Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, June 30

This is probably the hardest, saddest blog I've ever written. My heart hurts terribly. This one is a hard one. And to have to pass sad info to you all makes this doubly hard. Forgive me for my absence right now on the cam--just can't do it. 

We have lost two cats that have recently been adopted to a horrible disease.  The virus of FIP has struck and hit us hard. FIP--feline infectious peritonitis. Two of our kittens have passed due to this horrible, awful disease---little Blyss and sister Fantasia.  Blyss was in Chicago and taken to an emergency vet. Passed quickly in loving arms.  Fantasia was brought here this morning and the diagnosis was quickly made. She was let go while being held. We have known these babies since their birth and so the pain of losing them is great.

I've talked to our vets about this. FIP is a horrible disease. I hate it. I can't fight it. I can't fix it. It is a virus caused disease. And it's sometimes called a mystery disease. There are some things we do know about this disease. It affects the blood vessels and harms different parts of the body. Symptoms vary between cats. There are two forms of FIP--wet/effusive and non-effusive/dry. Both are invariably fatal. 

It is unpredictable and untreatable and impossible to know what cat will get it and what cats won't. It basically is a mutation of the corona virus that ALL cats have. Why some corona "goes bad" is part of the mystery.  Unlike Leukemia and FIV, FIP is said to NOT be able to be spread one to another. It simply has to do with a cat's own body system--a mutation only to each specific cat. Why did these sisters get it? We don't know.  This is the disease that there aren't alot of answers to. Our vets dread this disease since there is no cure, no treatment, no prevention. One of our vets just recently went to a seminar on FIP--still not a lot of new information of this dreaded disease. 

We've seen it here before. Our beloved Albert died of FIP. We have seen it maybe 7 times in all of our years doing cat rescue. It is said that there is no correlation of family members getting FIP, but twice we have had 2 pairs of siblings contract this. There is much to learn about this disease. The presence of antibodies in the blood stream does not mean that the cat even has FIP.  Only about 5 to 10% of coronavirus-infected cats even develop FIP. 

FIP is difficult to diagnosis because clinical signs are vague. The wet form is easier; with the presence of fluid in the abdomen makes diagnosis relatively easy to detect. However, the dry form remains a problem. Keep in mind, this is not a "spreadable" disease--it is a mutation change of a normal corono virus that is in all cats.  We can't "fix" this.

The bottom line is we've lost two of our babies. Please....let's just go on. I don't mean to be rude ever, but know that I've read so very very much about FIP--I always keep it in my thoughts and always will.  Our vets keep me up on anything new they learn about it.  I just can't deal right now with a lot of "stories" or suggestions. These two losses have hit me hard. Thank you for understanding. This particular disease is , as our vets, a defeater from the very beginning. If I could fix it, I would. 

Just a quick note.  Our new Milo is doing good.  Milo is wonderful and is a mild CH cat. He is now in the Main Area and is a tall, nice, playful boy. A great personality. Our second new one is Hamline Hope. I'm not totally convinced that what is going on with Hamlin Hope is really CH but possibly a neuro problem. We are in the process of trying to figure things out about him.  More later.

Life goes on here. We have many cats and kittens to care for. Back to running this Rescue Center to the very best that we can. I made a promise many years ago when I started this rescue.  I would give it my all and love what I am doing. Yes, it's hard work, it takes most of my time but I'm in it for the long haul--good or bad. As I've said before, not keep track of those that have left us. Keep track of what is HERE, now, in the present. Let me do the worrying---you all just enjoy these cats. They love you right back thru that cam. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday, June 28

What a blessing good health is. Never take it for granted. I am thankful every day that we have good health here. Because, as anyone knows who is involved with a shelter or rescue, that health factor is all important and can change in a second. Viruses and germs are everywhere in our environment--humans and cats. Those viruses are just waiting for a door to open to enter and cause havoc. It's here, it's in every square inch of life. How do we keep healthy in a rescue center? Good quality food, vaccinations, lots of hand washing, low stress, quarantine time upon arrival, practice good general cleaning and give a lot of love!  We try our best. When one of those ugly viruses makes  its presence known, we fight like the dickens for these kittens. We do good supportive care with everything we have.

We took in a new cat yesterday. It's Milo! He's 11 months old, a black tiger and has mild CH. He's already been tested, vaccinated, wormed and already around other cats. He's a bit of a "high stepper" CH cat. And when he gets excited he flops over at times but can easily right himself up. Talk about friendly--this boy is a big ankle wrapper! LOVES attention! He came from southern Ohio and was transported by his past family who could no longer keep him. He's a gem. He was having difficulty using the box in his home so we are retraining his thoughts on this. So far, as of this morning, he hasn't had any accidents--100% success so far!

We are also expecting another CH cat today, around noonish. I know her name is Hope and I believe is also from southern Ohio. More later after I hear the whole story!

It sounds like Kizzi is doing good at Buckeye/Pam's home. I'm so happy for Kizzi! Such a nice cat. We took out the 3 remaining sutures of Nobbin's un-eye. He was perfectly behaved and didn't even squirm! Bella had her 2 hours out in the dog pen with Janie and Camie. Today is another stroller ride for Bella. Have you noticed Walter lately? He's down to one pill a week.  He rarely circles now and seems a bit more relaxed.

Jatcat has been up in the Main Area for a whole day now and is doing very well. She's such a beauty and has wonderful grace. Hard to believe she just has 3 legs. That Unna--she doesn't know what "being quiet" means. Such an active kitten. Just a little limp is left from her fracture--still healing. We're hoping for a complete recovery from her. I just saw her tackle Dickens--flattened him and then the race was on--both running! 

I wanted to give you an update on Oriah. I've checked in twice this past week with her and her foster family. She is doing just fine! Quiet, like she was here. Eating just fine. Diarrhea is not a problem. Loves the attention! And the foster family isn't ready yet to let her go.......hmmmmm, wonder where this might lead?!!

The Covies were out yesterday. Ashlyn cleaned the Cat's Cove top to bottom with the power washer--gets it squeaky clean! All 16 came a running for Connie's supper call. Pablo had a bit of an off day the last two days, but is much better today. He's eating by himself and looking happier now. Whisk and Jasmine were laying together--what a sweet picture that was. Ratchet loves to be head-rubbed--turns his purr motor on!

We had BOXES last night. We are so grateful for your help.
Deb11111--12 bottles of Mr. Clean--good smelling bottles too!
Phyllis B from MI--coupons
Susan TC from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Tigercat/great aunt julie from IA--20 spring toys!
Janice K from Napoleon--cat pads, pillowcases, blankies---all hand made!

We also had BOXES Thursday night--many thanks!
Gloria & Geremy from WI--card with donation
Jeannette B/furhavenkitty--card and payment
Tara--donation for FFRC
Kelly R from CA--coupons 
Diane B/redrobin from TX--card with donation in honor of Beverly Githens

We are down to 10 items from the Catathon to mail out! Isn't that fantastic?  As soon as those checks/paypals have arrived, we'll be sending the last boxes/packages out the door! I know people have already been receiving their items! 

We've had a Petfinder update! The top 12 cats viewed are: Camvi, Ming, Kerri Kat, Emma Jo, Emily, Purrzer, Daisy, Karena, Preakness, Whisk, Tabitha and Liberti.  

Josephine also went to her new home! She was a much waited on kitten and already loved! 
Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26

You may see 3 extra cats here for a week.  Caryn, Chad and Kellen are on their way to Pennsylvania for Kellen to attend a special camp. Kerstyn is here, along with their 3 cats.  You may hear a bit of grumbling from Valli, the deep orange one, but he will be just fine. Ebony and Doce came from here and are doing great.  

Our sweet Chardon has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Once he was thrown from the car, his time was already shortened due to his injuries. We certainly tried but to no avail. One thing for sure though, he was loved an awful lot and he knew it. I'm glad he was here/ We were honored to have had him with us. Peace, little Charden. 

FFRC has been asked to help another CH cat. His name is Milo. He's from southern Ohio and the owner will bring him here herself. Milo is only 11 months old and is a brownish tiger boy. Because of certain circumstances, he is having trouble making it to his litterbox. The environment here at FFRC will be much easier for him to get to the litterbox and so we believe he will get back to using his litterbox. Milo sounds like a dandy and a sweet boy. He will be arriving late afternoon tomorrow, Friday.

We had BOXES last evening. Many, many thanks to you!
Miss Becckahs Corner from VA--12 crocheted kitty toys
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--2 packages spring toys, 2 packages catnip infused balls and a really neat scratcher bed which Ratchet promptly claimed as his!
Mayumi from Japan--Famous Japanese Chocolate snacks, milk cream/strawberry jam cookies. Kitty treats that only come from Japan and 2 cases of Chicken Tulle
Nancy/Kerswill & note from Amber who just turned 19. Food--Sheba, Friskies and Fancy Feast. 4 packages of Kitty Note cards, variety of cards/envelopes. Kitty toys--kickeroo, kitty cube, kong play  & groom tunnel. Wash cloths, kitty towel, pillow case
Brooke from OH (visitor)--32 cans of Friskies, snackers, catnip, toys, kong toy, pole toy and fudge!
Lannml--24 giant rolls paper towels 
Anonymous Friend--a special memorial stone for Karula--Peaceful One
Susan M/macncheesemom from CT--pictures of Mac & Cheese, donation to use as needed
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Henry & Wendi B--card with a donation for FFRC
Tom C from IL with Linda and Happy--donation for FFRC

Milford is keeping his leg dressings on....most of the time! That boy is either in full speed or sleeping like a log! One extreme to the other. So far this morning, we've had 16 visitors! The cats love it--the extra petting, brushing and attention is always welcomed. 

