Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday, March 31

This is simply a blog of updates and thanks: 

Vivienne--I've cancelled her surgery for tomorrow for her FHO.  I've grown quite concerned about her bladder. As you know last week we had an x-ray and ultrasound done on her. Nothing significant showed. She picked up her appetite and urinated a bit larger amounts. But, the last 2 days things are worrisome. Her quantity of urine has diminished greatly and she is showing alot of effort in urinating with not much production.Plus she is running a fever now. She's on the antibiotics prescribed by our vet but I feel we need more workup. So, she made a trip up to the vets today for more workup. We'll reschedule her FHO at a later date---this is an elective surgery, so there's no real hurry.

Bella--as you probably already know, we've been concerned about her only rear leg being so swollen. She's on the antibiotics prescribed by our vet.  She showed slight improvement but last night we noticed that her front paws are now puffy.  This is a major worry as it's a concern that her infection might be septic now. She is also up at the vets office. 

Sheldon--our little teenager boy has passed away. The past 24 hours has been a struggle. Such a very sad thing. His body just couldn't keep up. His diarrhea was uncontrollable--also means his already emaciated body wasn't taking in any of the nutrients. While we filled him with love, we could not fill his tummy properly. He passed away this morning. 

Such a bummer thing. These are the things that cause such stress on all of us. No one ever ever promised me 100% happy, healthy cat rescue days. These worries are all a part of cat rescue. So, we hope, we pray, we think good thoughts and encourage each other and love every single cat the best that we can while we have them. Thank you for being our FFRC friends. I will keep you all posted either myself or thru the mods. Thank you.

All the other cats are doing wonderful.   I would like to give my thanks for the BOXES last night.
Squeekymom--large bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap
Betz from PA--To be used as we need to: cat dish scrubber, cat bag clips, sticky memo stripes, kitty mug with spoon, 4 cases of Canidae for special breakfasts, case  of Friskies
Beth/eaglewatcher--For Shamballie & friends--4 bags of extra healthy snackers!
Sophieandlucysdad (day visitor)--24 bags of snackers, 163 cans of Fancy Feast/Sheba & 2 bags of Hershey candy, coupons
Pat L--Mike's mama from MI--kitty card with donation
Beadheadsdad--lots of leggydews from Leggygal to donate for adoptions from his cats!
Leggygal/Peggy--5 boxes!  lots of leggydews, biggiedews and fleece pillowcase sets  For Catathon: many items of Laurel Burch--tablet case, mug, scarf, socks, shoulder bag, umbrella, kitty carrier.  For the Baby Basket--2 baby girl and 2 baby boy clothing sets.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday, March 29

There they go again--zip, zip, zip, zip, zip.  Yes, 5 blurs of cats! That would be Franklin Tommy, Magic, Gustave, Mittens and Cayden.  Franklin was in the lead with Magic hot on his tracks followed by the other 3 close behind. They had a race course from the Kitty Kabana to the back of the area by the dog's pens! Back and forth, back and forth! I absolutely love how cats play together, how they make their own friendships and seek certain ones out to nap or play with. So very interesting.

We had BOXES last night--many, many thanks to you!
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 bottles Mr. Clean
Lannml--for Catathon--pewter kitty frame, business card hold & letter opener set, 2 kitty books, kitty puzzle, awesome metal kitty paper towel holder (it's tail holds the PT!!)
Nadine/Eclectra & Tommy---doggie card, chicken $5 
Susan C from OH--donation
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation to FFRC
SonJa (mod)--for Catathon--suncatcher Make it, Bake it!
Jatcat from CA--table top infrared heater
Barb W from IA with her special kitties--Easter card with donation
Joco with help from FFRCNation--rubber duckies for bubble bathtime!!
Peggy K/bamagirl from AL--note with donation, 3 reams paper. For Catathon or Flash Sale: pottery kitty plaque, cat mirror figurine, blue/white ceramic kitty, beautiful framed kitty cross stitch made by Peggy, flower kitty figure
Mistykitty/Wendy & Joe--Sat. day visitors--snackers for Vols, kitties & doggies, pop tabs. For Catathon or Flash--crocheted 4 afghans & 1 sweater
Julian, Jen & Jen from MI--Day visitors--6 & 9 inch plates, vol snackers, kitty wipes, trash bags, FF kitten, Iams dry food
Janet M--donation to FFRC

We have a new teenager kitten. A kind lady found him and brought him to FFRC. He obviously has been hit by a car.  His name is Sheldon (a Name a Cat name), he is black with a bit of a diamond on his throat.  His face has scraps on it. His left radial nerve is impaired. He has feeling in the toes so we're hoping to get back the use of that leg. He appears to possibly have a fractured pelvis also.  He is bone thin and dehydrated. I have a feeling that this boy simply has not had access to food and because of his weakened state, wasn't able to react quickly enough to an oncoming car.  He needs some prayers and good thoughts. 

Also keep Bella in your good thoughts and prayers. It appears her only back leg is very much swollen--probably has an abscess.  While we cannot find the point of penetration (bite wound, injury??), we are treating it aggressively. She's on 2 very good antibiotics and pain management.  She did eat a bit for breakfast and is resting comfortably.  As you know, she does not bear weight on this leg, so that helps. 

Gia is out of her room!  She's been in Cat's Corner for a whole week. Yesterday she showed signs that it was time to get moving about---playing, tossing toys in the air, eating lots, playing with kitties under the doorway! Sure signs that she's feeling much better. So, this morning she was sprung! 

Shawnee and baby Dakota are doing great. Yesterday Dakota surprised us all by munching a bit on the babycat dry food! She's just a wee of a thing and there she was munching! Sure a good sight to see. Shawnee is a dear--super friendly and sweet.

We have surgery planned for Vivienne on Friday.  She will have an FHO, femoral head osteotomy. It is the removal of the "ball" head of the ball and socket of the femur that makes up the hip joint. The bones of the joint then cannot come in contact which eliminates the pain that is caused by the abnormal contact.  Her fracture is severe enough that it cannot be repaired correctly, so the FHO is now the treatment of choice. Her leg may be just slightly shorter than the unaffected leg, but amazingly cats (and dogs) do very well with this type of surgery.  After surgery she will be confined for a while and be given soreness meds. 

Elsie and Samson Wolf are crazy together. They are such good friends. They both love to rock and roll and try to outdo each other. Then Magic and Trucker join in and they have a 4-some play ruckus going on. 

Just want to send a special thanks to you all for what you do for FFRC---your support, your donations, your good thoughts and prayers, participating in ResQwalk, encouraging our fellow FFRC friends, helping one another on facebook----there's so so many ways and I am appreciative.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday, March 27

Happy Easter, folks. The cats and I would like to wish you a blessed, glorious day.  The cats have already enjoyed a delicious fresh cooked turkey treat--inside and outside cats all shared. 

