Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weds., October 31

Twenty-one.  That is how many cats are here in the office with me--every single one of them is sleeping. No playing, no chasing, just peacefully sleeping and that doesn't happen very often. That also means no one bothering my fingers while I type! Hmmmm, maybe I can get this Blog done in record time!

I want to thank Mudjie--a webcam viewer who has offered to be a permanent catetary for Box time! That is so nice of you Mudjie and I appreciate you doing this. I realize that sometimes Mudjie may have other commitments and when that happens, we'll ask for a volunteer for that evening.

Leenie/Colleen has also updated the FFRC Pampered Chef fundraiser. The final total that FFRC has made is $540.76. This amount will be a welcome help for our overhead expenses.  Thanks to Leenie and everyone that placed an order.

Oban is doing terrific! I've already heard from his new family and it sounds like he fit right in. Both the family and Oban are happy--just what we want. Today is the day that 2 cats that were adopted last year will be returning. I will go get them at 10:30 today. They are Georgia and Telo. Their mama has to make an emergency move out of state, and cannot possibly take the cats. So, we will gladly take them back.

We have been asked for special prayer requests for one of our webcam viewers. Her name is Conii--many of you know her. Conii is ill and is in the hospital. Prayers sent up for her will be appreciated. Thank you.

I realized yesterday that I had neglected to mention a donation that was received at Box time, the night before. A note was placed on my desk and now it's gone. What a lame excuse, but, oh so true. Please except my humble apology for this error. Because the note is gone (probably now in Badu's tummy), I cannot recall who it was. Please don't ever hesitate to let me know when I inadvertently miss someone.   Next notes need to be glued and taped down!

Ooops, now there are 3 play groups going on--so much for sleeping kitties. Treesa is also now on the desk, playing finger/paws with me. Cypress is dragging a feather around here in the office, with Spruce, Betz and Nance trying to take it away. Doesn't look like Cypress will give it up though. Roadinia has a favorite game--hide on the side of the filing cabinets and then ambush all cats walking by. She never tires of this! My sister Judy brought a cute blue basket yesterday for the cats. Right now there are 3 squished inside of it--Coca-Cola, Dave and Linden. That's one way to keep extra warm!

We had another adoption yesterday. Kazzy went to his new home. The family that adopted him has adopted from us in the past. They adopted Bon-Bon, a snowshoe siamese who is doing great. Kazzy will be held and loved on a lot with this family! 

Oh my garsh--Penn is so funny. He loves those plastic coil toys and somehow he got one "trapped" on his leg. He loves it. Everytime he moves his paw, he tries to get the coil with his other paw. Talk about a cat doing flips! And of course, Teller is close by, watching his brother. There, now the coil is off, but is still a play toy. Asha is laying above them looking like she thinks they're a little nuts. I keep a laser light close by and like to watch them chase it. Back and forth--they never tire. Frith is real good at going up the wall! Such is life here--always fun, a bit crazy, but we love it! 

Canton says to come join us for BOXES tonight!  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday, October 30

Oh happy day! Pushkiss is doing better and holding his own. Actually, BOTH kittens ate a bit by themselves yesterday. I syringe fed them breakfast, but they had a little treat already today, eating a bit on their own! Pushkins has a mighty big "meow". Enough that it fooled me and I was looking around to see who was crying. Turned out that mighty voice was Pushkins! Can you imagine how wonderful these kittens will be--hand held and bottle fed! Yesterday, when I fed the Pushtwins in the house, Emaline again bathed their faces. All were purring!

We had a family here yesterday for a potential adoption. They have an interest in two different kittens, but will wait until next week. We also have a few other kittens being looked at thru PetFinders! Adoptions, here we come!

Our sweet Tweets went to her new home yesterday also. As you know, she's there to "re-habit" her pottying issues! I talked to them last night, and all was well so far. As you know, Tweets was in a pen for 1 day--no accidents. Then she went to June's Room for 2 days--no accidents. Now, on to this next stage. Who knows--maybe she'll end up staying there?!! 

Speaking of adoptions--our family of 5 also went to their new home. They were given a wonderful opportunity to stay together as a family. This does not always happen, so I was thrilled. I also talked to this family last night. So far, so good. They are handling the 3 little kittens frequently and the kitties seem to be relaxing more. They have a choice that is always open--can stay in the house, or go out in their big attached patio enclosure. So far, all 5 have been investigating everywhere. The kittens are sticking close to mama. 

Now, we have a saddness to let you know about. You probably already know by the previous blog that Arabella did not have her spay due to a mass that was on her abdomen. Our vet looked at it. It was unsure as to what happened--was this a mass from birth that grey? Was this from an injury? She was started on antibiotics and a watchful eye.  But, we are not to know why, as she passed away yesterday. As much as these hurt, I am still glad she was here. She was the abandoned kitten that came in with Kimshi. At least, Arabella was loved, fed and knew cat-comforts here. Thank you for caring about our little Arabella.

 Remember when Audrey first came in? How quiet and shy she was? Well, no more! That little girl can keep up with the big cats. What a joy to watch her. Dave also thinks he's "big and bad". He's everywhere playing, with everything. Little Harlow has a big booming purr, that she's finally growing into. She loves to sit on the computer desk and "bother" my fingers. So--all misspellings are because of her! 

Hank continues to do well. His incision looks good. Bondi has been licking her Lick-e-Licks yogurt tubes. We keep a heater under her blankies on her office chair--she loves it. When Big Al had his ear surgery, we kept him inside the office and Thumper's Room for 3-4 days. Now, he doesn't want to go back out! We've created a baby Big Al! He loves being inside. He's one Porchie I've never seen spray, so he is welcome. He also sleeps in one of the heated beds. He has a way of looking at us, like "Oh wow--this is living!". No one has the heart to tell him he's a Porchie. But, that's ok--he's welcome as an office cat. 

We had BOXES last night. So many thanks to give--your support is awesome!
Dawn G from Iowa--White Choc M&M candy corn (!), lots of kitty toys, bunches of kitty snackers, appetizers, whiskas packets, baby meat food, Meow Mix wet and Fancy Feast Gravy Sensations and a very nice letter
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--purple surgery tags (ID collars), 2 broom/dustpan combos--we can sweep with these, or use them to sweep up toys!)
Beverly G--Swiss Colony Cake Rolls and a box of Petits Fours--all in celebration of Halloween!
Deb11111--10 boxes of Arm & Hammer Littler, 2 cases of Friskies Pate and 1 case of Friskies Variety Pack   
Kelly S/kellysong--box of 2 inch scotch packing tape and a big case of Bounty paper towels. Also brown UPS paper for the cats to play with
Autumn--10 packs of Sparkle paper towels
Jacksmom/Jennifer S--1000 Dixie hot cups for the volunteers to enjoy coffee, cider and tea
Brigitte/Brigitte62 from Canada--2013 kitty calendar, very nice cat bracelet and pictures of her cats Mickette, Pantouffe, Patch & Pichou
Cyndi N and Wilson the Wonder Cat, from Ohio--Halloween Card
Jane W/calico17 from Mass--coupons and a donation for surgeries and Halloween card
Rose F/RoseSF6cats--Halloween card
Schinn81 from ME and her cats Cleo & Ralph--Halloween card for Paddy Purr (his look-alike), donation to the Feliz Navidad fund for surgeries and coupons

Thanks too to Jatcat--she sent an wonderful Boom Box radio. The special thing about this is too--I just received Mike's CD that he made just for FFRC!  And now I can listen to it! It is AWESOME! Thanks Jatcat for the CD/radio. And thanks to Mike for sending an early edition of the FFRC CD. I believe you will all love it. Remember, Mike is coming November 25,26,27 to set off the sales of this FFRC CD. The cover was designed by Gossamer and it is beautiful. The songs Mike sings are special just for us!

Yesterday and today, our thoughts are with our Eastern state friends. Stay safe and dry. This is a terrific storm. You are all in our prayers. Even here, in Ohio, we are feeling the affects of this storm. It is windy, cold and raining. I can also hear the ping-ping on the window awnings, so it must be a bit of sleet also. Hopefully, our electric stays on too. Be safe, everyone. 

I had a talk with Putter last night. I told him it's okay if he wants to come out to the rescue center to visit. He doesn't have to stay here. We will always let him back in the house when he wants. Since then, he has taken a leisurely stroll twice! I also told Emaline it was okay. Her answer? "No way, no way. I'm staying in here". 

I would like you all to know I have a great sense of joy and peace being here at FFRC. We welcome visitors to also experience this. Our volunteers are awesome and are hugely appreciated. I truly feel I am where I am suppose to be at this time of my life. I've done the people nursing, I've done the wildlife nursing. I believe these things have led me to this--cat rescuing. I'm content and am grateful. I pray daily for peace and joy for FFRC and give thanks for the people who surround us with support. I also wish for you all to take great pleasure from our FFRC cats! Our hugs to the cats are also for you! 

Just got a news flash from Sarah! Zavatar did it again! He loves to go in the restroom and unroll a whole roll of toilet paper. We hope he doesn't do it too often (oh, the expense of it all!), but it is fun for him to do. Kiwi was just running thru the office, did a flip and kept right on running! 

DAve--can't get much cuter than this!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 29

Yesterday was a great day. All of our surgery cats have recovered very nicely. All were playing and eating just fine. Isn't it amazing, the "bouncibility" that cats have. Give them a problem, give them a surgery and they just recover so nicely.

Right now, Kazzy is playing with Purrdue--they are flipping each other's tails around! Kiara is sitting on my desk. Court is sleeping, but not before he fought "the nap" so hard. He was sitting up, trying so hard to keep his eyes open, when he suddenly went down. One quick look around, a tuck of his chin into his belly and it's all about nap time now for him! Nemo is flipping two different feather toys into the air and catching them. Little Coca-Cola is playing with Linden and Preakness. Yes, this little bitty kitty playing with the big kids!

