Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31

We are now hooked up to CAUSES--it's an exciting place for people to take action around an issue that you may care about. Check it out at:

Remember, something neat is being offered to us for the month of April! More info tomorrow! I'll keep you posted.

Starting the week of 4/16, the World's Best Cat Litter and their GiveLitter program, will launch another program. They tell us we were among the top nominees for the January promotion! In addition they will provide 25 adoption kits for new pet owners to us! More also on this later.

Wow--we have had lots of public visitors and camviewer visitors these last few days. There were 6 of us who went to lunch together Friday, which was very nice! As of today, all of these friends are either going back to their homes or have already made it home. What fun we've had and the cats have thoroughly enjoyed all the attention.
Our webcam viewers that were here for visiting also helped do some work for us (helped with kitty bathing time, paper punched and put reinforcers on holes of health records, put together 20 more adoption bags to name just a few things they helped with!). Webcam visitors were: Laurie/felinetoyz, Deb/deb11111, Michlynn and Ad861/Ann.

Purresa and kits are wonderful--she's a very contented mama and doesn't mind us showing her babies to the webcam now and then. The Wee3 and Fab4 are wonderful, silly and fun! They are out of their room several times a day--now they're playing more with each other. We have the big red shoe in their room and they LOVE it! Climbing all over it and sleeping inside it.

We took in a new cat yesterday. He apparently had been in a yard for 3 days. He's a handsome medium hair black/white, about 9-10 months old, already neutered. A real sweetie. He's in Thumper's Room for yet a couple more days. His name is Maximilian. He loves to be petted and have his ears rubbed.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for this help to the Rescue Center.
Michelle L/crittercat--7 various sizes of stainless steel bowls. For the catathon: scallion kitty look-a-like pin, chubby kitty pin and a dangly tail key chain
Javajoe96 & hellokittyconnie--Cadbury Flake bars for the volunteers
Terri E/maddysnana--a beautiful card and note
Mudjie in TX--an Easter card (looks just like Putter) & 5 PawPoint coupons
Jodie/aslanim12 & Yokie/hediye2 in Turkey--a BD card
CMP in CA--coupons
Karen/electicKatz in NY--coupons and information on GIving Works program
Michlynn--made 3 lovely fairy doors for the Catathon. She also brought treas for the volunteers, fancy Feast appetizers, towels, pillowcases, washcloths
Deb11111--cat can food, stamps, litter and Paw Points
Ann/AD861--a really cool Action figure that portrays a Crazy Cat Lady!
Virginia K from IL--a donation thru PayPal
Kevin from MI--a donation thru PayPal, in remembrance of Twinkle. He is giving up smoking and this represents his smoking money!

We also showed on cam, a picture of Puff, who is Betz's cat. Puff is 19 years old. Amazing and such a beauty!

Thanks to these volunteers yesterday: Judy S, Stacey, Sigrid, Connie D, Jean, Paul and Linda. You are all super! Angel Kisses is learning to climb, and she's doing a fine job of it! She's putting more weight on that rear foot and keeping the knuckles in place better. Her hip also isn't as wobbly as it was! She's making progress! Yesterday, Putter was again way at the top of the yellow tower, sleeping on the big bed up there. It's amazing that he can do this. He always seems so proud.
Sweet Boomer

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday, Marach 30

Wow! Thanks to YOUR votes, we won this achievement!
And the winner is:

Readers Choice Awards Winners: Cats Categories

The kitties are all doing great. The Purr5 group is absolutely cute! They're growing already, their ears are tilted up a bit today and talk about eating. Wow--their appetites are never ending. Purresa is eating good herself and is such a happy mama. She has a big job ahead of her, raising her babies.

The Wee3 and Fab4 groups are also doing good. They get out of their room 3-4 times a day to cruise about. It's so cute--when they're tired, they like to climb up on top of the tiger bed and fall asleep together. So sweet.

Our volunteers yesterday were: Donna (she had surgery and is back part time only), Laurie/felinetoyz, Stacey, Judy S, Peggy S, Pat, Lisa, Paul and Josh. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night!
Bantryhill from MA--items for either Kitty Kastle or the Catathon: purple cat trash can, a meowy Easter cat, kitty black/white salt & pepper shakes, cat ice cube trays, cat cookie cutters, a black/white cat scrub brush, Reese's Pieces and kitty measuring cups
Anonymous Club--lots of different treats for the volunteers! Teas, coffee, Crystal Light packs, a card with "Pizza Dough" for a volunteer pipzza party, 2 lbs of Truffles, olive garlic oil for Steve, and lots of different flavored pistachio nuts and a canvas bag from the Santa Barbara Pistachio Company that had dark chocolate with blueberry and pomegranate flavors
Javajoe96 & hellokittyconnie--BD card with Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (pack of 4) and pictures of their 2 cats, Hatchan & Bella
Missy MJJ, TemyKitty12 & Kristy-Marie--card colored by 4 yr old Kristy-Marie (rainbow kitty), and a cute Red Shoe Cat Playhouse
Belinda/Ddawn30 & Scott F--a BD card, coupon for apple cider and an ornament from Fancy Feast that can be engraved
PatL from Kansas--lots of coupons

We have a really neat opportunity from an organization that will happen for the month of April! Will give you all the details on 4/1!

Have heard from MIKE CHAMBERLIN, who will be doing our concert on September 22. All is a go! Very excited about this. Here is his website: I think you all will find him quite fun and entertaining.

I've heard from Izzy's owners again--all is fine. Rizzo, who was returned on Wednesday, is doing great--she fit right back in here at the Rescue Center. Such a beauty. Rory is showing signs that he really really wants to be back outside. Remember, he was an outdoor boy when he was brought here. Sometimes it's difficult to convince them that life indoors is the best. We're working on him! He's such a fun boy.
Grominque with her beautiful sleepy eyes.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday, March 29

Purresa is a wonderful mama. She has 5 healthy, beautiful babies. We did have another kitty, but it was already gone at birth. The other 5 are doing great. Yesterday, as the hours went by, it was interesting to see their tummies fill up with milk! Purresa is doing good and taking great care of her kitties. We have 2 brown tigers, 2 brown tiger with white and 1 black and white (with the cutest face markings!).

The Wee 3 litter and the Fab 4 litter are doing great. They are all self-feeders now and all bellies are full. Their energy level is increasing. It's so fun to watch them play. Sometimes they will be playing and all of a sudden, they fall right asleep! They've all been tested once, wormed twice and are scheduled for their vaccines soon.
They spend their nights in June's Room and most of the day time still. But, 3-4 times a day, we open their door and let them come out to investigate.

I want to thank all of our volunteers for what they do for FFRC. Without them, this rescue center would not be possible. Some people give time, some give money, some their skills and connections, some their sweat and tears. It's clear that these volunteers give with their hearts. I thank each and every one of them. Yesterday's volunteers were Gregg, Stacey, Judy S, Laurie/Felinetoyz (visitor from Seattle), Mary E, Pam, Jimmie & daughter and Sigrid. Sigrid has been coming in the evenings to help with BOX time. She zaps open the envelopes and box tops which helps me immensely time-wise! Then she stays and helps put things away.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
TippyNTraylor & oldster Ashely--3 Tuxie cats (to tuck in the SnuggleSafe Warmers), sardines, name tags, treats for the volunteers. For the catathon: nice kitty container, 2 welcome flags, 2 Meow picture frames
AnnetteB from NC--1 case BabyCat dry by Royal Canin
Sharon T from CA--For Octavia & friends: 1 case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous--For Cutie & Friends: 3 Yeowww! Heart shaped catnip toys, 3 Yeowww! sardine catnip toys, bonito flakes & Fancy Feast Tuna
Newfiedogmom--1 bag of Baby Cat Dry by Royal Canin, 3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, 1 case of Fancy Feast Kitten, 1 case of Friskies Gravy
Our "B" friends from Lakewood, OH--coupons
Anonymous--2 cases of T-plastic bags to help with litter scooping (yeah--no holey bags!) & baskets to help carry things to Kitty City, Cat's Cove!
Pucky & Tanner who came here to visit--q-tips, paper plates, volunteer treats/snacks, sponges, Post-Its, Dawn liquid soap, trash bags & toys
Hencass/CaSandra from IL--a donation thru PayPal

The construction guys have been here Tuesday & Wednesday to "mud" the walls in Kitty Kastle. That will be done soon, then we can start painting. The old linoleum in the bathroom will be removed today to get the bathroom floor ready for the new linoleum.

Shimma is doing good--she seems to be enjoying herself. We had a cat returned yesterday. Her name is Rizzo. She was here as a new tiny baby. Her mama is Ernestine, who we still have. Rizzo was returned due to the poor health of her human mama. She is doing great and certainly remembered the rescue center. She is already out and about. She's the kitty that looks like she has Abyssinian in her breeding--her has "ticking" marks. Very beautiful.

Badu loves to sniff the 7 kittens after their baths. She usually is on the yellow table at that time, and expects to sniff each one after they are towel dried. I love to see her do this! We are currently treating Emaline again for sores on her face. They don't seem to bother her, but we'd like to see it cleared up again. Hettie has an official hold on her and will be adopted about the 3rd week of April.