We had BOXES Friday evening. We are grateful to your support.
Heather, Elskates daughter--donation in honor of Elskates birthday!
Laurie B--case of Friskies Pate
Mary H, Friday night vol--4 bags Iams kitty snackers
Squeekymom--4 bottles vinegar, 2 sheets postage stamps, case of KMR, 18 bags of Greenies
Lannml--For Catathon: 2 CatOpoly games, book "I will see you in Heaven"
Jobear--BD card, 270 of the  9 " plates,  4 bags of cat snackers
Jatcat--fireman's nozzle
Roberta S from Findlay--newspaper articles
Phyllis B/Buddy & Emmi--Easter card & a chicken $5
Don & Joy from NY--card and donation to FFRC
V family from PA--coupons for cat food, snackers and litter
Donna W (Clark and Jessie's auntie)--Easter card & 2 chicken $5's 
Sherri/neuromom & David from NY--Easter card & a chicken $5
Darkcat--lots and lots of Fresh Step paw points!
Jenny and Brent (Montana & crew!)--sponsorship of Joey. Also a carload of goodies---plates, bleach, vinegar, Clorox wipes, PT, kleenex, Mr. Clean---awesome!  Delivered by SonJa!
SonJamac--Stroopwfle, maple syrup, stuffed monkey, special candies, poptops
Phil & Judy--day visitors--3 dz. cat food cans, Easter treats & 2 quilt crafts for Catathon

Makalah Sue is recovering nicely from her spay. She is continuing to eat good and grow. She had her surgery on Friday. Vivienne also went to the vets on Friday. An x-ray was done and an ultrasound. She does indeed have a fractured femoral head. Her pelvis is sound. Her ultrasound shows that her bladder is not damaged although she is still having a bit of bloody urine. It's quite possible in the near future we will have surgery on her femoral head, called an FHO (femoral head ostectomy).  This simply means the fractured head will be removed and then the femur will make it's own new "spot" at the pelvis.  We will see how she does for right now. In the meantime, Vivienne and Makalah Sue are enjoying each other's company.

Our sweet Shawnee has one baby left. Malachi has also passed away. This has been very hard on all of us. The two that passed were fine and then simply past quickly. Syringe feeding was attempted but not successful. Once again, mama knew what was happening. Remember, before Shawnee came, she had already lost one baby. The remaining kitten, Dakota, seems to be feeling good.  And mama also seems to be feeling good. 

Gia continues to improve each day. She's more active and is eating good now! She should be out with the rest of the cats soon.  KinneyKay is enjoying her new life! She is no longer in her pen and is here, there and everywhere in the back Thumper's Room! She will even come up for a head butt. The best news of all---she's now eating by herself! What a dear personality she has! 

We had two cats leave yesterday. Joey--(not our Joey!) is the name of the beige/white kitten that was lost on our farm property. Remember---he had gotten away from the owners when they brought him in for his neuter. He simply disappeared--we hadn't seen him since the first week of his escape. He showed up on Weds. evening and was caught on Thursday morning--he had been gone 2 months. As quickly as he disappeared, he reappeared! And here's the kicker---he had been recently neutered! So.....somewhere, someone had him! He was happy to see his family and they were thrilled to get him back. 

The second cat to leave yesterday was Rhea--the black teenager that was brought in. I had a feeling she would be called about. She was a "lost" kitten, not a stray. When she arrived, we had noticed that she was already spayed, was friendly, hungry but not thin. They too were thrilled to have their kitten back and had pictures to show us. Rhea recognized them and went easily back to them!   A good day.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday, March 25

Grab your water wings, slipnslide, innertubes, snorkles--whatever you like for water fun! It poured and poured and then poured some more yesterday. There's water standing everywhere. Fields are saturated. Today the river will be fast and furious. Our ducks and geese sure are having fun though!  Merri grabbed a plastic basket just in case she needed a boat!

Our first spring sadness. We had our first spring loss yesterday. Our baby Makennah passed away. We knew yesterday morning things were not good. She distanced herself from the other two babies and mama Shawnee started avoiding her.  I've talked to Dr. Darcy about this. Two thoughts on her passing: About at age of 3-5 weeks, the kittens bodies start growing more rapidly. If there would be an internal problem (heart, etc), this is when we could notice a problem.  Also, when Shawnee arrived, she had a bit of a cold. Makennah could have picked up her virus. Time will tell I would think. If another has a problem, we would then think her virus has been passed on to the kittens. We are ever watchful and so sad about this loss.  After Makennah was taken out of the pool-nest, Shawnee went right back to her other two babies. She knew something was going on.

Many thanks to Warped for another box of 4,000 of the 6 inch plates! We're glad we don't have to wash all the plates.  Also a thanks to Kelly L for her donation to FFRC.

We have 2 cats up to the vets office today. Makalah Sue is there for her spay. We weighed her yesterday--she's gained 6-7 ounces in the last 10 days! Once that bad eye was removed, she spruced up and started eating and playing more. We also have Vivienne there too. A bit concerned about her pelvis/femoral head. We feel she was hit by a car. She's having some trouble with bloody urine and straining for poo. The x-ray and ultrasound will help figure things out.

That Leonard is a tricky boy. We've known for quite some time that he is getting out of the LJ Playground---lots of times! We figured it out a few weeks ago what he was doing. He shimmeys up the big upright poles of the Cove, hangs a paw over the edge and gets up on the roof. Then he checks out the tree that's on the outside of the pen and into the air he goes! So, we trimmed the tree back and now he just flies further over to the branch. So, we worked out a "system" with Leonard. If he runs to the playground gate, we put him back in, otherwise he can stay out with the Porchies and Firecats--he's great friends with them all! This morning, within 10 minutes he was out twice! He's a whiz!

Gia is much better! She ate really good during the night, all by herself. A for sure sign that she's feeling better. She is such a lovely girl--loves everyone!  KinneyKat is doing pretty good too. She's out of her pen all the time now and is exploring the room.  Abe thinks he's a Welcome Room cat now--he enjoys napping on the Kuranda Tower and watching out the window. He and Seymour are good friends. Rooney is such a beautiful cat--so fur floofy! Lucy Ann is so enjoying the windows in the Kabana Room. She's getting braver!

Happy news! Remember the beige/white cat that got away from the owner two months ago? We have him!  He's safe and sound! I'm thrilled. We have him in a pen and he's awaiting his family. We had not seen hide nor hair of him for many weeks and then on Weds. night he reappeared! We are so happy to be able to get him back to his family!

I wish for you all a happy, blessed Easter. The cats are excitedly waiting for their special Easter breakfast already! Especially Abe--he knows there's turkey coming!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday, March 24

Elsie says the best way to nap is with a rat on the cushie! She's crazy about that rat! Everyone naps differently! Rooney and Cleo likes to cuddle together. Paddy Purr likes the desk. Jessie loves on top of the washer. Vernon is under any kind of cushie. Kiara is under all the warm laundry. 

We had BOXES last night. We are grateful for you!
Plee--7 cans Sheba, black feeding bowls
Diana C from OH--Gift Card for PetSmart and a nice note---a new viewer!
Sue--for Catathon--Vera Bradley Scarf, journal and matching hair clips
Vicki B--6 bags of BabyCat dry food--big thanks from Sea Turtle!
Patricia E/wildcat from IA--BD card!
Sherri/neuromom & David from NY--BD card with donation for spay/neuter program
Billie K--4 bags Baby Cat dry, 4 boxes appetizers
Hencass for Catathon--Amish Basket!!  lots of goodies for this basket! Pie fillings, fruit, poasta, sauerkraut, soups, jam, noodles, syrup, fruit butters, etc!
Doubleydibleydoo--BD card
Warpedinmn--4,000 of the 6 inch paper plates
TD--donation to FFRC
Elskates--donation in honor of my BD--thanks!
Schinn, our mod--donation for chicken $5
Rachael B/Izzy and Luci too, from TX--donation for FFRC

Many thanks to Arthur Phone Company for upgrading our upload speed for our internet. This will allow us to be able to do more things with our cam without the worry of dropping connection!

