Zeke, Bynne, Nels, Mattie & Gray - Kitty Christmas card with note
Twkitty with Simon, Sophie & Doodle - Kitty Christmas card with Note & Chicken $5

Denise G - WA  Christmas Card with hugs for Hatima, Cutie, Elsie & Barin with 2 Chicken $5
Jackie W - AZ  Kitty Christmas Card with note & Chicken 3-$5

Ayersville Middle School--donations for the cats!

We had another adoption! Saki went to her new home.  She went thru a short virus that slowed her up a bit. And then......when she started feeling better, she took off like crazy!  Her go home weight was 3.02.  She went to a loving, kind home!

Update on Barnabus....we've had 2 recent updates! He enjoys sleeping in a chair in front of the fireplace. He also comes out more each day. This family is so patient with him and doesn't rush him.  His pictures look wonderful--relaxed and healthy.

Update on Reglisse. His new name is Link. "Link is doing great! He has settled in nicely and already knows that Noah is his guy. He follows Noah all around the house. He is very talkative and we are learning his different meows."

We have more thanks to give!
Lorene B--donation to FFRC
Michael S from VA--donation to FFRC
Melanie H--donation for FFRC
Luther H from WA--donation for FFRC
Suzanne dR from OH--donation in memory of Rufus and Davey to FFRC
BillieK--donation to FFRC in memory of sweet Giovanna

We took in a new cat yesterday that surely does need help. She was found by friends of FFRC, called and then brought her in. Her name is Muppi, after another friend of FFRC. She's a beautiful calico with multiple problems: 1 K9 tooth and most of the incisors are missing, tiny frostbite on her cheek, both ears and tail have significant frostbite, fleas 2/5, infected rear leg that is half missing, emaciated/dehydrated (her weight is only 4.01).  And yet, she purrs and purrs and asks for nothing but food and lots of TLC. What a sweetheart.  Muppi's on 2 antibiotics and soreness meds. Fluids was given initially. A bubble bath made her look and feel so much better!  She would welcome your good thoughts and prayers. She will need multiple surgeries (ears, tail and leg).  Muppi's a young adult with a birthday of 6/24/18.

Just an FYI--we are open today till about noon. Closed tomorrow as that will be my family's Christmas, New Year's Day, Steve and Sam's birthday all tomorrow!

The Covies, Porchies, Barnies and Firecats are all doing good.  The weather hasn't been too cold this month. All have their warm places to nap in.  The farm animals too are all doing good.  Those baby guineas that we raised here---they are all adult size now and run around crazy as only guineas can do!  The 2 baby peacocks too are growing and are about 1/2 size of mama now. The peacocks come up daily for their mealworm snackers! 

Psssst...........just a little info as details aren't worked out yet. A super duper awesome special flash sale coming up in January.  You'll love it!  More as soon as we work out details! 

Tonight is New Year's Eve!  Come join the fun and watch our annual Ball-Dropping at midnight. Yes, that's right........the cats have their own New York style ball, but filled with goodies! A toast of catnip to you and your kitties!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday, December 28, 2018

The doors are open again this morning--all the way from the back Thumper's Room to the Kabana.  Can you hear it......the titter totter of 13 kittens. Sure do love that!  The 13 are of: Singita's 6 kittens, Mystic, Rocky, Cornelio, Pendy, Pickles, Piper Jo and Ponce DeLeon.  The "P" litter is back and have joined right in with the rest of the kittens. All are eating good. And all are absolutely so very sweet. Even Singita ventured up to the Main Area for a few visits. Monique has come as far as the Welcome Room.  And then Paw Paw--he simply goes wherever his heart desires.  They still have to go back to Thumper's Rooms to eat and nap and for night time--that way we can keep track of them better.

We have thanks to give:
Michelle & Mary LF--donation in memory of Giovanna--use for medical/dental care.
Lorene B--donation for FFRC
Pam H from OH--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Eike S from Germany--donation for FFRC

Dianne Beers family--Special donation to FFRC, in memory of her, by her family
Sandra Yoder family--Special donation to FFRC, in memory of her, by her family

A special thanks to Robin who had visited FFRC awhile ago. She's an awesome photographer and took many pictures while here. She sent lots of these pictures for FFRC to enjoy plus 2 books filled with pictures.  All are a real treasure.  Thanks, Robin!

Scott & Selena W--donation in memory of GIovanna--for something special in her name.  We are in need of a good otoscope with special items on it that Dr. Darcy would like to have here. I'll look into this and put this donation towards that need. This will benefit many kittens and cats.

I know people have been concerned about Kubu.  He's been having some problems of smacking other cats.  I know that is hard to see and we too don't like to see it.  But........we are working on him while at the same time trying to protect the cats from his whacks.  He's not only lost his loving home, he has lost his twin brother.  He's struggling right now trying to readjust his life.  I just know he can do it though--he has love in him and I'm sure he will settle down soon.  And then......a wonderful new home will open up to him.

We've had 3 more adoptions!
Reglisse--he went on 12/26 to a special home to be a special friend to a young man.  This young man visited many of the kittens and teenagers. And happened. Reglisse came over and plopped in his lap. He was the one!

Jacob--he went on 12/26.  He was a surprise Christmas kitten (to a family, given by her sister to sister!)  This family was so ready for a new kitten! I've seen pictures already and Jacob and family are so very happy.  Jacob hit the jackpot!

Cherokee--he went on 12/27. What a wonderful family.  They picked him out last week and was so excited to have Cherokee be theirs.  They are keeping his name!

We've heard from CoCo and Toodles new family--all is good and both cats are a hit!

We've also heard from Scotia. He is doing super good and so loves the windows where the bird feeders are. He chatters at the birds and the squirrels!

Upcoming surgery dates:
Jan. 7, Monday--HumaneOhio
Jan. 12, Saturday--FFRC
Jan. 21, Monday--HumaneOhio

Is this really December?  It's 51 degrees!  We opened up quite a few of the windows just to let some fresh air in. Nothing like good ole' fresh air after the windows have been shut for weeks!

A special story about our Moon.  We now know who her previous owner was. It's Neil, our wonderful guy that comes in once a week to keep our litterboxes scrubbed and sparkly clean!  He recognized her right away and she loved his special pettings to her.  Turns out he had lived just a block from where Moon was found. Due to circumstances, he had to move to a place where he could not have pets. But, his neighbor lady also fed Moon. And she agreed to continue her care--this was several months ago. Neil had cared for Moon for 8 years--Moon is 9 years old! He would keep her inside all winter but come spring and nice weather, she would insist on going back outside.  Now a change happened to Moon---the lady who was caring for her passed away. And Moon, hungry, wandered about. A friend of FFRC's (who lived that block away) saw her and brought her to FFRC to be spayed. It turned out she had been spayed years ago. I was so happy to hear this story from Neil.  He's hoping to eventually move again and if so, would love to take Moon with him.