Jaina certainly knows all the comfortable positions!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weds., March 28

We have newborn kitties and it's not over yet! Steve had checked on Purresa the last 2 nights until 2:00 am, every hour. This night, he came to bed at 2:00 and said no kitties. I got a call at 4:10, saying little squeaks could be heard. Sure enough, 3 had been born already.....but she delivered them in the litterbox. You can imagine--wet babies--litter box--what a mess. So, those three had a quick, but thorough bath to get them clean. They weren't very lively and the placentas were still attached, probably because it would've been hard to clean them with all the litter goo.But, all is fine now, they are actually nursing, and Purresa has had 1 additional baby--making 4 so far. Time will tell what our final count will be. She is a relaxed mama--even let me brush/comb all the wet litter off of her. Babies and mama are now all on fluffy clean towels.

We had a PayPal donation from Joseph W. of MO. Thank you Joseph. He says that instead of counting sheep, it's much better to count kitties before bedtime!

Please remember to spay/neuter your pet. OR take an unowned outside cat to the vet for the "FIX" job! It's so important and the best way to control pet overpopulation. If you figure an unspayed female, her mate and all of their offspring were to produce 2 litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter, in 5 years could total 11,801 cats. Now, consider if that initial female and male were neutered/spayed. What a HUGE difference that would make.

I got a phone call late evening yesterday and Izzy is doing well. She loves napping on the couch and the bed. Karrdash is again all stretched out on my desk. This is something he did when he was here before also. I truly believe that cats have good memories.

Be extra cautious with fleas this year. Don't give them a chance to invade your pets or home. Because of the very warm winter we had this year, it's predicted that the flea population will escalate. Please, don't let those nasty bugs get on your pet. Treat them monthly with Frontline or Advantage or another product that your vet may carry. For every 5 fleas you see on your pet, there is 95 IN YOUR HOME. Cats and dogs cannot get rid of the fleas by themselves. They need your help.
Queenie, watching the birdfeeders out the window.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 27

We took in a new cat from a friend that became involved in her story. Jane is the rescuer. She's also the same person that brought in Angel Kisses. Jane does dog rescue and occasionally receives calls on cats that need help. This cat is a young adult, torti, about a year old. She apparently was bumped by a car last Tuesday. On Weds., Jane took her to a vet office. On Saturday, Jane called and asked if we would take her. They did the triple test (heartworm, FIV & leukemia) which was negative. This is a super sweet girl. Her hip injury seems very minimal and appears to be healing quite nicely. We had a webcam friend ask if we could name a torti Shimmer, but since we already used that name, we will name her Shimma. Because Shimma has been in quarantine already at the vet's office, we will be bringing her inside the main area today. We will probably put her in Patience's Pen so she can acclimate to all the hub-bub.

The baby kitties are officially eating all on their own now without a problem (other than swimming in the food dish!). Daily baths are still required. Self grooming and playtime is increasing. All is well with them.

Asha is such a love. She so enjoys the attention of all the visitors. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr both are super Cat-Go-Round wheel experts, although Cake is the best. They can make that wheel spin! Derby and Rory are such good play friends-they love to wrestle and run together.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
Tippy & Tralor--Card (also from Ashley, the oldster cat), a stained glass kitty night light and a decorative pillow--both for Kitty Kastle. The 2nd box had a huge assortment of office supplies, treats for the volunteers, doggie toys, plastic bags, baby bath tub, porcelain kitty, 9-Lives can food and 3 packages of Pet Nursers.
Jatcat from CA--2 Snuggle Safe Cat Warmers--we are discarding the ones we received in 2008 (they are becoming unsafe to use)
Judy M--sent from Walmart Photo--a beautiful sun catcher with Twinkle's picture etched in it, in memory of her. We will hang this in the rescue center
Sevren--a huge 40 pound box of Super Scoop kitty litter
Mrsmo33--she was commissioned by Badu, Zelda, Bella, Asha, Ada Jane, Cutie, Farrah & Magentta to send a beautiful bouquet of roses and calla lillies!
Mayumi from Japan--hair bands for kitty toys, 2 packs of Post Its, note for Jacci, letter cuter/opener, a wonderful card &
a really neat shoulder bag to carry needed supplies and a gift for Judy S.
Blue Wolf--pop tabs for Kellen and 3 paw points from Fresh Step Litter
Anonymous from CA--a beautiful card with a poem for Twinkle, a keepsake
A friend in TX--coupons for the volunteers and the rescue center
Hainesport & Pookie--a card to the kitties and a donation for FFRC, including pics of both Hainesport & Pookie
Tammy V/NYcatlover--BD card
Mimi & Buddy cat from FL--Hoops & Yoyo BD card
Colleen P from CA--BD card
DarkCat from CA--BD card
Sharon T from CA--a note and a donation for FFRC
Margreet/Cita47 from Netherlands--BD card from Putter and Cita!
Connie S & kitties Ebony, Bamboo & Willow from MN--a musical BD card and a donation
Cantoncat from MA--donation thru PayPal
Selkie--one of my Meezer friends from Nova Scotia--donation thru PayPal for the storage room, in honor of his 13th birthday today! (his sister is Blue, his mama is Lucinda H)

We had an adoption already this morning! Our sweet Baby Izzy was adopted to a 2-person family. They have another mild mannered cat that should readily accept Izzy. In the past they had a dog that had his teeth brushed, so they are familiar with brushing a pet's teeth, so that will be good for Izzy. They're vet references were wonderful. A good home for Izzy.

Karrdash is doing awesome. He's here in the office playing with a yeowww catnip banana. Macallan is acting like he'd like to join in the fun! Ernestine is now the desk top sprawler today! There's been a chipmunk out the window that Derby has spotted--he's SURE that he'll be able to catch him!

Our sweet Izzy that was adopted this morning!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, March 26

We've made it--over 48 hours of not handfeeding the baby kittens! What a great thing. All 7 of them are doing good, have round tummies and are getting stronger. They require a daily bath (could really use 2!) and still are messy eaters, but that too will pass. It's so cute to see them playing. Boku went up to Putter and sniffed him. Putters response was a quick turn around and left the scene! They also love to play with Bella's tail. Bella doesn't leave but keeps flashing it which creates an even more fun toy. Oh, the fun of having kittens.

The phone calls are already increasing with many calls of pregnant feral cats. At this time of year and for the next 8 months, I BEG people, please trap, neuter and release. If everyone could take 1 cat in to get spayed/neutered, it would drastically reduce the cat overpopulation problem. The kitties that are being born in March and April have the possibility of having babies themselves yet this year.

On March 30th, the 2012 Reader's Choice Award Winners will be announced. Hopefully, we have won the distinction of being chosen for the Best Non-Profit Cats-Only Organization. The site is: There is no "prize" award, but being selected for this honor would be awesome!

We have a few PayPal acknowledgements to make:
Marie F from KY--Paypal donation
Lisa H from MA--Paypal donation--a birthday gift for their Dad, Max H. He lives in Maine, loves cats and watches the webcam every day!
Gitte from Denmark--paypal donation in memory of sweet & gentle Twinkle
Thank you for your support to FFRC. Every donation is used wisely. Many donations are earmarked for a specific purpose, which is always honored.

Rory has turned out to be such a love. He will come to us now for his many belly rubs. Purresa is still hanging in with us--no babies yet. Macallan was all curled up in the donut bed this morning, looking so cute.

Flare is tolerating the other cats so much better. He hasn't returned to "his pen" for security for 2 days. He loves laying on a cushy under Patience's Pen. Pansy Mae absolutely loves watching the birds outside. She's very good at making chirping sounds. Did you know that Badu loves to nurse on blankies? Everyday, as the laundry starts coming out of the dryer, she loves to be on top of the heap of warm laundry. There's a particular brown fuzzy blankie that she "slurps" on, complete with eyes closed in enjoyment! Love to see this.

The construction guys will be back today to continue the work on the shower in Kitty Kastle. When that is complete, they will start the Storage Room. We are all already anticipating the fun of organizing everything!

Jaina is doing great. She plays hard, runs and thoroughly enjoys her life. We have someone possibly interested in adopting her, but I prefer we wait a little longer for one more x-ray before we adopt her out. This potential adoptor is aware of Jaina's heart problem. Wouldn't that be wonderful if Jaina could get her own home?!

We also have a person that will be visiting soon; very interested in a short hair female, and loves black & white cats. That could possibly be Zelda or Izzy. Either cat would be lucky to go into this particular home.

Important date coming up: April 9. This will be the start of the second round of voting for The Animal Rescue Site. We will not be eligible to win the Ohio top place, since we won that last quarter, but we CAN win the all-around top #1 place, which would be a $5,000 award! We want to be able to start STRONG in this second quarter of voting. Please mark your calendars and let your e-mail friends know too. Thank you!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday, March 25

What a busy day we had yesterday! Lots of visitors and volunteers here to meet the visitors! We had Sillysticks and her hubby Derrick, Felinetoyz/Laura, Joni/catlady & friend Mike, Edna/Gem & her friend John, Gem's mom, and volunteers that stopped in to meet them. We love having webcam viewers visit! This week Feline will be visiting on Tuesday, Weds. and Friday. On Tuesday, we will also have other visitors--Tanner & Pucky from Illinois.

We opened boxes and bags from our visitors in the afternoon.
Sillysticks & Derrick brought KMR, Canin Royal baby dry food, Fancy Feast kitten dry, tabs for Kellen, baby food and a beautiful tiara for Bella
Felinetoyz/Laurie brought a beautiful painting of Queen Bella on slate. This was made by the same artist that did Sheriff Putter. We will also have this slate framed. It's beautiful.
CatLady brought us yummies--a wonderful dip/crackers, peanut butter cheese cake and 2 pecan pies (1 for Gregg)--we all shared these wonderful desserts. She also brought can food, a Detroit blankie for Steve, 6 big thick towels, candle Sensory, and a banner that says Happy Is a Home that Shelters a Friend!