We are continuing to pack and ship all the Catathon things. Today we are packing up the raffle wins! Keep an eye on your deliveries--should be arriving soon! 

Enjoy your day. Know a family that may need help with spaying/neutering? Please, if you can, offer a little help. We are trying to help others in need here. We have also started our dispersing of dry cat food for those in need (not from donations, but food that has been given to FFRC for doing this purpose). Have a wonderful day.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weds., June 25

I'm still floating from such a wonderful Catathon! We have a good amount of the Baskets, Raffle, orders and Big Ticket Items already packed and will go for shipping out today. Some even left FFRC yesterday! So...start looking in the mail! Things will be arriving. Please, as always, don't hesitate if there is an error in any order.  We try for all to be correct, but we also know that errors can happen. 

Here's some interesting Catathon facts!  We had 558 bids in 3.5 hours---that comes to 168 per hour or 2.8 per minute!  Raffle total was $4,340, with an average of $271.25 per Raffle. Baskets total was $8,475, with an average of $188 per Basket.  Big ticket Items total was $16,570, including Putter's blanket.  Per BTI, the average was $690.41.  Wow---very impressive!

The kittens are running like crazy--I think they have jumping beans in their tummies! Such energy levels--it's amazing. Coralie has mastered getting up the ramp to get to her favorite cozy spot. Jemima acts like a kitten when she's playing with the big coil springs. We had Jatkat up to the Main Area for about 1/2 hour this morning, then she went to the door to go in the back. We'll keep practicing with her. 

Sounds like Kizzi is doing good in her new home with Buckeye. Nice to see the pictures of her in her new home. Bella was out quite a bit yesterday in the dog kennel, laying in the big red poof. Leave it to Bella--she knows how to enjoy life! August is here in the front office, playing with the kittens. So nice to see.

We will have BOXES tonight! We also have a few more thank yous to give.
Yankeechick/Terese--provided lunch for all of us here at FFRC yesterday. It was delicious!
WickedWings/Donia--provided a special pillow with a cat design from her Grandma that we put in our store. 
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kathy R from PA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal in memory of Billypogo's grandma
Gloria K--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Joanna H from Finland--donation for anything that is needed

We took in a new kitten yesterday. Her name is McHoney (another past Name that Cat). . She's a torti and just a little bit of a baby. She's 5 1/2 weeks old, loves to play and looks fairly good.  She was found by herself. Welcome, little girl. 

Let's talk Charden.  This is our little buff boy who came in with maggots and the degloved tail. I talked to the chatters a bit last night about him. He is in trouble. This sweet boy has multiple problems which we are having a great deal of difficulty getting thru. Our vets have been on his case and has been offering many different types of action to try. But what has basically happened, his nerves that tell his brain it's time to go potty (both poo and pee) are not working. So, he continues to "fill up". While I've been able to keep the bladder emptied by bladder punctures, this can not be continued. Please....know that we have tried many many different things to counter his problems all to no avail. Regardless of what the outcome is, know that this boy is so deeply loved and cared for and he knows and feels it. 

I again feel the need to encourage everyone to stay on the positive side. We are a rescue here, not a resort. We get in some pretty hard cases. Rarely do we take in anything that is in great health. We work very hard at obtaining great health for each though. I will always stay on the positive side, focusing on what is good and what we CAN do, not what we can't do. I'll always be grateful for the direction of peace, kindness and being positive.  Let that other "stuff" go on by itself. 

Let's also talk about Milford. Oh my, that boy makes me laugh. He is one extremely active little boy. Constantly on the go, always moving, purrs with a truck motor and just is a happy boy. He also has 2 bent, rubbery legs (both back legs), another victim of a throw out the car kitten. He doesn't actually care about that as he's too busy. He's lifting weights I do believe, because he sure can book it around here---so fast! Last night it was noticed that he has sores on both back legs---from dragging them around. So, leg wraps have been applied, twice so far. The way he moves around, they slip and come off. But the wounds look better. We're trying to wait until our next surgery date which is Monday, July 7th. We know for sure one leg will be amputated as there's absolutely no use of that leg. We're still hoping for a bit of improvement on the other one. The problem with his legs, versus Seymour is that Seymour can keep his behind him, but not Milford. They flip-flop in any direction and are a hinderance, always getting in his way. Anyway--in the meantime, he's growing, doing better with the litterbox and is a joy!

Take care, have an awesome day. Start looking for a Catathon delivery!

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, Monday

Wow!  What an incredibly awesome day the Catathon was! I am very much in your debt for the wonderful support that was shown. My simple thanks isn't anywhere near enough sufficient but please know that FFRC and myself is extremely grateful. 

The turnout of people coming in to help was huge--all slots were filled with willing people! It is such a joy to be surrounded by such friendly, eager and compassionate people. Much of my family was here. We also had family watching from their homes. And we even had an adoption! This was already pre-arranged. Kizzi went to her new home.

The food was wonderful--we had a lunch here for everyone. Then after the Catathon was over, we shared pizza together followed by ice cream cones! The weather was beautiful.  Just enough rain in the early morning to make everything fresh! 

Twenty minutes before we were to start, we realized the phones were not working--oh, what a worry. A quick call to the phone company and things were resolved. Then one of the main phones was lost--had to have it. Surprise---I put it down and left it behind somewhere but it was found!

Our wonderful Connie Chicken made an appearance, not once, but twice! We also had Jimmy's famous tu-tu here. And Dwarf Grumpy also arrived with a thank you message to our viewers. 

The biggest surprise of the day was putter's signature quilt. It brought in a whopping $10,000! That's when my knees started shaking. What an awesome happening!  We also had a donation of $2,000 by a webcam friend. 

Now, this week begins the week of organizing the mailings, packing and getting things sent on their way. This will take all of this week and possibly into next week as there is alot of things to send out! 

After the end dance, the thank yous given, and the final amounts added in, we have a new total for the 2014 Catathon!  It is at $38,150. Wow!  Fantastic! Amazing! So so grateful! 

A short blog but so wanted to tell you all a big big thank you for what you do for this Rescue Center.  You are all truly amazing.  More later!  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21, Saturday

Tomorrow is the Catathon! Oh my--it's almost upon us. I mentioned I had butterflies in my tummy and a friend so no.......not butterflies, but CAT-erpillars!  Made me laugh!  Tomorrow 1:00 sharp it officially begins. Remember, the number to call in is 419-393-2400. We will have 9 phone lines going--I think we'll be able to keep up! 

Also for tomorrow, remember we ALL have to work with the time lag. It's just a part of ustream life! So, refresh your computer often. Be patient. Be forgiving and just have a whole lot of fun! We have a few surprises up our sleeve for you to enjoy! hints! Just join us and have fun along with us. During the Catathon, we will also have quite a few drawings.  One is for the 16 Catathon Raffle items. For the volunteer's Keurig raffle, there will be 1 coffee winner and 5 Yankee Candle winners. We also have the 3 drawings for the people who pre-registered.  All of this will be spread out throughout the Catathon.

Remember too that Putter's signature quilt will be in the running from the beginning of Basket 1 thru Basket 6. After Round 7 we will do a Grand Tally and announce that. Stay with us for this....there may be something fun happening! 

We have people already here for the weekend and more coming.  We, here at FFRC are very much looking forward to the Catathon and being with family, volunteers, friends and our viewers! we come!

Nobbin is doing terrific. His un-eye is looking so much better. And he's playing a lot. Talk about playing--Ming is now a play machine! He's so cute to watch. I think that Charden is also coming along. We are putting him in the litterbox very often and he's having success!  Want those 2 P's to keep working! Our new boy, Milford is something else. That boy is obsessed with playing! If he's not sleeping, he's at full speed. We also put him in the litterbox very often. So far, we've seen a few pottys. We hip hip hooray each time! He has a ways to go--needs more practice. His pelvis is so turned and so are his back legs. They are rather floppy and get in his way. he goes and running. Doesn't bother him. Nope, just on to the next toy! 

We took in a new kitten yesterday. His name is Solomon. He's 8 weeks old, grey tiger/white. He was put on someone's porch. The man that found him would've liked to keep him, but his resident cat said No Way. So, Solomon made his way here. He's a dandy--sweet and friendly.