We took in a new cat two days ago. Her name is Vivienne (a Name a Cat name). It means alive.  She is about 11 months old. Her birthday is 4/9/15.  She was found on a road, left by herself. A wonderful lady drove by and saw her raise her head. So, she went to the next intersection, turned around and went back. When she approached Vivienne, she raised her head again and meowed.  She appears to have a fractured pelvis. She's doing very well. She's a Siamese with very pretty eyes. No microchip found. She's doing some pen-rest and is cooperating nicely! But she sure loves to be petted and held! 

Little KinneyKat is now out of her pen and is in the back Thumper's Room.  She's progressing nicely and is getting curious about her surroundings. She loves to have her chin rubbed! She's such a dainty little girl--only weighs 4.09.  She also sure likes her soft beds!

Makalah Sue goes tomorrow for her spay. We did her two surgeries (enucleation/spay) separately to give her time to get stronger. This past week she's doing so much better and is eating great! I believe she ate 3 breakfasts this morning! She is on hold!

Let's talk about our Catathon! Believe it or not, it's coming up!  This will be Catathon #6! The date is June 19, starting at 1:00. You'll be able to join the fun right there on our kittycam! The Catathon is designed to be a fundraiser for FFRC. It's very similar to a telethon! It's an auction with approximately 40-some Baskets and 40-some Big Ticket Items. We are very fortunate and blessed to have the help of our supporters to fill those Baskets and donate those Big Ticket Items.  YOU make a huge difference to FFRC and are definitely a part of making the Catathon be successful. 

I've been asked several times lately if we have a list of Baskets yet. We do! But, really, right now, any theme is good for us. It's fun to have new ones. Here are some suggestions:
Colors--the basket is designed with a particular color in mine
Girl Fun
Kitchen Items
Disney World
Baby Boy
Hello Kitty
Vera Bradley
Merle Norman
Laurel Burch
Boy Fun
Coffees, Teas, etc.
Bird Watching
Family Fun
Really, at this point, since we're just starting we can do anything! Put your thinking cap on!

Big Ticket Items are more like a single item that is enough to be up by itself. In the past, we've had things such as:  Playstation, Peace Pole, Rachel Ray Cookware, Ipad, Coach Purse & Wallet, anything electronics, special signed artwork---goodness, it could be anything!

Please know we are very grateful for any help we receive! Items can be sent in now!!!  Please, if you could, mark on the outside of the box CATATHON!!  That will help me.  

The Catathon is alot of fun. This fundraiser is used in many ways for FFRC. More on that later! 

Wow--what a great 24 hour ResQwalk results we had! Many thanks to Opus for issuing a challenge. For every person that walked 2 miles, she would donate a dollar. This came to  $27 dollars! Then we had a matching donation from that from JustMe--that brought us to $54.  Then we had TWO matching $54 donations--one from Joco and one from an Anonymous Friend. Our total came to $162. How wonderful and so appreciated.  Thanks everyone for doing miles for FFRC! The cats and I applaud you all. 

We have started to do some Spring work outside. Won't be long until we have the benches out for visitors, the Shelter House all cleaned up, Albert's Garden spruced up, windchimes hanging, sidewalks scrubbed, tables out for picnics--a wonderful time of the year! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, Tuesday

That Elsie---she truly has zero fear.  She's here, there and everywhere! Up on the palm tree, next racing on the wheel, up high on a catwalk, climbing the rope pole in the office, chasing Hensley's tail, talking back to Coralie, up on top of Dodger's Pen.  And how does she do all this? Just because it's Elsie. She truly is amazable! 

This blog is particularly full of thanks. It's important to me to always to give these thanks.

We had BOXES last night! So many many thanks to you all.
Billie K--8 cases chicken baby food
Pckrbckr36--BD card, 2 bags of Reeses candy
Conii and kitties Elliott & Izabellah--2 BD cards, BIG box of Sees candies--wow!
Clark, JEsse & rest of the family--BD card & 2 neat t-shirts/cat & horse
Solee & Daisy & family--BD card, fuzzy cat (from Daria!), 2 framed pics of Solee/Daisy
Coloeagle/Kim & Craig--BD card & a beautiful purple afghan by Kim from FFRCNation
Widdletigger--2 cases Whiska Purrfectly Fish
Dewitty--case of baby food
Pam/Zoolove--canister of popcorn from Popcorn Factory
Outside Cats---what wonderful cats they are! They sent a pretty bouquet of flowers & candy.
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful fruit basket with candy, cheese, crackers--so appreciated
Fran/mandysmom--cat Celebrity book, purse size hand sanitize, hand towels & catitude PJ's.
Plee--4 cases of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Jatcat--infrared quartz heater to replace the 2 that no longer work.
Lostgirl--Catathon--adult coloring book/markers, 2 Mickey mugs, piano towel/Olaf stuff toy
Schinn & Cleo and Ralph--BD card with a chicken $5
Macandcheese--BD card with a donation
All Heart Home Car, donation in memory of Kathryn S
LBG's & Bianca--BD card with a chicken $5
Snoopybaby--BD card with a chicken $5
Janet S /Toby & Harley--BD card & donation to Feliz Navidad Fund
RoseSF6cats/Marble, Blacky, Fluffy, Brownie & Checkers--BD card & donation
Christine Y from Oakwood, donation in memory of Phyllis M
Mich & Vern and Chedder/Simon--BD card with chicken $5
Sweetp727--BD card & $5 popcorn money
Gwen & Mike's kitties Patches & Angel--BD card, boxtops, soup labels, milk rings, coupon
Val & Lois & CK the cat--St. Paddys card

Many thanks to the following for the Happy BD cards--much appreciated:
Phyllis/Buddy & Emmie, Wickedwings/Juby & Shadow, Connie and Hanna S/Tookie & Pasha (loved the picture!), Anita S

Judi Sp and Pat--3 bags of Precious litter
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--HB donation to be used wherever needed
Kathy M from MN--HB donation to FFRC
Sprouty D from IL--donation to FFRC
Susan345--HB donation for the spay/neuter fund
Janet A--HB donation to FFRC
Oilsandsgirl & Ella, Hobbes--HB donation to FFRC
Needtoretire--donation to FFRC

I'd also like to say a special thanks to you all....I am truly humbled by all the birthday well wishes. You made my day special and I shall always remember that. 

Please keep our Belgium friends in your thoughts and prayers. We hope they are all safe and that peace will be restored. 

We have 2 new cats. Rhea is all black with a tiny bit of white on her neck. She arrived Sunday morning. She was spotted at a person's house several times and was then brought to FFRC.  Her skin is dry, she was hungry and very friendly. Her birthday is 10/20/14--so she's a year and a half. 

The second cat arrived yesterday. She is an all white Persian. She came from the same place that Beaumont came from. Her show name is Tiffany but she is now called KinneyKat. She is 2 1/2 years old. Her birthday is 7/23/13. She's lived her whole life in a cage other than for cleaning. Just like Beaumont, I'm sure she will realize that her upcoming freedom is going to be fun! She's just a tiny girl--so petite. She has short fur right now but I've seen her pictures when she's fully grown out and she is a beauty. She's a sweetie and loves her chin and ears rubbed.
Both of these new cats have names from our Name a Cat list.

