Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 31

The last day of August. A week from today is the Catstock. A wonderful time of year--still beautiful outside. 

We had THREE adoptions yesterday! First, our Titoes went with a couple. Titoes has been thru so much while here at FFRC so it was a double joy to know he has his own home. Next, beautiful Mystika left. I do believe Mystika picked out this couple to be hers! Then, our wonderful Waffle went to his new home, with Buckeye/Pam. I just love this cat and am thrilled he has his new home. 

We had BOXES last night. Many heartfelt thanks given.
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--3 catnip paw breaker toys, 2 really soft round kitty beds, a hammock kitty scratcher and a large bag of Purina One adult cat food
Betz--case of EVO duck flavored can food
Connie/warpedinMN--101 catnip pads with zippers--very cool and new designs! Special thanks to Docdur and Jobear who helped with donations for them.  Also 14 lavender sachets!
FaithyMD--awesome poem called "FFRC Nation". Thank you, Faithy.
Beth/Eaglewatcher--2 cases of ProPlan (tuna/salmon) and a large bag of Pro Plan Dry indoor care
Tabitha, with help from Oilsandsgirl--large 24 count giant size rolls of paper towels. As we all know, Tabitha loves to shred paper towels or sometimes just to unroll it to lay on it!
Caren F--bag of Purina One Salmon and Tuna adult dry and a bag of Chicken Soup for the Kitten lovers soul
Nikka from IN--donation to FFRC
Priscilla G--donation in celebration of Miss Zelda Belda Moss!
Anonymous Friend--donation to FFRC, with something special for Joyful and Juby
Bill D--donation to FFRC
Debra J/bearMN--donation in honor of Zelda BElda Moss!
Denise H from NY--donation in honor of Juby

Thank you all for helping us to get our food restocked.f I deeply appreciate this. 

Our new boy, Juby is awesome. I just love his long triangular nose. He's a happy boy--loves to be petted, loves to lay in his cave bed, loves to eat, loves to run. I can't imagine how good that must feel to be able to play and run after having been in the small pen for months. And no flies--that's a really good thing! And he smells good now!

June/painteddaisy left early this morning after a week long visit. It's wonderful to make new friends with our visitors. Yesterday too Pam/Buckeye was here. They both pitched in all day long and helped with projects. When people come and visit us, we love their help, but most importantly is we want to make sure they get all the kitty petting time they can get! 

WE had our Petfinder report.  The top 13 viewed cats were: Beartoe, Ratchet, Ginger, Tillytoe, Octavia, Bix, Kiko, Rufus, Raza, Zelda, Patches, Kukster and Navi.

We have names! Viola's babies now are named. She has 6 babies--5 boys/1 girl.  The girl is Camilla. The boys are Cashell, Clark, Carlton, Clay and Callen (we'll sort out who is who later!). Viola and babies all had a bath yesterday. We're not sure what happened in their pen but bathes were surely needed! All are still clean today and have full tummies. 

Kelly and sweet Molly during their visit here. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday, August 30

Oh happy day! It's official! She is now known as Zelda Belda Moss. I had to make a decision about Zelda and it came about in an unexpected way. Last week, a wonderful family was looking for an adult cat to adopt. I am embarrassed to say, that I first showed them Zelda, then I promptly hid her in the dog's room. Yes, I really did do that. Someone opened the door and left her out and the family found her and said they might adopt her. Well, I'm again embarrassed to say, that I started crying. Totally unexpected -- not what I had planned. I went in the house, thought about it and said to myself that I can do this. Came back out to talk to the family again, and again started crying. Oh my--what a baby I was being. I just couldn't imagine Boxes with Zelda, my desk without Zelda and not holding her every day. Thankfully, a friend of FFRC's was here with the family and explained how I really loved Zelda.  So..........when I came back the third time, the family said they simply could not take Zelda. The one daughter always wanted an orange cat, another daughter wanted to name their new cat Rufus. Well, who did we have here but our Rufus, an orange cat, so they adopted him! 

So, Zelda is mine, mine, mine! And I'm thrilled. I don't consider her an FFRC cat, I consider her mine! I know many of you wanted this to happen, but I had to work it out myself. Thanks for sharing in my happiness! She is now sporting a beautiful purple collar. I understand that she's been spying Bella's tag and likes the saying "I'm kinda a big deal".  Maybe a tag that says, "I'm a big deal too"!! 

We had a special visitor yesterday. Kelly and Molly came and spent the afternoon with us. She is so very sweet, 3 weeks old now and is beautiful. We were all honored to hold her and kiss her. I do believe we all consider ourselves Aunties and Uncles! 

Anna Marie looks awesome. She's got a little belly, is happy and is playing. Ernest and Alaska is out more and more. Alaska is actually on my lap at the moment. She loves her head rubs. Asha is also close by, watching the kittens. Kona is sleeping in the big pink poof--a tiny wee kitten swallowed up by the pillow!

We had BOXES last night! Wonderful, glorious boxes!  Thank you!
Caren F--computer paper with peace signs. Big ream of neon color copy paper
Cantoncat & Chance the wonder cat--case of Pro Plan tuna
Pat L/Plee & Sandy from KA--pop tabs for Kellen, feed bag for making totes (Caity does these), 4 crocheted pretty blankies, smally kitty quilts that are gorgeous, doggie snackers, lots of kitty snackers
Mayumi from Japan--6 packets tuna with white bait, 3 cans chicken, 6 packets chicken and scallops, 6 packets Boniot, and 6 boxes of broth/meat. The cats think they're pretty special eating these special packets!
Deb11111 from MN--8 boxes of Fancy Feast Appetizers, all assorted flavors, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, 2 cases Friskies
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers and 6 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten canned
Anonymous Friend--2 tub mats for KK, K-cup holder for KK, ribon/fabric for Angie, pink pretty collar, catnip & lavender bags for Pania & Anna Marie, snackers for everyone!, china plate for Dahnah for KK (she doesn't like plastic plates!), shampoo for doggies, candies for volunteers, 3 rolls fun Duct Tape, 4 orange hand towels/4 orange wash cloths, 2 blue rugs
Arden & Charmaine--5 cases of Friskies and 4 extra large bottles of TIde HE--big thanks!
Oilsandsgirl--2 bags Max adult indoor chicken dry, 1 bag Chicken Soup dry, 1 bag Eukanuba Adult--big help
Anonymous Friend--2 bags Chicken Soup for the Adult Lovers Soul dry food
Anonymous Friend--2 bags Felida dry cat food 
Austin from OH--donation

I deeply appreciate the donations. These are so very important to us and helps us tremendously.

We took in another kitten yesterday. Sometimes the "hard stuff" that happens here is overpowering. I feel that God has given us all a heart that is continually renewable in giving love and care and the ability to understand and forgive. I'm so grateful for this. We found out about a kitten that was living in a very small outside cage and in complete filth. We were shown a picture of it on Weds. Well, that picture haunted me, knowing that this poor baby has been living in those conditions for months. Jimmy and I decided to go to this residence and check it out. After talking to a person that lives in the house, he showed us the cage and kitten. My first thought was of disbelief. There were so so many flies surrounding this kitten. He first took a step backward from me, I asked permission to hold him and received a yes. When I knelt down, he stepped forward and that was it. There was no way Jimmy and I were leaving without him. The owner acknowledged the filthy conditions and said we could take the kitten. We took pictures to document the condition.  

His name is Juby because we are jubilant to have him. He had fleas, has an umbilical hernia that will need surgery and had a bubbly bath to get the filth off. He's approximately 7 months old, but only weighs 4.07. The neatest thing is Juby LOVES his bed. It's a cave-bed with a soft blankie. He has kneaded and kneaded and kneaded it--he loves his comfies! I have promised him he will be loved, kept clean and will never want for food. Somewhere in his young kitten-hood, someone has loved this kitten because he knows what that is. And he is loved again now. He so enjoys the pets and hugs. A big thanks to Jimmy for helping rescue Juby.

There's a bigger picture here. We all have eyes and ears. We all hear things occasionally about abuse and neglect. Report it, talk about it, educate others, be aware, call again for action, encourage others to spay/neuter. Be those animal's voice for help. Be a part of the solution. And give your pet some extra hugs today. 

Today is another possible adoption day. Toby and Titoes may be going to their new home (not together)! 

Who is this beautiful cat? Oh my--could that be Zelda Belda Moss?!! Yep, it is!
Mary Cat's photo.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, August 29

Another hot day coming up! You can tell the heat by how flat the outside cats are! They lay flat out on the parking lot to stay cool. We have the fan going in the sunporch and the Fieldhouse and both fans on in the Cove. Even the horses have fans on at night.

