Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday, March 31 late edition!

This is a late edition to today's blog! I would like to say thank you for all your comments and thoughts. We're going to start back on a clean slate tomorrow and continue to do what we love to do.....share the cats and kitties! I jotted down some comments made by various people and would like to share some of them with you.

For the most part, people are very supportive of FFRC--I am deeply grateful for this.

For the most part, people are very supportive of our moderators and admins. I am too and I thank you for this too! Mods do their jobs with care and grace, was said by one person.

Negativism is draining emotionally and no one likes that! Many comments on being positive!  Good thoughts on if a person has the desire to say something that will knowingly hurt another person's feelings, to just NOT say it at all. There is not a place at FFRC for purposely hurting anyone's feelings.

Many feel this group has become an FFRC-family. It's been written several times today that this closeness is special and appreciated. 

We all need to respect each other--that means with the mods, the admins, the chatters/lurkers, the facebook people. Respect sets boundaries--knowing what is right, what is wrong, what is hurtful and knowing that we are all different and come from many different backgrounds. This can make for a great web-family. 

To realize we are not just an American kittycam--we are watched all over the world. And in knowing that, we need to be respectful of other people's beliefs, cultural differences, vocabulary differences. Variety is fun!

All mods and all chatters can have privacy about their name.We do NOT have to know who that exact person is. Just as it's not right to ask "WHO are you to a chatter", it is not right to ask a moderator WHO they are. Many use different names for privacy and that is just fine. (One note on the moderators--I make the final decision, after listening for suggestions from the mods, as to who would be a good moderator. Many factors are figured into this--it is not made lightly. Our mods have integrity and are representatives of FFRC. We all need to respect each other's privacy and without question, accept each other as a person who cares about FFRC.) 

The most heard comment was that people WANT this chat and cam to continue. I do too. Let's keep uppermost in mind--this cam is for THE CATS. We sincerely love what we do here--to be a part of a cat rescue is so absolutely rewarding. To see a cat with a terrible fracture learn to walk again, to see a cat that is so scared and won't look at you and then one day you realize he's enjoying your company, to see a cat with a horrible eye injury see thru that eye again, to see the kittens play, to watch an adoption, to take in a cat who has never known love enjoy being petted and petted, to have a cat found in the middle of a road all snowy and wet to be warm again, to watch a blind cat move about comfortably--these are the things we love to do. Let us do these things without having to worry about what else is going on.We love to share these cats with you--our supporters, our cheering team, our people who have our backs. Tomorrow is a new day--let's be joyful in it. Tomorrow, I will tell you about our Saturday adoptions! 

Sunday, March 31

Happy Easter to all.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy day.

This is going to be a most unusual blog.I also feel bad about addressing this on such a special day, but felt the need that it should be said.

I honestly don't know all that happened last night on the chat, but I understand from reading many e-mails that mods and chatters were not happy. Things happened. I understand from several people, that I had given approval for some of the things that were said/done on chat. I would like you to know, I knew nothing of what was happening. I was peacefully sleeping, totally unaware until this morning. Now, I know many of you are probably shaking your head, wondering what's up. But for those who were present on the chat, I am sorry that things were done that hurt many feelings. I honestly don't know the whole picture and quite frankly maybe I don't want to know.

This is what I DO know. This chat is suppose to be about the cats and the rescue center. It is not about a million other things that may be said, could be said, is said, that hurts other people's feelings. I DO know that my wish is that we all get along. We don't HAVE to have this chat, we don't HAVE to have the cam. I WANT the chat and the cam, because I feel it brings alot of joy to many many people. But, it's not a necessity. If it means that people are being mean, are saying cruel and hurtful things, that things are causing more negativity than positive, then we may lose this chat. The reason? THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS INTENDED TO BE.  I love this rescue center with a passion, but it is not here to cause harm.  From whatever happened last night, I know we have already lost some good friends because they totally disagreed with things that have been happening on chat.

The bottom line, we either all get along, be nice and speak nice or we don't have it. You all mean a lot to me.  I've been taught that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say it. We all have feelings and it's much easier to be peaceful with one another than to be hurtful. It's also what we SHOULD do. Today of all days, this should ring true to you. This chat is to bring JOY, not hard feelings. I know of other webcams that have imploded upon itself. I never ever want that to happen here. This rescue center is here to promote good things, not hurtful things. But, if it's going in the wrong direction, then we won't have it.

I appreciate the support you have for us and hope and pray that we can continue this webcam. But it will only be continued for the good of FFRC. I won't have this rescue center's name be marred by hurt or insults or negativity. Thank you for listening to me.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday, March30

Tomorrow is Easter and I hope you all have a glorious celebration for Easter. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our new boy, Louis went to his new home. As both his new mom and dad have said, Louis has hit the Lotto! He was already putty in their arms and they surely fell in love with him quickly. They will keep in touch about him.

Gallant, Pania and Louis all went to the vets yesterday. Thanks to Bonnie for driving them there for me. Louis went to get his physical. He had to have a physical before being adopted. All was fine. Pania had the pressure measured in her eyes. Her left eye is high normal, her right eye is just slightly high. It's still thought her initial eye problems were caused by a herpes virus. Our vet will be conversing with other vets in regards to Pania. Gallant received his 3rd laser treatment. Our vet is very pleased with the results so far. Hopefully we can get another treatment in before the laser has to go back to the company (they have it on a 3 week trial basis). 

Joyful is doing awesome! It's all about petting her when she gives permission! Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she doesn't. But, what a world of difference in her. I do believe she's more than half full of joy! Bondi is struggling a bit. Her weight is down a tad and she seems to be disoriented at times. She still likes her Bondi-Licks though! 

We had BOXES last night! Grateful, thankful--yes, that's us!
Paul_68--lots of Whisker Lickins for Jack, 2 meow pate topper packs, 2 Vita Gravy, 2 cases Fancy Feast sliced /classic, case of Friskies sensations  Jack says an extra thanks!
Widdletigger--3 Mr. Clean New Zealand cleaners
Sue B/catluverhere--note, 4 spring collars, purple cat mug (love this!), 4 paw print hand towels and an awesome kitty printed umbrella
Philip/phil&cleoNJ--For Connie--bunches of Musketeers and 2 big tubs of licorice
Mary H from Archbold--6 boxes of doggie snackers
Sally H/eaglespirit from WI--poptabs for Kellen, Easter gift for Kellen, Kerstyn & Kendra, 2 packs of PB cookies, bag of M & M milk chocolate, 2 bags of bird seed for the wildbird, 3 bags of Fancy Feast dry food, gift for Livy, Amy and Judy S, touchy feely puppy and kitty books
Janet B from FL--case of fancy feast gravy, case of fancy feast chicken and one of turkey/giblets too
Karl T/2catsdad from MI with Comet & Gizmo--a wonderful leter written by Comet with pictures of both cats, stamps, dry erase markers, rubber patch kit for Gallant's collars, duct tape, squirrel cob bungie, doggie snackers, kitty snackers, salmon, bottle of catnip spray, kitty play tub, catnip toys, toys, toys!
Aunty Julie P--Easter card for Magenta & friend, walmart gift card for Magenta, stamps, pop tabs for Kellen, doggie snackers, greenies for kitties Greens to Grow, 12 bags of kitty snackers, 15 cans of sardines and can of cat nip
Anonymous Friend--16 lbs of Friskies dry cat food
Cheri B--receiving blankies and baby wash cloths for the kittens, 6 book set of Warriors
Millie C/cogomodo--a note, 8 kitty turquoise mats and lots and lots of hand crocheted spiral toys made by her elderly neighbors and self
Arizona_Angel--box of medical supplies--thanks!
Kikimycat/Ellen--envelopes to go with some notecards
Jill A from IN--a day visitor--baby food jars, 2 lysol wipes, bleach, gallon of vinegary and kitten formua food

Suzann/tilliecat & Tommy--your 3 sets of kuranda bed towers arrived yesterday. They are a 2 unit, a 7 unit and a 6 unit. They are already put together, thanks to Angie and Bill, the professional kuranda putter-togethers there could be! The Covies will love their nice new clean beds!

Please know that if I ever miss anyone's donation, let me know. I so try not to make this mistake, but I know I do at times. I would appreciate a reminder, as I truly do not want to be negligent. 

We had an update from PetFinders. The top 13 cats that were looked at last week: Badu, Dove, Maui, Betz, Goodness, Willard, Preakness, Buckeye, Spruce, Darilyn, Farrah, Octavia and Zelda.

Please remember to vote! I am very appreciative of the time that it takes to vote. We are still ahead, the margin is still tight, but I know we can do this! Thanks for your support. 

Big thanks to Amy and Joni who are still painting! They're bound and determined to get the biggest of the rescue rooms done--the Kitty Campus Room. It's going to be so nice. We love the "butterfly colors" and can't wait to be able to put it all together when it's time. 

Our sweetie Montana! He's a lot of fun and sure does like to be petted!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday, March 29

Dig, dig, dig, then pour lots and lots of concrete! The construction has started. The footers are dug, the concrete poured and is now setting. Dion was back again today, to use the bobcat to level the ground around the construction. On Tuesday, The floor will be leveled for the building, and the concrete truck will come again.  He estimated the end of May for all to be done.