Little updates!  Paddy Purr's nose looks wonderful. We do a check on that cute little nose often. Seymour's leg where he had that awful sore last year is just fine too. We also do a thorough check of that once a week. We're not noticing any problems with Samson Wolf--so far, so good. What a wonderful sweet boy he is. He's getting so big. Felicity is really coming out more to get pettings. Gia and Makalah Sue both have a bit of a cold and are being treated. 

Shawnee is such a good mama. She sure loves her babies. They are getting fuzzier all the time. Such round tummies. They're starting to stagger around a bit. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, March 20

A big thanks to Mich and Vern for coming on a Saturday to do a Flash Sale. There's been requests for a Saturday afternoon Sale, so that is what they did! And big thanks to all the participants, people who donated the items and mods for your help!  This Sale will help us with our operational costs. Much appreciated. Tomorrow will be spent packing and shipping. 

Yesterday was our surgery day. I am just so very happy for every single spay/neuter that we can accomplish. It feels right---it's the right thing for us to be doing. All the people who brought their cats  here are very thankful for this opportunity. They love their cats and just want the surgery to be done to prevent kitties.  A big thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch and to Gusti for the drinks!

Here's the breakdown from yesterday. We only had 1 FFRC spay and that was Tryphosa. She is doing good.  We did a total of 19 cats--7 spays and 12 neuters. Every female was in heat. Owners requested: 9 feline leukemia/FIV tests, 10 distemper vaccines, 9 rabies vaccines and 11 flea preventions.  These are at discounted prices but enough to cover our costs.  FFRC did a complimentary capstar, wormer and 24 hour soreness med to each cat. 

Here's our grand total so far on spays/neuters:
1/30 at FFRC--33 neuters
2/20 at FFRC--9 females, 14 neuters
3/7 Transport--20 females, 13 neuters
3/19 at FFRC--7 females 12 neuters
Various Vouchers--7 spays, 3 neuters

This comes to 43 spays and 75 neuters for 118 cats done total. And this is just a start! Our next FFRC spay/neuter will be April 16. Our next 2 Transports are April 4 and May 2. Vouchers are anytime.  

Speaking of vouchers, here is how it works. If you live in Defiance or the surrounding area and can make your own appointment at HumaneOhio (419-266-5607), drive your cat there and back, we can offer a Voucher.  Outdoor cats are $25 and inside cats are $45. The voucher is worth $20 so that brings the costs down to $5 or $25---a great deal! Just call FFRC and talk to us! Thank you.

We had BOXES on Friday evening. We are so grateful for YOU!
Tom NJ--4 bags pop tabs, BD card for Jacci with Chicken $5
Linda S/mls--happy BD with 6 wonderful Lush Bath Balls
Mayumi from Tokyo Branch--For vols: candy treats, cookies, Easter candy, granola biscuits. For kitties: 2 cases fish/chicken steaks.  For BD--card, 2 kimono wine bottle covers, 3 flip story cards, 3 bags variety of tea bags
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie--6 bags of snackers
Barbara E-NC--kitty card with note and 6 leggydews!
Kathie3103 from FL--tulip card & note. Homemade chocolate chip pecan & shortbread cookies (decorated), 2 homemade jars of strawberry & lemon jam, GC for dinner for BD
Marcy F from MI--letter & donation, potty bags, cards for Friends, lots of Black dishes for kitties meals
Beth/eaglewatcher--3 cases Purrfectly Fish & Purrfectly chicken, bag of Purina Muse food & Weruva pkts
Deb11111--12 boxes Appetizers
Mary vol from Arch--kitty dental sticks. For Jolene--appetizers/broth pkts.  For Catathon Basket--magnetic sand timer, huge superman alarm clock, potty piano
Jackie A--adopted Lollie from FFRC 6 years ago--disinfectant, PT, carpet samples, computer paper
Katie L from Canada--lots of wonderful items--doggie snackers, horse snackers, 2 nice kitty scratchers, catnip toys, 4 appetizers, 4 cases baby food, Purrfectly Fish, Sheba. For the vols: lots of goodies--k-cups, goldfish crackers, Ritz crackers, Walker shortbread cookies, Pringles, Milano cookies, candy bags, Belvita biscuits. Quaker Chewy's
Debbie/lostgirl--items of Laurel Burch for Catathon
Elliesue--donation to FFRC
Jodiann87--donation to help with the new fire control measures
Deb11111--donation for hoses or what may be needed for fire control. 

Keep checking our FFRC Flicker site---new pictures have been added and will continue to be added.  Big thanks to Sherri and Vaun/vrs for helping with this. The site is:

Here's another volunteer profitle!  It's on Jackie S who helps on Monday afternoon
How did you find FFRC? Boarded dogs and cats before it became FFRC. Also had animals spayed/neutered at Earth Angles
How man pets do you have at home?  2 indoor cats, 1 dog, 5 outside cats
You hobbies?  Reading, crossword puzzles, enjoying the outdoors
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC?  Meeting all of the wonderful cats that come in and helping them and also the other volunteers
Name 4-5 of your very favorite cats here?  My favorite all time was Putter. And the Paddies and Joline and Magic and Vern.
Can you mention an experience here at FFRC that you enjoyed?  Especially love helping with Catathon and Catstock. And meeting/visiting web cammers in person

Enjoy yourself!  Paddy Purr said to, to remind you all that you are very appreciated! 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday, 3/18/15

She did it! Shawnee finally drew enough courage to come out of her pen on her own! She's ok with the idea of her kittens in the blue pool. We have it so soft and comfortable. And there she was this morning....all sleepy in the pool with her babies! Dakota has the roundest tummy of the three, at least for today! We've made progress! She's such a gentle soul, just a bit insecure. But we're working on that!

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. YOU are appreciated!
Linda/mls--6 cases appetizers & 6 cases baby food
Northnm--2 pks AA, 2 Pks AAA batteries--always needed!
Anony Friend--2 boxes of Orbit gum for the volunteers 
Cliff & Tammy/bellabelle with Belle, Misty & Lucy--many 6 inch paper plates
Diane & BRuce L from OH--with letter from Chase, purple Andis pet clippers, clipper lube and the Chicken $5 from Chance
Tom W from MI--wow--lots of pole toys with fun things on the end for the cats to play with, including several DaBird poles which are extra fun!
Anonymous Friend--8 cases baby food
Donia/wickedwings--3 cases Beechnut baby food for HB
Dottie & Nate--HB card--thank you!
Keiko S from CA--donation to FFRC
Margaret/EE--donation to help with the fire fence replacement (thanks), in honor of BD. 
Gusti--donation to cover the drinks for surgery day! (tomorrow)
A big thanks too to Leanne from Canda who came for a visit--Purina 1, qtips, cookies, big chip box, blanket, vinegar, binders, litter, Keurig cups, Purrfectly Fish, litter

It truly must be Spring! Bella has been making her way out with the dogs to their outdoor pen. She always loves it out there. She even has her Princess Bed there! Won't be long until we add the extensions on the fence (like the Covies playground) so any cat out there will be safe. Adoptable cats won't be allowed out there (don't want to encourage the outdoor life), but those that are permanent residents could go out for a sunbath and nap. 

Best news of the day----Makalah Sue is playing! She has a much more relaxed look about her. I'm sure the pain from her eye was causing her to be a quiet girl. Not now--she's playing and just now was flipping toys into the air! And her appetite has increased alot. She is on her way to better health now! 