I would like to clarify a couple things that people have said. First, let me assure you, that I am fine. Yes, I sometimes want a little privacy time and that is okay. Nothing wrong with that. Just know that I dearly appreciate your concern and your support. Rest assured, that I will always "come back". This Rescue Center is my passion and I love it. Just because I may want a "low key day", does not mean anything is terribly wrong! I love my family also and value my time with them. They are 100% supportive of me and this rescue center. I love them for that. They understand me.

I would also like to clarify things about Emaline. Cancer has never been 100% diagnosed for Emaline. She is checked by one of our vets every single time we have surgery--she's had more physicals than most cats ever have had! The thought of two of our vets is, it really doesn't matter WHAT her diagnosis is, because the treatment is the same. So, we carry on with the treatment that we are currently doing. Someone said that I shouldn't have allowed Emaline's picture to be on FaceBook. I do not agree with that. The picture you saw was NOT staged--it was exactly how she looked that day. She was laying on the table, where she likes to be in the sun. Yes, it was a good day for her and I wanted to share her with you. I gave permission for that picture to be posted. MOST of her days ARE good. On her bad days, when her skin bothers her, we pump up her treatment. Now, what would be wrong with showing her happy self to the world? None, I saw. She IS happy, she's comfortable and we love her.

I also would like to express the need for all chatters and fb posts to be kind. Things have gotten a bit out of line this last week. All considerations need to be done--is your post offensive? Is it going to hurt someone's feelings? Please think before anything is posted in chat or facebook. People's feelings get hurt and as you may know, that is just not kind. We don't want that to happen. The kittycam that we have and the facebook pages are here for enjoyment, sharing the cats, listening to your cat stories, being friends and family. Our moderators and admins sincerely do try their best. It's not a fun job, not an easy job. I sincerely meant what I said last week. Without admins, there would be no facebook. Without moderators, there would be no cam chat. Let's work together and keep these means of communication fun and light. The sad thing is that when things are not going smoothly, it takes so much of my time to help try and straighten things out. It takes an emotional toll on me, it takes my time and energy that I should be using for running the rescue center. In case you may not be aware of it, there ARE people "out there" who want to do harm to FFRC. Please, do NOT let their meanness override your kindness. If you get nasty PM's, let the mods know and let them handle it. If you don't like what you see on the chat, turn it off. If you don't like what you see on the cam, turn it off. If you don't like what is on in facebook, turn it off. Our mods and admins will handle things. They do so with my knowledge and permission. This could all be such a wonderful world of cyberspace family--get on board with us and enjoy the cats. That way, we can do our "job" of taking care of this rescue center with full energy, full emotins and with fun! Please know that I realize that 99% of the people that we are cyber-space friends and family with are awesome! And for that, I am grateful.

So....on that note----on with the cats! We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Oban went to his new home. Remember, how I always say--let the cats come to you and be open minded as to which cat you want to adopt? It happened again! This wonderful lady came in, specifically looking for a female. But, Oban has his way, wiggled into her heart and she couldn't resist. So, Oban is in his new home. He did it all by himself! We also had a cat returned to us. It's Frith, one of the Fiver family. This family loved Frith, but realized they did not have enough time to spend with him. Their work schedule changed and Frith became lonely. So, he's back and acts like he's never been gone! They took good care of him. 

As many of you know, we have had trouble with Tweets pottying inappropriately. The good news is that we found out about this early (thanks to webcammers watchful eyes). She has been in June's Room now for 2 days with no accidents. She is, today, going to go to a friends house that has the perfect set up for her. It's 2 laundry type rooms with a hallway. She can roam about, play and have fun  ,  while encouraging her to continue using the box. We need to "reset her potty habits". She will be given lots of loving. We'll keep you posted.

Asha is now curled up here in the rescue center. Goss just entered. She's such a shy little kitten. But, once she is being held, her purr motor is wonderful. I just put her with Asha and all is well. Faleena and Spruce are laying side by side, with Spruce's arm over Faleena. So sweet. Our two little Push babies are hanging in there. Pushkiss still is a worry, but seems a bit stronger. He's about half the size of Pushkins. We are still syringe feeding them, but both of them lapped a little formula this morning from their plate! 

Many thanks to these people who made a donation to FFRC--
Jackie M from CA--a donation thru PayPal to help with surgery costs
Judeanlee from OH--a donation thru PayPal, to be used where ever needed.
Jenny/blackwingy from CA--donation thru PayPal, in honor of her Catathon named kitten--Pushkin 

On to another great day of cats, friendship and fun. 
The PushTwins   Pushkiss on left, Pushkins on right. Both peacefully snoozing.

I know--it's not a cat, but Einstein wanted to say Hi! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday, October 28

Surgery day is over. What a very long, but productive day we had. I will share it with you. The females that were spayed were: Audrey, Betz, Chambo, Engelina, Gossamer, Harlow, Nance, Serephina, Tizzie, Zora and Kimshi. The boys that were neutered were: Boulder, Christopher, Court, Dave, Drake, Galway, Kiwi, Pants, Rudy and CocoCola. 

Nance was a bit of a slow "recovery cat" but this morning she is fine. All the physicals for the surgery cats turned out just fine, with the exception of Arabella. She has a growth, mass, not exactly sure what to call it yet, but it's on her abdomen. It's very sore. I elected to cancel surgery--there's no hurry for her spay. In the meantime, we will monitor this and keep in touch with the vet. 

Hank also had his physical. As you may know, his eye took a turn for the worse just a few days ago. It was an eye that turned out now to be very painful and not productive. It was decided to remove his eye yesterday. He will feel so much better without that painful, unseeing eye. He has recovered nicely and ate a good breakfast this morning. We'll remove his sutures in 10 days. We'll also keep him in Thumper's Room for a few days. He'll still be boss of the Porchies! After the Covies are moved to Kitty City for the winter, we'll have our vet take a look at them also.

Emaline also had a physical. We are going to continue our current treatment on her. She is happy, loving, eating good and LOVES people. Steve and I are happy to have her in the house. Bondi also had her physical. One kidney is small, the other is "lumpy, not smooth". So, we will continue a watch over Bondi and make sure she's happy and comfortable. Farrah passed her physical and continues to be up for adoption. FiFi also had a good physical. We all realize that yes, she can see just fine, but that her depth perception is way off. But, she knows how to compensate and does just fine. Preakness had her annual check up--no problems. 

We also had Ada Jane and Magenta rechecked. They both have had several check ups lately. They remained the same--both are bordering kidney issues, but considering their age, are just fine! The heart, thyroid, lungs are good.

Thanks for all the help we had yesterday, to pull off this successful surgery day. It takes a lot of people to make this happen, and happen it did and with no major problems! 

Hopefully, today will be a great day for our 5 cats (mama, teenager, 3 kittens). I've been talking to a family that is interested in the 3 kittens. Why not take 2 more and keep this group together? We knew when we took them in, that they had been strictly outdoor cats. Right now, they are in Cat's Corner Room. They're fine, but it's easy to see that the 2 older ones are restless. The 3 kittens had only a little bit of handling so they're a little bit shy. The family interested in them have a large enclosed porch--it connects with their home. The cats can be in their outdoor enclosure and be housecats--which ever they decide. So, this is a real possibility for this family unit. I would like to see it happen. Will keep you all posted. 

We have frequently been seeing an eagle flying over FFRC. Eagles use to never been seen in this state. But, in the last 10 years, their population is building. Because of the river so close, we have the pleasure now of seeing these beautiful birds flying above us. It's an awesome sight. 

Our Pampered Chef Party, put on by Colleen/Leenie is now over. Thanks to everyone who put in orders and made this such a huge success! FFRC will receive $541.64 from this fundraiser. This is just wonderful and I'm grateful. Thanks Leenie for doing this for us! 

We have many webcam viewers that live on the eastern side of the United States. We are aware of the possibility of bad weather coming your way. Please all stay safe. You'll be thought of and prayed for. Take care. 

Kazzy--a handsome siamese

Dave--such a kitten, with a big play personality!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 26

Tomorrow is the big surgery day. I'll give you the names of the cats that will have surgery, in case you'd like to know! The girls are: Audrey, Betz, Chambo, Engelina, Gossamer, Harlow, Nance, Serephina, Tizzie, Zora, Kimshi, Arabella & the new mama, her teenage kitten and 2 of her 3 smaller kittens.  The boys are: Boulder, Christopher, Court, Dave, Drake, Galway, Kiwi, Pants, Rudy, Coco-Cola and the black long hair kitten of the mama cat. We also have a little dog, named Sugar that will be spayed. The check ups are for: Hank, Emaline, Bondi, Farrah, FiFi, Preakness and Sherry (my cat). 

We took on another kitten. But, this one is extra special, as it is Pushkin's brother. Remember, when Pushkin came in--he was covered in fleas, anemic and a bit weak. But, he perked up fairly quickly. His brother came in 2 days later--very flea covered and very weak and pale. He's still with us, but it's a little struggle. What a difference 2 days can make. I have them in a crate together (Pushkin was thrilled to see his brother) and have been feeding them often. This morning, I had them in the house to give their first feeding of the day. Emaline came over and gave them an after breakfast bath! How so very sweet to have seen this happen--instant friendship and acceptance. This world would be a lot better if we took a lesson from these dear cats. The new orangie baby is called Pushkiss.

That Audrey is amazing--she is zipping in and out of a tunnel here in the office. She's playing with Obadiah and Drake. She's getting fluffy! Such a joy to see her play. Miau is trying to get in on the action and keeps jumping on top of the tunnel. And of course, Campion has to have his say. He's laying at one end of the tunnel, and as they shoot out the end, he's whacking them! Kittens certainly know how to have fun and get along together. Even though they all come from different places, they have become friends and accept each other just as they are!

Remember when Betz first arrived? She wasn't so sure about the other kittens? She is right now sleeping on the back of my office chair, with Zora and Avens, all snugged up. You ask how am I also sitting on the chair? By a little part they "allow" me to have--the front edge! But, we don't mind sharing with each other--it's what makes the Rescue Center work--lots of understanding and peace among ourselves. 