Well, we have now heard more of Jack's story. His "auntie" Ronnie called yesterday and filled us in with more information. Apparently Jack made a stop at a condo in 1991 or 1992 and the family ended up keeping him. His mom's name is Ruth. Jack has stayed with Ruth in a semi-care facility for 4 years, but once she went into the full-care, he couldn't stay any longer. Ruth is now 90 years old. His dad loved Jack and would build climbing toys and bouncy toys for him to play with. Ruth and Ronnie will be on the came sometime on Easter to see Jack.

We had BOXES last night. The cats and I are ever so grateful for your kindness.
The Bubbas--Case of Friskies Pate, ping pong toy balls, case of Appetizers, Bonito flakes, tuna, sardines, kitty snackers and a lemon cat nip toy
Tom & Gillian from UK--8 boxes of Bondi licks and 3 hanging little animal toys
Wisccatmom/Rita--Easter card, Whisker lickens, tub of red licorice & 2 black licorice, Star burst jelly beans
Brenda C/catonic_cajun
10 packages of Temptation treats, 10 packages of Party Mix
Charlotte/Brutus4 from Canada--3 scripture spirit lifter cards, BD card,rainbow book mark, crocheted cross with flowers
Camille C from CA--envelope full of coupons
Laura/medic & mom Belinda--BD card and an Amazon gift card
Sherry & Dave W from NY--Easter Card and a special Hi to David
Annette B from NC with Flynn, Lucky & Kelsie--BD card and glycerin hand therapy
Jane B from PA-Thank you card, gift card to Walmart in memory of Keith M, an animal lover
Susan TC from Defiance--donation
Carole O from CA--coupons
Colleen P from CA00coupons
Nicki M--lots of Temptation snackers and 2 onderful bowl bed scratchers
Oilsandsgirl--an S shaped cardboard lounger and scratcher
Joni R/catlady310--is our visitor, she brought lots of goodies--chicken looking cupcakes (!), mini cheesecakes, peanut butter decorated cupcakes (she always brings yummies!)

Here's three sites you may want to visit! 
Welcome for New
Recent arrivals at

I would like to bring up a subject. Please, when the volunteers are here at the Rescue Center, realize that they may be so busy that they might not have time to chat. Please also don't ask questions like--"Does Jacci know that you're doing that?" or "Did Jacci say to do that?"  Most of these volunteers have been here for many years and they know what they're doing! I appreciate that consideration. Again, I realize that 99% of the chatters would never say these things. I always appreciate that you care about our volunteers!

Joni is here as a visitor and is taking on a major painting job. Amy, who is on a school Easter break, is also helping with this project. The Kitty Campus Room is being painted--the colors are Magenta Mist and Cleopatras Gown. (Where do they come up with these names?!!) This room will be our butterfly room!

Our newbie cat, Louis is doing good. He's now out and about and is settling  in. Joni took Louis and Willard to Kitty Kastle last night. Both did super good! I've heard again from Micah's mom--all is well. She DOES want a second cat. My choice is for Macallan. She likes orangies and Micah has always been good with Macallan. A good mix! 

Our sweet little Bev will be leaving us soon for her new home!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday March 28

Gallant went to the vet's office yesterday for another laser treatment on his burn wound. I am honestly quite impressed with the difference already. It looks healthier, pinker and smaller--exactly what we want to see! He goes again tomorrow for a third treatment. Pania will also be going along to have the pressure read in her eyes.This will help determine what is going on with her eyes. Another reason for those little kitties, when they have eye infections, to get them treated, so they don't end up with "Pania eyes". 

The kitties are growing like weeds, as my mom always says! They look healthy and are ever so playful. Solee just came around the corner, bounding about 2 feet in the air! I love watching this girl play. When she gets excited about her toys, it turns her legs into springs! And she has pretty good control of them! Sprint is doing great. He's gaining weight. We're also dealing with an ear infection with Sprint. 

My new desk buddy this week has been Spruce--he's the designated mouse watcher! Most of the cats will lay down on my desk, but not Spruce. The taller he can make himself and more of a visual block to me, the better! No wonder everything takes me more time to work, but I love it! 

We sent out more packages and boxes yesterday from our sales on Monday night. Still have more to get sent on their way! Many thanks to those who have donated items to put into the Cove, for when the guys come back to spend the spring/summer and fall! It's going to be so nice for their return! 

We had BOXES last night! I'm always grateful for this support!
Nan K from UK--4 beautiful handmade ruffled scarves to sell (more on this later!)
Maggie J from MA with her kitties--BD card and a beautiful pawprint necklace (extra thanks!)
RS--3 containers Lysol wipes, Fancy Feast Appetizers, Ribbon stick toys, tubo track toy & refill and 12 bottles of Dian liquid soap
Judy from NE--Paddy card, cat nip rings and lots of other really nice, fun toys!
Widdletigger--case of kitty face wipers, bag of Wellness Kitten dry, case of Wellness canned and 4 cans of KMR
Ninjamommy--Fancy Feast grilled food for Maui, one of Maui's favorites.
Anonymous Friend--case of app0etizers Sea bass & shrimp
Tracey T from MD--4 cans of Petite Cuisine cat food, big bag of Ultimate beach party "p0arty mix" snackers, Royal Canin samples, note pad, Fancy Feast Gravy, BUtterfly/star/baby/stickers and coupon for Royal Canin food and pictures of her Katie Cat and Keesha
Caren F--Easter snackers for volunteers and lots of plastic eggs to be filled!
FFRC Baby fur kids and helpers--a wonderful, wonderful card and letter from our kitties and also LOTS of hand knitted blankies for individual rooms, made with chenile yarn
Cyndi N from OH--card and letter, PM doggie snackers, kitty snackers, huge bag of M&M peanut, case of Sheba (for Magenta), case of Fancy Feast medlies, Fancy Feast gravy lovers, Purrfectly Chicken, Roy Canin kitten,and a case of Fancy Feast morning Medley.  Big bag of handmade beautiful tissue holders, coin purses and key fobs!
Tigerct54/Julie P--a big crate pad for nappies, 2 cat dancers, 2 cases of Tiki cat food and a bunch of can "koozies" for the volunteers
Ann/Kikocat and Sean P from PA (Penn & Tellers hoomins)--card and a nice note with framed Derecho picture in is Derecho shirt (love it!), TP, kitty snackers, big package of scotch sponges, Meow Mix packets, bag of kitty balls, Appetizers, Friskies cans, Fancy Feast Morning Medley cans and a 36 count Pringles for volunteers
Lucy O/LucyToons--BD card
Beth A--musical Easter card (wonderful world)
Jean & fur babies Alexandrai & Pincess--musical chicken BD & a Cat BD card, donation to FFRC
Michelle/Crittercat from Conn--BD card
Joseph V--a donation to FFRC, thru PayPal

I just got a phone call from Jack's mom's daughter, Ronnie! This is just amazing. It turns out that Jack is even OLDER than we thought. Jack found his way to his owner's condo in 1991 or 1992 and he was already an adult. For the benefit of him being younger, let's say it was 1992. That makes Jack 21 years old. Simply amazing. The last four years he's been living with his mom in an assisted living facility. She had to progress to a full care and could no longer stay with her, hence his trip here. On Easter, his mama, Ruth, will be visiting Ronnie. They will call, so we can show Jack on the cam. 

Do you know what happened a year ago today? Our "P" kittens were born. The "P"'s were: Purrgeron, Purrdue, Purrby, Purrida, Purrkins and Purresa (the mama). 

It's time to tell you all about our latest plans. As many of you "oldster viewes" know, we always do a big construction project in the spring, in anticipation of the Catathon. The building company we work with, likes to get our construction done in the spring, so it's done for the Catathon! This is a family owned business and we think the world of them. This year's project: We are building on an extension to Thumper's Room. As it is, Thumper's Room can only hold a small amount of kitties/cats. When we keep getting new ones in, the time is often rushed to get them out of there and into the main area. This extension will allow us to keep them better quarantined! We're so excited about this new area. It'll have an archway from the existing Thumper's Room into the extended area.

The second part of this is a Mailing Room. I cannot wait for this to be done--it will be a HUGE help to us. Right now, I have "things" everywhere in my house that we use for sales, Catathon, mailing boxes, tape, sale items, boxes of envelopes, etc. It amounts to a lot of things! In the Mail Room, we'll have lots of storage shelves, tables and counters to work on, a desk, and a door towards the driveway to get the boxes/envelopes to a vehicle (no more going thru 4 doors to get to the parking lot! I'm very excited and grateful for these two new areas. The digging begins TODAY! Footers are being dug as I type! 

Derecho getting ready for a nap--complete with pillow and blankie!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weds., March 27

Micah went to his new home yesterday. He had his special blankies and his catnip mat and his special turkey food. He seemed relaxed and agreeable to his new situation. When I left, he was on the table looking out the window at the bird feeders. One last pet and I left. I will check today to see how he is doing. 