We have thanks to give! Our hearts are grateful.
Kristena & Steve C--PayPal for donation to help with Chardon and Milford
Cato--PayPal donation to use for Catathon needs
Maryann O/Merry_Marvin from CA--card with note, 2 Trader Joes Raspberry and chocolate bars, 5 cups for the store with the best kitty design!, kitty yard stake for Albert's Garden, 2 kitchen towels with kitty faces
Paula A from OK--handpainted picture frame "Zelda Belda Girl Moss"!, paper towels, Fancy Feast kitten cans, styrofoam plates 6 inch, baby food, appetizers, dog snackers, case of Friskies Tasty Treasures,
Kelly R from CA--self groomer for Coralie---I'll help her practice!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--Part II--DIY Kitty Snacker kit and 4 bags of Fancy Feast dry
Jo Ann/Joco--5 reams of paper-bright colors, Old Dutch Puffcorn Caramel (so delicious) and lots of bags for the volunteers too of the Puffcorn
Hannah--pop tabs for Kellen, yarn for crafters, Monkey for Lynnette, squirrel toy, cat food trays, can cat food. Hannah also made a Peace sign for window, lots of Flag magnets for the store and TP rolls made into kitty toys! Hannah also wrote a book which she gave to me about 5 cats and 1 dog. It's about FFRC and she is letting FFRC have it! We read it to the viewers---so very sweet of Hannah.  A real treasure!
Loricat--an AWESOME poster that she made--this years focus was FFRCNation with one mission, one heart, one nation. Many snap shots from the previous year which has has rendered unto a poster. Lots of names of viewers and volunteers. It's just awesome! 

Okay---we're off!  See you at the Catathon!  

June 21, Saturday

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday, June 20

Busy, busy week! We are definitely in the last hours of preparation for Catathon and the excitement is building! This is our main Funraiser of the year and hope for good success! And fun---we want lots of fun! Visitors have started arriving. BIllypogo and Bonnie have already arrived. Beth came mid week. More coming in! 

The phone lines (8 additional ones plus the rescue phone) is now in place and ready. We tried them out, had people call in and flood the lines and all worked great!  IF there should be a problem, we have an emergency number to call on Sunday for the phone lines. Dean, the computer guy has confirmed he will be here in the morning to set things up.  The 2 porta pots arrive today along with the big 60 inch tv! We will have the tv at the Shelter House so people can easily watch. Today we will go over the property and double clean everything, including the barns. Baskets are ready, Big Ticket Items are all organized. We are about ready! And very excited!

The Catathon Raffle is now over. The winners of the items will be drawn throughout the Catathon. At the very end, after Round 7, when things are all tallied up, we will give you a Grand Total!  

We have a cat that was returned.  Her name is Jatcat. She was returned thru no fault of her own--just liked to scratch furniture. Anyway, she is here, we love her and glad she is back.  That's why we do our contracts like we do.  If the owners can't/don't want any more, we do! We always will take them back. Jatcat is a long hair torti blend, 3 legged (surgery done while here at FFRC). She's been back in the Main Area once just for a visit and seems pretty comfortable. Later we will bring her up again. Always nice and slow re-entry.

Oh my--we have taken on so many new kittens. I'll just go over the latest in case anyone has missed them.
Pablo--orange short hair,  Birthday is 5/8/14.  Was a found kitten and brought here. A sweetie.
Charden--buff/white, short hair.  Birthday is 5/1/14.  He obviously (from face) was tossed from a car. Then his tail was degloved (skin/fur removed). He's actually healing nicely and not so painful as when he arrived. About 1 1/2 inch of his tail was removed yesterday (all dead tail) so now it's not being bumped as much. He is spending part time in the main area. Another sweetie.
Corby--white/grey, short hair.  Birthday is 4/14/14. My son and family found him.Very thin. Nice kitten and fitting in well.
Milford--black/white, short hair.  Birthday is 4/18/14. Was seen as he was tossed from a car--now has very little use of back legs, plus the right leg is twisted. The young lady who saw it happen is a vet tech and took him to her vet. Probable spinal cord injury (like Aileen).  We are working at putting him in the box frequently to help him with potty issues. So far, so good. He's been there at the vets for a week. He did come up to the Main Area today for maybe 10 minutes. He's like a speedy bullet---zoom, this boy can goooo.
Missa--black/white, short hair with a dot of black on muzzle.  Birthday is 3/27/14.  Will be coming up to main area shortly.  Was a found kitten. Person that brought her was going to take to a woods and drop her off if we didn't take her. Geesh---enough said.  She LOVES attention.

There's kitties everywhere! I'm so thankful that all 3 of our current mamas are nice and so sweet to all the kittens. It's good for the babies. There's a possibility that Kizzy will be adopted this weekend. And Navi! She went back with her dad. Happiness was apparent from him and Navi. She went right in the carrier and acted relaxed! He called yesterday and said she was right back in her routine and he's a happy person! 

We have some thank yous to do! And we do indeed thank you! And I have to apologize--I've gotten behind listing the "thank yous".
Allyssa B--sent lots of cat food! This is a special 4 1/2 year old that is learning to help others. She sent 2 cases Tiki Cat, 7 cases Friskies --  all a variety and the cats will love it!
Joey3100--sent a special toy for Joey. Saw him playing again last night with it! And 4 boxes Friskies Gravy Sensation packets
Kittymom --2 cases Friskies and a case of Fancy Feast
Mittenkitten/Donna H with Shadow & Starla--kitty card, AMC movie gift card, 2 Tastey Katkes packages, kitty coil toys, tunnel, 4 very pretty beaded necklaces and a beautiful Magenta memory bracelet (I love it). Also sent yard Lion Brand of many colors, for knitters/crocheters
Anonymous Friend--13 bags kitty snckers, 2 cases FF kitten, 2 cases FF gravy lovers and 4 ases Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken 
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--2 cases FF kitten, 4 cases Whiskas Fish
Coralie from WA--great pictures of Kira & Missy, donation from 2 legged Coralie to FFRC's 2 legged Coralie!
Deb B from GA--Happy Catathon Card and a donation for a plque in memory of our much loved Ernest
Dava M--a necklace that says "Till they all have a home" and a wonderful pair of flip flops with paw prints!
Laura E/LJ323--5 cases of appetizers
Lannml--Yeoww Bananas for Covies and Riley and the other kitties, case of Friskies Pate
Scottycat, Aunty Fi, Cita and Gusti--a memorial stone for Aileen (is now in Albert's Garden)
Irene H--note, 2 break a way collars and 9 great books for kitty care we can give away. Also a beautiful maroon/red and white afghan--so pretty!
Conii, Elliott and Izzabellah--4 cases of Snacker treats
Deb11111--4 cases of Friskies Pate, 4 cases of Friskies Tuna and 4 cases of Tasty Treasureres!
Mindy S--letter and pictures--a strawberry bed, black kitty face purse, white/green fleece blankie, leopard print poof and a yellow gold/brown ripple afghan!
Tigercat54/Great Aunty Julie--DIY kits: sandwich bags (500) and 2 bags of Fancy Feast--instant snackers!
Connie/warpednMN & Joe--30 cans of KMR
Barrett Paving from NY--donation in memory of Lois L
Ann F from NJ--donation in memory of Aileen
Phyllis B from MI--coupons
Pckrbckr/Carolyn--MN stamps 
June/Painted Daisy--For Catathon-4 gift cards for Dominos pizza for supper! and 2 Visa gift cards to use where needed
Judy & Phil--paper towels, cat toys, postie notes.  Also bags from Heather
Michlynn & Vern--case of lemonade, 2 cases water, case of juice, case of Sheba, quillow, coupons, Christmas ornaments & hot pad, 11 towels, case of chips, cat carrier, paper plates & 3 blankies and a nice visit!
Anna & Ivan Z from PA--donation to FFRC, in memory of neighbor's cat, Katrina who passed recently at age 29.
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--donation from their sale of a Fenton Basket
Gusti--donation for little Charden, for meds.
Donna B/donnajb--kitty snackers, 2 cases FF gravy, 2 cases FF kitten, 3 Whiskas, 1 Purrfectly chicken packets

I'm not sure if you heard yet or not, but little Lewes passed away the beginning of the week. He was what is called "Failure to Thrive". It's simply when, their growing stops, they stop eating and then don't continue down the road of survival. Brandy Wine even stopped "worrying" over him on the last day---it's like she knew. He was held close as he passed. 

We had a report from PetFinders. The top 12 cats viewed were: Camvi, Ming, Kerri Kat, Daisy, Liberti, Tabitha, Preakness, WHisk, Emily, Merle, Karena and Ratchet.

Nobbin went to visit the vet's on Weds. His poor un-eye was very swollen. Under sedation, another large pocket of pus was removed. He was back later in the afternoon and after eating 3 plates of food decided he was just fine and was playing! It's obvious that the antibiotics he was on was not the one that would respond to his particular infection. So, now he's on 2 kinds of meds and is doing much better. He's a loverboy! 