Since Auntie Peggy brought the 4 "P" kittens back, she took little Edwina home with her for this week. She'll give her major TLC! A little of Auntie Peggy goes a long way!

Please always know if I miss any information, it's always ok to contact my email at  We try very hard to keep everything straight, but there's a lot of info that goes thru here and sometimes mistakes happen. Mistakes are easy to fix though! 

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas, Dec. 25, 2018

Merry Christmas to all of our FFRCNation.  Wishing you a peaceful, happy Christmas day.  May you enjoy it with your family, friends and of course, your pets! You are all so kind and the cats and I so appreciate each and everyone of you. 

We had ENVELOPES yesterday! Many thanks to all of you!
Andrea W - Christmas Card  and for JanieCat Griller Snackers
Jean T/Mrs Jeffrey  - VT  Kitty Christmas Card & Donation in memory of husband Jeffrey Ford

H Family - OH  Christmas Card
Scott, Heather, Stephanie, Samantha, Andrew & Carly - Family Christmas Card
Bianca D - WA Christmas Card
Sticky, Brandy, Jetty & Bingham - Christmas Card & Donation

Jeannette B & Furhaven Kitties Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Bynne, Nel, Maddie & Gray - TN  Kitty Christmas Card

Charlotte/Needtoretire - PA - Kitty Christmas Card & Donation
Mariah H with Dutchess & Teco - Christmas Card with 2 Chicken $5
Ellis & Barb I - OH  Donation
Craig, Mariann M with Daria & Daisy, Hope, Solee, Pippi & Mr. Fluffy -Christmas Card

Glynette Y - CA  Christmas Card & Donation
Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  Kitty Christmas Card
Amelia M - ND  Christmas Card & Donation
Linda S - TX  Kitty Christmas Card with 2 Chicken $5 and 4 flats of Stamps
Howardena E, NY  Donation

And more thanks!
Yvonnevdk--donation to FFRC  Fröhliche Weihnachten
Lu-Little and Benny from UK--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Andrew W--donation to FFRC
Maite De C--donation for Giovanna and for Christmas
Eugenia S--donation to FFRC
Heather U--donation to FFRC

We've heard back from Banjo's new family--one of the Persians. His new name is Tator Tot and he makes his new mama smile! She says he basically runs the house and is curious, sweet and a little mischievous.

We have more kittens on hold--all the Persian 6 kittens, Jacob, Mystic, Ponce DeLeon, Saki and Cherokee! 

Update on our precious Giovanna.  Giovanna is now in kitty heaven. She passed away while being held and loved on.  We all knew this was coming--and it was time, as she was very tired.  Giovanna arrived here 12/14/16. We were always uncertain as to her correct age but felt she was in the geriatric group.  She had arrived very thirsty, very dirty (2 bubble baths took care of that!), and very hungry. She also was missing her front leg. We had promised her a life of fresh water, good food and lots of love.  While we will miss her terribly, I feel a sense of "it's ok" ---she is in a better place now and probably running fully on 4 legs. And she so knew she was loved. 

Have some fun:
Who is the super friendly 3 legged kitten that can leap right into your lap?     Sinbad
Who is the youngster CH that is exploring everywhere with confidence?   Hatima
Who is Marilyn's best friend?   Kiara
How many girls make up the Covies?    three
Who has a secret phone to call in pizza orders?!    Sevaun
Who is the cat that bosses me in the mornings to go sit at my desk?  Lucie
Who has a very kinky tail?  March 
Who will give kisses all day long to us?  Smoochie
Who loves "uppies" the best?  Vernon
Who is the boss of the Porchies?  Zavatar
Who is the box of the FireHouse cats?  Kerry
Who is our only long hair golden cat?   Jones
Who are the 2 active mama cats we have right now?  Singita and Monique
How many different types of birds on farmyard?  peacocks, guineas, chickens, ducks, geese
Who is the best helper for BOXES?    Zelda
Who are our 2 legged cats? Rosemary, Magic & Coralie
Who is the best breakfast assistant in the morning?  Mr. Anderson!

A special thanks to Adrian M for doing our cat advent banner again this year! We've all have so enjoyed it! 

The Persians will have time up in the Main Area again today. They sure know how to romp and zoom.  They look like little dust bunnies flying around!  We are hoping that all of them will be of weight for our next FFRC surgery date of Jan. 12.

Just feel the need to pass on my thanks for being a part of FFRC.  You all make a huge difference to this Rescue Center.  You are important to us.  The lives of these cats are so improved because of your support and kindness.  Take care and enjoy this truly special day.  


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday, December 23, 2018

2 more days to Christmas and the cats and kitties are still being so extra sweet and fun! They are dreaming of chicken treats (from their $5 chickie monies), ham bone (which is actually a surprise for today!) and of course, their baked turkey.'s going to happen! They've all been so very good---Santa is pleased!

We had another adoption yesterday.  Agnes went to her new home. She is going to be the pet for a 15 year old young man.  This will be his first kitten and he was very ready for this event.  He's been here twice and both times, Agnes found him! 

We've had an update on Myra who was adopted a few days ago.  I got to see the video of the surprise gift to her daughter and it was so very sweet to see.  They all love her already. 

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES yesterday and it was wonderful! I'm so very grateful for these gifts to FFRC and the cats.
Santa Paws - MA  Kitty Christmas Card, 3 wonderfully scented large Yankee Candles

FFRC caresandsodowe - 9 Boxes Purr Bites, 10 Bag Purr bites Snackers

RoseSF6cats/Rose & Rich with Mable, Fluffy, Brownie & Checkers - IA  Christmas Card Tunnel and House to attach , Dream Bones for Janie, 4 Purple scrubbies for Jacci & Angel Pin (extra thanks!)

Sean G--- Tub of Cadbury Heroes (delicious)
JBond 3 pkgs Cough remedies (used last night and slept good!),  5 prs of Jingle Bell and 5 prs of Christmas light earrings

Audrey/AJKitty &  Gary--​Huge tin of Popcorn, Cheese, Butter & Caramel  🙂

Hazel S - Christmas Card, Pet Hammock, Scratching post, Pet Stage Cathouse & Kitty Toys, ​10 Fridge Magnet Frames, For Spiker & Friends: Play sack w/bird sounds, Shark Kitty bed, Kitty book page holder, Vancouver Canada Magnet,  Crazy Cat Mama mug for Jacci 💚

Harry K from PA-- Note & Rudolph 1oz Copper Coin, Christmas stickers
Nancy S - WA  Donation in honor of Ramsey & Friends

Shawn/HappyFlame - For Steve & Jacci: 2 Gift Cards for Red Lobster, Kitty Christmas Card with Donation  plus Kitty Christmas Card for Vols with Donation

Hanky Grapevine-- Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Barb W our wonderful FFRC Volunteer
Anita S - NY  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Eleanor S with Natasha & Savannah - CT  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation in memory of Bridgett