We had BOXES last night--it was wonderful. I never cease to be amazed at the generosity shown to FFRC. You all help us tremendously.
Beverly JM--2 needed mop heads!
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too from FL (I do believe these pets got into their mama's purse & "borrowed" her credit card!)--3 lysol wipes, case of Friskies Pate, 2 big bags of Temptation treats, 2 bags of Purina One, 2 wall hanging hutches for books, folders & records.  Last night when I was out and checking on things, I also found a wonderful large new garbage container (Brute brand) from TT& A--thank you!
Ann P/Kikkocat from PA--card, fancy Feast dry, Pounce snackers, ear wipes, case of Friskies Pate, bag of Purina One dry, colorful painted cat from Aruba
Julie P & Sophie--4 pet stages cat nip mouse toys, small self warming crate pad, large self warming crate pad and 4 atomic rubber bouncing balls. (Julie had also sent a warming pad for Skittles who loved it!)
Phil P/iphilluv from NJ--bag of Werthers, 6 boxes of Snyders Pretzels, 5 pounds of Twizzlers, 4 bags of Reeses PB cups, 2 big bags of assorted candies, 12 bags of Lifesaver peppermints, big box of Donut Shop K-cups and Oxy med ear wipes

Dave just took a spin in the office at 100 MPH--with Zora and Harlow in hot pursuit. I love watching how Farrah plays in the bathing tub with a coil toy--she meows and meows with it in her mouth. Buckeye is watching Penn and Engelina playing, wiggling his behind, in anticipation of jumping on them. People ask me quite often--how do they all get along so nicely? The truth is, they do have their squabbles at times, not often, but occasionally. But, the good thing is, they forgive easily. There's too much fun to be had in this world to waste their time on being angry with each other. Their friendship door stays open. What a wonderful way that cats have! 

Send prayers up for a stress-free, successful surgery day tomorrow! We'll keep you all posted through out the day! 

Tabitha--such a sweet kitten.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday, Oct. 25

Thursday, Oct.25

Oh beautiful day. It was 78 degrees yesterday! Today is also going to be a beautiful day. The cats already have the window open so they can go out in their outdoor enclosure. Happy day also for the Covies--as soon as breakfast is over, they'll be running around the farmyard. The Porchies and Barnies just laugh at the Covies--I'm sure they're bragging that THEY can go out and cruise about any time they please!

Zelda is laying on a box beside me. Yesterday was a bit rough for her--her front shoulder was bothering her and causing that limp to be very pronounced. But, today she is better. Pants is also back to normal. A few days ago, he must've taken a hard fall. It knocked a baby pre-molar out and caused his mouth to bleed for a bit. Kinda knocked him silly. We babied him along that day (which of course, he enjoyed) and now he's fine. 

The 9 group from Thumper's Room made their transition to Cat's Corner Room. All is fine in there. They love the cat furniture and cat shelves. Kimshi is already meowing at the door--she wants out. I told her not quite yet. I believe we'll keep them in their room until after Saturday, which is our surgery day. Little Pushkin is doing great in this room also. We still syringe-feeding him. 

Surgery is this coming Saturday. To date, we have 16 spays and 10 neuters and 1 dog to do, plus 7-8 physicals/check ups. What a very busy day this will be. Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette and Sue will be here. Judy S will be coming in early to help gather everyone up and get their surgery collars on and to help me give their soreness meds. Mary E will be in to help with post-op--she'll be double checking everyone, holding them and getting them fed when they're able to eat. A busy day for all of us. 

Jenni was here last night and got more of the pictures taken. PetFinder's continues to get updated, complete with pictures. I'll be working on it again also, to add the surgeries that will be done this weekend. 

I just got an update on the Pampered Chef fundraiser. Wow--what a success it is. To date, FFRC has made $237.45! This is just wonderful! Leenie/Colleen says she will be closing the party on Sunday. Think Christmas gifts for family and friends!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--awesome items and we're sure grateful!
Anonymous--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Anna B--2 boxes of Reeses' Puffs cereal !, Woofers Doggie treats and 5 cases of Party Time Friskies snackers (for the kitties, Porchies, Covies)
TippynTraylor & Ashley too--2 mega bags of Temptation Treats (shhhhh--I do believe they unknowingly used their mama's credit card)
Joanne H/Anniecat1 from KS--6 inch paper plates, 2 two inch scotch tape, 2 bags of Kitty Snackers, Clorox wipes, 2 heated cat beds for Kitty City or Porchies
Billie K from TX--2 cases Fancy Feast Medley, 2 cases Fancy Feast (sliced & grilled), 1 case Fancy Feast and 2 cases kitten can food
ArdenandCharmaine--1 case of Reese's Sardines (no, they're not Reese's flavored Sardines!)
Sonjamac--a case of Royal Canin Kitten can food
Mike/SophieandlucysDad--8 bags of Temptation and party Mix Treats, 10 Appetizers and Lots of cans of Fancy Feast
Millesborne--1 case of KMR and 3 Dawn dish soaps
Tom and Gillian--6 boxes of Webbox Lickety Licks (salmon flavor for Skittles and FFRC cats)
Jill R from London--a neat story on a Parrot, like Einstein
Pat K from NY--coupons
Kathleen M from CA--a card for MaCallen 

We received our check for $1,000 from Petfinder for winning the first week of The Animal Rescue Site contest, for having the most votes! Thanks to you all for that voting power! Wow--we are thrilled and thankful. 

Oban--looking cute, as always!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weds., October 24

We are cat/kitten over-runneth. But, not to worry, we're doing just fine. We are just now heading into the beginning of our busy times for adoptions! November, December, January, February and March are our best adoption months. Doesn't it just make you will be adopted soon?!! I know it's hard to see all these kittens and cats and wonder about their future homes, but, we WILL get awesome homes. 

Just so you all know where I stand on this policy: we do NOT adopt out to families that have an intact cat or dog. We believe strongly that house pets need to be spayed/neutered--no matter what the breed is. There is simply too many kittens and puppies "out there"--not nearly enough homes. Even if breeding is not the intention, every heat cycle that a dog or cat goes thru increases the chance of uterine cancer. And what about pyometra, an infected uterus. They can die from this, but it can be prevented completely by spaying. The older a male pet goes without being neutered, the higher the chances are of testicle cancer. Yes--this too can be prevented by neutering. I am not beyond begging people to spay/neuter their pets. Take care of them!

We took in another kitten yesterday. How could we refuse? This little baby (white & black), was dumped at a gas station. A Coca-Cola delivery man saw the kitten, the kitten saw him, kitten came running to him, almost being ran over by a car in the process, and ran to the man, up his leg and then sat on his shoulder, safe and sound. So, his name is now known as Coca-Cola. He makes 9 now in Thumper's Room.

But, this morning, was a big move day. Derecho has now lost his "night time room", the Cat's Corner Room and will now spend his nights out with the rest of the gang. The 9 from Thumper's Room are now in Cat's Corner Room. They've all been tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed, fleas removed, ears cleaned and flea prevention applied. We do have names for a few. The new female Siamese is now known as Kimshi. The little calico that came with Kimshi, is Arabella. The tiny little baby (orange tiger boy) is called Pushkin. These 3 names are from the Name the Cat from the Catathon. Names for the family of 5 will be happening soon. 

Many thanks to the following for their support of FFRC:
Michele/fivecatgal from KY--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal for FFRC, in honor of Mod Janaka's birthday (to cover water/juice for volunteers this Saturday's surgery day)

Mike C, our concert friend, has the new FFRC CD done! It's recorded and is now on the next step of it's journey to make lots of CD's for us. Here are the songs: Because of Putter, All God's Children (and Cats), There's a Cat in the Shelter, Lean on Me, Till there was You, Cats Everywhere and Feliz Navidad. Wow--this will be an awesome CD. 

Here's the plan for Mike's visit: Arrive November 25, Sunday. On Monday, instead of Box Time, we'll have a mini-concert to introduce the CD--isn't that just wonderful! We get to hear Mike sing "our" songs. He will also sign the CD's. Everyone is invited. We'll have pizza and lots of fun. Then, Mike has to leave on Tuesday. A short, but wonderful, visit. 

Had our weekly report from PetFinders. Our top 10 cats that were viewed are: Badu, Weber, Farrah, Campion, Graciela, Tweets, Octavia, Miau, Filbert and Zelda. Our big surgery date is this coming Saturday. When those kittens/cats are spayed/neutered, they will then be put on PetFinders. 

Have you heard the song, People Like You?  It's wonderful. 
"People like you, make life nice for people like me.
I like the things you do. I hope you know what you mean to me.
We go on a livin', the best worth given.
That's the way it was meant to be.
You fill my heart up, like the warmth from the sun above.
People like you make life nice, for people like me."
Makes me think of all of you--our supporters, friends, volunteers, lurkers, chatters, moderators.
Thanks to Mechelle (DiegoKitty) for sending this to me. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 23

Yesterday was another awesome weather day--the cats and kittens spent a great deal of time in the outdoor enclosure. The Covies and Porchies were basking in the sun most of the afternoon!

All is fine here. Cats are happy, kittens are crazy and the teenager kittens are enjoying being a nuisance to the adults! Asha is sleeping here on my desk--she is so beautiful. Betz is a constant office companion--always helping me type. Harlow and Gaulway are wrestling here on the floor, tails twitching and eyes dilated! Liberty and Treesa are all stretched out, in full nap-mode.

Derecho is doing awesome. He continues to amaze me. He's got it figured out--how to spread the legs to help maintain his balance. I am in awe of his determination and love to watch him. He's in my lap right now. I just called him and he walked all the way from the door to my chair, slowly, but surely and didn't topple even once! What a joy he is.