I believe this blog has turned into a blog-story!  I wish for you all a wonderful day. Please remember to encourage others to spay and neuter. On to the Catathon! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday--June 16

The week of the Catathon! Let the fun begin! We had a bit of a rehearsal yesterday. We went over, hopefully, all the aspects of the Catathon. A few more things to get in place. But, because of our volunteers, this event will be just fine. This event will take a huge group effort--I am so very blessed to have so many people involved with FFRC that give with their heart. 

This week the Porta Pots arrive and the big screen TV--on Friday/Saturday.  Werlors will empty the trash container on Friday so we start fresh for the weekend. The phone company will be here Weds. and Thursday to make sure all the lines work properly for the phone calls. The farm yard will be spruced up. The Covies are anticipating being petted and loved on lots so they've been extra grooming themselves! The farm animals have been told to smile for everyone. And the peacocks have been given a firm talking too---no pecking anyone's vehicles! Saturday late afternoon all the furniture in the Main Area will be moved out--we need lots of space for the Catathon. The cats are gonna have some running space! The Mail Room will be made ready for what we hope will be lots of visitors! So many little details to tend to.

Our sweet Karula has made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. This weekend has shown that it's been harder and harder to breathe. Remember, this is our old oldster that is blind and deaf and toothless. We have had her for about a month and have given her much loving and all the food that she wants. We knew that her time was going to be short with us, so whatever she wanted, she received. This morning it proved too difficult for her, so the decision was made to help her over to find peace and health. We have been privileged to have this sweet girl with us. Thank you for caring about her.

We had THREE adoptions yesterday--all in the morning. First, Fantasia went to her new home by flying from Toledo to Chicago. She has been so wanted by her new family. Then Teva and Genevieve went together to their new home--their new mom and dad were already in love with them before they even left! This is what makes this rescue center worth the "work"---sending these cats to wonderful homes.

We have an update on the Purina Circles that I had asked to have people help us with. Unfortunately, we are not able to participate.  The program they win for "free things" is not meant for rescues/shelters. I thank you though for caring and starting to help us with this. We want to follow the rules, so we will have to decline this. 

Our Catathon Raffle is ON!!!  Right now until Weds. evening. Tickets are $5--can go thru PayPal. Just let me know where you want your tickets to be--which item and how many. So exciting! These tickets will be drawn during the Catathon. Check out FFRCNation and FFRC's fb chatter page for the pictures and descriptions of these 16 items!  Here's the schedule for it:
RA, RB--Round 1     RC, RD, RE--Round 2     RF, RG--Round 3     RH, RI--Round 4     RJ, RK, RL--Round 5     RM, RN--Round 6     RO, RP--Round 7

Folks, please know we are trying our best to include everything that has been sent in for the Catathon. We really truly appreciate the support you've given. If you don't see your item, it probably is in our store and/or waiting to be in Day Sales/Flash Sales. We are actually putting some items out in the store for the Catathon weekend. We're trying our bestest to show we appreciate YOU by using your items appropriately and gratefully. If you want to send me an e-mail in regards to anything, you are welcome to do so.

We have some thank yous to give!
Andrea S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Roberta S (day visitor)--some awesome Santa Clauses (we'll use these this fall--really nice!), towels, treats, laundry soap, cat krinkle bag, yarn and a blue round ball toy.
Kristen from Japan, friend of Roberta S (day visitor)--an awesome gift bag directly from Japan with a ton of cat snackers! I'm telling you---the cats love these snackers! It's full of many types of treats. Told the cats, a few a day! Thanks, Kristen.

Nona--lots of small Post Its, Coupons and ear phones for mods!
Jan from HI--card with note. Variety of Hawaiian candy for Catathon Vols to give us energy!. She also gave me a lovely coin purse and a special rock with painted flower from her Japan trip
Amy D from PA--note, cloown/kitty plate, gray crocheted shawl, construction paper, ntoebook paper, dog tray for Catathon foods, doggie cookie cutter, tote for freezer food, 3 angel kittens that are for a garden.  Also many jewelry items, most made by Amy--15 sets of stud earrings, lots of pins with angels, butterflies and crosses design and a variety of iridescent necklaces!
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--40 individual bags for volunteer snackers
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--6 cases baby food
Lannml--4 cases Friskies, variety
Anne B--green felt kitty bed, 3 lg bath towels, lint roller, journal/address books, 5 x 7 picture frame, nail set with buffer and file, paper punch, napkins
PSW--Incentives for Raffle/Day Sales!--magnetic kitty scissor holders for the kitchen--very cute!
Auntumnkitty from France--seat belt clip for doggies using car seat belts--for dog basket

Sweet little Pablo is doing great. I do believe he thinks he's a fierce lion to be reckoned with! He goes right up to the big cats and struts his stuff--then runs! Luige was running full out this morning with barely a limp! Archer is the sweetest thing--just melts in the hands. Unna has it figured out all the way now with her splint. She's everywhere--even up high now. What an active girl. She has some more signatures on her splint!

We took in a new kitten this weekend. This little one has my heart (I guess that's nothing new!). He was brought in early Saturday morning, with his tail degloved. That means it's been stripped of skin and fur, fully exposing the bone on the entire tail. To do this, something solid, like a car tire, was ON the tail, he squirts away and off goes his skin/fur. Unfortunately it's removed even the skin around the top of the tail and around the anal area. He is one very very sore baby. He's on antibiotics and 2 soreness meds. It appears he was probably tossed from a car as he has the traditional "pizza face" that goes with that. Poor baby. To add more to it, this entire area was covered with maggots and maggot eggs-thousands. Not any more though--he's maggot free. He's very small, too small for surgery yet, but will have to have that tail amputated. He gets soaks during the day and then special ointment applied to promote healing and cleanliness.  No name yet, but soon! This baby loves to purr! We won't worry about WHAT or WHY this happened to him but we are choosing to concentrate on this little kitten as to the NOW of his life. He has a whole lot of lovin' coming to him! we come! Remember, you can now go to our website at and visit the site with all the baskets and big ticket items and their descriptions! Also you can view the new items that have been added to our store and even purchase them now! The store is open! Enjoy!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday, June 14

Eight.  There are eight kittens playing around my desk.  No way better to get work done than with a kitten play!Jemima is sitting off to the side, just watching the kittens. She's such a wonderful mama.  Unna is doing great. Her splint is still on, although it's slipped a tiny bit. She's not crying anymore with discomfort. She's also figured out how to get up the steps, climb onto the flower bed and play with little discomfort. What a brave baby she is. 

Nobbin is also doing good. His site of the enucleation is a bit swollen, but acceptable. This is a class 1 loverbug! He's still on antibiotics.  Thomas had a seizure yesterday. This was his first one in 6 weeks. We call this a breakthrough seizure.  Doesn't mean too much unless he has another one soon. It happens when dealing with seizure cats. We'll keep a sharp eye on him. 

Walter is doing so much better with his circling. He doesn't do it nearly as often as he was. His medicine is now only twice a week and it seems to be helping with this. He's more relaxed. We sure love this boy. What a joy he is. Bella had her outside time yesterday. She got to be with the dogs for an hour in the morning in their outside fenced in area. Her big red poof was there too. There's no way Bella can get out of the dog fence, but we still watch her. She was a happy camper!

We have thanks to give from BOXES on Thursday night. You are so kind and appreciated.
Gusti--donation for Karula, our oldster
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, to use wherever needed
Cogo--donation for Archer kitty
Pat, volunteer--another cat pad that she made
Pat & Ellen, Defiance--10pkgs  9 inch paper plates and 10 pkgs 6 paper plates
Maddysnana--pkg. styrofoam plates
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila--24 large cans tuna
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--300 6 inch paper plates
Autumnkitty--2 Chuck It balls for dog basket, case of Chicken Soup for Kitty Lovers Soul, case of FF Appetizers
Dewitty--14 hand towels all colors
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes & coupons
Nona--donation for baby food!
Betz--thank you card with donation

We have taken in another little kitten. His name is Pablo, another name from our list of "Cat Names to Use".  This little orange tiger kitten was just found--don't know how this happens so much. But anyway, no mama, no siblings.  He is 5 1/2 weeks old. Such a rambunctious little kitten--already knows the joy of playing and being loved on. He pretty much forced his way into the Main Area a day early. He came up last night after we had to retrieve him many many times from squeezing thru the door! He knew there were friends on this side of the door!

This weekend marks the beginning of showing you all the Baskets and Big Ticket Items for the Catathon. Go to our website at  Click on the link. You'll be able to view the baskets and descriptions of them.  There are a couple baskets without pics--we're working on that.  

Tomorrow also starts the beginning of our Catathon Raffle!  Check it out on FFRCNation and Chatters FB. You'll see the 6 items for the raffle. There's some individual items, some baskets--quite a mix! Raffle tickets are $5 each. You can buy tickets for any item and in any amount. Good luck!  The winners will be drawn during the Catathon on 6/22.  