Joanna/Jo603 B - NH  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
BoPeeps FL  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation 

Sue/macncheeseanddoodlesmom - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Alma, Derecho, Marilyn & Spiker

Fran S - ME with Headlight, Daylight, Starlight & Brightlight,   Kitty Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Aunt Susan/Schinn, our Mod

WildCat - IA  Christmas Card
Flymom - IN  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Janet S & Harley - IA  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Marilyn S - NJ  Christmas Card with Donation

Charlie & Lynne/MadisonPepper S with Kitties: Christmas, Michael, Madison & Pepper - NV Christmas Card with Donation 
Linda R, Lynne S with Hoffie the dog & Pauly the Cat - Christmas Card with 4 Chicken $5
Rosiland M - Northern Ireland - Pretty Christmas Card and a Calendar of Northern Ireland

We also had a few more thanks to give!
Brad, Shannon, Shannon's mom, Hannah & Gabi plus their cats--donation to FFRC< Iams dry food, cat toys, towel, cardboard fun toy, snackers
Fran D--donation to FFRC, from a friend Belinda M--a $5 chickie money and in honor of Derecho
Susiepat & hubby and kitties Lucy and Charlie--donation to FFRC, use where most needed
Todd S from OH--donation to FFRC
Lynda S--donation to FFRC, give Mystic a hug
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Katerina W--donation to FFRC

The Persian babies continue to have their little sprints up to the Main Area. We open their door a couple times a day to let them investigate. They also get faces cleaned twice daily and their fur combed, brushed and fluffed twice a day.  Mama Singita is doing good. Atis's to-be-family was here to visit him yesterday.  Needless to say, they love him!

Sweet Aladdin is coming around!  He is one handsome boy who is getting braver and more confident.
Lancelot is also getting braver. Plus, his head is "on straighter".  He's getting his medication for his inner ear infection plus exercise with the laser light helps too! 

Azzilee is doing better.  She's eating good and her unhealthy eye is healing nicely.  We'll have Dr. Darcy do the other eye removal hopefully on 1/12. She's a cutie! 

Pendy, Pickles, Piper Jo and Ponce deLeon spent 2 days here.  They went back to Auntie Peggy's for a few more days. All 4 are doing super--they are sweet, round and super active! 

Short blog........Zelda is pestering for more snackers and I must go and tend to her!  Have a great day. 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018

4 more days to Christmas and the cats and kitties are being so extra sweet and fun! They have high hopes of chicken droppings, another ham bone and even a fresh baked turkey.  Shhhh--don't tell them but I believe Santa will deliver! 

We've had another adoption! Wonderful Myra went to her new home. She left 12/19. I think Myra knew she was the special one of the day.........she got her very own home!

We've have a switcheroo for two days.  Auntie Peggy left the 4 P kittens here yesterday. The reason....the family that will be adopting Ponce De Leon will be visiting him today.  So, Auntie Peggy left them here. We had 2 kittens that needed extra TLC--Azzilee and Edwina and so they went home with her! Saturday we will undo the switch!

The Persian babies are doing very good on their adventures to the Main Area. All seem happy with these visits, including Singita.  Paw Paw travels back and forth, keeping track of all of them.  Mystic too likes the action of the Main Area. 

Lancelot is doing great.  Sometimes he plays "hard to catch", but once he is he sure turns his motor on!  And his head is most definitely "on straighter"!  It still has a slight twist but so much better than at arrival. He doesn't even seem to mind his ear meds.

We had Boxes and Envelopes yesterday.  I am just so amazed at the continued box support--you make a huge difference to FFRC. We have many thanks to give:  
JBond - Kitty Necklace, Bath Bombs and Instant Pot for Jacci & Steve
Christmas Stocking decoration, 2 bags Hot Cups w/Lids, Treat Ball, 3 boxes Biscotti, Box of Tea & Dreams, Honey Spoons, Snowman Candies, 2 Bags Cashew Popcorn, 2 Bags Toffee Popcorn, 5 Russell Stover chocolate marshmallows, Knots Shortbreads: Strawberry & Raspberry, Cinnamon Sugar Canolli chips, 
Santa Bag filled with 40 Hello Kitty Beanie Babys, 40 boxes Russell Stover Chocolates, 22 Stylus Pens--for volunteer's Christmas sack    3 Hearts with stuff inside and Kitty Christmas Books to go with the heart tins., 500 piece puzzle, 3 24 piece Puzzles, 2-100 Piece Puzzles, Hello Kitty for Flash Sale: 4 cups Lunch Bag, Journal with earplugs, 2 Messenger Bags    Great items for a future Flash Sale! 

Discat with Flower, Jasmine, Bambi and Scooter/Tyr - Christmas Card 5 lbs Spearmint and bag of Peppermint for Horses, Millie & Pickles

FaithyMD - 4 boxes of Petit Fours (Petit Fours) Saying Merry Christmas

Fran - Kitty Lunch Bag, Set of Kitty glasses, Cat Ear headphones, Cat Egg shaper, Cat Tags for drink glasses, 4 Cat watches, Kitty Ears headband, Kitty necklace, Mug; you had me at Meow

Beth/Eaglewatcher - Happy 6th Birthday Shamballie 25 Dec 2012 - Tub of Temptations Snackers, 2 cases Medley    Note & Blessings Ornament

Fran & Mandy D - Christmas Card for Vols.  For Derecho from Mandy  Christmas Card and 5 Chicken $5      Card for Jacci with Kitty Slippers, Night Shirt, Kitty Plaques, Dish Soap bottle cover, kitty microwave bowl holder, Steve & Jacci Ornament,   Sign: Cats Welcome  People Tolerated

Madisonpepper - Catlady Box filled with kitty toys!

Patty Pk - 10 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 2 30ct Boxes Belvita Crackers, 2 Bags Lindor Candies!

Diana DF- Pretty Spruce green long rug

Rob & Family in Honor of Marilyn Marano Sobers from her family - Christmas Card - Chicken, Wagmans Nature, Tuna, sponge scrubbies, 2 rolls tape, Kitty Toys

Carrie & Eric - Fun Raiser: Computerized Feeding Station

Plee - Coupons, Flannel blankies, 3 kitty quilts (made by Plee) 36 Mr. Anderson washcloths, and flannel scraps for making kitty toys

Nona -- 3 bags Wild Bird Seed, Bag of Mealy worms (for peacocks)

Contessa & Sarah - Pretty Drawing of Persian Kitten & Beautiful letter by Sarah 
Box Tops & Purina One receipts

Rene B - PA  Paw Points
Sheila/Oilsandsgirl with Ella & Hobbs - Canada - Christmas card with note
Michelle L - NJ  Kitty & Dog Christmas Card with Donation for Feliz Navidad

J&J - PA with Blossom, Patsy, Rebar, Oatmeal & Wilson the Dog  Christmas Card with 2 Chicken $5 in memory of Paddy Purr & Paddy Cakes