I've heard that Octavia made a grand heist last night. We accidently left the food cabinet in Kitty Campus room unlatched. Octavia went to town and took full advantage. She brought her goods right out in the middle of the floor, in full view of the cam. What a girl--she's perfecting her act.

The 7 kitties are doing great. It's been 36 hours since I last bottle fed them. They are doing real good eating on their own---messy but happy! Bella is in heaven at the moment. Her big red marshmallow bed was washed today. When it came out of the dryer, all warm, she climbed right into the middle of it and hasn't left it yet. Angel Kisses was held a lot yesterday, which she loves. Tomorrow the construction guys should be back to continue the work on the shower.

Angel Kisses
Angel Kisses doing what she does best--stretching all sprawled out! We love to rub her tummy.

Saturday, March 24

Yesterday was grooming day for our 4 very long haired cats here at the rescue center. Putter, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr and Badu (yes, even Badu) received extra brushing, had their toenails trimmed, their bottoms, tummies and under the front arms shaved. This will help us, and more importantly, help the cats, as none of these 4 really enjoy belly grooming. Putter is the most tolerant. The Paddys amaze me though--they've been groomed daily since they were 6 weeks old, but they sure put up a howl. Badu of course wasn't happy with this event at all, but the job was done. She's forgiven us already too.

Angel Kisses is venturing out more. When we hold her now, we bring her out into the main area so she has to walk further. Her rear leg is still pretty wobbly, but she is weight bearing on it and is not "knuckling" as much. Time is on our side and we're very patient with the healing process.

Flare made it out of his pen and he likes it! He spent most of yesterday on a big marshmallow bed grooming himself! Today he is checking out Kitty Campus Room. The hisses are very minimal, much more relaxed. Purresa is still "with kitten". Her belly seems to grow daily. What a nice cat.

Bella is sunk down in the middle of one of the marshmallow beds--her very favorite place to sleep. Queenie continues to act like a kitten. She loves to play and is enjoying all the company. Putter is amazing--he has been climbing (yes, climbing) the tall pole with steps in Kitty Campus Room to reach the platform up there for a nap. It's amazing to me that he can do this, but he does! He always looks so smug with his accomplishment.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! We're forever grateful for this support. It truly does help keep us afloat.

Carol Ann/cn1919 and her kitties Tigger, Chester, Oreo, Smudge & doggies Dharma & Elwood, from PA--BD card, pics of her pets, coupons, 3 handmade, beautiful kitty blankies and chucks
GermanSiggi from FL--a neat Easter popcorn tin full of various goodies
Manny & Maria L and their cats Spike, Mama, Spot, Fluffy, Midnight, Garfield, & Gricecita--BD card/note, 4 sheets of Forever stamps, American Express gift card for movie night, cat keychain & a Hoops/Yoyo card
Sally H/WisconsinListner2011--BD letter, cat treats for FFRC and Kitty City, coupons, pawpoints, gift card for litter, post its, copy paper, stickers, Iams cat dry food, dog treats, Einie treats, 2 bottles of Dawn soap, a case of Fancy Feast, TP, Pepperidge Farms cookies & treats for the volunteers
Cheryl G/abbytabbymomma from CA--something to help our kitties! We received 2 blankies and a puff, with nipples embedded in them so the kitties can "nurse" on them. Used it last night--appeared 3 nipples had been nursed on!
LaRae from OK--a beautiful memorial card and note for Twinkle
Pam H/cassie4321--in memory of Twinkle, a tree was planted in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in CA
Dave, Mary, D from MI and Zander (a wonderful cat that was adopted from here) and Tiny--BD card
Joyce R/joyceoh from OH--BD card
Debra T/debra57 & Amanda (daughter) and cat Freedom from OH--BD card and from their sugar glider colony--Alvin, Bumblebee, Loki, Katie & Pepperoni Pizza
Amy/amy54 and Mike from DE--BD card, donation for FFRC and movie card! Their cats are Prina, DeSoto & Storm
Lillian M and cats from IL--BD card, guardian angel card, 2 tokens from Elvis & Bab7 and 2 tokens from Oreo, Max & Zena
Chris/Dewitty & kitties Amber & Binks from WI--card and a donation for the Storage Room
Anonymous-lots of coupons that are separated & labeled
Colleen P from CA--PayPal donation

Emaline has her face/eye washed twice daily and meds given, but again we're "fighting" with her allergy/immune problems. She's such a wonderful cat. Unfortunately, this will be a life-long problem with her. Ada Jane is wonderful. She knows if she cocks her head and silently opens her mouth to say meow, that we will be right there to pet her head. County comes out in the mornings now to get his morning greeting.

The kittens are doing so much better now. Using the litterbox half of the time! Starting last night, they have also begun to eat much better from their plate of "formula gruel". This morning, they ate a decent breakfast also by themselves. Big time progress. The kitty play time has also begun in earnest.

Unfortunately, I have sad news for you. Our sweet Rovilla passed away during the night last night. She was curled up amongst the litter, appearing to be sleeping--very peaceful. Since Rovilla has arrived, she had only gained 1.5 ounces, while the siblings gained 7 ounces. She just never grew. Why do these things happen? There's no answer I can give to make "it better". I am always at a loss of words. My heart breaks everytime we have a death. Unfortunately, when you are part of a rescue, it has to be realized that death does happen. That by no means makes it easy. For me, I tend to tuck these things away and deal with it in my private time. The other times, I have to continue, as there are many more kitties and cats to care for and keep track of. Each cat here has a place in my heart. If you are part of this rescue center, I'm sorry for this news. Please know that each and every life is cherished. Unfortunately, death is a part of life, so we will continue with our passion here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23

We have success! Flare is doing much better. He still hasn't ventured out of his pen YET, but the door is open and he's becoming curious. He is even permitting Octavia to come into his pen with him. Of course, Octavia is after his food, but it's a good start to being near other cats! Won't be long until he decides to mingle.

Purresa is now all over the rescue center. She's quite friendly. Several times a day, I check her 3 points!! Her eyes (for eye ointment), her belly (any milk yet? no) and her bottom (any drainage? no). I tell her each time that we need to do her 3-pointer check. She's quite willing.

Zelda is sprawled on my desk. She's the funniest cat. While she's "sleeping", if I talk to her, she mumbles, chirps, and gives tiny little meows, all with her eyes closed. Definitely need to find this special cat a home soon. Rory is just plain awesome. Never met a cat before that loves his tummy rubbed as much as he does. Pansy Mae and Cyrilla have become "chase me, chase you" friends. All over the office, including my desk while I'm working!

The Wee3 and Fab5 kittens are doing good. I'm concerned with Tiramisu and Cannoli--so very thin, but barely allows me to get any formula in them. I do believe they may be starting to eat a little on their own though. We longer have to "help" them to potty--they can do that by themselves now. Progress! This morning, a few of them started eating a little more kitten can food. More progress!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
Jody/aslanim12 & Yokie/hediye2--Magnet & postcard from Turkey, stickers, special treats for volunteers from Turkey, a candy bar that is called Octavia, a neat pair of cat slippers, turkish delights and teas
Sonya A/dizzyd47 & John & kitties Priscilla, Sneaky, Willi & Herbie the turtle--cat toy cut outs, BD card and a wonderful letter, Dove body wash samples for Kitty Kastle & a snuggle wrap for Kitty Kastle guests
Mary2u--4 yeoww catnip bananas, spring toys & 4 cases of Royal Canin baby kitten can food (this is the babies first can choice)
German Siggi from FL--BD card, birthday donation, 3 beautiful picture frames, coffee mug and a cat pin
Jatcat--2 microwavable Snuggles heat packs (they last for 8-10 hours)
Rose S/rosesf6cats & Lisa from IA--BD card, Dewey the Library cat book (after it's read, will go to Kitty Kastle for guests), 2 spa washclothes, 2 soap bags with J on them. Also from the cats Marble, Blacky, Fluffy, Brownie, Checkers & Pitstop.
Tom & Suzanne A/tilliecat from MI--BD card and donation for ffrc & pics of Tillie
Bonnie & Dave and Michael from MI and their pets Indy & Browni--musical card, 2 suncatchers, both of which will hang in Thumper's Room & a picture of Poe
Carol N/cn1919 from PA--BD card, treats for volunteers, 3 beautiful handmade blankets, turbo track cat treats, baby meat jars, bonito sprinkles, 2 bathing shammies, a Paddy Purr & Paddy Cake salt/pepper shakers, dog & a cat picture frames (for the catathon)
TippyNtraylor from FL and Ashley (an oldster)--For the catathon: 4 cat placemats, 4 sets of magnets for cars, cat planter, glass kitty figurine, retirement glass watch, cat scratcher. BD card & giant candy bar, treats/tea/kool aid freezer pops for volunteers, ear cleaning solution, 2 litter scoops, 2 yeoww catnip bananas, cat toys, rice cereal, wipes, Cod fish treats, sardines
Kelly F from TX--BD card & a donation
Cheryl & her cats Abby, Emma, Jackson--BD card, bookmark & gift card from WalMart
Amy B/jobolove from MI--BD card
Linell/linell337 MN--a "nutty" BD card
Mary B/missyMJJ,Temykitty12 & Daughter Kristie-Marie--2 BD cards. Kristie made a picture for Jacci
Michelle L/crittercat from CT--BD card
From the Meezerboys from TX (KoKo & Noah)--musical BD card
Helen M from UK--donation thru PayPal

The construction guys have worked 2 full days now on the new shower and bathroom in Kitty Kastle! So exciting. They are back today again. As soon as the shower is done, they will start the Storage Room. We can't hardly wait to be more organized.