We have new arrivals. I truly had no intentions of taking more on, but these were "have tos" to get them out of some very sad situations. The new arrivals are all still in Thumper's Room. First, another siamese (female) is here. She and her calico friend (kitten) were simply put out on the doorstep, and the family drove away, to move to another house. Simply left these 2 beautiful cats to be on their own, outside. The Siamese (female) is about 5 months old, the calico/tiger/white is just a little kitten (about 3 months old, female). They've been traumatized and need a little quiet time to realize they're ok.

Then we had a family come in--a mama with 3 kittens and a teenager kitten. The mama is a medium hair grey tiger/white. The 3 kittens are: black (male), gold/white (female) and grey/cream torti (female).   These 3 kits are medium hair. The teenager is a tiger/calico, short hair (female). These sweeties are fortunate--many did not make it out of the situation alive, from where they came from. I become very hard-hearted when it comes to animal abuse, so instead, I must concentrate of what we need to do here to take care of all these newbies. If you have knowledge about animal abuse, report it, and follow up every day, demanding to know what is being done about it. Don't let it just disappear.

We had BOXES last night. Our Rescue Center is fortunate to know the kindness of so many people.
Julie P--warming crate pad for Skittles (sent with Skittles), 2 buckwheat heater kitties, bonito flakes, Kong catnip toy, 2 scratcher boards
Lannml/Lois from MI--3 cases of Friskies, shredded, pate and variety
Anna B--case of KMR liquid, lots of baby food jars, case of Pringles, case of Gold Fish snacks, 2 big bags of Variety candy for volunteers, Box of assorted Reeses treats for Jacci (to share or not to share! LOL), dawn liquid soap, WIndex, vinegary, Tide HE laundry soap, Mr Clean Magic sponges
Susan M in Iowa--3 kitty frontline/1 dog frontline
Diana R from Columbia--Oster Microwave (our other one has a severe handle/door problem)
Arden & Charmaine--3 cases of Friskies (2 fillets & 1 shredded)
Anonymous--8 containers of Huggies wipes (for kitty face and cleanup!)

Phyllis W from AZ--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal to help with the new rescues' tests, treatments, etc.
Caren F from CA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal to help with the expenses of the newest arrivals

Please help me! If you have not received something from FFRC that should've arrived already, please drop me an e-mail to let me know. I'd like to get all the loose-ends taken care of.

Warning, warning!! This cute innocent looking kitten (Campion) has a very ornery side to him!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, October 21

We had a beautiful fall day yesterday. The Covies got the whole afternoon out to run about on the farmyard. They love it! They each and every one came back. Suppertime works great to call them all to come back home for the nighttime. 

Nance and Pants are so very sweet. THey purr the second they're touched! This morning, the "teenager" size kittens have been super ornery--dashing here, running there, jumping on each other, even a few smacks going by. Talk about high spirited! Mary H, our volunteer, brought in fresh, right off the plant, catnip. They love it. Some are drooling, some are rolling in it, some are eating it!

We had BOXES last night. We will also have BOXES tonight, but at 6:00!!  
Lizmo from MI--For volunteers: Ritz crackerfuls, Quaker chewy graham bars, chocolate granola bars, movie popcorn, \Special K chips.  For FFRC: bag of pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners, Secretary desk "Caddy" with items, sharpies, note books, envelopes, collar, 2 Fancy Feast food for Putter, 2 cases of Friskies can, disinfectant wipes, bounce sheets, Liquid soap, antibacterial wipes, paper plates, Big Mouth Fish Crinkle bag.
Anonymous--Webbox Cats Delight salmon & trout sticks for Skittles (will send to her!)
Anonymous--Purina One Cat Smart Blend dry food
Anna B--3 boxes of Q-tips, bounce laundry sheets, Scotch packaging tape, 3 kinds of hand lotion, case of Dial Handsoap, 1 case of Royal Canin Baby Cat canned, 4 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food, Lysol wipes, non-scratch sponges, Puff tissues. For volunteers: 3 cases of Pringles chips, variety packs, 6 bags of Reeses Pieces
Anonymous--3 big boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Extra Power Erasers, 1 case of Fancy Feast, 1 box of Whiskas Purrfectly chicken & 3 packs of Lysol wipes.
Nicki M--Fancy Feast Appetizers, Kong Beaver Catnip toy, Skineez toy, Crinkle bag tunnel
Anonymous--Armor Cat Super soft bag bed
Cathy C--a beautiful green hoodie with cats for Jacci  (a super big thanks!!)
Cyndi N from OH--donation in memory of Bravo, Zorca, Pizazz and her own Buster, pocket calendar, a beautiful card, and 53 handmade keyfobs for each of the volunteers
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Carole O from CA--coupons
Alan C from UT--a donation to FFRC
Amy D from Penn--coupons
Faye W from NY--coupons
Betz from PA--a donation to FFRC for Cutie & friends
James & Kathy T from MO--donation for Ema's care, They have 4 cats--Blackie, Smokeyh, Cali & Scooter
Janak & Val--a postcard from their vacation adventure
Sophie & Lucys Dad from MI--coupons
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--Halloween card
Aunty Fi--a donation to FFRC, in honor of Janak and Paul's birthdays this week! Happy birthday!
Cheryl C from PA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Mike C who is doing the CD just for FFRC, will be starting to record on Monday! We are so excited about this. Remember, his visit here with the new CD's will be November 25-27

Christopher is playing! Yes, he is and with much vim and vigor! He's chasing a ball all over the office. What a nice thing to see. Badu is on the file cabinet, with her front paws drapped over, watching Gib, Tabitha and Miau playing. Maybe she'll join them?!

This is a short blog--have family coming for breakfast. Remember, BOXES are at 6:00 tonight!

Zelda--what a beauty!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday, October 20

Mission accomplished! Skittles has been delivered to her mom, Brenda in Reno. It was pure joy to see Skittles being held by Brenda. We were able to have about 45 minutes to sit down together and chat. We also went over Skittles medical records. Then it was time for Skittles to go home! There could not possibly have been a better traveling cat than what Skittles was. In the airport, she was perfect on the floor, just sitting there in the sun and watching the happenings. On the plane, she just sat in my lap, completely contented. What an awesome girl. 

Brenda has expressed deep thanks for all involved in this whole Skittles Adventure. The campers, the rangers, Steuben County Humane Society, FFRC and the volunteers, the viewers and donators that made this event possible. I also, am very grateful to everyone. The payoff was simple--to see the joy on Brenda's face when she held her Skittles. Thanks too for all your encouragement in regards to this trip and the prayers sent up for a safe journey. 

We had BOXES last night! I was so blown away yesterday when I returned from Skittles Adventure, to see all the boxes that had been delivered. Slowly, over the next few days, we will get to them all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU are part of the foundation that helps to hold FFRC together.
LewBeth, Betsy and Jane--all visitors of FFRC and staying in Kitty Kastle: Fancy Feast baby can food, 3 cases of Friskies, 2 b oxes of Whiskas, 1 case of Fancy Feast, 1 case of Gravy Sensations, dry cat food, 5 boxes of Sheba, 4 boxes of litter, doggie treats, bunches of kitty toys, pop tabs for Kellen, tuna/salmon treats, scratcher turbo toy, 1 donut/8 kitty beds, bag full of adoption bags, sardines and lots of cat snackers. For the volunteers: big jar of cheese balls, reeses pieces, oreos, popcorn, cookies, snacks.
Anonymous--baby food!
Anonymous--bucket of horse treats
Bamagirl/Peggy K from AL--card with donation & 3 books of stamps, 2 big rolls of scotch packaging tape, 2 reams of colored copy paper (1 is cardstock) & 6 large binders
Anonymous--1 case of Angel Soft toilet paper
Cachemaine--cute card, catnip mice and some special catnip from Maine
Anonymous--8 germ-x hand santizers.
Julie P--pet mat for Skittles (which was in her pet traveler and given to her to take home) 
Wanda H from GA--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Mary N from NJ--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Eleanor F from CT--a donation thru PayPal for Skittles's Adventure

If your gift comes up as listed "anonymous", please don't hesitate to let me know by e-mail that it's from you! I'd appreciate it.

This blog is a tad bit different than others. I just feel the need to pass on a few of my feelings.

Viktor Frankl, a survivor of the prison camps once said: "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms--to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." I've always liked this, as to me, it means, we CHOOSE our attitude. We may not personally have much, but always that right of choosing our attitude is there. That's HUGE--it can define who we are and how we choose our way of life, regardless of outside situations. This can hit us on many levels. In regards to FFRC's "level"--we choose to be here and to run this Rescue Center to the best ability that we can.....because we WANT to! 

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow". by Mary Anne Radmacher. We all make mistakes. I freely admit I make them every day, but I am choosing to continue on, willing to try again tomorrow. 

One of my very favorite sayings in the world is: PEACE.  "It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." My peace, I always pray, comes from God for myself and FFRC. 

That's all!  Just felt like sharing this.

Since I've been back, Badu has torn up 4 sheets of papers that's been taped to my desk (I have witnesses!). She's left me hug and kiss her lots! I think she does the paper-ripping thing just for the joy of it! Cutie has just spent 10 minutes in my lap--all rubbing and happy. That's our Cutie girl! Audrey looks wonderful--no more tummy trouble problems for her. A week from today is the next spay/neuter day. On Monday, Mary and I will do a big Weigh-In day for all those that are not neutered yet. 

On to a great weekend! 

Wonderful Gossamer--such a great  purrer!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weds., October 17

We won! We won! We won! FFRC had the most votes for the week at The Animal Rescue Site. This is just wonderful news! I couldn't hardly believe it! I received an e-mail telling me that we won, so I looked, and sure enough, there was FFRC listed! This is thanks to YOU and your voting finger power!! Thank you ever so much for your votes--I deeply appreciate it. We cannot receive any further prizes from voting, so if you'd like to vote for another favorite rescue/shelter of your choice, now is the time to switch votes. We should get a check for $1,000 next week for winning this--a welcome prize for us! We are thinking of entering a cat story in another one of their categories. Thanks ever so much! A wonderful day for us.