Puzzone--what an ornery little girl. I don't think I saw her take a single nap yesterday--she was full out playing the entire day. I even saw her go up to Remison and gnaw on his back leg. He didn't seem to mind! 

Derecho is playing in the krinkle tunnel right now. Ginger is in there with him. Derecho's "back and forth" motion is making the tunnel really crinkle which adds to Ginger's silliness.

We had another adoption yesterday! Tillytoes went to her new home. She is a birthday gift for a little 5 year old girl. She was so excited to see all the kittens and cats and was so very sweet with all of them. I have a feeling that she and Tillytoes are going to be best friends!

BOX ALERT!  We will have BOXES at 5:30 tonight instead of 6:00. 

Many thanks to our PayPal donators--this helps us a lot.
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Kway
Vaunity S from PA--donation to be used for food or meds as needed
Laura H from WA--donation in memory of Homer the Blind wonder cat and inspiration
Lawrence G--donation for the rescue center
Jobear22--donation in honor of Hannah and sardine/anchovy event
Debra J--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fun, in honor of Homer the Blind Cat
Gusti--donation in honor of my brother's 77th birthday, for the dogs and farm animals
Jodi L from MN--in honor of Hannah and sardine/anchovy event
Diane /ruffles--donation for anchovy event--use for anything needed

The door was opened this morning to Cat's Corner Room. It's part of the next phase for the kittens that are in there. Kona,the littlest kitten, was the first one out! She is rapidly becoming a shoulder rider girl! Loves to be on anyone's shoulder. She knows how to tuck in close to the neck so she's safe. The kittens will go back in room though today for naps.

Merri is becoming a big "carry me around" girl. She loves to be toted around! I just love that. Jersey is doing good. We don't push him. We just want him to be happy at what ever level he decides to be at. 

Tabitha carefully, but purposefully got the roll of paper towels down again in the Kibby Kabana Room. She's figured out how to tip one side and out it pops. There must've been 30-40 sheets of paper towels on the floor, ripped up. She had lots of help doing this--another great toy, according to the kittens!

Catstock is coming up!  September 7th.  Next surgery date is September 21. Somewhere in September, we will also have another Day Sale and another afghan 24 hour sale.  These sales helps us with our general needs. I wanted to let you know that we ended up with $650 for the sardine/anchovy event! 

Wilson taking snackers ever so gently from Hannah's hand. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weds., August 28

It's half way thru the day and just now doing the blog. That tells you what kind of day it's been! But, that's ok.....eventually it all gets caught up.

We had BOXES last night.  So so many thanks to give. 
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--toy brizes for Catstock--lots of finger toys, paddle toys, coloring books, crayons and turbo racers--a big help to us!
Courtney T from ME, mom to our 5 beautiful calicos--letter with CD of FFRC kitties
Jean S from WI--walmart gift card for kitty litter and food, donation to cover cost of food and drinks for band at Catstock, 2 of 2014 calendars
Aunty Sonjamac from Canada--2 cases Appetizers for Abbot and friends
Lucy P/LuLittle from UK and Bennie--book: Cat Sense by John Bradshaw, animal behavorist
Caren F from CA--16 cans of KMR
Rita/Cantoncat & Chance the wonder cat!--case of Pro Plan Tuna
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze from FL--36 jars of baby food meat!
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Aunty Julie/widdletigger--2 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
ChrisP28--made by hand book markers and a beautiful scrap book with wonderful sayings
Andrea W--case of KMR liquid and a can of KMR powder
Sandyusa--2 of 40 lb bags of Precious Cat Litter
Maggie J  from MA with Mickey & Frankie--card with kittens. Bunches and bunches and bunches of our much loved catnippads!!! These are all decked out in Catstock designs--peace signs, hearts, cats.  Also 8 boxes of Sheba and a ream of bright colored copy paper plus 5 packages of 10 count Peace lights for Catstock (will use to decorate the band trailer!!!)
Nancy W--letter for Jacci
Susan TC--donation for FFRC
Marlene J from NJ--donation in memory of little Ivo
Anonymous Friend--4 Walmart gift cards
Liz and Eric, day visitors--paper towels, laundry soap, popcorn & snackers for the volunteers, canned kitty food, cat snackers, gingersnaps for Millie the Donkey
June/Painteddaisy--week visitor--made by our very talented friend!--jewelry made with fresh water pearls, crystals, and semi precious stones. These are beautiful pieces of jewelry and will be at our next Day Sale.
Hannah--our sweet friend--bought a bird bath with her very own allowance for the rescue center--thanks Hannah. It's beautiful and I love it!

Today holds a part of sadness for me. Our sweet little Kway passed away this morning. She was fine 3 days ago, not so fine 2 days ago, very sick yesterday. We pulled out all stops to save her, but it wasn't to be. I've already notified the person that wanted to adopt her, which is so hard to do. Losing and gaining, no matter how hard it is, is part of what rescue work is all about. . Yes, we lost our sweet Kway, but she didn't leave this world without gaining a lot of love and care from here. Little Kona was also sick, but even though he was smaller, he is bouncing back already. It's hard to figure out why a virus takes some and doesn't phase another. Their little immune systems are hard at work, trying to protect them. 

Viola is being a bit of a stinker this morning. She and I have been talking and arguing. I tell her to nurse those kittens and that I'm not going to feed them. She says, but it's too much bother and I don't want to. I tell her, look--you have beautiful babies and a nice soft bed. She says, I'm not going to lay down with them. If I have to nurse them, then I'll sit up, but I'm not going to like it.  I tell her, they're just a week old. She says, fine, but I'm going to put them in the litter box to lay with me. I say, no, you're not. I'll take your box out and give it to you every hour to go potty. She says, ok, you win for now, but wait until you're not looking and I'll think up something else. So........she and I are continuing this conversation!  I'm determined!

We've moved the smallest of the kittens to Cat's Corner Room. As soon as the smallest ones are a tad bigger, we'll be opening their door. Lots of action going on in there!

Jemison is eating her dry food, with her bottom on a step and the bowl on the floor. Very cute! Our red poof has been in high demand. Lots of sucking action going on there! Rachet now likes to walk around with a plastic coil toy in his mouth, just like Farrah and Paddy Cake. Joline's fur is growing in--curly and so nice looking now! 

Tomorrow sometime around noon or 1:00, Kelly will be coming and bringing Molly with her for a visit! We finally get to see her!

Sammie and Fiona are going to be adopted together! Waffle will be leaving this Friday. Beartoe and a friend will be leaving in September. Kwee and a friend will be leaving in October. Titoe leaves on Friday. Today there will be a family coming to look for a kitten. 

Hannah enjoying Derecho! And Derecho is enjoying Hannah!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Our sweet friend, Hannah and mom (Jennifer) and dad (Andy) came for a visit! What a blessing to have this visit.  As many of you know, Hnnah has Type 1 SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). This effects all of her muscles, is a progressive disease, but the brain is not affected. 

This was very evident by Hannah's reactions to many things. When she circles her eyes, that means "silly". Back and forth eyes means "no". Squeezing eyes shut means "yes".  It's amazing the quickness she can communicate! Hannah loves all the cats but especially Putter and Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr. 

Hannah is 11 and is in school, at home, with the help of the internet and her visiting teacher. She's very good at working on the computer with the aid of technology. She writes her own book reviews after reading stories. She can even cut her own paper to make her "love chains" as she calls them. This she does with special scissors. Where there's a will, there's a way for Hannah! 

Hannah met many of the cats that she's been watching on the cam. Putter came out and sat on the stool right in front of Hannah. I do believe they carried on their very own conversation! We even went out on the farmyard so she could see the horses, chickens, geese, peacocks, ducks, donkey, goats and guineas. Wilson, the horse, came right up to her and took 8 individual snackers out of Hannah's hand, so very gently. 

Hannah is quite an amazing girl. Even though she has insurmountable challenges each and every day, she and her parents are so positive. No negativeness was uttered here. Where there's a challenge, they look for a way to counter it. Where there is a physical problem/discomfort, then a way to "fix" it, is looked at. It really shows the family's strength and courage. I wish for all of us to follow those footsteps! 

We were blessed to have this visit. It puts into prospective our daily lives and what we go thru in what we call our normal lives. Thank you, Hannah, Jennifer and Andy for coming. As a finale--Paddy Cake jumped on the wheel and ran and ran for her! You can view her visit here on: youtube/sqHIHejGKU4   Many thanks to Goss for taping this.