Here's Birka with Zelda behind her! 2 beautiful black & white cats.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22

Tweeny and Peverley made it to their Colorado home! Pam called and said that she and Rich arrived safely with the cats. Good, now I can relax! It sounds like both Tweeny and Peverley were already settling in nicely. I'm so glad. Just love those wonderful homes for our kitties!

Purresa is now in Dodger's Pen. Hopefully, she'll be well acclimated to the rescue center before her kittens arrive. We let her out last night and she did pretty good. Seemed relaxed. We'll "practice" again today! I had a talk with her and asked if she could produce a few different looking kitties--maybe purple, green, red??? Easier to adopt. She said she'd think about it!

Flare is now in Patience's Pen. I don't believe he's been around too many other cats as he seemed uncomfortable with any cat close to his pen. But, today, that seems to be getting better already. We'll help him relax. He loves the Yeowwww catnip bananas!

Queenie is sure enjoying herself. She loves to play--a real kitten at heart. Cutie loves the big white tub to sleep in--she curls right up in it. Macallan and Cyrilla are here on my desk sleeping head to head. Zelda was here, but didn't want to share with them. Pansy Mae was in the outdoor enclosure yesterday a lot--she thoroughly enjoyed watching the bird feeders.

I want to thank everyone for the lovely birthday gifts, cards, e-mails, posts, etc. that made my birthday so extra special yesterday. I truly appreciate it. I hope when each and everyone of you have your birthdays, that you have an awesome day!

Good news--the construction guys are here. Mr. Barth is feeling better. They worked in Kitty Kastle yesterday and started preparing for the installation of the shower. They got a lot done and will be back today. We talked about the Storage Room and they are all set on that also!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
Rene H/ReneHart in NC--BD card, a really neat scallion cat figurine
Sandra B--letter, coupon holder, kitty in basket, key chain, kitty pin, neat t-shirt, a beautiful plaque, refrigerator magnet and a garden stone that says "No longer by my side...but Forever in my Heart
Pam H/cassie4321 in FL--BD card, donation for storage, The Sitting Cat statinery, notecards, stamps, FFRC return labels and personalized stationery and also wishes & pics from her kitties Pippin, Piper, Chloe, Sadie, Maggie, Annie & Joey
Gloria C in Atlanta--BD card, lapcat cartoon, notecards, Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat's Life
MrsSnappy & Maryt111--BD card, big box of Reese's candy, 4 packages of Chips Ahoy/Reese's cookies (very good!)
Jeannette/Furrhaven Kitties in TN--letter from her eight kitties with a gift box for Twinkle that ncluded all sorts of wonderful yummy food to coax her to eat. Since Twinkle has passed away, Jeannette has asked that we share it with the other oldsters.
Anonymous--6 Yeoww! catnip bananas for Putter and friends
Mary S/Littlechap34 in PA--BD card, Thinking Outside the Cage newsletters, wide variety of feather and fluffy kitty toys, playcute, 2 boxes of Gravy Sensations cat food
Laura H/Medic101 & mom Belinda in IN--Teese's peanut butter Easter egg, 2 bags Reese's pastel eggs, 4 cans of sardines (sounds good together as a treat to me!)
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--28 lbs. of Arm & Hammer Cat litter
Val S/Kismet & Lois S--1 box of Keurig hot apple cider, assorted kitty toys, treats and food, play cube, paper towels, 3 cans of sardines, a belated gift for my mom's BD (which I will take today), Fancy Feast cat food, candy for volunteers, M&M's for Gregg
Kim K/kimkost in MI--BD card, big roll of stamps and a donation for FFRC
Beverly G in TN--a pop up BD card and a "Friend" stone
Kya/Sporeo in Canada--BD card and handmade miniature "knick/knack" cake and can of sardines with 6 individual tiny sardines
Charlotte M in Canada--BD card, Alpine cider drink packets
Lynn S/Michlynn in MI--BD card
Steve & Debbie B in KY--BD card & 2 sheets of stamps
Whitney H/whitsterxo in OH--BD card
Wiscatmomof4 from WI--BD card from FFRC cats!
Gabe & Rosie B in NY--BD card, a very nice letter, along with their kitty Lucy
Cgrcry in Lima, OH--BD card, along with kitties Micah & Kizzy
Mike G/Sophieandlucysdad--BD card, with pictures of kitties Sophie & Lucy
Lee J/hummerfan in MA--BD card& 2 beautiful postcards
EdnaR/gemini (volunteer)--BD card
Edna's Mom--a Meowy BD card
Barbara C/laeo in GA--Easter card, Wal-Mart gift card
Donna S/napa 123 and SuzyCat in MA--BD card, heat stickers, Visa gift card
Carol & Larry F in MI--BD card, along with kitties Buster, Tippy and Boo Boo
Cathi B/CathiB112 in TX--BD card
Janet S in IA--BD card and donation, along with kitties Toby and Harley
Lucy O/LucyToons in UK--BD card
Susan G/susan345 in NH--Bd card, along with kitty Chester
Tom & Lori D in FL--BD card (Lori did the porcelin dolls for catathon 2011)
Kelly K/Skeetokins in WI--BD card and a BD donation, alng with kitties Lint, Gracie Lou, Ethel, Lucy and Howie
Andree B/sonnykat in Canada--BD card and donation
Cats of FFRC--BD card for Mama Jacci!
Hencass/Casandra in CA--paypal donation
PSW in CA--paypal donation
Joyce R in OH--paypal donation
Lisa K/lookupcme--paypal donation, along with The Fluffy & Albert No No
Deb11111--paypal donation, for birthday fun
Bonnie P--a dozen helium balloons, stuffed bear & a box of candy!
Westerncool--a Sphinx BD card
Badu--a BD card, with a little help from her sponsor family Dave, Bonnie & Michael
Angie & Bill (volunteers) and Mudgie--a really cool black/white clock with a moving tail and a BIG birthday cake to be shared by all!
Irene H/buddybo--an absolutely beautiful afghan that Irene made. She is donating this for the Catathon. Later, we will show all the items that will be for the Catathon so all can see!

Please know that if I make a mistake or don't include someone, I'm truly sorry. Feel free to e-mail me with a correction!

Emaline's eye and face is better for the time being. She's right now looking out the window at the peacocks. Raza is here in the office with me, rolling on as many catnip toys as she can find. All is well here at FFRC!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weds., March 21

Our 2 cats are now on their way to Colorado. Pam and Rich left about noon yesterday with both Peverley and Tweeny with them. We made their crates very comfortable and with a couple toys too. I heard from Pam after they reached the hotel last night. It sounds like all is fine. Today they will complete their trip to Colorado.

It appears that our Wee 3 kitties and Fab 5 kitties are getting taller! One of them was able to stretch waaaaay up and get out of Dodger's Pen. So they are now in June's Room, the next phase of their lives here. In June's Room, they'll have more space to play. A couple of them have tried eating a bit by themselves. What a wonderful day when they will be self-eaters!! All are so cute.

We took in 2 new cats yesterday. A handsome orange/white male cat, already neutered and declawed arrived. Due to his rich orange color, his name is Flare. He's about 1 year old and is very sweet. His family moved to Florida, put him outside, locked the door and left him. The neighbor that brought him here, said he had been an inside cat and saw what happened when the family drove away. Flare will have some fun here!

The second cat is a black cat, short hair and very very pregnant. She is a big purr machine, so her name is Purresa. Such a wonderful cat. We'll be moving her today to be in the Rescue Center (in Dodger's Pen). It's important that we get her acclimated to the main area before the babies arrive.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! I am always so grateful. These things make a big difference to the Rescue Center.
Aunty Fi--2 packs of lg. paper plates, BD gift of a beautiful cat pin and a large pack of toilet paper
Nikkaross--sheet of Forever stamps, BD card, donation, 6 bags of Blackjack Taffy!, cat toys, kitty treats, motion activated ball, Einstein treat & 6 cans of mackeral
Rebecca & Willowcat from England--a very neat big BD card
Renee C--24 pack of canned Friskies & a 24 pack of Friskies packets
Anonymous--24 pack of Friskies packets
GermanSiggi from FL--six 20 lb boxes of litter
Anonymous--a pack of the spring toys
Bonnie, Dave & Michael--a moppy catnip feathery toy
The Fab5 & Wee3 kitties sent a BD card!
Rosa F & Lisa--BD card
Peggy S--BD musicalcard
LaRae from OK--BD card with a donation for the storage room, in memory of Twinkle and my BD
Ellen/ABQCat from NM--BD card and pictures of Alexandra & Samantha
UncleKat and BeachKatz from OR--BD card and a BD donation
Carole O from CA--BD card and a second envelope with coupons
The Bubbas/Sharon & Bill--BD card
Jan S/Hazel626 from MN--BD card, a donation for the storage room
Pat L from KS--coupons
Stephanie J/Steffer from IL--BD card and a wonderful book
James L from WA--a donation thru PayPal
Carol N from PA--a donation thru PayPal
Karla B from CA--a donation thru PayPal
Laura H from MN--a donation thru Paypal

We also had a report from Sheriff "Bufford T" Putter. He was reporting on the crimes and misdemeanors that have been happening here at FFRC. Specifically he was naming Octavia and County. Due to the increase need to supervise, he will be deputizing the 2 Paddys, but at this time they are not quite ready to patrol on their own. He also feels part of the trouble is be blamed on the "kitty weed", so he wishes no more nip time after 9 pm. He wishes to keep the cam G-rated, so he will be ever watchful. (What a wonderful Sheriff we have!)
Badu says she'll stay out of Sheriff Putter's way, by staying way up high!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 20

Happy first day of Spring! Spring has definitely sprung already here. Yesterday we had a computer tech come in and give a "physical" to the FFRC webcam computer, the laptop and the desktop. All 3 are used a lot to keep FFRC running smoothly. Each were cleaned, checked for viruses, installed current virus detectors, updated a few programs, and had the "innards" cleaned. He also showed me some neat things to do. I now know how to use the laptop to put on the webcam! And he also showed me how to put the cam video or the chat box on the tv screen. I love learning these things! It was a good 3 1/2 hours for me to watch, do and learn.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words, thoughts, candles that were lit, and prayers in regards to the passing of Twinkle. I've had a chance to read some of the fb posts also. I will continue, in my quiet time, to read all of them. It means a lot to me. It was indeed a privilege to care for our Twinkle.