Thanks to Angie and Amy for helping to pack up the mega orders yesterday. We were able to pack up about 75% of the orders! Today more will be packed and sent out. 

We have a new cat that arrived this past Saturday. His name is Louis and he's a young 10 month old brown tiger. He's so cute, with a little tuft of fur that sticks up on his one ear. He was found in a neighborhood where he had not been before. He's a nice kitty and loves to be held. Connie D, our volunteer, rescued him. Soon he will be here in the main area and making friends with the other cats.

Our new resident cat, Jack, is simply wonderful. He had a bit of a bad moment last night. His room door was open, he walked right on out, was exploring, but then a couple cats got too close and were nosy and that caused a small melt down. We got him back in his room and within a couple minutes he was cool and calm and laying on his blue rug again. We'll try more "out and about" with Jack soon. Kathy was in his room last night painting and he was so very interested in what she was doing. We all just love him and giving him lots of TLC. 

Today Gallant and Emaline go to our vet's office for another laser treatment. I am amazed at the healing that is accelerated from his first laser treatment. And Emaline's nose--wow! That big scab came off and the tissue under it looks pinkish! So, today another treatment, followed up with a third treatment on Friday. That Gallant....what can I say?! He's so much fun. He swaggers around here, yet plays like a kitten! 

I walked into the Kabana Room yesterday and who should I see on top of the palm tree? Pania. At first I thought she was sleeping, but on second look, she was resting and waiting for a "help down". She got up but couldn't quite figure out how to get down. What a brave, brave girl she is. There's practically nothing that she won't try. 

Charmaine is doing wonderful. Her fur is growing back. Cutie and Charmaine have been sharing the big red poof together lately! Nice to see that. Charmaine is also becoming a kitty-bather! TIzzie and Tabitha are two of a kind--both ornery, both super inquisitive and so sweet! Usually wherever there is action, you'll see both of these girls involved! 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26

We still have snow on the ground, but the next few days promise of 40's and 50's sounds really nice. The cats and kittens have been watching out the windows. There's been lots of bird action. Can't wait to see what they'll think about the boats being on the river, across the road, this summer! All three of the CH cats now have it figured out how to get on the window shelf. Sometimes they use the ramp, sometimes the stool!

We had our Monday night sale of many items last night--the leggydew and Angie too blankies, the book from Diane Dippelhofer, scarves, cat bowl beds and the catnip pads. We still have quite a few of the leggydew/angie blankies left, which we will get to sometime soon. I'd like to say a special thanks to all that purchased these items. This sale was fun and very effective for FFRC. Another special thanks to Angie, Amy and Shannon for helping me last night. And a big big thanks to the moderators who were terrific. Other than a couple little glitches, this went off very smoothly. We tried a couple new things this time and all in all, it was successful. I know there was not enough items to reach out to all who wanted them. The reason we do these sales like how we do them?? It's easy! It saves me alot of time! If we put them in our store, we would have to take dozens and dozens of pictures. This way, the sale is done and we can pack everything up all in one day and send it out! We're trying our best to make it as accessible to as many people as possible. The feedback has been very good and so in the future, we would do this again. Be on the watch for the next leggydew/angie blankies, coming up soon! We may also have a few other surprises too!

We also had BOXES last night too! I am grateful for the support.
Ellen N/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--mega bags of kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast, bag of great kitty toys, and 2 mountain t-shirts for Jacci and Cheri!
ColoEagle--funflyers--4 hand embroidered pillow cases to auction off, 2 boxes of Sheba and 12 containers of Meow mix wet food
Mindy/mbstarr and fur babies Taz, Camry and Nestle--case of Easy "Macellen"roni for Kitty Kastle (another cat name!, and 3 tins of yummy "Georgia{" Peach cookies
Shannon H--lots and lots of kitty snackers
Mls9690--a big yellow banana bed that is so adorable
Kathy J--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lorna G--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Karen C from MA--donation for FFRC
Kim K from MI--a donation in honor of her sister Kelly's birthday, from her four spoiled kitties!

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Jack and he is now a permanent resident of FFRC. He is 20 years old, but sure looks awesome! He's a big big boy. His mama had to go into a care facility and needed a new home. How hard this must've been for her and for Jack. I've also heard from Jack's mom's caretaker who also loved him. She says he's an awesome boy, loves to be petted and brushed. We will take good care of our new friend and hope his life here is a good one. 

Every morning when I sit at my desk, I have Paddy Purr beside me on the cat furniture. Without looking, I always know that it is him---I can hear him snoring! Such a cutie! And almost always Asha is sleeping beneath him. 

We have the Welcome Room (our office) all painted now. Just have to finish the shelves and put them up. Yesterday, Joyful came over to check us out and brushed up on the peachy color and got alot of it on her. Today though we were able to get it all brushed out. Bondi is doing good. There's no doubt she's losing a bit of weight and some days seems disoriented a bit. But, she's doing pretty good for being so old. Maybe her and Jack will become friends! 

This morning, I will be taking Micah with me. I have an appointment on the east side of town, where the person who has been wanting Micah lives. So, I'll take him with me, deliver him to his new mama and stay a bit to see how things go, then will go to my appointment. This lady is very excited about having Micah. 

Micah--will be going to his new home today! Such a handsome cat.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday March 25

Just a reminder today, folks about our "After BOXES Sale".  It'll begin........right after boxes!! We have some items that we would love to offer to you. These items have a set price. We are limited on quantity, so it'll be first ask, first get type of thing. We will hold up the items, take your name and put a tag on that particular item for you. This will be done on the chat--so be sure to sign in as a chatter, so you can get your wish known. Can pay by check or PayPal.  We did this a couple weeks ago, and it came off just fine. Please be polite, know that we have limited quantities and be extra polite to the moderators! We can have a lot of fun at this and move alot of our inventory this way....we need the space to start getting ready for the Catathon.
Leggydew $10    effort by Leggygal and Dewitty
Catnip pads--$15   handmade, beautiful designs, by Maggie J from MA
Book--$15   Cat "Tails" to Soothe the Soul, by Diane Dippelhofer. A paperback book about cats/people dealing with disabilities. It's wonderful!
Scarves--$13  handmade, so very nice, made by Holly W   Mostly blues, 1 tan

I had said that all items will be under $15, but then I realized we have a few cat bowl beds still left. These are for $20 and we'll hold these up as well.
All prices includes shipping. 

See you tonight for some fun! Because of this coming weekend and it being a glorious Easter weekend, we will not have our weekly auction.

PS--all is fine with the kitties! Doce was adopted yesterday by Caryn and family. The entire family was in agreement that Doce was needed by them. It was so evident when they arrived that Doce missed them--he gave the girls and Caryn purrs, kisses and just melted in their arms! So happy!  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday, March 24

What a busy day yesterday was. Our surgeries went just fine. All have recovered very nicely, very quickly. They were all already bouncing around last night. Those that were done: Bev, Weeja, Doce, Sequoia, Static, Mach, Whisk and Snappy--two girls, six boys. All their physicals were good too. 

Dr. Darcy also gave a physical to Polo--passed just perfectly! She also examined Solee--good physical. Pania was looked at too--her right eye is noticeably enlarged and more so than her last exam. We will keep a watch on this and monitor for pain. If she would have to have this eye removed, it's really ok, as she cannot see with it anyway. Such a happy girl! Cozarelii was also given a physical. Sadly, he has two broken top canine teeth (a week ago they were fine). This means he probably took a hard enough whack to his head to break them. We filed the sharp edges off--should be just fine now. The bigger thing is that he has a grade 3/4 (out of 6) heart murmur. This too will just be monitored for any symptoms of this--none are showing now and may never cause a problem.

Gallant was also examined. Dr. Darcy brought the picture of his burn from 3 weeks ago. It has noticeably improved! She also brought the laser equipment with her--it promotes healing, especially good for helping reduce inflammation (wounds, arthritis, etc.) We used this on Gallant's wound and I was so so pleasantly surprised this morning--the area is very much better. It's more pink and shows further signs of healing! So pleased. We also used the laser on Emaline's nose--always her most sore area. The ugly scab that was on it is gone this morning--came off and the skin under it is pink--not angry red! What a remarkable thing. I'm so happy for both Gallant and Emaline!

Our auction was done last night--with wonderful results. Jacksmom won the final bid at $235 for Afghan A (green/tan/grey). Angelkitty/Sharon & Mike won the final bid for Afghan B at $450 (granny squares). I want to thank you for these fantastic bids. Also a big thanks to all that participated--67 bids placed by approximately 19 different people. Thanks to Holly and Pat for making these afghans and to Faithy who rounded up the 2 winning bids to make an even $700. 

We would like to invite everyone to our Monday night's BOXES. After BOXES, we're going to have even more fun! The Leggydew blankies are in. We have taken out the blankies that we had orders for and they will be going out to you the beginning of the week. We still have lots of blankies to show you. But, we also have other things to add. 
Catnip pads--that were donated last week by Maggie J. These are really nice--very well made and catnippy for your cat! There are approximately 18 of these. The material is very pretty and cat-pleasing! 
Books--Called "Cat "Tails" to Soothe the Soul" by Diane Dippelhofer. Diane donated a dozen of these to FFRC to sell. They are also autographed and have 7 great stories about the challenges we all face at different times and how our cats may understand better than we do how to resolve these human dilemmas!
Scarfs--we have 6 more beautifully made scarfs that we will show you, most in blue tones   
And then, of course, the Leggydew blankies!  
All items will be sold outright--all items have a specific price, but all are $15 or under, including shipping. We'll have some fun with this and are grateful for the opportunity to do this. Please join us! 