Why do we have a Catathon? This is our major fundraiser for the year. Plain and simple, we are in need.  Following are a few of our bigger bills:
Shelter House  --  $13,000  (this is our main construction for the year. Normally we add on to the Rescue  Center, but this year we decided on the Shelter House.
2nd Sewer System--$4,400  (this was unexpected. We thought we were done with the sewer project.  Unbeknownst to us, our initial sewer project still had a thread of sewer lines that were not attached to the main one. Had to be done, says the county. 
Electrical Work --  $4,500   This was a much needed project. We had used our lines to way over capacity we were no longer safe. New poles, new lines, way more amps, correct hook ups--now we are safe!
Insurance Coverage  $3,500   Something we don't like to think about, but has to happen

If by chance we go over this amount of fundraising, our General Account is very sorely in need. It will be applied here.    

Smallisha's kittens are out most of the day now. They're such small kittens, as are Brandywine's.  Her kittens are out and about too most of the day. At night, they pile into their own perspective rooms (they know which rooms are which) where they get a gruel feast and then they settle in for the night. 

I want to say a special thanks to our mods and admins. They are a great team. They help keep us G-rated and do this because they care about FFRC. They represent me and FFRC--we want others to know we are about kindness, friendship, understanding. We enjoy the friendships that we make on the chat and in our fb pages and FFRCNation page. I thank you all for the patience and kindness that you show too, to each other in chat and fb pages too. It's amazing the community that we have made with each other! Thank you! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12

Little Archer is now up in the Main Area. This is a wee kitten (about 5 weeks old) that arrived about a week ago. He was found on an archery coarse, crying his little head off. Two men saw him, on round 5. When they reached Round 7, they still could hear him. Back they went, scooped him up and brought him here. Oh my, what a doll he is. A little tuxie kitten that has torpedo legs--it's full speed ahead for this tyke. It took a while to show him since we didn't get to get him tested until yesterday due to dehydration. But, all is well now.

We had two adoptions this morning! Little Tita and Misty went to their new homes together. The family that found Misty and the litter, has been waiting for weeks to adopt these two kittens. They had to wait until both were spayed. Tita and Teva were both spayed yesterday since they reached the proper weight. Tita and Misty are going into a home where they will be thoroughly spoiled!

We had BOXES last night--you are appreciated!
Anonymous Friend--10 packs of 9 inch plates
Nona--2 cases of KMR for the kittens
Andrea from CA--lots of yarn in blues, purples, reds, pink, greens and yellow for our knitters and crocheters!
Caren F--case of large Friskies cans, case of Friskies Pate and a case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Susan3--2 cases baby food
Widdletiger/Elizabeth--500 styrofoam plates
Di S and Tabitha--Tabitha talked another friend into more paper towels! She's been making some real pretty designed nesting beds lately!
Lu-Little and Benny---donation in memory of Aileen, Riika and Suzie.
Gusti--donation in memory of Aileen and in honor of Coralie's birthday
Ted E from CA--donation in memory of Aileen
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used wherever needed

We have another Petfinder report. The top 12 cats viewed are: Liberti, Camvi, Kerri Kat, Emily, Daisy, Ming, Preakness, Emma Jo, Merle, Tabitha, Karena and Whisk.  I realize that the Petfinders is terribly behind.  As soon as I get some extra time, it'll be caught up.

Lorenzo has been doing much less circling. He gets his pill only twice a week and it sure seems to have helped him with this. He is such a sweet boy. Karula is still hanging in there, but is obviously showing signs of slowing down. We know a bit more of her history. For a year before she came here, she was being fed by a neighbor of my son and family. She was kept outdoors which is where it appeared that she enjoyed. But, then it became obvious that she could no longer see. Whatever life she has to give, we will show her kindness and love. 

I've already heard from Tita and Misty's new family--both are doing good and have already found the litterboxes.  Way to go, kitties!

Happy Birthday to Coralie. She is two years old today. She arrived here this past winter with terrible frostbite. Yes, she's a bit sassy with the other cats at times, but oh my goodness, this cat loves us people and we sure love her! She has been sharing her meals lately with the kittens. She loves the lower "cave" on the bottom of the Feline Snoozer. She can't get in by herself, but she sure tries. Today Elizabeth realized the one sloped ramp fits perfect there for Coralie. We've practiced with her already.

Nobbin is doing great. He was playing yesterday so he obviously feels better. Unna is a charmer. Her little splint looks gigantic on her small leg. But, we keep telling her, it's only for 2 weeks. She already has some signatures on her splint! The other cats are jealous! She's a toughie and a loverbug. 

That Lorenzo makes us laugh. He loves to go into June's Room where Smallisha's kittens are. He just joins right in with them in their basket. It's so cute to see these 4 little kittens and 1 big cat napping together. Jessie, the oldster, jumps thru the window door of the dog's room and naps with them. Solee still begs (and receives) her little treat of baby cat kitten food each morning. 

Remember you can pre-register till the Friday before the Catathon! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weds. June 11

With a heavy heart  I need to tell you that our little Aileen is in kitty heaven. After talking to 3 different doctors, we have all come to the same outcome of thoughts. Little Aileen was left to go to her place at the Rainbow Bridge very late last night. Her condition had deteriorated every day now for the past 4 days. She had no bladder or bowel control and her little tummy was so huge, causing discomfort. The time she was here was filled with playtime and being loved on. She passed while being petted. She was also playing with her friend Mr. Thomas's tail while he was grooming her. A peaceful, quiet passing. Thank you for loving her.

Sometimes when death happens, we swear we will never give our hearts out again. We talked about this twice on chat yesterday. Here is my thought on this. Love is actually a renewable resource! We can never run out of love, if we so choose to open our hearts. It's there for the giving....and for the taking. What an awesome gift! And if we love, we will always have memories.  Far better to have memories than to not have any. Far better to have love than to never experience it. Yes, it hurts to lose someone/something that we love,  but we are better for that experience. 

A viewer friend sent me this, this morning. I haven't read this for years, but it's exactly true and perfect:
From Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem In Memoriam:27
I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.    

I wish for you all this---let's not keep track of those that have passed. Keep your eyes on our present and future. Every death teaches me something--I learn something from each and every one. We are a Rescue, after all. We do not get to pick and choose what comes thru our door. I mentioned last night that the majority  of cats/kittens coming in are not "cream of the crop", meaning most have medical issues to deal with. So, in doing this, we will see a sad ending here and there. But, the joy and happiness that comes from this Rescue Center, thru the cats and volunteers, is tremendous. That's what we need to focus on. Friendship, compassion, education comes into play too (along with spaying/neutering!!). I thank you all for being a part of what we do here at FFRC.

We had 2 cats at the vets yesterday. Little Unna went in for an x-ray. She had an accident the day before here at FFRC. Her x-ray showed a greenstick x-ray of her rear right tibia. Poor baby--has a big ole splint on that she does not like. She's on pain meds as it is a bit sore. If we can get her to have 1-2 weeks of this splint, we'll be happy. If she gets it off, then we go with her resting to finish the healing. Cats are tremendous healers. 

Nobbin also had his eye surgery and neutering. His infected eye was removed. A good thing. Dr. Darcy found a great deal of infection. This eye was non-seeing and was causing much discomfort. Give him a day or two of adjustment and he's going to be grand! He's on antibiotics and soreness meds. This is a wonderful boy--so sweet and loving.

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you.
Wendilyn--box of yarn for crocheters/knitters for FFRC!, Mr. Clean Eraser, beautiful baby sweater sets, cat dish, snackers for volunteers, a beautiful dog/cat quilt, Christmas decorations, peacock decoratin, note pads, Mickey Mouse hand bag
Betz--9 cases baby food & 9 cases Friskies
Amy, our volunteer--a thank you letter to viewers
Tabitha--has received (or maybe she sent them too?!!) a case of paper towels!
Anonymous Friend--2000 white paper plates, 6 inch
Halos mom & dad--kitty card with note and donation, picture of calico Halo
Trudy S from Bryan--donation
IzaBird--card in memory of Magenta
Vinnie T and Family from Oh--card in memory of Ricca
Deb B from Georgia and her kitties--Purina One Weight circles
Conii and her kitties--3 cases of KMR
Anonymous Friend--9 cases of Appetizers
Justme--5 cases water, Colostrum Powder, lots of styrofoam plates
Tabby and Lauren, our week visitors!--baby food, appetizers, styrofoam plates
Laura/medic--case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--5 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Karie B from IL--donation in memory of sweet Suzie
Jonna, visitor--baby food!
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Gusti--donation as congrats for 11 million viewers
Halos mom & dad--donation for 11 million viewers on cam
Rebecca H from UK--donation for anything needed

Little Tita and Teva are on their way to the vets today for their spays. This way they'll be able to goon to their new homes! 

Yesterday we went over the 11 million number for total views of the webcam. This is just astounding to me. I remember when we first started and we commented it would take a long long time to reach 1,000!  You as our webcam viewers have helped FFRC tremendously. You have also become more than just viewers--you are our friends. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 9

Shhhhh----Jersey is sleeping very very close to me! Isn't that wonderful. I love the trust he is showing more and more. The kittens are water-skating. The floor was just mopped and they've decided it's the best place to slip and slide and run and play. So much fun to watch.