Many thanks to the following also--we appreciate your support.
Margaret H from NC--another sardine/anchovy donation
Arlene W--in honor of Hannah for the Feliz Navidad Fund.
Peggy K--in honor of Hannah's visit
Billypogo--donation to cover Gallant's sponsor pack for Hannah
Chris D--for Hannah's leggydew and some for the sardine/anchovy event
Caren F--donation to be used for the Feliz Navidad fund and some also for whever needed
Jennifer S--donation to Feliz Navidad fund in honor of Hannah
The Bubbas--for the Feliz Navidad fund in honor of Hannah
Diana B--donation for Hannah, to buy something from the FFRC's store
Brenda R--in honor of Hannah's visit, to be used where ever needed
Pamela B--donation for FFRC in honor of Hannah's visit
Cynthia H--donation for the Feliz Navidad fund in honor of Hannah's visit
Colleen P--donation for Feliz Navidad fund in care of Hannah
Diane F--donation for the sardine event, some for the Feliz Navidad fund
山口 文教--donation to FFRC
Marlane/jerzygirl--donation in memory of little Ivo

Hannah and her family also brought a donation! Hannah made her wonderful "love chains", one for Merri and one for Jersey! They also brought a box of Purrfectly chicken, sardines for Jersey and Merri and snackers too. There were also two leggydews! Thanks ever so much. 

Update on the sardine/anchovy event: we have now received $615! I thank you so very much! 

We also had an adoption yesterday--added to a wonderful day! Our sweet Bix was adopted. This family has adopted before from us and were ready to add another cat to their family. 

We had a soppy kitten last night! Poor Remison. He was sitting on the counter watching Connie mix up the next batch of gruel. Curiosity (and his tummy) got the best of him. Getting too close resulted in him falling into the bucket, feet first. He was grueled up to his belly button! A quick bath, drying and then the other cats helped him lick himself off! 

Our sweet Derecho!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 25

Our 24 hour afghan auction is over and it went over so well! I appreciate each and every participant--it was awesome! I know the lag thing is an issue but we can't make it disappear! So....we have to deal with it the best that we can and we did! We made $1542 on the afghan. The winning bids went to:
Afghan A went to Madisonpepper for $450
Afghan B went to Svcathy for $458
Afghan C went to Purple for $260
Afghan D went to Cathy for $245
Beth/Eaglewatcher pitched in an extra $87 to top it off, but with a few other extra dollars, we ended up with $1542! 

We also had an impromptu sardine eating event! A viewer popped it on the screenthat if  Becky, the volunteer would eat a sardine, she'd donate $10. Well, it just so happens, Becky likes sardines! So we both ate them and they were yummy! Then, in the spirit of this, we opened a can of anchovies. I thought they would taste like a sardine. Little did I know.............that is definitely not true! But, we both ate one anchovie and that will probably be the last that I ever eat! Ick! But, this fun 10 minutes raised $540. I deeply appreciate this, as it is needed and will be used for bills. A big fishy thanks to you all! 

Many thanks to the following for the sardine/anchovie PayPal donations! Ellen E, Ruth B, Susan M, William C, Jennifer W, Deb B, Sharon R, Barb R, Lynn S, Sheila H, Deb N, Bonnie R, Gusti and Brooke B.

Today is our extra wonderful day. Hannah will be arriving between noon and 1:00.  Every day is wonderful, but today is one with extra happiness. We're all excited to meet Hannah and to have her see in person (I mean, in cat), the real Putter and Paddys! Come join us.

Need an organization to vote for for The Animal Rescue Site? If so, consider Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC. 

Viola! That is the name of our new brown tiger/white cat. This is another Cathathon name. Viola and her babies are doing great. She's a very relaxed mama. The 6 babies have nice round tummies.

Please always remember--if I've forgotten a donation, have information wrong, haven't acknowledged something correctly, haven't answered something important, etc., always feel free to contact me by e-mail. It's fine to do that. 

A big day of thanks. My heart is full with the kindness of others. This rescue center would not be the same without your support, your caring ways, your positive attitude and your friendships. Thank you! 

Big Al says he'll be your friend too! Come visit us and meet the Porchies!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, August. 24

We had an adoption today! Rufus went to his new home. The mother and daughter will be his new mamas. I think Rufus is going to be one even more spoiled kitten--just what we want! There's a few more adoptions coming up in the next few days!

This morning, we finally got collars on all the permanents with their very own ID tag on them! I've been wanting to do this for a long time. We didn't put a collar on Putter or Paddy Cake or Paddy Purr though. I don't believe they'd be even seen with all their fur! 

Our afghan sale continues until 6:00 pm tonight (FFRC time). Check it out on the chatter's facebook page! 

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks

Oilsandsgirl--2 cases of baby food meat, 5 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast kitten
Mayumi from Japan--package for Hannah
Jacksmom--2 40 lbs bags of Precious Cat litter, 2 bags of Purina One kitten, 2 bags of Purina One adult
Maryann O/merry_marvin and Peanut Baby--card, 2 bags of Reeses Peanut butter cups, coupons, 40 Scentos pens to be used as prizes for Catstock
LJ323--nice letter, roll of paper towels, 2 big cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers & Classic, 2 beautiful afghans to be used for a Day Sale (cat on fence blue/greens and cat on fence purples/beige)
Priscilla G/Prissy Purdue--4 cases of baby food
Rita/cantoncat and Chance--6 bags of cat snackers, 5 cases of Proplan can food
Gusti from German--8 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, all different flavors
Romeosmom from MO--organized coupons & pop tabs for Kellen
Tom & Betty W from Virginia and Samantha the cat--card and donation in memory of Emaline and Dapper
Alan C from UT--donation
Debra M/W from OH--donation for FFRC thru Paypal
Lana H--her rescue kitten Nicky and Lana wanted to celebrate Nicky's 2nd vet visit with a gift to FFRC!
Arden & Charmaine B from IN--donation for FFRC, to help with the new mama cat & her 6 kitties
Nancy E--donation thru Paypal for FFRC
Donna M from NJ--donation for t-shirts for Hannah and her mom

Mama and 4 kittens are now comfortable in Dodger's Pen. She arrived Weds morning, along with 6 brand newborn kittens. They had been born the night before. So so cute babies. Mama is just a baby herself but is taking great care of them. She's very friendly. She will be named soon. We didn't test her until yesterday morning, which was negative!

Yesterday the planning for Catstock continued. Thanks to Joni and Mike's help, we now have the individual boxes almost done--each game has it's own box, along with prizes, table cloth, sign, information. 

Ernest is laying his floofy body completely across the doorway, going into the front office. The kittens don't mind at all--they just jump right over him! I've seen 7 of the kittens already do this. Ernest doesn't mind at all!

We opened the door early this morning to Thumper's Room and to the Welcome Room Office. So....all the kittens and cats could run clear from the Kitty Kabana Room all the way to the back door going to the back Thumper's Room! Lots of action. 

We just had visitors come from Wisconsin today. They drove all the way here to visit the cats and kittens! Their favorite was Putter. 

Peeka A Boo!  It's Azar saying Hi!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday, August 23

Tonight at 6 pm sharp, we start the 4-piece afghan auction! It'll run for 24 hours. The bidding takes place on facebook chatters. All 4 afghans are on display there. The bid starts at $0 and can be raised anywhere from $1 to $20. No more than $20 at a time though! On the facebook auction page, please only put bids--no comments. The bidding stops promptly at 6 pm on Saturday. We'll let you know the winners very soon after that!

On Sunday is Hannah Visits FFRC Day! She and her family will be here somewhere around noon. We'll close the door to visitors, to minimize incoming human germs. You all are "safe" out there in cam land! So, I hope you'll join us and finally meet our sweet Hannah! Judy S. is coming in the morning to make sure Hannah's 3 favorites are extra groomed--Putter, Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr. Here's a few FFRC sites you might want information from:

Good Search:
Two Loons:  

Spike is doing wonderful, although he does occasionally visits the door and wants out. He's really very good with all the other cats. Goose is filling out nicely and doesn't appear to be so skinny anymore--that's from good food! David Will and George's fur is becoming better/softer day by day. Remember, they were loaded with live lice. It sure stripes the fur and makes them feel very rough. Minutes after their arrival, those pesky lice bugs were dead. 

Anna Marie continues to do wonderful. She has two very favorite sleep areas. She is an amazing cat. Ming has been sharing his night time with Cozarelii. Ming has his super thick bedpad while Coz sleeps in one of the drawerbeds. 

Intrepid has getting so big. I believe if he grows into his feet, he's going to be a big boy! What a great fella he is. His circling patterns are now down to a minimum. Mystika is doing great--her head wounds are all now healed. 

Putter has his words of wisdom for today: "You can only sit on the fence for so long. Then make up your mind as to what you know you should do and follow thru with it. Don't be mislead by others, but search your heart to find yourself." 