We had BOXES last night!  Grateful, grateful--that's what we are!
German Siggi from FL--case of Friskies pate, case of Nine Lives, Fancy Feast grilled and Friskies filets, bag of Purina dry food and a big jug of cat litter
Hannah from IN--our young friend that we love! Easter card, Easte poster made by Hannah, case of Friskies Sensations, big bag of Reeses candies and an Easter basket with lots of kitty snackers
Karen C from KS--BD card, donation for FFRC in memory of Sissy, their 16 year old siamese and a donation for BD
Mindy B/Mbstarr, Taz, Camry and new baby Nestle--BD card and pictures of kitties
Phil & Judeanlee from OH--Easter card. Phil was a day visitor--I don't know who enjoyed it more--the cats or Phil! Thanks for your visit! 
Pat K from NY--BD card and donation
Tammy P from MO--BD card and donation
Jan S from MN--thank you card, a very nice letter and a donation
Catcruzer--butterflyf BD card with note
Mary S from FL--BD card and donation
Susie M & the zoo crew--beautiful handmade card by granddaughter Jannika, singing BD card and a donation
Pat B--donation to FFRC thru Paypal

I would also like to thank all those that have sent me e-mail birthday cards--so very sweet and kind of you. I have enjoyed them very much. To everyone, whenever your birthdays are--have a very joyous celebration! 
Many thanks to you all for your support whether it be by $$ donations, material donations, votes, ad clicks, 
 prayers, moral support, being a volunteer--there are so many ways and I'm so thankful. You are important to this Rescue Center. 

Please remember to pre-order your 2013 FFRC cookbook II, if interested! The cost is $28 for US orders and $33 outside the US. The cookbook has over 650 new recipes, new sections and lots more pictures of the resident kitties. This is the site:

The best desk cat today goes to Betz--what a loverbug--constantly rubbing on my face and arms. She's a sweetie. Would love to see her get a home. We now have Weeja and Bev on hold. The Covies and Porchies are all doing great. The Porchies got their Friday afternoon run-about and was happy to explore their farmyard. In April, they'll be going back to their spring/summer/fall home--the Cat's Cove.

Many thanks to volunteer Amy! We have begun the next room to be given a painting facelift! The Welcome Room office is having the window trim, door frames and cat shelves painted. Just for the price of 2 quarts of  paint, it'll be all spruced up. The colors are Carolina Inn Peach and Catamaran (a soft green). The office cats approve!  Please remember to vote on this day for FFRC!

Montana--an awesome cat. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday, March 23

Today is surgery day. Dr. Darcy will be arriving early morning. We will be doing 8 surgeries. Bev and Weeja are the only two girls. We'll also do Doce, Sequoia, Static, Mach, Whisk and Snappy. The cats that will have a physical is Polo, Cozarelii and Solee. Sprint will also be examined. Gallant will have his burn looked at and compared (by pictures) to what it looked like 3 weeks ago.  A busy morning!

We received our PetFinder report. The top 12 cats looked at were: Badu, Maui, Farrah, Buckeye, Dove, County, Octavia, Cypress, Preakness, Willard, Tabitha and then Spruce.Wonderful cats!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thank yous.
PhilandCleoNJ--oh my goodness, the best cupcakes in the world arrived. Peanut butter and chocolate on chocolate. Thanks Phil!  Give Cleo a hug.
Mary T/mrssnappy--3 packages of Chips Ahoy peanut butter cookies (very yummy)
Cachemaine and Trudy (her mom) and fur kitties--8 kitty blankets, handmade by Trudy. One special one for Static. Pop tabs for Kellen
RoseSF56/Rose & Rich and fur kitties--BD card, stamps and 2 cans of Friskies
Judy M--Handmade cards and poster of Kitty Kabana, pictures and articles from other shelter, kitty wipes, kitty snackers, big yellow lady bug blankie and a sea shell/anchors blankie
Katrina T/kitkat from Kansas and fur kitties--postie notes, BD card, stickers, and a book called Uncle John Bathroom Read, Cat Lovers Companion.
Ann & Carol (adcat) from UK--pop out kittie BD card, a really neat Pet Stages toy, clown pants tunnel that krinkles and a sign--Spoiled rotten cats on Board!
Laurie/Felinetoyz from WA--Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain  (I love books, will have some more good reading)
Eaglespirit--Purple t-shirt with a heart paw from the Animal Rescue (love it!)
Pat B/furkitty & Ellen N/cathouze--2 kitties choice tuna can beds (the kittens love these)
Anonymous Friend from cases of Friskies (poultry and seafood)
Anonymous friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Chris B--4 gallons of white vinegar
Anonymous Friend--BD card with purple blankie, socks and a Tuxie BD kitty (very sweet!) and a donation for Jacci & Steve (we both thank you!), Big book of Cats, Easter basket full of grilled tuna, kitty toys and eggs filled with snackers, Filet Mignon treats for Camie & Janie, 2 doggie toys, 2 nice blankies, wash cloths, green blankie, 2 monkey blankies, kitty flag banners, 2 XS air collars and 1 small air collar, Ghiradelli peppermint bark, 2 tea boxes for Amy, basket with pretty towel for Ada Jane, 2 orange rugs and a blue rug Wow--thanks so much!
Anonymous Friend--14 bath soft towels--pink. light lue, magenta, navy, red, blue, royal blue
Conii G and her 2 kitties--BD card with a gift card to Applebees and a purple paw mug.  kitty snackers, ba6 bags of Doves candies!, 2 boxes of Rice Krispie treats, big stuffed bunny for the pink/blue room. Also vests for the CH cats. 2 for Solee, 1 for Derecho and 1 for Cozarelii--all with their names on them!
Linda S/mls9690--BD card
Karen C/toytown from MA--BD card
Rita and John with Celia and Lulu--BD card made with picures of our ffrc kitties and Doce too
Tara S from OH--BD card with note and donation
Cynthia M/cyndim1 from NY & Patch--BD card
Gloria C and Linda M from GA--BD card and paw points and a donation from each
Joann H/anniecat from KS--BD card
Sonja M/sonjamac--BD card and donation
Chris D/Dewitty--BD card and a donation
Karen W in Ohio--donation in memory of friend Debra's mom
Ron R from CT--Hoops and YoYo card
Gloria K and kitty pets from PA--Easter card, stickers, BD card, donation for FFRC, donation for Jacci/Steve, Easter card for volunteers

Just in case you are wondering, the LeggyDew blankies have not arrived yet! When they do, we'll pull out the orders first, then show them on cam! Be patient! We'll do it!  

The afghan auction is on! It started last night at 6 pm sharp and ends at 6 sharp tonight. The high bidders on these two beautiful afghans will be announced shortly after that. 

All is fine here. I'm so sorry if there's any errors in the gift names--it's been so busy, but I'm trying! Busy morning, so short blog and on to surgeries!  Take care everyone. Please vote--Putter says so, but with a please!  

Pania--we love this girl! She is simply amazing.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, March 22

Macallan is again sleeping on my desk. He makes for a big paperwieght, but it keeps the other cats from pushing my papers off onto the floor! Asha and Georgia have fallen asleep while watching the birds at the feeder. 

We had a change in surgeries yesterday. They didn't get done. Please don't worry about the "whys" and the "because of" thing. They will now be done tomorrow, here at FFRC. Dr. Darcy will be coming in the morning and we'll get all of them done then. 

This blog will be our catch-up blog for thanks yous!