We had a fire at the firecircle area yesterday late afternoon. Somehow the fire had gotten rekindled--the wind had picked up again. Steve just happened to go out on the farm yard and called me, said there was a fire and needed more hose. Lynnette and I ran out and indeed there was a fire. The fire in the pit must've jumped over to where the firefence is and set it on fire. It was in flames. All is fine now though. We lost a whole panel of the fence and one other as it is warped. Also two plastic tubs. The scary part was on the other side of the fence was one of our catbarn houses that was in flames. Steve had pulled it away from the fence and the FireHouse but the fence that burned was like 3 feet away from the FireHouse. I don't mind losing the fence but I was worried about the FireHouse.
So, here was the problem.......our hoses didn't reach far enough. Ended up putting buckets of water on the flames to put it out. After 8-10 minutes finally got a hose there and wet everything down.
So.....what do we do about this.There will be a fire extinguisher put on the fire fence (after rebuilding it) that can be there 3 seasons of the year. Next, we will purchase 2 hose reels with 3 hoses on each--one by the water pump house (on driveway) and the other outside the entrance going into the playground. These will be for EMERGENCY USE ONLY--hopefully never to be used. And remember............we have 3 emergency bells "out there"---one on the small gate going out to the farmyard, one on the porch pole of The House that Jonah Built and one inside the big door of the Big Red Barn. To anyone who would spot a problem out on the farmyard--these emergency bells can be clanged loud and long. Also a call up to the rescue center will produce people coming to help. All is fine. We will replace that fence as soon as we can and get those hose reels in place. I'm just thankful all the cats were safe and the FireHouse was safe.

The cats are all doing great. Our good health continues for which I'm grateful for. We're hoping for more adoptions before the kitten season really gets underway. The Porchies so love the sunshine--I  saw 4 of them napping in the sunbeams yesterday. And the Barnies are sure out and about now too--they're back to investigating all of the grounds instead of sticking close to their barns. 

We have our surgery day tomorrow. We'll keep you posted as to how things go. We don't have many FFRC physicals to do which is nice as that gives us more surgery time. Looking forward to getting more spays/neuters done! Also........a big surprise!!  Mich and Vern will be here tomorrow afternoon to do a Flash Sale. They've been asked to consider a Saturday sale---so here it is! The Sale will be 2:00ish. Lots of varieties of items! Come join us and have fun. We appreciate your support! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weds., March 16

Happy Day!  The sun is shining, some blue sky is showing, the tree frogs are chirping and I can hear the birds singing! It's a bit windy but that will help dry up the wet yards!

Happy Birthday to Oliver yesterday! He arrived here on 3/20/09. He is now 9 years old. What a handsome boy he is. He's our gold/white long hair Covie boy. When he arrived, he had many wounds--they appeared to be bite wounds. Now he enjoys a life of leisure! Birthday chicken for everyone!

We had BOXES Monday evening! Love those boxes and so appreciative!
Lannml--1000-6 inch plastic plates, 3 bags of colorful zip ties
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--mega big bag of plastic zip ties
Janet B from FL--HB card!
Clark, Jessie & the Rest! Happy St. Paddys Day with Chicken $5, Happy 19th birthday to the Amazable Sea Turtle and a chicken $5!
Phyllis B/kittiesmom from MI with Emmy & Buddy--St. Paddy's Day card with Chicken $5 & coupons
Leanne--teacher from Canada--visited for 2 days--cards from her kindergarten class for the kitties!
Eartheyes/Margaret--donation in memory of "Dad" and for surgery day
Shannon S from IL--donation to use for the spay/neuter program

Do you remember Willow who was adopted 2 years ago? She was a beautiful black cat. She is a happy, very spoiled girl! Just how we like it!

Saturday is our next Spay/Neuter date.  Right now, we have 14 males and 7 females scheduled. This includes our Tryphosa.  Each incoming from the public will receive a complimentary 24-hour soreness med, antibiotic injection, capstar and a  wormer.  Spays are only $15 and Neuters are $10.  Onward to more spays/neuters!

Another Volunteer Profile!  This one is on Mary E, our Monday and Wednesday volunteer!
How long have you been at FFRC? 11-12 years
How many pets do you have at home? 1 large yellow long haired cat, name is Baby
Do you have a hobby or something you enjoy? Traveling, working at FFRC, being with my husband, children and grandkids.
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC?  The friendships, the kitties, taking care of any animal
Can you name 4-5 of your very favorite cats? Camvie, Emily, Trucker, Magic and Elsie
What is something special you like about FFRC? When Trucker & Magic chase each other and when Magic picks up his special sparkle balls.

Another Birthday! Sea Turtle, our beautiful oldster torti is now 19 years old! Wow--she looks and acts great! She came to us from Crawford Co. Humane Society 7/16/15.  It seems like she's been here forever. She visits the Main Area a couple times a week. Her favorite place is either in front Thumper's Room or the Paw Mart store. We are sure of her age from her previous family. On her last physical, all was good! 

We have two cats at the vets today. Little Makalah Sue and Gia both made the ride there today. Gia will have her physical and her spay. Malalah Sue will probably have her enucleation. A physical first of course for her.  We cancelled her spay and substituted Gia.  I'd like to get her a more built up before her spay. We decided we didn't want to do both surgeries on the same day for her. Each case is different. I just feel like that eye is causing discomfort and believe she will feel better with it's removal. Dr. Darcy will fill us in with details later today on both cats. 

Rooney is on the catwalk watching outside. We have the windows open! So nice to feel that spring air. Bruno has grown to be such a big boy. His fur is so soft and filled in now. Remember when he first came in?  Much of his fur was missing. He loves to have his chin rubbed.  Joey has resumed his spot in the window sill in the Kitty Campus Room--his view point of the parking lot! The Covies have sure been out in their Playground area now--they love it. It's so nice to see them running and climbing out there. I even saw Jackson sprinting across the grass! I was thrilled two nights ago to see PB.  He isn't here often but when he does show up we always feed him. He looks great!  Here's his picture!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, March 14

Emmitt is doing wonderful! In the words of his dad: "Emmitt has played up a storm for hours tonight....He is a little jem......"  I so love these great homes for our FFRC cats! We still have Rooney on hold. She will be with us a couple more weeks. 

Samson Wolf looks wonderful. He continues to gain weight. He truly looks like he has a bit of Abyssinian breed in him. Dr. Bill has been here twice now to adjust that injured vertebrae at his tail base. He's going potty just fine. We're keeping a sharp eye on him in regards to the litterbox. So far, so good. Hoping to get him up for adoption as soon as we can! He's a wonderful cat--one of the sweetest.

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. Many, many thanks to you!
Judy R from FL--Veticil Capsules (3 bottles)
Zoolove/Pam--Laurel Burch cosmetic bags & shoulder bags--Flash/Catathon
Eaglewatcher/Beth--for when Elsie gets adopted--her favorite thing--the raised hammock bed (no hold on her yet though)
Katie L from Canada--Hoodie with LOVE kitties (and a Z!) & t-shirt with Love my CH Kitty!
Henry T from CA--kitty card with pictures of Itchy & Scratchy & a donation
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 3rd Birthday to Canto, 1st birthday for Pellen,  Oliver's 9th birthday & Jessie Messie Bedhead's 2nd birthday and 3 chicken $5's!
LittleKat from FL--kitty card with HB wishes! And a donation from LittleKat who isowned by Elaine & Alan
Kaylee M--visitor on Saturday, gave a donation
Lana H--donation from PayPal to FFRC

I love petting the cats here---they are slickery. So soft, fur in good condition and shiny! Dorothy is here again in the purple office playing. It's just a joy to watch her play. Coralie is exhausted---she traveled from her rug that she loves in front of the counter to the Kitty Kabana room and now is in the purple office snoozing away. Her daily routine! Lucy Ann is also enjoying extra pettings---she likes to hang out by the main door, waiting for people to come in to get head rubs and pets. 