We had a lot of visitors yesterday. Cheri (Sunday night volunteer), Nikkaross, Pam & Rich (from Colorado, for their adoptions), volunteers dropped in to meet everyone, etc. It was just fun to have visitors here! Today, Pam and Rich will return to officially adopt Tweenie and Peverley. They will immediately head back to Colorado and return to their home Weds. evening.

Dapa and MiMi went to join their "kids" Missy and Tweedy yesterday morning. I already received a phone call that all is well and that she is glad that she made the decision to keep the entire family together. Lots of nose touching going on, in a way of greeting! What a sweet thought, knowing they got to remain together. Will keep you posted.

We had BOXES last night and lots of ENVELOPES!
Anonymous--3 cases of Fancy Feast & 1 case of Charmin TP
Anonymous--1 case of canned tuna, 1 case of Friskies w/Tuna and Cheese and a favorite toy--the Yeowww catnip banana
Anonymous--2 snuggle safe warmers for the baby kitties (after many repeated microwave heatings, these get crackly and leak)
D'-Lee--6 canisters of Gerber baby rice cereal and cans of Sardines
IreneH/buddybo from NC--BD card, pink basket with stuffed Webkinz/Russ, and a bunch of cat knick knacks and jewelry to use for the Catathon.
Jeanett/muff3 from Wassenaar, The Netherlands--3 sets of hand-crafted beautiful pillowcases, 4 extra soft kitty quilts, 2 boxes of chocolate and a birthday calendar

Traveling Paddy checked in from Arkansas to share some big news--he has a girlfriend! Her name is TC (for Traveling Companion). He sent in a photo of them together. Paddy says he will be leaving today to head to his next destination! Won't be much longer until he (and his friend) returns to FFRC.
AMSprinkle & Little Egypt & Precious (her 2 cats)--each sent a musical BD card
Nancy L from WI--coupons and a newsletter from Second Hand Purrs rescue group
Linda M from GA--BD card & 2 packages of Forever stamps
Connie S from OH--BD card from family & Tookie
Hannah (our special Indiana friend)--BD card with her wondeful signature stickers that we love!
RobertaS from AZ--BD card and news article from Roberta & her kitties Chance & Bridget
The Newton Family & kitty Fugi from Canada--BD card
BlancheM from MA--BD card
Ruth S/racecat3 from IA and her kitties Miss Ema and Cuddlebug Clyde--BD card with a donation for movie tickets, plus coupons
Jane W/calico17 from MA--BD card and coupons
PatriciaM from IL--photos of her kitties Cleo, Baby & Smiley, plus a wonderful story of how Smiley came to their home. Patricia also helped her kitties send a BD card!
BeckyL from MA--BD card with donation
Sonja/sonjamac from Canada--BD card with donation, plus a set of refrigerator magnets with pictures of many FFRC kitties, including our beloved Twinkle
PatricaK from NY--BD card with donation
Michelle/catcruiser--BD card with donation
JoannP from FL--Musical BD card
NancyL/luv4cats & her cats Barnaby, Chance, Mickey & Isabella--BD card
JanetB from FL & her cat Allie Cat--BD card
AudreyG & BIll from NC--BD card
Thunder & Maxine, cats of a 4th grade teacher--BD letter. (She uses FFRC webcam as an incentive for her classroom for good behavior.)
Jane W/calico17--BD card with coupons and stickers
CarmelaH/carmella336 from TX--BD card with restaurant gift card
Mary/Mudgie from TX--BD card with donation for date night with Steve!
Ben H stopped by FFRC with a donation of cat food in memory of his grandma Alma D of Defiance who passed away on 3/17.
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
WisconsinListner--paypal donation for the new storage room
Sandra/StrayCatLady--paypal donation in memory of Twinkle
Paula from IL--paypal donation in memory of Twinkle
Cheryl L--in honor of Lyla Jane for the storage room

The big news of the day-the baby kitties are starting to use the litter box! They are all growing. We will try the Kitten Fancy Feast canned food on them today!

Kitty City Cat Jonah
Jonah of Kitty City

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March19

Our dear Twinkle went to heaven this morning. What a special, loving cat she was. The grief is heavy, but the joy of having her far outweighs that. Twinks passed away at 12:30, just after midnight. She was held as she passed over. Steve and I both spent a lot of time holding and petting her. We all know that with life, comes death. With life, we here at the rescue center, chose to give love and dignity to every cat. With death, we treat them respectfully and let them know we are thankful that they were here. Twinkle wasn't with us very long. She arrived here 7/25/11 and was 14 years of age. She lived in a very poor situation where the police had stepped in and told the family they had to relinquish her. She literally had over 1000 fleas on her and was so very thin. We bathed her and got rid of the fleas. You could tell she loved being flea-free! I remember that so well. And she liked to eat and slowly filled out. Thank you to everyone for loving her. We will miss her greatly; we will miss holding her and coaxing her to eat, watching over her and protecting her and mostly having her here to love on.

For those of you that have a cat or dog at home--give them a big hug. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I love this saying that I keep near: You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late, by Ralph Emerson.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday, March 18

The rescue center had quite a few visitors yesterday, which we always enjoy. Val was here with her sister, Shelley and her niece Mia. By the middle of the day, I believe every cat here was petted numerous times and was groomed too. Nice Saturday for them. We had a family also visit that will be back sometime in June to adopt.

Twinkle spent the night in the house again, and slept on the bed with me, in the crook of my arm. So very nice that she likes that cuddling. Twinkle is frail and I just want her last days here to be happy and knowing that she is so loved. Angel Kisses is a very determined girl. She figured out how to get to the top of a 4-level condo and was looking out the window. She sure was enjoying that. She has also figured out a way to sit on the window sill to look outside.

We received a phone call last night from the lady who adopted Missy and Tweedy. She had expressed in interest in Dapa and MiMi last week. The phone call was to tell me that she indeed would like to bring the mama/papa home to be with their family. What a wonderful thing for all 4 cats. These 4 have always been together and now will be reunited.

The 8 baby kittens continue to do good. They are now a family group--all 8 sleep together--no more splitting up into a 5 group and a 3 group. They've become friends! Their appetite is increasing. A couple of them will lick a little (but very little) formula from a plate. I'm sure this coming week they will improve on that. Asha likes to sit on the floor watching them in Dodger's Pen. Cathi B got the kitties a cat playpen that we have used twice already. It's great--can let them play in it and not lose them in the rescue center!

I had 2 cats come over to me here at my desk--Jaina and Grominique to visit me and they both certainly had sardine breath!

We had BOXES last night!
D-Lee--sent 3 cases of baby food: chicken, beef and turkey flavors
Anonymous--2 big sleeves of styrofoam plates
Lewbeth from MA--BD card from Lori, Bitsy, Chloe & Binx along with a pic of Binx & Cloe, cat toys with catnip, cat treats, candy for volunteers, 2 packs of tuna and 2 cans of sardines
Nancepants from MD--2 dozen shamrock cookies, a beautiful hand made cat scrub smock for Jacci, a toy for Peverley & a toy for Tweenie to take on their Colorado trip, bag of Reeses, doggy treats, 4 bags of kitty treats, cat toys, Friskies, sardines, Meow Mix Toppers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast & a case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Cathi B--a neat cat size playpen for the babies
Wisckars & Vikki from WI--a clever take of a internet design BD card & a bag of Reeses
Ingrid/Ju-in-ji from Netherlands--a BD card
Pam S from IL--BD card
Mary B from CA--BD card
Gusti from German--musicalguardian angel BD card & stickers
Janak from New Zealand, BD card with a donation for the Storage Room & a valentine card from Splash to Sari (I needed another copy!)
Neil & Jean S from Ohio--paypal donation
Elizabeth S from Australia--paypal donation

Please remember to continue voting for the Best Non-Profit Cat Organization and their volunteers. It ends 3/21. If we win, the prize is being noted by Readers' Choice Awards as their pick for Best Non-Profit organization. Thank you.
Sleeping on the catwalk
Dunakin looking pretty sleepy and happy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! No green cats here, but we do have St. Patrick stickers today. Another beautiful day today. We're suppose to have some visitors also this morning, which of coures, we love.

Queenie is sitting at my chair, grooming herself. She's doing great. Putter has been very active--nice to see. Twinkle ate last night a bit, and she ate a good breakfast today. Gave her SQ fluids again yesterday. This morning after breakfast, she pottied, then went over to house door and tapped it--she wanted back inside. She spent the night on the couch. So...the little Twinks is now sleeping on the footstool!