We had BOXES last night and envelopes. A gigantic thanks for all the birthday wishes--meant a lot to me. We certainly have a wonderful group of family/friend viewers. I thank you for this.
Northpole & Haley from MN--Hoops and YoYo BD card
Jackie S/volunteer--BD card
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--BD card
Pat L/sophieandlucys grandma from MI--BD card
Amy B/jobolove and Lemon from MI--BD card and a wonderful charm
Helen M/helmin from UK--BD card
Smudge--BD card
Kelly/Loon2 from ME--BD  Hoops and YoYo
Dorothy V/ellajane from AZ--BD card
Mary/peanut baby--BD card
FaithyMD--BD card and a special j,a,c,c,i poem from our cats here
Lois L/Cats4luvr--BD card "When I am an old cat"
Phil and Judeanlee--Hoops and YoYo BD card
Larry & Carol F from MI--with kitties Boo, Buster and Tippy--BD card
Isabelle H from FL--BD card
Linda V from CA--a handmade BD card!
Gina/Catlvr14 from OH--BD card
Chris W from CA--BD card
Lorraine from DE--BD card
Lynda H/JHerman BD card and donation
Keith/KC in IA--BD card and donation
Janet S and Toby & Harley--BD card and dontion to be used in the redecoration of one of the rooms
Valerie D/Vjdeed from OH--BD card
Kelly S/Kellysong--BD card
Nancy S/nancep0ants--BD card
Jo and Abby, Blue from WI--BD card and donation
Carole from CA--BD card
Colleenp and Jane & Cindy--BD card
Maryann B/thecatsmeow from NY Hoops and Yoyo card and lotto tickets (no luck, but fun!!)
Pauline and Jim from UK--BD card and note
Ruth D/volunteer--BD card
Kittys at FFRC--BD card and visa gift card for a meal for Steve/Jacci
Cherry L from Kansas--BD card
Diana/Bopeep from FL--BD card
Aunty FI & Lilly--BD card and a beautiful cake from Zelda Belda girl! 
Connie S--BD card and picture of Tookie
Colleen MP from CA--BD card and a magnetic page markers and 2 book marks
DBM820 & Bitter and Ginger--BD card
Robin F from PA and Tabby--thank you card and a walmart gift card in memory of coworker Keith M
Adrian, Malcomb & Patch--BD card with picture of Patch, donation thru paypal, a really nice handmade card
Dawn/dawnoregon from OR--BD card, Derecho print with Bob Marley's One Life, donation for FFRC
Joyce D from CA--BD card
Wendi B/wendilin--a beautiful kitty resin statue with a bird
Conii G--6 big bags of snackers, 2 pink & 1 blue kitty pads for the Cat's Corner kitten room, 2 pink kitty blankies
Phil and Cleo--BD bonbon box, chocolate covered strawberries, 3 chesse cakes--all 100% yummy
Julie P/tigercat54--kitty and butterfly decals and another sheet of butterfy decals (will use in Kitty Campus Room)
Jeanette & Furr Haven kitties--BD card and sardines
he BUtterfly class from BElgium--kitty toys made by the children--6 felt kitties with a heart in each, two heart kitties. Book made by teacher with Math with Cats, kitty snackers.  So nice!
Lil --2 cases of Friskies indoor formula
Anonymous friend--4 cases Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul canned food
Diana R--a flower arrangement with 2 violets and butterflies
Joyce SD--a flower arrangement with many multicolored flowers in basket  and two helium balloons
Zora O from AZ--2 cases of Appeizers and a big bag of Royal Canini kitten dry
Ellen E/kikimycat from L--BIG box of large white envelopes, pompom toys, magnetic tape, BD card, honey hard candies, treas for volunteers, washcloths, Mr. Clean erasers, Book "Splat the Cat", postie notes, dry eraser markers, 2 clip boards, pens, inreforcements, mechanical pencils and refills, inkpads and nice storage tins and a kitty pin

We received the two gifted Kuranda bed towers! These are from Sheila H/oilsandgirl and Phyllis W from AZ. They are already put together and in place! Thanks ever so much!

We also received some PayPal donations for the Rescue Cneter:
Julia L and Maria--donation
Janet A from NZ--for Birthday--get something personal
Lana H from IN--use wherever needed
Andreina B from Italy--donation
Margaret H from NC--donation, in honor of Gallant
Isabella H from FL--for birthday
Ingrid S from Netherlands--for birthday
Patch, Malcolm & Adrian in Ireland--for birthday

Remember to check out FFRC's twitter page at:   Thanks to Yvette for handling this account!

Tonight at 6 pm sharp starts the next afghan auctions! We're so excited! The first one (A) was made by Pat, our volunteer that makes the kitty blankies. It's beautiful. It measures 6 feet by 6 feet. The second one (B) was made by  Holly and measures 4 feet by 5 feet. It' s a granny square afghan.        

We've had a few people asking about the wonderful bird feeders that have been provided by Deb11111 for the outside of the Kabana Room. Check out   These feeders will last forever and are so colorful!

Pushkins looking so so cute! 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21

I'd like to say to everyone--thank you very much for making this birthday a very special day. It means a lot to me. I treasure your friendship and your support. It's amazing how many friends we can have--I love it! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. And may I say--whenever your birthday is--hope it's a happy one! 

You won't believe this, but Cozarelii just jumped up 3 1/2 feet to a cat shelf and turned around (very wobbly) and then laid down and is looking about--very still and calm and very pleased with himself. Made me gasp--but he's so happy being up so high. 

Today is the day I go to Fort Wayne to take our kittens (minus Sprint) to the veterinary tech school. Because of this, my morning time is very very short, so this blog will be short. But, I had to give thanks to you all for the boxes and envelopes from last night. I am grateful to you.

Volspeach/suzi--big bags of candy for all to share!! A beautiful suncatcher, hand painted cats, a special silver bell charm. Also 2 willow statues--one for friendship and one for healing. I love them--thanks!
FunFlyers--Bonnie, Kim, Linda, CHeryl and Deb--birthday card and 3 gift cards for Bob Evans
BIll & Dawn S from OH--BD card and donation to Feliz Navidad fund
Lewbeth, Laurie and Betsy from MA--BD card and a donation from each
Blanche M from MA--BD card
Kitties of FFRC--a mamma Jacci BD card
Eaglespirit from WI--Derecho Heart vote sign, and a walmart gift card for 2 boxes of litter
Mary H from OH--BD card and a donation
Mimi from FL--BD card and a VIsa gift card
Cyndi, Dick & Sasha from AZ--Easter card and a Gift card from Walmart
Kay B/Kznco--Bill Bell art card and a donation
FFRC kitties--BD card with pictures of FFRC cats inside
Donna S/Napa from MA--BD card that plays "Rock You"
Gordan & Nancy/Luv4cats--BD card, Easter card, 2 boxes of bandaids and 2 Nyla Bone Play action cat toys
Eartheyes/Margaret from NC--BD card Peace Tree, bag of leopard clips, sheet of stamps, special rock, Jungle animal tshirt, Book "Lion Blue" (very special)
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of Appetizers, case of Reeses sardines and a case of Friskies
Kim/Hapycamper--case of Fancy Feast seafood, case of Friskies
Sherry & David W from NY--BD card and gift card for the movies, and a wonderful painting of kitty Rusy by David--a real treasure
Kathy J/KatandBuster--case of Appetizers and a case of Friskies
Widdletigger--lots and lots of awesome toys--angry birds-catnip tomato-rainbow, banana and kitty collars for picture taking
Philip/PhilnCleoNJ--BD card Hoops & YoYo--lots of yummy candy, bandaids, Cashew, Donut house coffe Keurig, Dand Keurig milk chocolate
TIgercat/Julie--butterfly decals and Glow in the Dark butterflies for Kitty Campus Room
Octavia and helper--Octavia went shopping again! Almonds, almond clusters, Charelston Chews, KitKats, toys, 3 cans of squeeze cheese and LOTS of Salmon, sardines, chicken and can clams
Ellen & Pat and pictures of their pets!--feather wand for Derecho, 2 bags of ball toys, kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, Bowl scratcher bed, box of exam gloves, flash light, grooming sissors, knife for Steve and one for Jacci!  (always useful!)
Twiggymom & Twiggy/tippytoes & Hipsy Gypsy)--Spring/Easter card, 9 inch styrofoam plates, 5 packs of 6 inch styrofoam plates, poptabs for Kellen, lots and lots of Easter decorations which we already have put up here, there and everywhere!
Anonymous Friend--Box of Appetizers
Anonymous Friend--a garden memory stone for Buffy
Deb11111-beautiful, wonderful, awesome birdfeeders for outside the windows of the Kabana Room. We'll get these up after the sidewalk is in!!
Maryann O/Merry_Marvin from CA--(and Peanut Baby)--2 towels, kitty snackers, Hershey's drops candies, chocolate kitty animal cookies, a beautiful yellow and orange snuggy blankets, and lots of toys for the cats.
ColoradoEagle--30 cans of KMR for baby season!
Maggie J/Margaret, Nickie and Frankie from MA--St Paddys card with note, donation in memory of her kitty Mckenzie, lots and lots of kitty snackers, and many toys (cats will love them), 2 orange baby heaters, new chirping toys and 20 awesome handmade cat nip Nappers (these are really nice!) to be used for selling or adoptions, whatever we want!
Tom & Nancy G/Kerswill and Amber & Domino--BD card and a Hoops and YoYo phone holder!!
Amy D from PA and Stripe, Storm & Gizmo--a letter, coupons, gel stickers for windows in Kitty Kabana, pictures of kitties, and a gift for Connie
Ron & Chris T and Hannah from OH--card and 3 nice kitty kitchen towels
Patricia M/shomor5 from IL--BD card, Angel of peace pin, donation
Bonnie--volunteers--BD card
Baby Mach--BD card to mama Jacci
Iona and Faye from NE--Donation and a note
Diane D from MI--donation and a BD card
Barbara F--former volunteer--BD card
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Teresa S and Jean, Sparky, Violet and Lilly from IL--BD card Hoops & YoYo
Gallant--BD card and a thank you card !!!  So sweet!
Jackie B from FL and Simba & Abby--BD card Hoops and YoYo
Betty W from VA and Samantha kitty-Donation for Birthday dinner and a donation for FFRC and BD card

Please excuse me if I haven't gotten everything 100% correct! The bottom line is though, I am very grateful for you all. You make a huge difference to me and this Rescue Center.  