I wanted to give you a little information about a special group of cats that we help when we are able. Last summer we had 3 different groups of neighborhood ferals come in. These are cats that people in these neighborhoods would trap and bring to us. We cannot do this on a big scale because it takes time, money and farms to place them on. My farm is full!!  But the 3 groups we helped last year proved successful. We are talking feral cats---not friendly strays. We sedated, tested, vaccinated, had them neutered (95% of them were boys), wormed, flea prevention applied and then placed on 2 different farms. Some were positive for leukemia and/or FIV. These we sent to the Rainbow Bridge and done with respect. We also had a couple that came in with severe injuries or very very sick. Because these were ferals and not able to be treated, these also were euthanized. All the rest ended up on 2 different farms (they could not be returned to their original locations). All had places that wanted them and would provide food/shelter/water. I would like to also let you know that any cats that are euthanized due to FIV/Leukemia/severe illness/severe injuries (from ferals) are cremated and put onto a flower garden. We truly try to do the best we can for these special groups. 

I had to laugh yesterday. While doing something with a cat, it popped in my head a saying that my mom and dad would always say:  "It's never nice to say unkind things about people. It's far better to keep your mouth shut than to hurt others. Words can hurt far deeper than a physical hurt".  Right then, there was a scuffle between two of our cats---wasn't much---but I had to tell them to play nice--not to hurt each other's feelings! And they listened.....of course! 

Gia and Tryphosa are now in the Main Area and are both doing great. Both love to play. They are learning that the other cats are fun too. Gia has such a pretty face--her eyes are beautiful. Tryphosa has that "cobby" look to her---round body/round head. 

Our mama, Shawnee is such a sweet soul. Her 3 babies, Makennah, Malachi and Dakota are all growing. Makennah has her eyes open already. Her siblings eyes are "cracking" and will soon be open too. Nice round tummies on all 3 of them! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday, March 12

Our Raffle was Thursday night! What a wonderful evening!  Here's the scoop:

Item A--cat carrier     87 tickets sold--$435, won by KosbyKat
Item B--Pat's afghan     34 tickets sold--$170, won by Newfiedogmom
Item C--Seymour's pic     16 tickets sold--$80, won by Lostgirl for Rita
Item D--Rosemary's afghan     39 tickets sold--$195, won by ScoobyUK
Item E--Magic's pic     30 tickets sold--$150, won by Brenda R
Item F--Jane's afghan     69 tickets sold--$345, won by Connie Sp
Item G--Larissa's artwork     138 tickets sold--$695, won by Ellisue
Item H--LJ's afghan     118 tickets sold--$590, won by Henry Tu

This made a total of $2,660!!!  

Then we had our wonderful "bumper-uppers". Big thanks to Keikokat, Needtoretire, Jo603, Nuthatches, Lannml, Pawlapurr, Daisyandsoleesdad, Eartheyes, Painteddaisy, Joco and Eaglewatcher.  Their bump-ups made a new total of:    $3,450!  

Next we had consolation prizes!  Those winners were: Peppicali, Eartheyes, Dawnstar for FFRC, Lostgirl, Norma Be, Christom, NYCkitty, JZNYC.

We have many thanks to give for this wonderful Raffle.  Many thanks to all those that participated and those that provided the items that we raffled. Pat P did every single ticket this time! Lynnette for packing and mailing out. Thanks to CantonCat and Yvette for helping to get the info out by facebook/FFRCNation page and to Dawnstar for the Raffle Video for the cam. And to the mods for reminding everyone it was Raffle Time. Also thanks to everyone for your support and good backing!

This March Raffle went to help us with our electric bill, our need for disinfectant, 3 different antibiotics, more distemper vaccines, 2 leukemia/fiv/heartworm test kits and a bit of repair for our dryer (this one was not under warranty).   Many many big thanks to you all! 

We also had BOXES right before the Raffle--you are appreciated!
David, Christine P & kitties Mayu, Yuki and Anya--36 spongie soccer ball toys, 9 cases Fancy Feast, 3 cases sardines, 2 tubs kitty snackers
Nona S--2 spin Mop kits
Pat Thuarsday Vol--handwarmers, kitty blankie & dental treats
Faye/Iona N--donation for her Feb. 27 birthday gift from Hubby!  Happy Birthday!
Trudy S from OH--donation
Simon S/Pemon!--card with a thank you note and a Chicken $5
Melissa L--NY--donation
Sweetp--card and donation
Medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Lannml--donation for Tryphosa

We've heard from the family of Emily & Lena! Sounds like things are going great. Emily enjoys naps on the loveseat. Lena loves to be on the sofa with her mama!

A Phil Update:  Phil has moved from ICU to his own room. He's also been up walking around the halls. He's feeling better!  Phil---lots of love and hugs to you from all of us!

We had a busy adoption day yesterday! That is always a good day! 

First, Emmitt went to his new home with his new dad. Emmitt was truly ready to go with him--kept coming up to his new dad and would plop down! Then he laid so nicely and calmly in his carrier, waiting to go to his new home. We've already heard that things are going great.

Second to leave, was Kit. Remember Kit had come from a home where her elderly lady passed away. Her new owner is a grandma and has a lap to share! Kit definitely let it be known that she liked this lady! This will be a quiet home with lots of love for Kit.

Last to leave was Sooty. She was adopted by Annette, our Tuesday night volunteer. Annette is actually the one who brought Sooty to us with her injuries. I've already seen pictures and all looks well with Sooty in her new home! 

We took in a new cat a few days ago. She is a beautiful brown tiger whose name is Giavannie, but is called Gia. Gia actually has a young owner but due to housing difficulties, Gia needed a place to stay for a while. We are simply keeping Gia for a while until her mom gets settled and she can go back to her. In the meantime, Gia has been visited very often by her mom and friend. Such a very nice cat! She and Tryphosa are friends. 

We had another adoption this morning! That sweet, beautiful calico, Pellen went to her new home! She will be joining a home with another young cat to play with.  She also has a new mama that she really took to! 

I wanted to continue to do a Volunteer Profile! This one is on our Monday volunteer:  Ruth F.
How long have you been at FFRC?   9 1/2 years
How many pets do you have at home?  One 15 1/2 year old named Chaney who came from FFRC as a kitten and returned at 10 years of age with a brother/Edward.
What are your hobbies?  reacing, flower gardening, being outdoors, raising tomatoes
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC? The people I work with, friends I've made. Seeing poor pathetic kitties come in and turn into healthy happy cats who find forever homes.
Can you name 4-5 of your very favorite cats at FFRC?  Cliff, Ceasar, Sergeant, Olaf, Sevaun
What is an experience you had here at FFRC that was funny or special?  The farm chickens had laid an egg in a cat bed in the sunporch. I brought it into the Rescue Center to show, tipped it and it went "splat" on the floor--scrambled egg! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday, March 10

10 more days to Spring! We've seen lots of Robins and Red-Wing Blackbirds already. And  the Tree Frogs are also sounding off! But the real goal is to see the return of the Turkey Vultures. Then we'll know spring is for sure here!