If you are coming to Catstock and would like to help run a game for that afternoon, please e-mail me and let me know. You are not obligated to do this! Some people like to, others prefer to just hang out with everyone! 

Remember this? Catstock 2012! It's all about peace, love and cats!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, August 22

Merri and Jersey have graduated. They will no longer be going back in their room for night time sleeping. We know they are both eating good. That Merri is so smart. You can just see her brain churning--how to get from here to there the best way that she can. 

I watched Derecho yesterday and he made me smile! He wanted to go from one side of the main area to the other. He laid there, looked around at all the people that were here. Then he got up, started walking and as he passed people, used their legs to help steady himself! He is just simply awesome! 

We have another Petfinder report. The top 15 cats that were viewed are: Beartoe, Navi, Bixley, Sara, Octavia, Zelda, Tillytoe, GInger, Bix, Theo, Judson, Kiko, Archer, Temba and Hankster. 

We're working away on the Catstock. Started making our poster signs--each one will have an interesting fact about cats. We'll laminate these and hang them all over the farmyard, the event tents, inside the rescue center--just everywhere for people to read! Today we hope to get started working on the prizes for each game. 

We had BOXES last night! You are so appreciated! 
Anonymous Friend--for Janie & Camie--new collars!, 4 snacker bags.  bandages for the volunteers, metal pooper scooper, Yeow bananas and Rainbow catnip toys, Smurf Air freshners. For THumper's Room--toys, toys and toys and grooming tools. For Jersey & Merri--2 catnip toys. Hand towels and wash cloths in bright colors.
Great Aunt Julie P from IA--big bag of Purina One adult
June K--2 packages from Coupaw, Boing toys--lots of fun
Debbie & Jim from GA--Guardian Angel card in memory of Emaline, 3 kitty pencils, wash cloths, potty bags, kitty toys (lots and fun ones!), kippers/sardines and anchovies, 12 bags of cat snackers, Giant Rat, 4 kitty collars, blankie, crocheted (by Debbie) lots of assorted toys, 2 balls for the dogs
Kittiesmom--pictures of her cat Emmie
Silvia H from TX--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC for Earth Angels/Feliz Navidad Fund
Jan & Alleycat from FL--a donation for the 8 million goal reached, in honor of Feliz Navidad Fund
Melinda F from NC--a donation to FFRC
Jatcat and friend--donated a wonderful wall fan for inside the Feline Fieldhouse, which is connected to Cat's Cove. Now that we have electricity in this building, we can have a fan! The cat's LOVE this area and the fan will be a big help!

I'd like to say a special thanks to Joni (who is our visitor right now) and to Wanda. Joni presented to FFRC, a beautiful portrait of Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda Moss, drawn by Wanda, in memory of Feliz. Her story is why we started the Feliz Navidad Fund. It helps us with those extra "over and above" medical needs of the cats and kittens here at FFRC. Thank you very much, Joni and Wanda. 

Bix has found a home! The person who adopted Cameo from FFRC will return soon to officially make Bix her cat for her family. Alaska is cruising about more and more--she's becoming more comfortable being here. Yesterday I counted 13 cats on the orange window shelves in the Kitty Kabana Room, watching the bird feeders. They sure love those low windows. The Barnies are doing great. We will have a big load of hay delivered on Sunday--they will love that--snoozing on top of the big pile! Little Camvie and Puzzone were playing together this morning in the plastic jug--making it vibrate with their purrs! 

We probably won't have BOXES tonight, as Steve and I would like to go to our local fair. If something happens and we're unable to go, then of course, we'll have BOXES. 

Remember, Friday at 6 pm starts our next afghan auction on the cam and fb chatters page. There are 4 beautiful afghans involved--each and every one of them a piece of art. Come join the fun. It ends at 6 pm on Saturday.

One of the geese on the farmyard!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weds., August 21

What a wonderful Sunday coming up! Our wonderful young friend, Hannah will be visiting us! We are so very happy to have her and her mom come here to visit the cats and kittens. Hannah loves them all, but especially Putter and the Paddy boys. They will arrange their visit for around noonish. We will close the doors to visitors, to reduce the possibility of passing cold germs. We don't want our Hannah friend to get sick! And don't worry--she can't get any colds from the cats! You all can visit on the cam and finally meet our special friend!

Spike is now in the main rescue area. He is one handsome dude! He is wonderful with the other cats and the kittens. The only problem is that he really really wants to go outside. We've been doing "the talk" with him--to try living inside, it's safer, we'll find a good home, etc. But, he's not sure. He's been an outside cat and truly wants us to open the door for him. So, we'll see what happens. If he's totally unhappy, we have to let him be a Porchie. Afterall, this is his life we're talking about--where he is most happy at. We can try and change his attitude, but sometimes these outside cats are not listening to us!

Ernest is doing wonderful. He's out and about more and more. Kiko always makes us laugh. He loves to run the wheel. The entire time he's on it, he's meowing, over and over and looking at us. He wants us to know what a good boy he is! Goose is filling out now and is very comfortable here. We have now moved Camvie and Puzzone up to the main area.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Cheri B--Spoiled Rotten monthly box--Twice Mice toys, kong toys, catnip spray, Kong kitty snackers and 2 cans of extra yummy food
Anonymous Friend--2 boxes of Fancy Feast Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast kitten food
ChrisP218--large bag of Royal Canine indoor adult dry food
Arden and Charmaine--2 big bags of Purine One Kitten and a big bag of Purina One Adult
Great Aunt Julie P/tigercat54 from IA--2 binders, 5 pgks of dividers for binders, hole re-enforcers, case of Fancy Feast grilled and a case of Felidae cans
MissPaula from OK--2 feathery toys for Paddys birthday, 3 cans of KMR, 6 pkgs cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast liver & chicken
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases of Tulle-creamy cat chicken
Kathy C--2 large containers Bonito Flakes (Octavia is already eyeing them!)
Caren F--case of Friskies Country style, case of CHicken Soup for the Kitten lovers soul
Ann, Sean and Penn, Teller & Pixle from PA--card with note from Ann and wonderful pics of our 3 cats they adopted, 4 pack of Lysol wipes, assorted candies for the volunteers, lots of snackers for volunteers, 10 jars of baby food, 20 cans of Friskies and a bag of Purina One Kitten
SophieandLucysdad/Mike from MI--coupons, lots of wonderful coupons
Velma T/catzthree--picture of Tabith T and Goldy and a donation in memory of her Tabitha T who passed away 9/12/12
Kikimycat from FL--fabulous cards specially made for the Birthdays of Octavia, Hank, Sylvan, all with poems

If you're looking for an organization to vote for, for the Animal Rescue Site, I would suggest voting for Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC. Alana does a mighty fine job there and would appreciate it. 

The cats have been at it again--they truly think they want to be secretaries. This morning they completely locked up my keyboard--had to reboot to get it working again. But, 2 days ago, they deleted e-mails. Now, normally it's easy to retrieve, but they sent about 4-6 e-mails out to cyber space where they are still flying around. I cannot get them. So....if you e-mailed me and have not gotten a response back, please e-mail me again. I told the viewers today they are very, very, very sorry, because 2 very's was not enough. You know, they're so cute though, as they pound on the keyboard, while purring. What can I do?!!

Zelda has herself squished into a basket, taking a nap. Asha is snoozing away again on the file cabinets. Abbott is stalking Snappy and Titoes. Kwee and Kway and absolutely wonderful--so sweet and friendly. Little Rosi and Togo love to race and climb up the office chair, jump down and run to the back Thumper's Room door. Rufus and Merlyn are such good friends--always napping together. The Porchies and the Covies are also doing great.

Kareena--a super sweet Tortie.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday, August 20


A fun time for families, volunteers, friends and webcammers to enjoy
the afternoon together! We’re all about Peace, Love and Cats!

Carnival- 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Horse Poo Bingo- 4:15 pm

Carnival - 10 tickets for $5.00 (1 ticket for each game or snack)
Hot dogs, BBQ beef and chicken sandwiches, side dishes and more! (freewill donation)

Carnival Games                             Misc. Events
Ÿ         Swish in the Toilet                                  Removable Tattoos
Ÿ         Bow and Arrow game                              Face Painting
Ÿ         Sack Hop w/ traffic signs                        Mini Tractor Rides
Ÿ         Plinko game                                           Sassy the Clown
Ÿ         Cornhole game                                       Horse Rides
Ÿ         Hula Hoop the Cat                                  Cotton Candy      
Ÿ         Jumbo Ring Toss                                    Theatre Popcorn
Ÿ         Target Bean Bag Rug
Ÿ         Flag Frisbee
Ÿ         Giant Dice Toss
Ÿ         Ring Toss
Ÿ         Washer Toss
Ÿ         Floating Duck Pond
Ÿ         Cat Bean Toss
Ÿ         Treasure Dig Hunt
Ÿ        Cat Can Pong

                  STRAWBERRY HILL

The wonderful band, Strawberry Hill will be playing the entire time of the carnival. We can listen to great music and have fun at the carnival all at the same time! They are well known in this area and play 60’s and 70’s music!  Feel free to bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music and activities.