The kittens are doing great. They are growing and showing wonderful personalities. Mama Smallisha is doing wonderful. Her 4 kittens now come out to the Main Area a couple times a day. They are so small, but so is mama. Yesterday we moved Brandywine and her 5 kittens to the Cat's Corner Room. They needed more space to tear around. The kittens just love to play! She's such a good mama. They are eating better by themselves. 

The Covies were barn-run-abouts twice over the weekend, on Friday and Sunday. They so love it. And they come back for Connie so nicely.....even Charlie this time! Sevaun always spends much time up close to the Rescue Center. I think that's because she likes Connie to carry her back. That's no small feat!

When Azar comes for his visits, we feed 12 Porchies at breakfast time. Wow--and they are all males. Such nice, big cats, so friendly. Defi is fitting right in now and has relaxed. He is now friends with the Porchies.

Lots of things coming up. Keep an eye on Facebook and FFRCNation's page for Catathon updates. Now that we have less than 2 weeks, I'll be showing Baskets and Big Ticket Items! Pre-registration is now going on! You can go to our website and find the link to do this. During the Catathon, we'll draw 3-4 names from those that pre-register. We have a great human-dew blanklet (twin bed size) to give away and also some cat print totes. 

Next Sunday is a big day. You will be able to see the Baskets and Big Ticket Items on our website! Also next Sunday starts our Catathon Raffle.  There are 13 items that will be up for Raffle. It starts anytime on Sunday and ends on Weds. at 3:00.  The drawing will take place during the Catathon, a couple each round will be drawn! The Raffle Items are various items--artwork, spa, bird, afghan, signature quilt, etc. Keep an eye open on the Facebook and FFRCNation for pictures and descriptions! 

The phone company will also be coming sometime soon to put in all the phone lines we need for the Catathon. When they think they have it in place, I'll ask the viewers to do lots of call-ins to check it, while the phone guys are still here! We've done this each year and the phone rings and rings! It's a great way to check the system, by using the viewer's help! 

As many of you already know, our sweet Suzie passed away Saturday morning. It was so very peaceful and quiet. Thursday her appetite slowed a bit and more so on Friday. She was visibly tired. Saturday morning as I worked at the computer, I held her and we loved on her. She just quietly stopped breathing. 28 years old--what a grand old girl she was. I have talked to the real mama of Suzie and she is glad she passed peacefully. We will be sending Suzie's ashes to her and we will have a memorial stone for her in Albert's Garden. Thank you for caring about her.

We had an adoption this weekend! Little Blyss went to her new home. Such a beautiful little kitten! We also had a return--kitten Jessie. It was realized that her mama has severe allergies. She's doing great and already has another hold on her!  We also had a 10 year old cat returned. Her name is Chalet. She's a beautiful long hair grey/white female.  Her original owners that adopted her here at FFRC have both passed away. She then went to her Auntie who is now in a nursing home. I talked to her this weekend and she misses Chalet but cannot have her there. I will be sending her pictures.  She's doing great other than not use to the other cats as she's been a single cat. 

We have thank yous to give! You are appreciated!
Neil M from MO--our dear friend--donation for FFRC
Janet L from NY--donation in honor of little Aileen
Sally H--donation in memory of Putter, Magenta and Suzie and to purchase bird seed for all the cats to enjoy the feeders!
Ron & Cecily R from CT--donation in memory of Putter's birthday
Andrea W from PA--donation to FFRC
Ellen E--sent boxes of greeting cards for a new item in our website store (starting 6/15!). These are awesome cards, each with a picture of one of our FFRC cats on the front and a bit of info on the back about that cat and FFRC.  Very nice!
Peggy K from NH--donation in memory of sweet Magenta
April S--donation in honor of Aileen
Yellow Rose from TX--Sunday visitor--case of Fancy Feast, 4 gallons bleach, small paper plates, candy for volunteers, Clorox wipes and kitty snackers

Thomas wanted me to know he's been seizure-free for 5 weeks now! How wonderful is that!

We ran the concessions for the Dance Recital this weekend. Friday night, Saturday morning & evening and Sunday afternoon.  I want to send a special thanks to those that helped--Becky M, Dawn E, Tabbycat, Lorean, Julie, Jimmy, Bill and Angie, Kelley,  Kathy R and Steve. Very much appreciate all the help. We profited approximately $850!! The dancing was so beautiful and graceful!

The sun is shining, got enough rain yesterday to make everything clean and fresh and the cats are happy! A great Monday is here. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7

If I could purr, I would be!  Little Aileen is napping in my lap. What a sweet baby she is. What she lacks in leg movement, she's making up for it with a big heart. And motor. This little babe sure can purr! We have 3 doctors involved in her care now. 

Today is a special day to me. It is Putter's birth date. Happy birthday, Putter Butter. We so appreciate that he was in with us at FFRC. 

We have a new weekly PetFinder report.  The top 10 cats are: Camvi, Rocky Top, Ming, Merle, Emily, Daisy, Preakness, Kerri Kat, Tabitha, Emma Jo. We had a cat returned to us yesterday. Little Jessie was brought back to us due to severe allergies by her new mama. So, Jessie is here and we will find a new home for her. She zipped right in and started playing right away! 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are our Concession Days for the Dance Recital. I got to see Elizabeth and Unique dance last night at practice--just beautiful! Today we have two concession times, tomorrow afternoon is another. Because of my helping with the Concession tonight, we won't be doing BOXES.

A few dates coming up:
June 8---pre registration begins (can go to our website at If it's not up tomorrow, be patient, it will be the next day! It makes Catathon go smoother if we pre-register before the big day. It's not necessary, but helps. To entice you to pre-register, we have have 3 drawings for those who do. The 3 prizes are a Human-Dew (twin size leggydew type blanket), 2 really neat pawprint tote bags. 
June 14--The new store items will be available to see and purchase thru our store on the website   Any of these items will go out directly after the Catathon, just in case you purchase something else (saves on postage!)
June 14--The preview begins! In our website will be a page to see all the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. There will be a description of each item. By clicking on the pictures, you'll be able to get a close up of the items! 
June 22--Catathon!!!  1:00 to 4:40 ish

Let's talk about contests! In regards to the Precious Litter Contest, we declined to be in this round since we won the last round. Precious Company was very generous in their donation to us--gave us even more than we had anticipated since we're a Rescue! So very kind of them. Now....about other contests. FFRC has been bombarded with requests for us to support different organizations for different contests. save problems, I've decided that FFRC will remain silent and everyone vote for whichever shelter/rescues they personally want to. It's a difficult decision, but I feel pulled in many directions. Hope you all understand. Now, on the next contest that FFRC enters, I hope we have your votes!! 

I enjoy, when sitting at my desk working on things, checking into the chat on the cam. It is a joy to me to see the friendships, the compassion, the love for the cats. It's wonderful how so many people can come together with a central love and get along (almost always--lol) and share the fun of watching the cats. I thank you for this. 

Short blog--busy day. Have a very happy day! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday, June 6

Bam. Rocky Top and Carla Mae just collided. Zoom---there goes Unna running past with Mayumi hot on the trail. Chirp, chirp--Jemima is behind me calling her kittens....and here they come! Love it. Three of them are already rubbing against her. Jingle bells--Dickens is trying to tackle Teva who has the jingle ball. Not sure who is going to win that battle! Here comes Paddy Cake, doing his muffled meow, due to a coil toil in his mouth.  Life is never dull here! 

The health of the cats and kittens is good, for which I'm very thankful. We have routinely been giving the intranasal bordetella vaccine to everyone which we can start at 4 weeks. I do believe it's been a big help to us. 

We had an adoption yesterday. Beautiful Blyss went to her new home. She has a mom and dad already that loves her. She's going to be well loved.

We had BOXES last night. The cats and I are very grateful!
Laura H/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
Lois & Cogo--bag of 500 crocheted mice!  awesome
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--3 cat dancer toys, krinkle tunnel, Tea Pot with infuser and a 6 variety of Chinese Tea
Beth/Eaglewatcher--4 cases Arnold Palmer Tea and 10 boxes of 1 ml syringes with needles (such a huge help!)
Justme/Kathy K--card with a donation for Feliz Navidad fund and a wonderful note about Magenta
Cheryl L from WA--picture of her doggies Mandy and Serenity, box tops and pop tabs. For kitties--snackers, lots of toys, balls, coils. For Jacci--PB and chocolate candy, lilac/milk bath bars, blue peace rock, office angel   For Catathon--lots of great items for individual baskets: baby items, cat pin, book of encouragement, DVDs, shower gel, calculators, kitty necklace, stickers, great books!
Gusti--donation in memory of Ernest for the Feliz Navidad Fund and in honor of Cliff's birthday for a treat for him and friends!
Faith M from MD--$11 donation in honor of upcoming 11 million views on ustream!
PSW--donation to help with Catathon miscellaneous expenses!