Fran T - TX - Christmas Card with Donation
Brian & Liz B - NY  Note with Donation
Pat L - Sophie&Lucys Grandma - MI  Christmas Card with Donation
Mike/sophieandlucysdad - MI  Christmas Card with Donation

Barb W - IA with Mahogany, Cinder, KerriKat, Mich, Jasper, TippyToes, Snickerdoodle, LyreLee, Charlie and Cinder(RIP)   Christmas Card with Note & Donation

Ken & Carolyn with Tilly Rose & Boaz - Christmas Card 
Napa - Box Tops
Janet S/davsny & Pepper - NY  Christmas Card with Note &  Donation
Teresa H - IN  Donation
Maria & Miranda - Sweden Christmas Card with Note & 3 Chicken $5
Kristi M - MN  Christmas Card & Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Derecho
Josh, Kimmy & Scribbles -- Kitty Christmas Card 

Darcia, the Boys & Ruby Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Dawn & Tom
Mark & Shelley A - OH Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Mittens & Farrah (she is the one who rescued Farrah and brought her to FFRC)

Dennis & Lisa K with JuJu, Little Bit, Kiwi, Tinks & Chewy - OH Christmas Card 
Mark & Dee M with Katie & Cali - KY  Kitty Christmas Card with two Gift cards for PetSmart & Meyers

Donna - BC, Canada - Hello Kitty Christmas Card with 4 Chicken $5
Melissa W - NC  Christmas Card 
JazzerMD/Bonita M - MD Christmas Card with Chicken $5 & Donation 
Mike & Barb C - CA  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Phil & Judy L - IN  donation to FFRC
Lost Girl - Kitty Christmas Card 

Phyllis B/kittiesmom with Emmy & Bailey - MI Christmas Card with PawPoints and Chicken $5
Barb W - Christmas Card with Sponsorship for Spiker 
Dorothy C - MD  Christmas Card with Donation
Sherry/neuromom & David - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Pat K - CA  Kitty Christmas Card with Shell Gift Card
Stripey & Dave - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 8th Birthday Anony (10 Dec 2010) Chicken $5
Jan/Jazz13 & Susan - Kitty Christmas Card with 4 Chicken $5

And we also have a few more thanks to give:
Belltime--Christmas gift to FFRC, in honor of BagoBear for Feliz Navidad Fund
Pro Gear Boat Rentals--Merry Christmas gift to FFRC
Philip P--donation to FFRC
Jane, Kevin & David H from UK--Christmas & Happy Mew Year wishes & donation
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Eaglewatcher--donation in honor of Belltime for Christmas for Feliz Navidad Fund
BJ's Brushless Car Wash--donation to FFRC in behalf of Donna Thomas
Christine C from WV--donation to FFRC
EarthEyes--donation for the wonderful Christmas VIdeo! And for enough turkey dinners for ALL the cats! 

Did you know that Barin can hop 26 inches from the floor to a shelf?  He showed how he does it last night.  He has amazing hopping abilities! He is constantly surprising us with what he can do. 

And then there's March--all 3 legged, very kinky tail self, is a super kitten. He has so much love to give. He truly loves being cuddled and made a fuss over.  He too is so mobile. He plants that rear leg in the middle of his weight and off he goes. 

The Covies are getting their spa days.  We have 3/4's of them brushed out, bottoms trimmed if needed, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and their flea medicine applied!  It's part of their Christmas gift (even though they didn't agree to that!).  Sevaun has lost a little weight--she looks great though.  Maybe she missed ordering her pizza for December??!!  

Lucie has her own vocabulary------different meows for:  it's time to go to your desk to work, it's time to hold me now in your lap, it's time to play with me with my feather toy, it's time to put me on the special bed on the desk----yep, that's Lucy's talk!  She is so smart! 

You might have seen Buck here yesterday. He will be here again today.  He told me he had a couple days to come--to make a list for him.  He's here doing all all sorts of repair jobs.  The electric outlet in the Big Red Barn was replaced.  Two outlets in THTJB were replaced. Our overhead light by the dryer was replaced--wow, we can see now. It's so bright!  A shelf in the front Thumper's Room needed attention so no one would hurt themselves on the corners again. Buck figured that out too.  Today he will replace a bad door to the Cat's Corner Room.  It's so nice to get these repairs done. 

Mr. Anderson is at it again!  He has discovered the curved mirror in the purple office.  He climbs up on the cat furniture there and the mirror is only about 1 foot away. He will sit there for a very long time just staring at himself!  Always makes us laugh.  This boy so needs to have his very own home where he's allowed to be the awesome kitten that he is. 

Thank you all for being a part of this Rescue Center. We share these cats and kittens with you because we know you care. And the cats enjoy having you for friends (and so do we!). Have a really nice day today! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Awesome video! Many thanks to Kathy K/justme for doing this fantastic video. FFRC Official Christmas 2018 Video---this is an official video of ©Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance, Ohio 2018.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for   Derecho is her assistant.

Two more adoptions!  A couple came in yesterday. The lady was going to pick out a cat for her. But....Coco had something to say. He zeroed in on the man and wouldn't give up. The pressure was on!  He batted the man, patted him, rubbed on him and made it quite clear that HE was the cat to be adopted! had to happen. CoCo even went into the carrier all by himself! As we finished up the adoption, Toodles, who the lady had been looking at, jumped up beside CoCo's carrier and rubbed and rubbed on it.  That's all it took--Toodles was going too!  This is what I mean----it's wonderful to let the cats pick their owners!

Little Azzilee is doing great. She is up in the Main Area and is making friends. Edwina is improving. Her appetite is great. Her infected eye is doing better--I do believe this eye will be saved and she will have sight. We'll get her stronger and healthier--she is already wanting to make friends with the other cats!

Our Quickie Flash Sale yesterday was wonderful. We made $572 on this sale. All of it will be applied to our bill for the much needed window repairs for Kitty City.  We had to have 3 windows removed. The wood around them was rotted and the panels had slipped down, letting the weather into the building.  We now have 3 good windows and good wood frames on them.  In the spring, the outside of these areas have to have attention to keep the building in good working order. We use this building for so so many things for FFRC.  Thanks for helping us move forward with this repair.

Cashew, that was adopted, has a new's Tucker Cash! And he's a happy boy!

We had BOXES on Sunday.  BIG thanks for these wonderful items!
Mary Dc - CT  Kitty Christmas Card, Janie Snacks & Donation in memory of TinyToe

Eaglewatcher/Beth - Delectable Stew pkts.. Box of Kitten Delectables and Box of Adult Delectables

Christopher & Stephanie C - AL  Kitty Christmas Card with donation, 2 pkgs Kitty Wipes, Snackers, Broths, Paper Plates, Scrubbers, 2 tubs Clorox Wipes, Lint/Fur Remover, Cat Opoly Game 

JBond - Yin/Yang kitty necklace, Christmas Keychains, 4 winter Kitties plates with matching mugs, 2 White Ceramic Kittys,  Kitty Wand toys, Peeking Kitty window cling (up on the cabinet now!)