The Wee3 litter and the Fab Five litter are doing great. Little Novilla is a tiny bit concerning--still very small. We make sure she has her tummy full. All are a little more active. Glady lays on her back and likes to swat at the kitties' tails. The Paddys seem to be very interested in them.

We had BOXES last night!

Bonnie, Dave & Michael--a case of Meow Mix in the plastic tubs (especially for Badu, which she loves) and a giant bag of Party Mix kitty treats
Mamie from VA--card, St. Pat body stickers, cat toys, pop tabs for Kellen, and assorted kitty nursing bottles with spare nipples, bulb syringes and 6 big white towels
Carol N/cn1919 from PA--coupons, card & a 24 pack of Friskies pate'
Muff3 from Netherlands--a t-shirt (very nice--I love it!)
Debbie W from GA--card for Bella and a Bella-type notepad
Carr Family--3 big cans of KMR and a box of kitty wipes
Connie S from MN--sent 5 beautiful baskets complete with bows for us to use for the Catathon. She also sent coaster sets, doll house rugs, 4 place mats and 2 beautiful people size blankets (1 with a cat theme/1 with a dog theme) that she all hand makes.
Connie also included 3 different sizes of handmade rugs--absolutely beautiful. Her work is fantastic.
Tamar B/TRB9718 from FL--sent a basket for Kitty Kastle, complete with things that our guests may use--tea, cookies, toothbrushes, clorox wipes, shampoo, snacks, etc. A wonderful thing to add to Kitty Kastle.
Mary W--a card and a memorial donation for Georgeanna H, who had adopted a cat from us
Tom P from NJ--BD for J
Selkie from Canada--BD card for J & Fiver Friday donation
Elanor F from CT--BD card for J

Angel Kisses was spotted out and about last night--what a great achievement for her. Pansy Mae loves to watch out the driveway at all the ins and outs. Such a sweet girl. Buttons is also relaxed and enjoys lounging about--loves her head to be rubbed. Right now, all 3 of the brown tigers are sleeping together--Hettie, Cyrilla and Derby--looks like a pile of brown stripes!

FiFi had her eye sutures removed yesterday. Her skin has healed beautifully. Her eyes are so golden. I know this surgery has opened up her tunnel of vision so she can see more of the world. We'll take her in soon for a check up.
Grominique, dreaming of her future home.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, March16

Hello everyone! I have to tell you--it reached 84 degrees yesterday. Absolutely unheard of for Ohio. Usually March is still a bit snowy and ice storms. We love it!! Birds are singing, the adult cats are playing and kitties are here--sure signs of spring! Even Putter has been active.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!

Anonymous--3 bags of chicken liver treats, 4 cans of KMR & Cosequin for Putter. I actually had a note on who sent this gift, but Badu found it--all I could get was chewed up scraps of paper from her! Please, let me know if you sent this! I'm so sorry.
AMSprinkles--coupons, pawpoins, Siamese newsletter, cat treats, poptabs for Kellen, light up chick toys, L-Lysine, candy treats, 12 cans WERUVA can food (the cats love it), 4 packs of baby wipes
Sandra A--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten food
Kathleen E from UK--donation thru PayPal
David S from MI--donation thru PayPal
LoisAnn M.L./lannim--2 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry food
Mimi from FL--letter, large bed, kitty cube, crinkle tunnel, pop tabs, catnip toy, 2 wonderful stairways, paper towels
Angie G--kids artwork thank FFRC for their kitty
Ddawn--coupon organizer
Julie C--2 cards for Magentta--both containing stamps and Walmart gift cards
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Linda M from GA--card and donation
Sharon/Reverencelife from MI--card
Blue from Nova Scotia--card and donation for BD
Mamie--3 packs of Chux and 3 more big white towels

All 8 of the baby kitties are now together, sharing Dodger's Pen together. All are doing good. They've been getting a daily bath. They are a bit messy! Such round tummies!

MiMi has been very active today--playing and getting on the catwalks. Very nice to see her enjoying herself. Twinkle ate 2 breakfasts today. She spends quite a bit inside the house. Yesterday and today she shared my breakfast milk. She also curled up by Steve and took a nap last evening. She's ever so sweet and is enjoying being inside.

Angie was here yesterday, painting again! The second coat of the soft green is now up in Kitty Kastle. The foyer to this has a tan first coat. It will look so nice when done. We got a call from the contractor yesterday. They believe they will be here the beginning of the week to start the new Storage Room.

Won't be long until the cats are back in Cat's Cove until November!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15

We have had such absolutely beautiful weather. It reached 70's yesterday! We had all the windows and doors open. The outdoor enclosed porch was open all day for the cats. They all head out there as soon as we open the cat flap door!

Queenie is so sweet. She is playing with lots of the toys. She's fun to watch. We had an adoption yesterday--Merci! Our volunteer Sigrid adopted her. She fell in love with Merci long ago, and decided it was time to bring her home. The picture on fb of her is so pretty, she looks happy. It's wonderful when we can get adults adopted into great homes.

Our 3 newest baby kitties arrived. These are the ones from Pam, a volunteer. The mama is feral (a true feral) and will be spayed today. The kitties are about 4 weeks old. The reason we decided to go ahead and take them from mama, is so these 3 kittens have that opportunity to grow as socialized kittens instead of wild or scared kitties. Pam is keeping the mama on her property and will be well taken care of. The mama cat knows Pam and should adjust just fine. The kitties are 1 boy and 2 girls. Their names are "sweet" names: Gelato (male) and Cannoli and Tiramisu (pronounced tear a mi sue). These 3 babies are absolutely cute--long hair, various designs of black/whites.

We had a major BOX load last night since I didn't do boxes the night before. What fun! And such a huge variety of items. I'm so thankful for all the donations that we receive.

Loverofhummingbirds--NutriGrain Cereal Bars for the volunteers
GermanSiggi from FL--Purina dry Kitty, Iams dry Kitty, Fancy Feast, a case of baby/kitty wipes, discount cards for office supplies, sardines, disposable exam gloves, treats and coupons for the volunteers, and 3 boxes of cat litter
Diane/volunteer--crochet afghan for the Catathon. She also made many woobies for FFRC, with yarn donated by Pat L
Heather R and her mom from FL--woobies and blankets, 2 cases of Gravy Sensations, case of Friskie can, 2 sets of Turbo Scratcher replacements
Neil, Anna Maria & Vickie/Shep--Happy BD card, sardines, pop tabs for Kellen and a beautiful cat with crystal eyes Trinket Box and Cameo Kitty Necklace for BD.
Annonymous--12 pack of paper towels
Mamie from VA--3 large white towels, 6 packs of Chux pads and lots of baby/kitty wipes
Kelly R/Littleonemine from CA--sardines, post it notes, pencils, tape, calculator, scissors, little kitty book, GS thin mints, Kitty treats, 3 blankies, Fancy Feast Appetizers, coupons & Fresh Step Points, treats for the volunteers, cat pillow. Also items for the Fab 5 & other kitties--bunny with a blanket, Royal Canin baby cat dry, kitty wipes & liquid KMR. We also received a St. Patricks day card, Easter Card & a Happy BD card from Tink, the cat!
Judy L/JudiNLee from OH--card with Forever stamps
Lorraine K from OH--memorial gifts for David H, who passed away
Patricia K from NY--coupons

That was a fun evening and so appreciated! It always amazes me the different items that come in. The cats and I say a big thanks to you all.

I saw a video that was posted of Promise and Jacen--they both look so happy. Promise was grooming Jacen and he sure was enjoying it! I've gotten another call about Cosimo--he's doing just fine! I also talked to the lady who took Missy and Tweedy and all is fine there. They are adjusting nicely into this quieter home. Both are more receptive to being petted and held. They are eating good and sleeping on a quilt that's on the couch. She has officially adopted them. She also asked about MiMi and Dapa--hmmmm. We'll see what happens!

no more room
We better get our rest in now, before the kitties start bothering us!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weds., March 14

Queenie is out of her pen and checking the place out. She's having fun and is enjoying herself. Emaline is here on the desk with me all sprayed out--she's enjoying a little belly rubbing. Rory loves the windows and watching the birds. He always makes us laugh. As soon as you start petting him, over he goes for a major belly rub. FiFi is doing good. Dr. Amanda has asked about her. We have found out if she needs that third eye lid surgery, will have to take her to a specialist. More info coming on that. The weather is beautiful. The cats had their outdoor porch opened to them all day yesterday.

Angie will be here today to put the second coat of paint on Kitty Kastle. We have lots of wonderful ideas! When it gets done, we'll put some pictures in the website. The sunporch also got a major overhauling. The icky brown dilapidated cabinet is now gone. In it's place, is a clean, white 3 section cabinet and 3 section overhanging door unit. It looks so nice and didn't cost us a penny. These had been in the clinic and are still like new! The neat thing about this is, it completely opened up all the windows in the sunporch. We now have full view outside. The 6 sunporch cats love it and have been enjoying sleeping in the sunshine on their beds.

Sometime in April, we'll be moving the Kitty City gang to Cat's Cove. Before the big move, we'll blast the Cove clean and have it all set up for them. As they are being moved out, we'll do another check over on them, reworm, check vaccinations, check teeth, etc. Oliver and Fabio will soon receive a major grooming on their very long fur coats.