Let's have an Aileen talk. I would like you all to know a fuller story about Aileen. Things are a little worrisome. She has the bite wound which is healing nicely and is almost completely healed. Unfortunately, that tooth bite couldn't have bit a worse place. It appears to be directly between 2 vertebrae which means the nerve was hit. She also appears to have been shaken which has caused much damage, probably a very near complete tear of the nerve. So...while she's on antibiotics, steroids, laser treatments and Dr. Bill helping, I'm concerned. Our vets are involved. X-rays are not going to make a difference in the treatment or prognosis. It breaks my heart to think one second she was great and running and in a split second by a bite and shake, she's paralyzed. Yes, she can survive like this. But, here's the other worry. As time is going by, she seems to be losing the anal sphincter muscle tone. Not a good thing. We need more time to see what happens. Aileen is no longer wanting to stay in the back full time. She enjoys her fun times in the Main Area, so fun times she shall have. So, we shall be positive, we will love her and play with her and so much enjoy this sweetie.

We have another birthday today. Cliff is now 6 years old. He arrived here when he was just 1 year old. He is the only cat that we have ever had with a cleft palate.  Cliff is a Porchie.

We have the door open now to Dodger's Pen. If Brandywine would like to come out, she may. So far, she's chosen to stay put, with the kittens. But, I've noticed her looking out today. Her little black/white crew are so sweet. They're so little but bouncy! 

Karula seems to be stable. She enjoys her head rubs and pets. Suzie our oldest oldster spends much time sleeping. She enjoys eating! Today is a fun day--the Running of the Covies. It's so nice to see them zip out of their Cove. They explore everywhere on the farmyard. 

Have a great day. Won't be long until we start showing the Catathon baskets!  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, May 5

Happy Birthday to Kiara! She is 7 years old today. She arrived when she was just 7 weeks old and after having been adopted by 3 different families, it was decided that she had a permanent home here at FFRC. She's a dear and loves the nice warm laundry! And being petted and fussed over. Happy Birthday, Kiara!

I would like to tend to our Thank Yous first, since I have 2 BOXES time to do. THe support you all show is so wonderful and humbling to me. This Rescue Center is always grateful for this help.
Michelle/KittyCanada and Justen and KC kitties--3 Pitter Pats snackers, kitty snackers, 7 beautiful porcelain kitties of all colors, 3 metal kittie posts for the FFRC's rock gardens!
Catherine/Cathy S--4 beautiful crocheted kitty mats
Cita from the Netherlands--2 sets of goodies for Steve and Jacci (waffles, syrup, cheese) and 7 different types of cheeses for the Catathon. This is the really good cheese!! Thanks, Cita.  Also a goody bag with Netherland's candies.
Vixanna/Bagobewar--4 wonderful quilts, 2 of which are Signature Quilts from our FFRCNation. The other 2 are quilts made with material donated by our webfriends.  These are stunningly beautiful. One is in tribute to Putter and also has Cgcry's square on it. These will be in the Catathon!
Herta B--for the Catathon: a signed framed print by Drew Strouble of White Kitty on the beach (looks alot like Farrah!)
Joco/JoAnn from MN--a wonderful Volume 2 Conversations of FFRC kitties. This will be available soon in the new items in our store.  Very nice
Mary Ellen M--Crochet Dudes which are stitch markers, to be given to our crochet friends!
Pat B, our volunteer and Photographer Extradordinaire!--canon Power Shot w/SD card and the cam is purple--this is for the Catathon!
Arden & Charmaine--4 big bags of Precious cat litter, big bag of Purina One Chicken and Rice dry cat food
DeWitty--card with note and donation
Jack & Alice/Mimi in Florida--note with donation for a name in memory of their kitty Bear Bear
SiberianSparkleCat--a beautiful Eagle and Eaglets Table with a nice glass top (tempered)
Catherine H--counter/step stool with 2 pullout steps!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--book: Purrs of Wisdom
Diane/Ruffles29--card, box tops for Caryn and a donation in memory of Putter & Magenta
Ann B from CT--card in memory Magenta
Phyllis B/kittiesmom & Emmie B--card for Pania with lots of milk rings!
Joni R--our visitor and friend--JEP Tiles--awesome coasters/tiles made with FFRC cats!, glass candles with FFRC cats on the outside.  Also 3 storage units with sitting pads on them.  And yummy strawberry cake! Joni--you do awesome work. Thanks for caring.

We have PayPals to say thanks for too!
Carol N--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Mary Elizabeth from AAZ--donation to FFRC, to use as needed
Arden & Charmaine--donation to help with little Postal
Pat & Ellen--PayPal from their Ebay/Amazon sales and Farrah's sponsorship
Janet M--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Konnar W from NY--donation in honor of Sophie Marie winning the contest!

Because I missed the Blog on Tuesday, I have thanks yet to give from Monday's BOXES!
Nancy L/Luv4cats from WI--coupons, seal/send notes, ornament kit, a great sign, honey items for the Wisconsin Basket, blue reindeer, coil toys, kitty city book mark, feed bag for Caity.
Dawn G/squirrelmama--Book, "Arrayed like never before" which has her cats picture on inside back cover, feathers from her Blue/Gold Macaw for the cats to play with, purple pen
Arden & Charmaine--case of Fancy Feast Kitten, bag of Purina One Kitten
Dawn, our volunteer--an inflatable picnic buffet and 3 large covers for food (for picnics, etc)
Gallant and Family--nice letter, 5 cute catnip donuts, book, and a kitty face shaped watch.  Hugs to Gallant!
Dewitty--3 beautiful plum and charcoal gray bath towels, 3 hand towels and 2 plum rugs--so pretty!
Laura/Medic 101 and mom Belinda--2 day visitors: Pet Supply gift card
Autumn kitty and Anna--3 long blankies for baths, with hand pockets for Dog Basket
Anonymous Friend--6 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten can
Betty W from VA--card and donation to be used where needed, in memory of Magenta & Putter
Vinnie T and family from OH--card in memory of Magenta, asked for wild flowers put on Magenta's grave--consider it done!
Majorie T from NY--lots and lots of Paw Point Rewards!
Sherri & Sophie Marie--donation in honor of Sophie's win in the Hot in Cleveland photo contest!
Zelda Belda Moss and friend--big box of sardines and clams

We had a first this morning--the Great Escape.  Never ever want that to happen again. Steve was by my desk looking outside and asked who the cat was that was rolling on the sidewalk. I looked and thought someone dropped off a black cat. On second look, I realized it was ASHA.  Yes, Asha. I ran out--there she was playing with a leaf. When I looked around, there were probably a dozen cats and kittens bouncing all over. The kittens were having fun chasing each other in Albert's Garden. Upon looking, I realized the screen had come completely off of a Kitty Kabana window. My heart sank. Sarah came right out and we started gathering up cats. Steve got the screen securely back in place. Purrzer was playing in the Iris flowers. Whisk was comfortable in the dog's house. Poor Farrah was literally bouncing off the screens trying to get back in. Cozarelii was leaping like a deer, heading back to get thru the window. Oh my--gave me at least 20 grey hairs on this adventure. All is well. Screens are all fixed now and will NOT come out again. 

What a morning! One of our volunteers, Michelle got locked inside Cat's Cove by her daughter Sarah! I just watched Ming who was scratching his neck--over he fell. He looked at me like he meant to do that. Sounds like an interesting day a coming here! 

Our new little kitten Aileen is a sweetie. She's visited the Main Area a couple times. I'm a bit disappointed that more feeling hasn't returned to her lower legs. Our prime window of opportunity of healing is fading fast. She's happy, is eating and moves along quite well. She's like Seymour. We just have to make sure she continues to be able to potty by herself. Her purr is huge!

We also took on another kitten yesterday afternoon. A little black/white girl, about 11 weeks old. Unfortunately, some children were mistreating her yesterday. A man witnessed it, told the children to leave the kitten alone but they continued. So, he took the kitten to Goin' Postal. Our volunteer Megan was there and took the kitten in and brought her to FFRC.  She is fine, just was scared. Her name is Postal. I've been asked how I deal with abuse. We see far too much that isn't always visible to the cam.  Sure, I have an initial "mad" feeling. Then I feel sorry for the "happening" of it--and sorry for the someone(s) that causes the "happening".  Then I focus on what really counts--the living, the kittens, the cats and continue to teach compassion for animals. We can never fix all the problems but we can continue to show what compassion is. Maybe it'll catch on, more and more! Postal will know 100% love and care now. 

And yes, Steve and I had a very nice time off.  Short, went fast, but relaxing and enjoyable! And it's always nice to get back home!  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, June 2

What a great day! Kittens are nutty--just the way I like them! Cats have been very affectionate this morning. Suzie is wandering around, just checking things out. Jersey is sleeping beside me! Zelda on my desk. Paddy Purr is checking out the birds already out the window. I do think he might have a little drool going on! Camvie seems to be everywhere. Camvie is such a hoot. She so loves those dogs. She now follows them from their room to their outside kennel. I swear she'd go right outside with them!

We had 3 adoptions yesterday. A wonderful day. Jessie left first. Her new mama works during the day, but her new Auntie will be visiting her daily for company! I have a feeling she will be well spoiled.  Then Mayumi left. She went to a family with another cat. Another happy adoption.  Then Wrigley's new family came. As you know, he is the first CH cat we've adopted out. Wrigley is very mild CH and such a love. They have been visiting him frequently before his official adoption so he already knows them!  More adoptions coming up now that the spays and neuters are current.