Tomorrow is another wonderful day. It's Skittles Go Home Day. I will post our flights, just in case you'd like to follow the planes arrivals and departures. Skittles is pretty much ready. She'll get an early breakfast tomorrow. Her pet crate is all ready and in her room so she can see it and lay in it. We have a folder with all her items in it, includinig some Lick e Lix tubes for her, her vet records and stories about her event. We had WFFT TV (Fort Wayne, channel 55) call yesterday to do a story on Skittles. I called Brenda (Skittles mom) and asked permission. She immediately said yes! So, Skittles' story was filmed yesterday and aired last night. In case you missed it, you can check it out at:   It has been a privilege for this Rescue Center to care for Skittles.

I had a phone call yesterday from Hannah's mom. Hannah is home! Another bit of wonderful news. She got home on 10/12 and is doing GOOD! She has a trach now. She also has her voice back, her hair is growing and she's resumed her school work. Hannah is still watching the kittycam and is voting daily for FFRC! Please keep her in your continued prayers. Way to go, Hannah!

Cheri (Sunday night volunteer) has asked me to pass this on: "Words cannot totally express the thanks and grattitude I feel inside for all that you did for me on my birthday. I am so blessed to call you all friends and appreciate your kindness so very much. God bless you all".    

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks from me and every single cat and kitten here!
Lynda B from VT--3 snuggle safe warmers and a Meow Jungle Cat Cave bed
Caren F from CA (Ralph & Molly's mom)--2 feather toys, 6 packages of snackers, fun cat toys, Run Away Remote control mouse toy, 2 catnip bubbles and a battery charger!
Middiemom04/Patty--2 cases baby food, 4 bags of Royal Canin baby cat food, 24 roles of paper towels
LoveBugs321--Halloween/Fall cat garden flag
Anna B--2 40 pound boxes of litter, 10 rolls of paper towels
Sylvia V--10 cans of sardines, case of Fancy Feast, case of Gravy Sensations, case of Friskies, 6 boxes of cookies for the volunteers and a super soft "sack" bed
Anonymous--4 gallons of Clorox bleach
Patricia V from OH--2 cases of paper towels
Anonymous--32 count Seafood Variety Friskies, 1 case of Gravy Sensation, 2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten can
Bradley S from Seattle--for Filbert and friends--4 BIG boxes of litter
Casey S from Canada--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Margaret H from NC--a donation to FFRC, in honor of our Spay/Neuter day, that is coming up
Jeff N from OH--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
If there is ever an error in the BOX information, or you are one of the Anonymous donors, please feel free to let me know thru the FFRC's e-mail. I will be glad to correct this!

We had a report from Petfinder's yesterday. The top 10 cats with the most views were: Cassidy, Campion, FIlbert, Octavia, Tweets, Weber, Jaina, County, Macallan & Goodness.

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Tenzin went to his new home. He went to a family that has been visiting here for a couple weeks. This is one extra special boy and they love him! We also took in another cat yesterday. His name is Kazzy. He is a siamese, about 5-6 months old. He's already been in a home, so his quarantine time will be very short. He may be out & about already today. A very sweet boy that loves people. He was well loved, but his mama is sick and needed to tend to her well-being.

Zavatar's most favorite thing is to unwind the toilet paper in the Welcome Room's bathroom!

Here is the plane flights:
To Reno:
 Leave Fort Wayne, American Air, flight 4312 at 6:25 am
Arrive Chicago at 6:15 am
Leave Chicago at 9:50 am American Air, flight 1487
Arrive Reno at 11:55 am    Skittles Reunion!

Home again:
Leave Reno, United airlines, flight 6347 at 7:00 pm
Arrive San Francisco at 8:07 pm
Leave SF at 11:05 pm, United, flight 334
Arrive at Chicago at 5:10 am
Leave Chicago at 6:55 am, United, flight 5361
Arrive in Fort Wayne at 8:46 am
Should be home by 10:15 am, then off to bed!

Weber, in his pose of "what can I get into next".

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16

I'm sorry we didn't do BOXES last night. Tonight, Steve and I will be going to the movies, as normal, but WILL do BOXES upon return! Not sure exactly what time that will be though.

All is well here at FFRC. Audrey is doing much better--she and Tizzie love to play and wrestle. They will probably be out and about very soon. Audrey's "tummy troubles" are also much better. Two happy kittens. Betz is again on my desk--I believe she thinks I can't work without her in my lap. Drake, Graciela and Harlow are at it again--playing tag and each trying to be tougher than the others.

Next Saturday, the 27th is our next surgery date. On Monday, Mary and I will weigh all the cats/kittens and make up the surgery schedule. Dr. Darcy, Bonnie and Lynnette will again be here. We'll let you know the surgery list as soon as it's done.

Many thanks to:
Cantoncat--a donation to FFRC for her mom's 84th birthday. Happy Birthday to Rita's mom!
Jean & Neil S from OH--a donation to FFRC
Kim K from MI--a donation to FFRC
Carolyn & Beth--day visitors last week--a case of water, gallons of bleach and 4 cases of baby food (Bella spied this and was smiling!)

Macallan is playing with a tiny tiny piece of paper--he's flipping it up and carefully scooping it up again to flip it. There's 4 tigers all napping together--Miler, Spruce, Tenzin and Goodness. It looks like one giant cat! It's suppose to be a beautiful day today. We will be opening the little catdoor to the outdoor enclosure for the cats to enjoy.

Skittles Update: She's eating very well and purrs so quickly. She is fully ready to make her flight home on Thursday. I know some of the newspapers have gotten hold of this story, but please know--this story is about SKITTLES. Steuben County Humane Society in Indiana had a huge part of this rescue--they're the ones that initially took her in and made her comfortable and filled her tummy. The ranger that found her, the campers that put food out for her, the transport people--many many people involved. We (FFRC) are just a small part of this wonderful story. Just think--in 2 days Skittles will see her mom! THAT'S what this is all about. If you yourself want to make a difference--contact your local shelters or rescues. Ask them what you can do for them. I'll bet there's not a one that would refuse your help!

There are 3 kittens playing--all having a tug of war with a coil toy. Sure hope no one gets zapped on the nose if one lets loose of it! Spruce, Linden and Tabitha are involved. Putter is doing great. He now follows everyone into the bathroom--this always makes me laugh. He doesn't care who it is, if they're going into the bathroom, he's going too! It makes me wonder if he did this in his previous home?! Emaline is definitely having some good days. We're aggressively treating her condition. She looks a little better, is not uncomfortable and is so happy to be inside. I know some of you would like to see her, but Steve and I don't have the heart to tell her she has to go out in the rescue center.

I couldn't find my black shoes this morning. I thought I had left them on the red stairs going into the house. I eventually did find them....right where I thought. Except there was Kiara laying on them, completely hiding them! Roadinia and Oban are good friends. They play and nap together a lot. It's always interesting how they pick their friends and find them!

A BOX!  A lovely BOX!  We love those BOXES!!  Tonight we will have boxes, but not until after Movie Night!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 15

Monday, October 15

Happy Birthday to Fabio! Today he is 5 years old and has been with us almost 3 years. He's a wonderful boy. Fabio is a Porchie.

I have 2 bits of news to pass on to you.

First, Friskies is having a video contest. There are 4 different categories to put videos under. For each video we submitted (3), we get 5 cans of food free. The topics of the videos submitted are: one of Octavia doing her thievery act, one of the wonderful tunnel fun playtime and one of the Cat-go-Round Wheel and breakfast combined. The deadline has now come. First, judges will "weed thru" the videos and pick out a certain amount, in each category. Then those videos are put up for people to vote for them! So....let's hope we make the first cuts with the judges, then, on to voting!  You can join their Friskies Facebook community at It's there that they will be sharing all the latest news about "The Friskies". The prize??? Money for the organization that submitted the videos! We will keep you posted on the happenings!

Secondly, we have a wonderful visit coming up! Mike Chamberlin, who did our concert for Catstock is coming back! After he got back home from Catstock, he decided he would like to do a CD, JUST FOR FFRC!!! How wonderful is that?!! So....the work has begun. He will be recording for 3 days to get the final recordings. The CD will have 7 songs on it.
The songs are:
1-Because of Putter
2-All God's Chrildren (and Cats)
3-There's A Cat In The Shelter
4-Lean On Me
5-Til There Was You
6-Cats Everywhere
7-Feliz Navidad

This CD is being made with FFRC in mind--each and every song will be super special! The song "Cats Everywhere" is one that he wrote exclusively for this CD. He also feels that the song "Til There Was You", sums up how a lot of us feel about our kitties.

He will then come back to FFRC on Novemberf 25,26,27. He will introduce the CD to us then! He will be flying in on the 25th, leaving on the 27th, so we'll have to enjoy every minute he's here with us! He will bring these CD's with him, for FFRC to sell!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday, October 14

We ended up with two adoptions yesterday! Cassidy left in the morning, as scheduled. Later in the day, Felton was delivered to the same home as Gracie Ann is at! When I delivered him, he went up, they touched noses, and went about their merry way. Gracie Ann looks quite pleased with her new home. They will give us an update in a few days about Felton. Chambo is still on hold.

Yesterday, we had 2 wonderful visitors. They were Pam and Wanda. Pam is from Michigan. Wanda is from Wisconsin. They are sisters and stayed for most of the day. Wanda is an awesome artist and gave me a gift that I will forever treasure. It's a picture she drew with pencils, of me and Badu. She has a God-given talent and as she said, she enjoys it! We showed some of other her artwork on the cam. Please check out her website at:   In this site is her e-mail. For any portrait that she does (humans or pets), she will contribute $50 to FFRC. Her work is stunning.

We also had another visitor--Michelle who is known as DiegoKitty. She stayed most of the day and I believe, was successful in petting every cat here!