Nadine - 4 Kitty Clocks - Anony, Mr. Anderson, Grace O'Malley & Hatima

Catlain Ot - Box of Printer Paper
Ollie/Hooligan & Gene/Monster - 16 Cans of Chicken
Barbara - 8 pretty Leggydews & 8 pretty tissue holders & handmade kitty toys

Jan & Alleycat - FL  2 trays of delicious Florida Grapefruit for volunteers
Anony - 3 cases BFF Weruva for outside Kitties
NHFurry NH - Merry Catmas - 2 cases 2400, Kitty Wipes,  Bag of 13 Kitty Toys

Maryann H/Arniesmom & Susan F/Soonergirl - 8 nice pillow cases, Pink Yoga mat, Long plush rug, 2 pkgs Kitty Wipes, 1000 Cotton Swabs, 36 AA Batteries 36 AAA Batteries

Conii with Elliott, Alyssandrah & Gyovannah - Tin of three varieties of popcorn and a 5 box Tower of Goodies 

Donna B - GA with Torch, Slash, Kicks, Jabbie, - 2 Boxes Amos Famous Cookies, 2 Boxes Variety Cookies, 2 bags Kisses, 3 bags Reeses Cups for volunteers

Rona with Bubbles & Chloe - UK   Christmas Card
Joyce & Chuck R - NH  Christmas Card with Donation
Margaret D/GrandmaD - CT  Donation in memory of TinyToe

David H PA- Sponsorship of 5 kitties Vern, Magic, Coralee, Hensley & Kiera

Julie & David - UK  Happy 4th Birthday Card for Magic 6 Dec 2014 with 2 Chicken $5

Pilvi & Muru - Christmas Card
Ellen P - IA  Dog Christmas Card for Janie, Kitty & Dog Christmas Card with Donation

Anita D - OH  Donation
Sue M/macncheesendoodlesmom - Chicken Money

Suzie M - Christmas Card & Donation in memory of her Angel, in honor of her new furbaby & her cat owning sons

Pckrbckr - Christmas Card

Tammy/Artist & Terry Q - FL with the Napping Kitties: Faith, Mr Lincoln, Homer, Izzy, Mr Kennedy, Happy Seth, Linus, Miss L, Frosty, Cocoa and Visbow  Card 12 Days of Christmas Florida style

Marie/Jabberwocky - IA  & The Magnificent 7 - Christmas Card  
Snoopybaby/Marie & Barry - CA  Snoopy Christmas Card
Christopher S--donation to FFRC

Singita has been returned.  While the family sure wanted to have her stay, they felt that Singita was mourning for her kitties.  She is already relaxed, eating and is right back to where she was before her adoption.  So.....a new plan of action!  2-3 times a day, all the doors will be opened from back Thumper's Room to the front, for short periods of time.  This will allow the kittens and Singita to explore the Main Area and the Main Area cats can explore the back.  Yesterday was their first exploration and we had baby fluffies even in the Kabana!  I believe the family will just stick to Telo--they love him so very much! 

The Crescent News visited FFRC and will do a story on our over 1,,000 spays/neuters!  It'll be probably this week.  Thanks to our local paper!

The upside down Christmas tree is up!  And it's so beautiful. It's decorated with ornaments that people have donated to FFRC over the years. It's safe and the cats can't get into it---at least they haven't figured it out yet! 

Kitties are healthy and growing. Cats are happy. All are so sweet. I think they're being extra good because King Derecho and Queen Coralie has told them Santa will be here soon!  

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Yesterday we had 4 adoptions!  Happy day!
Singita--adopted by the couple who adopted Telo.  Such great people, now have 2 great cats! THey will rename her Ivanna which was her original name!

Huggins and TIckles--adopted together. I've already heard from them and Huggins slipped right in like he knew he was home. Tickles was still checking things out but I'm quite sure by today she's a happy girl! Great family!

Griffin--adopted to a couple where he will be their very special pet. I could tell he was going to be very happy!

More adoptions still coming up.

We have thanks to give!
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil L--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Audrey P--donation in memory of Trucker
CatLadyBox Team--donation to help the kitties in need
Caitlin O'T--donation to FFRC

Tyler--many of you knew we had some lab work done on him at the beginning of the week.  THere were a couple issues we were concerned about.  His lab work is back and it is normal other than a higher than normal WBC. And for that, he is on certain antibiotics.  He's feeling great, playing hard and eating alot!

We all need to be careful!  If you are doing a video representing FFRC, you need to have two things covered.......1) have permission from the person who took the pictures that you are using.  2) you are not using any music that is copyrighted ©.  This is important--keeps FFRC out of trouble!  And what is really nice--the videos that JustMe and Stan does are such that we can give the thumbs up/like and FFRC benefits financially from! For FFRC to benefit, the videos have to be on the official ffrc YT page. We all love the FFRC videos--just need to make sure we're all on the same page with these!

We also took on two new kitties. Both arrived yesterday but separately.
Edwina--white and black female kitten. She is 7 weeks old but only weighs 1.03.  Her birthday is 10/27/18. She was found in the middle of a road. The person who rescued her found Edwina all by herself in the road.  She's a bit of a mess--fleas 1/5, thin ++, earmites 2/5, has a terrible UTI,  right eye is completely deflated (which will need to be removed surgically later) and her left eye is infected.  She was bathed, antibiotics started, fluids given and eyes treated, along with some major TLC.  Time will be her friend as she heals.

Azzilee--Pronounced Az-a-lee.  This is a brown tiger, female, 11 weeks old. She came in at 2.10 lbs. A healthy looking kitten (yeah!). Her birthday is 9/29/18. She too was found all by herself, but in a yard. She has a short tail and short little ears and a purr motor that works really good!

Now that Singita has been adopted, that gives us the opportunity to let Monique and babies on the floor in the back Thumper's Room.  They all seem to get along well together.  And little Rocky and Cornelio are starting to waddle around a bit--they are so so cute! Bruno, affectionately called Paw Paw is also doing great--he goes wherever he wants!

Despite saying we had our last Quickie Flash Sale, we are having one more---tomorrow, Monday at 11:00!  We received enough items thru Boxes to do another one!  This will help out our operational needs.  Many thanks!

9 more days until Christmas! 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

A special happy birthday wish to a webcam viewer who is 95 today! We will refer to her as Val's mom.  She enjoys watching the cats and also enjoys the sales and boxes!  Special birthday wishes to you!

The definition of FFRC Boxes per our cattionary: A cardboard box filled with cat goodies, volunteer goodies, beds, medicines, supplies, love and compassion from our friends to the cats and all of FFRC!

And we had Boxes yesterday!  Many thanks----
Joco51  Box of Double Scrubbie and Box of Single Scrubbies will see them in the next flash sale 

Billie K - Williams Sonoma - 2 big Tins of Peppermint Bark ( yum--we will share!)