We had BOXES last night--much appreciation!
Zoolove/Pam--case of chicken baby food
MacnCheeseMom/Sue--beautiful cat watch for a raffle
FaithyMD--4 bags of CET dental chews
John Julianne E from PA--purple blankie, pink blankie, 2 boxes of exam gloves 
Susan345--6 of 16 oz. packages of Gerber Rice Cereal
Donna H--3 cat scratchers
Medi101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Conii with Izabella & Elliott--4 cases of liquid KMR
Stinkypeep/Mimi--5 awesome trivel/wall hangers (2 bird, 1 dog, 2 kitty), 4 beautiful baby bankies (1 knitted/3 crocheted), 2 scarves
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC

We had 3 cats at the vets office yesterday. Cutie had 7 teeth removed--2 incisors, 2 K9's & 3 pre-molars. Her physical was good. Cleo had her head/sinuses, etc checked.  We were told by the family member that brought her that she had been nasally and had nasal drainage her whole 9 years. She doesn't appear to have any polyps in her nasal passage. Her temp is good. She possibly might have a small polyp in her left ear. For right now, we will have her on 2 antibiotics and 1 anti-inflammatory. This possibly is something she will continue to have. But....she's happy, healthy and sweet!  Samson Wolf also had a visit. It is now believed he does NOT have megacolon. He does have a bit of stool in the intestinal track, but that is normal. His x-rays show an injury to the first vertebrae of his tail. This could have accounted for his initial full load of stool.  Time has passed and this has helped. He actually hasn't had any medication for 3 weeks! But this injury might have caused a bit of a neuro problem there initially. So far now, so good with Samson Wolf!

Phil had his surgery yesterday. His family says many thanks for prayers and good thoughts. He is now in ICU, off of sedation and is awake. 

You may notice that our sound is lower now than what it was for a couple weeks. It had unknowingly been raised. The reason it's turned down is that it's very hard to carry on a private conversation sometimes without going outside or to the mail room. This is not always feasible to do. So, the sound is back to where it had been. There are also times that the sound is turned off. But, have no worries---it doesn't last long. I'm sure you can all understand the need for some privacy at times. 

We've heard news about Dennison and Obadiah. They are doing wonderful and are such good cats! Apparently Dennison also loves the family's dog and they play together! 

Beamont was adopted on Tuesday. His new name is Sir Oric. He's found the bed much to his liking. He even has his own bench to help him get on the bed. And he so loves those face rubs still!

I was asked what would happen to my house cats should I not be able to take care of them anymore. Good question! I know my family would take care of them. But, what about your cats? Do you have provisions for your cats?  This is something that can be talked about with your family and lawyer. 

Good news! One of the volunteers just told me the Turkey Vultures are back to Defiance! Spring has sprung! And the flock of Turkey Vultures that we keep track of roost and home in our local cemetery! Yep--they call the cemetery trees their home! 

Tonight is our Raffle!  BOXES will be at 5:30 with the Raffle at 6:00! See you then! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday, March 8

Our first Transport with HumaneOhio is done and over and certainly there will be more!  We started check ins about 5:25 am under the Shelter House. Everything went smoothly. All checked in and loaded onto the Transport Bus and on the road about 6:35.  We sent 33 cats there to HumaneOhio which meant 20 spays and 13 neuters. Most of the spays were in heat. All went well with the surgeries. I'm telling you, when I saw that Transport Bus, I thought my heart was going to pop! I was so happy to be doing this.  The Bus returned about 5:30 and all cats were back with their owners by 6:15. Quick, easy and efficient! Loved it. Gretchen, our representative from HumaneOhio came for this first trip. She is amazing.

Our next dates:  March 19, Saturday here at FFRC.  Girls are $15/Boys are $10.  Complimentary vet physical, soreness meds, wormer and flea prevention will be given. We have our spays already filled but have openings for boys yet. Give us a call at 419-393-2400.  Check in time is 7:30-8:30 and check outs are approx. 2-3:00.  

Then our next Transport Date is Monday, April 4th.  This is a gift from a grant from HumaneOhio's--all must be outside cats for this one and all are FREE with a FREE Rabies Vaccine too! We have room yet for girls/boys--our total for this date is 30-35! Call us to set up your appointment. Check in time is 5:30 am to 6:10am on that day.  Our following Transport Date is Monday, May 2 and they've upped our amounts to take in 40 surgery slots! I'm thrilled about this.

Just an FYI--our total for what spays/neuters we've done so far is 29 spays and 61 neuters. That makes 90! Just watch that number climb!

We have a new cam site for you to see--it's of FFRC! It's really awesome. The link will take you to where you can see both the Main Cam and the Kittby Kabana Cam and the chat! And it has a clock with the date on it. It's really nice. Many thanks to Dawnstar and Vrs (both mods) who have worked so hard on this. The site is:    You can also go to our updated Website ( and click on Kittycam4 on the blue bar. That will also take you there! 

Keep those feet walking, running and biking!  We just received a payment from ResQwalk for $65.04 that represents our miles for February! Our total mile earnings from them is $398.71.  Thank you for what you do for FFRC!

Our Raffle is on! Check out our various fabebook pages, twitter and FFRCNation--all has the information! We have 8 wonderful items. Tickets are $5 each. BOXES will be at 5:30 on Thursday with the Raffle at 6:00. There's also consolation prizes! 

Mama Dakota is doing good.  She's a quiet mom.  One of the babies is very small compared to the other 2, but I saw her nursing this morning. Hoping she will catch up with her brother and sister.  Cookie and Tryphosa are getting ansy to expand their horizons. They will probably be up to the Main Area today or tomorrow. 

It sounds like Emily and Lena are adjusting nicely to their new home. I'm thrilled about this. This morning we have another adoption--Beaumont. 

We have some dates set up with our vet. On March 9 (tomorrow) we have 3 cats going. Cutie will be having a dental. Cleo will be going to have her chronic nasal drainage checked. Maybe there's a polyp?  We will know soon. Sampson Wolf will also be going for an abd. x-ray. Here's hoping for no-poo-build up! Next Weds., Makalah Sue will be going for her spay and eye enucleation. 

Janessa got another box this morning. That rascal--she is such a fun girl. She so loves chewing holes in cardboard boxes. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr are both on my desk napping. Franklin Tommy is also here in the office with Gustave. Both love to see what they can get into! Love their energy.  It's 53 degrees here this morning! We have a few windows open that the cats are enjoying. Have a wonderful day. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday, March 6

Busy last few days. First though--the sun is shining, still cool but the sky holds some blueness.

We had a wonderful 2-cat adoption this morning! We have new friends--Cheri and Bob who are from Pennsylvania. They arrived yesterday morning with the intent of adopting Emily and Lena. After meeting all the cats in the Rescue Center, they still went with their first choice! This morning they returned and started their trip back home, complete with their two new cats. While we will miss these two very much, it's a wonderful thing for them to have this extra wonderful home. So happy for Emily and Lena. And yes, they know that Emily loves her coil toys and to "catch" syringes that are tossed into the sink! 