Horse Poo Bingo at 4:15pm! Buy a Bingo square, as many as you like. At 4:15, Wilson the horse, will have access to the Giant Bingo “Board”. The first square that Wilson poos in, is the winner! It will be a 50/50 Bingo. 50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square.
Bingo tickets are $5.00 a square.

Come join the fun with us! Either visit and be here in person or join us on the cam. We are going to try and have as much as possible on our ustream cam!
We have taken in a new cat. A couple days ago, a neighbor was seen heading this way with a big cat in her arms. I went out to meet her and she was carrying this big boy, although he's thin. They had been feeding him for 3 weeks, appeared out of no where and just stayed put on their property. He's about 3-4 years old, part siamese/tiger mix and is already neutered. He's been tested, vaccinated and bathed. He takes everything with an attitude of  "well, if you just touch me, I will do whatever you want"! This boy rubs and rubs and rubs on legs, ankles, floor, cages, etc!  He is awesome. Many of you know who Tonio was (an oldster here) and many of you may remember Sesame. This cat has the same look/design of fur that these two cats had. Oh--and his name is Spike which is another Catathon name. 

They are off and running! Those kittens that have been in the back Thumper's Room are now in the front Thumper's Room. We have also opened the Welcome Room door to them during the night. They can start at one end and zip zip zip to the other! Their legs were made for running! Lots of fun. Such a cute, friendly bunch of babies! 

Can you imagine having over 8 MILLION views on our ustream kittycam? Simply amazing to me, but that's what has happened! Thanks to you all for your support.

We have thanks to be given!
Brenda C from LA--a donation thru PayPal in honor of 8,000,000 views!
Anna B from France--a donation & congrats on the 8 million views!
John & Pat--day visitors, from GA--donated bird seed and suet bird cakes
Anonymous Friend--a donation in memory of the cat that passed away from an extreme overload of fleas. (no cat should have to die because of fleas--please use flea prevention.)
Neil & Jean from OH--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nancy G from MI--donation to celebrate Joey and John K's 40th anniversary, to help with spays/neuters and for the Feliz Navidad fun, in memory of Ivo, Dapper and Emaline
Joyce D--thanks for the yummy pizza on surgery day

Oh oh, we have an upset cat here at FFRC. She's had her feelings hurt. Apparently she can read and saw the word "fat" in reference to her on the chat. She would like to share this bit of information, as she is the spokescat for FFRC. Please, no using the word "fat", as it causes hurt feelings. Apparently they do not mind being called "floofy" or "fluffy", so that would be okay with them. Now I'm going to have to pass out some snacks in way of asking for forgiveness! 

Afghan Auction Day is coming up! We haven't had one of these for quite some time. We have 4 beautiful afghans that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. It will start on cam Friday evening at 6:00 pm (ffrc time) and end sharply at 6:00 pm Saturday evening. Check out the pictures of these at ffrc's chatter's page:

We have a report from PetFinders. The top 14 cats that were viewed are: Tatiana, Zelda, Karena, Ginger, Tillytoe, Archer, Navi, Bix, Judson, Kukster, Keesha, Intrepid, AP and Patches.

I'd like to send out a special thanks to everyone. YOU are all important to this Rescue Center, from the volunteers, to the moderators, the admins, the lurkers, the chatters, the silent supporters, just everyone! My wish is that we all bring to this site, whether it be the blog, facebook, thru e-mails, PM's, chat, however you visit us, a positive feeling. We all make our very own choices of how we react and feel about any given situation. In the case with FFRC, we want to be friendly, courteous, respectful and fun. I know that with so so many people involved, there will at times be some discord. But, it's how we react to this discord, is what makes a difference. Be at peace with yourself and please....enjoy this feline rescue center with a happy heart. 

Kukster is awesome--his little incision where he removed his own staples is almost healed already. Merri cruises about all over! Sometimes Jersey gets scared, but then settles down. He's becoming a tiny bit braver. Ming is passing his poo-check every day! Derecho loves his baby food treat in the morning while Solee loves her Babycat RC dry food treat. Walter was tracking a peacock from window to window. Cutie is still tending to the kittens even though some are as big as she is. Asha loves to be petted....constantly! Anna Marie is gaining weight and self-confidence. Alaska and Ernest are becoming more comfortable being here. Life is indeed good! 

This morning we had a fun "chase the horse fly" game. Somehow a horse fly entered the rescue center. The buzz-buzz sound alerted all the cats and were instantly following this fly. Raza chased it (so graceful!), Octavia of course tried cause she likes to eat bugs, Pania zoomed in with her ears, Kiara was up high and swatted it a few times. . It was an orchestrated movement of the kitties and cats watching this fly!

Arden--an extra handsome black cat!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday, July 18

Surgery day went well. We didn't have a lot of surgeries, but we sure did a lot of physicals! Here's how the day went.

The boys that were done: Merlyn, Titoes, Goose and David Will. Their physicals were good. All recovered from their drugs very quickly. Was so happy about Titoes. After having been so sick for so long, he did great and was actually the first one to recover!

We only had one spay and that was Mystika. What a nice kitten she is. Her physical was good too.

Neko had those extra, very strange toenails removed--1 from each polydactyl front foot. After seeing the development of these 2 toes, I was extra glad we decided to do this. They would've very likely caused him trouble as he grew. He and Patches will go back to their home today sometime.

Kukster had his pin in his femur removed. It was a fairly easy job to get it removed. Two staples were used to close the tiny incision, but Kukster has already removed them! The rascal--he didn't like them there. It's ok though--it's a very small incision. His physical was good also. 

Dr. Darcy did a lot of physicals. In this rundown, please know that a good physical means lungs are clear, heart sounds good, abdomen is normal, kidneys normal, eyes/ears/mouth/teeth normal, all seems well, is bright and alert.

Waffle--physical good, except needs a tooth removed and a little dental tartar removed (will schedule this)
Pania--had remaining eye checked--looks good, is non-seeing, but no need to remove
Whoebe--physical good, except for upper head congestion. Will add a 2nd antibiotic to his schedule. He purred for Dr. Darcy!
Anna Marie--looked at her x-rays and was quite astounded. Agreed that no need to remove any of these spheres. Also agreed that there is no sight and probably has some hearing loss. Neither of us feel 100% sure that we can call her a spayed cat, so will look into this on next surgery date. Pleased that she's gaining weight. Still has another week of meds to take.
Cozarelii--heart murmur still at 4-5/6. No problems because of this. Will keep track of.
Farrah--physical good. Still continue on her same seizure med schedule
Alaska--physical good
Ernest--physical good. Will probably lose a little weight with maybe being more active
Puzzone--physical good, slight head congestion, right eye is punctured and will need to be removed at time of her spay
Joline--no heart murmur!! Her stomatitis is to be carefully monitored.
Kiara--physical good
Magenta--physical good. Teeth look good this time (has very few teeth left though) Has one small kidney that's been like that for years
Ming--physical good, looks better! Quite impressed with his weight gain. Need to continue to keep track of his bowels/stool. Continue with his daily meds. Feels he's a "bit slow", but that's ok. Has diminished sight. Does hear. No spina bifada. Rear legs will always be as they are. Give an extra internal parasite med one time.
Octavia--physical good (we coaxed her with bonito worked!)
Preakness--physical good
Raza--physical good
Putter--physical good, seems to be slowing down. Has a pocket open where last canine tooth was removed. Will keep on antibiotics and add a second antibiotic, then probably schedule for surgery to fix this. At the same time, will do a flush of his nasal cavity. 

So, all in all, we had a good day. 

Melia--what a great tiger girl. She and her sister are both so friendly.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday, August 17

Well, hello to Waffle! He just jumped up on my desk. Of course, there's no seeing the screen with him there! He is a big fella and oh, so sweet. He absolutely loves to be petted! We have a hold on this wonderful boy already!

Steve and I had a wonderful 3 days off. It sure went fast. We did lots and lots of fun things. The best was no phone, no computer, no worries, but even more than that--no hurrying! That was so nice! It was very nice to get away, but still great to get back home! I missed the cats!