Steve & I went to a little later movie yesterday, so no box openings. We will have boxes tonight though. The Fab Five kitties are doing great. Eating regularly and looking strong. Cutie came over yesterday as did Emaline to investigate. Maybe they'll decide to be their mamas after the babies are out more. That would be nice.

Remember the concert date has been changed to September 22. The date for the Catathon is June 24 from 1:00 to 4:00. People have been telling me they would like to donate items to the Catathon. If you would like to help us with items, we would gladly accept them! This year, to save on last minute basket arrangement confusion, we are asking all donated items to be here by the first of June. That would help us a lot. Thank you!

Pansy Mae and Buttons are doing good. They are the 2 adult cats who lost their owners. They both love going out on the outdoor porch. Jaina seems to have recovered from her cold--no lasting problems in association with her heart. Izzy's birthday was yesterday. She received a very special plate of food and a major grooming which she enjoyed!
Our volunteer Kathy is our designer of great sayings! She has painted wonderful things on our cabinets, etc. Makes the place happy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 13

We had a cat returned yesterday. Her name is Queenie. She had been the mama to Subra, Deek and Leotie. She's still chilling in Dodger's Pen. Queenie's mama could no longer care for her to her own personal health. The 5 new kittens, known as the Fab Five kitties are doing very well. All are eating and pottying just fine! Their little legs are getting stronger and they are able to walk a little with their tummies up! Dapa is more relaxed and cruising a bit more. Mimi came to me today for a big head rub. Cutie's fur is still growing back in. Putter has been feeling his spring oats--has been actually trotting a little bit! Fifi's eye surgery is healing nicely--no more cone for her to wear! Her sutures will be coming out towards the end of the week.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
German Siggi--a large container of Scrubs cleaning wipes
Jim & Kathy T--3 Snuggle mama's These are the stuffed cats that come with a heater and heartbeat in them.
Cathi B--2 cases of canned KMR and a note
Mama3cat/Akiko--lots of mousie toys with fur & feathers, a toy that can be hung from a door, a beautiful journal book as a BD gift along with a lovely BD card
RosaF & her daughter--4 big towels, lysol wipes, magic erasers, glass cleaners, Dawn soap, q-tips, cat toys, baby cereal, volunteer treats, cat treats, can food, paper plates, doggie treats, diabetic candy & regular candy for the volunteers, pistachios for Gregg, baby food and a card with a donation
Sharon T in CA--a check for Fiver Friday, a separate check for Octavia (to make sure she has treats to "thieve", and a diploma for Octavia--she received a Masters Degree in Cat Burglary!
cjcat in PA--2 HB cards (1 was musical) and a donation & a brochure from Happy Cat/Happy You
Mary B in CA--a bunch of coupons and a donation for Fiver Friday
Linell37 and Mark S in MN--a card with coupons plus a postage paid envelope for a FFRC business card to be sent to her
Mitty208--a pack of yeowww catnip balls, mylar balls and a case of Kitten Fancy Feast

We have also received PAYPAL donations this month!
Leonore L / Rosemarie G / Nuki-mom / Recellular In. / Sandra D / Diane B / GraceilaP / Deb B / David M / Cynthia H

Someone told me this one time and I've always remembered it: What the giver gives away is never gone--it is kept in the hearts of the receiver. Author unknown. Thank you all for your donations and support, your votes and your ways of caring for the Rescue Center.

Putter has received a major back rub this morning by Clemm--he utterly enjoys this! Twinkle has been spending time inside the house which she loves. She comes out and eats and pottys, then sometimes goes right back to the door and taps it with her paw to go back inside. Now, who could resist that?!

Cessna and Chia
Cessna & Chia--both are adopted!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday, March 11

Fiver Friday Final update: We had a late donation last night that pushed us to $15,1004. Can you believe this? I am still in awe of this, and Fiver Friday was a week ago. Please be assured that every single penny will be spent on medical needs and accounted for. We also had our drawing for the Pawograph pictures of the resident cats and Badu. Badu's card is not pawographed; she preferred not to participate in that part! We drew 43 names from the basket. This week we'll be sending out those pictures. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support.

We had a gift from Sigrid, our volunteer who was in Florida for a bit this winter. She brought a beautiful slate welcome sign with 3 cats on it. It will be used for Kitty Kastle. Thanks Sigrid!

We had a BOX and ENVELOPES last night!

Anonymous--12 heat pads for the stuffed mommy kitty & 8 batteries for the mommy's battery operated heart.
Gwen & Colie P from CA--cat card with a donation in memory of Lizzie
Susan/schinn81 from ME & her kitties Cleo & Ralph--coupons and a donation with a card that was picked out by Sheriff Putter for March birthdays!
Jeanette/Muff3 from the Netherlands--birthday card that is a cat fold out card--very sweet!

We had 3 wonderful adoptions yesterday. Our sweet Snuzzles went to her new home. Her family has been waiting to adopt her for over a week. She will be so happy there! Promie and Jacen also were adopted together. I was so glad to see them go together as they are good friends. Twinkles ate real good yesterday. The 5 kittens are all eating well (and pottying good--too good! I'm ready for them to use the litterbox!). They're actually starting to wobble a little on very unstable legs.

Here is the list of names that were drawn for the Fiver Friday. Some of the names have the first 3 letters of their last names (for privacy, I never want to give out last names).
Rosemary Gri
Norma Bea
Iona Ned
Ann D
Elizabeth S
Debra Brau
Mary Cor
Lynette Ran
Dee Sat
Gail Ebn
Cathi Blan
John A
Joann Hud
Donez Mil
Suzann And
Josephine F
Karen M in honor of Twinkle
Susan W/susiepat
Sharon T
Kathleen E
Dave L--UK
Pat L--Kansas
Deebird Lady
Agnes K--hosted Paddy
Faith M
Kate F
Peverley H
Sharon P in honor of Shadow
Jeanette D--NJ
Ann T --VA

Little Dhana all curled up for a sleep. She's now in Alaska with Weasley!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday, March 10

The last day to vote for the Readers' Choice Award is 3/21. Please remember to vote for FFRC at:

Tonight at BOX time (6:30 est), whether we have boxes or not, we will do the drawing for the people who will receive a picture of a resident cat with their very own pawograph on it! We use tempera paint, it's safe and we wash it off immediately. We also have a few pictures of Badu to use for the drawing, even though she's not a resident cat and we did not ask her to pawograph it! Badu's picture is from an etching that Dorothy Y in CA did. She used a picture that Nikkaross took. Thanks to Jenni C who took some of the other pictures and had them developed. We originally were going to draw out 5 names, but we've decided to do 43 of them! Fun.

Dapa and MiMi are doing good. They like to cruise and both love to be petted. Dapa is a big baby and loves his tummy rubbed while MiMi loves her head rubbed. Rory still loves his tummy rubbed--will lay flat on his back to have his tummy ruffled up.

Hopefully, the new storage room will be started next week. The company has had a hospitalization of the owner of the company, so they're a tad behind. We have a name for the new apartment--it's Kitty Kastle. The first coat of paint went on yesterday, thanks to volunteer Angie L--it's a beautiful and calming color.

We have another birthday today. Raza is 2 today. She arrived here on 3/15/11 and gave birth on 3/29/11. Her kitties were: Telo, Ketzie, Manon, Waki, Gibbs and Scribble.

We had BOXES last night! When I was little, I loved the Helen Keller book. She at one time said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." This also says alot about this rescue center.

Medic from IN--a case of Fancy Feast
Jillr27--3 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of canned chicken and 1 bag of Bonito flakes
Gitte from Denmark--2 cases of liquid KMR
Anonymous--a pack of yeowww catnip balls, mylar balls and a case of Kitten Fancy Feast
Joanne D from FL/cateyes--earrings for catathon (just awesome!) and a donation for Fiver Friday for Asha
Michelle M/kittycanada1--card for Angel Kisses,card for FFRC, letter, pics showing her cat and Justen, donation, baby blanket, 3 packets of sardine cat food, very large mylar balls, assorted other toys and a stuffed St. Padys kitty, all sent in a very pretty keepsake box.
Michelle L from CT--lots of coupons
Loverofhummingbirds--sticky kitty notes and bubblegum (we're bubblegum nuts here!)
Cameo D/CacheMain from ME--card and donation
Jan P from Maine--card and a Fiver Friday donation
Charlotte M from Canada--card and a Fiver Friday donation
Gail W from OH and her cats Holly and Gracie--card and donation for FIver Friday

Thanks for the yummy treats and food!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, March 9

Twinkle is still eating good today! I think she's doing great! FiFi is doing wonderful too. Such a sweet and loving kitten. The 5 babies are nursing from their doser syringes very nicely and have plump round tummies. The smallest black one is struggling just a bit, but seems to be gaining a little weight. We have the door open to June's Room now so Angel Kisses can go in and out as she pleases. So far, she pleases to stay in her room and let the other cats come visit her! The birds are feeding heavily at the birdfeeders which is giving the cats quite a show!