Cozarelii is still on his shelf, looking quite smug! The kittens are running crazy. Sprint continues to eat good and we've been petting Joyful more and more! Solee is here beside me playing with her most loved toy--the coil springs. She really goes after them. Very nice to watch her play. Little Whisk was on the cat wheel yesterday, really making it spin. Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing great--like they've never been gone. 

Vote, vote, vote!!  Thanks!

Static--such a happy boy. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weds., March 20

Happy first day of Spring! Winter weather is just about done and those wonderful warm days will soon be upon us! I told the cats that today is Spring and I don't think they understood what I meant. I think they must've thought I meant coil-springs, cause they've been jumping, running, springing about all morning! Such a lot of fun to watch. No one would ever need TV if they have a few cats to watch play! 

Sprint, our sicky kitten from last week, is quickly getting better. He is now out and about with the rest of them. He looks much smaller than his siblings, but he's gaining. His backbones are showing from him being sick, but his tummy is now bulging! You can tell by looking at him that he's feeling better! What a wonderful thing. 

Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing wonderful. They are now also out and about. They have sure caused a ruckus amongst the cats--has doubled the playtime bouncing around! They look so much alike. Pushkiss is a tad bigger than Pushkins. 

Many thanks to:
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal for Gallants food and meds
Debra D--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Renee C/jakesmeowmommy--an Amazon gift card for food (has been ordered)
Ingrid S from Netherlands--a donation in memory of Twinkle

Tomorrow I will be taking the baby boy kittens to Fort Wayne to a veterinary school. They will take care of our kittens for overnight and do some lab work on them, including a CBC and their second Leukemia/FIV tests, a fecal stool sample and a vet check up. The students will be doing this under the supervision of two vets. This will also give them a chance to learn how to properly hold a kitten for blood draws. This vet care will be done at no charge for FFRC. I will then go up on Friday to bring them home. Sprint of course, will not be going. 

Gallant had his burn wounds cleaned again yesterday--getting smaller and smaller. Pania is discovering new ways to make us all gasp--she's going higher and higher. But, she always finds her way down again safely. Charmaine's fur is starting to grow back--she's such a wonderful cat and so beautiful. 

Please remember to vote! It's at  We now have 39 days left--we're finally under 40 days! The countdown is coming! We're still in first place, with a .20% lead.  So so close. Thanks for your votes! You are appreciated. 

The Kabana bed box on the bottom of the palm tree in the Kabana Room is being well used. They like to go in and rush out at the passer-bys. There's 6 cats on the window ledges watching the birds. We have robins again and they don't mind the cats watching them. Weeja and Static are running by with a shared toy in their mouths--so funny to watch them! Love these cats! 

We will have another afghan auction this Friday 6 pm to Saturday 6 pm. We have two beautiful "pieces of art" to auction off. The first one (A) is green, tan and grey. It's made by Wendi B and is 6' by 6'.  It has a zig-zag pattern.  The second one (B) is a granny square afghan that is 4' x 5'. It's made by Holly. Take a look on our facebook chatters page. We'll do the $1 to $20 bid allotments again. This seems to work the best. We've had fun with these and hope you have to! 
Spruce by FoFRCphoto
Sleepy  Spruce! He's part of the woodie-litter of cats.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 19

Oh, happy day! Sprint is feeling better! His little tongue is still very sore, but this kitty is a fighter--he wants to survive and is doing it! He is now eating much better, although I'm still supplementing him a couple times a day. He's played a little bit this morning and isn't napping quite as much. Recovery--here he comes! The big thing is, he wants to play with everyone else!!That time is getting closer!

Doce is back. He's grown, but is still very much a kitty. He looks wonderful and I'm sure he misses Caryn and the girls. He joined right back into the group, but I'm sure he's dreaming of Kellen at night (his bedtime friend!). We also had the return of our Pushtwins yesterday. The family took very good care of them. When they were adopted, the mom wasn't working, but now is putting in 10 hours a day. She also said they both have a sneeze, so it's hard to keep up with the cleaning with the new work schedule. So...they are back, as they should be if the family cannot keep them. We have them on an antibiotic and l-lysine. They should be able to go back up for adoption soon. Right now they are in Cat's Corner Room but will be out soon. They've grown, but still kittyish!

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks are given to you. 
Mindy/mbstarr and Tazz & Camry--Blue "Raza" berry blow pops (another cat candy!)
ColleenP--case of Fancy Feast kitten food and a can of KMR powder
Brenda C/Catatonic_cajun--For the oldsters: 2 cases of Friskies Senior can food 
Anonymous friend--big bag of CHicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul dry food
Anonymous Friend--5 Appetizers (Sprint is eating this with eagerness!)
Marilyn S/madisonpepper and fur babies Serena, Pepper, Madison, Christmas & Michael--BD card, assortment of lots of different kinds of cat food--Blue, Halo, Natural Ultra mix, Wellness, etc--lots!
Widdletigger--case of Charmin toilet paper
Maggie/magspa--15 hand crocheted cat bowl beds of a variety of colors, each with 3 pads. For Magenta: one of the cat bowl beds in magenta color, 5 cans of sardines, slippers for Connie and crocheted butterflies for the Kitty Campus Room  These cat bowl beds are beautiful!
Tom P from NJ--BD card
Susie P/Pinkybear from Quebec and her two kitties--21 bags of treats (freeze dried meats) which some were promptly stolen and ate (some of the bags!).  3 sets of butterfly decals for the Kitty Campus Room, donation and BD card
Alleycat from FL--BD card
Allen C from UT--donation for FFRC
Donna M/mkmouse--Hoops & yoyo BD card and donation
Ellen H/abqcat from NM---BD card and donation
Linda K/wyoeaglefan from WY--BDc ard and donation
Lois L & Missy from IA--BD card, Hoops & Yoyo
Susan M/daydreamz from IA--BD card
Helen B from Germany--BD card
Sandra E--BD card, Hoops and YoYo and a gift card to the movies for Steve and me!!
Beth C--BD card and donation
KarenaL from PA--BD card
Gail & Bob and Rocky from PA--BD card, donation for FFRC and donation for the Moss family
Friend of kitties--BD card for Mama Jacci
Holly from MI--BD card and gift for Steve & Jacci
Selkie & Blue & Misty too from Canada--BD card and a donation
Judy R from FL--BD card from all the feather and furry friends at FFRC
Phylis B/kittiesmom from MI--BD card
Ron R from CT--musical card for St. Patricks Day
Carolyn W/cwall from OH--a beautiful homemade birthday card
Kathie/kathie3103 & John S from FL--BD card and donation
Nikka/Sherry--BD card and donation

Sometimes I sit back and watch the chat. It always pleases me when I see people say thank you to other chatters and use Please when they ask something. In this world of techy stuff, it's sometimes difficult to "read" each other--we have no facial expressions or vocal tones to really express our words. So, when I hear this polite chat, it pleases me so much. Thank you. And at Boxes, it's wonderful to glance at the chat to see all the Thank Yous being given. I hope and pray that we never get so caught up in this computer world, that we forget there are actual people connected to those names. Thanks to our chatters and lurkers, admins and moderators. My parents always said--If you can't say anything nice, keep your mouth shut. Truly, what valuable words. Don't say things that are going to hurt feelings--it's too hard to retract the spoken word. The best words sometimes are those that are unspoken. I thank you all for the kindness shown to others.

We  now have June's Room done! It's so pretty and we love it. It's two shades of teal, with white and teal flowers on the ceiling and medicine cabinet doors too. Now, on to the Cat's Corner Room! 

Please remember to vote! I am so appreciative of each and every vote. We now have 40 days left. What a whirlwind of a voting event this has been. 

This is rather short today--taxes have to be filed on Monday, so I have a lot of work to do on it yet. Not my favorite thing to do. Take care! Thanks for loving our kitties too! 

Miss Dove girl, showing off her prettiness!
Dove by FoFRCphoto

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17

Good news! Happy news! I'm thrilled. This morning, Sprint ate a wee breakfast by himself. We're still supplementing him, but twice now this morning, he has eaten a bit by himself. This is enough good news to last me all day long! I'm so grateful. He has a very long recovery to go.....but this is the beginning.

Doce did not come back yesterday. So sorry about the change! But, the news I hear now is that my sister Patti will be picking him up at Caryn's house and bringing him back to FFRC today--late morning. Can't wait to see how much he's grown and to give him a kiss.