Audrey is doing better! Yesterday was a good day for her. Probably later today, she and Tizzie will be moved to June's Room so they have more room to play. Christopher is doing pretty good--he still has chronic respiratory issues. We're trying to stay on top of it though. Treesa and Buckeye are giving each other a bath, while Liberty is playing beside them.  Dennison is sleeping above them, on the cat furniture. He must be dreaming about chasing a bird, as his whole body is quivering!

We had BOXES last night! I'm very grateful for your support.
Pat L & Sandy--a card with a donation for FFRC and coupons
Aunty Julie from MA--a Halloween card for Magenta with a Walmart gift card for Magenta too! Magenta loves her Aunty Julie! Also 3 books of stamps. Last card from Aunty was spent on that special food that Magenta loves and a soft blanket for her, in the basket that she sleeps in at times.
Gloria K from PA--a card and a donation to FFRC, in honor of Pizazz
Phyllis B from MI and Buddy & Emmy--a Halloween card with a Walmart gift card, coupons and a pho9to of Buddy and Emmy
VIctoria W from Bryan Oh--thank you card for doing a school project interview
Keith & Ginger from Iowa--letter and a donation for Skittles
Nicki M from UK--deluxe catnip mouse, 3 active cats toys, 2 cases of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Susan M/DayDreamz2--6 antibacterial dial soap containers
Laurie D/LaurieD65 from TX--motion activated lighted balls, case of Friskies gravy sensation
Lynda G/Lyninvt--big box of Famous AMos cookies and a big box of Gold Fish--treats for volunteers
Lois L/Lannml--For Bondi and Riley & friends: 2 heated hoodie beds
Carol N/cn1919 from PA--a PayPal donation for FFRC
PSW from CA--A PayPal donation for Skittles to "Fly Away Home" & to have a safe journey
Arden B from IN--a PayPal donation for FFRC, for Audrey. Both Audrey and Charmaine were/are burn victims
Helen D/EagleSpirit from WI--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Bondi is doing great. I came across one of her pictures the other day when she first arrived, and it reminded me of how very thin she was then. She looks like a different cat. She is definitely the queen of the Welcome Room Office, which she shares with Zavatar and Azar.

Little Gossamer is doing better. You can tell she wants to "connect" with people, just still holding back a little. She enjoys being held and purrs easily. Enginlina amazes me--she doesn't let that crooked front paw of hers slow her down at all--she's got it all figured out how to zip around. Shirley is wonderful--she's a friend to all sizes of kitties and cats, such a friendly girl. Zora is crazy about any of the soft balls--she has figured out how to carry one in her mouth, while batting another around with her paw.

Skittles Update: this girl is a major chirper! Anytime we go into her room, she chirps and comes out to meet and greet! What a joy. Her Reno mama was on the cam last night and so Skittles was brought out to show her to her mama. I asked her what was a favorite food of Skittles and she said salmon. That explains why she loves those salmon flavored yogurt tubes! We'll take a few along on her trip to so she has some at her Reno home. In today's Crescent-News is an article about Skittles.

Cypress--one of the "woody" kittens.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 13

Today we have another adoption! Our sweet Cassidy will be going to his new home. The family that is adopting him, has been here for the last two weekends visiting him. They are now ready to take him home. Lucky Cassidy--such an awesome cat.

Faleena is throwing a paper ball up into the air, swatting it, then chasing it, just to toss it up again. Linden is just sitting by watching her silliness. Little Gossamer is playing with a fuzzy ball close by Faleena. Goss is doing better and better at not being so shy. Yesterday, she actually came forward to be petted! A big breakthrough. Tizzie and Audrey are doing good in Dodger's Pen. Tizzie is ready to come out, but Audrey isn't yet. She's still having some tummy trouble we have to work thru. I don't want her to be in the pen all by herself. But, other kittens have joined them once in a while, just for fun!

There are 14 cats here in the office--all sleeping. There's another 9 of them playing. What a complicated life--do we eat? do we nap? or do we play?  Whoever said cats sleep 20 hours a day didn't know FFRC cats! These kittens and cats are quite active. Dave of course, is one of those that are playing!

We had a PetFinder report. The top 10 cats/kittens that were viewed are: Butterbur, Betony, Campion, Filbert, Angel Kisses, Weber, Canton, Efrafa, Octavia and Tweets. That Octavia is being checked out--that's twice lately she's been in the top 10!

Our visitors, Joni (catlady), Carolyn (cwall) & Beth all left yesterday and arrived home safely. We enjoy our visitors. We have recently heard from another viewer. Her name is Norma. She has a goal for this month that she is calling  "Fall For a Rescue Cat" (FFRC)! For each adoption, she will donate $10. A really neat idea! Thanks, Norma.

I know many of you have been having trouble with the new Ustream. While they are getting things straightened out, we removed our HD setting, which should help some of you viewers to be able to view better and for the cam not to crash like it was yesterday. We'll get it all straightened out yet!

Remember to check out   Then go to "our peroducts", then type in friends of feline which will then take you to the page to order products. We are now over $600 in sales, which means FFRC gets 15% of the sales!

Also, our website to put in your new recipes for our FFRC Cookbook II, is

And please remember to vote for FFRC--we could win $1,000 for having the most votes for a week. FFRC will not show up on the main page (since we already won the big prize in the first quarter), but our votes still count towards that big $1,000 prize! Keep voting at The Animal Rescue Site. It continues until 12/16.

Skittles Updatre: Skittles had her vet appointment yesterday. She passed! She still has an ear infection, which we are treating and will be fine for flying. She received her flying papers! She is eating very well and sure loves her cushie beds! She really likes visitors too. Her Home Day is coming up--we will be leaving on 10/18 early in the morning.

Riley--one of the Covies

Weber says--"Check out my big feet!"

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12

Is it an alien? Are we being taken over by an unnatural force? Something spooky is happening. It's nothing to worry about though!! If you are on the cam at night and the cam goes down, starts up magically all by itself, it's ok! No, there's not an invisible person, but a moderator starting the cam back up remotely! We now have a system in place that if the cam goes down at night, 2 different moderators have the ability to remotely, reboot the cam computer. This way, I don't have to get up to do it! How nice! I appreciate this very much.

It's done! It always takes 2 days, but it's done for another 6 months. Twice a year, we go thru all the cat furniture and give each piece an extra good vacuuming, followed by a shampoo. They all look so nice and clean. Big time thanks to Judy S and Sarah for doing this huge project.

If you haven't had a chance to see the Running of the Covies, check out the video on facebook. All 17 cats popped out, one after another! We try to let them do this 1-2 times a week. They get part of the morning and the whole afternoon to roll in the grass, chase any butterflies that may be around, stroll down to the barns and chase each other all over the barn yard. They love it. Then when it's close to suppertime, one by one, they go back into Cat's Cove.

Our webcam friend, Conii made some really nice bands for Derecho. He's gone without any for a month--he outgrew his other ones. Yesterday, we received a boxful of new bands--with a narrow attachment around his neck so they don't slide down anymore. They are so so cute. Some are Halloween design, some are Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thank you Conii for helping Derecho. There's 2 purposes for this. One is to possibly help him feel more "connected". It's been shown that CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) cats sometimes have less jitters with a band on. But, to me, the most important reason is to have a good hold on him. You see, sometimes when we hold him, and he gets a "burst of jitters", it's hard to keep him from jittering out of your arms. I would surely hate to have him fall on the floor. So, today he has a Halloween band on! Thanks, Conii.

We had BOXES last night. So many of them, lots of fun and we're so appreciative!
Marty S--coupons
Arden W from FL--donation for FFRC
Janet P from ME--a very nice card and a donation for FFRC and in memory of Pizazz, Jazzie and Bravo
Zena--a personal card for Jacci
Anonymous--a case of baby food
KimKost--2 rolls of stamps
Gillian & Tom/TA67 from UK--Webbox Lick-E-Lix (for Skittles & Magenta)
Conii--assortment of "thundershirts" for Derecho (see above)
Susan M/Daydreamz2--4 packs of Kleenex, 4 huge containers of Clorox Wipes
Marilyn S/Madisonpepper & furkids--for all the cats, including Covies, Barnies, Porchies & Ferals--a BIG box of assorted Appetizers
Roger & Kate C--2 cases plus of the large cans of liquid KMR 
Joni/Catlady--2 packages of muffins for volunteers, lots of kitty snackers, Lions blanket/teddy bear for Putter while he watches the games with Steve, 3 bags of Natural Choice dry food, Scratch Cabin, cat pen that lights up and meows, and pop cake sticks! (Joni is visiting for 2 days here at FFRC)
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--a new garbage can with a wheel base--really nice!
Dave and his mom Sherry--letter from Dave & a picture of him. 2 large bags of snacks for volunteers, Kitty bumper bed, mice toys, candy, Hostess snacks, variety of cat toys, Temptation treats, popcorn, 2 packs of Oreos, baby food, Friskies Gravy Sensations, sandwich bags,, Fancy Feast Medleys, q-tips, peroxide, plates, bubble envelopes and manila envelopes.  **Dave is another special friend of FFRC. Dave has special needs and is home schooled. We are SO glad to have you join us, Dave!**
Carolyn W (cwall) & Beth--visitors for 2 days here at FFRC--construction paper, envelopes, cardstock, gingersnaps (for the donkey Millie), Christmas lights, white copy paper, Mr. Clean, HE Laundry soap, styrofoam plates, potty pads, case of Friskies, Whiskas cat Milk, Temptation Treats, sardines, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, paper trimmer, rubber gloves, Envelopes, kitty face wipes, Kitty Caviar, cat snackers, bowl, Mr. Clean sponges, kickeroo toy, lots of toys, crinkle tunnel, kitty cube, paper clips, scotch tape, Sharpie pens, baby cereal, new box cutter, big cube of note paper

Update on Skittles: She continues to eat good. A week from yesterday, Skittles will be home! Yesterday she was brushed and had her face washed. She also walked around, not only Thumper's Room, but the Welcome Room Office. Today, she goes to the vet's office for her flight physical. She's such a chirper-girl! 
Joe Galli of WNWO-TV (who did a TV story on FFRC recently) is putting Skittles story in their website called:    Skittles the cat needs a lift home

We now have a hold on Chambo. More on that later. The family that adopted Gracie Ann has been in touch again. All is well. Possibly considering Felton (Gracie Ann and Felton came from the same home). Time will tell. Asha is laying on a cushie by the desk with Zora. She's giving Zora a very detailed bath. Treesa is (again) sitting on the desk--her nose pointed at the computer and following all the movements. She's such a lot of help! 