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks for your support.
From Octavia (It was her birthday this week!)--lots of big paper plates, small paper plates and styrofoam plates, volunteer snackers galore!, 3 sock monkey toys, ping pong toy balls, more toys and toys, 22 large cans of salmon, 6 cans of sardines, 3 cans of squeeze cheese and 40 cans of 9-Lives food. No wonder Octavia was napping all day--all that shopping tired her out!
Pam H who is KimKost's sister--in honor of Kim's birthday--a donation! And a Yoga cat calendar
Anonymous Friend from IL--peace earrings and necklace--perfect for the upcoming Catstock
Missmic from WV--kitty blanket grey leopard with Emaline's name embroidered on it for my couch (special thanks to you)
Fergiesguardian/Sue H from IL--10 bags of Feline Greenie Dental snackers, Royal Canin bag of Kitten dry food, case of Sheba can
Tessa, Summer & Family--2 bags of Temptation snackers with cheese centers
Zsa Zsa--t-shirt with Zsa Zsa and FFRC logo--love it!
Lovebirds88 from MI--case of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's soul, adult
Mary H  (volunteer) from Archbold--6 cases of Friskies (and she stayed and stocked up all the cabinets/closets/cupboards!)
Roger & Kate C--3 pack Lysol wipes and 4 gigantic containers of Clorox wipes
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness from TX--Happy BD card to Sylvan (6) with donation, Happy BD card to Azar (2) with donation and Happy BD card to Octavia Queen of Thieves (4) with donation.
Anonymous Friend--3 cases of Friskies, different kinds
Jackie S (volunteer) & her lady group of friends--paper plates, paper towels, snackers, Friskies cans, Fancy Feast, 3 containers litter and a donation.
From all the cammers--Albert's Garden stone for Emaline and a stone for Dapper (my heartfelt thanks for these--I appreciate this)

Today is Surgery Day! Thanks to Dr. Darcy for coming. Those scheduled for surgery today are: George, Intrepid, Merlyn, Titoes, Goose, Mystika, Kukster and Neko.  Those scheduled for check ups are: Waffle, Pania, Whoebe, Anna Marie, Asha, Cozarelii, Farrah, Alaska, Ernest, Puzzone, Joline, Kiara, Magenta, Ming, Octavia, Preakness, Putter and Raza. Some of the check ups are yearly physicals. Some are rechecks on heart murmurs. Ming will have his x-rays checked as will Anna Marie. Puzzone's right eye will be looked at as will Pania's eye also. Busy, busy morning!

We have 90% of the Day Sale items now sent out. There's just a few yet waiting on payment! When you receive your order and if it's incorrect, please don't hesitate to let me know by e-mail. We aim to get each one of them correct! We had a mystery yesterday. Couldn't figure out why this one particular order wasn't right. Turns out, we have 2 viewers with the exact same name and they both ordered items for the Day Sale! But, we now have that fixed!

You may see Neko and Patches here this weekend--we are kittysitting for them! Thanks everyone for your wonderful support and good thoughts. It means a lot to me. 

Hankster--what a cutie! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 13

The cats are crazy. The kittens are nuts. The blur that just ran by is Abbot. The kittens zipping from one room to the next are ALL of them! The kitten meowing while running the wheel is Kiko. There's 4 of them on the counter wanting more food. Walking is hazardous to our health as they run into our legs! Toby and Titoes are on my desk completely blocking the screen. Is it time for a vacation? YES!  We'll be back on Thursday......but I'm going to miss the cats (and volunteers) like crazy! 

We had BOXES last night. I'm so very grateful for your support.
Pat and Ellen (furkitty and cathouze)--large bag of PUrina One adult cat food, 1 pack of Fish Tiki cat food, big bucket of Tidy Cat litter
Widdletigger/elisabeth A--BIG bag of Bonito flakes (Octavia knows where it's at!), case of Meow Mix Cups and Chicken of the Sea Salmon--for Octavia's birthday. She's already grinning!
Kelly R--lots of kitty coupons, 2 cases of Appetisers, 2 cans of sardines, case of baby food, Purrfectly Chicken packets, Fancy Feast, 2 wonderful books, signed by the author Gwen Cooper, 3 soft big blankets, 2 bottles Dawn soap, kitty ornament, 3 candy sugar free packs, and lots of yummy bags of candy for the volunteers
GrumpyKathy/Kathy R--a wonderful box of special cakes and treats--already opened and sampled! Also stamps, Post-It notes and lots of photo paper

We had an adoption yesterday! Our volunteer, Dawn officially has adopted Bixley. She's loved him for a long time and he's always purring for her. Dawn took him home for a sleepover and decided he needed to be part of their family!

We sent out another truckload of items from the Day Sale yesterday. Watch your mailboxes. More will be sent out today! Please remember--always let us know if there's an error.

Whobe ate a good breakfast, all by himself! Goose and Tillytoe can sure play tough together--they both enjoy it. The cats all love the new cardboard tower--it's great and has lots of peeky windows in it. We have it in the Kabana Room by the windows, so they can also see outside while playing. The baby birds that you all could hear chirping for days has now fledged and are gone. But mama and dad are back in their nest again. Maybe we'll have some more baby birds later!

We have also been working on the Catstock event. Things are coming along nicely and are getting organized! We still have to build the toilet game for the Swish the Ball in the Toilet! Jimmy will take care of that for us. Prizes for each game will soon be counted out. Kids win something even just for playing!  We're looking forward to it and also to have our webcam friends visit.

We also have another cat on hold--our sweet Waffle that has been here less than a week is now on hold. He will have an updated physical when Dr. Darcy is here on Saturday. This Saturday is our next surgery date. 

Well, that's all, Folks. Off to a mini-vacation! See you all later. Hugs and have a great week yourself!

Asha and her beautiful eyes!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12

Our Day Sale was fantastic! I thank all of the buyers, the lurkers, the participating people, the mods and the volunteers and the people who donated all the items. YOU are what made this possible. I am grateful and this was a much needed sale for FFRC. A big thanks to you all! 

We have already started packing items up, addressing them and getting them ready to send out. Our first pick up of these packages is scheduled for today. Each day we will work full speed-ahead on getting orders out. Keep an eye on your mailboxes! 

We had BOXES Saturday night. Thank you!
Connie M--2 cases of Friskies, one meaty bits and one filets
Suzanne C from FL--donation
Judeanlee/Phillip--Sunday visitors--3 gallons bleach, appetizers, Fancy Feast ( kitten and Fish & Shrimp) and 3 bags of dry cat adult food
Swan Kitty & Ron--Sunday visitors--litter, Halloween decorations, mugs/bowl (these will go in the store)
DebbiDear from CA--donation for sponsorship of Asha
Kate E from UK--donation to FFRC, in memory of Emaline
Deb M--donation in memory of sweet Emaline and to help sponsor Asha
Mitty208 from OH--donation in memory of Ema

Farrah is stretched out on my desk (she has had her meds this morning!). Mystika, Ratchet and Weeja are zipping thru the tunnel by my desk. Cutie has had major TLC already this morning. Derecho has been super cuddly this morning. Cozarelii is on his window ledge, watching the birds. Melia and Malia are sacked out together on the red poof, with Titoes and Whobe playing beside them. 

I must pass on to you our bit of sad news this morning. Right after breakfast time today, our little Dapper passed away. We've been keeping an eye on him, as he has not gained any weight or grown. Yesterday he decided to stop eating and refused to be syringe fed. Today he was very tired. He was held as he passed, truly breaking our hearts. Sometimes our sad news can be a bit overwhelming. We all mourn in our own ways. I always have to "go away" a little bit to regroup my thoughts. It may only be 15-20 minutes, but it helps me refocus. Again, I'll never not take anything in even when we know their lives are short. It's part of a rescue center. The least we can do is give them love, respect and a place to call home. Yes, it hurts terribly at these losses. For me, I just have to take a look around and know that there's more to do--get busy--love on these cats--find them homes--give them the best care possible, all in respect of those that have passed. We'll miss you, sweet Dapper.

Our new returnee, Waffle, is doing great. He's starting to eat now by himself. At first, he was terribly sad to have to be returned. But, he's giving us lots of love back to us now, so we know we're reaching him. He's in June's Room. Ming is sharing. Today you may see him out cruising a bit.

Tomorrow is the day Steve and I leave and will return on Thursday. During this time off, other than anything I need to take care of thru the moderators, I will not be doing e-mails or facebook! The mods know they can contact me with problems. I have a few people who are willing to help with things should the need arise at the rescue center. I'm looking forward to having some time off! The volunteers have it under control!

Doce is doing wonderful. He's on a 2 week "camp over" with Caryn and the girls. Bixley is also doing a campover this past weekend. He's with a volunteer having some fun! 

We had two adoptions on Saturday! Neko and Patches went to their new home together. I do believe they will be loved so much and be happy. Just what we want for our cats!