We had BOXES last night! This rescue center is always grateful for these gifts.
Joanne W--a survival kitty t-shirt--I love it--such a great shirt!
AmSprinkle--crocheted kitty pads (2 for Kitty Kabana, 2 for the office and one for the house). All designs are the cat on the fence--very nice!
Auntie Julie/tigercat54--case of Felidae cat food (for Sprint and others) and 2 cat napper pads (zebra/blue)
Cheryl C--BD card and donation
Parents of Littlebits from MS--Happy spring card and walmart gift card and a BD card
WarpedinMN/Connie--4 cases of baby food
Merryann O from CA and Tina and Bailey--get well card for Gallant, Sprint and Buffy (rip)
Mdinok from OK--BD card
Michlynn--BD card
Glynda N & Newton family from Ottawa--BD card with kitty bookmark
Sandra N from Defiance--BD card
Sandi from NC--BD card and letter
Barb B/Britlady80 from England--BD card and note
mm_cat/Mary from Poland--Easter card and a BD card with a real 4 leaf clover in it
Matt & Holly (day visitors) and fur babies Buttons, Daisy, Mamma, Sissy & Piggy--BD card, dry kitten food, candy snacks for volunteers, Dawn soap and cat snackers
Carol & Jim Dreyer (day visitors)--big container of litter, 4 boxes Fancy Feast, 2 kitten dry foo and a donation for FFRC
Ron & Chris T from Swanton (day visitors)--card, big container of litter, baby blanket for Gallant, 2 cushie beds, bag of Purina One kitten, cat toys, snackers, Fancy Feast, baby wipes, Dawn soap. They also brought an antique hand carved horse from an antique friend for us to use as a fundraiser!
Phil & Judy L from Walbridge (day visitors)--yarn & fleece, cookies, Appetizers, PB cups, litter, Purina One, and cat snackers
didi1967--Lysol wipes

I'd also like to thank Phyllis W and Sheila H for their donation of a Kuranda cat tower for FFRC. I am so grateful. You know, I never had thought about these Kuranda beds before. Then when Steve and I went to the OVMA conference and saw what they have for cats, I was so impressed. They're wonderful. But above all, the cleanliness factor is superb. Thank you Phyllis and Sheila!

We completed our auction last night. It was very much a fun ending! Afghan A, the baby blanket made by Wendi B, went to Pfkat/Paula K for $175. Afghan B, the cream stitched afghan made by Holly W, went to Bill/billypogo for $300. Then we had a donation of $25 from Eaglewatcher to make it an even $500 event! Thanks to everyone involved. We had a total of 52 bids from 14 different people!

Matt & Holly--two of our day visitors yesterday wanted work to do! Isn't that wonderful. I hope we didn't work them too much!! They dived right into the next painting project--that would be June's Room. This is the designated teal/aqua room now! They painted shelves, trim, door ways and around the window--3 coats! Thanks so much, Matt & Holly! We still have a little bit to do in this room, then we'll put it all together. Should be so pretty--all for a little bit of paint!

Then on to the Kitty Campus Room. I am so so sorry if I messed up about the designs of these rooms. Here's what we're doing in this room--butterflies, angels and rainbows. The shelves, door, window trim,etc. will be painted a pretty soft green called, of all names, Catamaran!  The other color is a peach color called Woodlawn Marmalade. We're doing the spring-freshen-up thing!

Tabitha needs a home that will give her lots of love and playtime!
Tabitha by FoFRCphoto

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday, March 16

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Boing went to his new home. He sincerely really liked his new mama, who thought he was just dandy! I sure hope this turns out for Boing and he's finally found his permanent home. Such a loverbug he is.

The seven kittens, Snappy, Whisk, Mach, Weeja, Bev, Static and Sequoia are doing awesome. They are growing like weeds. They are little eating machines and play maniacs! Just how we like them! They have the purring down pat and can turn it on, just by looking at them!

The 8th kitten, Sprint is still hanging in there. Sprint has the calicivirus. This particular virus has the distinct clinical signs of a very sore tongue--blisters/ulcers on the tongue. It hurts to eat, so we have been syringe feeding our little guy. This virus can kill healthy cats within 24-48 hours, even those that have been vaccinated. The outbreaks at some shelters/rescues have mortality rates of up to 67%. I will say, that we do not euthanize for having this virus. We jump immediately upon realizing a cat has it, with our medical protocol that was established years ago and has been very efficient. In all the years of doing this rescue, we have only lost 3 kittens to Calici. We and Sprint are in this battle together.

Someone asked yesterday what we can do to help keep the cats safe from Calici virus. There are many things: vaccinate against it (we do in two ways), provide good quality food, keep the stress as low as possible, be reasonable with our numbers, and the wonderful cleaning that we do here.

We had BOXES last night. I am so grateful to everyone for their support.
Didi1967 from Quebec--2 bags of Purina One Indoor formula, case of Whiskas Temptaion snackers
Mindy/mbstarr, Camry & Taz--5 bags of Almond "Joyfuls", big container of Jelly "Bellas", individual boxes of "Goodness" and Plentys and a bag of "Webbers" (Werethes) original candy  Thanks for this fun, mb!
Maddysnana--inflatable collar for Gallant and others as needed
Penny V from OH--BD card, pink butterfly rug with memory foam, 2 pouches of VIta Gravy kitty and a bag of Iams Proactive dry food
Anonymous Friend--big container of Soft Soap with Aloe Vera for refills
Anonymous Friend--3 pack of Cloroxwipes
Irene B/ladydoc from NY--a sweater for a project!
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of baby food
Diana R--2 strawberry beds, one big, one little and a beautiful poem about Rescues--thanks, Diana!
JoyceO from OH--beautiful peacock painting for my birthday--I love it!
Lizmol--a very pretty kitty pin for Jacci
Anonymous Friend--Purina One bag of dry cat food and 3 Lysol wipes
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of baby food
Aunty Julie C from MA--For Magenta: St. Patrick's card with gift card for Magenta and 2 sheets of stamps
Schinn and Cleo & Ralph from ME--BD card, coupons and a donation to be used wherever is needed
Larry C from VA--PayPal donation to FFRC
Jean & Neil S from OH--a donation to FFRC for general fund and some for Steve & me to go out and have a birthday dinner!!
Jimmy & Carla from FL--a doantion given to FFRC
Stacy R--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

A friend of the Rescue Center sent me this quote (author unknown). It could be applied in all walks of life. "What you do makes a difference, and you just to decide what kind of difference you want to make". I love that.

Cozarelii just did a brave thing. He figured out how to get onto the third tier of the cat furniture that is by the open window going into the Kabana Room. He wanted to go in there. But, in trying to get thru the window, he got excited and fell. We helped him by walking him thru the much-safer door. But, what a brave boy he is to try and attempt this. Gallant had a big scrub bath today to his burns--the last section of the stubborn scabs has finally fallen off. Now, hopefully, on to healing this last bit of area! He did his usual--turned around and watched what I was doing!

Please vote. We moved up a tiny bit--yeah!! We now have only 43 days of voting left--it's coming down. When we win (not IF we win!!), we're going to have a celebration party! Please vote!

Betz in her usual spot, waiting for someone to sit at the desk for her to have a lap to sit in!
Betz by FoFRCphoto

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday, March 15

Happy Birthday to Oliver! He's our only long hair cat of the Covies! Oliver arrived on 3/20/09 and he was 2 years old. He arrived with horrible bite wounds on his body. It was obvious when he arrived, that he was not happy being an indoor cat, having spent his first two years being an outside cat. So, the Covies made room for one more! He's a happy boy but does NOT like being groomed very much, hence his spring and fall "hair cuts". 

Boing is busy looking out the window at the bird feeders, chirping his head off! Betz is here on my desk. Each time she stretches, she pushes papers off the desk. Maybe it's time to clean the desktop again?! Preakness has done this 4 times now--she climbs up the cat furniture, goes thru the window into the Kabana Room, then comes out the door to the office, only to do it over again! I love watching cats do these things! Zelda is curled up tight in one of the cardboard bowls--all the cats love these. Badu has been enjoying her week in Kitty Kastle with Nikka. Plans for her adoption will continue next week.

We had BOXES last night! Thanks, thanks and more thanks!
Sevren--2 pearl necklaces for the PetFinder pictures (Tizzie modeled one!)
Colleen P--4 pink breakaway collars, postie-notes and coupons
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--for Nikka's birthday (Sunday)--jar with beach water and shells, and a candle with shells in it
Susan345--collars for Gallant and others (1 cloth and 1 plastic)  (He uses alot of these, as he tends to get his collars dirty!)
Justme--3 cases of kitten Fancy Feast and a bag of dry Kitty cat food
Mary F from Ohio--donation to FFRC
Haylow's mom and dad from NY--a Hoops N YoYo BID card
Carol & Jim M from FL--an Easter card
Jean S from WI--BID card and a donation for FFRC
Susan M/suzzieq56 from IL--BD card
Jane W/calico17 from MA--coupons and a St. Patrick's day cad
Eleanor/elskates from CT--BD card
Vinny T & family from OH--a sweet 16 birthday card for Magenta
Leggygal & Dewittycdw1--3 boxes of leggydew blankies
Melinda F from NC--a donation to FFRC, in memory of Bert, a wonderful lady who passed away and loved animals and volunteerd at her local shelter
Betz--donation to help with Cutie's plates and for the others too! A special hug given to Cutie for you, Betz!