M & M - Halloween Quilt for Fun Raiser in Memory of Blondie her Yellow Lab and Dutchie her Chocolate Lab            2 Cat Quilts one for fun raiser One for Volunteers
Purse key holder, Kitty Address book & Note Cards w/envelopes, Keepsake, Kitty frame ornament, 3 Kitty Ornaments, Mouse ornament, Jim Shore: Feline Fairy & Nightly Kitty, Kitty Peg Rack

Susan G - NH  Peppermint Bark andies for volunteers (sure appreciate this!)

Red Robin - 2 cases 48ct Sheba

Ken & Carri with Aria & Frenchie - FFRC Christmas Card w/AMC gift card for Jaci & Steve
Snackers for Kittie & Doggies, Catnip: Tree, Candy Cane & Banana, 2 boxes Delectable Stew,4 Pks of Tuna and Salmon, 6 cans Purina One Immune System supplements for Jacci & Vols (already being used), Sphinx T-Shirt, Kitty Calendar, Box of Turtles, 2 containers of Baileys Truffles

Jeannette R - Thermal Indoor Kitty Bed for Porchies

JBond - 2 Tubs Party Mix, Treats for Horses, Kitty photo top hat, 2 bags of Peppermint and Apple Horse treats, Goat Snackers, Salt Snack for Mercy, Large fuzzy mat/cave for kitties,  for Vols: Christmas Earrings
Janie Box: Milk Bone soft treats, 4 24 ct cases Little Ceasers, Bag of Greenies  

Jan H - TX  Crocheted Blankies, 12 Flannel Blankies & Flannel Pillowcases
Anony Friend- 4 Cases Taste of the Wild Cat & 1 Case for Dogs 

Elaine & Alan B - 2 Bags Dr. Elsies Litter, 4 cases 24 ct Friskies, 1 case 32ct Friskies, 77 pkts Appetizers, Handmade by Elaine Christmas Card with Donation in memory of Little Kat

Ann, Kevin & Bailey B - UK  Kitty Christmas Card with 5 Turkey $5, Nesting Cats for Jacci (love it!), another Kitty Christmas Card with a note

Athenas Mom - Catlady Band-Aids

Ed & Judy B with the Becca Clowder: Mr Muff, Patches, Miss Dora, Taz, Elvis, Pistol Annie, Angel, Bubbles, Marbles, Romeow, Twinkie, Sable & Tamson  - Kitty Christmas Card with 2 Chickie $5

Melissa L - NY  Donation
HankGrapevine - Donation with Collectable S/N Envelopes with cancelled stamps in honor of our over 1,000 spays/neuters

Jane H - OH  Christmas Donation
Carol, Albert & Coralee S - OR  Kitty Christmas Card
Diane D/Ruffles & Teo - MI  Christmas Card - Donation
Jeannette R - for Kitty Christmas: A cozy Cave Bed
Haily & Joseph G - PA  Kitty Christmas Card with Note & Donation
Marilyn & Terry B - Kitty Christmas Card & Chickie $5
Littleonemine/Kelly R - Christmas Card

John & Patty B with Little Girl, Bobo, Moto, Chuckie, & Gracie the Pug - OH  FFRC Christmas Card & Donation

FaithyMD - Christmas Card
Barry & Lori P with Oscar & Peter - IA  Meowy Christmas Card & Donation
M&M  - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Joy, Don with Tamori, Stitches, Scotchie, Abby, Ziva & Not Our Cat - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation

We've had a message back from Robert who adopted Radar--this sweet kitten fit right in.  So playful and follows Robert everywhere!  All is good in Radar's world!

We had a very sad thing happen yesterday.  We lost one of our cats. Kandan became acutely ill and passed away.  He arrived originally with his twin brother Kabu on 3/27/18 at 11 weeks old.  They were adopted together and had to be returned due to family allergies on 11/1/18.  We had hoped these two brothers could be adopted again together.  Yesterday he was seen in obvious distress.  We immediately contacted Dr. Darcy and started treatments. It was known though that this boy was so ill and was not going to make it. But....we tried.  He passed soon after discovering him.  Dr. Darcy feels he had acute hepatitis.  I've been asked sometimes.....why do you stand somewhere and just look and look.  This is the reason--I constantly am looking at the cats and kittens.  Even if I'm walking thru the rescue center, I'm watching, looking, observing.  We know these cats and by watching them, if there's changes, we can usually catch it.  And even so........not always as is the case with Kandan.  These are the hard ones, when we lose a cat that the day before was running and eating and playing. 

We've also heard back from Boaz, now called Bosey.  Their two cats play together already and enjoy the hide & seek game!  He is doing great and has fit right in too! 

I know, I know.....we said we had our last of the 2018 Quickie Flash Sales. We've been asked if we could have one more because of the items we've opened at Boxes. Our Flashy Mods have agreed to help with this! Our very last 2018 Quickie Flash Sale is Monday at 11:00.  Come join us!

We have more thanks!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
MaryAnn & Paul B--donation to FFRC

Did you know that chatters can actually make a donation while watching the cam on YouTube?  If a person makes a donation to FFRC thru YU, a banner with the amount and name is displayed.  But........there's a fee involved.  If  you have a choice, paypal is more beneficial to FFRC as YT takes a 30% fee from the donation.  Just thought you'd like to know! 

We had an adoption!  Scotia, the long hair handsome gold cat has found his home.  We had an odd thing happen.  He had been hanging out at my house door, obviously wanting in.  He succeeded and seemed rather pleased with himself!  We had had numerous inquiries about the persian kittens. So, I emailed some of these folks asking if a long hair cat would work. And it did!  He found a home and is doing very well.  Because he obviously wanted to be in a home, we did the adoption inside the house on 12/11. He's already settled in and is a happy boy. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We've been busy!  Incomings and outgoings!

We've had 2 more adoptions!
Radar--- adopted yesterday. Robert, a webcam friend has been waiting for weeks for Radar. I think this will be a great match for both Robert and Radar. Much love will be given to our little boy. A friend of Robert's--Joy, came too. Joy is who adopted our Brinn and Wonder. Both are doing great. 

Skittles---adopted yesterday.  She is going into a wonderful home. They have another cat at home--also an FFRC cat. Skittles was so ready to be adopted. Such a sweet girl. 

And more adoptions yet this week!

We've also taken in a couple cats.
CoCo---arrived back 12/10.  CoCo had originally arrived when he was just 3 1/2 weeks old and adopted 10/13/17.  Due to health reasons of family and with much sadness, CoCo had to come back to FFRC. He's now 1 1/2 years old and is a big big boy with a really sweet personality. He weighed in at 15.10. CoCo is loose in the front Thumper's Room, acclimating to being back. He is a brown tiger and white. Loves to have his head rubbed!