Our sweet Brandywine, the mama to the 5 black/white kittens, appears to be doing better. What a tough road she's been down. She sleeps alot. I do believe her very sore back is better. And yesterday evening she started showing a good appetite! Her youngsters are so sweet. Now that they are getting nutrition, they don't appear to be nearly so thin. And they have energy! They're playing, tackling each other, biting tails! Just good kitty fun! 

We have some thanks to give!
Gusti--a birthday present for Cita and Schinn (both are mods for our chat). They each get to give a name for future cats! Also a donation for Suzie and Karula, our oldsters. 
Shannan W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Joyce D--provided pizza for us on our surgery day. It was absolutely delicious!

We got another report from Amazon. It was good. We had $451.56 given to FFRC to reflect orders that were done thru Amazom. I thank you for this!

Oh my goodness--we have legs! Yes, it's true. We finally saw the babies of Smallisha stand on their legs! We thought they would never get up.  They are so contented to be fed and groomed by their mama. I just checked on them---they're back to sleeping. Maybe tomorrow they will rise again! They know how to purr.

Steve and I will be gone on Tuesday and Wednesday. We're gonna get out of Dodge!  That is, we're going to take the Dodge truck and head out of town!  We'll be back early evening on Weds.  Connie will be doing breakfast that morning, the volunteers are all set, papers made up, notes made and a talking to the cats and kittens to be on their very best behavior. I'm not sure how well they'll listen though!

There's a possibility that a friend of Steve's and mine will take Oriah for a little--as a foster cat. As you probably remember, she is on a specific diet. She loves her special food but she also loves ALL food. Unfortunately, it gives her diarrhea and caused her to lose a tiny bit of weight. We need to help her get back on her good diet all the way. She is so wonderful and has a heart that loves everyone--especially legs. Oh my--she loves to rub on legs. 

We will have BOXES this evening.  Let's do 5:30 so I can finish up a bit early for Tuesday! Have a wonderful day. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1

Happy Birthday to our Seymour (and to Schinn and Cita). Seymour arrived here on 1/17/14 from BENCH--Blue Earth Nicollet Humane Society in MN. He was only 6 months old and is now a year. He arrived with his mama who has been adopted. We love our Seymour boy! 

Happy June, which is Adopt-A-Shelter (Rescue)-Cat Month. Adopt a shelter/rescue cat! If you can't, you can still help. Put on your facebook page to check out rescues/shelters for a potential adoption. Contact your local shelter/rescue and ask if you can help. Share an adoptable cat on your blog. Sign up to foster kittens. Donate to your local shelter/rescue in honor of Adopt-a-Shelter/Rescue-Cat Month. Pass on an understanding of the importance of pet adoption to the next generation and also the importance of spaying/neutering your pets. 

Please, if you could and you don't use them yourselves, we would love to have you send the weight circle from Purina products to us. Thank you. 

We had BOXES on Friday night. My thanks given to you.
Loretta B from NY--a note and pop tabs for Kellen
Betz--for Catathon: iWorld Sound Capsule speaker
Aunty Fi--for the Catathon: A rainbow plaque: we will meet at the rainbow bridge and a pet frame with Meet you at the bridge
Schinn (she and Vaun are our visitors this week!)--card for Amy, kitty snackers, Fancy Feast, big spring toys, ring reinforcements and coupons
Autumn and mama Anna--for Catathon--3 pawprint snacker containers, various sizes, lots of great dog snackers, paw sticker, pet alert sticker for window
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--case of 24 paper towels specifically for Tabitha!
Halos mom and dad/Peggy & Bernie from NY--card with donation, Reeses minis from Halo, lg jug of Maple Syrup (yum!), rocks for garden from Lake Champlain (already on rock garden/in memory of Paul, Putter and Magenta), stationary cards/envelopes/kitty note cards, kitty chalkboard, Books!, puzzle of kitties among the peonies, Welcome bird hanger (is hanging up at our entrance!), shirt This is my happy face with Grumpy Cat
Joy and Don from NY--card and donation to be used as needed
Sandra T from OH--donation
Neuromom/Sherri and David from NY--card for Magenta and a donation in memory of Magenta from David
Jennifer/jacksmom--donation in memory of Putter, Magenta and Riika. 
Deb--a donation in memory of Riika and in honor of her dear sister Melanie
Lynda S from MN--donation in memory of Magenta

Special thanks to Kathy R. Kathy made a wonderful gift of Magenta's stool. She painted the top of it. It has now received a few coats of protective paint so it's ready to come back to the Rescue Center. It's perfect and will always be Magenta's Stool. Thank you, Kathy. 

Yesterday was our surgery day. Wow--what a very long day. I give big thanks to all involved that helped us: Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette, Sue, Dr. Darcy's daughter, Schinn, Vaun and Beth.  Many hands help make a productive day. We did 12 spays and 9 neuters. Dr. Darcy did 9 physicals for a volunteer's cats. She also did physicals for some of our FFRC cats. 
Freemont, Kerri Kat, Navi, Ratchet, Whisk, Oriah, Preakness and Kizzie -- physicals all were good 
Luigie--yes, he probably has a fractured pelvis or femoral head fracture. X-rays are not needed. Treatment is the same--let him do as he wants now that he's had a bit of R/R. It will heal just fine.
Walter--our sweet boy has been going thru a few problems lately and also circling. This is something that "is within himself". We now have him on meds to see if we can help "straighten him out"! A sweet boy.
Brandywine--mama to the 5 little kittens.  Appears to have had a blunt force injury to her spinal cord. There's no nerve damage, she can walk, anal area is good, no numbness, so no x-rays are required but does display response to pain. So, she is on two kinds of soreness meds and also an antibiotic for her anemia. Her kittens are doing great--we are syringe feeding them 5-6 times a day, but she is cuddling them now.
Alma--poor baby, she has a bite wound abscess on her neck and chin. I had drained these abscesses several times, but it was decided we need to lance these "spots" and leave drainage holes. So, Dr. Darcy advised me to sedate her and  lance this. She is also on an antibiotic and soreness meds. Feeling much better today and is eating again. This is only our 3rd bite wound in all these years. A real wonderful sport!
Karula--all I can say is she is old! We have had a difficult time determining her age. Bottom line---it doesn't matter. She is showing signs of decline. So, we will love her, dote on her and feed her whatever she wants and be thankful she is here. 

Dr. Darcy also examined Nobbin, a new cat. He arrived on Friday, a probable victim of a cat bite injury and we suspect was caught in an engine. His bite wound is shaved and is on antibiotics for this. He also has multiple contusions and lacerations from the car. These are very sore, so he is also on a soreness med. He looks pretty scraggly right now, but we can help with that. He's a long hair gold/white sweet, purring boy. His left eye is non-functioning and is perforated. We will schedule this eye removal at some point. He is 10 months old and weighs only 4.12.  Very very thin, but has a good appetite--just didn't have food to beef him up. We can help with that too. He's an easy boy to love!

Our bit of sad news now. We lost our sweet Riika after her surgery and while she was in recovery. Such a sadness this caused. I dread when this happens. First, the loss of a wonderful kitten, but also the hard part is knowing it was out of our control. This was a true medicine reaction. We have a wonderful monitor during surgery and all vital signs were normal. Physical was normal. A typical reaction to this particular drug is pulmonary edema. It took her very quickly. We tried to resuscitate but was unable to. Now, the question is: why? And how can we prevent it. The why--good question. We feel very strongly it was this drug reaction. What can we do? We will continue to monitor closely all of our surgeries. We have people hold them after surgery to monitor them. We watch for breathing, warmth, how they are reacting. We give good post-op care. Someone asked if we were to have waited till she was bigger, would that change? The answer is still no. The reason is that no matter what size she would be, the reaction would still be there. She was one of those rare rare ones that her body didn't like that drug.  It also reinforces--never take for granted the medicines we use. I am extremely respectful of the meds that we use here. It's been said--Never ever get nonchalant about meds--they have a purpose and can be extremely helpful but they can have potential problems too. Always use caution.  We will miss our Riika. May she be a reminder that all pets need to be cherished while they are here.

People ask me--isn't it just too hard to lose cats? It's not "too hard", but it's terribly difficult. I mourn for each loss. It hurts. And then to have to tell volunteers and our FFRCNation is terribly hard. But, the other side of this is to not have had them here, to have never known them. So, I'll take them, love them and cherish them while here. I am sad when we lose them but ready to carry on to the next ones that need help. Remember--this is a Rescue. We work with large volumes of cats. Death will happen. I ask people, don't keep track of how many have passed. Keep track of the living, the adoptions, the cats and kittens that are here. They are the ones that need us now. I thank you all for the love you feel for our FFRC cats. will continue. . Let's keep focused on what we can do, not about what we can't change. Go hug your pet today--brush them, kiss them, hug them, give extra snackers and love them.