We had BOXES last night and Friday night. Many thanks to you all!
Char/At the Beach & Missy the kitty--donation for FFRC
Lostgirl--2 cases Juice for vols & 1000 plastic forks
Judy & Phil L--visited with family!  Bedding for kitties and a donation to FFRC
Pckrbckr--for Elsie, Jackson, Lena.  Snackers, snackers & more snackers!  Plus lots of Sheba Perfect Portion little tubs!
Donna B from GA for Coralie--snackers, Tail Chaser Toy, toys & sponsorship of Coralie
Sue/macncheesemom--donation for spay/neuter program in memory of Macaroni
Helen N from OH--donation for FFRC
Cheri & Bob from PA--chips, water, PT, Friskies, cookies, juice, natural cleaner, paper plates, trash bags, lysol, Iams dry food, candy, salmon, chicken canned, Sheba can & sponges

We also have paypal donations that we are thankful for:
Minnkitty/Kathy M--donation in honor of her Jersey to be used where needed most
Eartheyes--donation to be used where needed most
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Anita S from NY--donation for the spay/neuter program
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Michael John W--donation to FFRC
Needtoretire--donation to help with Makalah Sue's vet bills

Here's a wonderful update! Do you remember Betz and Fawn, the two kittens that were adopted? Betz was adopted in May and Fawn in Oct.  They are adopted by the same family. The mom was here this past week. They are so very loved. She said they are good kitties, very friendly and much loved. Betz is called Lola and Fawn is called Miss Fluffyton. 

Last week we had a 24-hour power-surge of walking for ResQwalk! We had a cam friend who would donate $1 for each mile given to FFRC in that 24 hour period. This was specified for our spay/neuter program!  We walked 160 miles so that was $160. Then we had a donation from Gusti, Sweetp, Anita and Lostgirl. This bump up made for a total of $230 to be added to the spay/neuter fund! Big thanks!

We've had a couple newbies come to FFRC.  All have been tested, wormed, capstarred, vaccinated and bathed already.

Cookie, a beautiful beige cat has arrived. She will already be going to a home soon. She's about 6 months old. She appeared at a friends home, as a stray.  Her name is a Name a Cat name.

Tryphosa (try-fo-sa) is here! She's a beautiful grey/white kitten, also about 8 months old. Her birthday is 7/3/15. She has been hanging out at a school and made the dumpster site and playground her home all these months. She took refuge under the dumpster for the bad winter weather. The dumpster also provided her meals. A wonderful bus driver finally decided enough was enough and caught her and brought her to FFRC. What a sweetie kitty she is and a great purrer.  She was in need of a major bubble bath. She's doing real well and is a happy girl. Her name is a Name a Cat name.

Baby season has officially started. We took in a mama cat and her 3 babies yesterday. The babies were just a day old and born under a porch. A caring lady brought them in that night and then brought them to FFRC yesterday morning. Mama is now called Shawnee and is a pretty girl--long hair black. Her 3 kittens are also black--2 girls/1 boy.  The two girls are called Makennah (ma-ken-uh) and Malachi (mal-a-ki).  Little boy is called Dakota. These are all Name a Cat names. They are all snugged together and are content and appear healthy. 

Makalah Sue is doing wonderful. This little girl is starved for attention. She just wants lots and lots of holding. Such a sweetie. She is eating good and enjoys playing. 

We have a tentative hold on Rooney! This would be a great home for her.  Tuesday our Beaumont will be leaving and on Friday Emmitt will be leaving. Wonderful cats finding wonderful homes!

Tomorrow is our first Transport Spay/Neuter Day! I'm anxious and excited to get this first one under our belt. Check-ins start at 5:30 am. The return Transport Bus should be back around 5:30 pm or so to bring the cats back here to FFRC for their owners to pick up. Here's hoping for a wonderful day of spays and neuters! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weds, March 3

Run! Walk! Bike!  Starting at 6:30 pm (last night) to 6:30 pm (FFRC Time) tonight, for every mile that is put on ResQwalk for FFRC, we will receive $1 from an anonymous friend!  So.....get those feet a'goin'!  The donation is to benefit our Spay/Neuter Program! This not only helps our ResQwalk placement but helps our funds for Spay/Neuter.

I've been thinking and working a lot on our Spay/Neuter Programs that we have going here. As you know, March 7 is our first Transport. We're very excited about this. Then on March 19, we will be doing some more public spays/neuters.  And now for the extra great news! HumaneOhio called yesterday and FFRC has been selected to benefit from an extra grant that they received! For our April 4th Transport, we can book 30-35 spays/neuters for OUTSIDE cats only and they will be FREE!  Yes, absolutely free to the owner plus the cat will receive a free Rabies Vaccine. Each cat, as an outside cat, will have their left ear tipped. I'm honored that we've been selected and so pleased for the cat owners. Plus, this will extend our funds for more Spays/Neuters! 

Vernon is eating a second breakfast right now. Hensley is curled up in my lap. Paddy Purr and Emmitt are on my desk napping. Trucker is sleeping on my foot, with Magic napping beside him. Makalah Sue is playing with a toy on the floor. And Janessa is not chewing a box up at the moment! Life is great!

We had BOXES last night and on Monday evening.. We are so grateful for the help that you give FFRC. 
Monday evening:
Julie L (vol) --case of Fancy Feast in memory of Thomas & Jonah
Linda S/MLS--opened by Janessa!--container full of snackers & a snacker dispenser!
Dottie C--glitter balls for Magic & Friends, Rings for Vernon, 2 bags Instinct dry food, 8 insulin pens, 8 boxes gum
Vicki B--woolie dryer balls
Joco--puff corn for Vols & everyone! Plus, copies of her Conversations for purchase--volume 1-7.
Jobo & Mom Lemon--visit here for Lemon's BD & 12 cans Friskies & snackers
Zoolove--2 awesome tshirts--I'm so grateful! so sweet
Tom C from IL--donation
Susan C from Defiance--doantion

Weds evening:
Anonymous Friend--a bunch of crocheted blankies for FFRC kitties, bag of crocheted coil toys, 2 ferret beds for babies, hammock for Dodgers pen
Beadheadsdad/Pat & Vicki--2 Breast Cancer ribbons for the rock garden, made from cultured marbles.  Love this.
Phillis from MI--coupons
Pam M--donation to FFRC
Zoolove from OH--card with a note and donation, a refrig magnet

And more thanks!
Nigel W from UK---donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used where needed
Mich--a donation to help with the heater fund for outside cats
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy boys!
Knittinkitten--donation to FFRC, in honor of Mom's 92nd BD
Sharon S from IL--donation for Victor, Leonard, Jackson & their friends
Janet M--donation to FFRC

This next Weds., we have 2 cats scheduled at the vet's office.  Cutie needs a dental. We've been keeping an eye on her teeth and it's time now to get them pearly white and check if any extractions are needed.  We also have Samson Wolf going up for his abdominal x-ray. We want to keep a check on his megacolon. He hasn't required any meds for quite some time but he's still not a 100% in that department. 

We have someone interested in Pellen and Fatima. Wouldn't that be nice?!! They were once adopted together (for 6 weeks) and were returned thru no fault of their own. I'm hoping this will work out.  As you know, Emmitt was going to be going to his new home tomorrow. But his new dad has the flu and so we will wait one week, until next Friday.  Beaumont leaves on Tuesday. This weekend, we have someone coming in to look at a couple adults! How so exciting. 

Update on the Big Red Barn cats.  All are doing great. They are all of good weight. They are enjoying their heat lamps--they bask in the red glow! There does appear to be some newbies in the barn. Very wild but they come in to sleep and eat. We certainly don't mind that they are there but I want to make sure all are neutered/spayed. We will be keeping an extra watch on them and hope we can either see that they are already neutered or get them in a trap. 

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."----Mark Twain, shared by Debbie/BearMN