Tomorrow, compliments of Betz, we have a surprise for the volunteers and for the cats and kitties! The volunteer surprise has to be picked up tomorrow around 10:00. So, sometime after that we will show this to our viewers and have the cat's surprise too! 

Skittles--our sweet new friend. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11

You can always tell the temperature by going out to Cat's Cove. If it's warm, they sleep in their own cushies. If it's cold, they're all bundled up together! What friends they make, depending on the weather! Sometime in November they'll be coming to Kitty City. They are all doing great and are happy Covies.

The Porchies are also doing great. I walked into the sunporch yesterday and all of them were napping in their cushies, soaking in the sun that was coming in thru the windows. They too are doing great. They never miss a meal or treat. They've also been getting groomed 2-3 times a week.

Putter and Emaline are still in the house. Putter loves the bed upstairs, the rugs on the floor and the quilt on the couch. All he has to do is come sit in front of anyone--we all know what that means--pick me up and hold me a while. Which, of course we do! Emaline is snugged in so much in the house, she doesn't come out to the rescue center at all. But, she's so happy and comfortable. Truly, she is a lap sitter and does so every chance she gets. We work daily with her skin problems.

Christopher is now out of his recovery pen. He wasn't feeling the best the last few days, so needed some extra care. But, yesterday and today he seems to be back to himself. So, he's out and about and has been playing already this morning. Avens and Penn are tussling beside me at the moment. Miau and Harlow keep going up to them to play with Aven's and Penn's twitching tails, which just adds to the excitement. I got a feeling the tussling will soon escalate.

Skittles Update: she ate real good again yesterday. The plans are made now for her flight back to Reno. I get to go with her, which I'm excited about! Skittles and I will leave FFRC around 4:00 am on  10/18. We will arrive in Reno about 11:55 (Reno time, in Ohio that would be 2:55 pm). I will leave later in the evening for my return flight back and should be back at FFRC about 10:15 am (Ohio time) Friday morning. I would like to thank Bill & Angie, Colleen & Tony (lives in Omaha), Kathy C (lives near Salt Lake City), Christine (lives in Denver) and Colleen (lives near Omaha). These were the  people who were willing to drive Skittles across the US. I thank you for your compassion and willingness of doing this. In addition to the reasons listed yesterday as to why it was decided to fly (home in 1/2 of a day, along with other reasons) is the weather. You never know what kind of winter weather the drivers might have ran into out west. There are so many people involved in this huge group effort to get Skittles home--I thank each and every one of you. Tomorrow, Angie and Connie will be accompanying Skittles to the vet appointment.

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks for the supplies!
Webcammer friends--a beautiful, awesome memorial stone, for Pizazz to add to Thumper's Garden. I'm so grateful.
Medic/Laura H--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Jennifer C/Kayton19--case of Friskies Gravy Sensation pouches
PJ/Badkitty from OH--cute letter from BadKitty, handmade spiral toys for FFRC cats and adoptions, lots of handmade kitty blankies with a special one for Gracie Ann (I will deliver this to her), coupons
Bev--PetScope, to replace the old one (many thanks!)
Icemaiden/Linda T--2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensation pouches
LucyToons--2 packages of spring toys, 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 1 case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous--4 nylon mesh laundry bags (to wash the toys in)
Bantry--2 cans of sardines, scotch tape, cat shaped desk calendar for 2013, bandages, writing books, envelopes
Patty F & Mary from Missouri--lots of folders, some with paper in them, pens, pencils, stamps, 2 awesome packs of cards (with the pattern on a flash drive so we can make more!), sign: Dogs have owners, Cats have staff" (how so very true!), cardstock, sharpie pens, postie notes, hangers, paper clips, stamper ink, self inking stamper of kitties (matches the cards), pencil sharpener, white board
Val & Lois from WI--baby food, Mr. Clean, Dawn soap, pencils, sardines, lots of kitty toys, Meow Mix pouches, papertowels, Bounce sheets for the dryer, sandwich bags, lysol wipes, q-tips, trash bags, Mr. Clean eraser sponges, 2 cases of Gravy Sensations, K cups (hot cider)
Sylvia V--a wonderful big bumper kitty bed

We had an adoption 2 days ago. Gracie Ann went to her new home. She was first visited by a couple, at the Catstock. They took a shine to her. We've been talking on the phone, getting things arranged. I heard last night and all is well. She is a lap sitter, which is wonderful!

Thanks to each and every one for those votes--they are important. Keep them coming! Thanks too for the Pampered Chef orders that have come in. Remember too, to visit our Cause Site at:

Beautiful Canton

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weds., October 10

This is the hard time of the year. There is never ever enough homes for all the kittens and cats that are "out there". Yet, with each day, we still get more and more calls. It seems in the fall, that people start thinking of the cold winter and want to "get rid" of their outside cats so they don't have to worry about them. If only, if only they would spay those females in the spring, they wouldn't now have 15 cats to worry about. Such a sad situation for these wonderful creatures. There is no way that one no-kill rescue center can keep up with the demand. The ONLY way to truly make an impact on the numbers is to spay/neuter. Please, if you can help, grab an unhomed male or female cat, take it in to the vets, have it neutered or spayed, re-release it and feed it. It WILL make a difference for that cat's life and for rescue centers.

(Dave has just zoomed by again) We took in another kitten yesterday. This poor baby took a trip on the frame of a car. At a drive thru restaurant, it dropped down onto the parking lot. The car it was on, grazed it with a wheel. The lady that saw it happen, jumped out and grabbed it and then brought her here. This poor baby has been burned on it's back--the lower section of her back has had the fur singed, but didn't do too much damage to the skin itself--just inflammation. I'm not exactly sure what happened to this kitten, but she had black "gunk" (not oil, maybe grease?) encased on its legs and much around the face. After  3-sudsy baths, she looks much better, but still has a ways to go. She also has a slight upper respiratory infection. Most of the tire tread marks came off also with the bath. She is about 7 weeks old and her name is Audrey. (Dave just zoomed by again, with Oban in hot pursuit)

As you know, Ustream has changed some things again. They are still working out some of the kinks, but I know some of you are discouraged about it. Many of you also are watching the webcam on Bobcat. Just remember, Bobcat doesn't have the advertisements, so there's no revenue there for us. Please keep checking on the main Ustream and click on those advertisements that interest you. I'm sure Ustream will get this all straightened out soon. (Dave is now running by chasing Harper.)  FFRC made $1,025.75 for the month of September just by the ads! It is a huge help to us!

Leenie (a viewer and moderator) is now selling items for Pampered Chef. She is having an on-line "party" for FFRC. If sales are under $600, then FFRC gets 10% of the sales. If over $600, then it goes up to 15% of the sales. It's easy--just go to:   Then click on "our products", then type in friends of feline. That will take you to the place to order products for the FFRC fundraiser. Thanks! Remember, Christmas is coming up!

PetFinders is back up and running for FFRC. (I swear this just happened--now Dave is pouncing on Drake and Zora and sprinting away from them, just to come back and do it again.) We explained the situation to PetFinders and told them about what happened and that Zelda and Octavia are sorry ( I sure HOPE they are, at least!) But, anyway, PetFinders is showing FFRC cats again. I'm planning on doing major updates this week.

Please remember to vote for FFRC at:  We have a good chance of winning high votes for a weekly $1,000 prize. We have 51.58% of Ohio votes! Keep voting. FYI--FFRC will not show up on the first page of results, since we already won the BIG prize for this year. We will only show up on the Ohio state page of results.   Remember to mark your calendar for November 25,26,27 for something fun!

Update on Skittles: She has now gained 3 ounces since her arrival. She eats much better than when she first arrived and enjoys people coming in to visit with her. Her energy level is much better. Here is the big news--we have had enough donations come in to fly Skittles back to her mom in Reno, with a companion. I would very much enjoy taking Skittles to Reno myself and am making plans to do so. One day of travel will be much easier on Skittles than 4-6 days of car travel. I personally don't enjoy flying as much as I use to (mainly because I don't like being away from FFRC for long), but I truly would love to see that Skittles makes it back to Reno and to meet her family. Hopefully, this will happen next week. I won't stay in Reno, actually won't even leave the airport. I will do back to back flights so I can return in a short amount of time. Will keep you posted. Our local paper and an Indiana paper is doing a story on Skittles this week.

Dave is now sitting on the little cat rocking chair and making it rock! THis kitten is so much fun--he has one speed and that is FAST! Galway and Rudy are playing with a pile of UPS paper--bouncing in and out of it. Boulder is sitting on the side and swatting them when their paws stick out! Never a dull moment here.

One of our loved oldsters--Magentta

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 9

Today, Janet, who has been with us for almost 2 weeks will be leaving. She has been a joy and a tremendous help to me. Every single day we have worked on "computer stuff". Computer understanding is not my greatest asset, but Janet has plugged away with me, helping me to understand more and more about it. I'm deeply grateful. I will also miss her very much. She is a wonderful, lifelong friend to me. Thank you, Janet for your visit and friendship.

Skittles update: Wow--this girl's appetite is picking up! This morning, when I walked into Thumper's Room, she got up, chirped and met me at the door. Talk about heart-warming! It was wonderful, and of course, got her another big hug. She ate a good breakfast. She's been combed and brushed--her fur is looking better already too.