We had BOXES last night!
Medic from IN--a case of Fancy Feast Classic
Deb11111--2 cases of Friskies MEaty Bits
SC-Amy and her Misty kittie of SC--letter with a donation for Fiver Friday, 2 very cute blankets with kittens on them--12 cans of Meow Mix, a cardinal and caterpillar toys, cat treats, qtips and 2 packs of small plates
Anna Marie with Shep--a beautiful cat pewter design desk center group (letter opener, business card holder & frame)
Bonnie, Dave & Michael--ilovehummingbirds from MI--stickers, catnip toys and a donation for storage room in honor of their Aunt Eva
LaRae--birthday card for Magenta & coupons
Lillian M and cats Oreo, Max, Zenia, Baby & Elvis--birthday card for Magenta
Silvert8021--birthday card for Magentta
Pat K from Georgia--donation for Fiver Friday
Mike (Sophie & Liveys Dad)--coupons
Nancy D from OH--donation for FFRC
Danielle C from FL--donation for Fiver Friday
Charlie & Dorina A (Florida/family of Dawn S0--letter with a donation for Fiver Friday
Michelle L/critterCat from CT--letter with a donation for Fiver Friday
Colleen P from CA--coupons

We have names for the 5 little babies. The male big black kitty is Boku. The male brown tiger kitty is Boomer. The female black/white kitty is Glady. The female dark tiger/white is Tamara. The littlest female black needs a big name which is Rovilla.


Barbra has been adopted to our webcam friends, the Titans! What a pretty girl.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 8

The spring baby season has officially started. We took in 5 babies yesterday that are just 2 weeks old. Their mama was killed 1 week ago by a car and a family had been feeding them. We have 2 blacks, 1 black/white, 1 dark tiger/white and 1 brown tiger. We were able to do a leukemia/fiv & heartworm test on them yesterday--all negative. They've been wormed, bathed and fed. At this moment, they were just fed (again), and heaters reheated and tucked into a clean crate. They have their stuffed cat with the beating heart with them. They all 5 climb right up on it and sleep! Angel Kisses has her first big day of exercise. She's here in the office with me (with the door shut) and cruising gently around. She likes the other cats. Hopefully sometime soon, we'll see her playing. She still knuckles under on the one foot which we will be discussing with our vet soon.

It's warm outside, windows are open and birds are singing in the morning! In a few weeks, we will be moving the cats from Kitty City to their spring/summer/fall home--the Cat's Cove. They of course love their Cove--so big and tons of room to run and play.

Twinkle had a bit of a rough day yesterday. She was vomiting and had diarrhea. After receiving fluids and medicine, we put her in Patience's Pen for a few hours to observe her. Last night, she was much better and this morning, is eating good and walking about. Such a dignified oldster!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night. I was taught to always remember to thank people who make a difference in our lives. Thanks to all of you who watch the cam, who vote, who send donations, who support us financially. We know what a group effort can do!

madisonpepper from NJ--sent another box of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous--7 cases of various foods--tuna feast, chicken filet, Party Mix treats, whiskas turkey Tempations treats, whiskas purrfectly chicken and Whiskas Mix packets. These are all things that our oldsters and residents love. Thank you to this special donor who sent these items.
Hannah--a package of treats for Einstein
Judy B from WA & her cats Punkin & PEaches--Burt's Bees tins for cuticle and nail cream--our hands here take a beating--thanks for this!
Janet S and her kitties Toby and Harley from IA--coupons, 2 WalMart gift cards and a donation for the storage room
Barry & Lori P & cats Water & Petey from IA--WalMart gift card & a storage room donation
Dawn S from OH (and a volunteer)--a card and a donation for ffrc
Connie S and her cat Tookie from OH--greeting card for FiFi
Jane B from PA--Fiver Friday donation
Jeannette B & her cats BW, Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Ben, Nels & Maddie--donation for FIver Friday and coupons
Karen B from OH--coupons and Chief register tapes
Rebecca F from OH--donation for FFRC
WisconsinListner--thanks for the special picture showing the FFRC Kitten Season is now here.

Today is Magentta's birthday! She is 15 years old. Magentta orginally arrived here in 2/03. She was adopted twice into wonderful homes, but both owners passed away. Now that she's an oldster, she has earned rank of being a resident! We had 2095 hits on PetFinders last week with the highest hits on Badu, Telo, Dunakin, Dugster, Emaline, Promise and Diffie. Three of those have already been adopted. I heard from Diffie and Turing's new family again--all is well. They have new names. Turing is now Mac and Diffie is now Tosh--Mac n Tosh! We have a change of dates for our concert that will feature Mike Chamberlain. Instead of 9/15, it is now 9/22, so please change your calendars! Webcammer melissa692 was here yesterday visiting the cats. She has been here a couple times getting to know which cat she would like to adopt. After her upcoming vacation, she'll be back!

Kitty City Inside 3
This wonderful piece of furniture in Kitty City was donated by webcammer QueenofKings. Her husband made it and they delivered it! The cats love it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weds., March 7

Yesterdays surgery day went very well. Snuzzles was spayed and had no problems. She will be going to her new home possibly tomorrow. Jacen had a lot of admiration for his very long tail! His x-rays of his heart showed his heart had actually decreased a tiny bit in size, which is good--it actually is looking fairly normal. Jacen will be going up for adoption but we will be cautious that the owners are fully aware of the family history. Jaina did not have her EKG as she was uncooperative (again)--she wanted nothing to do with it. The stress it was causing her was not worth doing the EKG. Her heart x-ray actually had some changes. The pulmonary vessels are now engorged. Her heart murmur is rated as a 3 out of 6. She is labeled as having moderate heart disease. We'll keep track of her here, her color, heart rate and respirations. If she begins to have trouble, there are medicines that can help her. For the time being, no meds. She will not be up for adoption at this time.

Fifi also had her eye surgery. When I pulled her out of her crate when she arrived back, the first thing I saw were her eyes!! It was the first time to actually see most of her eyes! The lower lid entropian surgery was done on both eyes. Her 3rd eyelids are still impairing her vision along with her very small eyes that are sunk back, giving her a "tunnel vision". But, at least now she can see better! I'm so happy for her. FiFi has a cone on for a few days, unless supervised. When it's time for her suture removal, we'll give her a light sedation to remove the sutures. When all is healed, FiFi will go up for adoption.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! Thanks ever so much!
loverofhummingbirds--28 lb. of Army & Hammer Kitty Litter
madisonpepper--8 cases of assorteed Fancy Feast Appetizers for the ffrc cats, kitty city and the outside cats
bantryhill--furryballs and loopy toys, red notebook (for catathon notes), a big case of Friskies can food, a large bag of dry Kitten food (Royal Canin) and kitty doser syringes (to bottle feed babies) We're getting ready for kitten season!
Janet L from Colorado--donation for anything that is needed
Keith C from Iowa--donation for Fiver Friday
Carole O from CA--coupons
Kelly R/littleonemine from CA--a Fiver Friday donation in memory of Glady, Aprilla and Sesame. She also enclosed a copy of her local cat rescue's newsletter where she volunteers and a calendar that they sell.

I heard from Telo and Georgia's mama--all is wonderful. They run to meet her at the door and also sleep on her bed. All 3 are happy! The resident cat pictures are still being processed for Fiver Friday. As soon as we have them, we'll announce the day and time for the Big Drawing! The people who have their names drawn will receive a pawographed photo of a resident cat.

Merci..waiting to be adopted. Such a wonderful cat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6

Today is our big surgery/diagnostic day. Snuzzles will be going for her spay. FiFi will be going for her entropian eye surgery and hopefully a repair of the 3rd eyelids. Both Jaina and Jacen will be getting their chest x-rays to recheck their heart conditions. If Jaina cooperates, we would love to have an EKG on her. Her heart condition is more advanced than her brother's. As soon as I know updates, I will pass them on to you over the webcam. Steve will take them up this morning.

We measured Jacen's tail yesterday. With no exaggerations, it now measures 12.5 inches long. I was quite surprised. It just seems to keep growing! He's such a wonderful boy. Promise is playing more with the other cats which is nice to see. Dapa and MiMi are now out and about and doing pretty good. I put Missy and Tweedy back in Thumper's Room. They are waaaay too worried to be in the main area yet--it's too overwhelming. We're giving them lots of TLC. That Rory is so sweet. He has a bit of difficulty upon approach, but once you pet him, over he goes to have his tummy rubbed!

We had a BOX and many ENVELOPES last night! I love this quote by Dan Zadra: "We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." So...I am thanking each and every one of you. This wonderful viewer family that we have is awesome!

Dlee from WA--2 cases of canned food, Dr. Foster Smiths Oatmeal shampoo and Oatmeal condition, Glucosimine treat tablets for Putter, hair ball remedy for the whole group
Speedie's--we also had a visit from our Speedi friends. They hand delivered a bunch of cat food cans, dog food cans, dry cat food, litterboxes, treats and toys. It's always nice to have them visit!

We also received a few more Fiver Friday donations thru the mail: Steve & Debbie from KY and their cats Callie, Boo, Peaches & Gracie, Pam S (belltime) from IL, Theresa (tweet2742) and her cats KC & Moe, Mimi in FL and her cat Buddy, carso14, peppilapew from CA, Jan from CT, Gloria C from MI, Lewbeth and Betsy P (and their pets Binks and Cloe), Patricia M from IL in honor of her cats Cleo, Baby and Smiley, Debra B from FL. Thank you so much for the Fiver Friday support!

We also received a get well card from sonjamac and Connie S (franklincats) for Angel Kisses. Jwilli667 sent a St. Patty's day card for Dugster along with stickers and a donation.

Mike & Sharon B from Ohio sent a donation for the new storage room. They now will have 2 leafs on our Giving Tree, and will be placed beside each other.

Mamie sent a Happy Birthday card with a donation for ANYONE who happens to have a birthday in March! I know Magentta and Asha have March birthdays! Thanks, Mamie.

Dorothy Y from CA made a beautiful sketching of Badu, that is just breathtaking. The picture was taken by Nikkaross. I showed it on the cam and it also has been posted on fb.
Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cakes says thanks for the Fiver Friday!