Mystic--arrived 12/10.  Her name is a Name a Cat name from the list. She is a full Persian--related to the other Persians we have had. Her birthday is 9/5/18. Mystic is a gold/white. She will be spayed at our next FFRC surgery date and have her nostril's enlarged also. Dr. Darcy is superb at this surgery. She's a beautiful girl with a super sweet personality. And she sure does love to play--her long fur puffs right along with her! 

We have thanks to give!
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Eartheyes--4 of the $5 chickie monies!
James R--donation to FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC

We've heard from the mama that adopted Cashew! Here's her message: "My lil guy is doing GREAT! It only took him 30 hours to jump up on my couch with me. And he cuddled and slept with me.  We are each others shadow. Thank you all for loving and taking care of him when he needed desperate help.  God loves you all and so do we. Without you we wouldn't be together."  A sweet message.

We had a Flash Sale yesterday.  Many thanks to all involved who made this such a success.  We made $683.00 with this sale. We needed a boost with our operational costs (utility bills) and this sale did help us!  Packages are already going out today! 

I have been asked about the story that I read last week, from Riverlady.  It's easier if I just add this to the blog for all to enjoy.  Thank you, Riverlady. 
Mama Jacci & all the Peoples, 
  I'm not sure what happened, I went to sleep and woke up standing on a bridge. Harvest just waltzed right passed me. Miss Muffin said she was going to play in the grass. I saw Bella at the end of the bridge, she said come on Purr there's things to do. I told her, don't boss me Bella. She said that's Queen Bella to you Paddy Purr. I said I needs to send a message to Mama Jacci and the peoples. She said just find somebody prayin and ask them to send it for you. Bella said to tell you she knows you all are callin Coralie Queen, and that's ok cause she's just the valentine Queen. There was a whippersnapper came running on the bridge. He was jumpin up and down runnin circles around me. I told him to settle down, cause he was making me dizzy. He sez tell all the peoples and his daddy Zorro, that he's got a brand new paw and can zoom zoom zoom. He sez he has lots of new friends here showing him the ropes, there's Miracle, Aleda, Milford, Zoolove (aka Zooie), Fiver, Minto, Catmandude, Bravo, Pizazz, Gingersnap, so many to play with. I finally told him to be quiet and just run along and play with his friends (whippersnappers lots of them).
  Bella said hurry up Purr you can't just stand on the bridge, you need to come across. I looked at the end of the bridge where Bella was, and she wasn't alone. I crossed the bridge and met lots of ffrc kitty's. Joyful, Seaturtle, Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda Moss (insisted I use her full name, she is so happy she has a fund to provide for those kitty's that need extra help), Ada Jane, Sesame, Twinkle (she's a shining star here), Magenta, Putter (he's still the sheriff, watchin over all the little ones), Dodger, Trucker (he's climbin lots of trees), Marcus, Missy, Hank (he's still giving tours, if you don't know where something is just ask him), Cleo, Tonio (he's glad the kitty's are still using his den for comfy naps), Mew, Joline, Vincent (he has quite the fan club here), Mama Calico (she's still being a mama to all the little ones), Caesar, Dandelion Hope (she's playing in the dandelions, they're her favorite), Jack, Jonah (he likes the house he built for the kitty's), Heaven, Froggy (he's runnin free and chasing butterflies), Patience, Albert (he really likes the garden you made for him), Thomas, Fabio (he still thinks he's fabulous) just to many to name (I drew quite a crowd). They where all there to say hello and welcome.
  Jordy (he's special here, don't know why) he said to tell you thanks for loving him and taking such good care of him. He's all better now, and has lots of friends. There's some here I don't know, Leo, Lucy, Binky, Cricket, Little Kat, Otto, Henry R. Peeps (He's very dignified, I like him) so many. They say they know me from watching the cam. with their human moms and dads.
  Everyone is happy and healthy, just waiting for all of us to be together again. In the mean time we will be here to greet all those that cross the bridge. They will not be alone, they will continue to be loved. Binkerbelle and Annabelle came across, they have settled in nicely. The ffrc kitty's are sharing adventure stories of their lives. Whether they were inside or outside kitty's, they all agree. FFRC is the best place on earth to be a cat, loved by mama Jacci, all the volunteers, and peoples from all over the world (aka FFRC Nation).
  Paddy Cakes has crossed the bridge, we all met him there. Thought he would stay with you a while longer, but I guess he missed me. The Paddy boys are together again. We have our own wheels here. Cakes has already been using his, nappin and runnin. He can really get that thing moving pretty fast, I'm not to shabby myself (when I want to make the effort that is).
  Cakes and l hope you will still have our Paddy's pot o' gold fund raiser for St. Paddy's day. We know the peoples loved finding coins and putting them in our pot to help all the kitty's. Maybe you can find another Irish helper for the next one. Us Paddy boys will be here watching and tossing coins down when it's time. The donations in our memory will be the ones we sent the peoples.
  Paddy Cakes and I loved giving the peoples our special double Paddy wishes (when they could catch us together that is). Mama Jacci, If you would hold a picture of us together up to the cam. Paddy Cakes and I will bless it and make it our final official very special double Paddy wish for the peoples to have. Please show picture and say "Paddy Cakes & Paddy Purr do here by bless this picture as the last official double Paddy siting that is good for one double Paddy wish" (No rewinding and getting extra wishes allowed.) Thank you mama Jacci for helping with this, it is something we Paddy's really wanted to do for the peoples.
  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the love and caring you gave all of us. It's time for me to go, there's lots I need to show Cakes. Think Cakes and I will have a nap first though and some snackers. (Maybe we can sneak some of Bella's baby food, if she ain't lookin.)
  All my love and lots of purrs,
     Paddy Purr
(and all the kitty's)

BOXES will be tomorrow, Weds. at 3:00!  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday, December 9, 2018

This will probably be our final spay/neuter numbers for 2018---1026.  I'm just beaming with this!  It's 26 over our big goal of 1,000!!  Many thanks to Diana C. D. from S. America who provided a very delicious cake in celebration of meeting our 1,000 goal!  Many thanks! We will have a new goal for 2019!

This 1026 breaks down to 582 females and 444 males. We had 914 surgeries for 2017--this broke down to 542 spays and 372 neuters.  We gained 112 for this year!

Yesterday was our FFRC surgery day.  It was a short day but still kept us hopping busy. 
Our girls that were spayed:   Skittles, Singita and Agnes
Our boys that were neutered:  Radar, Tyler, Huggins and Jacob

Their physicals were good.  Tyler though will be taking a road trip to the vet's this week for blood work.  Just want to make sure all is good.  Just being cautious.  You probably have heard of us talking about his juvenile cataracts.  This has been confirmed by Dr. Daracy. We just want to check his blood work to make sure all else is good. 