We actually held the leggydew blankies up for the cam last night and believe it or not, every single one of them sold on the spot! I was so amazed. It was a bit hectic there a few times, but we did it and we'll be mailing them out today. Peggy has assured us that there are a couple more boxes of these blankies coming. Thanks for your patience last night in doing this impromptu leggydew blankie selling, but it was fun, although a bit crazy too! I'll apologize in advance if we didn't get everything exactly right. Thanks to the moderators for helping us! 

Tonight is the big night! Auction time! It starts at 6 pm sharp and ends 6 pm sharp Saturday. Be sure to take a look at the 2 afghans that are involved in the facebook chatters page. Also remember, it's Cookbook ordering time! Please go to:

The Covies got a big time cleaning of their Kitty City yesterday, thanks to Sarah and her mom Michelle. Today is their day to get out of Kitty City for a fun time of running around. We will leave the door open so they can go in and out at their pleasure. It really won't be that much longer until they go back to Cat's Cove. We'll do this sometime in April. 

Sprint is still with us. Please know that we are doing everything the vets have asked us to do. I've heard from someone who wondered if he needs an x-ray due to a fall he might've taken. I really truly do not feel this is necessary. He has no bloody stool, or blood from his mouth, his abdomen is not swollen and he has no fever to indicate internal problems from a fall. This is surely a virus. The battle is on as to who will win--either the virus or Sprint. Let's hope and pray that Sprint can be stronger. Thanks for caring about our little boy.

Dovie still has residence on the top step. Although, she will (grudgingly) share it with Bella at times. So, now we have to have two blankies/cushies there to accommodate them. Yesterday I saw Paddy Cakes run the wheel so fast, it was astounding. He was galloping in it. And then he puts the brakes on so fast, hops off, and just sits and watches it. What a boy. All is well here.

Happy Birthday Oliver!
Oliver by FoFRCphoto

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, March 14

It's beginning to look like spring! The birds are indeed chirping today which is super exciting to the cats in the  Kabana Room. There are eight cats on the shelf watching the feeder out in the yard. Between the ramp and the steps now, the CH cats are able to get up onto the window shelf! As soon as the weather warms up, the construction guys will have our concrete poured for the sidewalk, in front of Kabana, then we can get our bird feeders placed. We also have our two big black/white cats to place back out there--Jenna and Radar. We will be sure to have the sidewalk wide enough for wheelchairs.

Thanks to everyone for your votes in this very close contest at The Animal Rescue Site. We're still in #1 position, thanks to your votes. We now have only 45 days left to vote--it's dwindling down!

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks to everyone!
Jatcat from CA--peanut butter filled pretzels for Steve and Diamond smokehouse almonds for family. Steve says to say thanks!
Lesa S--3 containers of KMR powder
Caren F--2 air collars for Gallant and future cats
Mbstarr/Mindy and Taz and Camry--6 bags of "DARLIN" candy fish, box of Butterfinger "SNAKERZ", box of "LINDEN" truffles and a box of "MAUI" graham crackers--we're having fun with all these FFRC names!
Alex PT--kitty stamps and ink pad--has 12 different kitty designs
Tom & Gillian from UK--6 boxes of BOndi licks, BD card for Jacci, and a kitty card for FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--200 white poly mailer bags
Kathy J and Kat and Buster--2 bottles of Dawn liquid soap, pink/blue sample area rugs, q-tips, bag of EVO cat/kitty dry food
Irene B--sweaters (beautiful) for a project
Steve & Mary O/oznMary from UK--box of Purrfectly chicken, box of Purrfectly Fish
Jennifer C/Kayton19--case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Widdletigger--inflatable collar for Gallant and future cats
Kerswill/Nancy--orange kitty warmer, case of Fancy Feast kitten can, case of Friskies tuna, scratcher refills, cat dancer toy, Pet stages Cheese Chasercase of Fancy Feast turkey, case of Friskies Bits
Scott and Kathy--2 bags of Royal Canin baby cat, 2 trays of Royal Canin Baby can food, 8 bags of Reeses mini's PB's
Kelly R from CA--lots of fun orange/yellow toys, 2 pink & blue palm tree rugs, orange/yellow bath towels and cloths, 2 bags of PB snackermals, 2 boxes Crystal light, Reeses Sardines, salmon for Anony & company, 2 bags of cat snackers, 6 cans wellness salmon/trout, 6 meow mix containers, 12 whiskas/appetizers, bag full of yellow, orange & lavender toys, purple /white rug--fun stuff for our newly painted rooms and Kabana!
Vaun/vrs1cats for Derecho--a step-unit for the Kabana Room, especially for our CH cats to get up.
Sevren--red bow tie for kitty pictures
Deb11111--2 Palm trees for the cats and kitties, since they love these trees so much!
Leggygal/Peggy--3 BIG boxes of the leggydew blankies
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful yellow Directors chair--it's awesome!
Anonymous Friend--lots of that wonderful litter--Precious!
Michelle B from CT--PayPal, in memory of Simone and Buffy
Pat B--PayPal donation
Rita M from MA--PayPal donation, in memory of Buffy
Ellem N--PayPal donation
Renee C--PayPal donation in memory of Buffy

Our little Sprint is still hanging in there. He's really putting up a battle to live. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please. Boing was to have left yesterday, but his new-mama-to-be had to spend some time with her daughter who is sick. She'll wait a tad bit, so that she can be home for the introduction of Boing into her home.  Today, Gallant will get another one of his deep scrub baths. He sure doesn't mind it at all. I laugh each time, as he turns his head around to watch what I'm doing.

We just had a good holding session with Joyful. I had her in the office for a bit, then she got down and went straight to the back Welcome Room office door--she wanted back to her own place! But, it's progress, even if it's in tiny tiny steps! Solee is playing in a box beside my desk. Little Snappy saw the box, jumped in and landed right on top of Solee. She just looked surprised--no hissing!

Our next auction will be tomorrow night, starting at 6 pm sharp and ending at 6 pm sharp on Saturday. We'll have the pictures of the two afghans displayed on facebook--both are beautiful. Again, the bid lots are from $1 to $20 raising amounts. These have been fun and a big support for FFRC! Thanks too to Janet for handling this event.

Remember to put your order in for the 2013 Cookbook. Many thanks to Leenie for handling this huge job. The cookbook is $28 for USA mailings. If you're out of the USA, it's $33. The site is:

This is Jonah--our very first Covie cat!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weds., March 13

Cozarelii has found his safe place. When he gets super excited and he needs a break, there's a tunnel on a cat furniture that he zeros in on. He can be back a whole yard and make it in one leap. Then he turns around and checks out the world, very contended and settled! It's right next to the desk, so I can reach over and pet him and talk to him. He loves those back scratches. 

As you may already know, we lost Buffy early this morning. These are such heartbreakers. I will never ever get use to these deaths. Yes, I know that these things happen at a rescue, especially when you deal in large numbers of cats. But, that doesn't mean it's easy. I think that's because we truly KNOW these cats. Buffy's good friend was Simone, who we lost last week. They were good buds. Buffy purred as he passed, which made me feel a bit better. He was a really really good cat and was well loved. 

Spirit is still struggling, but we're all putting up a good fight for him. He purred this morning, but is still very sick. He is taking nutrition by a syringe and is drinking some water on his own. He sleeps most of the time, which is good. It's healing for him. Part of his treatment is letting him know we love him. That has to help. We're doing everything that we're suppose to, in regards to treating him.

Thanks to Julie L from Fl--a donation thru PayPal to help with Sprint's care.  Kisses delivered for you.

If you'd like to see a cute video that Mike F made for FFRC, check it out at:

We will have BOXES tonight! I am so grateful for your support. It's always exciting to see what comes in. Please remember to vote! We are now .17% ahead. It's a very tight contest, so please continue your votes! Yesterday, The Animal Rescue Site changed their format on their voting site. At first, it wouldn't take our tinyurl link, but as of today, it is accepting it. It's a different look for the contest, but it still pretty much works the same! 

Boing has now settled in nicely now. He is such a loverbug. Today he is scheduled to go to his new family. I'm very pleased for Boing. We also have an official hold on Willard! Sometime in April he will go to his Florida home, with 1 dog and 3 other cats--a very warm, friendly family!

Betz is such a lap girl. She'll be on the floor, look up at a lap, and presto, within 2 seconds, she's in the lap and already settled!! And purring. Solee has her new red bling collar on now for 24 hours and she likes it! 

Ten top toxins in the kitchen:  chocolate, grapes/raisins/curants, sugar-free gum/candy, fatty table scraps, onions/garlic, compost, human medications, macadamia nuts, household cleaners, unbaked bread dough. This info is from the Pet Poison Helpline. Their number is 800-213-6680. Keep our pets safe!

I have watched Pania here in the front office for a week now. She has discovered the spiral staircase tower, with 10 steps to it. It has so intrigued her. At first, she would just tentatively step on it and feel for the next step, then back down and leave. Each day, she would venture up one or two more steps. She was so unsure of herself, as the steps are rather narrow, but she kept trying. Today, she went all the way to the top, turned around and came back down. What an awesome cat! You can tell she's so proud. Well, I have to go. Zelda is chirping at me about something. Have to go and find out what! 

Here's one of the horses, Mercy, that escaped yesterday. As you would guess, she was very very sorry!