I heard from Efrafra's family. Sounds like all is well and that Haley and Efrafra are a happy twosome! Buckeye and Obadiah are sleeping in one of the giant poofs together. They are all sunk down in the middle, looking very cozy. Bella has been in the poofs a lot too and doesn't mind if a kitten sleeps with her. Shirley and Darilyn were chasing a moth a little bit ago--I think the moth won!

Just in case you noticed, we are having trouble with PetFinders. Our entire rescue center's information is gone. I am waiting for a response from them to see what happened. In the meantime, we might have figured it out---here is the story that I received:
"I had a text from Paddy Cakes...he was feeling bad about not telling you what happened to the PetFinders page. It seems Octavia was bored with stealing treats the other night and was surfing the ffrc web site. She came upon PetFinders and thought it was funny. She was having a good laugh and told Zelda she was up for adoption. This, of course, made Zelda cry. But then Zelda told Octavia, "you won't be laughing when you get adopted by a locksmith." Apparently Octavia took that very seriously and after a few clicks, PetFinders was history.  Paddy is sorry he let things get so out of hand and he hopes you won't tell Putter." I have to explain to PetFinders what really happened and see if they'll get us back on board. Oh my, I'm not sure if they'll believe me or not!

We have been busy keeping up with sending the orders out that people have asked for. If you have ordered anything from FFRC and did not receive it, please e-mail me and let me know. If you received a damaged CD, please also let me know that. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night--FFRC surely is appreciative!
Marcia S from AL--a very nice letter, case of peanut butter crackers, box of 13 gallon plastic bags, box of Q-tips, baby rice cereal, box of Temptation treats, postie notes, cat snackers, Purrfectly Chicken packets (which Octavia thieved last night), Dawn liquid soap and 3 very soft cat beds
Michelle H from FL--3 cases of Capri Suns drink pouches for the volunteers, Ziploc storage bags (sandwich & quart sizes), 5 gallons of bleach and 2 boxes of Bounce dryer sheets
Gramma June--for Derecho and friends--feather toy, crazy catnip bubbles, spiral coil toys, Spider catnip toy, cardboard scratcher board
Emily, Aiden, Megan & Jonathan C from IN--they adopted DIxon (now Milano) & Ashlyn (now Oreo)--a special letter and drawing
Trudy S from OH--a donation for FFRC
Gina--a day visitor & cammer, from  Ohio--litter, Purina One, dog treats and lots of Friskie cans

We had an advisory meeting yesterday. We discussed Catstock, Catathon, generally how things are going at FFRC and future events. It was a good meeting.

Campion and Harlow are buzzing going up and down the cat pole--it's amazing how fast they can zip on it. If you see a grey/white blur go by, that would be Dave. I do believe he never walks--he's always full speed ahead! Weber was seen last night, in a cushie, leaning on the side, on his back, with his legs up--totally out sleeping. You could even pick up a paw and drop it and he wouldn't move! Tweets and Cassidy are becoming good friends--they like to play ball together.

I wish to thank everyone who is involved with FFRC. As I sit here and think about what it takes for FFRC to run, it makes me doubly appreciative to the volunteers, my family, our moderators, our chatters and lurkers, for those that vote for us, to those that come and visit, to those that give encouraging words, donations and prayers. It does indeed take a village of people to make FFRC be possible. Thank you!

Please remember to vote for FFRC!!  Go to: Help us win that $1,000!!!

Our handsome Paddy Cake.
 Paddy Cakes

Monday, October 8, 2012

Derecho says Hi!!

Monday, October 8

Today starts the voting at The Animal Rescue Site! How exciting. This is the 4th quarter of voting and continues untill Dec. 16th. Please vote for Friends of Felines Rescue Center. We are not eligible for the Grand Prize, since we already won that earlier this year. But, we can win a weekly--the organization that has the most votes. This is the plan--please vote for FFRC--let's have a heavy show of votes. Once we win the weekly top voting organization (worth $1,000), then you could turn your votes to any organization that you would like! Ask your family, friends, neighbors, cyber space friends to vote for us! Spread it by e-mail, by mouth, by the mountain tops! It's easy--just go to:   Thank you ever so much!

We had a birthday party last night for a volunteer, Cheri and for Haley, the daughter of a volunteer. It was ever so nice. We had cake and pizza. Happy Birthday Cheri and Haley! Haley's birthday present from her mom and dad, was her most favorite kitten--Efrafra. She was so surprised to know she could take Efrafra home.

We have received some Paypals--thank you for your support!
Suzann A from IN--PayPal donation for Skittles transport or whatever there may be a need for
Domingo F from Italy--PayPal donation for FFRC
Marilyn B--PayPal donation for Skittles
Kathleen E--PayPal donation for treats for Skittles
Aunty Fi--PayPal donation for the Feliz Navidad fund, in memory of Pizazz
Larry G from NY--PayPal donation in memory of Pizazz
Cheryl G from TN--PayPal donation for Skittles' journey or wherever needed

The new kitten, Engelina is doing great. She's already out and about with the rest of the newer kittens. The energy level is high here--the kittens just zoom around here like they have motors on their legs! Little Roadinia is walking around the office with a pink soft ball in her mouth. Kiwi's wounds on the face are healing. Dave is doing much better--Dr. Catopractor checked him again last night and said he's doing great! His neck is much better. He still has his wondering eyes, but that's ok. Christopher are doing awesome--he loves to sit up straight on the furniture, overlooking things! 

Mark your calendar--we have a very very special event for everyone! Nope, I can't tell you what it is yet, but will soon enough. You won't want to miss this. It's November 25, 26, 27. Surprises are fun! You will love this! 

We had a second frost last night. In case you are worried about the Covies--they are doing just fine! They have many beds and cozies to keep warm. They're staying comfortable! We don't usually move them until sometime in November. It all depends on the weather. Cold is ok, but when wind and rain or snow is mixed in, then it's not comfortable. We don't like to move them until necessary, since Kitty City is much smaller for them.  The Porchies are also doing great.

Skittles Update! As many of you already know, we took in a rescue cat on Saturday. Skittles is actually from Reno, but came to Indiana for a family reunion. She traveled with her family in an RV. While at the camp, she saw a bird and went thru the screen, straight into the woods. She was missing for weeks, when a Camp Ranger found her. Skittles is 15 years old and survived this event. She was then taken to a county shelter and was there for a few days. We got involved thru an FFRC volunteer who asked if we could arrange transport from here to Reno. Of course, we would be happy to do so. Plans were made, but when Skittles arrived at FFRC on Saturday, we decided that she needed some time to recooperate before her long trip to Reno. She had fleas, ticks, was slightly dehydrated, urinating some blood and lost a couple pounds. Our vet also agreed with this decision and has advised us in her care. She had a much needed bath yesterday. This morning, she is doing so much better and is eating with interest now! Her family comes onto the cam, so we can show her to them! When she is much better, we will get her on her way to Reno. In the meantime, we'll give her lots of love and care. 

We will have BOXES this evening! 

Zavatar--he loves water and even the sound of flushing water!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday, October 6

Our visitor, Janet and I played hookey quite a bit yesterday and had a very nice time. We went to Shipshewana in Indiana to see their big craft show. The ride was beautiful as many of the fall colors are out in full force. 

Our new kittens, Dave, Christopher and Kiwi are doing good. Dave's eyes are still cross-eyed but he is playing, so we know he feels pretty good. Christopher's main job right now is eating to put some meat on his bones. Kiwi's abrasions on his face and head are healing. THese 3 belong to the purr-gang!

We took in another little kitten last night. A friend of ours who runs a funeral home, arrived at his work hearing kitty meows. A little kitten was wedged into engine parts that were unreachable. A hose had to be used, a little water and out popped the kitten. Her name is Engilina. She is a soft grey color, full of furrs and a round tummy. Unfortunately, she also has a club-type front paw. This paw turns in permanently, from the way the ankle is fixated. He also has a 2-kink tail--probably due to an accident somewhere in his young life. He will fit right in later with the purr-gang as he also has a loud volume! 

We had BOXES last night. So many thanks given to you.
Jean G from VA--donation in memory of Pizazz
Michlynn--ziplock bags and a cute card
Nancy D from OH--donation to FFRC
Luv4cats/Nancy L--coupons
AmSprinkle from NC--WeRuva variety of can food flavors, 4 cans of Sardines
Schinn, Cleo & Ralph from ME--card for Badu, case of Purrfectly chicken for Badu, bag of catnip, lots of extra fun toys, case of Whiskas poultry
Stephanie/StardustSteph from FL--a very nice card, a kitty Cuddle pal, kitty snackers, Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of Friskies Gravy Sensations, treats for the volunteers (Gold fish, Milano cookies), 2 boxes of Crystal Light mix
NorthpoleNM/Sandy L from NM--Frolic cat laser Light toy--lots of fun!
Mary K from PA--4 extra large, very sturdy pooper scoopers
Faye W from NYa wonderful card, a crocheted blanket (made by her sister Rachel), M&M's for the volunteers, 2 packages of blue/black bic pens, 2 b ags of kitty snackers, 2 containers of Clorox Wipes
Jennifer C/Kayton19--For Betony--a case of Fancy Feast can food (we knew about this, so sent a box with Betony already, when she was adopted!
Jatcat--an awesome keyboard and mouse for the computer so they work together!!
Lovebugs321--a really neat Christmas garden mini flag
ArdenCharmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast (grilled/classic), case of Friskies Poultry, and a big case of Bounty paper towels
Anonymous Friend--2 Thermal snuggle beds

The kitties have their ship again--a rocking ship toy that they love! They are still going full crazy playing with the big cardboard box stuffed with paper. Putter is doing great and is out in the rescue center this morning visiting. Linden is growling and growling, daring anyone to take his toy away, which he certainly won't allow. Life is good indeed! 

Check out those beautiful eyes of Chambo!