Update: Waffle is out and about and sitting on one of the kuranda towers, checking out the front office!

Mayor Anony just wanted to let you all know that he's got things under control out in the Cove. All is well.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday, August 10

Today is the Day Sale! Come join the fun at 11:00 am (FFRC time). We have lots and lots of things that are not in our website store to show you. Of course, no Day Sale is complete without our catnip mats and leggydew blankies. Payments can be thru PayPal, check or moneyorder. It's fun, fast and very helpful to the rescue center. We'll explain how it works at the beginning of the sale. You'll need to be signed on to "bid". All items have set prices. Come join the fun!

I'd like to say a special, heartfelt thanks to you all in the loss of Emaline. This is an especially hard loss, but then, they all are, aren't they. Your donations in memory of Emi, your kind words and thoughts, your facebook posts and pictures--all of it means a lot to me and I appreciate it. Please give all of your kitties and pets an extra good loving today. You never ever know what tomorrow may bring. I do believe one of Putter's most favorite thoughts is: "Don't hesitate to show affection to those you love".  

Big thanks to:
Helen M from UK--donation in memory of sweet Ema.
Jennifer S from Canada--donation to FFRC
Susan Hasse from IL--donation in memory of Emaline
Gusti from Germany--donation in memory of Emaline for Feliz Navidad Fund
Christine U--donation in memory of Emaline 
CaSandra H from IL--donation in memory of Sweet Ema
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC
Halosmom & dad from NY--donation in remembrance of sweet Emaline
Aunty Fi--donation in memory of dear Emaline
Susan G from NH--donation in memory of Emaline
Pat & Ellen from FL--donation in memory of Emaline
Renee C--donation in memory of dear Emaline
Sandra E--donation in memory of sweet Emaline
Theresa Echel from NC--in memory of sweet Emaline69
Sheila H--in memory of sweet Emaline
Judith M--in memory of dear Emaline

Jim and Kathy T have been sponsors of Emaline for a long time. They would like to pass on their sympathies in the loss of our girl. 

Thanks too to Cathy & Gary G and Jean B (Mary H Braid's family) for the A/D cans of critical care food.

We have our Petfinder Report.  The top 13 cats viewed were: Beartoe, Ginger, Bix, Tillytoe, Intrepid, AP, Kukster, Pumpkin, Archer, Bixley, Karena, Arden and Preakness.

Please know that we try to get every order that is sent from FFRC to be correct. I truly would appreciate if something arrives damaged or doesn't arrive, that you e-mail me. It's ok to do that--we WANT to be 100% correct on these orders. 

The kittens in the extended Thumper's Room are doing terrific. They're getting better at using their litterboxes. They are down on the floor all the time now, playing, running and getting into mischief. The two littlest ones are still in the front Thumper's Room. They are also doing good and like to get out to run and romp. All seem healthy and energetic and so sweet.

Merri and Jersey are improving in their braveness everyday. Jersey still has times when he gets so worried and scared, but he settles down fairly quickly. Merri loves to be petted--purrs and purrs. 

We have a cat that was returned. He is Waffle and a sweetie. He's 7 years old and has been with his family since a kitten. He's a big boy, brown tiger. Dodger's Pen is his temporary home until he feels comfortable being here. He's already asking to be petted and loved on. 

Ming is gaining weight! He's looking better in his own "ming-ness way". He's eating better and going potty like we need him to do so we don't worry about his colon. Ming has discovered the joy of playing. Yesterday he was batting at the bubbles from the bubble machine! 

Intrepid is sitting by my desk. He's all healed and will always do some twirly whirls occasionally, especially when he gets excited. Mystika's mouth is healed and looks good. Whobe is finally doing better too. Still a cough once in a while, but much better. Anna Marie has a friend--that would be Kiara. They like to nap together! 

On to the Day Sale! Have a wonderful weekend. Next week, Steve and I will be gone Tuesday, Weds, Thursday. Yeah--a mini-vacation! Happy birthday to my daughter, Dawn! 

Paddy Purr wanted to say HI!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday, August 9, second post

It's always important to me to thank the people who help support us. Your gifts, donations, your moral and emotional support, your "I have your back", your caring and's all important to us here at FFRC. 

We had BOXES last night.
Medic101/Laura--2 cases of Fancy Feast Marinated & Grilled
Hollie E from TX--dragon flip toys, Pet Stages Chime Chaser Toy, Cat nip Refresh toy
Piperjo/Becky M from NY--beautiful hand crocheted toes/handbags, are fully lined, with flowers, ruffles, lots of colors. These will go in the Day Sale and are absolutely gorgeous.
Lannml/LoisL--case of 24 KMR
Brookebosse/Brooke--2 turbo tracs, one for Derecho
Auntie Julie/tigercat54 from IA--for the kitties in Thumper's Room--scratch pad, large serpentine scratcher for King of the Mountain, Royal Canin kitten food and 2 rolls of packing tape
Anonymous Friend--memorial stone in memory of Ivo, will go in Albert's Garden
Emily for her 9th birthday. She asked her friends to bring cat gifts instead of birthday gifts! What a wonderful, compassionate thing she has done. 2 bags of dry food, lots of snackers, 4 large cans of Wellness, towels, lots of toys and a gift card to Pet Supply Plus
Jan T from IL, Beth's sister--2 cases of Fancy Feast and a giant kitty "lighthouse" condo. They love it!
Kikimycat--birthday cards for each of the Paddys
Melissa from Defiance--donation in memory of her beloved pet
Wendy H from IN--kitty card with note (adopted Pumpkin and doing great)

Remember tomorrow is our Day Sale, on the cam, at 11:00. All items (except the leggydew blankies and catnip pads) are NOT in our website store. Come join us for a fun time. 

Friday, August 9

It is with a very sad and heavy heart to tell you all that our sweet Emaline has passed away. I will miss her terribly. She was my "sit down and here she comes girl".  Always was in my lap. She was only 3 and has lived her whole life with her medical disorder.She was thought to have an immune problem, coupled with a slow growing skin cancer. But, it never mattered truly what the diagnosis was. We treated it, kept her comfortable and let her live her life with much love and hugs and laps. I was honored to hold her as she passed. She gave lots of love. It was my utmost pleasure to have her in my home. She will be missed. Thanks to you all for caring about her.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weds. August 7

We spent this morning catching up on treatments. We also got the treatment board caught up to date. A big job! Little Mystika is now one of the main area's rescue cats! All you have to do is look at her and she produces a purr. Her wounds are already healing on her face, from being tossed. 

We took in two new tiny little kittens yesterday. One of our volunteer's, Jackie S, brought them in. They were found, all alone, in the middle of a very rural road. One is black/white and the other is a muted torti. Very very cute and ever so sweet. Both are little girl kittens and quite the snugglebugs. They are getting syringe fed but they also are eating a tad bit by themselves. No names yet, but will use something off the Catathon names.

FFRC was interviewed for a local monthly magazine today. I believe it'll be out in October. The theme is all about spaying and neutering. A few of the kittens had their pictures taken--they smiled for the camera. 

We now have three Kuranda towers with wheels on them! It's ever so nice, as it sure makes it easier to clean under them. Roll them out, sweep/mop, roll them back in! No more lifting.

We're getting ready for the next Day Sale! All items (except the cat nip pads and the leggydews) will be items that are not in our website store! So, look for some interesting things! It starts at 11:00 am. It's totally done on the cam chat, so be sure you're signed in if you think you are interested. Payments can be by check or money order or PayPal. The ustream channel has been so much better lately, but in between the lots of items that we'll show you, remember to refresh often!