Lancelot was also checked by Dr. Darcy.  She too feels he does not have CH but is a kitten with a severe middle ear infection. These are hard to get 100% control of.  He was sedated, had both ears deeply flushed with saline and an antibiotic. He will be given an antibiotic medication to his ears twice daily for a couple weeks.  We are so hoping we can help this sweet boy.  OUr goal is for his ear (left) to heal completely and that he can walk with a straight head.  Lancelot is in the back Thumper's Room yet for a little bit. 

Dr. Darcy also checked Barin.  His heart murmur remains the same as before---4/5 out of 6.  

Many thanks to Gusti for providing drinks for our surgery day and to Joyce D for providing our lunch of pizza and bread sticks with dippings.  Those drinks and lunch sure are appreciated! 

We had BOXES on Friday.  Wow--I'm amazed--boxes are still coming!  We are so so grateful!
Barb E. from NC - 8 bright and beautiful Leggydews/Biggiedews. 12 homemade felt Cat Christmas Ornaments.

Kris M. - Purple long stick feather toy, large 2-in-one Kitty Cat Scratcher.  
JBond - 7 in one Instant Pot for flash sale.  5 pair of different animal socks, 6 pair of Christmas Earrings for the volunteers, 3 decorated, small Christmas stockings for a fun raiser

Justme (our wonderful mod) - from Studio M, 2 planters with different designs, and a rubberized Welcome Mat with a floral design for a Fun-Raiser

Julie and David (UK) - beautiful Christmas Card of St. Paul's Cathedral with 3 chicky $5.
Tom and Donna E (Ohio) - donation for FFRC
Retta and Ziggy (Mi) - Christmas Card
Mr. Whiskers - (Spikers best friend) - box tops, Purina One weight circles, and 2 chickie $5
Sue M. - sponsorship for Marilyn
RoseSF6 and Rich - donation for Giving Tuesday.
Rita and Eddie -  5 beautiful pop out Christmas Cards.

We have a few adoptions to get caught up on!
Sierra---she was adopted on 12/1. She went with her new dad who had been waiting for her to be ready to go to her new home! Whenever he would visit, she would take a nap in his arms.

Gidget--was adopted on  12/6.  She went into a home where she will join another cat. This family came with a glowing vet recommendation.  I've already seen pictures and she looks so very happy!

Boaz--was adopted 12/6.  He went into a home where there's another FFRC cat. Boaz knew what to do--he pulled his new mom and dad right into his cuteness by rubbing his head on them!

Cashew--was adopted on 12/7.  Cashew went to an awesome home. His new mama is off work for a whole month so she can spend lots of time with him!

Czar--this couple came in looking at a different kitten but Czar knew how to tell them that he was the one--he promptly took a nap while laying on their laps! What a smart boy!

We have more thanks to give! 
Michelle V from OH--donation to FFRC
Harm B from CA--donation to FFRC
Judith M from NH--donation to FFRC
Brenda R from VA--donation to FFRC
Eddie  & RIta from UK--Christmas donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC

Monday is our next and last Quickie Flash Sale for 2018!  It starts at noon. There will be lots of awesome items that have been donated to FFC for Flash Sales, including more Christmas items!  Please join us! 

We have more adoptions coming up.  Right now, we have Radar scheduled to leave Monday late morning. And then Skittles will leave Monday around 4:00.  More adoptions too coming up, including Huggins and TIckles on Saturday--they will be adopted together!

And you may be saying......who is Huggins?  Well, this sweet boy arrived 12/7.  And he was neutered 12/8, yesterday. This kitten came in at only 3.12 but is about 6 months old.  His birthday is 6/21/18.  He arrived with fleas, very thin and extremely thirsty.  WIthin 2 hours, he drank 4 bowls of water.  He was found by someone who cared enough to make sure he was going to be taken care of--two ladies went together to assure he would be ok.  Many thanks to them for caring. He would be considered a Snowshoe. He is a mix (which we like!), has the long hair, most feet/toes are white and has that siamese-ie pattern.  Regardless, he's handsome, ever so sweet and deserves the name of Huggins. And as mentioned above, he is already on hold!

We also had BOXES on Weds.  YOU are so appreciated!
Sean G - Pania flakes 
J.Bond  - 2 package of socks , cave bed, Cat in stars t-shirt, rainbow kitty hat, 3 X-Mas Pins, electronic keyboard, 4 kitty pumpkin cups , 8 - 6 inch dessert plates , 

Karen B - 2 boxes of temptations, case of Fancy Feast 
Rhonda H - 4 boxes of Belvita snack bars. And a wonderful plaque--Friends are like snowflake  

Santa Paws - 30 cans of Wellness food 
Billy K - 6 large towels so pretty!
Jane B -  2 cases of 30 fancy feast 
Annoymous - 2 cases of Nine Lives 
Annoymous - (Blain Farms) - 8 Cases of 13oz canned food 
Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases of Fancy Feast 

Dave & Stripey - 1 Bag of Party Mix, 3 pack of Mylar Balls, Donation for sponsorship for Magic, Walter, and Giovanna & Birthday Cards with a billion dollars all 3  
Kerswill - Hot Pads, Pot Holders, and Gift Bags, Several reading books, post card book

Eddie & Rita M - Lindt Chocolates for Jacci. For a Flash Sale - Baby Blanket, Coffee Mug,  Place Mat and Towel Set, Lobster Pencil case, Pens and Pencils, Magnets, Notebooks, Perfect cat book, the cats on Hudson roof, 2 sets of cat coasters, Christmas ornaments, Plaques, lil house candle holder 

Plee--- Starbrite Horse Snacks, 3 boxes of broths 
Kris M - Pillow Top Lounger Bed 
Gail N/ Polar bear family  - Rabbit freeze dried treats 

Roger & Trudy S - Xmas card and donation
Diana A - Xmas card and 6 $5 chickie money
Sakura - Card and 2 $5 chickie money for Giovanna and Bruno 
Elaine & Allen - Xmas card 
Florence L - Xmas Card and $5 chickie money, and paw points 
Carolyn C/CJcat - Xmas card 
Bill & Linda H - Card and Donation 
Jeanne S - Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund 
Ted/Chiefted - Xmas Card 
Linda & Tom C - Card and donation 
Dennis G - Xmas Card
Mary OD- Card and Donation in the name of Marti for her birthday 
Clark / Jessie and the rest of the Gang - Birthday Cards with $5 Chickie money for Magic, Walter walter walter and Giovanna 
Tracy ( volunteer ) - Donation 
Napoleon friend - Lots of Chief Tapes 

Monique and her babies are doing super!  They are so round!  They still stick very close to mama but it won't be long until they start wandering about.  Their eyes are so bright and shiny! 

The Persian babies continue to eat well by themselves although they latch onto SIngita  now and then still.  They  love their mama! We are hoping these kittens will be ready for the next FFRC January surgery date so they can get to their new homes! 

All is good here. Kittens are ornery. The cats are ornery! Sometimes they are just blurs as they run by us! Have a wonderful Sunday.