We had BOXES last night. YOU are appreciated!
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases of Tulle, chicken and king salmon cans and Chicken soup flavored with tiny shrimp and white fish and a little spoon! They will enjoy these items!
Michlynn from MI--card with note, washcloths and 4 stuffed cats shelf sitters (for Day Sale)
Jatcat--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitty can food
Mike/Sophieandlucysdad--day visitor yesterday--3 cases of a variety of can food (Sheba, Fancy Feast), 7 big bottles of Jergens Hand Lotion, 2 cases of Appetizers, big box full of cat snackers, 2 bags of Reese's PB cups, 2 bags of Dove candies, 6 containers of Berry, nut and morsels (from Mikes mom), 2 cases of Friskies and 2 cases of Sheba, Fancy Feast  
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--case of 6 inch paper plates, case of Friskies Pate, heated buddy toy for Jersey, Petstages Blinking Buddy toy, case of Fancy Feast and 7 lb bag of Purina One kitty
David/wolfpatch--3 boxes FULL of "prize toys" for Catstock carnival
Buddy the Cat and Mimi from FL--letter from Buddy, pop tabs for Kellen, appetizers, fancy feast with cheese, 2 giant heated water bowls, 2 cat dancers, ball, paper clips and lots of cans of fancy feast and appetizers
Wendi B/wendilin--LOTS of yarn, handmade curly kitty toys, a beautiful afghan, note pads, spools of ribbon, "Meow" picture frame, paw print material and pink and white polka dots materials for leggydews to be made from!
Ellen and Pat/furkitty and Cathouze--visitors--birthday paddy card and a Walmart gift card
Julie C/Auntie Julie--card for Magenta, Walmart gift card for Magenta and stamps
Beth--visitor--lots and lots of cans of Fancy Feast and Friskies
Aunty Fi--donation for a blankie to be given to Dee, a volunteer for her cats. She says Thank You!
Domingo F from Italy--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Zelda also wrote her very own letter to me, asking to be adopted. She also included a check to FFRC for an adoption fee. This is all money made by Zelda for Box sitting. If she is not to be adopted by myself, her check is to be used for FFRC. I've put a lot of thought into this. You all know that I love Zelda to pieces. But, I do still feel she might be able to find a home "out there". She's one of the nicest, most loviest cats anywhere. I think we'll give this some more time and see what happens. Wouldn't it be great to see her on her very own couch in her own home?!! Time will tell what will happen with Zelda and in the meantime, let's keep all fingers/paws crossed for her! I'll put her check in a safe spot for her!

Ming loves catnip toys! Ellen and Pat left him a catnip filled sock. He plays with it and tosses it up into the air and tries to catch it. It's so very nice to see him actually playing! He's a wonder-boy.

I am usually thinking on the upside of things, but I do want to let you all know that our dear sweet Emaline is not feeling so good these last 2 days. It's only been 5 days since her last injection and it's just not holding for her. Today, we started her on a medication to help with any discomfort until I get to talk to our vet again. She's getting lots of love, kisses and laptime. I also tell her, she's my velcro girl! 

Archer, Kenco and Theo are having a very serious race. They start in the Kabana Room, race into the front office and fling themselves onto the climbing pole. When someone reaches the top, that kitten starts scooting downward, so they all have to go down then. Back into the Kabana Room again to start over! I love to watch their thinking out these games that they do! 

Sheriff Putter says: "Being kind is more important than being important"! How so true. What a wise cat he is! 

Kukster looking so cute in his bow-tie! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday, August 6

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Dawn, Sam, Steve and I was at Cedar Point! We had a lot of fun. It was Ride the Roller Coaster Day for us. I enjoyed the day off with no phones, no doorbells, no computer! And being with my family was terrific! We got home in the wee hours of the night!

I think there has been some confusion about my day off yesterday. It was truly just one day off. It's next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday that Steve and I are going away!  Yep, a real mini vacation! We're going to go to Indiana to do a few fun things that we've been looking forward to doing. This will be a first, in a very long time, that we've been able to do this! I'm going to disappear into a 3 day off of quietness! We'll have things well under control here while I'm gone! 

The floor is done in the Kitty Kabana room. Furniture is moved back and the cats and kittens have their most loved room back. Right now there are 14 cats on the window ledges! Oh, how they love this room!

Tonight, we WILL have boxes, even though it's a Tuesday. Because of very little sleep last night, Steve and I will be going to our Movie Night on Weds. instead. BOXES will be at 5:30 though tonight. 

Our kittens in Thumper's Room are doing great. To be sure you're caught up with the last three newbies, they too, are doing great. 
Mystika arrived on August 4th, brought in by volunteer Amy V, whose friend found her. Mystika apparently was tossed from a car--she has the traditional "pizza face". One of her canine teeth is also broken off. She's 14 weeks old, with a birthday on 4/28/13. A real nice solid grey kitten.
George arrived on August 2nd. He's black/white, was loaded to the max with cat lice. He's 6 weeks old, with his birthday on 6/21/13. This boy has purring down to an art!
arrived on August 4th. He's also black/white, was also absolutely loaded with cat lice. I truly wonder if he and George are brothers. He's also 6 weeks old and his birthday is now known as 6/21/13. His middle name is Will. He has mouth injuries suggesting he too was a "toss from car" kitten. 

Goose, the grey tiger/white kitten is doing pretty good. He's still sleeping alot and so we just love on him and let him sleep. He seems to need it. His appetite is starting to pick up. He's 12 weeks old with a birthday of 5/7/13.He loves to melt right into your arms!

As you all know, we love our visitors. Sometimes visitors come to work, which is fine. There's always things that need to be done! Sometimes visitors come to visit, play with the cats and kittens and cuddle them up. That's fine too--good for the cats, good for the people! Whatever the visitors want to do, we're fine with that! We just very much enjoy visitors coming! We also enjoy having them see Cat's Cove and the farmyard and to meet the Porchies.

Many thanks to:
Gusti from Germany--a donation, in memory of little Ivo for Dove, Kukster and Rosi for food and/or meds
Renee C--a donation to help wherever there is a need. 
Anonymous Friend--a donation in memory of Ivo
Carla/beachkatz--a donation to be used as needed, in honor of friendships--past, present and future
Ellen & Pat--visitors--cookies for everyone!  Trash bags, 10 packages small paper plates, juice for volunteers, Dawn soap, Lysol wipes, case of water, 6 gallons of bleach, can food
Beth--visitor--6 cases of Appetizers

I've heard from the family that adopted AP and Ruthie Ann. All is fine and actually, doing better than expected. AP's presence has further calmed Ruthie Ann. Both are comfortable and have found happiness. AP has turned into a lap cat, exactly what we were hoping for. 

We also had an adoption on Sunday afternoon. Our wonderful little Pumpkin found a home of her own! Pumpkin will have some new older siblings and a family that will give Pumpkin a wonderful home. 

See you at BOXES at 5:30!

Our sweet Cutie.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday, August 4

Happy Birth Day to Molly! Yes, Kelly's baby was born yesterday afternoon. She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. and is 19 inches long with dark hair. We love Kelly and wish her family well. It's been wonderful to be a part of Molly's life even before she was born. Welcome, Molly!

I would like to thank:
Cara, Caitlin E and Joan B--day visitors for the litter and dry cat and kitten food
Mary H from Archbold--for your wonderful tub of goodies--Mr. Clean, bathroom cleaner, tablets, cat snackers, pens, juice, cat food, case of water, 2 reams of paper, bowls, misc.   Thanks too for your wonderful "job" that you do for FFRC--restock the entire center! Love it.
Ellen and Pat (furkitty & Cat Houze)--visitors for a few days. They brought a bunch of goodies for us--volunteer treats, things for the mail Room, plates, towels, Farrah's monthly donation. They also brought items for the upcoming Day Sale--quillows, crocheted beautiful pieces, a Cat on the Fence Afghan. They also gave me some items, including my own purple Cat on the Fence afghan! Pat has a wonderful talent of making these beautiful things.

We had another adoption yesterday. The family that took Ruthie Ann decided that yes, they would indeed love to have another cat! AP went home with them. I have a strong feeling that AP will once again be a wonderful lap cat!

Our little new kitten George is coming along. He's resting alot, gaining some weight and loves to be petted. Neko, the other new one, also a polydactyl is a sweetie and dearly loves to be held.

Solee was just ON TOP of my desk, way at the top. She figured out how to climb the Kuranda Tower and make her way up. Sometimes we just have to close our eyes and let these wobbly CH cats be themselves!

I am so sorry to have to tell you this. Our sweet baby Ivo passed away this morning. I have a totally broken heart over this and am so very sad this happened. A couple days ago, we noticed he was not eating as good as he should, so we started supplementing him with his formula/gruel right away. He took this willingly and very happily. Actually yesterday he was pitter pattering around like the other kittens and was eating by himself. This morning, I was shocked when I went to check on the babies and found him almost gone. He was held him as he passed. My heart aches for this loss and to have to tell you this sad news.

For those that live in the Long Island, NY area. Remember August 10th is when Merri (who did the rescue on Jersey and Merri) will have an adoption event at Pet Supplies Plus in Ronkonkoma on Portion Road. Stop in and see her and please tell her thank you for me. 

The floor guys were here yesterday. They put the last coat on the Kitty Kabana Floor. We're in the drying phase right now. Monday morning they will come and put new mop boards up then we can move back in.

Tomorrow, Steve and I and Sam and Dawn are going to Cedar Point. It'll be nice to have a day together. 

So, today, I would like to say....enjoy your day, be thankful for each moment. Yesterday we had an adoption, a birth and a death. Life is precious--treasure each day. Make peace with yourself and your family and friends. 

Our kitten, Theo. A handsome boy.